Octave of Christmas/Christmas Weekdays

Mary and Jesus raised their Son in a devout family. Jesus grew in strength and wisdom, but also in obedience to His parents—a humbling experience for the Son of God! Only about six months older than Jesus, John the Baptist began his public ministry first. He preached repentance and paved the way for the One on whom he would see the Holy Spirit come. John’s open acknowledgement of Jesus as the Son of God took courage! Newly called as an Apostle, Philip took Nathanael to meet the Lord. Quickly realizing that Jesus already knew him, Nathanael, too, called Him the Son of God. Tracing Jesus’ genealogy, the Gospel of Luke provides a list of human ancestors. Little did Mary’s forebears know that she would become the Mother of God! Born into God’s family tree, do we see our humble lives as part of something big?