November 22, 2017: The Gift of Faith’s Mystery

Heavenly Father, Your eternal plan surpasses my understanding, and yet the mystery is a gift. I give You thanks that whatever happens, there is hope; when loved ones are snatched away, the love remains; disaster can bring people together; it is possible to cry tears of both sadness and joy; You have created what science can only discover; and in Your plan, I matter. Please bring me to the day in heavenly glory when I will no longer ask You anything but only rejoice with joy that will be unending! Amen.

November 21, 2017: All Things Are Possible

Holy Mary, please be with me as I pray that when I feel most unworthy of the salvation Jesus won, Your faith will inspire and remind me that all is possible through God, the Father, Holy Spirit, and Son. Amen.

November 20, 2017: Glory to God

Lord, to You I offer love, praise, and gratitude, For You have made me part of Your eternal plan. May I be attentive to what You ask of me, Giving You glory in every way that I can. Amen.

November 19, 2017: To Serve the Lord Always

Lord Jesus, who have ascended to heaven, Please help me to reach the place prepared for me. Meanwhile, may I find in every place and circumstance The chance to serve You, if I take the opportunity. Amen.

November 18, 2017: To Live Generously

Lord, please help me to do all that I can, For You have taught me to live generously, Praying for others in their need, Forgiving without being asked, Loving despite human frailty and faults, And sharing the blessings You have given to me. Amen.

November 17, 2017: To See Things God’s Way

Heavenly Father, Whenever I feel alone in the world, And unsure of what You’re asking of me, May the faith that You are with me still Replace inquietude with peace.

November 16, 2017: Prayer of Change

In this time of changing seasons, O Lord, help me to see Where and why and how and when I need to change, too. In this season of my life and in the questions I ask, May answers I seek come from listening to You. Amen.

November 15, 2017: Grace Throughout This Day

Lord, please give me grace throughout this day, For with Your blessing I hope to succeed In trusting more fully in Your love, come what may, Bringing more faith to a world in need. Amen.

November 14, 2017: Lord, My Strength

Almighty Father, who are gentle, too, When I am weak, may I find strength in You. On the greatness of Your love may I depend, Who seek the lost and the broken mend. Amen.

November 13, 2017: Love and Forgiveness

Lord Jesus, When I am tempted to say unkind words In the heat of anger; When I find it harder to forgive Than to give an icy stare or the cold shoulder; When I fail to show warmth To someone in need, Please melt my heart with Your love. Amen.

November 12, 2017: For the Injured and Weak

Lord Jesus, In humble prayer, I come before You, Who care for the injured, sick, and weak. Loving Savior, I ask You to give comfort; Your compassion, I faithfully seek. Amen.

November 11, 2017: Prayer on Veterans’ Day

Lord Jesus, Among the gifts most treasured That you give to humankind, Thank You for the gift of freedom To seek You with heart and mind. Please bless those who have served You And the sacrifices meant To fight against oppression and Moral truths make evident. Grateful for all Veterans Who have fought for what is right, I ask that peace sought and longed for Be within their hearts and sight. Through faith and Your compassion, May the struggles they have faced Give way to solace in knowing That in prayer they are embraced. Amen.

November 10, 2017: Prayer When I Don’t Understand

Lord Jesus, Today, there will surely be Things that I don’t understand: Why weather takes a turn for the worse When I long for just a gentle breeze; Why people turn to violence When hearts are meant for love; Why healing doesn’t always come When illness causes suffering. Today, I ask That You make my heart a place Of calm in the storm; That the peace which comes from You Be a gift that I share with others; That in times of suffering, I remain persistent in faith. Amen.

November 09, 2017: Marian Prayer

Mary, holy Mother, in your gentleness, Please bring this prayer to our Savior, For in the heart of your Son, the Lord Jesus, You hold a place of His favor. When I let my fear get in the way of faith, May I return and then say “yes,” With your trust in God to be my reminder That He will help with all the rest. Amen.

November 08, 2017: To Live in Dignity

Father in heaven, I look up to You, Knowing that, instead of looking down on me, You have created wondrous potential To live in grace and human dignity. Amen.

November 07, 2017: Ways of the World

Lord Jesus, In a world that values getting ahead, May I willingly follow You; In a world where people are given numbers, May I give thanks that You know me by name; In a world of uncertainty, May I trust that You are Truth; In a world where news is filled with violence, May more people believe that You came to make things new; In a world filled with opportunism, May I seek opportunities to serve; In a world where people face hardship, May I see Your face in everyone I meet. Amen.

November 06, 2017: Inroads of Faith

Heavenly Father, May the prayers I offer be pleasing to You, And my actions reflect Your love. While the world is filled with conflict, May I be a source of peace. When a problem’s solution seems beyond reach, Please take my faith to new heights. If I have overlooked an opportunity to serve You, Help me to be less distracted. When it would be easier to go along my way, Show me the inroads of faith You want me to take. Amen.

November 05, 2017: Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus, You called Your disciples to follow You. For all who seek to discover their vocations, I offer my prayer that they will go where You lead. May ordained priests and deacons be a sign of Your sacramental presence among us. May religious sisters and brothers live joyfully their vows while pursuing the charisms entrusted to them. May families reflect the love of the Holy Family and support all vocations in the community of faith. May single laypeople dedicate themselves to serving others in ways pleasing to You. All these things I ask, Lord, in Your holy name, While giving thanks for the ways given me to serve You. Amen.

November 04, 2017: Awakening to God

Lord, on days that I awaken refreshed, may I give You thanks for the gift of peaceful rest ; And when there is pain of any kind to bear, by Your nearness and comfort may I be blessed. Amen.

November 03, 2017: Love for the Lord

Lord, I come as disciple adoring, For in You reside humility and glory. May I listen attentively and seek To tell of Your love through my life story. Amen.

November 02, 2017: For Departed Loved Ones

Lord Jesus, For loved ones no longer with me here, Though the love in my heart remains, I pray that You now hold them near, Without earthly sadness or pain. When I am filled with sadness or sorrow Over memories that will never be, And when I feel the loneliness of tomorrow, I ask You, Lord, to comfort me. Please help me to envision their delight, For You treasure my loved ones, too, Of coming into the joyous sight— Heavenly eternity with You. Amen.

November 01, 2017: All Souls and All Saints

Loving Father, With all the saints whose lives have pleased You, In faith, I give You thanks and praise. For myself and loved ones who have gone before me, In faith, I pray that we will share eternal life with You. For all souls who did not come to know You here, In faith, I pray with hope in Your mercy. For every soul longing for resurrection, In faith, I pray with trust in Your compassion. Knowing that saints were sometimes sinners, In faith, I pray that You will work through me. With gratitude for the example of the saintly, In faith, I pray that my life, too, will give You glory. Amen.

October 31, 2017: In Joy and Sorrow

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Source of every blessing and grace, Help me to see that You are near In joy and sorrows that I face. Amen.

October 30, 2017: Infinite Love

Loving Father, You have created all times and seasons, And yet Your love is infinite. Please help me use each moment well, To rejoice in Your plan and my place in it. Amen.

October 29, 2017: Trusting Prayer

Blessed Virgin Mary, On whom God’s favor rests, Please join me in my prayer That when invited to say, “yes,” I will trust in His love and care. Amen.

October 28, 2017: In the Changing Seasons

Loving Father, When the days of summer turn To autumn in color glorious, I join Creation in giving praise For the panorama of love around us. Squirrels storing winter fare And birds in formation migrating— May I glimpse in how You care for these Love promised by Jesus in heaven waiting. In shortened hours of daylight And the quiet comfort of evening, In changing seasons, I ask for faith And hope in You, whose love gives life its meaning. Amen.

October 27, 2017: In the Divine Image

Lord God, Creating me in Your image, In Your sacred hands a work ongoing, Please help smooth out my rough edges, Father all-loving and all-knowing. Amen.

October 26, 2017: How Shall I Labor?

Lord Jesus, During this time of harvest, How shall I labor for You? Amidst autumn’s panorama, How can I glorify You? As dusk comes earlier, How will I seek Your light? As fall turns to winter, How might I change, too? Amen.

October 25, 2017: Prayer for Guidance

Lord Jesus, In this time when leaves turn to new hues, Please color my outlook with Your grace. Though the Earth travels farther from the sun, Help me to draw closer to You. Clothed in seasonal attire, May my patience with others never wear thin. Loving Savior, may Your example inspire me, Although I am far from perfect. May Your forgiveness help me To keep trying to serve You with humility. Amen.

October 24, 2017: Prayer for New Hope

Heavenly Father, When I long for an answer to my prayers, Please renew my hope That if Your timeline isn’t mine, You will be patient with me. When what I do seems to fall short, Please renew my hope, For Your work is constantly accomplished By imperfect but faithful followers like me. When I am discouraged, Please renew my hope, For on the Cross, even Jesus felt abandoned, Although the feeling doesn’t make it so. When in times of struggle I falter, Please keep me from stumbling, For in Your love and mercy, You desire That my joy will one day be complete. Amen. I believe!