• Please pray that his event with Jane Goodall comes together and Denise feels good about it. Pray that Denise, Bri and I are healthy and safe.

    ~ Terry
  • Pray for peace in this world that people may come to knw the lord amen i pray for my children my grandaughter, my parents family my husbands cousin frankie whos fighting for his life amen his mother. All the sick people in the worldthank you amen:

    ~ Darlene
  • Pls pray me without ceasing.I need many prayers&miracles.My parents forsake me so my life messed up.My sister stole money that can be used for the medical of our father who was terminally ill. Even she&my brother wanted our father who was terminally ill that his life be terminated.Finally our father passed away&my sister never cease slandering me.I also want to complete my studies

    ~ Dwi
  • Please pray for Brenda Garrison who had a heart attack and is on a machine. Pray for her healing, salvation and for her family. Thank you

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my mom, who has Alzheimer’s and all those that have it, may they find peace. I pray that a cure is discovered.

    ~ Harriet
  • I ask for prayers that the Lord may grant me the opportunity to work for the state. I pray that if He wills it, yesterday’s interview be a success and an offer my come my way. If not that the Lord keep me motivated and trust in him that something good is coming my way.

  • Please pray for my husband Shea almond Longwell he got into a really bad car accident and he died automatically so did the driver it was on the news and everything I live in Florida I’m his wife Jesseca Lyon please keep him in everybody’s heads thank you God bless you

    ~ Jesseca
  • Plêiade spray for me ame muito Family for Healing and faith. Thank you

    ~ Tina
  • Mi matrimonio paz unión familiar y sobretodo salud para mis hijas nietos

    ~ Luz
  • Been in grief, body aches, others not concerned, lonely and need financial help, rough to not have no income. Cold, I have did for others, now they wait to me to die. Lies done hurt my life, court has failed my innocene. They keep robbing everything. No job, wish there was some good to come.praise to God he knows my heart.i need a miracle, hallelujah, glory to God. Amen
    Need family to love, stay true to knowing God. Thanks for your prayers, I will wait on Gods instructions.

    ~ nita

  • Pray I sleep well &I have no vertigo or dizziness if I wake up for the toilet in night or morning. I can sleep well. I have peace and a good day tomorrow No dizziness or anxiety. My inner ear heals & balance. When i lie down i dont feel like im moving.Ringing & pulsing in ear heals.Hormones balance.Wrist pain heals. My face stays clear of acne. My husband isn’t understanding. I’m having a bad day today. Suffer PMS before period which makes the anxiety worse. I’m feeling dizzy. Marie

    ~ Marie
  • 1.) Continued prayer as a fervent chain for Robin Thuthiel Rajan (my brother) as he approached a new birthday year and for all his needs. 2.) For my success in my history course (winter January, 2019) semester; including written paper assignments and all my needs.
    Thanking you;
    Romy T. Rajan

    ~ romy
  • For a successful cancer surgery, and the strength from Mother Mary and Jesus to continue on in faith, and love as Jesus wants us to.

    ~ Lisa
  • Please pray for Jayne who is sick and the first dose of antibiotic did not help and is on the second dose. Please pray that she receives healing and does not need to be admitted to the hospital. Pray for her conversion. Thank you

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for my niece Leanora Nova that she will trust and love Jesus and will never convert her faith. May she always be protected from her abusive boyfriend who is different faith. Pray that they will separate in peace.

    ~ Regina
  • I ask for the blessings and prayers that the Lord keep me safe in my travels and help bring me home safely. I pray that the Lord hears my prayers over the crowds and grants me the opportunity to work closer to home or for the state if he wills it. Please hear my prayers Lord.

  • PRAYER REQUEST: Aspects of my disabilities from combat-related things from the army have gotten worse in the last few years (headaches, back pain, neck pain, et al). I am placing a new, updated claim with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Please pray that this claim goes through successfully and that I enjoy an incease better than what I have been receiving. Thanks. –rm

    ~ evelyn
  • For my two sons jobs to get better this coming year. Amen. For my husband health to improve , and for our fanances to improve also in every way.. amen.. For my health to improve also. I have back n arthritis n Nueropathy . Daily. I want to feel better to walk better and help more to our parish needs.. I want to become a EM again .. for our grandkids to stay healthy.. amen. For the souls of our parents . Amen..

    ~ Lena
  • Please pray that I am hired by the city job. I need it bad and at my age it would present really good job security. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • Need prayers for my husband Larry whose in pain with severe gout & for St. Perrigan to cure him from his cancer

    ~ Helen
  • I pray to Michael Biros that he loves me

    ~ Alex
  • My Boss who is a Christian lacks Christian compassion for Animals especially Cats. Please pray for God to transform his heart.

    ~ Judith
  • Please pray that my brothers will learn what a loss it was to lose our mother this December, and not be so concerned with what she had in material things.

    ~ Anonymous
  • That God will continue to help us through our financial and family difficulties bringing them to a positive conclusion.

    ~ Edward
  • Please pray for my friend Andy Kowallak. He is a man of the faith who has been my friend for twenty years. He’s a devoted husband and father of three little girls, the youngest just born this past summer. Just around Thanksgiving, he came down with meningitis and has been hospitalized over the holidays. His wife is beside herself, and clinging onto her faith, as her parents watch the girls. She barely leaves Andy’s side at the hospital. He is in and out of consciousness. Please pray!

    ~ Tara
  • My prayer request:
    that God bless me with His Divine Merciful goodness in sending me blessings
    of healing to attain &maintain health in 2019; not just for myself but for
    Robert, Joyce, Chrissy and Mary who have their own individual healing needs.
    Thank you!

    ~ virginia
  • Request prayer of protection and continued healing and happiness for our entire family and loved ones and for success in our lives and in my struggling business. Also that I may continue my journey in becoming closer to Christ this year and that I may trust and follow his path, also for emotional and mental healing to continue. Thank you for hearing our prayers!

    ~ Alexandria
  • Please pray for the poor South African Boer farmers who are being killed by the ANC group and the Boer farmer’s farms being taken from them. You can google search Lauren Southern on more information on this and the atrocities being committed against the Boer farmers. Thanks, Rose S.

    ~ Rose
  • Our marriage– we are in a very bad state, pretty much existing as roommates, spiritually separated.

    Thank you.

    ~ Catherine Leigh
  • Please pray for my soul. I have a recurrence of cancer and will likely die within the year. I also pray that I will be able to visit with friends and family.

    ~ Bridget
  • I’m Sandra Perez, I recently found out that my boyfriend Erik is cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend. I read through their messages before he deleted them & I found out that they’ve been seeing one another behind my back for a long time. I don’t want to be with my boyfriend anymore, I’m lacking in courage we’ve been together a little over one year, and I just feel really attached to him. But our relationship has become toxic, pray so that we’ll break up & go our separate ways.

    ~ Sandra
  • I am harassed by spirits daily.

    ~ Lucas
  • I ask for all prayers to help me find a position closer to home fulltime. I ask that the lord hear my cries over the crowds and grant me an opportunity. May today’s interview be a success and if God wills it may I be offered a position. I put my life in Gods hands. I trust in him.

  • I pray for job security. My children and granddaughter depend on me for support. I am a single career mom devoted to my family. In Jesus’s name, Arlene

    ~ Arlene
  • Please prayer for my mental health.. Diagnosed with Depression and Personality disorder. Long term. Please pray for my healing and restoration to the Lord… Please pray for my mental health and for peace, I long for peace from this affliction.. Thanks. God bless

    ~ Marc
  • Please dear Lord, heal me in body, mind and soul. After three eye surgeries, I am still not healthy. Help me to heal so that there are no further surgery needed. Thank you dear Jesus. Amen

    ~ Bernie
  • I am soundarya due to financial problems in family I am working as well as studying so I joined a company and did my first project they rejected and terminated from company and I joined another company I did my second project now I submitted it please pray it should be successful. So that I can save my family from poverty and debt please please it’s an humble request I faced so much rejections in life. So that my heart with grief and sorrow. Please Pray me with Jesus for a miracle
    Thank you.

    ~ soundarya
  • Right now I am fasting, because I am being prevented from going to school this semester. In the book of Matthew 6:16 the Father says when we fast not to look gloomy like the hypocrites, to be seen by others. I pray in the name of JESUS that he send me the Helper the HOLY SPIRIT to bless me with the ability to not be gloomy during this fast, so that I will not be seen by others. I don’t have enough space to write a proper request.

    ~ Amanda
  • For the repose of the soul of Sister Mary Butzer.

    ~ Sister Marice
  • I give thanks to Jesus, my Lord and Savior for Jayme Closs, she is safe!
    My daughter(AKLH) health issues (after a long time) are getting taken care of. 2 surgeries and so much better. Through this she has remained faithful in her mission work for God. Thank you for her job with EMI.
    And her wonderful friends.
    For my son(CGH) he is doing great at his job, and is growing into a wonderful man,I pray for his faith.
    For my stepson (JJH)starting his new job 1/21. For my husband(JDH) my love. Amen

    ~ K
  • Please pray for my husband Armando Gomez to find a job. Please a beg for your prayers. Thank you.

    ~ Frances
  • For my mother Alma and sister in laws father Jack in their current battles in illness.

    ~ David
  • Success in my results I am waiting de next few days
    In de congregation I am about to undertake
    Peace in my family
    Love in my family
    Poverty away to brothers n sisters

    ~ Yotham
  • My father Jose Ribeiro who is battling with cancer

    ~ Carmen
  • Pray for Baby Theo VerBryck he is now 2 lbs. Pray for Matt VerBryck take away his pain & heal him. Pray for Sue VerBryck help her to loose weight and stay away from sweets. Help Melissa DelMastro get a nice job. Thank you and God Bless you all.

    ~ Sue
  • Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph, please help me with my health troubles and keep all of us safe, healthy and happy and when we die, please bring all of our souls to heaven to be with all of you in heaven forever. Thank you for everything you are forever doing for all of us. Amen.

    ~ Joanne

    ~ Carla
  • I want to ask brothers and sister in Christ to pray that my daughter and husband find a good job they are looking for. also for her health.
    thank you God bless

    ~ lydia
  • Lord we pray that we do not lose our home and cars because of our serious medical illnesses. Please bless our finances in Jesus name we ask, Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • May the Holy Spirit and God’s grace be with me as I have a MRI on my back. May the Holy Spirit inspire my doctor to understand my unusual health issue and lead me to a solution.

    ~ Michael
  • My wife has heart and kidney failure. Please pray for her. We got married in 1971 and have been with her since 1968. If it be GODs will. Thank you father for all you do for us. AMEN.

    ~ James
  • Please pray for the re-employment as Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Hawaii. Please pray for me to have a positive recovery from major depressive disorders.

    ~ Matthew
  • I would like to enter ministry. After much prayer I believe it to be God’s will for my life. Please pray the Holy Spirit will show me yay or nay and if so he strengthen my walk and efforts.

    ~ Thomas
  • Thank you JMJ for the amazing India vacation for the entire Abreo family. Thank you for your protection, blessings and the lives touched.
    Thank you for all the graces received during the Advent Christmas season.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you My Lord and My God

    ~ Gerard
  • Help with recovery from my stroke. May I be restored to complete health.
    Thanks to Jesus for help already received.

    ~ Scott
  • Prayer for stable physical, mental emotional health. Family assistance and support. A healthcare worker to assist her. She is alone and lonely.

  • For Jonathan my son and his heart murmur to be closed. For his job that he can get some clients. For Ben, that we can be together again and that he change for the best of our relationship.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray I get a good job as a dental assistant up north. Please pray for God to give me strength.

    ~ Kari
  • My prayer is for complete healing and/or complete reversal of a very, recent, cancer diagnosis. Thanks and praise. Sharee Wills.

    ~ Sharee
  • For the salvation of the unsaved souls of Grace, Vince and Josephine Doumit, that they may be drawn to the Father to spend eternity with Him.

    For the Doumit, George (for Jack George and John George to return to Mass every week), Boutros and Coorey families to be blessed

    ~ Anonymous
  • I need God’s guidance. Right now I am fasting, because I am being prevented from going to school this semester. In the book of Matthew 6:16 the Father says when we fast not to look gloomy like the hypocrites, to be seen by others. I pray in the name of JESUS that he send me the Helper the HOLY SPIRIT to bless me with the ability to not be gloomy during this fast, so that I will not be seen by others. I don’t have enough space to write a proper request.

    ~ Amanda
  • For the vocation of a man I know who is greatly drawn to the Priesthood, and for encouragement for him.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for a family friend. She’s in the hospital and it’s not looking good. She’s a wife, mother, and grandmother

    ~ Anonymous
  • I ask the Lord to help me with my anxieties, worries and fears. To grant me the opportunity to work closer to home as he sees fit. If this interview coming up is his will, that he helps me shine. I ask for the protection for a safe trip home tonight and that all falling into place on God’s will.

  • Please include our friend Harlan in your prayers. His health has been suffering and now his kidneys are failing! And please pray for OJ who suffers from back pain, prostate cancer and diabetes. Thank you.

    ~ Norm
  • My son, Brendan, severely injured his writing hand. Please pray for quick healing and that full healing and that he won’t need surgery. Also pray for strength for Brendan as this has been devastating to him. For positive thoughts and not depression.

    ~ Joy
  • Please pray I get to rent from these people and pray I get the job at night and day dental.

    ~ Kari
  • please pray for my son Ray. he is in the hospital in Okla. he has a severe tooth infection and lots of pain. please, pray that he will overcome this. thank you

    ~ barbara
  • Thank you dear Jesus for hearing and answering my prayers. Amen

    ~ Joanne
  • Dear Lord, Please have mercy on me a sinner, and help me to heal. Please protect me from cancer and have mercy on those who do, by easing their suffering and healing them quickly, especially the children.

    Please protect the elderly and ease their suffering. May they know comfort and love.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my personal intimate relationship w/Christ & pray that I become the woman God wants, created & needs me to be as a future godly wife. pray the same for my future husband & Alex Quinones if God wills it 2b him as my future husband. pray for healing for Alex & I’s current relationship. Pray for God’s will to be done on our relationship. I pray god sets us apart from all other relationships, pray for his conversion & pray for a holy union sacramental marriage. Pray for God’s speed

    ~ Anonymous
  • Blessings for a new job and financial security for my family.

    ~ Karla
  • Asking for prayers for my Grandmother who is in the ICU. Praying she will come off the ventilator and breathe on her own.

    ~ Monica
  • Please pray I get the job in Rock Hill, SC and pray I get an apartment.

    ~ Kari
  • I thank God for all he has done for me and my family. I pray that he protects my family form hardships and evil. I ask the Lord to guide me in my times of need. Especially now with an opportunity for a position with the state. If the Lord see’s fit that this be for me, I ask that he help guide me to this interview. If not for me that this does not burn any bridges with the state or agency. In God I trust.

  • Dear Father,
    With a broken heart I’m writing this. I am working in Dubai. After my delivery my left breast got infected& its paining. I’m scared it may turn into any other disease. Please pray for me. I’m very sure God will do miracle in my life through your prayer. In the name of Jesus… Amen

    ~ JIJI
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • May God Bless you Father Brian Walker for the blessed Sunday Mass online on this day January 13, 2019 and for the blessed readings as well as the blessed singing from the St. James choir. Continue praying brothers and sisters for my high blood pressure and swelling in my lower legs. Also, pray that my sinus infection will get well soon and I will not have to take an antibiotic. May God Bless all of you !!
    Delores J,
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • I am asking for prayers for my Mom to stay in good health. Honestly, it is My Mom and I together without any close family members, many passed away and some went astray from us. We have some close friends that help us and please pray for them. I readmitted back into Graduate School for Masters in Social Work and classes start Tuesday evening. I ask you to pray for me, that I will finish.

    ~ David
  • I ask our Heavenly Father to place in the arms on my daughter and her husband a child for them to parent ( they had an adoption fall thru after a 3 month commitment by birth mother and paying all her bills 1/2 hour before the birth mother was induced)
    She and her husband are unable to have children. She is a devote catholic and prayed to St Jude from the moment they were matched. Their son was to be named Jude.)
    She and her husband will make wonderful parents if they receive this blessing.

    ~ Kathleen
  • Please pray for me father. I need your guidance Lord. Oh how I need your healing father. I need you to guide me Lord. I need your will and your strength.

    ~ Kari
  • Praying for my son Carlos D Ruiz – battles with anxiety, depression, panic attacks.
    I pray for healing, that he find comfort in Jesus name.
    Prayers for my entire family, my the continue to be in good health.
    Thank you Jesus

    ~ Albany
  • Prayers for protection

    ~ Phillip
  • I pray for continued progress for my friends back pain. prayers also for my daughter and grandson.Hope he will learn how to behave better. Pray for my son and daughter-in-law that will be going on a mission trip in Feb. Include in prayers for my other son and his family. I praise God for having the Catholic Mass on TV. I cannot attend right now and I still feel part of God’s family because of you. Thank you, thank you…Remember my brother Jim who passed into God’s arms a year a

    ~ Jan
  • For my son David-for a decrease in employment concerns and an increase in employment satisfaction and opportunities. May God bless him and give him hope. I pray to Jesus and all the angels and saints.

    Thank you Jesus

    ~ Iris
  • I have been awaiting an answer about a job with the city of Wichita. I truly and deeply need the job and could see myself working there 30 years. Please pray they hire me. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for me I need you father. Please pray God’s will in my life.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray with me for the restoration of our marriage.
    Please intercede with the Lord on behalf of my bride for her to stop,her adulterous activities & return to our marriage.

    ~ Jimmy
  • Please pray that I am hired by the city. I really really need the job. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • GM. I pray for my sisters. One is battling cancer and needs strength- physically and emotionally. Let the cancer disappear and she recover fully. I pray for my sister and her baby. May she find peace and raise a healthy baby in a loving home. Amen

    ~ Diana

    ~ Terry

    ~ Terry
  • I ask as always with all my heart and soul for the Lord to hear my prayer. I ask that the Lord grant me an opportunity to work back home fulltime to be here for my family and daughters. Please I pray for the power of prayers of all to help keep me positive, and never quit my daily quest for the Lord’s help.

  • Please pray for my mum, Mary, who had a stroke on 28th December. Her recovery and rehab from the stroke are going well, but she needs as much prayers as possible for an aneurysm that they found in her brain, which we will be checking again in 6 months. Please pray that it will not expand at all and even shrink/disappear by God’s grace as there is always a possibility of rupture although the risk is low for the moment. Thanks so much for the prayers.

    ~ Edwin
  • Dear God,please help my son Daniel Bitta Magesa recover, doctors say he has insufficient red blood cells, it was 10.6,it has dropped to 9.0,God he is just 1 year,have mercy on him,may this problem never reoccur again in his life,may he fully recover and attain good health.

    ~ Robby
  • Please pray for healing and protection for Christine, Elizabeth A., Elizabeth W., and Anastasia S. and remove all obstacles for doing God’s will.

    ~ Anonymous
  • That I may get the right job for me. One that will make me happy and support my wife and I.

    ~ Timothy
  • Pls pray for my friend Jay Almaraz he is having open heart surgery Tues At 6am in McAllen Texas. Pls keep him in your prayers.

    ~ Orlando
  • Happy New Year!! I would like prayer for my relationship. I thank the Good Lord for seeing us through a New Year and ask that he continues to strengthen love and bond that we have for one another. I also ask that he removes any obstacles or any one that is out to do us any harm. The devil is busy. So please keep us in prayer. Thank you.

    ~ Debra
  • Pls. let Roland and George come visit us in California. Pls. heal my daughter of stomach troubles, bless her and RJ and RJ’s family. Bless Picarts and Escuadra families. Thank you Lord for all miracles and Blessings.

    ~ Doris
  • I was recently injured and have a herniated lumbar disc please pray that it heals.
    Please pray for the soul of Anne Lynch, my mother.

    ~ Michael
  • I pray for the sick, the dying and those who are hurting. I pray for those who suffer from some form of mental illness.

    ~ Reverend Terri
  • Please pray for my husband, Frederick for cure, healing and recovery.
    God is merciful.
    Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • May God Bless you Father Brain Walker for the wonderful Sunday Mass online this January 7th, 2018 and to the lady that did the readings plus the great singing from the St. James choir at the Parish of the Dominican Friars. Brothers and sisters continue praying for my health issues that prevent me from doing my daily activities. Pray for the health of my daughter, son in law and our dog. Pray for my financial hardship. I love all of you.
    Delores J,
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Me and my boyfriend Sergey have had a big conflict lately. I have known him for 2 years and nothing stayed between us. The other day we got in a petty fight and he said he was done with me. I thought he was hiding something; I only asked a simple question…really, I am worried, I love him and I am worried that we (I?) ruined it all. Please pray that we can be reconciled and that he will be open to the truth.

    ~ Nicole
  • I’m from Finland. I beat a woman named Tia. I’m now going through judicial process. Pray for Tia, that she will get better in physically and mentally as well. All I hope is that Tia will get God’s almighty help.

    ~ Mikko
  • I am both lonely and heartbroken. Please pray that if my ex wife April will not seek our restoration that he send the right person for me to love and be loved by and spend my life with. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • For my older sister Lauren who has mental illness to receive God’s love and healing and to forgive her sister (me) for a minor offense that took place 4 years ago. For intestinal healing, so I don’t have to take medicine daily to go to the bathroom. Also, healthy pregnancies for myself when the time comes, Amen.

    Thank you!

    ~ Lindsey
  • Asking prayers for my disability and medical health insurance to go threw and for god to help me threw hard times and suffering

    ~ Diane
  • Prayer request for the fruits of my womb Clinton Walker Jr Unique Moore and Michael Z Moore and Unice Moore. Father enlighten the eyes of their hearts to know you better LORD, stir up and bring forth every gift You LORD placed in them, prune EVERY branch that is not and keeps them from walking the path YOU laid befor them, bless them with Your favor, wisdom,understand,forgiveness, salvation, clarity,healing, deliverance, extra measure of grace and mercy and hedges of protection,wash them in your

    ~ Glynis
  • please prayer for Richard and his family, major problems with family affairs

  • Dearest Heavenly Father, please allow my husband to get the job he is so desperately hoping for. He is such a good man and asks for so little yet does so much. I pray for peace and understanding in this world and for tolerance and acceptance. Thank you Heart of the Nation, I don’t get to go to church every Sunday but I very much enjoy your mass. God Bless what you do.

    In Jesus almighty name I ask…

    ~ Lisa

  • My mother is struggling with even living. And taking care of her self my sister is struggling with her faith in god and not taking her meds she needs to be stable.
    I’m now homeless and pregnant and barely making it.
    Just please pray my faith is to strong to have the devil break me

    ~ Tiffany
  • Please pray that my payment of $320 which was sent in a cashiers check back in December is found and documented w/the company requesting it.
    In addition pray that my bank will have documentation on the check. Please pray that the company credits my account as paid in full for the four month payment as paid in full. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that Curt finds a financially stable job soon. He is trying so hard to find something, and I ask for his worries and burdons to be lifted and for employment decisions to be made in his favor. Please help him find the way he was meant to serve you, Lord. Thank you for all that you do for us, every day. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • I ask for all prayers and intercessions to help me for my family to be granted an opportunity to work closer to home fulltime. That I may be there for my daughters, spouse, and parents. Please I pray that the Lord has mercy on me and hears my prayers over the crowds to grant my request. Please hear my prayer.

  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • 1.) For my brother, father, grandmother, and mother, and my well-being, also to have a healthy lifestyle.
    2.) For my history class to be a success including part 1 and part 2 of my exam, January, 2019 semester; and to score well and finish by the grace mercy, and peace of Jesus Christ as a prayer chain and knot to our Lord and Savior.

    Thanks be to Jesus our Lord and Christ
    Romy Thuthiel

    ~ romy
  • Jesus bless Dennis Flanagan. Amen

    ~ Terry
  • My family has moved to Arizona. I now have to sell my home because of finances but I grew up in this area and have a brother here. I am so conflicted between leaving my brother and missing my family in Arizona. My daughter and all my young grandchildren are there. I am 70 yr old and I need prayers to help me make some decision on this. Please say prayers for me as I am so frightened to be alone but so afraid to move. Please Jesus enter my heart and help me with this decision.

    ~ Marie
  • Praise the Lord,

    I want to be a government officer please pray for me to get success in all the examinations that I will give in this year.

    ~ Nilesh
  • Complete healing of family:
    her liver cyst and pneumonia
    3. ERNEST JUDE D. PEREZ from diabetes
    and drinking too much and other
    internal disorders
    Diabetes Type 2,Kidney Type 3,Skin
    cancer,Arthritis and other medical
    cough,chronic gastric ulcer,body pain esp shoulders,upper chest,legs,back & spiritual

    ~ Anna Elizabeth
  • Anthony and La Verne Capalbo.
    Both of my parents have passed away. They lived in Upland CA.

    ~ Mitchell
  • Please pray for healing for me..I have chronic sinusitis rhinitis disease..post nasal drip .breast issues dense breasts, nodule, cyst , califications. Anxiety.depression.panick attacks..bi-polar. IBS.syndrome , gerd acid reflux disease. Spine issues. Arthritis , Degenerative Joint Disease..Asthma.

    ~ Cynthia
  • For Travis Mollena a stroke survivor of 3 years.

    ~ Joseph
  • Hello there, thank you for reading. Can you pray for my mother, Sara Hernandez, she has had stomach pain for the past 7 years and no medical doctor seems to know what is wrong with her. Doctors have done a lot of test and everything comes back ok except for her mysterious pain that makes her blood pressure even higher. I don’t want her to lose her job due to this unknown pain. She always seems to be out of money ever since the pain started. She can never save money, something always comes up.

    ~ Xiomar
  • Thank you for answering my prayers. I pray to sell Esther and Del Chapparal in the very near future.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For Kaygen and Harper to stay out of trouble and quit fighting. For my family. For Victoria fighting with breast cancer. For homeless and less fortunate.

    ~ Annette
  • I thank the Lord for the many blessings he has given me and my family. I pray that he never stops. But I ask for his mercy to allow a business, company, or state to be allowed to offer me a position to work closer to home. Please I pray for his mercy and hear my petition over the crowds and grant this for me. I pray he keeps my string and confident that great things are coming my way soon.

  • I need guidance in my life right now . I recently got into some trouble with the law. I am a 33 year old man with 4 children. I work everyday doing construction to provide for these children and my wife .I have never been in any trouble like this and it scares me .I’m afraid of leaving my family over this I need help in my life I need god to guide my life please.. please give me guidance back to the faith

    ~ Christopher
  • My husband is trying to quit smoking after many years. Please pray he does it and never goes back this time. Amen

    ~ Maria
  • Pray for Matt VerBryck he is in alot of pain. Help Helen Bambis with her breathing. Help Sue VerBryck stay away from sweets. Pray forBaby Theo VerBryck he is only 1 lb 10 ozs. Help Melissa DelMastro get a good job. Thank you

    ~ Sue

    ~ MARY
  • U need I prayer to get my life back on the right track.. And get my kids back in my life I’m 33yrs it been I month I have Saw my kids thank u .. my GO DO BLESS US ALL . AMEN

    ~ Arnaz
  • Please pray that my marriage should get fixed immediately without any delay as I am waiting from 7 years, IAM 32 age now, I don’t have father, nobody properly helping us, so many hurdles in my marriage, IAM feeling lonely many are hurting n insulting about my marriage, please pray for me

    ~ Mary
  • Recovery of David Crispino Sr

    ~ Sarahjean
  • Please pray for my employers really having a rough time of it (Brandi and Barkley are their names)

    ~ Jo
  • I am going through a difficult time, I recently lost my mother, she was the only family I had. I have been having major health issues. Please pray that I get back on my feet and that my health improves so I can return to work. Please pray that God works in my life and that he will lead me in the right direction in his service.

    ~ timothy
  • Please Pray that our house owner may settle with us either by giving us a flat or cash. We are living in a very old house and it is Crumbling inspite of repeated repairs.

    ~ Rani
  • Please pray for Jesus to fulfill his word as stated in John 14:12-14 by granting the fulfillment of the miracle I have claimed in the name Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

    ~ Patricia
  • God is light

    ~ Krystle
  • My husband who hasn’t been feeling good and we don’t know the problem.

    ~ Susanne
  • Thank you for all the good things that have happened these past two weeks. They have been incredible with the exception of today. Thank you for your prayers. Amen.

    ~ Aaron
  • Lord Jehovah, I plead to you to come to my aid and restore my mind and body as fast as you can. Please, I am so tired. I need your love to flow through me to heal me so I can move forward with my life. Please God, please help me. Amen.

    ~ Aaron
  • Dear brothers and sisters, please pray for me to get over this bug so I can go home to my family. Amen.

    ~ Aaron
  • Pray for Suzanne Hall who needs a liver transplant.
    Pray for Christina Sikes who was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident. She has a procedure on her leg with hopes it will take and she won’t have to have her leg amputated. It will be 9 to 10 months before they will know if this will take. She has other serious injuries. Hoping she will mend.
    Joshua Massey who is a veteran has problems getting his health under control and his income they need to get straighten out.

    ~ Susanne
  • Please pray for me. I am going through a very difficult time financially and urgently need money. Please for me to get $10,000, which will help my situation improve a lot. Thank you.

    ~ Victor
  • Thank You God, Blessed Mother and St Jude for my blessings. Please help my son with his health and life. Watch over my family near and far. Thank You for allowing me to live through Christmas.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my daughter-in-law Jennifer. She is very depressed and angry. She is a stay at home mother and needs some type of outlet. She had a hard upbringing and is now letting it out on my son and the children. We love her dearly. My son is named Paul and the children are Elijah 6 years old and Jacob 1 year old. They need faith back in their life too. Thank you so much for your ministry..

    ~ Priscilla
  • Prayer for continued good health for Joesph Andteszcuk a cancer survivor with stage 4 emphysema whom I have cared for for 6 years. Bopefully, we xan me involved in a mens bible study and church during 2019. Also, I pray for the homeless , bullied and rhose without a family…all of which I have been. I need to let go of rhe losses of my family, career (lawyer) and home. All I have left is memories.

    ~ Richard
  • Please pray for my daughter who has Multiple Sclerosis. She is having terrible headaches right now which confines her to bed. Thank you so much.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for prosperity. In need to get by this year. In finance and love.

    Prayer for Rose battling lung cancer. May she survive it.

    ~ Brenda
  • I have lost all hope. I need prayers to keep down thoughts of suicide. I have worked very hard and deligently for months to resolve a crisis with saving my home to no avail. I pray a generous benefactor can help avert the crisis coming on January 30, 2019. I cannot bear to become homeless and would prefer to end it all. I was always taught that others would reach out to help in a crisis but I have found that to be very much untrue in the months I have asked for help. Please pray for me.

    ~ JOHN
  • Pray for my uncle Steve Wilson whose cancerous tumors grew back and has decided to stop his treatment

    ~ Shane
  • Please pray my son accepts the mental health that he needs. And that he gets the right medication. Thank you amen

    ~ K
  • Please pray for me to get a good job with a nice company in Nairobi.

    ~ Stella
  • My pray request is for my 22year old daughter bring her back to church honor me as her biological mother heal her right my intentions is pass my apartment inspection no increase in rent my financial burden and health. I believe in the power of prays amen

    ~ Carol
  • I thank the Lord for the many blessings he has given me and my family. I pray that he never stops. But I ask for his mercy to allow a business, company, or state to be allowed to offer me a position to work closer to home. Please I pray for his mercy and hear my petition over the crowds and grant this for me. I pray he keeps my string and confident that great things are coming my way soon.

  • Loving Father,You know that the deepest desire of my heart is, to meet someone that I can share my life with.I trust in your loving plan for me and ask that I might meet soon
    the person that you have prepared for me.Through the power of your Holy Spirit, open my heart and mind so that I recognise my soulmate.Remove any obstacles that may be in the way of this happy encounter,So that I might find a new sense of wholeness, joy and peace.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please let God forgive for me my unholy thoughts and sins and let me have my period, pray I am not pregnant and that God leads me closer to him

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please oh God I need you, I’m begging to be purified. I need your strength father. I really need you so bad Lord. I feel so lost and I need your will father. I’m begging for you God I want to feel your presence all around me, my heart hurts so bad father.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for my son that he is successful at his grocery bagging job. He has a disability and wants to work. He needs to be able to focus and be mindful of meeting the store’s expectations. Thank your for your prayers.

    ~ Anonymous
  • LORD, do I keep praying for my marriage to be restored or do l let him go? Please give me a sign. Please send an Angel to reveal your will for us. I’m tired and exhausted and I feel like I can’t go on with this pain. Hear my prayer LORD, in JESUS name🙏🏼

    ~ A
  • I have liked the same guy for more than a year now. My feelings for him are still so strong that i think I may be falling in love with him. The only thing is we don’t talk anymore. Please help me pray that he talks to me through social media because that is the only place where we see eachother now. I really like him so much i would like if he acknowledged me, even if its just as a friend. I just want him to want to get to know me and for him to want me to get to know him.

    ~ Angelica
  • I am in need of a miracle for my marriage to be restored please pray for me

    ~ Jessica
  • Please continue to pray for Vince. His condition is very grave. The radiation oncologist & medical oncologist said there’s absolutely no information on his type of brain tumor. The treatment they’re suggesting is a last resort, because they literally have no idea how to treat it. He is now undergoing chemo and radiation.
    His family is praying for a miracle & putting this in God’s hands. Please remember them all in your prayers. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for laquan Leon Williams who is facing jail time ask God to dismiss you case and aquit laquan of all charges here in the Manhattan supreme Court in NYC

    ~ Zoeie
  • Lord Jesus please help me my girlfriend left me she’s name is ankita we spent 5years together but now she left me God Jesus help me tell her to msg me please Lord Jesus Christ Amen…

    ~ Ratan
  • My girlfriend Iram samuel and I are on a distant relationship, I pray that God always unites our hearts and spirit together, and bring us together as a couple. My wish is to get married Iram at Full Gospel Assembly of God Church (my home church) this year and raise children, and our family always honor God first.

    May God bless us in relationships, health and work, and God is always at the center of our relationship and marriage with love, respect and peace. Thank you Jesus.

    ~ irfan
  • I ask for all the prayers and strength for the Lord to grant a company the opportunity to hire me. I pray that he Grant’s this request for me to be closer to my family. Please have mercy on me and hear my prayers over the crowds. Grant me this my Lord.

  • Please let our bankruptcy case go through without a problem and without the two forms we cannot find. Please let us not have to deal with our arrogant attorney anymore

    ~ kathleen
  • My prayer is to ask Our Lord for help with Depression and Aniexty. Also for my children and husband. Also for this crazy world. May God surround his children with love and protect us from the devil. All that wish to tear us from God’s loving ways. The Catholic Mass was taken off of our tv, this past Sunday. Spectrum cable is fighting to have it put back on.

    ~ Joy
  • Lord, please guide me through the completion of a very difficult work project. May it end quickly and efficiently to the satisfaction of all. Please soften the heart of a very inflexible person deeply entrenched in this project. Amen

    ~ George
  • I am virgin. I have menstrual cycles that last for three weeks. Currently, it has been fourth weeks. I have been to the doctor and given medication that is not working. I am afraid because I don’t want to faint or need a blood transfusion. The other medications have serious side effects such as stroke and because the other medical treatment would end my chances of ever having children. I pray the Lord stops the bleeding and restore my normal period. I am scared and feel hopless.

    ~ Daljit
  • I ask for the safe travels for all on the roads today during these winter storms especially my family that they all make it back safely. Keep the truck drivers safe and patient especially the ones to always drive a little faster than they should. Keep me safe in my travels and that I get back home to my family and that the Lord will grant me the opportunity to work back home fulltime. Amen

  • Please pray for my niece (my sister daughter) Leanora Nova, she is in an abusive relationship with a different faith boyfriend. Because of him my niece is insecure and always distance with her own family. Please pray for her safety and pray so that she has the courage to break off with the abusive bf. Pray for her so that she will open her heart to Jesus and strengthen her Faith. Most importantly so that she’ll be close to her own family. Amen.

    ~ Regina
  • My son is having difficulties with substance abuse. Prayer that he seeks help and overcomes the addictions.

    ~ Michelle
  • I am 15 yr old from Kerala. I am having tensions, anxieties, and lust temptations too. I am not able to study properly. I am not understanding anything.The moment I open my books, fear comes in , anxiety comes in, and this happens especially in noon time. Also having my exams from Jan.4. I am in high school.Please pray for me.
    Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me.
    Wash me with your blood and fill me with your holy spirit.

    ~ Jonathan
  • I adore my husband, Eric. We have suffered miscarriages, and I may be pregnant again. Please pray that I am, and that Eric will be delighted, that this will be a healthy pregnancy, resulting in a safe birth and healthy baby, and also, a healthier, stronger marriage, healed of our losses. Please pray that the Lord will restore the years the locusts have eaten.

    ~ Alexandra
  • For my school application, I am hoping I can get in the science class since it is my favourite class and subject. The class is almost full, and I am hoping that I am one of the people who goes into that class. Thank you.

    ~ Enrica
  • Please pray for me I have been with do much on my shoulders I feel super tired exhausted. Please for God’s blessing protection help and forgiveness. Please pray for my situation with my father, my son, my job, my mother, with my financial situation. Thank you

    ~ BRENDA
  • My heart continues to ache for her so I ask again you pray the Holy Spirit will work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart soul mind and life causing her to turn and seek the restoration of our marriage.

    ~ Tom
  • Hi I would like prayer for my family for good health peace and happiness. I pray for everyone to be safe to be covered by Jesus precious blood.I pray for my brother Jose for him to have peace in his life because he drinks a lot and used drugs I want him to change his ways. He’s going in to jail soon for maybe a couple years I pray that he be safe in there and doesn’t think about doing anything crazy because he’s feed up with life.I just want him to be happy and safe. Thank You

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for my familys health and my depression and anxiety, which unfortunately finds its way to make life difficult and sad. I have faith that the Lord Jesus Christ will remove this burden.

    ~ Steven
  • Thank you so very much. God’s continued blessings, love, support, guidance and protection is always welcomed. I pray for your support in keeping.my family and especially children in your good graces. We love you! Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • lord heal my family and heal my mum husband and sister and also my my mother not too put my son in a foster home lord my mum spoil my son and know mum cant handle him lord my parents have custody of my kids i love my kids lord .heal.belinda and colleen too leave sherwin. lord let his ex wife leave him lord we are together lord we are engaged know lord in jesus name amen i from trinidad lord i live lantana cibelo 144 verbena gab in jesus name amen

    ~ Ria
  • You please that my Financial situation gets better this year. And please pray that me and my Granson get stronger over the death of his mother. Thank You God.

    ~ Betty
  • Please pray for spiritual bondage over me to be set free. Please pray for protection over my children Elijah and Abigail. Please pray for protection over my work at Dr. Deborah Ashcroft pediatric dentistry. Please pray for cleansing in all areas of my life.

    ~ Kari

    ~ Joseph
  • I had the job interview today. I feel it went well praise God. They were going to do more interviews and could take two weeks before starting. Please pray I get hired. I need to desperately.

    ~ Tom
  • Asking for Prayers as my mother in law seeks forgiveness and peace after losing her husband of 19 years. She’s been going through a depression and I wanted to ask for a prayer for her.

    ~ Anon
  • Pray for my family will have a safe and good night and good night sleep.prayfor A.F can find good she does well at.Pray for AF. can be useful,needed,show much love and have good personality.Pray for Liz and Scott marriage and Aiden and Ella.Pray for Liz and women will have a safe,healthy delivery and healthy and normal baby.Pray for Tom and Alysha marriage and family. Pray for Mary and Nate marriage and family.Pray for Ryan and Kylie.Pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades,jobs,finds good spouse

    ~ Anonymous
  • Due to a mental health issue my husband went through, and the agitation it caused him, he is in a bad position at work. Please pray for a miracle to get the special problems at work taken care of and for him to be able to keep his job without any other problems and remain employed through full retirement age. Also, lead me to the right job at the right time. I really want to continue what I’m doing and expand on it, but it doesn’t pay the bills. Please help and guide me to the best situation.

    ~ W
  • Hello, my name is Sharnice and I would like prayer to receive a very great and special miracle in my life I been dreaming of a great miracle of my deepest desires just for me from the crown of my to the soles of my feet; just for me that will work completely in my favor. Thank you.

    ~ Sharnice
  • Please help me get back into Church, and spiritual guidance as I continue my new found journey with God.

    ~ Melissa
  • Please pray for my father who lives alone and has been depressed since my mother passed away in late June 2018. He has glaucoma in one eye and it is starting in the other eye and has arthritis pretty bad in his hip and also has A-FIB. Family members that live close to him check on him as well as his neighbors, but I worry about him alot since I live the farthest away. Please ask Jesus to watch over him and protect him and keep him healthy and to ease his depression. I love him dearly.

    ~ Rosalie
  • I ask all for prayers that the Lord will grant me an opportunity to work closer to home fulltime to support my family financially and spiritually. I ask that the Lord hear my prayers over the crowds and grant me to be there for my daughter as she starts school and help her in her needs. Please hear my prayer.


  • This intention is for myself. It concerns my health. 7 years ago I came down with an illness and It has persisted to this day. It is chronic and severe. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Autoimmune Disorders, Sleep Disorders. I have had constant thoughts of suicide during this period(never before I got sick). I feel oppressed constantly. I pray to God but he doesn’t seem to hear me. Thank you.

    ~ John
  • For 82 year old father with a lot of health issues..Alzheimer’s..COPD..diabetic..memory going fast..kidney disease..etc Thank you for your kindness and prayers..God Bless

    ~ Carol
  • Pray God Blesses Filiberto

    ~ Anonymous
  • Bless me and my husband with a child.

    ~ Anita
  • Thank you Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki for the blessed Sunday Mass online on December 30, 2018 and thanks to the lady that did the readings plus the awesome singing from the Pius Xl choir. Continue praying for my health issues and that I will be restored to good health this New Year 2019.
    Pray that I will get out of a financial hardship and sell my land. Happy New Year to all of you at Heart of the Nation online!!! I love each one of you.
    Delores J,
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Thank you so much Father Mark Payne for the wonderful New Year of 2019 Mass online and Bless the one that did the readings plus the awesome job the St. Joseph choir did. May God Bless each of you and have a Blessed New Year!!! Continue praying brothers and sisters for me to have better health in this year and that my finances will be better. Keep my daughter and son in law plus our dog in prayers for good health and safety.
    Delores J
    Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • for eternal peace of late Fr.Antony Myladil

    ~ biju
  • That my children and grandchildren may all turn to Jesus and Mary and come back to the Church and know and love and serve God in this world and the next. For all of my family and friends, living and deceased I pray. Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Heavenly Father, please forgive me my sins, for which I am so sorry. I know that I am not worthy, but please in your mercy help me with my health. Please take these burdens from me and help me to heal. Please protect me from cancer. Please give my doctors the knowledge and skills to take care of me. Dear Lord, I place all my trust in you.

    ~ Patricia
  • On this first day of the year I thank the Lord for the many blessings he has given me and my family. I as with the support of prayer and support the Lord will provide and grant me an opportunity to work closer to home fulltime to support my family as I should. I pray a door will open and he permit a business to hire me. For this I pray.

  • please pray for my sons that they get strong and find Jesus to fight their drug addiction thank you

    ~ Rose Ann
  • I pray for the renewed faith of my children-Neil, April, Angie and David.
    Thanks be to God.

    ~ Iris
  • May god help me to get my finances in order. Help me to pay bills and get my house built. I have to move out of here really soon. Something bad is going to happen here. God show me what I have to do. Everything is falling apart. Show me the way. God I know there’s a reason for everything I’m just not sure why I’m going through all of this.

    ~ Angela
  • For success and safety for my daughter and I from demonic attacks by my mother and family members, especially my mother’s false accusations of me abusing her. Wrap the hedge of God’s protection around B and I such that no evil may penetrate it nor touch us. St. Michael protect protect us. St. Jude help us. Lord God help us. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please keep John and I clean n happy n healthy.

    ~ Kristin
  • The Vince Nejman family
    The Edward Acher family

    ~ Vincent J
  • Dominic and bora rodriguez
    Esther and Kito Kentish
    George and Allen thibeaux
    Lisa Kim Yvonne thibeaux
    Cathy Williams
    Helen clareo
    Simone Jerome Michelle Chris Lana
    Daigle family
    Thibeaux family

    ~ Yvonne
  • Patience, comfort, guidance and anger management

    ~ Thomas

  • I pray for an end to illness, hate and selfishness. I pray for the sick children of the world. I pray for the homeless. I pray for the weak. I pray for the strong to remain strong. I pray that God hears me.

    ~ Nichole
  • Please pray that my mother Mrs.Litty Ninan, may be filled with the holy spirit, and may receive the wisdom of God, that she may unsubscribe the sensual newspapers (The Times Of India) she is bringing in home.

    ~ Jonathan
  • Please pray for me I feel so alone and unloved. I don’t know what God’s plan is for me , I at times feel I will never find a human companion that will care about me.
    Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my father in law. He is getting older and is not always making right decisions.
    Please also pray for my husband, that he make better health choices.

    ~ Catherine's
  • Please pray for me and my family in 2019. That my son will get a better paying job. That my middle daughter’s heart will be softened and that God will direct her every step. In Jesus name

    ~ Jeanette
  • I need prayers for health to be restored and energy to be restored in control of my diabetes as well

    ~ Danielle
  • God
    I pray in faith trust truth love respect loyalty for Eric Cuben Alaina Keira Nadia dad sisters Nursev family Ekita family Kaz family Loraine family all my aunties Everyone we know, That the new year brings blessing miracles,Keeps us all safe and protected Brings us joy fulfilment ,Stand in agreement with me for my relationship with Eric, Pray that the Lord bless our acquaintance Pray that the Lord strengthen our connection together and make our hearts more close to each other in Holy blesse

    ~ Le
  • Please pray for me that my heart problems will be fixed. And I will be alright

    ~ Joan
  • Please pray for strength in my life and protection over me in my life. Please pray for a husband in my life. Please pray if Adam Cordero is the one. I’m worried about our relationship. Please pray if he is the one or am I wasting my time. Please pray for protection over my children Elijah and Abigail. Please pray for protection over my family. Please pray for my work at dr Deborah a Ashcraft pediatric dentistry.

    ~ Kari
  • I would like to pray for my father who is given medication to treat hiccups; for my well-being of my grandmother and brother. I am taking a history course in January, 2019; I like to do well and I need prayer chain for success at College. Also for my lifestyle to be healthy and taken care of. Amen Jesus Christ; My Lord and Savior

    ~ romy
  • Pray that I grow as a Christian. Inside church and outside. That I keep all the promises I promised the good lord.
    That I dedicate time for him.
    To rebuke all evil from me, family and friends.
    To grow stronger each day I PRAY!!!!!

    ~ Maryann
  • My health. I am on cancer remission. My husband health.
    My children that are separating from the faiths and the church.
    My siblings, to be closer and have a better comunication and tolerance.

    ~ Rosa
  • I ask prayers for my health, to find the right therapies for the Meniere and a haematological problem. Thank you

    ~ Lucia
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for my transition so I will be a blessing & be blessed & healing also for family.
    THANK YOU for your beautiful online mass & the music also. Heavenly.
    A blessing. Thank you!

    ~ J
  • Please pray for me, I’m moving & I don’t drive…
    Pray God uses my situation to bless others by my service,
    also that I find a spiritual community of prayer where I move to.
    Thank you very much.

    ~ J
  • That I may accept my mother’s personality. That I may control my anger when she starts her insults.
    That I may get relief from my arthritic pains.
    Stability in our great country.

    ~ Mary Anne
  • As the New Year nears please pray the Holy Spirit will work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart soul mind and life causing her to turn and seek the restoration of our marriage.

    ~ Tom
  • Protection of asmita daughter from violent abusive husband abie who evicted her from home and impotent unable to conceive since 5 years marriage and determined to get rid of her with threats and having extramarital affairs added to her losing job career

    Please pray for abies deliverance for asmita s safety and blessed with job peace healing of trauma s and blessings
    Thank you

    ~ Julian
  • That my family may become whole again. That my son may realize that we have not abandoned him and he is part of our family. We need him to come back to us. Also that he may realize that his wife loves him and wants to stay with him if he can get his anger under control.

    ~ Doreen
  • I would like a prayer request for my family that is falling apart we were very united but not anymore they don’t respect my parents who are in there 80 that includes the grandkids drugs are taking over the family before our faith was very important it’s not anymore please pray for us.
    Thank you and God bless

    ~ Maricela
  • Please pray with me. I came to Ireland seeking an employment. I have been lucky to get a few interviews however no offer as yet. I’m praying I success in this and God favors me in this. I resigned from my previous job and my and husband fully supported me in this venture and risk I’m taking. I’m so worried and nervous I come out failing and losing all faith and support my family and husband has in me for doing this.

    ~ Deleste
  • My youngest son is 27 & hi functioning autistic, he works n drives but has no friends. For him to find a nice friend n have good life. His name is Tyler. Thank you

    ~ cheri
  • Please help:
    -My grandson Edward Goben find a job, drive responsible, find a women a good companion and to learn to drink responsible.
    -For my children Ronnie, Skip, Chris, Tim and Todd with all their trails and tribulations
    -For my Sisters and their families
    -For my Friends and their families
    -For my forgiveness in ALL that I have done wrong & guidence to make things right.
    -For Financial help to me and my family
    -For Continual love between Kelvin & Me
    -Help to lose weight be healthy

    ~ Joyce
  • For myself! My drinking and my body to be healthy again. And my heart to be given the fire of the Holy Spirit again!

    Thank You! 🙏🏼❤️

    ~ John
  • Please pray that I get hired by the city tommorrow. I need it badly. Thanks and Happy New Year.

    ~ Tom
  • Lord Bless me to be able to get into my new home soon. Continue to keep me safe while I reside in my present place. Abba the battle is not mine but yours. Jesus I surrender myself to you, take care of everything. Abba, Jesus, and Holy Spirit thank you for being my family. Amen I praise you Father for hearing me for I know you hear me always……

    ~ Maria
  • For my brother, Doug, who has cancer and is on hospice in Iowa, first for complete, miraculous remission of the tumors; if that isn’t in God’s plan, comfort without snowing Doug with morphine, peace and no fear. Thank you, God, for bringing him back to the sacraments. If you take him, take good care of my little brother and give him everlasting joy. He’s had a hard life.

    For Larry, our dad, who died in July. For our mom who died in 1987. And for me.

    ~ Debbie
  • My prayer is that my son in Heaven have peace. Also that my younger son and his family become close enough to God to believe with all their hearts so they become closer as a family that includes God. Without God we are nothing.

    ~ Dora C
  • Please pray for my family for 2019 a good year. To grant us good health
    Prosperous & safety.
    Thank you for praying!

    ~ Edna
  • For strength and continued faith as he goes through a difficult situation. May the truth come out and he be exonerated from charges made and win his appeal for his job reinstatement. Please pray for those involved. We ask this through Jesus Christ, Amen.

    ~ Victor
  • Inask that the grants me an opportunity to work closer to home with a fulltime job so that I my be there for my family in times of need. I ask that he grant me this with all my heart and soul. Please hear my prayer and have mercy on me.

  • I ask you to offer prayers for my wife, who passed on 8/26/18. She was my BEST friend, the MOTHER of our children my PARTNER, my LOVE and my LIFE, and now she has found a BETTER life until we meet again.

    ~ Glenn
  • O God ease my daughter’s anxiety over her work responsibilities. Bless her with the peace of knowing she is doing a great job. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • My mom is getting out of the hospital today, she has been in there twice since Christmas she is weak in her body, she takes a lot of medications from her doctor, I pray that they take some of the medications away from her and that she gets better. I pray for strength for her and myself, as I am her care giver. Thank you so much!
    Matthew Rankin

    ~ Matthew
  • Please pray for Bill who has liver cancer and needs a liver transplant. And for Melissa who deals with depression, and for her and Andrew’s marriage that is in trouble. And to soften our landlords heart towards tenants, to be a good landlord.

    ~ Theresa
  • For my son Justin that God would heal from of his addiction to alcohol. For my daughter to be the mother her 3 children need. Thank you and God bless

    ~ Janet
  • Praying that I can be debt free and all bills paid with perfect credit by summer 2019!

    ~ David
  • Prayer for healing hearts for my daughter Laura who won’t speak to me her mother
    Something wrong and cant’ talk to her to fix, am heart broker as I am 71 years old and ill. Please pray for healing for her with rest of family.

    ~ Judy
  • I ask for prayers so that I may seek employment that is fulfilling. I ask that the employer sees me for my worth and experience, not age.
    Thank you and God bless you all for your prayers.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Healing in my family of the Addications that have consumed their lives, healing in my Family that one day we will all be United in Christ. Forgiveness and the vocation of my Grandchildren. Unityof Marriage in Families. Conversion of my Daughters and Grandchildren.

    ~ Cheryl
  • Dear prayer team members, greetings for Mery Christmas to all of you.Myself Sandip Banerjee from Baruipur, westbengal India.Our family is a Christian family.Dear brother & sister i have a prayer request.
    1.Thanks GOD for 2018 that He gaves lots of blessing.
    2.Please pray for our family as Shatabdi(wife),me & My son Soumik(1 year old) that GOD bless us abundantly in the new year 2019.
    2.In 2019 Jesus bless me and provide me my professional stability that i looking for last 2 years.

    ~ Sandip
  • Please pray the Holy Spirit will help me become the man and husband my ex wife April would want and need and that our marriage be restored. Thanks.

    ~ Tom
  • Dear sirs I request prayers for both of us so the following people be a way from our live and be repaired the damages done to us in the last year’s.Paulo JF and wife, Sérgio, Marisa room mate, Eduardo F; Maria João, Sequeira, Isabel S, Maria C, Eugénia, Isabel PL, Teresa, joao L, Alain, Armando D,João OL, João ML, Paulo O, Joana N, Ângelo C, Tiago V, Bruno L, Diego, Diogo, Paulo B, Sharmila PT, Karma T, Jao, Zopa, Dalai, Karmap, António, Carlos C, Duarte SL, Ludovico, B Morgado e Isabel, Tashi

    ~ Losang and Isabel
  • We request your prayers so we travel and meet each other happen now.
    May we marry and do our live in peace out of intromitions and manipatiins of others around us.
    May all jealous, mean actions end and we can be in peace.thank you
    Isabel and Losang

    ~ Losang and Isabel
  • For the repose of the souls of Robert “Pbaub” Bradshaw and Zoe Anne Amber Rose Lodge Reeser, both of whom passed away on Dec 26, 2018.

    ~ Elizabeth
  • She has a lot of health problems, heart, fragrance, many more where her throat swells up and.air gets shut off. Please pray for her. Thank you.

    ~ Lucy
  • Lord we pray that we do not lose our home and cars! If there is anyway that we don’t have to file bankruptcy please spare us from the embarrassment and cost. In Jesus name we ask, Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for my dear friend, Elkin Palacios who passed to eternal life this past October, 2018.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for Paul & his family that they may know CHRIST.
    Thank you.

    ~ J
  • Pray for Helen, connection to church & church friends. Beautiful soul, please pray she comes back to church for support. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Writing an entrance exam on Sunday for a post graduation seat in medicine.
    I kindly request to be prayed for, to help me recollect what I have studied and help me answer with Holy Spirit.
    Thank you for your kind prayers.

    ~ J
  • Dear lord hear my prayer Please help me find a true love ! To be in my life i have lived in a bad marriage for years now I ask and beg of you to please help me and my children in this situation

    ~ Ralphie
  • Please pray that my work offers time off today and throughout the year. Pray the workload decreases

    ~ Matt
  • Please pray for my mom Jacintha Pinto as she suffering from severe lower back pain and unable to bend or walk. Kindly pray to Jesus to heal her immediately and resume normal activities.

    ~ Lauren
  • Thank you Lord for all your blessings. Please give me strength and peace this new year. Special help for my friend Pat who is going thru a very difficult physical and mental chalange. Blessings and peace for my children, grandchildren and great-grand child. Keep me in your heart this new year, I love you and praise your holy name.

    ~ Jan
  • i pray that my financial condition improves and that i am able to pay all my bills every month and that i stay well and am able to do the things i need to do since i have been diagnosed with cancer and i pray for my wife that she stays well ,that her ankle heals because of her sprain and that her mouth heals and that we both stay safe and no bad things happen to us.

    ~ john
  • I have liked the same guy for more than a year now. My feelings for him are still so strong that i think I may be falling in love with him. The only thing is we don’t talk anymore. Please help me pray that he talks to me through social media because that is the only place where we see eachother now. I really like him so much i would like if he acknowledged me me even if its just as a friend.

    ~ Angelica
  • Success at work home and marriage. Peace in my childrens lives and hearts. Health of my husband and sister. Strength for me. Love for all.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Inask for the support and prayers that the Lord will provide for my family and help me with a fulltime opportunity closer to home. I ask this with all my heart. I ask the Lord to keep me strong during these times and motivated. To stay faithful. Please I ask the Lord not to give up or pass me by. That he hears my prayers and helps me.

  • Please pray with us for our son who needs guidance and support for emotional and physical Problems. We need prayers.

    ~ Thank you
  • Please pray that my assessment for disability benefit on Friday may have a good outcome for me

    ~ sinead
  • Pray for those in Russia who just began their Christmas celebrations, for Brody who turned 10 today, and also for my mother and ex-stepfather to be compelled to stop practicing their tryst/contacting, and for more of those infirm to tune in to HOTN.

    ~ Shane
  • My boyfriend is going through a lot with his family. I pray that all in his family and himself put aside ego, pride, and hurt to allow for rebuilding. For his and my relationship: things went from fantastic to very rocky this week and to add to it, I just found out that I am pregnant. I think we would be great parents and family but I did agree to an abortion but have not done it yet. I pray that his resolve changes and he comes back to me because I can’t and won’t have this baby alone.

    ~ Tracy
  • Thank God for traveling grace. Seeking continued grace going home and for God to move MIGHTILY for me this weekend. My life *MUST* improve in the areas I’ve petitioned to God and 2019 *MUST* be the start of my answered prayers. (Eph3:20) Please please pray w/me. Thank you

    ~ Kas
  • Please pray for my mum, Mary, who suffered a stroke at age 58. Please pray for her complete & total recovery and for her to be able to go back to leading a normal life with our family and especially her grandchild. Please pray for her fever that she is currently having to subside and for it not to be serious and not affect her brain, blood pressure or any of the other stroke-related parts. Please also especially pray for her to never have another stroke ever again.

    ~ Edwin
  • Please pray for me to get a job

    ~ Stella
  • For my husband and family for health, to be free of all addictions, to remain employeed and stay safe through their jobs, that they find the glory of God the Father Son and Holy Spirit together with our Blessed Mary, Saints and Angels. That our special needs Devyn be cured so he will be cared for by loved ones under Blessed Virgin Marys care. My nephews find a wife of good moral character. That our business maintains so we can take care of our families. That we all become better Christians.

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for all the members of my family suffering from various illnesses and injuries, especially my sister Janice, daughter Jana, husband Bob, brother-in-law Ray and myself and make us all as well as possible, as soon as possible. Amen

    ~ Florence
  • I ask for everyone’s help in prayer that the Lord have mercy on me and grant a company to hire me close to home fulltime. I pray that He hears my cries and opens His heart and finally allows my intentions to be granted. For this I pray.

  • I ask for everyone’s help in prayer that the Lord have mercy on me and grant a company to hire me close to home fulltime. I pray that He hears my cries and opens His heart and finally allows my intentions to be granted. For this I pray.

  • Please pray that God will grant me the money I need to settle all my debt and quit my bankrupt business so that I can go look after my elderly parents who desperately need me in another country before it’s too late.

    ~ Theresa
  • Please pray my fiancee gets hired for a better job. Got bills pilling up but not making enough money at his present job.

    ~ Jennifer
  • Brother, sisters, and God. I know I have asked for my health to be restored to what it was a couple of years ago. I won’t give up on all of you. I know you will come to my aid sooner or later. But please make haste to come to my aid and help me in my time of need. Please don’t give up on me. Heal me, please. Amen.

    ~ Aaron
  • Lord Jehovah, please heal my girlfriend Shaunita Felder. Please let her test results be false positive so we can have children. Please Lord, please. And to my brothers and sisters please pray for us. Amen.

    ~ Aaron
  • Please pray for the following love ones who were gone to heaven.
    Pastor Mendoza
    Maria Cecilia Mendoza
    Maria Cecilia Manahan
    Reynaldo Mendoza
    Teodoro Jose Sr
    Fortunata Jose
    Teodoro Jose Jr

    ~ Anonymous
  • Healing the state of humanity, mentally, physically and governmentally.

    ~ Mary
  • It seems the harder we pray the worse it gets. Our prayers were not answered for a mortgage modification. We are facing foreclosure on our home. My husband has stage 4 kidney failure. Two years to wait for a Social Security Disability Hearing. Lord, please hear our cry for a miracle. To save our home without having to file bankruptcy and that my husband gets approved for Social Security Disability sooner than 2 years so we don’t lose our home and cars. Amen.

    ~ Maria
  • Dear Jesus, Heal my husband so that his eye sight may be restored. Amen.

    ~ Joanne
  • Please pray for psychological and spiritual healing for me; and , while sick, may God grant me strength in enduring my sickness so long as His Holy Will will be; may all the suffering I endure during sickness contribute to making me more holy and more God loving and may it purify my soul and the souls of my close relatives and Parents. Please also pray that I may have a continued joy to spend many years of life with my beloved, elderly Parents. May God watch over us closely. Amen.

    ~ DANA
  • I’d like to please ask you to pray for my cousin Charles (Chuckie). He’s currently dying from a cancerous tumor in his brain. He’s only got about a week to live because the tumor is taking over. I’ve prayed for a miracle, but unless the tumor starts shrinking or disappears, he’s going to die. Please pray for his wife as well as they’re the love of each others life. They’ve been together for 25 years. Thank you.

    ~ LeAnn
  • To rent out condo and for the insurance co to pay me and the healing of my mouth and teeth

    ~ Kathleen
  • Thank God for traveling grace. Seeking continued grace going home & for God to show His power MIGHTILY this weekend. My life *MUST* improve. My life *MUST* finally change for the better in 2019. Please please pray w/me. Thankd

    ~ Kas
  • Pray for my back

    ~ Jimmie
  • Lord❤️I pray for:
    Family Unity🌹
    Employment 🌹
    Homelessness 🌹

    Lord❤️Hear my prayers 🌹Amen

    ~ Diana
  • Please pray for a man named Robert who hurt his back it may be a slipped disc he’s going to the hospital now he’s very scared

    ~ Sue
  • I really desperately need to learn how to drive already for family health reasons. My dad has been sick lately so i would need to drive my mom and brother around since my dad can’t and my mom doesn’t drive. I am very illiterate when it comes to reading the driving handbook. My mind zones out and i cannot for the life of me seem to get any of the information stuck in my head. Please pray for me that this website i found with practice questions really helps me to pass the written and driving test

    ~ Angelica
  • Thank you for all my Christmas blessings for me and my family. In the new year please continue your blessings. I especially ask help for my daughter and son. they have some hard choices to make. my other son and his wife are going out of the USA on missionary work..please protect them. help me with my health.. help my friends and neighbors with their health problems…Praise to God for all he does for us. A Happy and Healthy New Year to all.

    ~ Jan
  • Please pray for my deposition January 11 ,2019 at 10:00 . That I answer all the questions right for my harrassment case from my job .

    ~ Maria
  • I need prayer for myself that God will give me a flesh heart. That I will be kinder & nicer & interested in others. I need prayer that God will deal with me & help to change me because I can’t do it alone.

    ~ Samantha
  • Urgent prayer needed for housing and replacement of income that were both lost. I need to return to work right away to support my family. We need a new home right away.

    ~ Lynn
  • I am praying for a healthy pregnancy. I am due July 7, 2019. For my heart to heal from abuse and to learn to fully forgive and move on.

    ~ Summer
  • I’m asking
    Prayers for financial strain and for my daughter that suffers from mental illness and a eating disorder. I know god is good and will hear all prayers for my problems.

    ~ Karen
  • I ask for all prayers to help me with the Lord to open the doors to my future soon. That a fulltime job opportunity will be here so that I can support my family with protection in the future. Please I ask the Lord to have mercy on me and hear my prayers over the crowds. I pray this opportunity comes soon.

  • For my husband, so doctors can find a cure for MS ,also help with our finance this would ease the bred my husband feels bad about

    ~ Teresa
  • That I may find out that I am pregnant very soon, and that my conception, pregnancy, and birth be aligned with God’s will.

    ~ Jillian
  • Gracias porque podemos reconocer cuanto nos amamos, demostrándonos cada día nuestro aprecio a través de la atención y el respeto los unos a los otros.

    Gracias por tu perdón, el cual derramas sobre nosotros mientras nos esforzamos en mantener una actitud de comprensión y paciencia en este hogar y para con las personas que nos rodean.

    Gracias Cristo por las vidas y el esfuerzo de aquellos que nos precedieron y que lucharon para que hoy viviésemos en libertad.

    Gracias por las oportunidades

    ~ Samantha
  • Please pray the Holy Spirit guide me whether to study Theology or Surgical Technology. Also if neither of those are right then he show me what he wants me to do. Thanks.

    ~ Tom
  • 🙏🏼 I’d like to request prayer for all people that have suffered loss of a early coming of a baby as we did with my wife .. know my wife is about 5 months pregnant with our 3 child and now with these time being around the same time as before I’d like to request lots and lots of prayers for our family and I .. lord forgive me if I have sinned but we recognize our sins and do all we can to change . In the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit

    ~ Elias
  • Thank God for Many Blessings Received! A few major things is that depression, anxiety and worries will end. For a better life for My Mom and I. For my friends and Soulmate, “Shannon” and her family that things will get better. I want to gain my Faith back and know God is present. One thing, “I need help in stopping of thinking of I wish I was never born.” Please pray that I will complete my career goals and obtain my LMSW. Thank you.
    For hatred, bigotry, and strife to stop.

    ~ David
  • Believing in our marriage covenant I ask you pray the Holy Spirit convinces my ex wife April’s new fiance turn away and she seek the healing and restoration of our marriage.

    ~ Tom
  • Please pray for me i desperately need lots of healings and I need to walk
    My son,Michael is in his room depressed I presume because I found out my heart and aorta is bad on top of everything
    .hes my caretaker..Father Nyland in Canada is in anguish from Lymnes disease plus his caretaker is very ill.My friend Laura is very ill and much pain,Carole has cancer,my family is all living in sin and having children out of marriage.Katrina wants to convert but needs prayers.Thank you.

    ~ Sharon
  • I am believing for marriage restoration with my wife Cara! She left me 7 months ago with our daughter Lottie and I feel like the Holy Spirit has spoken that he is going to restore our marriage! Please pray for marriage restoration!

    ~ Craig
  • God I thank you for the many things you have granted me. I pray for forgiveness. Help me to forgive the person or persons who has encouraged a student to tell an untruth about me asking where he and his parents were from and costing me my job. I pray for renewed faith and trust in God. I pray for continued healing of my pains, depression and weight gain because of this. God I pray you grant my petition and pray for a miracle.

    ~ Marcel
  • For love, happiness, health, and peace to everyone in the coming New Year.🙏🏻🎄

    ~ Brian
  • Inask for all the prayers to keep me motivated and positive. That the Lord will grant me a opportunity to work fulltime close to home. That he allows a business to hire me so that I can support my family, my kids, and my parents. Please for this I pray.

  • like to ask for prayers for good health my family . Also ask for prayers for my 83 year old grandmother to take some of her pain away from her aching body and for a family member who has cancer.

    ~ Jimmy
  • Please pray for my family and myself we are facing many health issues. I need prayer for help with my finances.

    ~ Romalda
  • God thank you for another Beautiful day, and the end of another year 2018.
    May 2019 be a Blessed year for us all !
    I pray for my Mother who had a Stroke on November 5th.
    She has been blessed, her speech has come back and she can walk slowly.
    Please help her to not be frustrated and depressed in this time of healing. May she be blessed with regaining the feeling and use of her right hand again. Help us all to be more Positive in this new year. May God watch over us and guide us ! God Bless

    ~ Lavern
  • I prayer that my children, niece, and nephews are safe and make smart decisions on this New Year’s Eve. My God watch over them and protect them from harm.
    I also prayer that Dylan achieves his goals both academically and in his baseball career at K-State. I pray that my son David continues to be successful in his career and that his soon to be marriage is successful and that they both find God and remain close to God.

    ~ Molly
  • My daughter has been battling Hodgkins Lymphoma for the past 6 years, she is 26. She has a 3 month checkup on January 30th. I am praying that the cancer is gone for good this time. I also take care of my Mom, who has trouble walking, I pray that her good health continues. Last of all that God keeps me healthy so I can be there for both of them.

    ~ Theresa
  • I’m struggling with my addiction I’m beginning to enter recovery with very few skills the ones I do have I apply daily to stay clean and make it through the day. My son got adopted and I haven’t seen him since he was three years old he is now 9 I shovel this time of year especially because I lost him and his birthday is in November holidays have always been a hard time for me.

    ~ Audrey
  • On January 3rd I have a job interview with the City of Wichita. Please pray I get it so I can help my family and perhaps have my marriage restored.

    ~ Tom
  • O my God I pray that you will heal my arrhythmia, loss of balance, leg ulcers, anaemia, infection, constipation, insomnia and cure me of my general poor health.

    Please do not let me have to be admitted to hospital. I cannot leave my sister at home alone.

    Please God grant me my petitions & work me a miracle.

    ~ l
  • I ask for all prayers and intercessions that thebLord grant me the opportunity to work closer to home fulltime and get off this truck. I pray he has mercy on me and Grant’s me the opportunity to be close to my family and work through Him to succeed. Keep me positive and hopeful. In God’s name I pray.

  • Prayers to Sister Wendy Beckett who passed into the arms of the Lord today aged 88. She inspired a passion for art that I will hold dear for my whole life.

    ~ Michael
  • Jesus please heal my ankle sores, cure the pain/infection/bleeding/swelling abnormal blood flow.

    Please Jesus do not let me have to be admitted to hospital for whatever reasons – I cannot leave my sister alone at home. Lord please let me have peace of mind and cure me of insomnia, constipation, anaemia, sepsis.

    Let us have good nurse & maid.

    We ask this through Mary our mother amen.

    ~ l
  • Please pray for my grandson Peter. He has been to Rehab more than once. Please pray that he will find the strength to stay “clean”. He has a beautiful 4 year old daughter.She needs him to be healthy..
    Thank you.

    ~ Virginia
  • I ask you to offer prayers for my wife, who passed on 12/4/18. She was my life, and now she has found a better life.

    ~ Lanford
  • Please pray for successful operation of Nithin (approx. 33 years) who is undergoing bypass surgery today in India at 7.00 am . We are asking for intercession of all prayer warriors knowing that Jesus is performing this operation through the hands of the doctors and his angels as nurses.

    ~ Latha
  • Happy Holidays. I request prayers for my sister who has cancer. We have prayed endlessly and things are worse instead of better. Our faith is wavering and our hearts breaking but i’m here..asking for more prayers. May she be healed. Miracle. Amen.

    ~ Diana
  • Pray for the healing of my mind

    ~ cristina
  • This is a private prayer request for Noah in Massachusetts:

    What Noah would like a prayer to God for today is that he can be able to successfully connect with Christina next time he sees her. Noah really likes this girl named Christina. These two seem to have alot in common. Also say a prayer to God that Noah will end up dating Christina in early 2019 when it is all said and done!

    That is all for now. Thanks so much in advanced for doing this!!!

    ~ Anonymous
  • I ask for all prayers and intercessions to help me with the Lord. I really need a fulltime job closer to home and get off thus truck. Please I ask the Lord have mercy on me and grant me this request.

  • God I pray for Eric cuben Alaina Keira Leila in hope trust truth faith faithfulness joy love I pray for unity wholesome for the whole family I pray debt free and financial stability I pray lord you protect us and keep us safe I pray you get rid of the enermies and darkness out of our life for good So we can be at peace and have your will in Jesus name amen

    ~ Le
  • My wife Laura Thomas she’s been in prison for almost a month we haven’t heard anything from her.

    ~ Jesus
  • For God’s favor to find a Job.

    ~ Armando
  • We request your prayers so we travel and meet each other happen now.
    May we marry and do our live in peace out of intromitions and manipatiins of others around us.
    May all jealous, mean actions end and we can be in peace.thank you
    Isabel and Losang

    ~ Losang and Isabel
  • My grandfather, Sandy Guido.
    My father, David Brooks.
    My mother, Ann Brooks.
    My grandfather, Richard Brooks.
    Lori Brooks
    Sierra McCarthy
    Vivian McCarthy
    Steven Brooks
    Mary Brooks
    Zach Brooks
    Blakely Brooks

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my wife Trish and her daughter Kara. Thank You,Russ.

    ~ Russell
  • Ask the Lord, God, to heal my grandchildren, Conni, Tempi and Madison, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Thank you my Lord, Amen

    ~ DONNA
  • Merry Christmas to everyone at Heart of the Nation !!! Have a blessed New Year of 2019 !!Thank you so much Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki for the wonderful Christmas Day Mass on this December 25, 2018. Thanks for the one that did the readings and the beautiful singing from the Pius Xi choir. Continue praying for my high blood pressure and the swelling in my lower legs caused from Lymph edema. Pray for my finances to get better in 2019 !! May God Bless each of you!!
    Delores J
    Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • I am in need of prayer to save my home from foreclosure. I pray that God will send me a generous benefactor my way to save me from becoming homeless. I always have helped others the best I can and paid forward every day with my blessings. Now, I have hit a roadblock in my life that I have struggled with for 4 years and it is culminating to a final hearing for foreclosure on Jan 30th. I know that God has a generous benefactor among us that can help me in my hour of need.

    ~ JOHN
  • I am hoping the Holy Spirit will work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart soul mind and life causing her to turn and seek the restoration of our marriage so please pray he show me to hang on or move on

    ~ Tom
  • I ask in the very Christmas day that the Lord along with all the prayers and intercessions of all who can help send the attention needed for the Lord to hear us. That thebLord will grant me the opportunity to be hired on one of the applications I have out so that I can support and be close to my family. In God’s name I pray.

  • For our son who suffers from schizophrenia, that he may be healed and to find peace and calmness in his mind.
    Thank you

    ~ Camilla
  • Healing for Dawn Paulke Financial miracle For Cassidy and Amy. For Pastor Brooks,Sherry Brooks Stacy,John and Stephanie Brooks. Stacy Lathe,and Greg Lathe. Lori Uzila,Ellen Kauttner,Jodi Plizka. Mr.Polak. Ken and Trever Stucy,Grace Stucy,Duane Stucy.

    ~ Dawn
  • Dear sirs I request prayers for both of us so the following people be a way from our live and be repaired the damages done to us in the last year’s.Paulo JF and wife, Sérgio, Marisa room mate, Eduardo F; Maria João, Sequeira, Isabel S, Maria C, Eugénia, Isabel PL, Teresa, joao L, Alain, Armando D,João OL, João ML, Paulo O, Joana N, Ângelo C, Tiago V, Bruno L, Diego, Diogo, Paulo B, Sharmila PT, Karma T, Jao, Zopa, Dalai, Karmap, António, Carlos C, Duarte SL, Ludovico, B Morgado e Isabel, Tashi

    ~ Losang and Isabel
  • Fast justice for a preist wrongly accused…….health and happiness for all my family….so that I may feel better and able to walk better….so everyone everywhere will see the light. my grandson for all his needs and health and the decisions he has to makr in his career that are stressing him now as to what direction Thank you for peace hope and faith

    ~ Anonymous
  • Thank you for praying for uncommon wisdom, uncommon favor, uncommon protection.

    ~ Joan
  • Please pray for daughter asmitha in Sydney physical ly attacked by hubby abie and evicted married since 5 and half years refusing consummation of marriage on various pretexts discovered impotent and secretly residing with another woman
    Added to traumas she is now jobless and looking for another job career
    Please pray Jesus extends help to her on all three issues viz suitable job career, accommodation, peace and in her marital life
    Thank you

    ~ julian
  • Mental illness I need a job finances my daughter n granddaughter

    ~ Shelly
  • I received a spinal, knee, and elbow injury while at my trade school due to an unforseen accident. The doctors found an abnormality in the lower part of my spine, I’m concerned it may be a tumor or cancer. I’ve been having a hard time getting around due to the pain, my significant other once I made the decision to return back to my hometown to heal left me for his ex girlfriend. I’ve been even more depressed due to the heartbreak. Pray for me so God may heal me & send me my future hubby too.

    ~ Laura
  • Please for protection over me and my children father. Please send your holy angels to watch over and protect us. Please protect my family. Please pray for strength and protection over mine and Adam Cordero relationship. If it’s in your will family I want your will father. Please protect our relationship. Please protect my job at dr. Deborah a. Ashcraft pediatric dentistry. Please pray for protection and strength over my work. I’m jes name I pray amen!

    ~ Kari
  • That Kelly Finn’s heart be opened up with love and that her stubbornness be released so that her life may be filled with all the gifts our God has made.

    ~ deborah
  • For my Father & Mother …. Together at last.

    ~ Stephen
  • That David Levitan be blessed with happiness, health and wealth along with his family. That he feels the Holy Spirit within. That he finishes his invention and it will be helpful to the world and bring him joy.

    ~ deborah
  • We ask for an urgent prayer petition – due to serious medical issues – we are at risk of losing our home to foreclosure. We are praying for a miracle to bring our mortgage current. God Bless.

    ~ Maria
  • Father in gratitude I pray to Heal my family: Curt (cholesterol/BP/weight), Marti (mental illness/anorexia/homeless/employment/Thyroid), Dusty (eyes/tumors/bumps), Me (eyes/kidneys/liver/heart & weight/diabetes) Pegah (her mom). Help Curt & Marti to return to the sacraments & Pegah understand Christianity. Bind Satan,demons & dark powers away from Curt, Marti, Pegah & I. Jesus keep us safe & protect us from evil. That Marti understand her mental disorder. All in Jesus’ Name Thank you Father Amen

    ~ Karen
  • Let us pray for my husband Juan Sanchez who has been struggling with his health for some months now. Let us pray that his biopsy brings us favorable results.

    ~ Alejandra
  • Please pray for the souls of the following:
    Joseph & Marie Van DeWeghe
    Lawrence & Margaret Weber
    Augusta & Achel Van Houtte
    Joseph A. Van DeWeghe, Jr.
    Owen & Marion Slusser
    Jacob & Clara Slusser
    Cletus Slusser
    Bill & Margaret Stanley

    ~ William
  • I ask for all prayers that the Lord will have mercy on me and open his heart to allow me to find a full-time position back in south Texas. That he grant me the opportunity to spend more time with my family and help my daughter when she starts school in January. If there was to be a Christmas present, it would be that. Lord please hear my prayer.

  • For the soul of my late husband James Edward Lenz, who passed away 1-23-2018. Our 1st wedding anniversary would have been 11-17-2018.

    ~ Tammy
  • 4 Shannon Galliano -R.I. resident currently in hospital out of state. He has pneumonia with bloodclots in his lungs.He’s not yet 30 yrs.old
    His mother just lost brother with whom she lived in November.
    Please help them O Lord
    In Jesus name Amen

    ~ Desiree
  • Please pray that Curt will be blessed with a financially stable job opportunity soon. He has been trying so hard to find his place, and I am grateful for the help and guidance that has been given, yet I ask that decisions be made in his favor and he gets a long-term positikn soon. Please forgive me for asking s ok much, and I thank you for your help. I pray all these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • For the Paone family: Lucy Paone, Boss Paone, Katherine Paone, jennifer Paone, Elisabeth Paone, Bruce Paone

    ~ Si
  • I ask prayers to find the cure for Meniere’s syndrome.

    ~ Lucia
  • please say a prayer for my very good friend she is going thru a very diffcult time … shes very specail person to all who know her .. recently she found out her cancer came back and shes scared her husband who is the main provder of there household went to jail for something he wanted to take care of she doesnt work i help with what i can so please pray for her and help her thru this rough patch shes going thruplease … thank you very much … sincerely, joanie

    ~ therea
  • Please PRAY for my wife who has Multiple Sclerosis and myself also, I have Stage Four Liver Cancer and Epilepsy.

    ~ Richard
  • a prayer for mysely for I ask God to help me and guide me in this difficult time I am about to face. to give me the strength and resources I need to overcome the pain and confusion I feel in my heart. to protect me and surround me with love and his light when i’m all alone. to bless, protect and cleanse my home of unwanted spirits. To love us all and protect us.

    ~ Theresa

    ~ PRAYER
  • I ask you pray that I get and can keep the job to help my mom brother son and get the house in Winfield in the country. Winning the lottery would be nice too. Lol.

    ~ Tom
  • I want to do the right thing so even though she is engaged please pray the Holy Spirit will work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart soul mind and life causing her to turn and seek the restoration of our marriage.

    ~ Tom
  • I have been having heart palpitations and it’s scaring me. Please ask Jesus to heal me. Please ask archangel Raphael to intercde on my behalf.

    ~ Cristin
  • Pray for Robert Ingmanson to find favor with God, and to never sin again.

    ~ Robert
  • Please pray for Carole Menzel. She has neuropathy in her feet and she also has pain in her hip and her back. Please pray that the doctors will properly diagnose her and find out if she has any other health problems and that she will receive that proper treatment and make a full and complete recover and that the pain will go away. Thank you. Sincerely, Michael

    ~ Michael
  • Prayer requests for Jasmine Nazari to gain admission into Physician Assistant school.

    ~ Mark
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • As seniors, my husband and I are beleaguered by health problems–we desire to be sufficiently strengthened to pack up our home and move to MI, but only if our daughter desires this and God wills it. May we be able to say, “Lord, be it done to us according to your will.”

    ~ mary
  • Thank you so much Father Mark Payne for the wonderful Sunday Mass on this Sunday December 23, 2018 online and for the readings and the beautiful singing from the Gaudete choir. Continue praying brothers and sisters for the healing of the swelling in my lower legs and my high blood pressure. Pray that better health will return to me in 2019. Pray to keep my daughter, son in law and our dog Buster healthy and safe. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all !!!
    Delores J,
    Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for all Poor Souls in Purgatory especially the ones that have been forgotten.
    God has been good to me and I wish to also pray for Jeff Welsh he is fighting cancer, Richard Duffy he is fighting degenerated disc in his back from a fall at work in 1992. His back gets worse as time goes on.
    Pray for our President Trump that he gets the much needed help he needs to bring the USA back to God and give us Peace. With God with us there is always Peace and Love in the world.

    ~ Barbara
  • For the soul of my sister Rose Gallo she passed on dec 19,2018 please pray for her

    ~ Adeline
  • Love and peace for all. Keep Christ in Christmas. Resolution of IRS debt, resolution of worker’s compensation case. That I will always be grateful for all of my blessings. That peace and harmony exist with all of my family. Continued healing for all.

    ~ Althea
  • For the repose of the soul of my wife, Angelita Baylon

    For health and healing for my son, Hubert and my brother, Natchito Baylon

    ~ Rito
  • My prayer request is that my husband Joseph and I do not lose our home to foreclosure. He has stage 4 kidney failure and was denied Social Security Benefits which has us in a financial downward spiral and not sure how we can keep our home and cars. We are praying for a miracle as it is a two (2) year wait for a hearing for his disability. We are praying for a financial miracle. Thank you and God Bless.

    ~ Maria
  • For healing & forgiveness amongst our family.

    For financial guidance and peace.

    ~ Jessica
  • My family has moved away. This is the first Christmas without any of my grandchildren or my daughter. My husband had committed suicide before and my parents have both died. I feel so lost. I pray and I know God loves me o why do I feel so alone and sad all the time. Please pray for me. I am 70 yrs old and finally resigned from being a nurse for 45 years due to constant pain in my back. I just feel useless and alone. Please ask God to send me a purpose in life as I feel I have none.
    God Bless.

    ~ Marie
  • Wanda Hixon
    Dominique Adansi-Bona
    Andrew and Jane Union and their family

    ~ Jane
  • Thank you Abba, Jesus, and Holy Spirit for my new home. Please send me the movers I need to move. I praise you for all you have done for me during this time of hardship. Help me continue to draw upon your peace throughout this period. Bless me with your courage , strength, and perseverance. May I be a daughter that glorifies you in both good and bad times in my life. Thank you for hearing my prayers Abba, I know you hear me always. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    ~ Maria
  • Comfort and trust in God for my brother in law going through chemo and cancer treatments.
    For his wife to lessen her anxieties and fears.
    For my twin sisters chronic pain and medical issues.

    ~ Karen
  • My nephew Michael Coats, is in surgery due to an auto accident. Sadness, it is his brain. Prayers he will recover with great success. Also for the medical crew for guidance, knowledge, strength and wisdom. In Jesus name we pray. Thank you. Amen.

    ~ Victoria
  • I pray for my Parents & Grandparents Souls. May they All be resting in God’s Grace. I Pray that I will soon one Day be included in my Grandchildren lives.
    I do pray to win big so that I can give back to Charities that have no voices.
    I Pray for Peace & Harmony that All People can be seen as One❤❤❤
    In God’s name
    The Father Almighty❤❤❤ Amen!!!

    ~ Erin
  • Dears Heart of the Nation,

    I entered the seminary 20 years ago and left after 4 years. I received a BA in Philosophy. I believe the Lord is Calling me back to religious life. Merry Christmas. In Christ, Robert

    ~ Robert

  • For my brother Chris, that he may find peace and financial relief in all that he does.
    For my Son Andres, that he may find Christ in heart once more.
    For my Grand Daughter Isabelle, that she may find her way back home again, for protection and guidance from the Lord.
    For all my family that we can become united again. And for my friends that they all find peace in their heart.

    ~ Gina
  • Please pray for my grandson, he has two hearneas, needs surgery, & wont have insurance until May 2019.
    Please pray for Rick, he has a rare form of cancer. They can’t find a cure & is an experimental research study. Please pray for 8 mo. old Freya, she has a rare gene disorder that they cant get under control.
    Please pray for my mom, sister, & I, as all three of us have inoperable aneurisms. Mom has two in her brain & I have one in my brain. My sister has an aortic ascending aneurism. God bless

    ~ Melinda
  • For my son Oscar to learn to control his anger so he can succeed in school. For my son Randy to find his path in life and graduate college. For my husband who is a police office for our lord to keep him safe always. For me to find a job to help my family financially. For my mom who sacrificed everything for us to have good health. Thank you and God bless.

    ~ Cecilia
  • For healing of body, mind, heart, and soul of my 20 yr old son in hospital right now!
    Sherri of Nevada Mo.

    ~ Sherri L
  • 🙏🏼 I’d like to request prayer for all people that have suffered loss of a early coming of a baby as we did with my wife .. know my wife is about 5 months pregnant with our 3 child and now with these time being around the same time as before I’d like to request lots and lots of prayers for our family and I .. lord forgive me if I have sinned but we recognize our sins and do all we can to change . In the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit

    ~ Elias
  • My husband and I have been together for almost 15 years and are having financial difficulties and are growing apart. I ask that you help us to come through this and to find our way back to each other and our marriage.

    ~ Andrea
  • For peace in my family. My family blessings

    ~ Patrick
  • I request a prayer for the healing of my cousins Aurora and Jesys Marquez
    God Bless you Thank you

    ~ Olga
  • For financial help as soon as possible.. and for rent money to come my before the 31st. For the Lord to handle and lean on everyone’s hearts and souls..

    ~ ELSA
  • For my body who feels tired , I pray for strength in Jesus Christ name. amen.

    ~ ELSA
  • Please prayer for the health & happiness for all my family members.

    ~ Margaret
  • Lost my job a few weeks before Christmas. please pray that something comes through in the next week in my field, Architecture with same salary and no relocation. Pray that finances will hold out. Please bind Satan and pray that God would build a hedge around me and restore me as He did Job.

    ~ Andrew
  • for Denise, my sister-has had traumatic brain injury from fall. Wants to leave rehab & thinks she can live on her own. Very determined although she cant do much by herself. Would need 24/7 care-family can’t afford it.
    Meeting with staff @ 4P.M. today to try to get her to stay for more rehab

    ~ Karen
  • I have liked the same guy for close to a year now. My feelings for him are still so strong that i think I may be falling in love with him. The only thing is we don’t talk anymore. Please help me pray that he talks to me through social media because that is the only place where we see eachother now. I really like him so much i would like if he acknowledged me me even if its just as a friend.

    ~ Angelica
  • Dear Brother/Sister
    My son will be undergoing a brain embolization on 12 Jan 19 to treat the nerve malformation in his brains. This procedure has risks
    Please pray for the Neurosurgeon and his team carrying out the procedure so that all will be well with my son. If Lord wills, please pray that he may heal my son so that embolization is not required
    Bless Christmas
    God Bless

    ~ Philip
  • Please remember Trevor Paul Sprague (Deceased) Pray for eternal rest and peace with Christ. Pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness!!!

    ~ Alfred
  • Please continue to help my mom heal from her fall. Keep my family safe & out of harm’s way. Thank you for blessing us daily!

    ~ Bridgette
  • Please, please for my sister, Jackie to make a full recovery from the stroke she suffered on Friday December 21st. Please pray for my mom and aunt, both in their 80s to have great health and live at least 20 more years. Please also, that all innocent people, children and animals be saved, cured, comforted in every way.
    And finally, please that my terrible back and hip pain stop forever…
    Thank You.
    Merry Christmas!
    Amen 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

    ~ Gail M
  • I ask for all your prayers to help me with the Lord grant me an opportunity to work fulltime back home with my family. That the Lord Grant’s an employer to give me an opportunity. Protect me, my family, my loved ones each and every day and get everyone home safe.

  • Please pray for Bryanne C who has severe Chrohn’s disease and needs help in finding remission. In Jesus name…

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear, Jesus my father
    I come to you today to ask you for forgiveness I ask you to please heal me from all my health issues I ask you to please help me control my anxiety I ask you to please help me enjoy this Holiday without anxiety and any other concerns I ask you to help corina heal from her lupus and protect my children at all times and help my mom and her sisters find peace in there hearts and make then reunited like the old times
    Amen I love you Jesus.

    ~ Carla
  • Dear Lord Jesus, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the MIRICLEs you have given ME . PLEASE grant ME, my SSI, to replace 10.000 times what the Devil has taken from ME. BLESS my Daughters and 5 grandsons .& BLESS, Steven Marks, & JAVE HIS CASE dismissed. To come home to ME🕆🕆🕆🕆PLEASE have the HOLEY spirit inhibit ALL OF US , SO, WE CAN WALK IN YOUR PATH & CARRY OUR CROSSES 🕆🕆🕆💖in JESUS PRECIOUS NAME I PRAY, 🕆AMEN 🕆🕆🕆🕆💖✅

    ~ Karen
  • My dad is in the emergency room and has a possible tumor on his liver that is bleeding. Please pray for him.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I am need of prayer for my bad health. thanks

    ~ Amy
  • Para obtener las gracias necesarias para ir al cielo en familia
    Para descubrir la misiòn para lo que Dios nos creò y poderla hacer
    Que la capilla de adoraciòn perpetua sea una realidad
    Que Supply Expert sea un Èxito y se pueda vender

    ~ Maria
  • Lord restore my relationship with kelvin okoawo if we are meant for each other in Jesus name. I am sorry for the hurtful things I said & I forgive him too. Lord please make my life a living testimony to the world In Jesus name. Amen

    ~ Chiamaka
  • Pray for me to be able to attend the Christmas play at Cherith Brook Baptist Church tomorrow night and for our family gathering during the day to go well and to be more religious and less secular.

    ~ Shane
  • Please pray for me to get a lot of money. I am not greedy. I just want a house I can call my own. I want to get out of my current living situation. Neighbors are making my life hell. No one is doing anything about them. I want to live in the UK with some one I love very much. Please pray for me. Bless all who pray for me and keep me in their blessings.

    ~ Cindy
  • I ask for all prayers to help me with the Lord grant my intention of a fulltime job back home to be with my family. I offer all that I do today and every day up to the Lord as my offering. Please I pray.

  • 21 Dec 2018: HEALING REQUEST: Please pray for Pam and Sherry as they undergo cancer surgery and please ask the Lord to heal them. Please help Bill as he has tests to see if he has cancer. Pray for complete healing. I’ll pray for all your requests also. God Bless!

    ~ Christy
  • For the people of Taylorville Il after a f-3 tornado devastated much of our town on Dec. 1 2018. God bless all for their prayers.

    ~ daryl
  • Asking prayers for my friend missy W her deliverance from substance abuse and her mental health healing salvation that she becomes saved and god becomes the center of her life a job she needs one ASAP and one that she went to school for and her dog Riley he’s needs healed completely and finically sound and she’s gets all aspects of her life in order and god brings the right person into her life thanks

    ~ Jim
  • I sm praying for my 5 year old grandson, Jeremiah… He has “Ataxia” which affect his walking , but he so sweet, kind. He is having a MRI On Dec. 19th 2018. To check his brain. I just want him to be okay… Love him so much! Please help me to pray for him.

    ~ Brigitte
  • Rita & Francis Downey
    My parents who are with Our Lord in Heaven
    Christmas Prayers

    ~ Diane
  • heal my family, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially…our family is cracked but not quite broken and we need help. I am trying to bring my child back to the Church but cant afford to buy him inspirational books…help me to educate him and give him peace…

    God bless you all and Merry Christmas

    ~ annamarie
  • praying for healing for my DH, mind and body, heal the sinus infection and bad shoulder

    ~ sherry
  • I ask for the prayers to help the Lord grant me the opportunity to work fulltime back home to be with my famy. I pray he hears me over the crowds and Grant’s me this special request.

  • O Holy Spirit, I pray for the conversion of Chuck Hughes and Shiny Norbert. Amen.

    ~ Resmi
  • I am having a really hard time letting go of my ex-girlfriend, Kimberly, who I believe in my heart to be the love of my life but is now seeing another man. She says she still loves me, and has tried to leave him but he threatens her every time. Please pray for both of us, that God’s will is done and that we are both guided to it with strength and grace. Thank you.

    ~ Carl
  • We request your prayers so we travel and meet each other happen now.
    May we marry and do our live in peace out of intromitions and manipatiins of others around us.
    May all jealous, mean actions end and we can be in peace.thank you
    Isabel and Losang

    ~ Losang and Isabel
  • I now have a job interview with the City of Wichita at 11 a.m. on January 3rd. Please pray that I get the job as I desperately need it to take care of my mom brother and son. Thanks.

    ~ Tom
  • Prayers for me to change my heart and mind and soul and ways lord towards my girlfriend and prayers for you to send these negative thoughts and negative people that’s in my life lord to the pits of hell lord.

    ~ Philemon
  • I ask for all your prayers to help the Lord hear my cries over the crowds and grant me the opportunity to work fulltime close to home. To be able to support my family spirituality, financially, as a husband and as a parent. Please I pray.

  • Please pray for my son Alexander to pass his exams this week and pass all of his classes at his school. He is severely dyslexic and tries very hard but often doesn’t do well. It’s frustrating. Please pray for him to do well and to pass. Also pray for his brother Brian who is exhausted from exams pray that he passes as well but mostly pray for Alexander to get through. They are both Juniors and he (Alexander) just wants to finish and graduate from his current highschool. Thank you!

    ~ M
  • O Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for the conversion of Chuck Hughes and Shiny Norbert. Amen.

    ~ Resmi
  • Please pray for my friend SHYJIN BHADRAN 40 to get a good job in UAE and make him to praise the lord Jesus Christ..

    ~ SONY
  • Christmas blessings to all. Just want to thank God for all his blessings to me and my family..The best gift of all is the birth of our savior…..Merry Christmas…

    ~ Jan
  • Please Pray for my Grandson Carlos he is battling stage 4 Neuroblastoma at St. Jude Research Hospital for Children. Also, Pray for his siblings,Parents and extended Family. I, need payers as well as I deal with the pain of severe Osteoarthritis. Please, assist us in Prayer that Our Heavenly Father will see fit to Cure Carlos of Cancer and bless me with a Caring Orthopedic Surgeon. Thank You All!!
    God Bless, And have A Merry Christmas.

    ~ Dolores
  • I suffer with terrible anxiety and panic attacks along with irregular heart rhythm. I have suffered with panic attacks now for over twenty years and now I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms. My prayer request is that God in his loving mercy will heal me or at least give me the gift of courage in order to endure these times when the anxiety becomes too much and it interferes with the things I have to do or want to do such as attend mass. God Bless

    ~ Catherine
  • 1. for parents&family may God provide them with good health,peace,love, unity faith, hope, food and shelter..
    2. for my after school life may God help me generate income from my activities so I may be able to provide for myself, parent,family and those in needs

    ~ Joseph

    ~ Terry
  • Thank you so very much Father Mark Payne for the wonderful Sunday Mass message online, the readings and beautiful singing of the Gaudette choir on this 3rd Sunday of Lent December 16, 2018. Continue praying for my high blood pressure and swelling in my lower legs. I had dizziness in my head today and I need pray for that as well…Keep my daughter, son in law and dog in your prayers for health and safety. May God Bless each of you !!..
    Delores J,
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for me that Gods promises through a prophecy that was made in 2016 gets fulfilled and I can progress in my career.I am a Chronic Endogenous Bipolar Depression Patient and therefore I socialize very little for fellowship.Thank you for your time and efforts.God Bless You.

    ~ Rajesh
  • I would like to pray for my family. For good health and safety for all my loved ones. Especially for my sister Sonia who has Alopecia and for my mom Shiny who will be having a hysterectomy. I would also like to dearly pray for my dad Jose and my brother Jeremy that they will be guided by the Lord and protected from all evil. I pray that the Lord will give Johnny peace and rest in his mind, body and soul. I pray for the lives of all those in the world especially those who don’t know you Lord God.

    ~ Chelsymol
  • Please pray for protection over my children. Please pray for protection over my family. Please pray for protection over mine and Adam Cordero relationship. Please pray for job security at dr. Deborah A. Ashcraft pediatric dentistry.

    ~ Kari
  • I pray that the Lord will forgive me for my divorce and I pray that the Lord will bestow me with a new love to walk together with.

    ~ Megan
  • Please pray for my brother George. He’s been out of work for almost 2 years and is having a tough time. Please pray for him to find a job soon. Thank you.

    ~ Victor
  • I pray for my Sister Sheri and family. I pray for Reconciliation, healing and Joy in Jesus. Forgiveness, Repentance and trust in God. Amen

    ~ Tracey



    ~ NENITA
  • Please pray for my mother in law Jackie she has a spirit of jezebel that is against her sons marriages. Pray the spirit of Jezebel and Ahab be removed. She does and says things to bring strife in the family. As a result the family is falling apart. Please pray that she repents and receives salvation thru Jesus Christ and a heavy conviction of her sin falls on her heart to remove the bitterness and anger. Pray that her and her husband Matt humble themselves before God and that this family can be

    ~ Angela
  • Mary Klotz, my mom, she is not well

    ~ Jennifer
  • Please pray that Jason seeks help for his drinking and starts doing right by Mary. Thanks.

    ~ Tom
  • Hello, my name is Sharnice and I would like prayer to receive a very great and special miracle in my life I been dreaming of a great miracle of my deepest desires just for me from the crown of my to the soles of my feet; just for me that will work completely in my favor. Thank you.

    ~ Sharnice
  • Please pray for my mom Gloria. She has dementia and had a stroke and UTI yesterday. The doctor and family is suggesting she goes to hospice. Please pray the the medical staff and family makes decissions according to GOD’S will. Thank you.

    ~ Ronaldo
  • Please pray for strength in my life and protection over me in my life. Please pray for a husband in my life. Please pray if Adam Cordero is the one. I’m worried about our relationship. Please pray if he is the one or am I wasting my time. Please pray for protection over my children Elijah and Abigail. Please pray for protection over my family. Please pray for my work at dr Deborah a Ashcraft pediatric dentistry.

    ~ Kari

    ~ PRAYER
  • My sister Irene has been diagnosed with stage-four pancreatic cancer. I ask for prayers that she will be able to make good decisions about her care. It would be wonderful if God performed a miracle and healed her. If that is not his will, then I ask that she will receive the strength and courage she needs to get through her remaining time. May her remaining time be filled with meaningful moments with the people she loves and who lover her. Lord, protect her from pain and anxiety. Amen.

    ~ Miriam
  • That my father‘s foot be healed and that he himself may be healed of all illness and fully recover.

    ~ Justin

    ~ mary
  • My God, my brother is suffering from severe pain in stomach. Now he is in hospital. May your life saving and healing powers go in to every cell of his body. Please help us my God. Forgive us for all our sins. Please heal my brother.

    ~ Vino
  • Please pray for me as I have recently discovered by husbands infidelity. This is the second time in our marriage. He is a sex addict. I am grieving and heartbroken and in crisis. It is affecting my work and my health and I feel confused and need guidance, direction, wisdom, clarity, peace, health, truth. I need the full truth and all the information I need going forward to be revealed to me. I need transparency. I would like healing of my marriage and my heart if it is God’s will. A total conver

    ~ Kathleen
  • Please pray I get the event worker job with the city of Wichita so I can get a vehicle and a house help my mom and brother.

    ~ Tom
  • Please pray for our mother as she is in the hospital due to a fall causing her hip to be injured. Please help her get better and strong in preparation for any upcoming tests and surgery needed so her body can heal. Please GOD answer our prayers and we ask everyone to pray for my mother.

    ~ Anonymous
  • A prayer for my mom, who passed away in October 2011.

    ~ Melissa
  • Please pray that my CT liver scan goes ok – the docs found 2 suspicious sites on my liver. Also pray my Alkaline Phos goes down – the docs are not sure where these high numbers are coming from (bones, liver??)
    Thank you –

    ~ Beth
  • I ask for all prayers that the Lord, Mary, St. Joseph, and all the angels and saints keep me motivated to find work. That the Lord will help me find a job back in McAllen soon. I ask all to protect me in my endeavors and keep me home to be with my family to support the physically, spiritually, and financially. In God’s name I pray.

  • Greetings….

    I am requesting prayer for my friend Melissa. she has what is called a Jugular Foreman Schwannoma (it’s basically a mass that is strangling her left jugular vein. It’s affecting nerves 9,10,11,12 and its blocking 80% of the blood flow to the brain. And it is steadily getting worse….

    It is very rare and in her case it’s inoperable and radiation would actually make it worse…

    additionally she has Ovarian cysts, fibroids, prolapsed bladder, endometriosis, lumps in breasts

    ~ Garrett
  • Please pray today is the day that Sam breaks up with Kendra so she can find true happiness.

    ~ Irene
  • Please pray for Carol’s healing.

    ~ paula
  • Please pray for my work at dr. Deborah a. Ashcraft pediatric dentistry. Please pray for protection over my children Elijah and Abigail. Please pray for protection over my family. Please pray over mine and Adam Cordero relationship. Please pray for protection over him. Please pray our relationship stays strong.

    ~ Kari
  • Mary Williams going into surgery on christmas Eve. My daughter. Unspoken for myself. My family.

    ~ Jamie
  • Please continue to pray for Vince who was just diagnosed with a non-curable brain tumor. Avg. life expectancy is about 2 yrs. We are praying for a miracle. Please also pray for his wife, Pat, and daughter, Tammy. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • please pray for my dad Nat. He lives in Africa. he just left the house today at around 1/2pm and no one knows his whereabouts. His wife has oppressed him for many years. His wife does voodoo. please pray for God to heal his mind. Please pray for God to free him. Please pray for him to be alive, well and safe. He is on blood pressure and diabetic meds, he has none with him. please pray for God to intervene & set him free from bondage. Please pray for him to be alive and well.

    ~ N
  • I pray that God enters mine and my boyfriend’s life and blesses us. We have moved away from home and into a new city I pray that our Lord blesses our new journey and opens doors with a lot of opportunities for us to be ok. To finally find our purpose in our lives. To become one as a couple and have our Lord be in our hearts. I pray that Pedro Garcia Jr finds an amazing and stable job to help us get on our feet. I pray for myself for God to help me heal spiritually and let go of my anger.

    ~ Clarissia
  • I am considering starting the process of eventually becoming a priest. Please pray the Holy Spirit guide me as to whether or not this would be God’s will for my life. Thanks.

    ~ Tom
  • I am asking for prayers for myself. I am 80 yrs. old & have had Migraine headaches for the past 10-12 yrs. due to Degenerating Arthritis of the neck. The pain in my neck is so bad sometimes, all I can do is cry & ask God to bring me home. I saw your TV Mass today (12/16/18) & felt joy emanating from the priest & it made me feel hopeful. The Blessed Mother & St. Anthony of Padua are praying for me, so you will be in excellent company. God Bless you all…………Patricia

    ~ Patricia
  • Please bless my wife Mary. She deserves the Grace of God for putting up with me!

    ~ John
  • I have been suffering from severe gastritis and belching for the past weeks. I am suffering very much due to this condition. I can’t eat properly neither sleep properly. It is becoming difficult to live a normal life. Please pray for me so that my gastritis gets healed by the blood of Christ.

    ~ Priyangona
  • Pray for Steve Jorgensen very bad headache in Hosp to find out why going on a bee long time. Also Kenton Bailey am in believer.

    ~ Karen
  • I need lots of prayers, am in a health care fidelity. My husband can’t care for me anymore, he has problems too. Anxiety and depression. I have cerebral palsy. Please help me to go home. Thanks

    ~ Marlene
  • Please uphold me in prayer for a broken relationship with my daughter for over 19 years.

    ~ Lalita
  • I pray for my husband, that he may find a way back to God and away from his alcohol addiction. And my mother that she may have an end to her pain.

    ~ Delia
  • May Our Lord and Savior stay by my side as I am dealing with colon cancer and Stage 4 cancer of lymph nodes of my abdomen .
    My doctor has said I have an incurable disease and at this point in time possibly 5-7 years of course new treatments will be coming out during this time frame that I pray I can undergo to extend my life
    I pray that the Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother stay by my side always for help guidance and strength to help hold me up during all my cancer treatments for a cure

    ~ Catherine
  • For my 90 year old parents, as they struggle to care for each other in their own home and dealing with increasing frailty, declining health and diminishing capacity.

    For myself and my siblings, to have the will, strength, wisdom, patience and commitment to work well together, whatever it takes, to care for them as we put their needs first–lovingly. May that love and caring be shared as support to and between all of my siblings.

    For myself, my children and grandchildren improved health & love.

    ~ TERI
  • please pray for my sister in law- She has been with her (babies daddy for 19 yrs) and all they do is drugs. Her kids are with their grandmother but she needs to see the light and leave this man. (He does’nt work) She works just to pay for their drugs and we are paying for her food and accessories. We was paying for her utilities bur we quit paying and now they have no utilities and she is living with us. I pray that she moves with her mom and dad in Florida. Please help me pray

    ~ James
  • Special intention, health and wisdom

    ~ Judy