Third Week in Ordinary Time

Four fishermen (Peter, Andrew, James, and John) abandoned their boats and nets to see what Jesus wanted. One day, Jesus got into a boat with the Disciples “just as He was,” tired enough to sleep through a gale and crashing waves. The Disciples woke Him, afraid of perishing at sea and—worse yet—afraid that the Lord didn’t care. After His Ascension, Jesus has not stopped calling people to follow Him. On the road to Damascus, it took a blinding light and the voice of Jesus for a merciless Pharisee to change his ways and eventually become Saint Paul. We can reject God’s forgiveness (the meaning of blaspheming against the Holy Spirit) or come as we are to seek His mercy. When we wonder how on Earth our faith can grow when we feel pummeled by hardship, do we trust that even a tiny seed has huge potential?