14th Week in Ordinary Time

After suffering for twelve years from hemorrhages, a woman believed that wellness would come if she touched Jesus’ cloak. Imagine her fear when He abruptly turned around at the mere touch. Jesus said to have courage, and she needed it! Until the Lord said that her faith had saved her, the woman had no idea what He would do. On the same day, Jesus rewarded an official’s faith by bringing his daughter back to life. After giving the Twelve authority to preach and heal in His name, Jesus sent them forth with the instruction not to pack even money or a change of clothes. He warned them that they would encounter acceptance and persecution, welcome and rejection. They would have to trust Him. Sometimes, we don’t know quite what to say that will comfort or help people in our lives. Do we ask the Lord to touch our hearts, trusting that He will provide the inspiration we need and the courage to proceed?