In the Catholic faith, we believe that God lovingly responds to prayers asking that the souls of loved ones be welcomed swiftly into heaven. Heart of the Nation’s chaplains will gladly include prayers for your loved ones when they celebrate Mass on All Souls’ Day, Nov. 2.

Submit Names of Deceased Loved Ones

Sundays and Ice Cream Sundaes

Some unusual laws have made it onto the books. Despite the tenet separating Church and State, there have been civil laws against wearing a fake mustache that would cause laughter in church, eating peanuts in the pews, bringing a horse without a halter into church, or interjecting humor into preaching. We can imagine the Biblical Pharisees voting yea on rules like those.

In Biblical and more modern times, laws developed around the Commandment to keep the Lord’s Day holy. Some people say that the ice cream sundae originated because adding a nutritious topping made it legal to sell the treat on Sundays without becoming a scofflaw. You can get the full scoop in the October monthly bulletin, plus a reflection about a day that Jesus could have flipped a coin and lost either way, a prayer for people (like you!) on a mission, and more.

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