Fourth Week of Easter

People accused Jesus of leaving them in suspense, even though He had already said that He was the Christ. Like the gate of a sheepfold, Jesus provides the way to salvation through all of the in’s and out’s of life. He came to save, not to condemn. Disobedience and disbelief get in the way of the gate to salvation. On the other hand, the Lord said that anyone—absolutely anyone—who believes can do the work He began and much more. The Lord told the Disciples that He would go head of them to prepare their places in the Father’s house. He promised to come back for them, even though they already knew the way. Thomas wanted Jesus to map things out. As our lives unfold, do we recall that the Lord directs us to take the steps of believing in Him, proclaiming the Gospel, loving, and doing good works, wherever we find ourselves?

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