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Together in Prayer ~ TV Mass and online viewers gladly join in your prayers. You may include prayers for yourself and people dear to you, or for wider needs in the world. Your prayers of gratitude for blessings received and prayers of praise offered to God are also welcome. Send the prayers in your heart, and know that you are not alone in raising these prayers to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

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Recent Prayer Intentions

  • For my friend and her future, especially financially

    ~ K
  • Please pray for the health and well-being of my children, my parents, and those I love. My God be a part of their lives always.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I would like everyone to pray for our politicans and those like Cris Creisty especialy who are reaching out to the poor and sick addicts in our country May thay all find their way to peace with love and care.Carefully we must act towards the rehabilation of these people Pray to god forhis saveing grace for all people Thank You all for reading this prayer request. And may god richley bless us all PEACE AND LOVE FOREVER!!!

    ~ Harry