Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Jesus withdrew after the death of John the Baptist but could not ignore the overriding compassion He felt for the crowd that soon found Him. A Canaanite woman saw Jesus as the One who could heal her daughter. He echoed what the Israelites thought by saying that dogs should not get food meant for children. She answered that even dogs get table scraps, and Jesus worked the miracle. The Lord gave the Disciples power, but their faith remained imperfect. Peter started to sink when Jesus invited him to walk on water toward Him. The Disciples could not cure a man’s son, who uncontrollably fell into fire or water. As an unforgettable sign of hope, the Lord allowed Peter, James, and John to witness the Transfiguration, when He appeared to them in heavenly glory. How would we answer if Jesus asked, “Who do you say that I am for you?”

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