July 21, 2018: Prayer When Missing Loved Ones

Lord Jesus, You know from within my heart The loved ones whom I miss the most. It’s not that they were perfect, But their style of loving was perfectly fine. In Your compassion, please help me To share their love, which is still a part of me. It’s not that every minute together was noteworthy, Yet there are times that I wish we could have had Even just one more ordinary, everyday moment together. In Your eternal care, please help me Not to miss today’s opportunities to be a blessing For people around me, who may be missing someone, too. There were many times I said “good-bye” With the casualness that comes from familiar routines. Please help me to grow in appreciation Of the people still with me here. In your infinite concern, please also help me not to take Love and time for granted. Please renew in me the blessed hope of being together with You and loved ones eternally. Amen.

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