28th Week in Ordinary Time

God had sent Jonah to warn the people of Nineveh to repent or perish. Jonah refused to go until he got thrown overboard a ship, swallowed by a giant fish, and had three days to think things over before getting spewed onto dry land. Jonah preached, and the Ninevites repented of their violent ways. Centuries later, the crowd around Jesus clambered for a sign. The Lord said that they already had the example of Jonah, not to mention the Son of Man among them. Face to face, the Lord rebuked Pharisees for seeking honor for themselves and chastised scholars of the law for withholding from others the key to knowledge. We want to know the Lord’s love. If we long for a sign from God, do we remain open to every way He might choose to point us in the right direction?