Thirty-Second Week in Ordinary Time

In a rare display of fury, Jesus made a whip, slashed it around, and overturned tables to drive merchants out of the Temple area. People challenged Him to provide a sign that He had the right! Jesus answered that they could destroy the Temple, but He would raise it up in three days. They thought He meant the building. He meant His Body. When Pharisees asked when the Kingdom of God would come, Jesus said it existed in their midst. To the Disciples, He explained that on a seemingly unremarkable day, the Son of Man would be revealed. Unlike servants who did only as much as demanded day in and day out, followers of Jesus should serve better. After telling the parable of a widow who pestered a judge until he rendered a just decision for her, the Lord asked if the Son of Man will find faith on Earth when He comes again. When we fail to see an immediate answer to prayers, do we ask again with increased or decreased faith?