May 4, 2023: Confident in the Lord

Heavenly Father, I pray that when I turn to You in prayer, I will remain faithful that You will not turn away. Amen.

May 3, 2023: Faith to Carry On

Jesus, my hope, As I continue to seek, May discouragement not get the better of me. When I feel let down and When am afraid to get my hopes up, Grant me faith enough to keep trying. Amen.

May 2, 2023: Trying My Best

Lord Jesus, You accepted people in Your life, not expecting flawless friends; Help me to try my best and on Your mercy still depend. Amen.

May 1, 2023: For Workers and Those Seeking Work

Saint Joseph, please join me in prayer today for blessing upon all who work with skillful hands, to build the Kingdom through their trades. You whose love our Lord Jesus knew, please pray for parents whose work includes bringing their children close to You. Having moved with your infant Son and Mary, please pray for all who search for work with hope despite the stress they carry. In fields, factories, or wherever work is fulfilled, please pray that workers, through their tasks, will do what the heavenly Father has willed. Amen.

April 30, 2023: In Thanks for Vocations

Loving Father, You give each of us a vocation. To You, I give thanks For couples whose hearts share one love, And parents who treasure The children given to their care; For men and women in ordained and religious life, Whose presence brings comfort To a world in need of ministry; For single laypeople who serve You When they could be self-centered instead; For all of the faithful, whose purpose is Fulfillment of their place in Your eternal plan. Amen.

April 29, 2023: Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd, I come to You with faithfulness That You hear my every prayer. For anyone hurt through my sin, I ask for Your blessing and care. Amen.

April 28, 2023: With the Lord at My Side

Loving Lord, May sacrifices lead to sanctity; May mercy follow sorrow; and May I never cease to trust in You, Who lovingly accompany me. Amen.

April 27, 2023: Grateful Follower

Lord, the sacrifice You made is without compare; for Your unending love, I come to You in grateful prayer. Amen.

April 26, 2023: To Seek Peace

God, our Father, almighty and yet all-loving: For people in power, I pray That they will seek the peace which comes Only through serving You. Lord Jesus, victim and yet our Savior: For the vulnerable, I pray That they will know the peace of being loved By people serving You. Holy Spirit, one in God and yet dwelling in me: For all who feel crushed in spirit, I pray That they will receive peace and every grace Needed for serving You. Amen.

April 25, 2023: Asking in Faith

Lord, I give You thanks and praise, yet come to You in need. In Your name, I ask; in Your promises, I believe. Amen.

April 24, 2023: Reflection of Your Love

Father, the glory of creation, You have set before us. With voice and heart, I give You praise, My prayer a song with joyful chorus. In Your image, You created me, Giving both life and soul. May all I do reflect Your love, While giving of self, becoming whole. Amen.

April 23, 2023: Unfailing Love

Lord, when I feel abandoned, please increase my faith in Your unfailing love. Amen.

April 22, 2023: To Live for God’s Glory

Lord Jesus, Healing with Your words and touch, Always attentive to others’ needs And compassionate to all who seek You, Please heal me from selfishness. Lord Jesus, Who prayed to Your heavenly Father, Confident that He would hear With love and not abandonment, Please help me to listen when I pray. Lord Jesus, Teaching as no one else has done, Challenging those who would follow You To seek the truth and freedom from sin, Please teach and guide me in Your ways. Amen.

April 21, 2023: Lord, Always Loving

Lord, I give You thanks, For You remain with me: Faithful though I falter, Ready to forgive my faults, Loving, always loving. Amen.

April 20, 2023: What Today May Bring

Loving Father, If I awakened today wondering what will be, May I look for the guidance of Your Spirit in me. If today I experience loneliness, May Your Son’s compassion fill the emptiness. If in body, mind, or spirit is pain, May I turn to You for hope sustained. If the answer to a prayer occurs, May I be grateful that every prayer is heard. If I fail to seek You in all that I do, May the desire to serve You be renewed. Amen.

April 19, 2023: To Recognize the Lord

Risen Savior, You appeared, though unrecognized at first. When I fail to see Your face, in Your love my heart immerse. Amen.

April 18, 2023: Morning Prayer

At the dawning of this new day, Please renew in me the certainty That You desire for each a place With You for all eternity. In the light of early morning, Please reawaken Your love in me; Your compassionate outpouring, Let me show to others in need. As Your plan before me unfolds, May the glory I envision Remain within my heart to hold, For You have lived, died, and risen!

April 17, 2023: Free to Follow the Lord

Jesus, Lord and Savior, Rather than freedom to have my way, From sin I want to be set free. May blessings through serving You today Help me to follow where You lead. Amen.

April 16, 2023: Prayer for Divine Mercy

Lord Jesus, Risen Savior, Born to redeem Your sheep gone astray, As a shepherd desiring that none be lost, You gave Your love and earthly life, Forgiving even as You died on the Cross. In faith, I ask for Your Divine Mercy. In humble prayer, I come before You, Undeserving of the compassion desired, For sin, although forgiven, leaves A mark upon perfect Creation defiled. In hope, I ask for Your Divine Mercy. With Easter joy that You have risen And belief that You will not abandon me, May Your words echo in my heart, Overcoming my fears and bringing peace. In love, I ask for Your Divine Mercy. Amen.

April 15, 2023: In Gratitude for Friends

Lord Jesus, friendship is Your gift. For friends who know when to challenge When to sympathize, and when to just be present , I give You thanks and praise. Through the friendship You offer me, May I find blessing, comfort in Your presence, and grace to follow Your ways. Amen.

April 14, 2023: Prayer Amidst Challenge

Lord Jesus, You made me and accept me, Yet challenge me today To grow in faith and share my beliefs As a follower of Your way. Amen.

April 13, 2023: Prayer Before Sleep

Lord Jesus, loving Shepherd, In every care and every choice, May I listen to Your voice; For You suffered on the Cross, So that Your flock would not be lost. Safe within Your watchful keep, May I fall now to restful sleep; That when the rays of dawn appear, In Your light, I shall not fear. Amen.

April 12, 2023: Prayer for Victims

Lord Jesus, As we look around us, There is often tragedy. May victims find hope in those Who respond compassionately. Amen.

April 11, 2023: Serving the Lord

Loving Father, Sometimes we are baffled because Your works and ways are so far above ours. Please help us to set the bar high, doing good works and serving in ways pleasing to You. Amen.

April 10, 2023: For Trust in God

Creative God, Beneath the dome of the sky, Are vastness yet embrace. May I trust in Your eternal plan, Through everything I face. Amen.

April 9, 2023: Prayer to the Risen Lord

Lord Jesus, Risen Savior, To You I offer joyful praise For the compassion that You give. Grateful prayer to You I raise, Who have shown me how to live. In faith, I want to follow You, Although I sometimes stumble. Please guide me as I pursue Life in You, Savior most humble. You know without my voicing Every blessing, dream, and care. With Easter hope and rejoicing, I come to You in thankful prayer. Amen.

April 8, 2023: Prayer on Holy Saturday

Lord, please help me as I seek You, Ever in need of Your guidance and graces. Where You have gone ahead of me, May I come to see what Your love embraces. Amen.

April 7, 2023: Prayer on Good Friday

Loving Savior, I come with heavy heart, for the sins You bore for me. With love You sacrificed Yourself, although I am unworthy. I come to You, who know the pain of the Passion You endured. No suffering of mine compares, O Sacred Heart most pure. I come to You with faithfulness that You hear my every prayer. For anyone hurt through my sin, I ask for Your blessing and care. Amen.

April 6, 2023: Prayer on Holy Thursday

Jesus, how should I attend to You? Please awaken in me the insight To see even small acts of kindness As ways to serve You, my Lord and Light.

April 5, 2023: Prayeron Wednesday of Holy Week

Lord Jesus, may the love that I give Reflect Your compassion for me. With gentleness of heart, may I live, Here and in heavenly glory. Amen.