Whoever followed Him would walk in light, not darkness.

The Luminous Mysteries invite us to reflect on the Lord’s ministry from the time of His Baptism to the Last Supper. Jesus said that whoever followed Him would walk in light, not darkness (John 8).

Praying five decades of the rosary, we contemplate five Luminous Mysteries:

Jesus’ Baptism in the Jordan

John the Baptist recognizes Jesus, and the voice of God confirms that Jesus is His beloved Son.

Miracle at Cana

Jesus begins His public ministry with the miracle of water changed to wine during a wedding celebration.

Proclamation in Galilee

After the imprisonment of John the Baptist, Jesus tells the people of Galilee to repent and believe, for the kingdom of God is at hand.

The Transfiguration

Peter, James, and John glimpse Jesus in His glory, transfigured before them. God’s voice again says that Jesus is His Son, to whom we should listen.

Institution of the Holy Eucharist

Even with His death looming before Him, Jesus says that He has eagerly desired to eat the Last Supper with His Disciples, giving them the spiritual nourishment of His Body and Blood.