Sixth Week of Easter

Unable to bear all that Jesus could have told them, the Disciples still had questions. When the Lord said that He would leave them for a little while, they had no idea that Crucifixion would take Him from their midst. When the Risen Lord appeared, they realized that, true to His word, they would not ask Him how or why or anything else. They would single-mindedly and wholeheartedly rejoice! The Lord soon ascended to heaven, after promising that the Holy Spirit would come to teach them and remind them of the lessons learned from Jesus. The Holy Spirit remains in the world to help people respond to hardship or happiness in ways true to faith in the Lord. Like the first Disciples, the faithful can confidently ask for anything in Jesus’ name with assurance that the heavenly Father grants every request that brings people closer to salvation. When we miss loved ones gone before us, do we welcome the recollections that suddenly come back to us as moments given to treasure again?