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Together in Prayer ~ TV Mass and online viewers gladly join in your prayers. You may include prayers for yourself and people dear to you, or for wider needs in the world. Your prayers of gratitude for blessings received and prayers of praise offered to God are also welcome. Send the prayers in your heart, and know that you are not alone in raising these prayers to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Members of the Circle of the Heart monthly giving club are remembered in prayer during Mass every Sunday. To join Circle of the Heart, please click here.

Recent Prayer Intentions

  • Please pray for the healing and protection of Kathleen and Mathew during these trying times. That Kathleen’s legs will be healed so she may be able to continue to walk.

    ~ mathew
  • Dear Jesus tk You for all answered prayers Please heal Jim & Marilyn bowel back bone joint liver issues Yvonne Mclemore Poston Cook Volkerding Hart Pleiman McCart Riley Ourth Lingle Compas Seyer Boxdorfer Ellis Mills Lawrence Thomas Arnzen Guth Narsh PowderlyAdams fms Alan, Austin Carole anxiety issues Betty Charlie Mike Austin heart issues Carmen Kris Alex Marcus All gays homeless Kim needs FT job w benefits Lesa Sean Virginia Jack USA Pres Trump Jerry Spencer Kathie Safety for Juli Amen

    ~ Marilyn
  • My fiance Mearl Flowers and I have been having alot of issues in our relationship. He doesn’t trust me and has become very distant towards me. We always had a deep connection with each other. Please pray that the love, harmony and trust is restored back into this relationship and that our love for one another grows deeper and deeper.

    ~ Regina