In the Beginning: The 1980’s

Heart of the Nation is a television and publishing ministry of Santa Fe Communications, a Catholic organization founded in 1982 and based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our first Catholic TV Mass appeared on the air in Los Angeles on Palm Sunday in 1984. Today, Heart of the Nation provides the Sunday Catholic Mass to 79 million TV households across the country.

A New Millennium for the TV Mass

Catholics who are homebound, in healthcare settings, imprisoned, or unable to participate in a parish Mass for other reasons tune in the TV Mass. The gathering space for the TV liturgy has changed several times over the decades. Since 2010, Heart of the Nation has welcomed viewers to Mass in the Saint Francis de Sales Seminary chapel, consecrated in 1861 in Milwaukee.

Viewers send prayer requests to be placed before the altar for the Catholic TV Mass, immersing themselves in the liturgical experience. For bishops, priests, lectors, cantors, musicians, choirs, and the faithful who come to be part of the congregation, involvement in the TV Mass offers an opportunity to share their faith in a far-reaching way.

TV Ministry Becomes Multimedia

DVD’s of Bible-story cartoons in a series titled Bugtime Adventures made their debut in 2005. In addition to availability on DVD, the series continues to be televised around the world.

Radio stations have broadcast audio of the TV Mass provided by Heart of the Nation since 2011.

Publishing the large-print Prayer & Worship Guide, various other prayer resources, a monthly bulletin, and an annual Catholic calendar complement our TV Mass ministry. All of our publications are free. The Prayer & Worship Guide, first published in 2011, includes text for the Sunday Masses, a message from our ministry chaplain, weekly reflections, a guide to daily Mass readings, and seasonal prayers.

Online videos of Sunday Masses now appear on our website, Facebook page and YouTube. The online Mass, prayer network and other prayer resources reach Catholics worldwide.

Past Success, Promising Future

Heart of the Nation depends on donations to produce and televise the TV/online Mass, and to provide Catholic publications including the large-print Prayer & Worship Guide. Please give what you can to help continue our Lord’s mission of bringing the Gospel message into hearts and homes.