Fourth Week of Advent

When two miraculously expectant mothers greeted each other, Elizabeth’s unborn child kicked joyfully in nearness to the coming Savior. Zechariah had doubted an angel’s message that he and Elizabeth would become parents. He lost the power of speech, regained it when he believed, and then prophesied that John would prepare the way for the Lord by teaching forgiveness of sins as the way of salvation. On the night of the Lord’s birth, shepherds saw from Earth’s landscape the rejoicing in heaven. An angel announced that they would find the newborn Savior in Bethlehem, lying in a manger. Imagine their confusion when contrasting the glory of heaven to seeing Jesus cradled in a feeding trough. We envision the day when we will meet the Lord in His glory, yet Christmas reminds us to look for Him in unlikely places here on Earth. After Christmas Mass, where will you invite the Lord to join you in continued celebration of His birth and the blessings of believing?