Heart of the Nation will televise holy Mass on broadcast channels in Orlando and Phoenix, beginning on Sunday, Feb. 21:

Orlando: WRBW channel 65 at 7:30 a.m.
Phoenix:  KASW channel 61 at 6:00 a.m.

Click here for the complete broadcast, cable, and satellite time and channel guide for the TV Mass nationwide.

Heart of the Nation, a nonprofit Catholic media ministry, depends on donations to support the TV and online Mass. Your offering will touch the hearts of the faithful in 170 television viewing areas across the country. Viewers worldwide join

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Beginning on Sunday, Jan. 24, the TV Mass will air on WRNN, channel 48, at 8:00 a.m.  New York City is the largest TV viewing area in the country, and the Mass on WRNN will be available to 7.3 million television households.

Heart of the Nation now provides TV Mass in all five of the largest TV markets nationwide, in addition to 163 smaller markets across the country.  Donations for airtime and production costs keep Sunday Mass on TV and online. Please click here to donate now.

Whether you’re seeking an introduction or renewed inspiration in the Catholic faith, welcome!

In the Gospel of Mark, a blind man named Bartemaeus tells Jesus that he wants to see. The Lord gives him the gift of sight and sends him on his way. Bartemaeus sees the way of the Lord as the path he wants to follow. (Mark 10:46-52.)

Here are some highlights of Catholic resources you can see on this Web site:

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Anticipation: Do you remember the anticipation of starting a new school year? Once the teacher welcomed everyone and you heard your name during roll-call, you would know that you were in the right place. Heart of the Nation welcomes you to Catholic Mass on nationwide TV and online. The Lord calls each of us by name to live fulfilling lives of faith in joyful anticipation of eternal life with Him. If you can’t get to church because of illness, age, or other struggles, Heart of the Nation welcomes you to My Sunday Mass on TV or online. If you a

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Times when we need faith most can be precisely the most challenging times to believe. Flood waters recede and tornadoes lose their fury in ways meteorologists cannot fully explain. Loss and devastation replace the fear during a storm. Through it all, the question reverberates, “Lord, do You not care?”

In My Sunday Mass online and on TV, people come together in the Lord. Hardship meets hope. Catastrophe meets courage. Devastation meets discovery.  Fear meets faith.

In one of the Sunday Gospel readings this month (Mark 4), a violent storm

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