• My prayer request is for a Miami Heat Victory and for the Chicago Bulls to not loose their game by more than 6 points.
    William Robert Blake

    ~ William
  • A prayer for me and my family we are going through some things financially and family Wise I’m not sure what to do anymore I’m trying so hard everyday to keep it together but I’m only one person please any little prayer will help thank you

    ~ Amy
  • Please dear God sever any and all negativity in all of our lives. Please bring back and save Shirantha’s true spirit, self, and soul that is loving, kind and caring. Help all of us to get in the protection of the dome with only God’s light and love in it. Let us to always see God’s truth and to see past the obstacles and illusions of the negativity. Please make us victorious over the battle with the negativity and live a great and loving life through God’s grace. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Stanford not to cover
    St. Mary’s to cover
    Tonight Blessed Virgin
    Beloved Rob Roy

    ~ William
  • Successful and safe cataract surgery

    ~ Victoria
  • Thank you Bishop Jerome Listecki for the blessed Sunday Mass message on this Sunday December 29, 2019 and thank you Gael Cullen for the blessed readings. Thank you Joanna Lee and the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton choir for the blessed singing. Brothers and sisters, continue praying for my severe arthritis pain in my lower back, hips and legs. Pray for my high blood pressure to get back to normal. Pray for health and safety of my family and neighbor
    Delores J

    ~ Delores
  • I pray that the Madonna Louise Ciccone will help me to win all my bets against the Devil from now to the end of time I pray and ask for her intercession.
    William Robert Blake

    ~ William
  • Please pray for the providers at Mayo Clinic today as they take another intense look at Ian and that through accurate imaging, testing, and expert interpretation, a clearer path may come to light for Ian. Please pray for Ian that he tolerates his transfer back to the hospital setting and his day of procedures well.

    ~ Rae
  • Health of John Hatter, Janet Dolge, Diana Clayton, Vincent Barcelone, Rose Ann Svrcek, Bill & Levia Messner.

    ~ Thomas
  • According to Gods will prayer answered for daily prayer and isiha 54:17. Prayer for unspoken prayer requests. Prayer for miraculous healing. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • A friend of mine is facing a death crisis and is facing invasive Breast Cancer and has no family around her to help her.
    Also, a family of 5 of which one is an Infant, whom I work with is facing evacuation

    ~ Anar
  • Please bring
    Into my home!
    God bless!
    Thank you

    ~ Annette
  • Hello Dear People
    My prayer request is for my family to be able to survive with all the high cost medicines we need, especially myself who is a heart patient. We have been without food for days and no propane for hot water and cooking. The Lord helps those that helps themselves. We do not have a car and we are barely able to keep a roof for us.
    Need some extra financial to keep us going, tp pick us up and enjoy the simple things in life.I also pray for my 3 grandchildren that they stay safe

    ~ joan
  • Please pray for my husband’s recovery. He had a horrible car accident with a train and is blessed to be alive. While he is healing physically, his emotional state concerns me. Please pray for him to try to get better, he’s so depressed.

    ~ Elaine
  • Please pray for me I am not able to go to mass because of my work. Help me pray that my reliever will be able to come back. Thank you.

    ~ Arlene
  • Prayers for my wife who had open heart surgery, for my parents who are caring for my 93 year grandmother, my grandmother who has advanced Alzheimers and for all those who have had a loss of a loved one.

    ~ Julio
  • Please pray for Chris and Meredith. Please pray we are safe and protected at all times while we’re driving our truck and running errands. Please pray our truck is safe and protected when it’s parked. Please pray our truck runs good and strong at all times. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • I lift up my heart to the Lord to ask for God’s Blessing and protection over my family. May God send his angels to keep watch over & bless us with his love & grace spiritually & for good health. May God bless my son with love & bestow grace upon him for daily guidance & lead him close to the Lord. May God Bless our Nation with much peach love and unity in the New Year.

    ~ Sandra
  • Prayer for my father who has dementia and is slowly getting worse. Pray that I receive help paying down my debt so I can help my parents as my dad gets worse. Pray for my girl (michell) that she finds her peace, as I have, and her and I become one again.

    ~ Robert
  • Prayers for a man who will be having eye surgery. Prayers for successful surgery and complete healing.
    Prayers for Isabella who will be having brain surgery in January.

    ~ Barbara
  • Please God cure me of this disease PD and any and all other illnesses that I have. Please give me the strength, courage and will to go forward. Also please cure everyone that suffers from any type of illness. Amen 🙏

    ~ Mary (me)
  • Iam having a scope done on my kidneys.They are saying kidney stones.Pray all goes well and back to good health again. Thank you.

    ~ Jacqueline
  • Please pray for me so that I can pass my class 12 examinations with very good marks also I can pass all my practical exams with full marks and I can get full marks in my internal marks . Please pray so that I get the blessing to study well for my exams and to help me complete all of my practical records on time and i can get it verified. And also so that I can study well without wasting any time and to study questions which come for exam. Please pray for the holy Ghost to shower on me .

    ~ Kevin
  • Im in need of a job and financial help. Been out of a job since beginning of December and am applying but no responses.

    ~ Colleen
  • For strength, healing and hope as I maneuver the procedures, tests and treatment for early stage endometrial cancer. For the biggest prayer being beating this illness and being able to have a second baby.

    ~ Jenn
  • Pray that my grand daughter s reunite with their aunt an one another in the name of Jesus. Amen

    ~ Yulon
  • Pray for my son who is experiencing some medical health issues and for me to be able to find a way to fix my car.

    ~ Carmen
  • Please pray that our house gets sold. We are senior citizens and both on canes to walk and we need to go to a one level home we picked out. It all has to happen soon. My husband has a heart condition too. Please pray. Thank you and God bless you!

    ~ Carol
  • for our family who is going through a very difficult time spiritually and financially

    ~ judith
  • Please pray for those in nursing homes, especially those that are without family or friends. That they should have some relief from their afflictions and find comfort in the presence of the Lord. Also that the Lord would speak to the hearts of their caregivers and grant them the patience to be kind and merciful toward their patients even when they are tired and over-worked.

    ~ Cindy
  • For our daughter Mandy Yates to be healed from the pain & effects multiple sclerosis.

    ~ Kim
  • The Wife I have been prayer for and the money to be a blessing to the world.

  • Dear Jesus, Thank You for my many blessings and for getting us through a very difficult, sad, painful Christmas. Thank You for the cramp pain stopping. Please make the tumor, or lump pain stop, and Only be scar tissue. I am sorry for being so mean all the time. I am a Horrible person. Please help and forgive me? I need You. Please cure mom, Jackie, Buffy, all of us. The suffering and fear, and the heat. Please know us when You come back. I love You. Amen.

    ~ Gail
  • Pray for everything and everyone

    ~ christina
  • Need prayers for help with depression and chronic pain. I also pray for the protection of my grandbabies, children and loved ones.

    ~ Linda
  • Me & my child need prayers of protection from my husband her father. He scares us & is nuts . He is dangerous . He gets away with everything. He is very abusive to me & is a bully to our youngest child, the others moved out as soon as they were old enough to get away from him. Please pray for me & my child , I grew up in an abusive home & now I’m married to a abuser & my first encounter with a narcissist. Please my child & I need protection & good luck & to be happy & safe together.

    ~ sonia
  • According to Gods will prayer for daily prayer answered and isiha 54:17. Prayer unspoken prayer request. Prayer Gods hand and armor on all stolen things from tis place and severely convict til items returned unharmed. Prayer God shows persons daily the error? In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • Lord we pray for Don, William, Meredith & Jez salvation .

    ~ Mary
  • Hi can you please pray for my mom she needs prayers she going through a hard time and she needs help her name is Sally Patterson I have been praying for her thank you for your prayers

    ~ Victoria
  • Please pray for my father Roscoe as he is in the hospital. The doctors have found a mass on his right lung. They are going to do a biopsy of it on Monday. He is a Vietnam Vet. Please help heal him and that they discover that is not cancerous.

    ~ Timothy
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited

    ~ Michael
  • remembering 2 say GRACE before a meal.

    ~ Carolann
  • Let us pray together for the blessing for the year 2020 . I pray for happines , health , wisdom and wealth. May almighty God share his blessing upon us for the good of our lifes . Lord hear us

    ~ Johan
  • That I may grow in holiness and virtue and to be able to be drawn closer to Christ, so that I may become a great Saint!
    Also I would ask for prayers that if the Lord is calling me to marriage that I find that special person. 🙂

    ~ James
  • Please pray for my mom miss Lorna Williams and ask God to heal her from cancer we really are in need of the Lord’s help so she will be heal

    ~ Lorna
  • Sister in law just diagnosed with lung cancer. Jean Glinski,and world peace

    ~ Teresa
  • Praying that 2020 will be my year to sell my rental property above and beyond what I expect to be relieved of that burden after 13 years.

    ~ Anonymous
  • So my depression and anxiety will go away.
    I want to be happy.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I lost my husband over a year ago, and I miss him so terribly much. My anxiety and stress is out of control. My husband was my life. I pray to our Lord everyday to get me through the day ahead of me. I know He is listening. He has always been there for me.
    Please pray for me to let go of some of the grief, so that I can continue to live my life. Please pray for me to feel better and not sick all of the time.

    ~ Laurie
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited

    ~ Michael
  • Having a very hard time in my life right now I going through a difficult divorce from an abusive man. I’m also having health issues. I pray for good job and enough money to take care of my children. I pray for our safety healthiness and happiness. I pray that I find a good Honest faithful man to spend my life with-

    ~ Holly
  • Hello,

    Please pray for my marriage to happen soon, if there is any thing stopping it let it be broken.

    Please pray that the sin of my family and ancestors will be forgiven, they have done things which God hates.

    Please pray that they may repent for their sins and come to GOD.

    I needs God’s help in everything I do, please pray that I should not feel jealous when others are prospering.

    ~ Arina
  • Please say a heartfelt & blessed prayer for those of us afflicted by the disease of addiction. Pray that our Father can fill those up with the courage, knowledge and strength to beat their demons of addiction back to Hell!

    Amen and God Bless. 🙏✝️

    ~ Ray
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we are safe and protected at all times while driving our truck. Please pray our truck runs good and drives strong while we’re driving and running errands. Please pray our truck is safe and protected at all times when it’s parked. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • I have some prayer requests.

    1. For my emotional difficulties, including needing healing, being easily upset, and the empty places.
    2. I know a child who was raised to be mean, and he needs a lot of help.
    3. For medical guidance.
    4. For the less-privileged and victims of unkindness.
    5. For America to turn to God.


    ~ James
  • Please pray for my baby granddughter, Trinity Joy. She is 8 weeks old. She is in the hospital with breathing issues connected to RSV. Please, please, please pray that God gives her the strength to overcome this quickly.
    Thank you

    ~ Geri
  • Please pray for improved health for Jim/ Debbie & protection for other extended family members in the weeks ahead. The mother of Jim, Debbie and five siblings passed away November 27 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

    We did not have a Traditional Thanksgiving AND were unable to get together on Christmas Day; due to respiratory infections. We have rescheduled our family Christmas gathering for Saturday; December 28th. This is the best option available to us.

    ~ Debbie
  • Ask the Good Lord to bless the kids and guide them, and to bless me with good health, no pain, financial security and the kids also, peace in the world. In Jesus name amen

    ~ Patricia
  • For the soul of Ari Behn, who took his own life.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Praying for a life partner who knows God, would love me and is compartible with my genotype.
    Praying that God hears the prayers in my heart, and sees the desires in me. For God’s blessing on him while I wait, and for God to prepare us both for marriage, and give us the assurance that we are meant for each other. Amen.

    ~ Winny
  • A special prayer request: the oldest of my youngest sister’s: Heather Marie (Showers) Asher-Peterman, was taken up to heaven by the Christus Jesus 20191222. Descended by St. Luke the Evangelist, the H Maternal Haplogroup, the R/U 152 Paternal Haplogroup, The Showers line, the Asher line, The Clark line and the Peterman line. I learned of the genetic link in 2013, after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease Pus. May Almighty God, bless all of you there at Heart of the Nation. Amen, Amun, Amin.

    ~ Rev. Dr. James
  • I am 30 yrs old and waiting to get married, always there is some hinderance on proposal which parents get or even I search.

    Please pray to break everything which is stopping my marriage.

    I also want to pray for my friend Suvendu, may GOD help in understanding where his life is going, understand good and bad and to lead a good life.

    Also pray for my success in the Job I work.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Arina
  • I ask for prayers of healing for myself and my family and girlfriend. Please be with us

    ~ John
  • I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family

    ~ Philip
  • Please, Lord, help me get a job for the New Year and be healthy. Also for myself, family and friends and pets to be happy, healthy and safe. Amen.

    ~ Darlene
  • For our daughter Kate who had surgery for thyroid cancer – a speedy recovery and long life
    For our nation
    For my wife and I as we enter a new chapter of our life getting ready for retirement

    ~ Walt
  • For my father who is suffering from kidney decease: Modesto Correa
    For my mother who passed away : Eulalia Correa Robles
    For my son who passed away : Raul L. Licano 3rd.

    ~ Martha
  • Please pray for our family. Please pray for Meredith, Chris, Kavika, Ashley and Evan. Please pray we can connect for Christmas. Please pray for joy, peace and kindness in our family. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • That I’ll be healed and therefore able to find and hold a job.

    ~ Roxane
  • Please pray for healing of body and soul for Jamie and for healing of our emotionally broken family. Amen

    ~ Carol
  • I go back in march to make sure my cancer did not come back. and for Janessa haveing a hard time in life, she’s 21 and trying so hard and she’s right bye my side when i had treatment.and pray for every one to have a bless year.

    ~ Judy
  • Please, I pray for my mother’s health and those that are caring for others with failing health and caring for others. Also that Donald Trump no longer infect the country with his presidency & that we once again embrace truth and heal.

    ~ Irma
  • I pray my girlfriend and family will have a blessed and joyful Christmas time with good health

    ~ John
  • Please pray for me I have cancer. I’m getting treatment and it’s tough. Thank you

    ~ Allison
  • Please Jesus heal my sister in law from her cancer. Please help me to overcome my loneliness and feeling of never being loved.

    ~ HELEN
  • Dear Brother/ Sister
    i am Gerold Brother from Sacred heart parish, Ooty.
    This is to inform that I have been nominated in the upcoming local body election for the post of Dottapetta Panchayat President in Dottapetta Panjayat, under the logo AUTO RICKSHAW🛺.
    Hence requesting your prayers support and blessings for my victory.

    Poling Date 30th Dec 2019 Monday

    Gerold Brother

    ~ Gerold
  • for my son who is lost homeless on the street in Chico Ca and dying I need my son to come home for help

    ~ Colleen
  • Please pray that all those who are,suffering are healed. Pray my heart is totally healed and it beats and functions normally. Pray Denise and bri are healthy and safe.
    Pray for my mother, our kitties and all my family. Thx

    ~ Terry
  • Dear God, Jesus was born in this hour. Please let my Sunday viewing of HOTN Mass count. I cannot attend mass because of Severe panic disorder and agoraphobia. Please Lord Jesus, love me. Let it count as me going to mass. I am afraid. I need You. Please don’t throw me in hell for this. I cannot be with other people in a church. I might have a panic attack. Please. Please cure mom, Jackie, Buffy, me, our suffering world. Happy Birthday! Love, Gail..Forever. Please forgive me. Amen

    ~ Gail M
  • Please pray for my friend Becky who has recently been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 52.

    ~ Linda
  • Prayers for my husband’s health, he has cancer. Prayers for my daughter who married a atheist, for her and him to turn their belief around and teach their children about God, Jesus, blessed Virgin Mary. Prayers for my daughter to find her place in life. Prayers for my own health and mental strength. I feel overwhelmed.

    ~ Pamela
  • For my family, friends and myself I pray for good health, solid financial health, peace of mind, reconnected family members and continued faith in the Lord.

    ~ Carol
  • Tim and John missed Christmas services tonight. It is a ego thing. All year they miss services. JESUS help them. Prayer People pray for them

    ~ Jim
  • I’m currently fighting alcohol addiction and I need prayers for healing blessings.
    I am depressed most of the time when I am not at work and just want to fight these demons and be happy again.
    Thank you,

    ~ amber
  • Prayer request :

    Have best jobs with best wages incomes, best hours in Swiss country.
    Protection prosperity wisdom chance success miracles,divine breakthroughs, financial breakthroughs, must be in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name.

    For pastor Thieringo :
    When I(pastor Thieringo) cry, answer me, God of my justice! When I am in distress, save me! Have pity on me, listen to my prayer!
    Sons of men, how long will my glory be outraged? How long will you love vanity, will you seek lies?

    ~ pastor aguigo
  • I am a chronically ill, disabled shut-in. I have constant pain and greatly reduced mobility because of a genetic disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I also have a co-morbid disease called CVID which leaves me constantly fighting infections. Please pray for me. I want so much to be able to go back to attending mass at my church but it’s just not possible now. Please pray for pain relief, fewer infections and increased mobility. Thank you.

    ~ Sharon
  • for my 61.5 yrs. old brother who has mental disabilities of OCD and major depression that was never diagnosed or treated until this past Fall. He has never worked and has no income & has lived with his Mother his entire life…(Mom is now in a nursing home). He is awaiting placement in a mental residential facility that will be paid for by the taxpayers of New York State…. He is a practicing Roman Catholic & would appreciate your prayers <3

    ~ Nancy
    THANK YOU JESUS. I LOVE U. AMEN. I’m scared…

    ~ Gail M
  • Please pray for me and my daughter destiny a Perez pray that she marries a wealthy Catholic boy that loves and protects her I want a white wedding for her. Also pray for our finances and pray we get an apartment in May of 2020

    ~ Norma
  • Pray for Chris McDaniel who is in coma from OD and for his parents as they go this hard time during Xmas. Pray for my family, friends, and in laws who need healing in their spirits, minds, and bodies.

    ~ Vinnie
  • Lord Jesus please,please move on the Judge and DA to sentence Nyree to a long term Alcohol/drug rehab with mental counseling. do not let that judge send her back into the street to be homeless… she needs a miracle Lord Jesus, Amen

    ~ Glo
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited soon

    ~ Michael
  • That the Lord may take away the pain and suffering due to my MS, and may he lighten the burden taken on with love by those around me.

    ~ Gina
  • Please pray for Meredith. Please pray I am safe and protected while I’m driving and running errands today. Please pray my truck is safe and protected when it’s parked. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • I pray for my girlfriend and I to be blessed with a healthy and beautiful relationship and marriage together

    ~ John
  • For my son to return to the Church

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my son to return to the Church

    ~ Anonymous

    ~ Ashwath
  • Pray for me that my boyfriend will text me ASAP, be faithful, be honest, really loves me, he’s really the pictures he’s been sending me. Pray that all his plans will come true, his business successful. I wish that he’s really coming soon so we can get married, have children and have a successful happy family someday. I pray that God will remove all the curses that was put in aspects of our lives. Pray to God that we will have unity in our family, forgive our sins and heal all our sickness.

    ~ Maridena
  • Pray that we remain financially and physically stable, please pray that we are bless with an abundance in finances and love. Pray takes all our worries away and answers our prayers, please pray we find a place, that we are able to afford this home for extended amount of years. Please pray we find a home. Please pray my family remains in good communication and understanding and within good help. Please bring love, happiness, and security into our lives. Please forgives us and heals our lives.

    ~ Davina
  • Please pray for my mental health, that God will heal me from depression, anxiety, loneliness, mental illness and grief, and heal my broken heart. I pray for a miracle. Please ask Christ to give me relief from suffering so that I can glorify Him.

    ~ Keri
  • Prayers and Merry Christmas to those who have been called home in heaven especially for my Mom Barbara Hogan and Barbara Lynn Todd and Joanne Stenson.

    ~ Francis
  • Hi, this is Eddilyn the daughter of Rosa Cabillada. I requested a prayer for the past previous days. I would like to update you on my mums condition. My mum Rosa Cabillada is still in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hongkong. She is still unconscious due to brain damage. I would like to say thank you for the continuous prayer vigil you’ve done for my mother. I believe that Jesus already healed my mother. Help me pray for my Mother Rosa to the Lord our God, that Rosa would not feel any pain.

    ~ Eddilyn
  • Please pray that I recieve good blood test results today to confirm my prostate cancer has been cured. I’m so frightened…this is a very critical test.

    Thank and God Bless you. 💓

    ~ GREG
  • Please pray for my family Perez Salazar family may baby Jesus bring peace to our home and out hearts so that we may grow more in our faith and that baby Jesus blesses our marriage to be strong in faith in teaching our children faith and blessed our finances and workplaces that the lord blesses me with a great opportunity to serve the lord with my family and a job grant us health also thank u God bless

  • Father I come to you to ask for your Healing once again. My labs results are once again showing possible Cancer cell growth in my body. I pray Father that you will find it in your kind heart to grant me your Healing. MY prayer is that I will healed completely of this Horrible Disease . So that I my continue to be here for my family but more importantly to be here to do as you wish for me to do. I will always love you & pray to you. I pray this in Jesus name ,Amen

  • 1). Return my 3 adult children to the church & their faith…
    2). Get my good health back.
    3). For our President-Good health & smart decisions & a bright future.

    ~ Cora
  • continue to rest in peace mom, dad, erika, mike, gayle, scottie, rascal you are all missed and loved.

    ~ Rose
  • My husband and I are disabled, chronic pain patients. We are struggling with the horrendous physical pain. Please ask that our pain will ease if it can’t be stopped.

    We have a dear friend Dawn that just lost her sister. Denise is being buried today. Please pray for her and the family.

    Please pray for the worldwide Heart of the Nation family and their needs.

    Thank you in Jesus’s precious name, AMEN!

    ~ Lucille
  • Deborah, Miramar Florida . For my deceased son Rick, my deceased brother Neal oh, my deceased mother Margaret and my deceased father Norman. I would also like to add my stepson David who is in recovery and my husband Steven who is in Syria on a United Nations peacekeeping mission. Thank you Jesus for all of your prayers.

    ~ Deborah
  • According to The Lords will prayer for daily prayer answered and isaiha 54:17. Prayer for unspoken prayers. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer needed
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited soon

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray for our family. Please pray for Meredith, Chris, Kavika, Ashley and Evan. Please pray for Christmas joy, peace and kindness for our family. Please pray our family can reconnect for the holidays. Our children are all adults and connecting isn’t as easy. Please pray we hear from them soon for the holidays. We really miss them very much. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • Please pray that my son’s present job keeps him on permanently.his name is Rudy.thank you and God bless

    ~ teresa
  • I don’t have a job of almost 2 years. I am a radiology transcriptionist by trade of 20 plus years. Technology seems to have taken place.
    Also for my husband Rey who travels for his job.
    Also for Ryan my brother who used to be sober and quit smoking has begun again. I don’t like his selfish ways and comments he makes towards me and never gives a Christmas gift. He brags about his bonuses but only gives to mom and dad.
    For my nephew Andrew who just turned 18.

    ~ Gail
  • My green card renewal to be approved so i can travel to see my mother and my daughter.

    ~ Tamuka
  • I pray That Jesus can heal me from my sickness and my Low self-esteem problems and he can change the way I Feel about myself help me Lord 2020🙏🙏🙏

    ~ Latanya

    Concerning the pastor Thieringo : for the year 2020 and after :

    Have best jobs with best wages incomes, best hours in Swiss country.
    Protection prosperity wisdom chance success miracles,divine breakthroughs, financial breakthroughs, must be in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name.

    When I(pastor Thieringo) cry, answer me, God of my justice! When I am in distress, save me! Have pity on me, listen to my prayer!
    Sons of men, how long will my glory be outraged?

  • Mother Mary, there is a mother in need who has just lost her 3 month old baby boy, Crew. You understand the pain and grief of losing a child. Please stay close to this mother. Her heart is aching beyond repair as she prepares to bury her child. I ask that you keep your loving, motherly arms around her and petition your son to find her moments of peace.

    ~ Tiffany
  • Please pray for me!
    I’m a believer but not a good catholic. Can’t tell you the last time I’ve been to mass and I’ve never been through confession.
    Starting about 2 months ago for no reason I just start crying, weeping and looking to the heavens for peace/answers. I lay in bed at night perfectly fine and wake up crying with my arms stretched out as if I myself was on a cross. I catch myself more and more frequently looking up Gregorian chants, catholic prayer videos. What’s wrong with me HELP

    ~ Anthony
  • For our family, parents, siblings & their families; the church, Israel; Svc members & their families; the souls in purgatory. For this country, our people & the leadership: protection from evil & harm, protection from our enemies, inside & out. Shower us with blessings. Protect us from corrupt media/judges/school system. For me & my husband, that we always do well in our jobs. For our children, blessings.

    ~ N
  • I ask prayers for my family and for peace. I lost my youngest son and my husband in the last year. I ask for prayers that the Lord God bring me strength and renewal.

    ~ Marie
  • Please pray for my dad to find a new job. Please pray for God to guide him to the right job and help him secure it. Pray for gods guidance and help

    ~ Eva
  • Health is failing due to Heart Disease. Pray for miracle or say trip home.

    ~ Jacqueline
  • For the souls of my friends:

    Joseph Charles Thompson
    Susan Blackshire
    Paul Socaloski
    Alan Gilbert
    Kevin Dunn

    ~ James
  • Mera name imran mai our mera gharwaleko jadu kararahehai thoda prayer kijea please God bless you 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    ~ Imran
  • I pray for Francisca and our families in Madrid,Las Cabezas de San Juan(Seville),and Rota (Cádiz) for my brothers,Jose Luis,Jesus Manuel,Sonia, Maria Auxiliadora,Noelia by myself Francisco Javier, by my wife Mercedes,my sister-in-law Francisca,her husband Manolo Trellez,my brother-in-law Antonio,his wife Ana Romero,by my nephews Ruben,Antonio,Mercedes,José Manuel,Alejando,for my son Francisco,for healing and conversion of Pablo,Marcos,Monica,Sofia,Carlos,son Denis,Joselito,Your total conversion

    ~ Fco. Javier
  • Dear Lord, Thank You for our Blessings. I love You. Please cure mom’s cold , her organs, blood, heart and itching, please cure Jackie’s brain tumors, please cure my colon, bowels, stomach, breathing, and panic, fear, all animals, the innocent and those with no voice to fight. Please love us all and forgive us, and please know us when You come back. I wish we were all in Heaven with You right now for Christmas. No more to be afraid of. Just love, peace and hugs. Happy a Birthday Wednesday!

    ~ Gail
  • Prayer request for my daughter Jennifer Marie Banning, she is a special needs child and has been going through a rough period. She is having cesiours and they are causing Jennifer to be very sad and distraught.

    ~ John
  • Thank you Father Mark Payne for the blessed Fourth Advent message on this Sunday December 22nd, 2019. Thank you for the blessed readings from the lady that read them and thanks for the blessed singing from St. James choir…I love each one of you. Brothers and sisters, continue keeping me in prayers for my chronic back pain from arthritis and pray that my high blood pressure will get back to normal. May God Bless each of you !!
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Hi my name is Pat I am asking for your prayers! I am very very sick! My MS has hit all the nerves in my colon and in my stomach! This has caused me to have no motility in my colon or in my stomach! I cannot move my bowels or eat or barely drink water! Iam praying for a physical healing and an emotional healing that I may be able to deal with this stage of my progression! Thank you for your time and consideration to my request! Sincerely, Pat Fabiano

    ~ Pat
  • We thank you for prayers answered. We pray for Joe’s and Maria’s health problems and diseases to improve in Jesus name we ask, Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Please prayer for all those with brain tumors, especially in the Philadelphia area. Myself included please?

    ~ Rosemarie
  • Please pray for all who have left the Church, that God will call them back into the fold. We ask his thru Christ our Lord, Amen.

    ~ Pat
  • For my loving wife of 51 years, Laurie Ann. May the Lord forgive you all your sins and grant you eternal life and peace with Him in Heaven. You are missed and loved forever.
    Your Loving Husband, Mike

    ~ Michael
  • Good Health to my parents. Bring them joy this Christmas and happiness through out the New Year. Health and Happiness to the rest of the family and friends. Peace through out the World.

    ~ AGNES
  • For Christmas I’m asking you pray my ex wife April turn and seek the restoration of our marriage and the guy she’s “with” leaves the scene.

    ~ Thomas

    ~ MRS. A.
  • Pray for my parents Graciela Angulo and Francisco Garcia , who were United this day in heaven. That God will accept them into his kingdom and forgive me for not taking better care of them when I had them.

    ~ Myrella
  • For my friend Marc who is in jail alone without the love and support of his family, I pray for his mental health and to not loose his faith

    ~ Luis

    ~ JOSEPH
  • I lost my husband on10/16/19 ,MY heart is broken. I need a prayer for strength.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Prayers for our nephews for strength and healing. Our nephew Preston has hypoplastic left heart syndrome and esophageal atresia, he has undergone many heart surgeries and surgeries to connect esophagus. He has currently been in the hospital for 5 months now for another attempt to correct his esophagus so that he can eat like a normal child. He had quite a struggle, we thought he was losing his battle a few times but God made sure that he pull through . He is awaiting to go home with his family.

    ~ Mr and Mrs Roy
  • I had surgery on my neck October 28th 2019 for C3-C7 and October 30th 2019 for C2-T2. I need prayers for healing, please.
    May God Bless y’all!!!
    Thank y’all so very much!!!

    ~ Rachelle
  • Good understand of my studies and good memories so as I can archive my goal

    ~ Appolonia
  • Dear Lord, please bless the work I am doing so that I may provide for my family. Draw me into your spirit lord and through your strength and love I will succeed.

    ~ Ken
  • Having heart issues. Please pray for healing.

    ~ Christine
  • Please pray for my husband and I to heal quickly as we are both sick with bronchitis and strep throat. I would also like to have prayer that I may get hired on full time as I am only a temporary employee. Thank you

    ~ Christina
  • For a teenage girl with serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My sister has pancreatic cancer please pray for her. Her name is Anne Coleman

    ~ Sandra
  • My friend Sonya is very ill Made God Bless pray for her And God Bless All with World Peace Bless my family with good health and peace and happiness

    ~ Linda
  • Please pray for my family, friends,
    Neighbors and the sick!
    Thank you
    God Bless
    Merry Christmas

    ~ Annette
  • Hello my name is Tina Sherlock. Michael my husband is battling stage 4 cancer that is spreading everywhere. I thank God everyday for giving me the strength to get threw this. We just had our wedding anniversary we have been married 30 yrs and together 32 yrs it’s the hardest thing to go threw. We are suppose to grow old together. I always stay positive with my husband and tell him ur gonna be alright. Can u please say a prayer for him. Thanks to be to god

    ~ Tina
  • Please pray for my mom, Sylvia Wodash. That she fights her demons and addictions.
    Please heal her and let her stop her drinking and drug abuse dear lord she needs you oh so much ever right now. Bless me my Bf gus and our family. Please guide us dear lord closer to you and in your path please. Please heal us of our sins and addictions as well. Watch over us and our kids. Bless us and please take us out of debt, grant us a Job and the stuggles we face everyday. Please help us financially PLEASE.

    ~ Jennis
  • Granddaughter in Cincinnati Children Hospital.

    ~ Margaret
  • Please pray for a young man named David. He has gone astray and now is trying very hard to get back to being the good man he has always been. Help him to get past this huge hurdle he is facing. God please forgive and help him. He has a beautiful baby boy and wife and with this upset it has cause divorce talk into their life too. Help this man, he truly is worth saving.

    ~ Karol
  • Lord, please heal me of me illness and pain. Heal my beloved of their illness and pain. Protect us all in our time of need. Please help my grandmother be at peace in her mind. Watch over my father and mother. Normally I don’t ask of this, but a financial blessing would greatly help at this time, as I’ve gone without pay due to my illness in the hospital. I humbly ask this. Amen.

    ~ Autumn
  • I lost my job in July & for the first time in my life, I am really scared about how I’m going to feed my children, what to do when the electricity runs out & how to pay the rent.

    Please remember me & my children in your daily prayers. I’m blessed with two smart children and I don’t want my situation to destroy their future. I have faith in God, but I don’t know how long I can hang on.

    I believe your interception on my behalf will help me to stand firm always. God bless you all. Amen.

    ~ Freda
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • Hi, my mum Rosa Cabillada is in critical condition here in Queens Elizabeth Hospital Hongkong. She is having a brain damage and she unconsious and in coma condition, while her organs are slowly deteriorating. We my family needs needs help in praying for my mum. Help me pray for my mum to the Lord our God to speak life for her and wake her up. Help us pray for my mother to the Lord our God that she will stand up, walk, move her body, talk and eat again. Pray for my mum that she will live.

    ~ Eddilyn
  • Hi, good day. I would like to ask for your help and pray with us for my mother, Rosa Tapdasan Cabillada who is currently confined at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong. She is in comatose since Nov 30 this year and her brain is suffering from so much damage due to cardiac arrest. Her heart stopped for 30mins and doctord said that the brain damages it caused is irreversible but we know and we believe that with God’s grace and love, she will be healed. She is healed. Please help us pray for her

    ~ Mitsuko
  • Please pray that God heals my spirit, my mind, my heart, that I remain in good health mentally and physically. Pray that he helps me build strength in my confidence,in focusing and in my creativity. Please pray that I learn to craft a story again. Please pray that my family remain safe and in good health. They surrounded by love and protection. That we all remain financially stable and in good communication. Please pray that God heals my relationship with John,bless it to grow, proposed,flourish

    ~ Davina
  • For my boyfriend, Benjamin, and his reversion and return to the Catholic Church.

    ~ Mackenzie
  • Please pray for the healing and speedy recovery of our father Danilo Lagman.

    ~ Jayson
  • I couldn’t keep my dog because he was unsafe and destructive with our new baby. Please God let him be adopted to a good home and forgive me for giving him away. He is a good dog and my friend. Thank you God.

    ~ Jeff
  • Dear Heavenly Father, I Pray For This Man I Love, Marty Gomez. I pray that you will fill Marty’s heart, mind and soul with overwhelming love for me.

    I pray for these hands that I need to hold me, for these eyes that share nothing but truth. I pray for the smile that stretches across his imperfect face and the way that simple expression can make my heart warm unconsciously—and how beautiful love is in the way it can do that.

    Father, we are two imperfect people navigating this mess of life

    ~ Carol
  • Please pray against personal Anxiety and Depression. Please pray that our condo sale goes through smoothly.

    ~ Ryan
  • I just had surgery on my eye, and I have some complications with double vision. Please pray that I heal properly. Thanks be to God.

    ~ Chris
  • I’m hoping for a Christmas miracle. Please pray my ex wife April turns and seeks the restoration of our marriage and her new guy Rich leaves.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray that all 3 ultra sounds of my neck, scrotum and groin will back normal. Thank you

    ~ Samuel
  • Please pray for the supervision of my Employer. Jim Gillan, Sheri Peeks, Celeste Casteel, Greg Holbert, Sarah Shelton, Temple Trent. And all the Special Needs Individuals we support. Some staff gets mistreated while some get by with everything. We are very under paid and sometimes not appreciated for what we do.

    ~ Victor
  • This prayer is for my entire family, but specifically my father, Frank Ruffo, as he is undergoing chemo therapy due to a recent diagnosis of Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which has already caused multiple complications and thus hospitalizations. My we all stick together and become a stronger united family as we help and pray for my dad to fight and win this battle. In Jesus’ name.

    ~ Frank
  • Please help us with health. My husband’s lungs and spleen are not functioning. Help my daughter with unexplained severe itching and rash. Help my son maintain his temper and give me patience. Financial assistance would also be appreciated, but everything is listed in order of importance and severity. I love my husband and the children need their daddy.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My Daughter Karin Sharpe she has a drug addiction and Melissa Watkins she just had a Heart Transplant on Wed. for continual the Blessing Progress.

    ~ Rosemary
  • Please remember Eric McDonald at this Christmas Season.
    Please pray for his salvation.
    Please God for God’s Holy Spirit to touch Eric’s soul.
    Pray God to give Eric the grace to believe in Jesus.
    May Eric experience the joy of Christmas.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited soon

    ~ Michael
  • Heavenly Father, Please take these burdens from me. I still have all of my health issues and have developed one more. I pray for your healing and resolution of these issues. I am so disappointed that I am not healing better, and in fact, developing more problems. I plead for your mercy, Dear Lord.

    ~ Patricia
  • Thanksgiving to God almighty for breakthrough in my immigration process and the progress so far.
    Also thanking God forbthe life ig my brother whose birthday it is today 12/21

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please god..i pray for my mental health. I pray for your forgiveness for all the bad i have done. I pray for my husband. I pray for him to find god. I pray for my babies. I pray for their health. May they get better. I pray that i find someone that will love me unconditionally. I pray to get out of this struggle. I pray for my uncle who is in the hospital. I pray for my family. I thank you for everything god. The good and the bad. The lessons and blessings. Thank you god. Amen.

    ~ Mari
  • Please pray for God to heal me emotionally and to restore a broken friendship and for a great Christmas

    ~ Jen
  • Pray for the rest of Advent and the Christmastide to be a blessing

    ~ Shane
  • according to The Lords will prayer for miraculous victory in all I am going thru and healing from spirit abuse and lazor abuse from my neighbor. Prayer no weapons shall prosper and God will condemn. Isiha 54:17. Prayer to remove sources and their ability to do so. Asap in Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • Please pray, for my ignorant, obnoxious, inconsiderate, uncaring, unsaved, neighbor who uses, her disability, her being, a minority, as a crutch.

    ~ Rico
  • Please pray for Meredith. Please pray I am safe and protected while I’m driving and running errands today. Please pray my truck is safe and protected at all times while it’s parked. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Please pray for my grand daughter-in-law, Brittany and my great granddaughter, Kalisi that they would get through the hard times and have more peaceful days. Thank you

    ~ BETTY
  • Pido por mis hijos para que,Dios no los desampare nunca ,los siga llevando por el camino del bien. Tambien pido para que se me conceda la oportunidad de un trabajo para que yo pueda seguir pagando mi casa y que no la pierda.

    ~ Sue
  • For my sister Prescilla Chavira who underwent a stem cell transplant (lymphoma). And is very ill. Please Dear Lord Jesus get her well and bring her home Make her Strong

    ~ Magdalen
  • For my mothers Guadalupe Herrera protection, from any harm and well being. For my friend Sandra Vasquez blessing, well being and safety. For her to find work and get her child back.

    ~ Ivan
  • Please god. I pray for my marriage. For my husband to find god again. I pray for my family for their health. I pray for the people who lost their way with god. May they find their way again. I pray for the poor and less fortunate. I pray for those with mental illnesses or suicidal thoughts. I pray for victims of any crimes. Pray for the sick and those who are suffering. Thank you god for everything you have given me. I am grateful for all you have done and all the lessons you gave me. Amen.

    ~ Mari
  • Please pray for all the children in detention at the California-Mexico border that will be spending this Christmas separated from their families. Pray that this injustice be ended, and they be reunited with their families. Thank you!

    ~ Anonymous
  • I had to initiate a challenge at work yesterday.
    This is unusual as it is viewed as challenging the system.
    I’m praying for God’s favour through it all.
    For God to help me say the right things, and do the right things without bringing anybody down or it impacting negatively on my career.

    ~ Winny
  • Sucesso na cirurgia do meu filho
    Recolocação em BH
    Paz e cura das dores físicas e emocionais

    ~ Rodrigo
  • Severe headache, giddiness, high BP, edema please pray for me to reduce all

    ~ Ashwini
  • Pray for my mental health and my marriage. Pray for my husband to find god again and to be a better husband and father. Pray for my father in law to get help and refrain from substance abuse. Pray for the health and marriage of my parents. Pray for my best friend who had been raped. Pray for my brother to find god also and pray for my babies. For them to live long and healthy lives and for them to always keep god in their heart. Amen.

    ~ Mari
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray Chris has an easy, early and peaceful day at work today. Please pray his co-workers and employers are patient, understanding and helpful towards Chris. Please pray Chris receives help with his workload. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Dear sisters we request prayers so may we be free from the presence of a man named zopa and those who are part of his group
    May all he as done to us in the past years and since 2008 repaired
    May he be investigated for all crimes he has done
    Thank you
    Isabel and losang

    ~ Isabel and Losang
  • What a blessing to be waiting for our Lord. Thank you for sending Jesus. May we receive your blessings for my family and friends. Hold all our service men and women and veterans safe in your hands. What a joyous anticipation of the birth of our Lord. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!!

    ~ Jan
  • Please pray for my complete healing as well as my husband John Phillip Stout who has a lot of health issues, and my family in the Philippines esp my brother Ernest Jude D. Perez diabetes pancreas and liver, Royce Kevin P. Labajata who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Ana Krishia Angelica D. Perez who has ovarian cyst, Filipinas P. Dequina for liver cyst, and for all people that hearts would be filled with God’s love so peace and harmony may reign on earth Annd we may be spared from calamities.

    ~ Anna Elizabeth
  • A really tough Broken Heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • God, come into my legal situations and make sure that no matter what I am not incarcerated and supernaturally make it known I do not need to be incarcerated and if anything need help completing my probations because of my circumstances, give me your favor in my legal situations so that I am not incarcerated and able to completely finish my probations happily supernaturally, supernaturally prevent any one who has the capability to incarcerate me from being able to do so in Jesus name amen.

    ~ Forest
  • Please pray our Christmas play on 12/22/2019 will touch Brian and he will get saved and come back home. Our 4 kids miss us all not being together. Amen

    ~ stephanie
  • I pray that My Lord and Savior will place his healing hands on my niece/God daughter Desiree and heal her from an illness. Her doctors are having difficulty in diagnosing the problem so she is not receiving treatment to heal her.
    Also, I pray for my Godfather Ramon who is 89 years old and very sick. I ask you Lord to have Mercy on him and to place your healing hands on him. But if that is not your will, then please have Mercy on him and welcome him into your kingdom.

    ~ Suzanne
  • I pray that all three of my children return to church.

    ~ Iris
  • success of the operation of Javier who whas bladder cancer

    ~ Javier
  • I pray and ask Jesus if it be His will to heal my breast and lymph nodes. I pray that my mammograms next Thursday will so no cancer. I pray and ask Jesus to take away my worries and fears. I pray that I can be healed to take care of my daughters. I pray that my sins will be forgiven and pray this in Jesus’s name.

    ~ Suzanne
  • Please pray for healing for my friend’s young niece, Molly, who is in the hospital right now in intensive care due to complications from diabetes. Amen. Thank you so much.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my sister, Jackie, who is currently suffering from physical pain and complications due to a major car accident about 2 years ago or so. She suffered 7 broken ribs and a punctured lung possibly pneumothorax. Please pray for her physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Amen. Thank you so much.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Hello. Praying for everyone’s wellbeing, happiness, peace and continuation of faith. Especially during the night, as we sleep well, whether the lights are on or off, and petitioning for protection of Christians during the crucial hours of 12 AM to 6 AM. With love. In the name of the Father YHWH, the Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and The Holy Spirit. HLLLJH. Amen.

    ~ ARIA
  • I have stage 4 kidney failure and congestive heart failure, plus issues with my knees and hips. So, I am asking for prayers to help me deal with each day. Thank you.

    ~ Diana
  • please pray for my grandson Jarrod, he suffers from drug addiction, right now he is at a rehab facility and needs a lot of prayer, thank you

    ~ consuelo
  • Pray that good heals my health, mentally emotionally and physically. Pray that he protects my family and I from hurt and pain, please pray he blesses us financial prosperity, stability and please pray. That God surrounds me with love and attention, please pray he forgives for my sins. Please pray he heals my friendship with John, pray that he blesses us with the time and the need to spend time with each other. Please pray we grow a stronger and deeper connection.

    ~ Davina
  • for claude and chris, prayers for their illness

    ~ Anonymous
  • Help my nephew and his girlfriend stop fighting before they get us kick out of the new apartment we just got.

    ~ Alice
  • Dear Father PLEASE PLEASE HEAL my husband & my grandchildren and my son & daughter in law from this horrible flu season. I ask you PLEASE to BLESS me ophie & my husband richard & my children, grandchildren,daughter in laws, my sisters & brothers & nieces & nephews and all family members and Friends with LONGEVITY Of HEALTH and NO DISEASES ever In JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN & AMEN & BLESS all of us with Traveling Angels & Safety & Proctection Always. In JESUS NAME AMEN & AMEN. Thank You, Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray Chris has an early, easy and peaceful workday. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Please pray the pain goes away. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Dear Father, I ask you and Beg you PLEASE PLEASE for a MIRACALE for my precious grandchildren for Christmas. I have no income at this time. PLEASE BLESS my son Ramon and his family to buy there own home because they are being forced to move out. BLESS them in a safe area and safe schools for my grandchildren and BLESS my son with a excellent job with amazing benefits for his family. IN JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN & AMEN. Thank you PRAISE YOUR ALWAYS.
    BLESS YOU FATHER. Ophie & Family

    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear Father I come to you again and BEG you PLEASE PLEASE BLESS me with favor as I go to my settlement hearing on Thursday December 19, 2019 PLEASE PLEASE BLESS my attorney Mr. Matthew to fight for what I am requesting and BLESS the judge to agree with my request. I need the high settlement to live on. IN JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN & AMEN. THANK YOU I LOVE YOU and I THANK YOU IN JESUS NAME. PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD.

    ~ Ophelia
  • I pray that God would bless my online business & double my current income. I use my social media for marketing I pray he would protect my accounts and increase engagement and broaden my audience. 4 help with branding & creative direction. I also ask for deliverance from extreme fatigue and depression. It truly hinders me and causes procrastination, lack of motivation & an overall negative attitude. & for God to restore my gifts. I was an artist and a singer. I lost my gifts & want them back.

    ~ Jessica
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited soon

    ~ Michael
  • To be healed of high blood pressure and anxiety. To have a better relationship with my daughters. To overcome fear

    ~ Patricia
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited soon

    ~ Michael
  • For me Dad to find an apartment as soon as possible. For my illness (Lupus) to go into remission in the aches and pain that I suffer from. Watch over my daughter and my Shiba. Keep my parents safe how many illness. My friend Martha to have a speedy recovery shelter the homeless in this winter season me no one in the world go hungry

    ~ Blanca
  • Please let the weather settle & snow melt so that we have safe travels on Wed. We have to get out for appointments that cannot be changed. Please protect us and our son in all situations.

    ~ G
  • Please pray for me. I need employment and financial restoration to support my family.

    ~ David
  • I would like to pray for the father of my children. He needs help getting out of a drug addiction problem. He is trying to fight to see our children and has finally been granted access. I need god to help me with this anxiety and nervousness. I pray that he understands how he is hurting everyone around and that he soon gets the help needs. Amen

    ~ Veronica
  • In the name of the father, son and holy spirt I ask that you please protect and hold my family close to your heart. I also ask that you please keep our military in your thoughts and prayers by keeping them safe. Amen!

    ~ Carrie
  • St Anthony please pray for Janet and her family, Emilie and her soul and her father JAIME, Jakey a a family for healing, my life, my career and my financial stability

    ~ Milagros
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work, please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Kevin, Jim. Julie, Rick, Mary, Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • Please pray for Chris and Meredith. Please pray we sleep peacefully thruout the night tonight. Please pray the neighbors are quiet and not disruptive in the middle of the night. Please pray for our peace of mind. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Im hurting. I hear im defined by pain and have become a burden to my family. They don’t want relationships with me if im defined by the severe chronic pain i suffer. Im feeling devastated, sad, depressed. I feel despondent losing my 3rd surgeon and therapist. I feel severe pain 24/7 with no relief. I have bills and obligations. Im feeling frustrated a Psychiatrist diagnosed me with an eating disorder. I have 2 complicated medical conditions which prevent me from eating.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For special intentions regarding my family

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my living situation for employment for Fabiola Noyola that she may find her son

    ~ Paola
  • Please pray that our plumbing issues are resolved. Help lift my worries and anxieties about issues with it and help me live in the moment. I am really struggling with my anxiety and I ask for helo to lift these burdons. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Please pray for my son, Noah who suffers from severe depression, ADD, ASD & anxiety, anger & loneliness. He is so lost & alone. Please pray for him that he can find peace & healing. Please lord be with him & guide him. Give him the strength to persevere so that he can help help others like him & live to serve you, sweet Jesus.

    ~ Ivette
  • Please I humbly ask that I may be released from these shackles of poverty so I may provide for my boys and I well. I ask this in God’s name.

    ~ Lori
  • Thank you so much for the blessed 3rd Sunday Advent Mass message Father Mark Payne. Thank you Deanna Page Trize for the blessed readings and thank you Deena Stowski for the blessed singing along with the St. James Choir. Brothers ans sisters, continue keeping me in prayers for my severe osteoarthritis pain in my lower back, hips and both legs.. The pain gets so unbearable at times. Keep my daughter, son in law and dog in prayers for health and safety. May God Bless!!
    Delores J

    ~ DeloresThank you so much
  • To follow Gods will,and if it’s his will please help Richard and I to find and stay on Gods path to each other..I love this man..I hope soon we can unite and stand before God and become one.

    ~ Lada
  • Please pray for healing for my Grandmother Donna.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray for strength for my family and my mother as she struggles with 2 different types of cancers. I pray for healness of the body and spirit for her. I pray for blessings and mercy.

    ~ Crystal
  • Lord Jesus, Please help me in my suffering. Ease my pain and help me to heal. I pray, Lord, that you will keep me safe and protect me from any more physical problems. thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my physical healing as well as healing in my marriage and family.

    ~ Juanita
  • I had an aneurysm in ’92 that left me partially paralyzed but for the grace of God I can walk with a walker. This is about to change! I do my exercises every day and am hoping and praying that very soon I will walk again. It just takes one small miracle and they happen every day, right? right! So I am requesting a prayer to walk better and better. Thank you in advance and may God bless you all.
    Sincerely, Brenda Hellstrand

    ~ Brenda
  • Blessings and good health for my family. good health and financial security for myself

    ~ Diana
  • Pray for the soul of my daughter, Carliss Marie Bellard, who passed away on Aug. 7, 2011. May she rest in peace.

    ~ Cassie
  • for my cancer

  • Pray for me for my recovery from my stroke. Pray for my family. Pray for my grand kids and for my granddaughter school for law. For my grandson and in graduating this year and recovery from his surgery from his leg.

    ~ Sally
  • That my 45 yr old son who disowned me would call me. That my 47 yr old son would call me also. That they & their families would see Salvation in Jesus Christ. That is all this mother wants for Christmas. ❤❤ Thank You so much. 🙏🏿💖 Amen

    ~ Carmella
  • Prayers for my family and may I be able to pay house taxes and not lose my home

    ~ Antonio
  • For my family to find peace.

    ~ Al
  • My family. Msy they gain peace and contentment with you Lord.

    ~ Bernard A
  • Please grant little Ella the strength to walk-Thank You for our little miracle.
    Grant James eternal rest unto you O Lord

    ~ Deborah
  • Pray for my Family husband Carlos Hernandez , Melissa Hernandez and Marilyn Quiñones, for health and economy.
    For my Mom Sonia Jiménez and Father Ismael Quiñones, for their health and economy.

  • My 83 year old Mother broke her hip and is going to a nursing home for therapy. She has dementia and needs prayer for healing so can can return home with family. We are thanking God that her injuries were not more severe.

    ~ Anne
  • Prayers fora dear friend with cancer.

    ~ Carol
  • Faithfully departed of my Father David and brother Jeffrey Kitz. I miss them terribly and would love your Prayers.
    God Bless
    Michael Kitz

    ~ Michael
  • PLease pray for my daughter, KELLY. She has quit believing bc her life is a tragedy!
    Lives in self will & selfishness. She doesn’t pray, she curses God for how her life turned out. She needs a Miracle!
    Lord, hear my pray.
    Bless her! My son, Kolin, needs to be blessed too. To teach his baby son about God. Lord, give me strength to care for my grandson, to be able to also teach him about God.

    ~ Nancy
  • Please pray for help for mom and me. She is 84 and I try to care for us. We are homeless and have no transportation and little food. Please pray for us. We hold on to our faith through all that we see and experience. God Bless You.. Yolanda and Lily

    ~ Yolanda
  • For my extremely dysfunctional family; my daughter who is in a same sex marriage is now being asked for a divorce. For my son who suffers from a mental disability. For my wife who suffers from severe depression and medical issues and lastly for myself is is greatly in need of Gods forgiveness and mercy.
    In extreme Thanksgiving for the blessings and challenges that we are given by our Heavenly Father. And last, but not least, for the Mass which you bring into homes each Sunday.

    ~ John
  • For mu family, especially my siblings gping through cancer other going through health issues, especially, my mother going through a hard time dealing with her health issues and the heaviness of dealing with her children health issues. Hernandez Fam. From El Paso, Tx

    ~ Yolie
  • My Husband Alejandro Amador Perez needing liver transplant. Thank you!

    ~ Irma
  • For my sister Dottie Buerger who is fighting Breast Cancer.
    For my illness that causes diarrhea, esophageal reflux and gas preventing me from attending Mass and singing in the Choir.

    ~ (Mary)Sue
  • Please pray that the Lord Our Savior will give me peace and stabilize my blood pressure, heart and mind. Please, please pray the His love will be felt and calm and peace will come to me and joy will be restored.

    ~ Kelly
  • My grandson is in juvenile detention for a robbery and someone was killed during this crime. He did not pull the trigger nor did he bring the gun. He he not know this crime was about to happen. All about the the JUUL Vaping. Please pray for Kenneth Gallegoes. He’s a good boy just got hooked up with the wrong crowd. Mother and father are still married working with the system to get my grandson released from this nightmare. Again thank you Jesus for giving us the strength to be here for him.

    ~ Eleanor
  • For the souls of my beloved relatives and husband.may they all rest in peace. Also the return of my niece who turned her back against me.the return of a love one as soon as possible
    ,on this coming glorious holidays. Thanks. Always in the name of the Lord…

    ~ Nannette
  • In thanksgiving for blessings I have received
    The strength to go back to church
    For those who I promised to pray for
    For my health and the ability to help me obtain good health
    Take a away the worries I have real or imagined
    Thank you Blessed Mother and Jesus. Amen

    ~ Nancy
  • New job.

    ~ Gail
  • Please pray for my daughter Emily who is going thru very serious health problems and will go under surgery this coming thursday, 12/19/19. That the surgery is a success and that her health improves.

    ~ Lydia
  • Prayers for peace in this country. Healing for the division of this country’s people. Help our leaders to remember the needs of it’s citizens, as opposed to their own needs and wants. Help us to heal. With love and gratitude for all you have given. Amen

    ~ Carole
  • Jesus I don’t have anything for my kids for Christmas. I know they are teenagers but they have had bad Christmases every year since 8 years ago.i don’t have any money.lord please forgive me for being a bad mom.

    ~ Pam
  • Dear Lord, Thank You for Carrie being cancer free! I love You!
    Thank You for curing Rusty too! Please cure Jackie of her cancerous brain tumor & the effects of her stroke. She is in terrible shape. Please Bless all of our family, friends, pets, loved ones everywhere. Please cure my stomach, bowels, colon, lymph node Pain, obesity, my mom, Everyone, and our country. Bg’s foot too. Please keep us safe and Please Bless & protect all the homeless and animals suffering everywhere. I love You! Amen

    ~ Gail
  • Please I need posters for my family especially my son that has been hospitalised for three weeks for Good divine touch and financial upliftment to see me through this trying period to be able to purchase medication needed for the treatment and God blessing upon my family for the year 2020.

    ~ Irene
  • Dear Jesus and Mary please free my wife from the grip of her parents. Thank you in advance for answering my prayers

    ~ Luke
  • Please pray for Bill Schweinberg to have a successful surgery. Pray he also be truly healed and be free of pain, complications or infections. Pray for better than expected results and quicker than expected recovery.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please lift up my brother Rafael Huidor-Figueroa who will be going into surgery next week. Please pray all will be okay.

    Please pray for peace between my father (Roberto Huidor) and my brother (Francisco Huidor-Figueroa). They have many issues with each other.

    Also, please lift me (Maricela Huidor-Figueroa) up in prayer that my mammogram and follow up will be okay.

    Thank you for praying.

    ~ Maricela
  • Please pray for my Father. He’s 79 and has had 2 major heart attacks, 1 minor heart attack, diabetes, 9 strokes, cancer on his nose, arthritis, and much more. He’s a widower and I try to care for him. Thank you

    ~ Dawn
  • For the Lord to help me keep the damage to my optic nerve from worsening and that Fr. Ron may be healed of the cancer.

    ~ Kathy
  • I would like to ask for prayer to be healed from : diabetes, kidney malfunction, anemia, dryness, heart and brain problems.
    Thanks so much

    ~ Michael Johannes
  • Greetings to you in the name of the Father God his beloved son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit,My name is David Wolfe and I’m emailing you in regards to asking if you would touch and agree with me in prayer for a super natural healing all over my body a financial blessing and protection from the enemy Satan and his evil henchmen. Thank you so very much for time and have a blessed day.Amen Amen Amen.

    ~ David
  • Please pray for a quick sale on Chris and Laura’s home and safe move to Virginia. Also, please pray for Laura’s health during her pregnancy and a healthy baby. Thank you

    ~ JoAnn
  • What I feel the most is having cared for Alfredo for so long and as far as I am, he is not even bothered by my distance. Is it possible that he could be this heartless? It’s very hurtful. No phone calls no text no anything. It’s just like I never mattered or existed. He pushed me away, let me come alone, cancel his flight and I guess blames me for coming so he just excommunicates himself from me as if nothing. I pray the good Lord helps my heart harden and overcomes once again this anguish

    ~ ENU
  • Please pray for the Gallagher family, good health, safety and happiness. Also they we continue to make the right decisions. Laura’s eye condition will improve. John regains good heart health and strength. Jonathan’s success in his new job and good health. Nicholas’s success in his new job and good health. Barbara’s health and longevity. Thank you Jesus for all your blessings these past five years for my family.

    ~ Laura
  • Prayers for my little brother. His wife left him and he is suffering with a broken heart. Also he has had many traumas in his life and he is using drugs to cope with his feelings. The devil has a foothold on him. I ask that you pray the mighty hand of Jesus to touch him to make the demons flee from him. Thank you

    ~ Amber
  • Please let Curt find peace at his job and let the good in him shine through. He is trying so hard, Lord…please be with him and let him be recieved well by others. Please bless him with hope, patience, confidence and competence he needs to do well. Thank you for your mercy and grace. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Lord Jesus Christ in you I trust my life . Through the power God invested in you , Jesus Christ my Lord transform my life. You say the word and it shall be done. Protect me from all evil . Keep my allies away from me. Guide me to a life that will bring me happines . I seek wisdom from God and exelent health of mind , body and soul. Share with me God blessing , let me prosper in everything I do . Attract only good people into my life Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Lord Jesus Christ you say the word and it shall be done. Grand that I may recieve the oppertunity to live my life in harmony with God devine will. Attract people with a positive attitude closer to me. Open up my mind to new and endless oppertunities for transformation.Bless me with a healthy mind , body and soul . Help me to find happines , health,wealth and wisdom. Attract all of these things into my life . Turn my life around . In your name Jesus Christ I pray for this. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • For my 4 week old grandson who will need open heart surgery in the near future.

    ~ Sharon
  • I am asking for prayer for my ex husband who is in the hospital suffer a heart failure and having kidney problems, please pray for him. His name is horatio. Thank you

    ~ Diana
  • I am asking for prayer for my Nephew and my Sister they are both Sick

    ~ Frankie
  • Please pray I become the man and husband April needs and want, the new guy Richard leaves and she turns and seeks the restoration of our marriage

    ~ Thomas
  • My ex-wife filed a false allegation against me and got a civil protection order so I cannot see my sons who are 4 and 6. I cannot even talk to them, or send them cards or Christmas presents. Please pray that the CPO will be withdrawn / dismissed soon and that I will be reunited with my sons soon. I haven’t seen them for nearly 3 months, as it takes awhile to get court dates. Thank you!

    ~ Travis
  • For the speedy recovery of Melvin Bernard Reifenrath of Sioux City, Iowa.

    ~ Neal
  • Please pray for my relationship, also I’m seriously depressed and in need of restoration in my life for everything the enemy stole from me, my job, my relationship, my peace, my money and just wishing to have a closer relationship with the Lord as well. Thank you

    ~ Gloria
  • I suffer from chronic migraines and today is day 14 with no relief, they have me on all kinds of medications all ready and are going to be trying something different again. Please pray that I will have relief from these migraines that they will disappear and I can enjoy daily activities with my children and enjoy my job without feeling wore out and miserable from being in pain. My children especially deserve a mother who can be healthy and present in their lives. Thank you so much and God bless

    ~ Kari
  • I am praying to Jesus, Or Savior, about my personal life. I have given into lust and sex temptation. I drink alcoholic beverages to escape my life. I am thankful for what I have but I feel empty inside. Please pray for me for theses things and many more. I want to be more of God has meant for to me be. Love, Sheri

    ~ Sheri
  • Please pray for my son with mentally and financially help.

    ~ Joan
  • Please pray for my husband Dave as he is on a men’s retreat this weekend. He is in need of a powerful experience of God’s presence in his life and direction for what to do next in his professional life. Thank you!

    ~ Julie
  • I would like a prayer request for my 20 year old daughter that was recently diagnose with bipolar and some other things. She has a 40 year old boyfriend that has an 8 year old boy, that she’s been shacking up with him. She was in the psychiatric hospital for a week and now she’s back and forth between our house and his house. We told her when we found out about the relationship that we did not approve of it. She’s suppose to be taking medicine and she’s refusing to take them.

    ~ Roselene
  • For my sister, Pamela Long, who just found out she has lip cancer.
    Praying that things haven’t spread elsewhere and that she recovers.

    ~ Lisa
  • According to The Lords will prayer for healing and protection from my neighbor and k,d,d,e,r,v,h,ti,UK. Prayer isiha 54:17 and remove sources from house and me. Provide angels warring and gaurding. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Eileen
  • My dad just went into surgery to have a stint put in cause of clog veins, also dad doesn’t have a pulse in his right arm cause of blood clots, In Jesus name heal my dad, Lord I asked of you to heal my dad

    Thanks His Daughter MaryAlice

    ~ Alfredito
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited soon

    ~ Michael
  • Help me in praying for SM to be blessed with a job. He has been looking for a job since 2017. Please help me pray that God grants him a job.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My parents are in their 80’s and have been married for 63 years with 12 children and 24 grandchildren. I’m asking for prayers that the health scare they both went through this year has been resolved and they can stay together in their home for another year.

    ~ Carolyn
  • Dear God or the angel that watches over me. Please help me through this difficult time. I feel as though I’m running in circles and the financial burden is excruciating
    Please help me, direct me and guide me


    ~ Jessica
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray Chris has an easy, early and stress-free workday today. Please pray his employers and co-workers are patient, understanding, respectful and helpful towards Chris at work today. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • I pray and ask Jesus if it be His will to heal my breast and lymph nodes. I’m very scared I have cancer. I’m waiting for my appointment the day after Christmas. I beg Jesus to take away my anxiety and comfort me. I pray I can be healed to care for my daughters. I ask Jesus to forgive me my sins and my he drop His precious blood upon me. I ask and pray this in Jesus’s name.

    ~ Suzanne
  • please for boyfreinds family as we are getting ready to have a funnel for his grandma it is friday at 1 pm

    ~ Sandy
  • Please pray for/with me. I am seeking God’s purpose for my life. I feel as I keep making all the bad choices because I don’t know my purpose..beside serving Him/others. If God told me what I should be doing. I KNOW this void I feel will be gone. I know once I start walking in my purpose I and others will be blessed. Please ask God to reveal this to me. Thank you.

    ~ Tyrese
  • Lord Jesus Christ to you I call . My Lord grand that I may succeed in in a career . Allow me to become wise. Attract positive thoughts . Terminate all poverty as a result of my own fault. Through the power God invested in you , Jesus Christ change my life. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Dear friends, Peace be with you! Please pray that I may obtain, from the Loving Heart of God, the, till death, undisturbed, unmolested tenure in my current accommodation, with ICLA (Independent Community Living Association), in Caringbah, Sydney, Australia. May the Lord undertake to so influence the management that I will not even be considered for relocation, and, indeed, that I may continue to flourish in these circumstances, remaining always an erstwhile daily communicant. Bless you, friends.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Request prayers for my daughter Vanessa who was moving to Canada for further studies. Her visa has arrived and tickets were booked for 27 Dec and now at the last minute the college informs us that her seat is waitlisted. Request you to pray that her admission gets confirmed and she also gets her accommodation. Pray that the Lord would fulfill all her hearts desire and grant her happiness and joy that she would prosper in her career and life

    ~ SANDRA
  • Im 36 weeks pregnant and just want to prey that he comes out healthy and blessed

    ~ Megan
  • Please pray for my good health, better finances and that i may live my life to the fullest.

    ~ jay
  • For my health and anxiety

    ~ Samantha
  • Please pray for my lungs. I had to go to ER Sunday 12-8-19. I’m having to take steroids. Went to doctor this afternoon. He gave me another 12 days of steroids for my lungs. I was wheezing. I am a 3 time cancer survivor. I am so thankful I have been cancer free several years. Originally diagnosed 1-25-2011.

    ~ Gwyn
  • I desperately need help with repairs to my used trailer. I am low income and I can’t afford to get it fixed. Also I am in need of food. I am very hungry. All love Candace

    ~ Candace
  • Candee Darby Going though a Tough time . ned prayer 4 special intentions.

    ~ Carolann
  • For the families to be united in this Christmas, especially our extended families. Forgive and understanding in our families.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for me as I have now lost my dear loving mom, Dorothy Holytz, October 21st. 1st dad, Walter Holytz, then my old boyfriend. Duane Drewicz. both of whom I cared for many years and now mom who I also cared for many years. Today December 12th she would have turned 94. They were the 3 most important people that I loved in this world. I know I have them as Guardian Angels and you to talk to, but I’m still alone with nobody to take care of me since childhood. Janet Holytz

    ~ Janet
  • I have signed up for an 8 week certificate in composite fabrication. In order to start I need a 75 on a math test. Today I got a 48. Please pray my tutoring and study gets me a 75 so I can start. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • My husband lost his job, I don’t have a job and we have 3 little kids. Bobby is 4, Benjamin is 2 and our sweet baby Girl Alissa is 1. Anyhow can you please pray that God helps us through this hard time as we are facing an eviction from our home in winter with our 3 babies. Let God guide us to the next job so we can get a new place to live. Also let God be with my mother Georgia Dean as this will be 1 year we have lost her today. I miss her so. Thank you and God Bless

    ~ Kari

    ~ carrie
  • Please pray for my family as we’ve suffered from 3 health situations that are serious. My 88 year old mom has been greatly affected as two of us daughters have undergone serious medical conditions that aren’t resolved yet. I am afraid that Mom might have a heart attack or stroke from worry as she thinks she should be the one to take care of us, not realizes that we are both in our 60’s and can take care of ourselves. God Bless You!

    ~ Laura
  • I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family

    ~ Philip
  • My prayer That The Lord Jesus Christ I Ask Father God That you my keep Your Shielding Amor as my Beautiful daughters go about there daily task and Lord May you kreep them safe and grounded and keep your Guardian Angels wrapped around them And all these things i pray onto you Father God in Jesus mighty Name Amen

    ~ Jennifer
  • For my daughter Lisa for her to find peace in her soul and if it be Gods will to take away her stress and to protect her job

    ~ Louise
  • Me and my family need a financial blessing. We are in over our heads and need help. I know god has a plan. I trust and praise him. Also please pray for my daddy. He’s having surgery this week. Cancer removed from his face and back. God is our all mighty healer. Thank you so much

    ~ karen
  • keep from being evicted

    ~ Jan
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray Chris has an easy, early and stress-free day at work today. Please pray his employers and co-workers are respectful, understanding and helpful towards Chris today. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • For the souls of Rob Gonsalves and Suzanne Schnerr, who took their lives through suicide.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my family’s physical health, mental health and well being now and throughout the new year. Help me to bring my son up as a good Christian, and show him how to follow God’s word and the teachings of Jesus. Please pray for my patience…as I am disabled and unable to work, but i am a caregiver to three individual family members in my home.

    Thank you so much
    May God richly bless you

    ~ Annamarie
  • For my daughter, who is in the hospital.

    ~ Diane
  • Please pray for God’s protection, guidance and favor.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Financial, my family needs heating assistance and groceries. God always comes through but would like a little extra prayers. Thank you!

    ~ April
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited soon

    ~ Michael
  • Pray for our President and congress that God will inter ene and stop this chaos in our White House. we must pull together and stop this before it goes any further in Jesus name.

    ~ JoAnne
  • I Pray to God that my teenage Daughter will turn to me, confide in me no matter what. I want all my loved ones to be healthy and live a fullfilled Life. I also pray that I can deal w/ this lymphodema in y left foot and take the pain & swelling away. Thank You Heavenly Father !

    ~ Susan
  • Lord Jesus Christ with gratitude I call your name . With all the blessings you provided me its my health that you restore. Thank you so much for the oppertunity to cook a healthy home made meal. My Lord attract more happines , health into my life. Happines and good health is a treasure to my heart . All wonderworks are possiable through your devine power. God is almighty and praise with glory goes to God . Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • I would like others to join me in praying for a home for myself and my children as well as our continued safety and happiness. I would also request others join me in praying for their fathers salvation. Thank you.

    ~ Tabitha
  • Please pray for the safety and we’ll being for my kids and parents

    ~ Kari
  • That I will love God with all my heart soul mind and strength and be healed and love my neighbor as myself. Please pray Christine will repent and me too
    Please pray my life gets better and I have more faith and hope and wisdom and peace with fr Mike and everyone else.

    ~ Jennifer
  • I would like to ask for prayer for my father for his recovery and good health. Thank You

    ~ Vlatka
  • Please pray for my family and for my marriage.

    ~ Mallory
  • I will find my beautiful daughter Annastasia and put my arms around her so all she feels is peace, love and safe. I will always come for you, no matter where it is. I will find you.

    ~ Angela
  • I need $2000.00 by January 5th please pray that I get those funds by working and gifts so I don’t lose my house. Thank you, And please for others like myself who are in the same situation. Many Blessings to those who will pray for this. Amen,

    ~ deborah
  • Please pray god heal the tension between my family, please bless us with financial security. Please pray he blesses us with enough money to afford to get the apartment for the month, he blesses us with ability to afford the things that we need, please pray that he keeps us within good health, please pray he sends love and support into all of our lives. Please the relationships in my life, please send love and growth into them. Please heal my family and our relationships!

    ~ Davina
  • I am asking for prayer for forgiveness for breaking my promise to god that I wouldn’t drink if I was given another chance to reconcile my relationship with the love of my life Clay. I reconciled with Clay. But I fell into temptation broke my promise to god and my relationship broke as well. Please pray for me. Thank You.

    ~ Teresa
  • IEric Greene He’s in a coma. On life support. No eye movements. Neurologist says significant brain damage. He’s 27 with wife & child

    ~ Susan
  • I need an urgent prayer my mom is going through a divorce. Her ex-husband was put out of the home because of domestic abuse. He don’t suppose to be near my mom or the home well a couple of weeks ago my mom left to go to the doctor my daughter and me was at home well i saw a shadow through the back door it was my mom ex-husband walking around the house my mom has an order of protection against him and he also owes her monies

    ~ vanity
  • For a miracle breakthrough in our relationship. For once, move us past the “friendship zone” and break the cycle I find myself in all too often with relationships.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Victor- Salvation, physical and mental health, just a general peace of mind( they suffer from anxiety.
    RJ- Renewal of spirit, good health and help with new friendships
    Sonny- That God may strengthen his heart and draw him closer to God and his family
    Bessie-For continued health and strength as the matriarch of a large family that relies heavily upon her
    Gaye – Healing after a robbery attempt
    May she find peace and comfort in caring neighbors

    ~ Crystal
  • Please pray for moodie because she’s losing her mind

    ~ Michellepl
  • Please pray for my sister,great niece and ex-husband who are all battling cancer.Thank you

    ~ Guillermina
  • My next-door neighbor was involved in a DV incident last night with her daughter and friend. Please pray she leaves her abuser and does not re-enter a bad situation.

    ~ Carol-Sue
  • My 5 kids and me and my husband have been through alot of health issues mental and physicalAhlot if trauma and struggles. I just need some prayers that everything will be ok for all of us. We struggle but are greatful for all we do have especially after losing everything due to my daughter’s illness and having to move. We lived in our van but have apartment now. We could use a single family home a vehicle but most of all we want is health and happiness and a good life Thank you and God bless you

    ~ katrina
  • Prayers manly for my mother n law. She is in the hospital with broken heart syndrome. Her baby sister died unexpectedly a few months ago and my MIL is still taking it really hard. She also has other health problems, that make it worse. For myself…I have COPD and was told I will need a lung transplant in the future. I am not scared to meet the Lord. I am just not ready to go. I would love to be around to help my husband raise our children. Thank you for all the added prayers for my family.

    ~ Dee Dee
  • Please pray that the adopted mom that adopted our daughters daughter will let her talk or receive a letter from her 10 yr old daughter , whom she hasn’t talked to or as much a letter in 3 yrs, and that we can find a house that we can afford , thank you and God bless

    ~ Dianne
  • I has metastasized brain tumors and stage 4 vulvar cancer and I’m praying for perfect healing when radiation therapy is done!

    ~ Lisa
  • Pray for my family

    ~ Kelly
  • to say a prayer of remembrance to my loving mother,who passed in August to be with my dad,..and our loving lord and savior Jesus Christ..let her know I love and miss her very much…she is Mrs Jacqueline B. Fenn…DOD..Aug 2,2019..

    ~ Scott
  • I ask for prayers that my toe will heal and my hair will grow thick and strong

    ~ John
  • Dear God,

    I’m asking you guide my son right now in making better decisions. He got involved in bad situation that he needs to make better. Please pray everyone. This is a really bad situation that has turned my house upside down. The lies, the disrespect, the disobeying, needs to stop. Please bless our family as I feel like someone or something put a bad curse on our family this year.

    ~ LYNN
  • Thank you Lord for your mercy and for all of your many blessings. I ask that you lovingly consider my current prayer. I pray for my parents, that you will grant them good health and happiness. Specifically, that my father’s vision will return, his blood tests will be normal, and that both my parents will enjoy good health and happiness for many, many years. Also, please help my father to complete his cabin and house building projects to his satisfaction. Amen.

    ~ Christine
  • Please pray I get justice about my neighbor Christine who threatened to beat me with a baseball bat and I think it was her who stole my mail
    Please pray I getta go to heaven and keep my home and can be unafraid to get my teeth fixed and will have a merry Christmas and my family will go to heaven and Gods will for my life to be done daily and for fr Mike and deacon Raul and

    ~ Jennifer Cudney
  • Pray for my mom who has dementia and is in a world of her own. You has lost god, let her find him again. Let god lead her to safety.

    ~ Sue
  • That there will be closeness within family, that God will allow me to stay longer and that I’ll find a place within budget, as well as the homeless be sheltered.

    ~ Peggy
  • Please pray for Angelique,she is going through an rough time.Let the Angels surround and protect her.Thank You.

    ~ Gloria
  • Pray for Cristina-Adriana and for me, Radu-Iulian, for our future exams.

    ~ Radu Iulian
  • Lord Jesus Christ my saviour . You say the word and it shall be done by the power God invested in you , Jesus Christ. I request a oppertunity to earn money . Terminate my unemployment. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for my family and friends. At home trying to keep my mind in focus everyday.

    ~ Coca
  • To eat healthy

    ~ Coca
  • Please pray for our country to receive jesus love and the power of cleansing us and to receive the holy spirit

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for healing and cleansing over our country. Pray for us all to receive the power of the holy spirit.

    ~ Kari
  • Lord Jesus Christ present my prayer request to God the father allmighty on my behalf. I ask for an oppertunity to earn multiple incomes in order to live an indepedant life. Provide me with good health of mind , body and soul in order to work with the intention to study . Allow me to use my talents together with my skills to provide a service . Its my desire to develop myself into a bussines leader. By the power God invested in you Jesus Christ transform my life . Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Lord Jesus Christ messiah . According to the bible you perform miracles . With gratitude I give thanks . It rain 7 days non stop and there were floods in South Africa. You answered my prayer and stop the rain . Today the sun shine . My Lord Jesus Christ you have stop the floods. Thank you for keeping me save during the heavy rains . Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • That my husband and I conceive a child. We had a miscarriage in june and have been trying since. We trust that God will grant us a child when it is meant to happen but we so badly want that to be soon!

    ~ Maggie
  • Kindly lift up in prayer the entire Catholic Church: Pope, all Catholics and Orthodox, all souls in Purgatory, all priests and other clergy.

    Please pray for more holy priests and clergy.

    Please pray for more holy marriages and families.

    Kindly pray for more conversions and reconversions to the Catholic Faith.

    Thank you for praying.

    ~ Maricela
  • Please pray for healing and protection for Elizabeth A., Anastasia, Elizabeth W., and Christine S. and to remove all obstacles to doing God’s will. Also for a good Christian husband for Christine.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray and ask Jesus if it be His will to heal me from this illness. I pray and ask that I will healed to take care of my daughters. I ask Jesus to forgive me my sins and may He drop His precious blood upon me. I will be ever grateful if these favors are answered. I pray and ask this in Jesus’s name.

    ~ Suzanne
  • Financial blessing.

    ~ MariaP
  • For a room to rent I am struggling.

    ~ Carla
  • Dear man of God
    Prophey TB Joshua,
    Kindly pray for me for God’s guidance, protection, success, prosperity, healing mercy, deliverance, money miracle and financial breakthroughs. Pray that the Lord’s financial money breakthroughs and miracles the Lord promised me years ago at CPM Elele be fulfilled this year in the name of Jesus Christ l pray Amen. In turn I will fulfill mine to God as l promised our LORD JESUS CHRIST and pay my tithes as stipulated in the Bible. BUILD HOUSE OF GOD,

    ~ Fidelis
  • Pray for my self my job call me urgently and I may come close to God

    ~ Rosario
  • Please pray for the fair and positive resolution to a family crisis today as legal decisions are being made on behalf of a young father and his family.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please ask God, the Holy Mother, and St. Benedict to protect me. I get bad experiences. It is like something is putting intense pressure on me. Please pray that the experiences stop. Thank you.

    ~ Nancy
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited soon

    ~ Michael
  • I ask for prayers for my toe to heal completely and my hair to grow thick and strong and healthy

    ~ John
  • Please pray for my 19 year old son, Keith, to be free of addictions, to have true contrition and make a sincere and entire confession and a dramatic conversion to Holy Mother Church. Thank you and God Bless you. JMJ

    ~ Anastasia
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Rick, Mary, Pat, Pam, Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • My son Andrew David Immanuel Aceves is disrespectful, ungrateful, and stubborn I need many prayers for him My spiritual director told me it’s spiritual warfare from his dad and his dad’s family that wants to keep him from succeeding in school and being with me They hate me more than love him My son also feels like he is being attacked and we pray but it’s just so strong and draining that we need help His health is difficult with asthma, pneumonia, needs pilonidal cyst surgery. Need help please

    ~ Melissa Gail
  • Please pray for love and Gods will over my kids elijah michael and Abigail grace propheter

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Please pray the pain goes away. Please pray he doesn’t carry heavy items at work so his lower back can heal faster. Please pray his employers and co-workers are understanding and sympathetic towards Chris lower back pain. Please pray his employers are helpful towards Chris during this time. Please pray his employers give Chris 2 days off from work each week so he can rest his lower back and heal. Thank you so much.

    ~ Meredith
  • Jesus Christ, my Lord and personal Saviour; please help me to pay my rent, (FOR WHICH I HAVE JUST FIVE DAYS LEFT, GET EVICTED AND SUED), and bless me so that I can pay my children’s school fees, clothe and feed my family in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen!

    ~ SAMSON
  • Please pray for my grandniece, Hannah, who has childhood diabetes and isn’t
    handling it well.

    Thank you and God’s blessings.

    ~ Joyce
  • Please pray that I will obtain the money from the loan company too
    pay off my documents and that I won’t have any trouble getting the
    cards too pay them.

    ~ Karen
  • I have just submitted an application for the position of custodian for the Wichita school district. Please pray that I be hired. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray that Matthew can forgive me for the part I played in our estrangement. Please bring healing to our broken hearts. Allow us to renew our love for each other and reconcile.

    ~ Sarah
  • I would like to pray for my boyfriend eye to heal his is swollen reAL BAD PLEASE HELP ME HEAL HIM HIS NAME IS MIKE PARENT

    ~ Daisy
  • My Lord. My mom is having a mitral valve balloon valvuloplasty on thursday. Please lord protect her and heal her. Let it be 100% sucessful with no complications or problems during or after the balloon valvuloplasty. Letbtheir be no leaky heart value or afib at all. Let her recovery fast and well with no complications during or after recovery. Give my mom,dad,roman,sis and family, alfred and brother and family and i good health and strength.. lord guide the dr and protect him whilehelpingmom.

    ~ Alicia
  • For Rosa Giglio, that she will be healthy and that all she is suffering from will heal

    ~ Stefania
  • .pleaseme and my family are very sick with. The flu.can you help us with anything for food.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Joe and Maria would like to thank you for all your prayers. Joe was approved for disability and we were able to save our home!

    We do pray that Joe can maintain or improve kidney function and that our diseases and pains be healed in Jesus name we ask, Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for my grandma for mental and physical strength.
    Please also pray for her healing.
    God bless you!

    ~ Cindy
  • Please please please pray for my sons to pass all of their exams w/am 80 or above especially in history and all exams so he can therefore pass all of their classes w/a 70 or above. Son is severely dyslexic and works hard but struggles. His teacher is very tough And difficult to pass class. Please pray he passes as well as my other son too. Thank you!

    ~ M
  • Lord Jesus Christ you are the messiah . According to the bible you taught me that a man should move away from his parents and live his own life. Grand that I may recieve the oppertunity to move far away from my parents and live my own independant . Provide the oppertunity to earn , recieve , enough money to live my life . Its unpleasant to share a life with people who argue , fight and disrespect each other all the time. Everytime I make plans they over ride me. Attract God blessing.Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for me to meet someone and to fall in love. Help me to also get a handle on my student loan debt which seem insurmountable. Amen

    ~ John
  • I would like for a healing prayer for my family that is hurt & need healing .. Lord please help my mom recover from her surgery and give her the strength she needs to walk again.. My kids my have good health watch over my family.. Amen .. Thank you lord
    My our struggles be over..

    ~ Francine
  • Please pray for my Amma to cure her of her shoulder pain, She is suffering for quite sometime and under going many treatments. St Jude please pray to Jesus to cure my Mom complete;y of her shoulder pain which radiates to different parts and give her the grace to take head showers without falling sick Please keep my Daddy also in good health and give them both good health and long life.

    ~ Jansi
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips today. Please pray Chris has an easy, early and peaceful day at work today. Please pray his employers and co-workers are helpful, understanding and respectful towards Chris at work today. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Please pray for Chris peace of mind. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • My brother Freddy quit his self-employment 34 months ago. He has lots of potential as an online marketer. However he he hasn’t been able to generate income. He has trouble focusing and applying skills he learned the day before.

    Also, his depression isn’t helping either. But since our mom got diagnosed with cancer we needs serious cash for her treatment. I’d like you to pray for a financial breakthrough and that his online marketing efforts finally pay off.

    ~ Errol
  • I need to sell my apartment in 2020. Pray for:
    1) Finances to for renovation
    2) The right professionals for the job
    3) For good profit

    Thank you for praying with me. Have a great week and God bless!

    ~ Errol
  • My uncle Pepito who’s got long problems but no money for treatment

    ~ Errol
  • I ask for prayers to do well on my exams and also my brother to do well

    ~ John
  • To Father and to the son to the Holy Spirit,
    Jesus please help me turn my life around? Jesus I hope to return back to Notre Dame for 2020 spring semester. Jesus please convince my mom that I am ready to go back to college ? Jesus please help my mom to be concerned about my future as mush as I am ? Please help my mom not to be so nervous ? Jesus please help my mom get in a good mood ?
    Jesus please help me get the job at the Y ?
    In Jesus name amen

    ~ Stephanie
  • Please pray for Chris and Meredith. Please pray we sleep peacefully thruout the night. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • For my brothers and sisters in uniform that are fire fighters that god May protect from harm and keep them safe from evil .for my depression and bipolar, my grandmother Vivien though God may heal our broken relationship and then that we may get back together and we can reconcíliate and pray for my godmother and her baby girl may she have a healthy and safe delivery for my god sister she is going to be worn with a lot of health conditions Clued in a hole in her heart and Edwards syndrome

    ~ Daiana
  • That there be peace and closeness in my Family. There is a total lack of Communication. They just don’t seem to want too be”bothered” by even texting or calling. PLEASE pray it is healed. Eternal rest. grant all deceased Family Members, friends, colleagues and. for The Holy Souls in Purgatory. Prayer for my Daughter and Grandchildren who have been abused by their Father. God, I. beg your great Mercy to them. I beg your healing for myself and my Husband, only if it be your will oh Lord. AMEN

    ~ Tudie
  • Pray for my soul for I am a sinner. And want my soul to be washed clean!

    ~ Paula
  • I pray and ask Jesus if it be His will to heal me from this illness. I pray that I can heal to take care of my daughters and for a Christmas. I pray that the pain doesn’t increase. I ask Jesus to forgive me my sins and drop His precious blood upon me. I ask and pray this in Jesus’s name.

    ~ Suzanne
  • Please pray for the love of my life Nadege, that the Lord our God will heal her and always protect her, with his angels by her side to console her. Please also pray that our Lord will reconcile us and save our relationship, bringing her home to me in his loving mercy. She means the entire world to me and this cause means the entire world to me. For this, and with a heavy heart, i plead for your prayers as i plead with the Lord for his mercy

    ~ James
  • For my brother who is dying of pancreatic cancer
    thank you
    God bless

    ~ Iris
  • Lord Jesus Christ present my prayer request to God . I live in South Africa and I pray for those who are victim of heavy rains / floods. Man made roads turned into rivers as Centurion is flooded with water. Lord I ask for God mercy . Jesus Christ by the power God invested in you I ask you to stop the floods. In your name Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Dear Lord, please pray for my marriage as it is in the brink of separation and possible divorce. I have been misunderstood but also battling demons within myself. I pray that I find peace and happiness in your grace and that I can be saved along with my marriage. Please reach out to my wife and guide her to recoup the time and energy lost and have faith in our marriage and our love. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    ~ Ricardo
  • For the Lord’s Blessing for all our families and friends…for the help necessary for our grandson Nathan to recover from apraxia that he is dealing with,. …and God Bless All!!

    ~ tony
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray Chris has an easy, early and stress-free day at work today. Please pray his employers and co-workers are respectful, understanding and helpful towards Chris. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Please pray he does not have to carry heavy items at work today so his lower back can heal faster. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • According to Gods will prayer answered daily prayer and 54:17. Prayer Gods will remove unwarranted soul/spirit ties. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • My friend just found out she is pregnant and she is just starting college. Please pray that she chooses life and that this path is filled with everyone and anything she needs. Please let this baby be born.

    ~ Laura
  • Please pray for love over my children health and mental health. Please pray for them to be watched over and protected.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for my mom Angela who will be having hip surgery after a bad fall.I am very worried.

    ~ Kevin
  • Lord Jesus Christ messiah by the power God invested in you cast away all bad dreams . Grand that I may find everlasting peace in my life. Through you Jesus Christ present my prayer request to God the father allmighty . You say the word Jesus Christ and my soul will find peace in unity with you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Have problems with following Our Lord and Savior Jesus with impure sexual thoughts
    Attending church services, Bible Study,
    In general I am ranted.

    ~ Walter
  • Please pray for my aunt and young cousin. Both are dealing with serious illness.

    ~ Jennifer
  • Pray that God blesses me with his strength, his courage, his grace. Please pray that he heals my mind and this deep aching within my heart. Pray that he fills and heals the holes within my life with his love, attention and his blessings. Please pray that he guides my choices, my decisions and my heart. Please pray that my heart searches for him again, please pray my faith grows and flourishes again. Please pray for my family’s safety, health, financial stability and strength grows and prosperous

    ~ Davina
  • I humbly ask Jesus my Lord for healing for Son Felipe suffers from schizophrenia and drug abuse. He is having delusional thoughts of being poisoned. He refuses to seek mental health treatment. My Jesus please heal his mind. I am trying to stay strong and to have faith. I put him in your loving hands completely. Bless him and please help me be patient with him. 🙏 Amen.

    ~ Cora
  • I recently have had the opportunity to apply and interview for an assistant principal job at a local high school. I’m in the running against many great and deserving candidates. I pray that I was able to make an impression that will result in the possibility of being offered the position, God’s will be done.
    Please pray for me and this opportunity.

    Thank you and God bless… Jon

    ~ Jon
  • My Mother who is 74 has become sick. Please pray for her healing and full return to health. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • Dear God, Thank You that Carrie only had a broken rib abd NOT cancer! Please let her bone marrow,tissue and blood be cancer etc, FREE too. Thank You! Please cure our kitty, Rusty. His sick stomach, bowels, stools, eyes, vomiting..Please Lord. Let me do the right thing. Guide me, forgive me, protect us all, and grant us good health and cure us. I Love You. And Blessed Mother Mary. Please Protect us. Me and mom to.
    A good week. Please. TY! Amen

    ~ Gail M
  • Please protect Luke and Isaac at court. Please stop them from being abused mental, verbally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Please remove Lawrence from Rebecca and children lives. Let the Judge see and hear the truth and stop this abuse. Let God mercy be bestowed to them. Please help Rebecca financially and get a better job. Please help her lose her weight and become healthy and find a husband. Please help George fix his roof and Sandra get healed. Help rebecca go back to school

  • We thank you for the favorable decision we have been praying for Joe. Now we are asking for a quickly processed claim so that we do not have our utilities shut off or unable to pay our bills. We pray for improved kidney function for Joe and healing of our pains and diseases and illnesses. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Glory To God!
    I pray that my son and daughter will find their way to God and develop a relationship with Him. Also, that they would find meaningful jobs with benefits and friends who are believers. I also pray that God will open doors for my family and myself. I pray that I will be blessed with a husband who is a believer and the person that God wants me to have. Amen.

    ~ Sharon
  • JMJ.. Please guide the surgeons hands on Kenny’s open heart surgery.
    Thank you.

    ~ Joanne
  • McCormack and Flannery families

    ~ Paula
  • Tony’s healing
    Michele walker healing and direction for surgery.

    ~ Adeline
  • Please pray for the success of our business. For our marriage and our family to become closer without anyone getting sick dying or any problems. Thank you dear lord in your name we pray .amen

    ~ Leith
  • Praying for applying for new job that it will work out and everything will go smoothly

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Mary, Bill, Angela, Mike, Kate, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Rick, Mary, Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • In a quiet room I sit broken hearted asking you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • 1. to finish all my novels this month
    2. to write 6 hours every day this month
    3. to accomplish all writing goals and write well
    4. to manage time well esp with writing
    5. brandon to text me back
    6. peace in our relationship
    7. to have long video chats with brandon daily
    8. brandon and me have salvation
    9. to be friends with brandon and see him alot and spend lots of time together

    ~ Imani
  • I ask for prayers for good health for myself my friends, my family, and my girlfriend and family.

    ~ John
  • I would like my nephew who passed away unexpectedly on July 15th of this year and have him to bee remedied at your mass thank you his name is Colin he was 35 years old

    ~ Lynndale
  • I am 59 and have never been married. Would like to be in a happy mariage. There is someone that I am thinking of that used to think me.

    ~ John
  • Please Pray for a miracle that me and my Granddaughter will be reunited soon

    ~ Michael
  • Lord Jesus Christ saviour of all believers . With gratitude I give thanks for your love towards me. My Lord provide me with oppertunities to study in order to gain knowledge . I love reading and analyse information. For the greater purpose of my life grand that I will recieve oppertunity to live my life . Pray on my behalf to God the allmighty. In your name I ask for this , you say the word and it shall be done. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Lord Jesus Christ messiah . I praise your name for mirracles you perform . With gradtitude I call your name . Thank you for relieving me from pain and bleeding. You are the healer who act with authority as it was given to you by God. I welcome you into my life and beg pardon for my sins. Pray on my behalf to God and ask that I may share in His kingdom . In your name Jesus Christ .Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray please pray for my grandson Benjamin R today to concentrate on his exams to be approved for catholic high school. Please send prayers and blessings that he have good knowledge to pass all his exams so he will be able to go to catholic high school Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Healing for Brian antoinieta Joseph yeye myself all at home I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put him in jail 3times and I Anne bailed him out I pray Carlos calls me immediately and comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray lines of communication are open between Carlos and me Anne immediately I pray Marcela leav

    ~ Anne
  • I am suffering with anxiety, depression and suicidal tendency. I am financially broke and physically sick. Please pray for a miracle in my life. Thanks very much.

    ~ Reg
  • I am 53 years old and went through menopause. I started bleeding 3 days ago and not feeling good. Please pray for God to give me an earthly healing.

    ~ Mary
  • hello my family i could use a miracle i still have a bill in collection that i would love to pay off among others we have another home that we are trying to sell and where not getting no where with it that is the only way i could get my bill out of collection and pay the other one’s off.

    ~ Doreen
  • My faith is depleted completely. I used to be filled with the Holy Spirit and be powerful, hopeful, and a believer. That has all changed and I can’t correct it. I’ve tried to fix everything but it hasn’t worked. I have urgent needs regarding Jesus, my faith, career, and finances. I need a miracle.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Still holding to the marriage covenant I ask you pray the guy my ex wife is “with” currently leaves so that our marriage can be restored.

    ~ Thomas

    ~ DANA
  • My Lazarus needs complete healing. I do as well. Thank you.

    ~ Anne
  • Please thank God for all the blessings that he has seen fit to give me an all the help that he has offered over the years for which I am truly thankful . Please pray with all your hearts that God will heal me completely. Please also pray that God will send his angels to my husband and soften his heart so that he will love me like he used to and our marriage will be completely healed. Please pray this Through the merits of his most sacred passion, holy wounds and precious blood, amen! Thanks

    ~ Sandi
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray Chris work days are peaceful, quiet, comfortable and stress-free for him. Please pray for more positive and peaceful work environment at his employment. Please pray his employers and co-workers are understanding, patient, sympathetic and respectful towards Chris. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Please pray the pain spasms goes away. Please pray for Chris peace of mind and strength to get thru his work days. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • paula found a lump in her breast… sarah has moved back in and we are like fire and ice. please pray that we get along and she helps me instead of being ignorant to me… for me and my 2 gr.daughters sake.

    ~ PEGGY
  • Please dear God sever any and all negativity in all of our lives. Help all of us to get in the protection of the dome with only God’s light and love in it. Let us to always see God’s truth and to see past the obstacles and illusions of the negativity. Please protect and guide Alisha in court. Please let her be victorious in court and over the battle with the negativity and live a great and loving life through God’s grace. Amen.

    ~ Alisha
  • Dear brothers/sisters
    please pray for my healthcheckup , which i will have in upcoming days. its the final stage of my recruitment process. i want to clear the medical check up with gods blessings. your prayers for me could fo the miracles. in jesus name amen.

    ~ THILAK
  • I hope to be going back to school to get a certificate in composite fabrication but am nervous about getting the financial aid and paperwork done. The class starts January 13th. Please pray all goes well.

    ~ Thomas
  • Dear Lord please take my son, Dave in your hands and cure him of his alcohol addiction. He is losing his wife, two small girls and job because he drinks until he blacks out. Please help him get clean. Thank you for getting my daughter and grandson and my son and his family through traveling in a very dangerous storm. Bless my neighbors and friends with your help. Thank you for blessing me.

    ~ Jan
  • For my son and his wife who have separated, Blake and Paulina.

    And for division between my brother, sister, and me.
    Thank you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Dear God please help Thomas my grandson who is three years old. He’s in the hospital With leukemia He is having a hard time .Please heal him from the grace of God and in Jesus’s name. Almighty God thank you for healing Thomas Coen Take the disease from his blood and make him whole again I asked this through Christ our Lord Amen

    ~ Bernadette
  • JM&J
    Please help me feel good again and please help me find Jesus again.
    Thank you.

    ~ Joanne
  • Please pray for my little cousin 11 year old Manasi K Kagalavadi’s good healthy long life.Pray that her lungs heart whole body miraculously get healed & restore it with new heart and lungs touched by Jesus Through the Holy Spirit and through the prayers of Mother Mary St Joseph and St Anthony and all the angels and saints. Lord have Mercy on Manasi K Kagalavadi Jesus Have Mercy on Manasi K Kagalavadi Holy Spirit have Mercy on Manasi K Kagalavadi.
    Please Pray for Manasi K Kagalavadi Good health.

    ~ Nancy
  • Silvia has been waiting for a kidney for over two years and was just called from San Francisco (12-4-2019, 8:30 PM PT) for the transplant. She and Rafael are on their way driving through snowy conditions from Nevada over the Sierras to SF. Please pray for the Lord to send his angels to protect them to safely reach their destination. Please Pray for physical compatibility with donor so that the operation can take place immediately, wisdom and discernment for surgical team, the awareness of God’

    ~ Anonymous
  • I seek prayers for my son and I. That he may find it in his heart to forgive me for the hurt I have caused him. I ask for prayers that he may find it in his heart to begin to repair our mother/son relationship as it once was. Please pray that God fill my son with His love and light, that my son may find happiness and the love we once shared. And I ask for prayers for myself, that I may find the patience I need to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

    ~ Astrid
  • For Neil Sethi.
    Thank you for praying for him.

    ~ Iris
  • Lord I pray to you for my mother… She needs your abundant blessings.. please bless her and heal her. I know and have faith that she will be fine if you touch her. amen

    ~ Rebecca
  • Please pray for me, I am very scared. Please pray that my herniated cervical disc will heal and that I won’t need surgery.

    ~ Bernadette
  • Please pray for my brother alfonso. ,he has Being bed bound for six years ,and he has several bad sores in his lower back and he doesn’t seem to want to try to move ,i have being watching, for. After the pass, years ,and,still continue helping him. ,i asking praying for. Alfonso , i. Know that he can move to do his extercise , if he tries .i am getting very tiring all ready i am 63 yrs , and i have children and grandchilden ,that need me ,but i am here still helping my. Brother. Please pray f

    ~ Adela
  • For
    What Will Be Are Afternoon & Eve In Winter Storm Advisory & Storm Watch Out Of Michigan & Colorado USA United Nation Two Stick Round 35 Plus Centimeters Of SNOW With Wind Speed Of 100.00 Kilometers Per Hour Gusting Up Words Two 115 Kilometers In Hour In Stream South Southern Ontario All A Long The Lower Great Lakes Of Lake Ontario In The Region Of Preston Ontario Canada & Hope Will Be Gone By 9 AM Thursday December 8 2019 & Thank You For Your Praying Prayers.

    ~ Danny
  • Healing prayer needed for my niece Judith & her family.
    May the lord touch and heal her , Zeke & 2 other children who are now sick. Jesus, please grant Chuck & family good health & healing. Oh God, hear our prayers for Chuck that he will be able to get a better paying job to enable him to pay all their bills on time , especially their mortgage and car payments. Right now, he is barely making enough money for food & necessities. May God grant them financial blessings , in Jesus name I pray.

    ~ Gloria
  • Hello,

    My older sister, Catherine is in need of prayers. She is 25, young, funny, and caring. Currently, she is in a toxic relationship with an older gentleman who isn’t healthy for her. Mentally, he is manipulative, overbearing, and negative to her. We’ve been praying a novena to Saint Catherine of Alexandria this week but I am scared for her emotional health. She wants to see the good in him but she won’t accept that he is destructive for her. Thank you for your prayers!

    ~ Alexandra
  • My Husband Jean Bernard Marcel to received his Visa Approval Letter with no delay in the processing time and expedite protection for me Finances breakthrough to be approved for my new house in Atlanta Georgia.

    ~ Monique
  • My ex-wife made false accusations and got a civil protection order against me so I cannot see my sons. The hearing is tomorrow. Please pray that the protection order will be dismissed and that I’ll be reunited with my sons.

    ~ Travis
  • Please pray for a little 4 year old boy that was in a car crash in Maryland last night he was with his Dad the 4 year old boy has a broken back brain bleed and his heart stopped and they brought him back but now he has no brain activity please pray God will touch him I believe God can heal him so everyone pray for a miracle pray God will help him please His Mom is a very sweet young Mom her name is Whitney

    ~ Melinda
  • Please pray for my friend Lisi, she’s been placed on ‘life support but as we all here know, anything is possible with god. Thank you!

    ~ Tom
  • Dear good friends,

    We need prayers and masses for these intentions:

    – “Daniel”: dead (soul);
    – Paulo Silvino: dead (soul)
    – lack of sleep;
    – dislocation of the bones;
    – to be discharged from UAI Martins hospital;
    – sexual problem: lack of pleasure;
    – Régis, Paulo César anad Patrícia loira: alchoholic problem;
    – Patrícia loira and her family: idem;
    – ancestors of Sagata, Hashiguchi and Kanno families;- cure my myopia;
    – cure my dermatitis;- atheists;
    – evil souls from Purgatory;

    ~ Klara
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips situation. Please pray Chris receives good news and a favorable outcome for him with his upcoming court date. Please pray Chris can secure the finances to retain his lawyers. Please pray Chris lawyers do a great job to help him receive good news and a favorable outcome with his court case. Please pray his employers are understanding, patient and sympathetic towards Chris. Please pray for Chris peace of mind during this time. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • I await Gods answer. Please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Lord free me from my anxiety disorder I worry all day all night wasting my life please let me live my life for you

    ~ Anthony
  • I ask prayers for those who are sick and lonely or dying that they will be comfortable and healed

    ~ John
  • For the conversion of my family members who have left the church. I pray for their return.

    ~ Michael
  • Prayers for Fernando Sorondo, a devoted catholic, a great husband and father of three who has been ill in ICU for the last 25 days.

    ~ Alexander
  • Please pray for me that my dysphagia ends so I will be able to eat normally soon. My health feels like it is getting worse and I need to be able to eat normally so I can regain my health and strength back. My Christmas wish is to be healthy and eating again. Also please pray that I find a good doctor one that wants to help me get better. I wish to get better so I can take care of my widow grandmas, who I love dearly. Please pray that I will survive this and get better so I can live a long life.

    ~ Brittany
  • I am requesting prayers for an elderly couple that are traveling from Portland Oregon to Port Royal South Carolina in a large truck (semi) by themselves within two months of their only son’s unexpected death. They have poor health and the weather is bad, and i’m very worried about them. They are traveling in grief, shock and they need everyone’s prayers. They leave Portland this Wed. Please share this prayer, these two are Catholic, but are too proud to ask for help.

    ~ Rachel
  • I would like prayer to recieve a miracle just for me that will completely work in my favor. I would like prayer that my prayers may be honored and granted by God in Jesus Holy name.

    ~ Sharnice
  • According to Gods will prayer for miracles and daily prayer answered. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • Prayer Request:

    Please pray for Eric’s Christmas Miracle!!!
    “Dearest Holy Mother, have mercy on Eric McDonald. Please bless his Advent and Christmas Season. Pray that The Holy Spirit to touch Eric’s heart so that he will be prepared for the Christmas Season. May he be truly open to God’s healing love. May the babe of Bethlehem be The Christ that is born again in his heart.
    Mother of Mercy, pray for his conversion and salvation. Please keep him safe in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen’’

    ~ Alfred