January 21, 2018: Putting the Lord First

Lord, in all I do today, help me to put You first— to seek You who alone can satisfy every spiritual hunger and thirst. Amen.

January 20, 2018: To Be a Better Disciple

Lord Jesus, Help me to be a better disciple: To forgive more easily, To pray more gratefully, To help more spontaneously, To live my faith more openly, And to love more fully. Amen.

January 19, 2018: Prayer for Lighter Burdens

I pray for people known and unknown Struggling with discouragement and pain. With Your blessing, May they emerge with renewed faith, Able to see Your glory.

January 18, 2018: Filled with the Holy Spirit

Loving God, As I continue my faith journey, I give You thanks that the Holy Spirit Accompanies me every step of the way.

January 17, 2018: Keep Me Safe

I pray for safety in the keeping of a guardian angel at my side, and for the Holy Spirit within to be my strength and guide.

January 16, 2018: Grace in Every Task

Heavenly Father, You animate my being, and I ask for grace to fulfill Every task before me as I seek to do Your will.

January 15, 2018: Prayer for Attentiveness

My every prayer, Lord Jesus, I know that You hear. Please make me more attentive, for You are always near.

January 14, 2018: Prayer for the Lord’s Friendship

Lord Jesus, Anyone might wonder Why You chose me as friend. There’s nothing that You need from me, and I am far from perfect. Your love exceeds what I can merit, And yet You have chosen me! Lord Jesus, Help me to see today How I can share Your friendship As You have shared Your love with me. In all that I pray and do, Help me to live with gratitude That You call me “friend.” Amen.

January 13, 2018: Faithful As a Child

Heavenly Father, On whom I depend for all that is good, I give You thanks for every blessing, Including gifts beyond what I have understood. May I be as a child, growing in understanding, and may my faith increase, too, Cherishing the hope in possibilities That are only possible through You. Amen.

January 12, 2018: Marian Prayer for the Sick or Discouraged

Blessed Virgin Mary, our gentle mother, Please bring comfort in times of sickness or discouragement, And ask Your beloved Son, Jesus, To heal those who are suffering Or to grant increased grace To remain faithful despite struggles in body, mind, or spirit. Holy Mother, Blessed Mary, You have known joy and sorrow, devotion and confusion. To you I give thanks for your example of faith. Please pray for those in distress, Worn down from chronic pain Or suddenly floored by injury or sickness. In heaven with Your beloved Son, May your prayers join with mine That all who are sick or discouraged May know that they are not alone. Amen.

January 11, 2018: Prayer in Quietude

Loving God, I ask that there will always be within my heart a quiet room to meet You in serenity.

January 10, 2018: To Grow in Faith

Lord Jesus, may I grow in faith day by day, with Mary and Joseph helping me to follow Your holy way.

January 09, 2018: Prayer for Unending Care

Father, our Creator, You call me ever closer, To be held and yet sent forth. Through my life, may others see Your unending care.

January 08, 2018: Prayer of One Baptized

Loving Father, May the cleansing from original sin Continue to make my spirit free, Not to do heedlessly what I want, But to choose the path You ask of me. May the Baptismal anointing with oil Continue as a blessing to bring Renewed commitment to oneness with Christ, Our eternal Priest, Prophet, and King. May Baptism in the white garment worn Continue its sign that I am clothed In the hope of sharing life eternal With Christ crucified, with Christ who rose. May light shared from an Easter candle Continue to shine for a world in need, For in the gentle glow of Your love, People can come to see things differently. Amen.

January 07, 2018: Prayer for the Epiphany

Seeing the star at its rising, the magi hastened on their journey. Lord Jesus, I pray that my life’s journey will lead me ever closer to You. The star they followed stopped over the place where Jesus lay. Lord Jesus, I pray that in every place and circumstance, I will seek You in faith. Bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, the wisemen did Him homage. Lord, King, Prophet, and Priest, I pray that every gift I offer may please You, for You are my Savior. Amen.

January 06, 2018: Prayer in Winter Hardship

Loving Father, on this day, many will struggle in the harshness of winter. Please guide the homeless to shelter, and give comfort to the homebound. In places where winter has delivered yet another onslaught, please give courage to the discouraged and spiritual comfort to the disheartened. Where there is hardship because of ice, snow, and coldness, please give hope. Lord God, although we are fragile in our humanity, help us to remain strong in faith. Amen.

January 05, 2018: Morning Prayer

Gracious God, in the dawning of the new day, Your grace shines forth for all to see. As today I begin anew, I ask for Your blessing, knowing that You hear and answer every prayer. May I be open to Your love and attentive to those in need Ð a sign of the hope that comes through faith in You. Amen.

January 04, 2018: Prayer for Perseverance

Lord God, I pray for perseverance among all who are destitute in body or spirit. I pray also in gratitude for friends, family, and neighbors who lend a hand, and for caregivers of every kind. Loving Father, You have placed us in this world together; may I always do my part in Your plan leading to salvation, even if some days it seems that I can do little more than pray for trust that Your Spirit is with us to help us through. Amen.

January 03, 2018: Most Holy Name of Jesus

Jesus, You are both Lord and friend. May all that I say and do today give glory to Your name. Jesus, You are the Good Shepherd. Help me to be more attentive to Your voice when so much around me vies for my attention. Jesus, You are faithful. I pray that I will not let You down. Jesus, You came as our newborn Savior. May Your love renew my spirit. Amen.

January 02, 2018: With the New Year Begun

Heavenly Father, As the new year gets under way, May whatever I resolve to do Be inspired by Your Holy Spirit. Jesus came to make all things new, And I give You thanks for all He taught Through His love and Word if we but hear it. Amen.

January 01, 2018: New Year’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, You came to make things new. During the coming year, May I approach each day Changed by a spirit renewed. Lord Jesus, You came to heal in every way. During the coming year, May I see the opportunities To extend healing words. Lord Jesus, You came to teach us how to live. During the coming year, May I seek to follow You, Eager as the Disciples to learn. Lord Jesus, You came to bring salvation. During the coming year, May I be ever more grateful For Your promise of life eternal. Amen.

December 31, 2017: To Be As Jesus’ Family

Lord Jesus, May I always have abundant room for You in my heart. Blessed Virgin Mary, May I always seek to be pure of heart and holy. Blessed Saint Joseph, May I put my heart into doing the work God asks of me. In these prayers, Holy Family, Please keep me in Your hearts. Amen.

December 30, 2017: Hope in the Lord

Lord Jesus, As I look around me and see a world in need, Please help me to look also for signs of Your glory. Amen.

December 29, 2017: Treasured Love

Newborn Savior, in my heart I treasure the love You give with overflowing measure. Amen.

December 28, 2017: Christmastime Prayer

With no room at the inn, in the manger He lay. May every room in my heart be filled with the love of our Savior. To shepherds with the flock, angels proclaimed great joy. May the tidings I bring to others proclaim the love of our Lord. With gifts, the magi came offering homage and praise. May the gift of faith I have received be shared in the love of Christ. Blessed Virgin Mary held these things in her heart. May I be always receptive to the love of her Son, Jesus. Amen.

December 27, 2017: For Joy and Peace

Lord Jesus, Who came into the world With every human need, A child, yet born a Savior, Please grant me joy and peace. Lord Jesus, May my heart welcome You And in my human need Feel secure as a child, Safe in Your joy and peace. Lord Jesus, Our Savior who has stayed For humanity in need, May your Spirit within me, Reveal your joy and peace. Lord Jesus, Whose love and forgiveness, Fulfill every human need On faith’s journey toward heaven May I spread joy and peace. Amen.

December 26, 2017: Prayer of Peace and Joy

Loving Savior, At whose birth, a star brightly shone, You are our light, our Savior made known. Angels join their voices above, As we rejoice in Your light and love. Please shine in us, that our lives may be Filled with the joy that brings Christmas peace. Amen.

December 25, 2017: Christmas in My Heart

Lord Jesus, Who came as newborn Savior To dwell with us on Earth, In Your love, may I find favor, Hope, joy, and blessing through Your birth. Heralded by angel chorus Yet in a manger laid, In Your abiding love for us, May I share Christmas peace this day. Inviting us to journey Like magi from afar, In Your love, O Lord most holy, May I seek You with all my heart. Amen.

December 24, 2017: Christmas Eve Prayer

Shepherds kept watch On a most holy night. Lord, our Shepherd, in your watchful care, Please keep me in Your holy Light. Angels appeared, God’s glory to proclaim. Lord, our Shepherd, I join now in praise, For You know us each by name. The magi went To Bethlehem in haste. Lord, our Shepherd, when I have not seen, I ask for blessing in my faith. Amen.

December 23, 2017: Journeying with the Holy Family

Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, Please pray for all who are wondering now About the timing of events in their lives. May anxiety turn to celebration of Jesus’ birth, Wherever they may be. Please pray, too, for travelers, That their journeys will be safe; And for the homeless in need of shelter these nights, That at least small comforts will be theirs. All of the prayers I have in my heart, I bring to you today, Filled with hope that you will intercede for me With your beloved Son, Jesus.