Heart of the Nation produces and televises weekly Sunday Mass nationwide, providing compassionate spiritual care for Catholics unable to participate in holy Mass at a parish.

For the faithful who can’t get to church because of the frailties of age, illness or injury, lack of transportation, or other struggles, Heart of the Nation Catholic Mass on TV and online offers a connection with the Lord Jesus and the community of faith.

The periodical Prayer & Worship Guide, prayer cards and booklets, a yearly Catholic calendar, and online resources from Heart of the Nation invite Catholics to grow in faith and celebrate the love of the Lord every day. The Prayer Corner at www.HeartoftheNation.org features a prayer network and five other ways to pray.

Since Holy Saturday, 1984, Heart of the Nation has televised Sunday TV Mass. Today, more than 78 million TV households nationwide can tune in the Mass on the ION Network and additional channels. The online Mass makes Catholic Sunday liturgy available to travelers, troops, and others around the globe.

In addition to serving the homebound, “My Sunday Mass” reaches out to anyone who finds comfort in the prayers of the Mass. All are welcome!

The nonprofit Heart of the Nation ministry depends on donations from viewers and other friends to keep Heart of the Nation Catholic Mass on TV and online. Please consider a gift today.

Heart of the Nation Catholic Mass is celebrated at St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee, WI. If you would like to attend the TV Mass in person, please contact Deanna Page Tritz at Deanna@HeartoftheNation.org or call (414) 475-4700