Prayer in Devastation

Heavenly Father, we pray
For all of the people who fled
With a few belongings and hope;
For the heavily laden hearts
With little to do but wait and pray;
For the many with increasing fear
Of what is to be found
When the winds are calm and
the flood waters have receded.
We long for an answer
To the question, “Why?”
We are pummeled by the devastation
Of what can be rebuilt and, even more,
Of lives that will be forever changed.
May our question soon turn to “How?”
How can we begin?
How can we get through it?
How can we endure the loss
And survive the danger of losing faith, too?
How can we love You
When we feel abandoned?
Heavenly Father, please be with us
Through Your Holy Spirit and people willing
To help us each step of the way.

Prayers for Special Times

As the Spirit Moves You

When it comes time to move, packing boxes can bring to mind Jesus’ saying that the last shall be first. The last things that get packed into a box will get unpacked first. Of course, the Lord had a more important message in mind than remembering to put the toilet paper on top when we pack up the last of the moving boxes.

In the parable of a vineyard owner who had sent hired hands out into the field throughout the day, those who went out last and only worked an hour received their wages first. Surprisingly, they collected a full day’s pay.  Seeing the landowner’s generosity, those who had toiled in the heat since early morning figured that they would get more. When, at last, they received their pay, they grumbled because they got the usual daily wage, too. It seemed totally unfair. It didn’t add up! Read more of Fr. Payne’s message in our September Bulletin

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