Easter Prayer

Lord Jesus, Risen Savior,

To You I offer joyful praise
For the compassion that You give.
Grateful prayer to You I raise,
Who have shown me how to live.

In faith, I want to follow You,
Although I sometimes stumble.
May love guide all that I pursue—
Your love, Savior most humble.

You know without my voicing
Every blessing, dream, and care.
With Easter hope and rejoicing,
I come to You in thankful prayer.

Prayer for Travelers

On our journey of faith, Lord,
You are with us wherever we go.
Please keep travelers safe
As highways and byways lead them
To the embrace of loved ones waiting.
When they depart again for home,
Godspeed along the way.
May the happiness of time together
Stay within their hearts.
Lord, may every mile here on Earth
Bring us closer to You.

Prayer in Devastation

Heavenly Father, I pray
for people who are facing
damage wrought by wind, water,
fire, or human violence.
please give them strength,
for the devastation can be
spiritual too.
For all whose lives are
forever changed
by injury or tragic loss,
and for those trying to help
in any way,
I pray for blessing upon
every courier of Your love
and every heart in need.

Marian Prayer of Hope

Blessed Virgin Mary,
Please join with me in hope-filled prayer
That my bearing on this day
Will proclaim God’s goodness and care.

Handmaiden of the Lord,
Close to your Son and our Savior,
Please pray for me to serve well,
Helped by His love, mercy, and favor.

Mary, Queen of Heaven,
Please ask Jesus to help me see
The way that I should follow,
Grateful that the Lord has chosen me.


An Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that You are present,
In the Most Holy Sacrament.
I love You above all things,
and I desire to receive You into my soul.
Since I cannot at this moment
receive you sacramentally,
come at least spiritually into my heart.
I embrace You as if You were already there
and unite myself wholly to You.
Never permit me to be separated from You.


~Saint Alphonsus Liguori

For Faith at All Times

Lord Jesus,
In each new day,
Let me be open to faith renewed.

If I awaken refreshed,
May I remember that You have given me rest.
If there is pain,
May Your light come over me to reduce its shadow.

Throughout the day,
Let me be open to faith renewed.

Should a visitor come,
May the welcome I extend come from You.
When I am lonely,
May Your compassion fill the emptiness.

At this day’s end,
Let me be open to faith renewed.

If the answer to a prayer has come,
May I give bounteous thanks.
If I come before You in supplication,
May You find me also attentive to Your response.

At all times,
Let me be open to faith renewed.


Prayer Before Mass

Heavenly Father,
Your word is creative
Sustaining all that You have made.
In the words of Holy Scripture,
You speak life-giving words to us.

Lord Jesus,
You gathered the disciples at table,
Giving us sacred bread and wine.
Through the Holy Eucharist,
You nourish Your body, the Church.

Holy Spirit,
You came to dwell within us,
Providing oneness though we are many.
In the gifts given to each,
You complete what we begin in faith.


Prayer In Time of Illness and Struggle

You have suffered so much for my sake.
When your example is difficult to follow,
Strengthen me in faith.
When the pain of body, mind or spirit
Leave me feeling abandoned and alone,
Hold me in Your loving embrace.

In every moment, there is purpose.
In every prayer, there is hope.
In You, there is life everlasting.


Prayer in Time of Grief

Loving God,

Saying good-bye fills me with sorrow,
For love remains in my heart,
When I long to share tomorrow
But from my beloved am apart.

Days seem better with my loved one here,
And so I envision how
With soul to the Risen Lord drawn near,
Heaven’s more heavenly now.

The lord went before us to prepare
A place for all who believe;
In faith, may we, ever in Your care,
Rejoice in love eternally.


*The prayers on this web page are from Heart of the Nation and have the bishop’s imprimatur, meaning that they are all approved Catholic prayers. These prayers may be used at home, in meetings, or on other occasions for not-for-profit purposes. If you publish the prayers please credit Heart of the Nation.