Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

After multiplying five loaves and two fish to feed thousands of people, Jesus gave Himself some prayer time by dismissing the crowd and sending the Disciples ahead of Him by boat. Walking across a turbulent sea to catch up with them later, Jesus came to the rescue when Peter tried to join Him on the water but started to sink. A Canaanite woman had faith enough to put differences in beliefs aside and plead with Jesus to cure her daughter, and the Lord complied. Pharisees and scribes preferred sticking to the letter of the law and asked Jesus why His disciples skipped washing their hands before eating. The Lord said that defilement results from what comes out of a person’s mouth. The Transfiguration let Peter, James, and John see the Lord in glory. When our efforts have less than glorious results, does failure lead us to pray persistently for greater faith?