Thirty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

When a poor widow donated all that she had to the Temple treasury, her offering looked like a pittance, but Jesus remarked that it had great worth. Besides, the Lord foretold, the richly adorned Temple would get demolished. People wanted to know when or at least what signs would give them warning, and Jesus responded that people would incorrectly interpret calamities as signs. Believers would face persecution, but He would give them words of irrefutable wisdom to defend themselves. Meanwhile, people should take care that everyday anxieties not get in the way of staying prepared for the last day. Ten lepers begged for healing, and Jesus sent them to show themselves to the priests—a good sign, since priests had the authority to decide if a person had leprosy or not. On the way, healing occurred, but only one came back to give thanks. When we worry about uncertainties in our lives, do we push aside gratitude for the ways God makes His love known?