Sixth Week of Easter

Jesus tried to prepare the Disciples. Soon, He said, they would not see Him for a little while, but their mourning would turn to joy. They had no idea what He meant, but Jesus knew the limits of what they could bear at the time. As events transpired, only a couple of days separated Jesus’ death and Resurrection. As promised, He returned, but only for 40 days. After the Lord’s Ascension, Disciples would testify to Him with help from the Holy Spirit. Their number would grow as others, like Saint Paul, joined in the work of building the Church. In Athens, Paul preached that God overlooks ignorance but does not ignore refusal to believe in Jesus, the Christ, Risen from the dead. Some scoffed, some deferred, and—blessedly—some became believers. When the Lord seems distant, do we contemplate the times we have backed away?