Rummaging Around

Signs of summer, at least where I live, include signs pointing the way to rummage sales. People go to garage sales or flea markets in pursuit of unusual conversation pieces, furniture that needs refinishing, or everyday items at bargain prices. Occasionally, buyers get more than they bargained for.

On July 2, 1776, the Second Continental Congress voted on a resolution to declare the Colonies’ freedom. It then took a couple of days to get the text of the Declaration of Independence into final form. On July 4, a printer named John Dunlap made about 200 copies for quick distribution.

A scribe with impressively neat handwriting later made a fancy copy on vellum that 56 delegates to the Second
Continental Congress signed for posterity, but our Founding Fathers wanted to get the word out fast. Only the names of John Hancock, as president of the Congress, and Charles Thomson, secretary, appear on the copies that John Dunlap printed. Those broadsides got delivered  right away for proclamation and reprinting in newspapers.

More than a century later, a guy bought a painting at a flea market in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. It was a bit torn, but he liked the frame and paid four dollars. Tucked behind the picture, he discovered what turned out to be one of the 25 or so Dunlap broadsides still in existence and sold it for millions.

Jesus compared discovering the Kingdom of heaven (right in our midst!) to finding buried treasure or a priceless pearl and selling every other possession to acquire that one thing of great value. Once you discovered Heart of the Nation’s Mass on TV or online, maybe you decided to give as much as you can so that you’ll have the Mass you treasure available each week.

When we come together for Sunday Mass, we  unite in prayer for one another. People nationwide join in your prayers! Your gift in any amount to Heart of the Nation during this summer’s fund drive will be a sign of your faith in the Lord and pursuit of eternal happiness.

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