Twenty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

In every Mass, Catholics repeat the words of a centurion (a Roman military commander) whose faith amazed Jesus. Admittedly unworthy to have the Lord under his roof, the centurion asked Jesus by messenger to just say the word that would heal a servant. No one had to ask when Jesus knew the need and brought the only son of a widow back to life for her. The Lord had His detractors, who wanted people to dance to their tune. Scribes and Pharisees scoffed at the company Jesus kept. Nevertheless, the Lord drew crowds of people who could relate to His parables. For example, seed falling on a path, rocky ground, a patch of thorns, or good soil illustrated the receptiveness of people to His words and the likelihood that their faith would grow and flourish. When we feel trampled or overwhelmed, do we ask God to re-root our faith?