Rosary comes from the Latin word for “rose garden,” an image used for the Blessed Virgin Mary in Latin hymns. Using the rosary, Catholics pray traditional prayers while contemplating sacred Mysteries of our faith. Each time we pray a Hail Mary as part of the rosary, we add a beautiful flower to a crown of roses for Mary.

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Sunday & Wednesday

The Glorious Mysteries

renew our hope that we will one day share eternal life with Jesus and Mary in heaven.

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Monday & Saturday

The Joyful Mysteries

celebrate our Lord having lived among us and the virtues we learn from the Holy Family.

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Tuesday & Friday

The Sorrowful Mysteries

remind us of the Lord’s Passion and crucifixion, offering us salvation through His undying love.

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The Luminous Mysteries

shed light on the ways Jesus was present for humanity during His lifetime and is with us today.

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For instructions on how to pray the rosary, click here.