Father’s Day Prayers Welcome for Sunday TV Mass
Heart of the Nation invites you to send the names of your father, grandfathers, and other special dads in your life to be included in prayer at Mass in honor of Father’s Day.  E-Mail the names to Fr.Mark@heartofthenation.org or mail your prayers to Heart of the Nation at P.O. Box 14428, Milwaukee, WI  53214. To include an online donation with your prayers, please click here.

TV Mass for Travelers
If you need the TV Mass while out of town, click the “Where to Watch” button below for the nationwide time and channel guide. You can also join us online video of the Mass on Saturday evening or throughout the day every Sunday.

Where To Watch

Refreshing Faith

During the warm days of summer, enjoying a Popsicle® might get you thinking about the surprising ways that God works in our lives. The treat’s inventor got sidetracked as a young lad, leaving a soft drink and its stir stick on the porch overnight. Morning brought quite a surprise when he discovered that it had frozen. Summer is a popular time for weddings, and Fr. Tony’s article in this month’s bulletin offers a surprising look at why grooms in Biblical times placed a bride’s ring on one finger after another before the ring finger. Click here to open the June bulletin for inspiration, prayers, and information to help you grow in your Catholic faith.

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