Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

In a synagogue, the Lord freed a crippled woman of her infirmity. The synagogue leader bristled because Jesus had worked the miracle on the day of rest. At a Pharisee’s home on another Sabbath, the Lord asked if He could lawfully cure a man with dropsy (swelling due to illness). No one answered, but Jesus healed him anyway. He came to save the world but usually cured people one at a time, showing what He meant by comparing God’s Kingdom to a seed becoming a huge plant or a little yeast raising a batch of dough. Word about Jesus got around! In a parable, a man took a seat of honor at a banquet but got moved down when a more prestigious guest arrived. Ever needful of spiritual help, how often do we leave it up to the Lord to approach us, rather than humbly bringing our needs to Him?