On land overlooking the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, three priests founded a seminary that opened its doors in 1855. Nestled within the seminary walls, Christ King Chapel now serves as home the Heart of the Nation Catholic TV Mass.

In the early days, icicles hung from the ceiling during harsh Wisconsin winters, and seminarians called the building where they lived, worked, and prayed the “Crystal Palace.”  Even so, its chapel served as a place to find spiritual comfort in the Catholic Mass.

Along the chapel walls on either side of the altar, white markers show where two of the seminary’s three founders have been interred. Stained-glass windows crafted by an artist who won medals in two World Fairs portray scenes from the life of Christ. Twelve sconces hold candles representing the Lord’s Apostles. A Eucharistic chapel behind the altar of Christ King Chapel provides a place for quiet prayer and adoration of the sacred Body of Christ.

Join Bishop Donald Hying in a tour of the landmark chapel, where viewers of the TV and online Mass continue to experience the beauty and inspiration of Catholic Mass.