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Together in Prayer ~ TV Mass and online viewers gladly join in your prayers. You may include prayers for yourself and people dear to you, or for wider needs in the world. Your prayers of gratitude for blessings received and prayers of praise offered to God are also welcome. Send the prayers in your heart, and know that you are not alone in raising these prayers to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

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Recent Prayer Intentions

  • At the end of a cultural program in my parish as people were leaving the venue, a coconut fell on one lady forcing her to be admitted to the her hospital. Please pray for her recovery.

    ~ Nelson John
  • Pray for my Godmother and aunt Barbara Pate who is continuing to improve.

    ~ Shane
  • I pray that J and D have a very safe and enjoyable weekend together. I pray they will be very kind, patient, loving and supportive of each other always.

    ~ S