Lent is a Time of Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

Good Friday, a day of fast and abstinence, falls on March 30 this year. Easter is on April 1. Join Archbishop Jerome Listecki for Holy Mass on Easter, rejoicing with hope in the Risen Lord!

Lent is a time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. This penitential time leads to Easter rejoicing! Prayer offers the opportunity to draw closer to the Lord while humbly recognizing human dependence on God in all that we do. Positive observances, such as a Lenten resolution to read and reflect on the daily Scripture readings, also pursue the Lenten goal of developing greater spiritual discipline. Fasting can go beyond eating lightly on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Giving up desserts or snacks, skipping recreational TV, or other Lenten sacrifices gratefully unite the faithful in a small way with Jesus’ experience of fasting for 40 days in the desert and ultimately sacrificing His life. Almsgiving echoes the Lord’s compassion for the poor. During Lent, we can also give of ourselves, spending time in attentiveness to others. Be creative in what you do this Lent, as the heavenly Father is creative.