Summer’s Startling Start

Times when we need faith most can be precisely the most challenging times to believe. Flood waters recede and tornadoes lose their fury in ways meteorologists cannot fully explain. Loss and devastation replace the fear during a storm. Through it all, the question reverberates, “Lord, do You not care?”

In My Sunday Mass online and on TV, people come together in the Lord. Hardship meets hope. Catastrophe meets courage. Devastation meets discovery.  Fear meets faith.

In one of the Sunday Gospel readings this month (Mark 4), a violent storm at sea threatens to send Saint Peter, his boat, and everyone in it to their doom. Meanwhile, Jesus naps in the stern! Peter doesn’t wake Him to ask in faith that Jesus calm the storm. Instead, he asks if the Lord cares.

Jesus immediately calms the wind and waves. Scripture doesn’t say how long it took Peter to calm down.

Experience the Lord’s love and patience through the Catholic faith. Heart of the Nation invites you to join in Sunday Mass each week. Come as you are, into the Lord’s care.