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Together in Prayer ~ TV Mass and online viewers gladly join in your prayers. You may include prayers for yourself and people dear to you, or for wider needs in the world. Your prayers of gratitude for blessings received and prayers of praise offered to God are also welcome. Send the prayers in your heart, and know that you are not alone in raising these prayers to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

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Recent Prayer Intentions

  • To Father and to the son to the Holy Spirit,
    Jesus please help me turn my life around? Jesus I hope to return back to Notre Dame for 2020 spring semester. Jesus please convince my mom that I am ready to go back to college ? Jesus please help my mom to be concerned about my future as mush as I am ? Please help my mom not to be so nervous ? Jesus please help my mom get in a good mood ?
    Jesus please help me get the job at the Y ?
    In Jesus name amen

    ~ Stephanie
  • Please pray for Chris and Meredith. Please pray we sleep peacefully thruout the night. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • For my brothers and sisters in uniform that are fire fighters that god May protect from harm and keep them safe from evil .for my depression and bipolar, my grandmother Vivien though God may heal our broken relationship and then that we may get back together and we can reconcíliate and pray for my godmother and her baby girl may she have a healthy and safe delivery for my god sister she is going to be worn with a lot of health conditions Clued in a hole in her heart and Edwards syndrome

    ~ Daiana