• Please pray a miracle for my brother Mike to move to a better place and my marriage be restored to my ex wife April.

    ~ Thomas
  • Healing of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and return of good health. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • For my 103 year old mother who we just put in a nursing home.

    ~ Ronald
  • Please pray that I receive guidance in my career choice. I’m so lost right now.

    ~ Rich
  • We pray for relief from our diseases and illnesses and associated pain, please heal our finances in Jesus name we ask Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • ALLELUIA ALLELUIA !! HE IS RISEN!! May God Bless you Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki for the blessed Easter Sunday Mass online on this Easter Sunday April 21, 2019 and to the man that did the readings as well as the blessed beautiful singing of the Holy Apostles choir !! Brothers and sisters continue praying for my high blood pressure and swelling in lower legs. Pray for my daughter, son in law and dog to stay healthy and safe. Have a blessed Easter !!
    Delores J,
    Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • May God have May mercy upon us. MY PRAYER: Every evil identification or monitoring mark on our body should die permanently. As we go to bed tonight no evil will come near us, may God send his Army to guard us to have peaceful sleep and wake up in the morning thank him. May God heal my wife permanently of headache and back pain. I pray in Jesus name.

    ~ Enike

    ~ HOWARD
  • Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for my job. Please send help to us regarding our education. Thank you for the Boot Camp. Psalms 91:1-16 for our children. In Jesus’ Name I pray amen.

    ~ Robin
  • Please pray I get the sodexo job and my car holds together to get their until I can move in September. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • For my physical/ mental healing. I Recently suffered a heart attack that nearly took my life. It was not my time I was told. For my heart to be healed my spirit to be renewed I want to be here for my husband, and family. I still need to do God’s work here on earth. For my husbands physical healing and peace he works so hard to do good and care for all those around him. Bless my sweet dog Shadow who has been by my side. Charlotte my best friend God gave to me heal her finances body/spirit.

    ~ Robin
  • That my wife may be healed from her heart disease and bleeding disease.

    ~ Bob
  • in thanksgiving for family health and happiness

    for special prayers to be answered

    ~ mary alice
  • That the health program I have started on today become successful such that I will be able to use be a witness to others that its possible to have a standard healthy weight even at 50.
    That my new house construction project becomes successful through to completion.
    That our Lords receives my Gratitude for His many Graces especially received this ended week.

    ~ Joseph
  • Please pray for my cousin, Loretta. She is having serious health issues. Thank you.

    ~ Betty
  • 1. For my pastor to soften his heart towards his people and show signs of wanting to get to know us.
    2. For healing of the crisis in the Church.
    3. For my financial / job situation to improve.
    4. Healing for sick friends.
    5. For a good relationship between myself and my neighbors.
    6. For my neighbors to clean out their horribly filthy yards.
    7. For my nieces’ souls, especially to stop being involved with witchcraft.
    8. For the bad bishops to be ousted.
    9. For the USA

    ~ Linda
  • Pray my daughter and son-in-law and my grandkids and my Mom and I and fiancé and my brothers and their families will be safe. Pray my cousin cant wish harm on any of us. Pray she gets the proper professional help she needs. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray that my son’s stomach ailments and constant pain will be relieved. Help him to be healthy so that he will be able to function like a teenager and enjoy God’s Gifts that he was blessed with. Help him to be anxiety free that was caused by his illness. Pray for the Doctors that we are seeing that they will guide us be able to cure my son.

    ~ Kendi
  • Please pray charges get dropped I haven’t hurt anyone was just dumb

    ~ Eddie
  • Dear Lord, please watch over my mom Gerri. Place your healing hands upon her and restore her to health. Please surround her with the white light of the Holy Spirit and guide the doctors and nurses to the best treatment possible. We love her and need her so very much. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

    ~ Kelle
  • Please pray for our granddaughter Emma; she is struggling with pneumonia and bronchitis- she has been hospitalized due to low oxygen

    ~ Emma
  • I wrote a nice message to my Ex sister & I was sweet. Pray I wont be treated like the enemy from them anymore. After all, he is with my former friend, and they treat me like a lepper. I am a good person. I even forgave my Ex and his Mother for trying to commit me to a mental hospital when I was 22 and my Mom saved me. My Ex and C. I think had fooled around behind my back. & as soon as her husband died they got together. I think she’s not good enough 4 him. Pray he breaks free from her. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • PleSe pray for my health. I fell down and hurt my nerves in my leg and sciatic nerve. I also have gout. Please pray for my health and total healing of body, mind, spirit and heart.

    ~ Veronica
  • Please pray for me as I am going in for testing for abdominal pain. I have been trying to have a child for over 5 years and have been unsucessful. I am praying that this pain is unrelated to this and that I will still be able to have children.

    ~ Joanna
  • Out of a desperate heart I come to ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart soul mind and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy to leave.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for the intentions of Carlos and Cynthia. May the Lord and the Blessed Mother bless them with conception of a new baby after the loss of their full term baby. They have gone through so much from Cancer diagnose to the father, the death of their child at full term and this mom who almost died and had 16 liters of blood transfusion to survive. May the Blessed Mother intercede and looks at them with love blessing them health and their new baby in Jesus Name Amen

    ~ Roxana
  • Please pray for the healing of body and soul of the following persons: Margarita Villa for her recovery from surgeries; Moramay Perez for healing of her health problems; Amalia Rodriguez her recovery from surgery and Myriam Johns for healing of her health problems that are preventing her from having a normal life. thank you and God bless you.

    ~ Myriam
  • Dear Ones we request your best prayers on behalf of Losang recovery as he is very very sick and in need of straingh and recover. Thank you

    ~ Losang
  • Pray my Ex husband and his mother and his family will start to see his girlfriend for her lying and controlling ways. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my good health, spiritually mentally and physically Pray for my family Pray that my residence will be repaired speedily. May we all be spared of all natural disasters in Jesus name.

    ~ Ellen
  • I pray my family has very safe travels today. I pray the bad weather does not affect their trip.

    ~ S
  • For the healing of my mother’s heart disease.

    ~ JBA
  • Please pray for wholeness, healing and deliverance from tribulation and oppression.

    ~ Daniel
  • I pray my upcoming medical procedure goes very well. I pray that all the results are totally healthy and normal in all ways.

    ~ S
  • I pray J and D will always have a very happy and loving marriage. I pray they will always be very patient, kind, understanding and compassionate with one another.

    ~ S
  • For my Family that they will be guided by the Holy Spirir in their catholic Faith. One married a Muslim and has converted herself. I pray for all of them. Safety & peace esp. to my deployed son and other soldiers-men & women, pray that gambling addiction to a good friend of mine will stop. We have both praying for him to turn back that vice. Poor souls in Purgatory esp. my parents, husband and parents in law, relatives & friends. Thank you Father. Happy Easter to all of you.

    ~ Lani
  • O Holy Trinity One Holy Lord, I pray for Thy intentions regarding the abuse victims who are mostly clones who I will see in my visions and dreams and other revelation by God throughout the months of April 2019 and May 2019. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • God bless you and keep you in is glory Reinaldo. I love you and miss you.

    ~ Maribel
  • Lord Jesus, we need you to guide us, lawyers, and judges to make the best decision for the children. I humbly ask for Your help.

    I pray for my family, my daughter, and her two children who are in a difficult custody battle. The father repeatedly uses the court system to control and inflict emotional abuse against my family, my daughter, and two beautiful children . There is more than 80 court records. Lord, please help place limits and boundaries on the realm of this situation .

    ~ Christa
  • That things at work start to improve for my husband so he is under less stress and that the company he works for gets their act together.

    ~ Cindy
  • i work as a gardener in durban south africa i work only once a week for R220 but this week the client that i clean his garden phoned and told me that the garden does not need tiding.i do not have any money even a cent for food for me and my wife and kids and it is easter long week end.pray that i get money for food and a more consistent source of income.

    ~ Dale
  • 1. DG Shipping India issue my seaman book which is pending.
    2. For National Govt elections in India from April 11 to May 19. That communal, anti-Christian parties are not elected & a govt is formed which ensures the religious freedom.
    3. My Aunt Canny is in the hospital for angiography & that she might come out healed.
    4. Thanking God for successful heart operation of my cousin Rudolf & ensure his recovery.
    5. Thanking God for protecting my daughter from a near miss accident when she just r

    ~ Nelson John
  • Hi, I am here begging anyone reading this letter to pray for my mom who is very physically sick and has chronic anxiety and depression. She is not improving and needs God to heal her body and mind in Jesus name. Please, if you can pray for my mom in faith and I know God will answer your prayer. Thank you for your prayers in faith.

    ~ Ioan
  • I would ask for prayers for my son. He is 24 years old and cannot find work. He is deeply depressed and has given up. He has no friends and avoids us and stays in his room all day long. I fear for what may happen and worry day and night. The situation is dire and we are in need of a miracle. Please pray for him.

    ~ Michael
  • Dear God and everyone who may Read this, Please I Pray that God will help my husband Richard, he is very mean to me verbally and has no heart when it comes to my feelings, I am suffering from servere anxiety & depression and I really believe that Richard is suffering from PTSD. He never asks me how I feel. He blames me for everything and its so sad and hurtful. Please dear God Help Richard in JESUS NAME AMEN.

    ~ Ophelia
  • Pray for our friend not to comit
    suicide.cPray for the repose of the sole of Leander J. Jordan. Pray for financial assistance for my mom to get the outside of her house fixed..new hot water heater..sewer fixed.
    Pray for a blessing on the Jordan family. Pray for Carolyn to be out of pain. Pray for Alane to be out of pain. Pray for healing for my Mom. And Aunt Josie healing. And Aunt Dottie healing.
    Prayer for the homeless. For housing for TJ and a job.
    In gratitude for Gods love & mercy.

    ~ Theresa
  • Please pray for Angela that she recovers from the pains in her legs and back and returns to good health. Please pray for Grace that her Parkinson’s disease will respond to her medication and does not progress

    ~ Anonymous
  • May Gods healing hand heal Abraham Orta, body of cancer. His CT scan is tomorrow. God carry him and so many others going through the same thing. Amen.

    ~ Maria
  • My chum got diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer,in the lymph nodes as well.Healing prayers please! Thank you,

    ~ Lesley
  • I pray that my upcoming colonoscopy goes very well. I pray that the results are all healthy and normal, and I pray I will not suffer any side effects from the procedure.

    ~ S
  • I pray my daughter is cured of all eating disorders. I pray she will be free of all anxiety and obsession. I pray she will be very healthy and happy, both mentally, and physically always.

    ~ S
  • I pray J and D have a very happy and loving marriage. I pray they will always be very kind, patient, understanding, and supportive towards one another.

    ~ S
  • please pray for my daughter’s conversion from her bad attitude and bad habits and for her to know and love our Lord.

    ~ Marion
  • To Jesus through Mary I pray:
    1. For my whole family’s good health and healing
    2. For Nicole, my daughter to come back to go to mass and pray the rosary
    3. For Nicole to pass her training and become a cabin crew and have a blessed family in the near future (husband and children) with God’s blessings
    4. My family’s reconciliation
    5. For the soul of my father Norberto Luna
    6. I ask for wisdom and an understanding heart,
    Praise you Lord for the wonderful things you have given us.

    ~ Marizon
  • Almighty God we are taking a loan on behalf of our relative .Please help them to maintain their. Intentions clean & repayment the loan as quickly as possible.

    ~ Piyali
  • For the sanctification of my pastor, Fr. Tom, who tends to struggle with issues of morality.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my work petition

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me to pass my state and national class exams tomorrow 4/17/19. So that I may be able to take the certified exams and pass as well. Also please pray that I can study and understand and memorize the material. Testing today did not go so well. Nor has my study time. Thank you in advance!

    ~ Anonymous
  • lord,I ask in jesus name that u completely heal the 5 year old that was thrown over a balcony

    ~ David
  • Estella, my sister, is in danger of losing her left leg below the knee and some toes on her right foot. There are lots of blockages in her blood vessels and she has heart & livery problems. Please pray for a miracle that she will be completely healed and not lose any of her toes or limbs.

    ~ Eswina
  • As i get closer to Jesus Satan works at trying to get me, and hes not going to. I need prayer for strength and all, so i can enjoy the blessings Father has in store for me… and i have gifts God give me i want to learn. Also to be forgiven of all my wrongs thanx Brenda gbu

    ~ Brenda
  • A new, better job…one where I can really make-a-difference in my professional area (which is epidemiology).

    Some people, now, are very disrespectful and put me in a box: I think it’s related to the color of my skin which God gave me. It’s frustrating and feels wrong. I’m pretty good as a professional and get along with all I work with on projects.

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph: Help us.

    ~ Gregory
  • I pray for the intentions of Jason Allen Alexander regarding the abuse victims who are mostly clones who I will see in my visions and dreams and other revelation by God throughout the months of April 2019 and May 2019. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my three children who have been abused by their father. They each want to end their lives because no one will help them. I have done everything in my power to get them the help they need. Psychologists and social workers have contacted all the authorities possible to help them: children services and local police departments. My 9 year old wears her rosary to bed every night in the hope that God will protect her while she sleeps. Please pray.

    ~ Nicole
  • 1. For my parents. Baba is experiencing pains in the whole body Mama is having chronic headache
    2.For my brother John he have a brain tumor
    3. for my two sisters in-law whom are pregnant that they may have safe pregnancy and safe delivery.
    4. for success to my new registered company and success for me as its leader.
    5. That God may arouse desire in my brother to marry in Catholic ways and stop living with women without marriage.

    ~ Joseph
  • Please, God, take away this rash that is so painful, raw, and bloody that I can’t wear clothing which makes it impossible to go out, to go to physical therapy that I need to help my back pain. I don’t understand why this is happening. I don’t have a life like this. I’m devastated and losing the will to live.

    ~ Dawn
  • In JESUS NAME AMEN I would like to share to my new family at heart of the Nation and I read the Prayers on the online Prayer Wall and I love everyone who Prays for me and I am Praying for everyone at Heart of the Nation and I ask God to ANSWER ALL of everyones Prayers. I love the mass on Sunday because I can’t always go to my church. I love the choir and all the Priests. I love you all Please kept me and my family in prayer & I will do the same for all of you. God Bless you All. Thank you. Ofie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear God Please Please make my attorney Mr. Matthew release my amazing high settlement this week PLEASE I called him today and he did not call me back. I need my settlement because I need to give God his gift. And this will help so much for my husband & me because we are so behind on bills and we need to service our van for our road trip out of state. I need my money to service our van and it has to be service ASAP before we leave, PLEASE God I need you Help in JESUS NAME AMEN I love you. Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear God I have an appointment tommarrow with my Doctor I ask you & beg your Father that you would touch my Doctors heart and extend my disability payments until August 01, 2019 I need more time to stay out of work and I have only seen my therapist 2 times I am not metally stable to go back to work and I have a long way to go. I need this time for myself to heal and get better. I cannot lose my only income. In JESUS NAME AMEN Thank you God Thank God I love God AMEN & AMEN


    ~ Ophelia
  • I would like to ask God to please watch over my husband. He is very sick right now as well as been going through a lot of stress due to wife having some issues. I pray you watch over him and give him the strength to lead his family in a safe and Godly manner. For he is the most precious of your creations lord. Amen!

    ~ Cari
  • Please pray for me as my car needs repairs and I can’t afford to pay for them. Please say a prayer for my nephew Jordon as he doesn’t have a job. Also please pray that my nephew Brandon can get help with his money problems. Please pray that I can get some money to help my nephews and myself. Thank you

    ~ Trisha
  • Please pray for my son Malcolm Jemaal Arnold, 19 y.o. who has lost his way. He needs wisdom and discernment. He is in a rebellious and disrespectful phase and I come to you for prayer that he be return to the right path. That God guide him to this rightous path and that he become the man God wants him to be.

    ~ Virginia
  • Need some jobs to fed and care for my family

    ~ Philip
  • In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sanctus: Please pray for the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I had my menopause one year back. Noticed some spotting now and pain in the stomach.
    Please pray for me to be healed of the pain and spotting to be stopped.

    ~ Beatrice
  • Please ask God to give my son an acceptance to a new school. He’s not doing well at his current one. They are supposed to make a decision very soon. Also, please pray that I have good results after my upcoming medical tests.

    ~ Miriam
  • Please pray for Milena, my daughter who is suffering from pain from unknown source. May God heal her body from all malignancy and may he cleanse her soul from sin. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

    ~ Mercedes
  • Almighty God protect me & my family from all satanic effect, rebuke all the evil power,black magic & witchcraft – that trying to prevail upon us,save us my lord. I Trust & praise you my lord

    ~ Piyali
  • Eric needs God’s love. Please pray that the love of God will heal his heart and heal his soul. Pray that God will give Eric the grace to know that God loves him and that Jesus died for him. Please pray for an Easter Miracle of salvation for Eric. Pray for God’s peace to fill his soul.

    ~ Alfred
  • In Jesus Name Pray my daughter will be just fine, and the cancer cells are not cancerous. Pray for my daughter and son-in-law and grandkids to sell their home in BC and be able to buy a home here at the East Coast. Pray a miracle of money is coming to me now. Pray my daughter will be safe at her job. She works in a bank. Pray my fiancé will be more generous and loving towards me. Pray he will stop trying to get me to go to a nudest resort. Pray for us. Pray my Mom will be just fine. Amen

    ~ Dianne
  • Please pray for our dog, Wiener dog. She is very old and sick.

    ~ Betty
  • For my Ssi disability to be finalized this Wednesday 4/17 without any issues been waiting for way to long. ( over a year) for my multiple sclerosis and diabetes type 1 to give me a break! To lose some weight which make the diabetes hard to control. I’m blind in one eye and can barely see out the other ( literally) from cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy and MS has caused this. Asking for my sight to be returned ( I just turned 40) and for my eye specialists to be able to do something.

    ~ Theresa
  • I ache as I ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart soul mind and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy to leave.

    ~ Thomas
  • For all souls in Purgatory from my blood line Ljubičić and Pavić that most needed of prayers and help
    Jesus forgive them
    Wash them in Your blood
    Ease their sufferings and bring them to eternity with You
    By sorrowfull passion have mercy on them and forgive them
    Thank You Lord
    I ask all of that and Mardešić and Štambuk blood line and for every other soul that You want
    Thank You for hearing me
    I know You gonna answer it

    ~ Hrvoje
  • After years of suffering cousin, Patti Helsel, has passed away. Pray for her soul and for her daughter, Kelli, who lingers in intensive care, septic from a surgery gone wrong and awaiting death.

    ~ Sally
  • Prayers for my childern to come back to their Catholic Teaching and go to Mass and receive Jesus Christ..

    ~ anita
  • Please aid me in prayers that God will grant me a good job when I graduate this spring, a good wife this year and wipe away the tears of my long suffering and losses I have been through in my life.
    Thank you for standing with me. God bless.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my wife Linda and myself . I am disabled with congestive heart failure cannot work and she is diabetic. We just found out we are being evicted from our home and must move because owner is not renewing our lease .
    We have nowhere to go and on disability … funds are very limited.
    We watch your Sunday Mass every week and love it.
    Please pray for us that everything will somehow with the grace of God work out .

    Thank you and God Bless,
    Mike & Linda

    ~ Mike
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • May God Bless you Father Patrick Heppe for the awesome Sunday Mass message online this Palm Sunday April 14, 2019, and May God Bless the lady who did the readings and May God Bless the Heart of the Nation choir for the beautiful singing. Brothers and sisters, continue praying for my high blood pressure. Keep my family safe and healthy….I have so many things to be thankful for …Pray for people in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Alabama who were affected by tornadoes..
    West TN

    ~ Delores
  • We pray that you protect Joe’s kidneys to avoid dialysis, please bless our finances and please save our home from foreclosure. In Jesus name we ask, Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Lord, help me recieve communion. Amen!

    ~ Henrik
  • Special prayers and blessings for my Mother, Father, Sisters and Brothers. For my children, grandchildren, and godchildren, especially Christina. For my inlaws. All my aunts and uncles, cousins, my extended family and my circle of friends. For my husband, our marriage and me. Thank you Father for my job, my car, my house but thank you more for my home. I plead the blood of Christ over my health that it gets better. These things I ask in the Mighty name of Jesus…Amen

    ~ Suzette


    ~ MURIEL
  • At times I am so confused I take care of my older sister Pat it is very hard I am sick with a bad heart and a diabetic. She wants to get a apartment for herself but last time she was on her own she did drugs and alcohol. I think she is not strong enough to be on her own please also pray for my brother in florida he also has a problem with drug lord I am so stressed please her my prayers and take them please help me I love you Jesus with all me heart. Amen

    ~ Thomas
  • For my sister in law, Jean that she get a full psychiatrist evaluation and the proper treatment for her mental health issues.

    For my nieces and nephews so that they learn the real truth and not believe all the lies their mentally ill mother has been telling them.

    ~ Crystal
  • Please pray for Joseph Sarisky as he battles alzheimers and prostate cancer which has spread, and his loving wife that they have support ,love, and God’s healing grace.

    ~ Rita
  • Please pray that Priti’s health improves. Let her quadraplegic condition go away and let her hands and legs start moving and let her become healthy and stable again. Amen!

    ~ Anonymous
  • O Heavenly Father, O Lord Jesus Christ, O Holy Spirit, O Holy Trinity One Holy Lord, and St. Joseph, St. Barbara, St. Michael the Archangel, and All Ye Holy Angels and Saints of heaven, I place onto Thy most holy hands my injured pet cat “Puli” for her fast recovery and well being. And if “Puli” is to die may she die a sudden and painless and happy death. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • O Heavenly Father, I pray for Thy intentions regarding the abuse victims who are mostly clones who I will see in my visions and dreams and other revelation by God throughout the months of April 2019 and May 2019. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please, help me to pray to God, to deliver me from all my problems, mostly my wife court case, my wife safety delivery, house rent, & to have a job.

    ~ Mark
  • Please pray for Lande Hoffmann, a 5 year old precious boy who was thrown from the 3rd balcony at the Mall of America. I just read about this and in Jesus name I am believing for a miraculous healing. God bless the Hoffmann family.

    ~ Adeleen
  • Please pray for myself and my siblings. Joseph, George Jr. Jerome, Phillip and my sister Patricia. Our father past away suddenly last October from cancer, he is at peace and with our mother now, however we are finding it hard to move forward most days. A day does not go by that we don’t miss him but it has put a rift between us. Please pray for us. Amen.

    ~ Mary
  • Please aid me in prayers that God will grant me a good job when I graduate this spring, a good wife this year and wipe away the tears of my long suffering and losses I have been through in my life.
    Thank you for standing with me. God bless.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray J and D remain in a very happy and loving marriage always. I pray they will always be very patient, kind, and understanding towards each other always. I pray J learns patience and anger management towards all.

    ~ S
  • Pray for Steve DelMastro to stop drinking. Help Mary T VerBryck get over her Vertigo. Help Matt VerBryck with his pain. Help Sue VerBryck with her Diabetes. Help Helen Bambis sell her house. Bruce Dikhofer needs a job. Pray for Baby Theo VerBryck. Thank you and god bless.

    ~ Sue
  • Please GOD, cure me. I am so frightened! Please cure the terrible cramping and pain in my bowels, colon, the diarrhea and pain. I’m afraid. Please keep mom healthy and Rusty, all my family, loved ones. Please 𝙵𝚁𝙴𝙴 our home of centipedes, and the drug use of our neighbors. Please Lord, on this Easter Sunday, hear me. Bless all animals too. I love You, Thank You! Amen.

    ~ Gail M
  • TO GLORIFY GOD praying for my relationship w/Jeremy my kids dad to be restored, my family to be reunited, Jeremys soul to be saved, to free him from all addictions & for him to be filled w/the Holy Spirit. Praying the relationship w/him & his cousin ends forever & that he wont get her pregnant ever. Praying God intervenes in this situation soon. Praying for healing/forgiveness btwn Jeremy & I & in our family. Praying generation curse of addiction ends now w/Jeremy. Praying for wisdom for him & I

    ~ Heather
  • Please pray for my sister as she may have cancer. She is being tested next week her name is Mary Burns

    Also our dear friend jim Fix has cancer again. Please pray for both

    ~ Sheila
  • Please pray for me to get a job quickly and to clear all my financial liabilities as i’m going through a tough financial situation and which cannot be controlled from my end.Please pray so that a miracle can happen in my life.

    ~ Reni
  • Praying that God should bless my husband and I with the fruit of the womb.Praying that God should continue to bless my marriage and make us to grow in love for him.Praying God should bless my husband with a good job.Praying for God’s favor and Grace upon our home and families.
    Thank you Jesus Christ for answering my prayers.

  • I pray that J and D will be very happy and safe in their new posting. I pray their jobs go very well, and they will remain happy together in their positions.

    ~ S
  • I pray Lord that my adult children will come to understand and embrace the Catholic faith and return to Mass and reconciliation.

    ~ Dad
  • I pray my daughter is cured forever of all eating disorders. I pray she will not be affected by anxiety or obsession. I pray she will be very healthy and happy, both mentally and physically.

    ~ S
  • I pray J and D will always have a very happy and loving marriage. I pray they will always be very patient, kind, supportive and understanding with each other.

    ~ S
  • Nejman and Acker Family

    ~ Vincent
  • Dear God PLEASE BLESS my dear friend Irma & her family with her workmans comp. settlement she is deserving of and is due and Please BLESS Irma’s transfer to the Hesperia School site where she needs to be closer to her home. Her home is only 5 minutes from the Hesperia school. She has special needs children & she needs to be close to home if there is any kind of emergency. Please Please Dear God answer her Prayer to transfer ASAP in JESUS NAME AMEN…………..Thank you God I love you….Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear God, I PRAY that you BLESS my dear friend Sara & Drake (are married) you see she wants to have a baby & she has tried for many many years she is only in her thirties and no baby yet, PLEASE PLEASE BLESS her with a Child, in JESUS NAME AMEN Thnak you God I love you ……………………..


    ~ Ophelia
  • PLEASE Dear GOD I need healing on my left foot & ankle you see I twisted it really bad & fell when I twisted its still very swollen and it hurts its not all the way healed PLEASE GOD Heal my Injury PLEASE in JESUS NAME AMEN Thank you I love you God………………………………………………….


    ~ 0phelia
  • Dear God Please I ask you to Please watch over my Amazing friend Tera she is like a daughter please God she is having surgery on May 01st 2019 and will be out of work also recovering Please don’t let her lose her health insurance & PLEASE BLESS her with a new Teacher Job after she recovers PLEASE and with better pay & full health benefits. Thank you God in JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!!


    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear God, I need you PLEASE PLEASE God to BLESS my Attorney Mr. Matthew to PLEASE call me by Monday PLEASE God release my settlement PLEASE??? I should of had it in Janaury and its so overdue. I need to Bless you first Lord and I need my money to get ready for our Road trip to see my niece graduate from High School & then we will go to Colorado to visit our 4 Beautiful grandchildren I miss them so much God. I am deserving of the amount that is due to me from my Attorney. IN JESUS NAME AMEN. Ofie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear God, I need to Pray for myself, Please Please I beg you Please to place your sons Jesus Healing hands of my stomach I feel like someone hit me in the stomach and I also have severe anxiety with some depression Please Dear amazing Father God Plead I need your sons miracale hands to heal me Please now and when I do my Blood work that my results are excellent and NO DIABETICS!!!! EVER in JESUS NAME AMEN BLESS YOU FATHER GOD I LOVE YOU AMEN………………………….Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • please pray that a recent strike ends…i will lose everything if it continues. and please pray for my close feline companion who doesn’t look good.

    ~ Tom
  • For our daughter Felicity (3 yo), currently hospitalized in the PICU for severe respiratory distress. May the medical professionals receive the inspiration necessary to diagnose and treat her. May she receive all the benefits of healing grace and make a speedy recovery.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please Dear God Please Bless Tiana & her Brother Bubba on there Buisness they are trying to make a success. and alwyas keep them safe & protected in all their travels. In Jesus name amen.


    ~ Ophelia
  • My husband lost his job unfairly due to office politics, we got evicted from our home and now homeless. We’re fortunate to be staying with my parents in law but are unhappy of the situation. My husband couldn’t find work due to age, he’s in late 50’s and is depressed. We have an 8 yr old son affected by all this.I’m an RN graduate preparing to take the Licensing Board Exam on May 1, 2019. I ask for your prayers- I pass the NCLEX Board exam and get work asap to provide for my family. Thank you…

    ~ Maricar
  • Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and all the Saints,
    Please heal me from this illness of Shingles/neuralgia and take away the horrible head pain. Restore my health so I can live my life and attend masses to worship and give you thanks. Offer my suffering for my soul
    and for all others in pain.
    Please help Elizabeth pass her boards and be able to serve your people in the health care field. St. Ambrose guide her today and every day of her life.
    Thank you God for my life/family.

    ~ Barbara
  • Reverend Elbert Ward of Alabama is in dire need of a miracle. He has been placed in Hospice care with congested heart failure. The doctors claim there’s nothing more they can do but the doctors aren’t God!

    He served as a minister for most of his life and has touched countless lives over the years. He’s loved by many due to selflessly dedicating his life to helping others. Now he needs our help and prayers.

    Please add him to your daily prayer list and spread the word! Thanks and God bless!

    ~ Ron
  • Please pray for my Mother Celeste Internicola. Pray she will be able to breath on her own with no setbacks, She will be able and recover from anoxic brain damage. She has been in this condition since Aug 12th 2018. I see small improvements. Her birthday is on April 21st please Jesus grant her a miracle and restore her to full health. She deserves it, she is truly a good person in this big world. I miss and need her so much in my life. Love her son Vincent.

    ~ vincent
  • Please pray that God takes away my desire to gamble. Please pray that He will restore me to all the money & peace of mind stolen by this addiction. Please pray that He will give me a contented heart. Thank you. God bless you & your family.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my husband lucas he recently lost his father in February and is having a very hard time dealing with the lost.
    He’s not sleeping very well and had to go on anti-depressants for depression and anxiety.
    Thank you so much.

    ~ Lucas
  • Dear Sisters. I have nothing. No money. No car. Nothing. I’m living in a pit of despair among criminals & dangerous people. Now that I’ve paid the monthly bills I have only $12 left to last me until May. Please pray that I will win the lottery tonight so I can rise above these circumstances. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.

    ~ Lady
  • Please pray for Jonathan Perez for his well being ,and GOD restore his life.

    ~ Silvia
  • Please pray for me to be rid of this demonic oppression & seizures I am currently suffering from. I am going through a bad divorce and have two young kids that also need spiritual intercession for God’s protection. I would also like prayers said for my soon-to-be-ex husband–for his healing from any suffering he’s going through. I prayed for reconciling our marriage, so I do not know if that is possible anymore. His behavior is very toxic. Please pray for our family. Amen

    ~ Theresa
  • Heal My Heart. I find it extremely difficult and almost impossible to open my heart to new relationships stemming from my past heartbreaking and unfaithful relationship with my past/exhusband. I would appreciate personal direct feedback or contact by phone and/or email. Thank you

    ~ Dorothy
  • The woman of my dreams appears to be growing distant. Admittedly, my pursuit might have been too much.

    God is a God of second chances and He has granted me a whole new life this year. Please pray that God may grant me wisdom to get back on track with her leading to marriage. And please pray that her heart is open to a second chance with me and marriage.

    God bless everyone in this community!

    ~ Erik
  • Please pray that my son gets accepted to a new school this month. Also, please ask God to keep our family healthy and safe. And, we pray that all those suffering from mental illness are given strength and hope.

    ~ Miriam
  • In Thanksgiving to the Trinity especially to the Holy Spirit. And, continued prayers for the next phase of a Special Intention.

    ~ Dad
  • Please pray for 22 year old Taylor Green who is hospitalized and waiting for a heart transplant. She’s currently struggling with eating and keeping her food down. We appreciate your prayers and many blessings to you all.

    ~ Ana
  • Please May I ask to pray for healing of my bladder. Thank you

    ~ Michael
  • Prayers for our only grandchild. Maxwell is 3 & 1/2. He is not speaking verbally. Our daughter Michelle taught him sign language when very very small. He does great. Therapist tell our daughter he is just a late bloomer/slow learner. Michelle is beginning to wonder if something else is wrong. He has been tested on everything and every test proves he is fine. I pray that our daughter and son In-laws fears will soon be gone. Hear my prayers for Maxwell.

    ~ Susan
  • Please pray that Curt and I find the strength we need to face the challenges upon us. We are struggling financially and he has been trying very hard to find a job. We really need help and prayers. I pray all these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • I ask for the Lords blessing that protects my family, friends, and those that need help. Touch all to open our hearts to get closer to you. Lord please hear my cry. Allow me to get out of our financial situation and move forward to help our family succeed in life.

  • I pray my daughter is cured forever of all eating disorders. I pray she will not suffer from anxiety or obsession ever again. I pray she will always be very healthy and happy, both mentally and physically.

    ~ S
  • Please pray for my work petition

    ~ Shannon
  • asking for happiness for us God the Father

    ~ Mike
  • For the healing of my mother’s heart disease

    ~ J
  • Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” (Galatians 5:1) I declare to you that circumstances that try to rob you of who you are in Christ will not succeed. I am praying for complete union in the church, leaders governments, that we may be in line with God’s will for justice love and peace in Jesus name Amen.

    ~ Tiffanie
  • Dearest Jesus, please help me. Please let my hearing go well for me. Please help me find my words. Please let me do an excellent job , as well as my attorney and any who support me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love. Please give me strength and courage.

    ~ karen
  • My wife has liver failure

    ~ joey
  • Thank you for all your blessings….Help me to prepare for holy week and Easter.. Help my daughter and grandson, Blessings for my sons and their familys.. Thanks for help healing my friend Pat. Help her with her ultra sound. I have been given so much by God I thank him so much for his mercy..

    ~ Jan
  • I pray for the protection of my family and loved ones. That the Lord blesses us and leads us where we need to be. Keep me motivated that the Lord’s plan is in process to get us out of the financial crisis we face.

  • Kindly pray for my son Daniel Xavier Huidor and my brother Francisco Huidor Figueroa. Also please pray for the whole Catholic Church: Pope, clergy and laity. Finally please pray for more conversions to the Catholic Faith, for all souls in Purgatory and for an end to abortion and evil. Amen.

    ~ Maricela
  • For my daughters To find employment soon. To be able to purchase my house and for good health.

    ~ Iraida
  • My loving Jesus please bless me and make a loving child of God I pray that I will receive messages from my Nicholas and be delivered from all financial bondages and debts. thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus…

    ~ Rena
  • A priest once told me my vocation was to be married. I think i may have found the guy that is supposed to be for me but he doesn’t pay any attention to me. Please pray for me that the guy im in love with ends up being the guy that God has planned for me to be with and that the prayers give him a little push to talk to me. I really feel it deep down inside that this is the man im supposed to be with. Thank you!

    ~ Angelica
  • Help me prove myself as a Canonized Saint. Amen

    ~ Terry
  • Mercy grace and favor on my son JT to find safe housing this week and transition from current place. Thank you.
    Also favor in I Vern need to sale my house as soon as possible. God’ Wisdom for James husband self and son.

    ~ Vern
  • Dear Lord, I see the doctor tomorrow and pray that he will make a wise and the best decision for me. Please give him the skill to take the best care of me and please protect me from harm and complications. I am so frightened, Lord, and I need your help. I know I am not worthy but please have mercy on me and take this affliction from me. Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Justin Breaux.

    ~ Amanda
  • Please pray for my work petition

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the repose of the soul of Martin Welch.

    ~ Ruth
  • Pray for the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, all surrounding cities, towns, and counties near Charlottesville, and all cities, towns, and counties in Central Virginia to heal since the events of August 12, 2017. I am happy that the University of Virginia won their first national NCAA men’s basketball final four tournament during the late evening of April 8, 2019. Charlottesville Virginia truly deserved the NCAA win that University of Virginia has earned for the city, and the school.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me that I have the job God wants for me. That I have financial freedom. That john and me get married and we serve God as a married couple. That I have my license as LMFT. That We are protected against all evil attack.Thank you.

    ~ Brenda
  • Please pray for me and my 4 yr old son that we the Lord will lead us where he wants us to live as we need to move from where we are at.That we will have the finances to do so and I will get a job that pays well to do so and that we will have a great Easter holiday and we will have the provisions both financial and temporal during this season.That my son’s destiny will be blessed and protected .Please also pray for my sister in London.

    ~ kay
  • Hello , my name is Daniela and I have spastic cerebral palsy that is why I would like to ask you to pray for healing my cerebral palsy and my brain , thank you very much

    ~ Daniela
  • Lord, I pray that you send your angels over Christian Ray Fuller to protect him as he is on his journey in life. Lord bless him with your grace of the Holy Spirit and have mercy on his soul as he is a child of God’s. Please wrap your loving arms around him and fill his heart, mind and body with your ever-lasting love, joy, hope and to rid of what he is carrying inside of him that is not of You. I thank you for all Your love, mercy and grace as all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us.

    ~ courtney
  • U ask for prayers and intercessions so that the Lord will grant me an opportunity to pay my debts off and support my family soon.

  • Mother Mary,
    My friend’s 14month old daughter is admitted at Sakra hospital, Bangalore. She is very critical and doctors have said that the next 48hrs would define if she would survive or not. I have been the ultimate example of a prodical son. For that I ask mercy and forgiveness from you, Mother Mary. I believe that you have performed miracles and will continue to do so. I beg that you perform one of these miracles on Aarya.
    May your will be done.

    ~ Anish
  • For my daughter Consuelo to come home safe, and for healing.

    ~ Yvonne
  • Lord, teach me how to pray and create a clean heart in my and renew a right spirit within my bowels. Ameb!

    ~ Henrik
  • I pray for my brother Maurice’s conversion and return to the church.

    Thank you

    ~ Shirley
  • Wednesday the 10th I have a job interview. Please pray that I an hired. I need to work and help my family really bad. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • I need Prayers for a dear family friend her name is Janelsie, she is having major liver problems and she is a heavy smoker she is in the hospital and Please dear God HEAL her liver and help her STOP smoking. In JESUS NAME AMEN…………………………………………….


    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for healing and protection for Christine, Elizabeth A., Elizabeth W., and Anastasia S. and remove all obstacles for doing God’s will. Also for a good Christian husband for Christine.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my Mother Brenda Leffel. That her three Major surgeries go well in early May.

    ~ Jordon
  • I ask for the Lord to intercede for me. Help my financial situation by granting me the opportunity to work fulltime with a position he sees fit. I pray that we are able to become financially stable and out of debt so that we can support our family. Please hear my prayers.

  • Jacki, Robin and Bill, my children who have been abusive and estranged from me, for their well-being and return to their Catholic faith.

    ~ Agnesa
  • URGENT – Please pray that our Lord fully heals the eyes of Michael F. Russell today. Please pray the irritation fully subsides with no further problems in his eyes. Please pray God protects our family from any infectious disease or any other health problem. Thank you.

    ~ Anne
  • dear Lord Jesus, my sins has brought sorrows into my family, my husband who is kind and honest was unjustly terminated by his manager Nidal. Please make the management call him back to work or find a job for him. My son Isaiah has surgery in his left ear for growth. Please heal him with blood. Implore you my Lord do not separate my family from me, do not send them back to india. Have mercy on us Lord.

    ~ michelle
  • My prayer is for my wonderful son in law. He has now been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had been placed with Hospice Care. He has been given up to 6 months to live. He is leaving a wonderful wife of 30years one son one grandson. Thank you and God Bless You.

    ~ Kirkley
  • I ask everyone to please pray for my friend Whitney’s brother who was shot and killed the other night. Please pray for him and his soul. May he Rest In Peace with our lord and savior Jesus Christ

    ~ Rachael
  • Pray for Lety Chavez and family because God has called her 5 month old baby boy home with him. She is having a real hard time and doesn’t want to live anymore.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Can you please pray for my Godmother, Laurie, who is near death? A Chaplet of Divine Mercy or whatever you can. Thank you!

    ~ Brian
  • Need more jobs to feed and shelter my children

    ~ Philip
  • Please pray that Dr Edward Farber will come to a conclusion for the custody of my 4 year old daughter that provides my daughter with the best outcome. Not my will but Gods will be done. Thank you so much. I also pray for the healing of our marriage

    ~ Todd
  • For maddie born at 26 weeks is in critical condition, may our Heavenly Father grant her healing.

    ~ Nick
  • Please pray for Angelina J. Felicetti that her procedure goes well, she is restored to full health

    Please pray for John A. Felicetti that his procedure goes well, he is restored to full health

    Please pray for Frank Agueros that he is restored to full health

    Please pray for Irene J. Franzese that her health is restored

    Thank you, God Bless all your good works!

    ~ Rochelle
  • Thank you Father Justin Lopina for the blessed Sunday Mass on this Sunday April 7, 2019 online and for the blessed readings as well as the blessed singing from the St. Leonard choir. Pray brothers and sisters for my high blood pressure to remain normal and pray for swelling in my legs from Lymph edema will stay down..Pray for my daughter and son in law to have good health…I love each one of you at Heart of the Nation. May God Bless each one of you.

    Delores J
    Henry, Tennesse

    ~ Delores
  • I ask that I receive a Miracle child with blessings in all. I ask for prayer for my marriage to my husband Maurice Holloway. I ask for my uncle Domingo Luna to get well in his health. He has stomach cancer. I ask for my mother Dominga Luna for good health. I ask for my children and grandson to be blessed and protected from evil. Thank You Amen 🙏🏼

    ~ Yajaira
  • Pray for the Archdiocese of Washington and all Catholics, and Catholic parishes in the Washington DC area to welcome and be very positively receptive to Archbishop Wilton Gregory who is the new archbishop for the archdiocese. Mr. Cardinal Wuerl, the former bishop has submitted his resignation to Pope Francis back in September 2018 or October 2019. The new archbishop should neither be blamed nor at fault for sexual abuse that occurred with individuals of any kind in the Roman Catholic Church in

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please keep my family and friends safe and healthy. Pray that my bankruptcy will be approved and I can move to be near my grandchildren. Please especially pray for those affected by violence and famine. God Bless our USA. Let us respect one another. Jesus lead us through Faith, Hope and Love.

    ~ Marie
  • Please Dear God I ask you to Please HEAL Nicole from her injuries and illness and HEAL Marie from her medical issues as well GOD knows and HEAL Jim her husband as well. In JESUS NAME AMEN….


    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for relief and deliverance of Holy Souls in purgatory.

    ~ June
  • God’s mercy
    All God”s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • For anyone who is suffering from breast cancer or any other form of cancer, myself included. May they find a cure soon.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I find myself lonely, fearful and losing hope. Please pray the Holy Spirit move things to get me a good paying job I can do quickly. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • For my son Rudy Gutierrez has been having a really bad attitude with wife and family not talking to nobody we have no idea what is going wrong with him he has been getting like this for a while already i ask that the Lord comes into his heart & heals him. He needs a job, prosperity, peace, love, in his marriage. Prayers for myself for healing, prosperity, new apartment to get approved &pass inspection &ready to move in. My disability case in my favor been appealing since 2005. Thank you

    ~ Sonia
  • For healing and strength for the Retzer family as they do their best with terminal cancer for their loved one who is a husband and father to my sister and niece.

    ~ Eloisa
  • Please assist me with prayer for my family, friends, & neighbors for peace, love, & unity. I pray we always be reminded of God’s mercy and grace during our best & difficult days. Also, pray for me as I will be, for the first time, Fasting 7 days during Holy Week. My life has been filled with plenty heartbreak. I have more than enough tear jars! This Fast is to renew my relationship with Christ before my birthday, 4/23, & to allow me to give myself to Him.
    With much love and praise…
    Tamar D.

    ~ Tamar
  • Please pray that my mental health issues are healed and that I have no problems from my medication.

    ~ Christina
  • Please Bless Alex my friends son he is 19 and he needs to learn to drive, Please Bless him to drive GOD. He does have a job but his parents are tired of driving him to work. In JESUS NAME AMEN…..

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please Pray for my friend Linda and her daughter Zykia Please answer all of Lindas Prayers and Bless her with Health, Safety, Protection, traveling angels and a Financial Miracales. In JESUS NAME AMEN……………………………………………….


    ~ Ophelia
  • Please dear GOD please Bless my husband Richard recieve his disability increase to raise it over 70% and Bless him with retro pay Please Please help him he deserves this he is a Vietmam Veteran and serves 22 years in the Navy. He deserves GOD. In JESUS NAME AMEN…………….


    ~ Ophelia
  • Please Dear God I Pray for my dear friens Ms. Gibson Please Please Bless her to re-tire from her job and Bless her to move to Henderson Nevada in the summer. and Bless her to sale her house really fast, you see her job is causing her lots of health problems and I dont want nothing to happen to her. Please dear God expidite this process for her in JESUS NAME AMEN…………………..Thank You God


    ~ Ophelia
  • For Carlos and his family that they work things out.

    ~ Ernesto
  • Dear God Please Please Bless my attorney Mr. Matthew to call me the week (4/8/19-4/12/19) to tell me that My settlement check is approved. Please God Please relaese my check that is due to me with the amount that my attorney discussed with me. Please??? In JESUS NAME AMEN and PRAISE GOD!!!!! And God Bless everyone at Heart of the Nation for Prayers

    ~ Ophelia
  • Gratitude for daughter being hired for a meaningful position. Prayers needed for soon and his marriage and employment. Prayers neeeded for healthy pregnancy for daughter..

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Lord, Please help find the person to buy my house and help me to find one as well.

    ~ Rita
  • Could you please pray for those suffering from depression? Those who can’t seem to get a way out of their life situations. Feeling trapped and nowhere to turn to in life. My heart feels chained and the cries from within feels like it drowns me and never wants to end. I don’t know anymore. I am also getting old and all hope is fading almost gone for me ☹️
    I am physically living but I feel close to death emotionally, mentally and in spirit. Please help me, please I beg you to please pray for me.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for my family to heal and be healthy.Pray for my great grandchildren for things to work out in their best interest and my brothter to get stronger for my husband and i to be able to care for hin and still have our years of life to be happy together in our older years we are both in our 70s but try to help everyone.peace in the world and show love for god.

    ~ Florence
  • Please pray that my husband’s (Jeff) biopsy results are benign.
    Thank you.

    ~ Misty
  • I ask for prayers that I may regain the ability to walk and that my sister will be cure if renal disease/failure
    I also ask for prayers for all of my family members to return to the Church and become ever closer to God.
    I pray that all the souls in Purgatory join God in Heaven.
    May all babies in danger of abortion may be saved so that they may serve God here on earth before joining Him in Heaven.

    ~ Karen
  • Even though we are divorced please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart soul mind and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and turns the new guy to leave.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray Erik McCaffrey will just talk to me please God

    ~ Kari
  • Pray for the Archdiocese of Washington and all Catholics, and Catholic parishes in the Washington DC area to welcome and be very receptive to Archbishop Wilton Gregory who is the new archbishop for the archdiocese Mr. Cardinal Wuehl the former bishop has submitted his resignation to Pope Francis back in September 2018. The new archbishop should neither be blamed nor at fault for sexual abuse that occurred with individuals of any kind in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States of America.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please Lord, have mercy on us and grant us peace. Please keep us happy and healthy and safe. Be in our hearts. Please grant us patience, strength, wisdom and courage and prosperity.

    ~ Joanne
  • The intention is for my wife Gloria who has been congested for about two weeks either allergies or a virus, that she start feeling better hopefully before Monday or Tuesday of this coming week.

    ~ John
  • Almighty Father, I sincerely thank you on behalf of my family for the far we have come. Almighty Father, bless 2019 to be a year of great fortunes, good health, breakthrough and to be more spiritual and close to you. I thank all the prayer warriors who have been praying for me and my family. Thanks for answering our prayers! Thanks for the gift of life.

  • Please pray that Steve DelMastro stop drinking. Pray that Matt VerBrycks pain decreases. Help Mary T VerBryck get over her Vertigo. Help Sue VerBryck loose weight and stay away from sweets. Help Baby Theo VerBryck get better. Help Bruce Dikhofer get a job. Rumi Peramune needs a job from home. Thank you and God Bless

    ~ Sue
  • I ask for the strength to trust in the Lord today. That I will be permitted to drive home and see my family. Please hear my pray.

  • My father in law Lionel Fletcher in critical condition. Please urgently pray for speedy recovery. Expecting a miracle.

    ~ Linu
  • For Peter’s mum to recover from heart surgery.

    ~ Ernesto
  • We ask for continued prayers for Gloria s. Who is still in the hospital 6+months . Her complications from bowel surgery still need serious healing. We are thankful toGod for Her making some progress the hole in bowel is still not healing.. please God let her heal soon. Amen

    ~ G
  • May God have mercy on me. Sir, I have headache and back pain. MY PRAYER: May the almighty God heal me of Headache and back pain. Whatever be the cause of the headache and back pain should go. May God protect us always. I pray in Jesus name.

    ~ JULIE
  • Please pray for my niece who suffers with addiction. Thank you very much.

    ~ Cindy
  • Please pray for my boyfriend, Oisin (pronounced Oh-sheen). He has had a terrible cough for many months. He is also dealing with fatigue and breathing difficulty. I’m afraid of him having lung cancer because he was once a smoker. Please ask Jesus to heal him. Please ask the Archangel Raphael to interede on Oisin’s behalf.

    ~ Cristin
  • Dear Heavenly Father. Please allow your servant Josephine to recover from her illness. She just got bone marrow biopsy today 4/5/2019 and I’m praying for your miracle. I’m praying for the biopsy report is benign. Please let there be blessings of recovery for this wonderful person. Please let there be a miracle for this Easter Season, Amen.

    ~ Norma

  • Morning, our son is having a difficult time ,he has many issues,going on right now, he’s in a rehab center now for a few months, I am asking you if you could please pray for him also his son, and the mother , I ask the lord put I don’t know the right words. All 3 of them have BIG anger issues, a lot of
    Hate not enough LOVE please pray for them ,Terence,Seth azure thank you, Liz

    ~ Elizabeth
  • My 6 year old girl fell down from window took her to doc he said if she vomited should go for x-ray..She vomited Tom shoukd take her for x-ray God i am very worried nothi g shoukd happen to her please heal her I request u my humble request

    ~ Kriti
  • Lord Jesus please direct every false word, every curseful spiteful desire directed my way, or my son rayland or my loved ones way, back to the sender, lord I can’t do this, help me Jesus Amen.

    ~ Tiffanie
  • Dear Heavenly father please allow Cheri to recover from her stroke in March 2019. She had this stroke 9 days after her baby was born. Please let there be a blessing of recovery for this wonderful person and her family. Right now there is hope, please let there be a miracle this Easter season. amen

    ~ g
  • God our Divine Healer please deliver my daughter Gabrielle from depression. Please help her find a job soon. Enlighten me, Lord, on how I can help her gain self confidence. Bless her, O Lord so that she may feel loved. Surround her with people who will encourage her and lead her to a straight path. Amen.

    ~ Alma
  • My financial situation is in very bad shape and I am in a desperate situation. I am asking God for mercy, a miracle, and for a clear way forward.

    ~ Don
  • Prayers for improvement of health and thank you for the good things that happened

    ~ Dorothy
  • Please pray for Brian Mann who has stage 4 colon cancer and Don King who has stage 4 brain cancer and their wives. That they find the right doctors so they can both live long heathy lives after cancer

    ~ Bettina
  • I pray to the most high god the holy trinity to save the marriage of noel and Teresa that noel may accept Teresa back in his life and they may stay together forever , I say this prayer in the name of jesus Christ , Amen!

    ~ patrick
  • I ask the Lord, Mary, Joseph, the Holy Spirit, and all the Angel’s and Saints to protect all those in need of during this season. Protect them from revels and guide the. Closer to you. Lord during my financial struggles show me how to get out of this. My job search is based on what you allow to happen. Touch those involved and open there hearts and minds to give me a chance.

  • Please pray for my living situation to improve. Also pray for my work to keep offering time off

    ~ Matt
  • That Clarence may be healed s d if not that God may give him a peaceful death and eternal rest. That my tests will all turn out good without any results of bad disease especially cancer.

    ~ Heldn
  • Prayers for my mother, who suffers from Alzheimers and for my siblings and their families, as well as my family. We are having difficulty dealing with what is happening to mom. Please pray for mom to be healed or stablized so she is calmer and for family not to upset her in her delicate condition. Help my brothers and sister to be knowledgeable about the illness and not to argue with mom or upset her as she is not in her right frame of mind. Please bless mom and all her children. Amen

    ~ Susan
  • My sister is having surgery tomorrow for pancreatic cancer. Please pray it is successful. Please also pray for the souls in purgatory. I asked them graciously to pray for my sister. Both need prayer and are forever grateful for your response. Thank you and love forever and always. Debbie

    ~ Debbie