Nashville TV Mass: New Time and Channel
Beginning on July 1, 2018, Heart of the Nation’s Sunday Mass will move to WUXP, broadcast channel 30 (My30) at 6:30 a.m.  For cable and satellite channels, please check your local listings for WUXP.

TV Mass for Travelers
If you need the TV Mass while out of town, click the “Where to Watch” button below for the nationwide time and channel guide. You can also join us online for video of the Mass on Saturday evening or throughout the day every Sunday.

Where To Watch

Finding God in Summer’s Activities

Does mid-summer bring back fond memories for you? From July 4 parades to summertime hikes, we can envision the God’s goodness to us as His children. Just picture kids scrambling for candy that gets tossed their way during a parade, and think of the wonderful gifts that come our way from the heavenly Father. Even adult hikers on unmarked trails sometimes lose their sense of direction. The Holy Spirit, desiring that none become lost, serves better than a compass for guiding us on life’s journey. For summer inspiration from Heart of the Nation’s chaplains and news about Pope Francis’ encyclical on the call to holiness, click here to open the July bulletin.

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