Jesus, the Good Shepherd, continues to call people to priesthood, the diaconate, and consecrated life in all of its forms. They may hear the Lord’s call through your voice!

Would someone in your family make a good priest? Please tell him! It’s inspiring to have someone you love say, “You’d make a great priest!”

Can you imagine a daughter or granddaughter devoting her life to serving God as a religious sister? Let her know! For young people who seek meaning in their lives, sisterhood has relevancy for today!

Did you know that deacons are ordained but may also be married? A deacon’s ministry focuses on service. He may preach at Mass and preside at weddings, baptisms, and funerals. Talk about it!

Prayer for Vocations

Loving and gracious Father,
You give us each a vocation.

May ordained priests and deacons
Continue to be Your sacramental presence among us.

May sisters and brothers in religious life
Fulfill the missions entrusted to them.

May those called to marriage and family life
Grow in shared faith and love.

May single laypeople
Dedicate themselves to serving You.

May all who seek to discover their vocations
Find the inspiration and grace to go where You lead.


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