Second Week in Ordinary Time

Some Pharisees objected when Jesus allowed His Disciples to pick and eat heads of grain as they walked along on a Sabbath day. He cured a man’s withered hand right in the synagogue, too, after Pharisees declined to answer whether rules about keeping the Sabbath prevented doing something good when the opportunity arose. Jesus’ conduct on a day of rest never went against the grain of God’s purpose. He and the Twelve sometimes got too busy in their ministry to eat at all, and He didn’t enforce fasting rules for the time being. Like new cloth that would pull at a tear if used to patch old fabric, or like new wine that would burst an old wineskin already stretched to the limit by prior fermentation, Jesus offered new ideas and showed us how to use them. Do we listen to Scripture with attentiveness to how God intends His Word to apply in the circumstances of our lives?