• Heavenly Father I pray for Steve Oatman to be released from his addiction to Meth. I pray that he wakes up and no longer has a desire for this drug in any form. Father I pray that Steve will see how this drug is slowly killing him. I pray for this in the name of My Lord Jesus Christ, Lord hear my prayers.

    ~ Anonymous
  • According to The Lords will prayer for healing my and m,g,h,r and my mind, body, spirit, soul,concerns and life. Prayer no weapons shall prosper and thou shall condemn. Prayer for miraculous victory in my everything but remove unwarranted soul/spirit ties from my everything especially my house. Prayer needed daily. Prayer God reveals to all the thieves of my house to everyone and what was taken. Prayer for safe return unharmed. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer needed
  • Dear lord please watch over me and my children so that we can enjoy the new apartment which we just moved into.and let a good job come my way so that I can pay 550.00 for rent and to allow my Bill’s to be paid because I’m behind.i need things lord and without talking to you .itll never come to be.please lord watch over us and protect us .Allow st jude to step in and help if he knows or has away.in your name almighty father please show me a sign that everything will be ok.AMEN

    ~ Alishea
  • Dear Father I need you PLEASE to keep Monique our grandaughter in amazing HEALTH. She struggles with low energy and that you you will BLESS her with Organic Vitamins that you made to keep her HEALTHY and BLESS her to drive and find a part time job or go to school. Also Bless her little dog Lucy with HEALTH and safety and protection you see God BLESSED our grandaughter with Lucy she needs her in her life she comforts Monique. Thank you in JESUS NAME AMEN.

    Ophie (grandma)

    ~ Ophelia
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from lies that were told, Please Pray that the Lord thy God will bring us back together very soon

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray for me & my kids, my husband is an alcoholic & has been spending every night out of the marital home. I found out yesterday that he is speaking to a woman & I believe he is having an affair. I would like to get out of this marriage as I no longer feel safe. Please pray for a miracle, for him to get a wake up call as he is now drinking and driving every single day. Please pray for my peace, happiness & financial freedom to take care of our two little kids. In Jesus’ name, Amen

    ~ gisele
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • I pray that J does exceptionally well on her test this week. I pray she is very happy with her scores.

    ~ S
  • I’m having an issue with my depression lately, it’s mostly because of my failed relationships. That I’ve noticed how hard it’ll be to reach my dream of having a family, of being a mother, I want to be a mother so badly. I’m willing to let anyone treat me wrong to sacrifice for that. I am strong but I am losing hope and I am unhappy. Pray for me, also pray that I remain in good health of a 22 year old. Pray that I grow from my experiences but remain who I am and who I want to be.

    ~ Davina
  • Please pray that my husband that he can fiks the horse trailer this week. I love my husband and he works a lot. I am deprest for not having possible to drive my horse. I have worked hard to could drive my horse out and train for trainer. But for months the trailer standing and needs fiksing.

    ~ Marit
  • I’m having difficulty with stress anxiety and worries. Since having a bout of vertigo. It brought allot of issues on. Along with not getting sleep … fear … .. along with hot flashes. From being perimenopausal. .. irritably… thank you so much. God bless you.

    ~ Jacqueline
  • I am really struggling and stressed about recruitment and finances within the college decision process. I really need some prayers and support while going on this journey.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my daughter to do well on her test so that she may get into Nursing School

    ~ Penni
  • I would request prayer for Deacon Don Contreras’ Thursday appointment with his lead surgeon.
    That he NOT require surgery and be able to regain his energy levels………stamina levels………..well-being………with the medication he is consuming.

    It is causing him great lethergy and exhaustion in taking it daily.

    For his B.U.N./Creatinine blood levels to entirely heal before his autumn, ’19, wellness exam.

    For the health of Mr. Joseph Justin Contreras and continued weight gain!

    ~ Dr
  • That my house sells this week. Tough neighborhood. Thank you.

    ~ L
  • I am again bringing Sal to the alter. He is starting to veer to the left, instead of staying in the middle – paying lip service to someone in the film industry. I can already see where this is heading – pride of life and lust of the eyes. I have been here from the beginning. He needs another wake up call. Thank you.

    ~ jan
  • Please pray for the healing of my father Danilo Marso who is currently suffering from colon cancer. Amen.

    ~ Margaret
  • Please pray the truth and lies come out in the case involving my children and their step mom. My children’s step mother was arrested for choking my middle child. Now she’s trying to lie out of it and threatening my kids to lie.

    ~ Jennifer
  • For the sanctification of Kathleen N and her daughter Christine.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Undergoing surgery on Thursday please pray for all to go well and for a speedy recovery as I will need to return to work . May Gods mighty hand be upon me and may He grace me with His miraculous healing power !

    ~ Cynthia
  • True Gratitude for all those that makes heart of the nations possible- my financial situation limit my giving . But with my continued prayer and thanksgiving my all continue-In Jesus name, my loving Lord.
    May man kind realize the wonders of our Lords work – and strengthen us in our daily walk. And as for my eyes may they always be open to what I am to do.
    Thank you Lord Jesus for another day.

    ~ Christine
  • God I pray to you that I can pay all bills that I owe as well as help my sisters with there bills so I can give the church more money. Please God help me and my family so we will not lose our home. In Jesus name I pray..

    ~ Roberta
  • Please give us safe travels, keeping our property safe while we have to be away. Bless and protect us and all that are traveling with us. Please protect our son in all ways, always!

    ~ G
  • Pray That I Will Overcome Evil Desires Unclean Thoughts Hurtful Memories That I Will Diligently Keep The Ten Commandments Practice Charity Forgiveness Love Toward My Neighbors That I Will Avoid Bad People Poor Souls In Purgatory More People Praying The Rosary

    ~ Joseph
  • Please pray for Evelyn Burke, that she be kept safe from any complications, infections, side effects throughout all her procedures and therapies, and that she be healed completely from cancer by the Divine hand of Jesus Christ our Lord.

    ~ Melissa
  • i feel alone and forgotten. I had my car repossessed and i am unable to bear a child. I feel like i have been abandon by the one person i should feel abandoned by. and i just need prayers to let him know i still love him but i need help. i really need help

    ~ crystal
  • Prayers for complete healing for Jason Paul Louviere

    ~ Lea
  • For approval and issuance of my wife’s German Reunion Visa and prompt confirmation of her H1B application by USCIS this month of September in Jesus name, amen.

    ~ Obumneme
  • My middle daughter, who is going through a divorce, and has 2 children, ages 14 and 11, was diagnosed bipolar this past month. For those of who love her, this is not a surprising diagnosis…she has suffered for many years with mood swings. I’m praying now that God holds her and my grandchildren extra close to his heart while she struggles to get her life on track. She is in Virginia, and I’m in California, so I can’t be there with her in person…but I do talk to her on the phone very often.

    ~ Deborah
  • Pray that my relationship with John, has longevity, pray that it grows to being in love, pray that it flourishes grow, pray that I can safety, home, security, and something he knows won’t change or leave him. Pray that he finds peace and hope within me, pray that his emotional, physical, mental desire for me never dies, pray that we continue to surprise each other, pray that he feels fulfilled when we’re finally in each other’s presents, please pray he has fidelity with me in this relationship!

    ~ Davina
  • Please pray for the people affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and North Carolina. Many people lost their lives, homes and businesses in the Bahamas.

    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Thank you so very much Father Dan Vollert for the blessed Sunday Mass gospel message you presented on Sunday September 8, 2019 and to the blessed readings that the man presented. The singing from St. Richard choir was beautiful. Continue praying for my high blood pressure and lower back pain. Keep my daughter, son in law and our dog in prayers for health and safety.

    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Myself please. I am in St. Luke’s hospital in Milw. with cardiac concerns and a serious foot wound. I had to have a toe removed and the doctors are working to save the rest. I am praying for strength and that our Lord will have mercy on me and heal me.

    ~ Deborah
  • Please pray for healing and protection for Elizabeth A., Anastasia, Elizabeth W., and Christine S. and to remove all obstacles to doing God’s will. Also for a good Christian husband for Christine.

    ~ Ellie
  • Please pray for my brother Greg he has internal bleeding and now on a breathing machine. Please he needs prayers asap. Thank you.

    ~ Gloria
  • Please pray for my father for him to get a job. Please pray for him to be invited for an interview. We have been waiting to hear from phone calls he has had and have not heard. Please let him move forward with the interview process. Please pray for September to be the month of positive change and financial stability for my parents.

    ~ Eva
  • I am Adam W Jr….. Please pray to God that I will now completely live and become one with the Truth of God…and that the Truth will set me free and lead me directly to God……Holy Spirit, open my Heart to the word of God, open my heart to the goodness of God, open my heart to the beauty of God now and forever ….Holy Spirit make me the Fully-Realized Blessed Being of Ascension, in Every Aspect of my Life that God created me To Be now…….Jesus Christ I invite you into my Heart Now…please enter an

    ~ Adam
  • Dear man of God,
    Kindly pray for me:- **LET the swords of my enemies enter into their own hearts, let thunders, hailstones, lightenings, coals of fire 🔥, invisible arrows from God and HolyGhost Fire devour 🔥 all the forces of my enemies, principalities and powers of darkness.**
    Father, God Almighty, please grant me success and support, victory and progress, financial breakthroughs and money miracles, guidance and protection, breakthroughs, success and double blessings in the Mighty Name of Jes

    ~ Fidelis
  • Improved health, mental, physical, and spiritual.

    ~ Robert
  • Please Dear Lord,
    Have mercy on Edward, please motivate him and help him to find a job and be able to keep it. Let it be done according to your will. Amen

    ~ Joyce
  • Please pray for me for God’s blessing in my difficult situations & healing of my respiratory system.also for God’s protection for me & family & needed graces.Thank you

    ~ anonymous
  • Please pray for Chris who is contemplating suicide. Pray he will give himself over to God. Pray for his sons and all his family. Pray he and his family will get the help that they need.

    Pray for Mike, Delores, Justin, Livi, Billy, Adrienne and all their family. Pray for their conversions and healing


    God bless

    ~ Linda
  • For my husband’s physical, mental and emotional health to improve daily. For my Father and Mother’s health, physical, mental and emotional. For my Mother to come through her surgery with no complications and guide the surgeon’s hands to do their best work ever. For my brothers, their wives, our children, their spouses and our grandchildren, my sister’s family with their special needs. World peace and an end to the violence in our country and the world.

    ~ Edith
  • annette carlos rip eileen feehan rip martin feehan rip paddy feehan rip johnny feehan rip noel feehan rip jimmy feehan rip william feehan rip ellen feehan rip mary feehan rip jack feehan rip jim feehan rip sean mcormack rip ellen mcormack rip paddy mcormack rip pat mcormack rip mary barlow rip harry bullock rip allan barlow rip martina collins rip anniv jim collins and family ints martina finnane and family ints liam feehan and family ints bosco feehan and family ints beraddette murray and fam

    ~ pat
  • We need your spiritual backup very badly.

    Could you help us and say a mass of special intention for our British Prime Minister Boris Jonson for WISDOM, GUIDANCE AND PROTECTION, please?

    We may become a country of a form of communism and our freedom and religious freedom will be under threat – in the long run. Please pray for our Tory government. Otherwise we’ll be taken over by socialists, a form of easern European communism. People are persecuted for leading a religious, Christian life there.

    ~ Slawek
  • I pray for prayer to find a girl, a girl who respected and loved me and whom I will respect and love and with whom I will have a family to God for honor and glory

    Thank you

    ~ Avgustin
  • My prayer intentions today are for the sake of my children. I am a single mother and in need of a job. I have been blinded by the false promises of a man who I thought I could trust and who led me away from the church. I need so much help. I am losing my apartment and have to move back in with my ex-husband. My life is a wreck. Please pray that I can find employment and stay on my own, for the sake of my children I pray.

    ~ Jennifer
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls
    ENd to abortion

    ~ Anonymous
  • I fear my ex is in witch craft and sent evil spirits and spells against me and my family. Please pray the Holy Spirit protect us against these and heal us spiritually financially physically mentally and emotionally.

    ~ Thomas
  • Would you please pray for my son Kurtis A Borowiak who is living in Colorado and myself and our relationship? That God heal, restore and protect our relationship and that he cast out of both of our lives and away from my son those who are nonbelievers and sinful who are leading him into the same and trying to create divisiveness between him and his parents and God and the Catholic Church including his wife, her family and our family and so called friends around him and in his work and online.

    ~ JoAnna
  • Pray for myself and my brother that we can have a brotherly friendship. Also that through Greif Share I can accept my brother’s death, in a healthier way not by self harm, and hatred towards my baby brother. Also Pray for my Sister and her family that they can reconcile there relationship together. Pray for my nieces and nephews that I can get there address and phone numbers.

    ~ Andrew
  • Please pray that my depression and anxiety become healed and that I can focus better and that me and my son gain a better and healthier life. I want us to start over and get away from our current situation and things get better in general. I thank God for everything and am grateful to God because I have already been given so much.

    ~ Sara
  • Please pray for Joyce Close. Dementia has intensified her stubborness.

    ~ Karl
  • To have my cancer healed and put in remission.

    ~ Alicia
  • That our grandson, Nathan Weiner, will become Catholic, and our granddaughter, Ashley Clark will become Catholic as well. That through them, ALL our grandchildren will become Catholic.

    ~ Marsha
  • My sister-in-laws sister just received news that she has stage 4 and 3 months. Please help her family to be there for her and for Jesus to be there in their lives. Amen

    ~ Kelley
  • Please pray Chris and Meredith may have a peaceful night’s sleep tonight. We’ve been experiencing insomnia nights. Please pray Chris may have peace of mind, emotional well-being and strength to get thru his work days. He no longer can do hard labor. He’s been in the emergency room 4x in a year. Please pray his lower back pain heals. Please pray he may find a new career path with good pay and benefits. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • please pray i continue to be stronger bonded with Father Jesus n my Angels turn to them pay attn to them. when there are frustrations in life, dont take so serious it control my moods. talk out work out… even laugh off, find the good in it … dont be consumed with disappointments keep believing in the good coming ty gbu

    be more forgiving understanding compassionate and all the beatitudes … learn n apply my gifts absorb them

    ~ Brenda
  • Prayers for my nephew, Nick Burciaga. May he continue to heal and may his liver recovers from the scirosis suffered. Amen.

    ~ Christina
  • Please pray that my up coming cataract surgery will be successful with the first surgery. Lord Jesus please keep my sister Barbara in remission of stage 4 long cancer. I also request the healing to remission of stage four cancer of Dennis Murphy. In Jesus name all things are possible. Amen

    ~ Catherine
  • For the health Maria Mares. I pray that she continues to improve from her strokes.

    ~ Teresa
  • For health of body mind and spirit. For guidence and direction in relationships and work. also for Cindy Guzzo healing of her heart, blood pressure,and sugar. Legs and feet. Healing for my mom, healing of her back, legs knees ,and eyes. For peace and protection from Anxiety and stress. Thank you!

    ~ jimmy
  • I ask that the Holy Spirit touch the lives of my daughter and her husband that they may know a life with our Lord in it and will teach my grandsons the meaning of faith.
    I ask that the Lord will bless and keep President Trump.
    I ask that my own health will be restored.

    ~ Candace
  • Pray for strength so I May be patience into selling my summer home. Since the death of my husband it is a burden to continue to carry it without going into debt. Also strength to make intelligent decisions for me and my family. And keep my family together in loving and happiness of each other. And Thank God for all our family’s blessings. I am grateful. Also my sister is not well. Pray for her recovery and well being.

    ~ Joanne
  • My husband is an alcoholic, my daughter is bipolar and my grandson is bipolar and ADHD. I need Gods help. I have to put it in His hands. I don’t know what to do anymore.

    ~ Maria
  • I got fired and can’t find new work. Its been a month.

    ~ Denise
  • My prayer is for healing of my cancer and foot neuropathy. I have been in treatment for seven years. I have suffered and hope God intercede for me healing, so that I may walk without a walker. I am sorry for my sins, and pray you will submit my intentions.

  • Prayers for my daughter for her to have a wonderful spouse and have healthy children. For her continued good health and for the cancer cells to stay away!

    ~ Linda
  • Help Rumi get a home based job. Help Sue VerBryck with her Diabetes and get over her Sinus Infection. Help the people in the Bahamas. Help Steve DelMastro get over his drinking problem. Help Matt VerBryck decrease his pain. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    ~ Sue
  • Please pray that we get a house we can move into ASAP. Our landlord is having the house given back to the bank. Also that I can get better, and my sugars get under control, with less pancreatic pain and inflammation.

    ~ Cheryl
  • The house will sell without additional deductions.

    ~ Anonymous
  • The safety of my daughter and her two children who are in an abusive

    home. Give her the strength to leave.

    ~ Cynthia
  • *Prayer request*
    Kindly pray for my sister’s grandson *Elvis* (1-1/2 years old) who is having fever since 9 days. Please pray for his healing and speedy recovery.
    Thanks 🙏

    ~ Gladys
  • Dear God, Thank You for getting us through another week. Please help all those suffering from hurricane Dorian, and the Terrible Amazon Wildfires. Please let me be cured this week of the awful pain in my side, my stomach, the infestations in the apt., please bring the Best neighborhood and neighbors across, & let our new home be there, full of love, peace & safety. Please cure Mom, Rusty, Bella and everyone in our family, loved ones, friends and pets. Please be with us Forever. I love U Mary!

    ~ Gail M
  • Please pray for my family!
    Thank you!

    God bless!

    ~ Ivan
  • Pray that Andy can get himself back in school in time for this years wrestling season. He has made mistakes, I believe he has learned from them. Hope and pray school agrees and let’s him back in very soon. He is a good kid that has made some bad choices.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my wife Patricia Adamczewski

    ~ Ronald
  • Dear Lord, It’s me again, asking for your help and healing. I am frightened about my heart and ask that it be something not serious. Please help me with my ear and my physical pain. I feel I am just a mess right now and I’m getting frightened and discouraged. Please help me, heal me, and give me peace. Thank you for all you do for me every single day. I see your blessings and don’t take them for granted. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please protect us/community from the storms/heavy rains heading our way. Let us have no damages/no flash flooding. Protect the first responders who have to work in the weather to help others. Protect our son in all ways, all the time.

    ~ G
  • Heavenly Father I pray for Steve Oatman to be released from his addiction to Meth. I pray that he wakes up and no longer has a desire for this drug in any form. Father I pray that Steve will see how this drug is slowly killing him. I pray for this in the name of My Lord Jesus Christ, Lord hear my prayers.

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • Steve and Doris Kerr.
    Adam, Stefanie, Pheobe, Hayden and Petra Tschappat.
    Mike and Yvonne Deppeler.
    Fr. Larry Albertson.
    Mental Peace.
    Financial Responsibility.
    Living and Deceased members of the O’Keefe/Kerr families.

    ~ Tony
  • Please pray for me. I have a bad gum infection my face is swollen and my stomach is hurting badly. From so much pain medicine. Please pray for me. Thank you
    God bless you

    ~ Isela
  • My family and I are in need of inner healing and delivrance. Please, also pray that we may totally give our lives to Jesus.

    ~ Mary
  • My name is Jared and I need help.

    Please pray for financial relief for me. I am a disabled veteran and cannot work. My wife is disabled and no one will hire her. We are drowning in debt. With me making the only income I am barely holding my nose above water let alone my head. I am slammed with depression and anxiety due to this issue. I have two daughters, and two sons (which their mother take a large portion of my disability pay).

    ~ Jared
  • Andy, Bill, Lisa, Benjamin, Katie, Simon, Lucy, Linda, Barbara, Katherine, Sara Nell, Angela, Jaimie, Phillip, Jeannie, Stevie, Jason, Jason, Meg, Dianna, Danielle, Penny, Michelle, Julie, Amy, Kyle, Steve, Shane, Robb, Judy, Randy, Chip, Katie, Kahri, Joni, Laela, Angie, Mandy, Dajen, Bill, Alec

    ~ Susan
  • Dear Lord, please pray for the soul of Maria Ubaldo Subala, whose birthday is tomorrow, Sept. 8. May her soul Rest In Peace and Let Perpetual Light shine upon her soul. Amen.

    ~ Lourdes
  • I am very sick and handicapped and in more pain than I can tolerate.I am not responding to medication and I do not know how much longer I can go on.My dog who is my constant companion has a bacterial infection and is having seizures I cannot take him to the vet nor do i have any money.We both need Divine Intervention Please my family needs conversion to survive the warning and Laura,Fr Martin,souls in purgatory,people planning abortion.Please protect us and heal us dear God.

    ~ Sharon
  • Dear Father I PRAISE YOU I THANK YOU I ADORE YOU I BLESS YOU and most of all I LOVE YOU. Today my husband Richard A. and I were BLESSED from you that Richards lab results found NO melanoma cancer. They removed a big piece of melanoma from bottom of his foot and The lympnoids NO cancer at all!!!! GOD does answer PRAYERS again THANK YOU GOD I PRAISE YOU AGAIN. BLESS YOU JESUS THANK YOU JESUS THANK YOU ST. PEREGRINE the Patron Saint of cancer.
    AMEN AMEN AMEN from richards wife Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for me for the upcoming Board exam of Agriculture it’s my third times to take the Board Exam.

    ~ Janeth
  • Lord according to your will that you’ve lost the biller family and friends with your spirit to establish with your hand Almighty in eternal faith and love for your name in a way that we have not asked before in Jesus name amen

    ~ JohnHi
  • We pray for a fully favorable decision from Social Security for Joe’s hearing on 11/19/19. We pray for healing of our pains and diseases and for our finances to be healed in Jesus name we ask Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for my niece, Samantha, to be healed of cancer.

    ~ Linda
  • Dear Father in Heaven, please direct and guide me in finding an affordable apartment soon. I desperately want so much for me and my boys to be settled again. And we all look forward to the stability and family memories that will be made there. Lord, I know you are aware of all our needs and my faith is in knowing you are always watching over us. May our home be blessed with a strong loving relationship with you and an understanding for eachother. I thank you from the bottom of my heart

    ~ Octavia
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • My mother, Sylvia Dcosta has been diagnosed for lung cancer. The doctors say her days are numbered, may be she will last for hardly 5-10 days from now. But I believe, that life and death is only in the hands in the Lord God our almighty who has created us and blessed us with this beautiful life. So I keep my faith in Him, make it stronger everyday, never cease praising him, I place my intention in front of you, to miraculously heal my mother and make her Alrite. Nothing is impossible with God.

    ~ Sydney
  • Hi God bless you!! Please pray for me I grew up evangelical but I feel so called into the catholic church I want to become catholic please pray God make a way for me.

    ~ Jacob
  • I’m losing hope yet I ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife Aprils heart mind soul and life to cause her to turn and seek restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for the health of my husband, John. We thank God for sustaining his life so far as he was born with congenital heart defects. His ejection fraction is weak and I am asking God to improve John’s quality of life. He has been having back and neck pain along with inability to do simple chores and walk because of his weakened heart. Thank you for your prayers, in Jesus’ name, and may God Bless you!

    ~ MaryAnn
  • Prayers for the termination of husband’s affair quickly as significant changes need to be made soon regarding him wanting me out to move the girlfriend in. This is a horrible situation and she is causing more friction with her lies and manipulation of my husband.

    ~ Dawn
  • Heavenly Father I pray for my granddaughter Chloe Marie, she was born prematurely and now has issues with her liver. Jesus please watch over this sweet little miracle and make her well so she can enjoy life with her Momma, Daddy, and big sister Macie. In Jesus’ name I pray, Lord hear my prayers.

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • Almighty Father I pray for Steve Oatman and his addiction to meth. Lord please help Steve to overcome this problem and not desire this drug in his life anymore. Heavenly Father I pray for this in the name of My Lord Jesus Christ, Lord hear my prayers

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • Praying for a breakthrough in an immediate full time permanent job opening for Leland. Praying for Godly friends, mentors and family to provide support and encouragement to Leland and may he be enrichly blessed with Gods plan manifesting in All areas of his life.

    ~ T

    ~ IKURAV
  • I have been sick since October of last year. My problems are too numerous to fit in 500 words. I am improving but still have a long way to go. I am now looking at back surgery for a fractured vertebrae. I have a lot of friends and family praying for me, I believe the Lord listens to those who ask. Please include me with my Heart of the nation family, and pray for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Thank you! and may God bless you.

    ~ Dan
  • please set me free and protect me from my abusive family. I leave this in the hands of God please remove me from the abusive family. let me go free and all of my stuff protected please help me. I am trapped in this family by satan please let me go from this family. I live in fear and guilt. please end the abusive family dynamic please protect me and keep me safe. please protect me and my house and my money and assets from the abusers Cheryl and Renee and Jacklyn please protect me and help me bre

    ~ rikki
  • Please pray for my mom Virginia Hill for her healing- body, mind and soul.

    ~ Megan
  • Eternal Repose of our beloved departed:

    Carmen C. Vertido
    Tony Pettus
    Kristen Anne Detken
    Martin Conrad Olsen
    Sharon Olsen
    For the unborn and the poor souls in purgatory

    ~ Ernesto
  • Riley H -Jenna S -Jason R who are fighting cancer. Riley is also fighting have blood clots with factor 5 and leukemia has been in the hospital over 2 months
    Also that this flooding that has went on since March ends in Northwest MO and the Corp of Engineers finally open their eyes to change the manual they have been following that causes us so much devastation

    ~ Judy
  • Please pray for me, I am falling into depression. I am scared all the time and feel anxious all the time. I cannot concentrate, I had to stop working and I struggle with daily tasks. I cannot take care of my family, my husband cooks and cleans because I cannot do it. My family is frustrated with me and tells me I need to grow up and snap out it. I try but it is so hard when I feel like I am suffocating with anxiety. I need God’s help. Please pray for me and all who have requested prayers.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Need prayers for financial recovery and good news for a change. Creditors are nipping at our heels every where we turn. Husband unable to work.

    ~ K.
  • Dino needs a turnaround after a vicious snakebite, and I need your loving intercession. C’mon Saints Francis and Anthony! I believe in miracles!! Please heal our pup dear Lord, he brings so much joy. In Jesus’ Name. L

    ~ liz
  • Dear Father in Heaven I ASK you & BEG you to PLEASE PLEASE BLESS my husband Richard A. with Excellent Lab Results and Longevity of a HEALTHY life so that we may enjoy our retirement together and continue our Beautiful Road Trips together. In JESUS NAME AMEN. Thank you I love you Lord. His wife Ophie PRAISE GOD…………………….


    ~ Ophelia
  • Please keep our family protected, let everything fall into place as needed and let us have safe travels to our son.

    ~ G
  • For the Priest family as they go through a divorce that is complicated by mental illness and addiction. For healing for the father from these plagues. For the mother who now must raise these children alone. (Ages 4-15) For healing for the children who are suffering each in their own way. All 8 are losing their faith and I pray that they may find God again. The divorce is being finalized this week. I pray that it goes smoothly so that is does not get nasty and expensive.

    ~ April
  • Please Pray,

    May God the Father be with my family members, Anthony, Theresa, Maria, Sebastian and my wife Jennifer and our child Aaiden and may the hand of God be upon us. May Jesus Christ bless us- use us- protect us -guide us, May the grace, peace, love, mercy, blessings and unity of Jesus Christ be with us. May Jesus Christ forgive us of all our sins and heal us spiritually, physically and mentally and financially and our past. May Jesus Christ deliver us from every sin-evil-curse-bondage

    ~ Infant
  • Ask God to give me health and resolve my health issues.

    ~ elizabeth
  • Please pray the enemies of Katy and joes relationship do not have victory. That Katy and Joey have victory and come back together after being torn apart by jealous enemies. Please pray our enemies no longer come in-between ya, manipulate us, or bother either one of us in the name of Jesus! Pray that Katy and Joey are able reconnect and rebuild after the harm that has been done to their relationship.

    ~ Katy
  • Please pray an intercede For
    Conversion of stubborn eldest sister Josephine inoperative since decades and being mother of Linus jobless for long time and her brother Peter all lazy, lethargic, rebellious and irresponsible, take initiative and willingly participate recite family rosary, attend daily holy mass, be active and responsible especially elusive Peter and linus partake in household responsibilities support to Lourdes age 40 years unmarried because of helplessness negativeness

    ~ Julian
  • Im pregnabt due in 5 weeks oct 13
    The devil is bothering me alot Specially at night and bad people arguing with me. Please pray for me I need to rest and be at peace.

    ~ Elsa
  • Thank you for protecting my family on their visit. Bless my grandson on doing so well the first part of school.
    Keep helping and blessing my family and friends. Bless my neighbors. Thank you for taking care of me.

    ~ Jan
  • I am a single father, raising two boys alone. I was miserable and suicidal, but I found God. God is telling me to have faith that I will find a job. Please pray for me to have faith in trusting God to direct my life. Amen.

    ~ Aaron
  • Please pray for a very positive Dr appointment on Monday the 9th of September.

    ~ Ronnie
  • Please let all go well today with the workers who are coming to our home, let there be no problems and let the work go smoothly. Keep all of us safe!

    ~ G
  • Please pray for my son, Trent…He is unemployed and really needs employment NOW !!! Trent’s mother and I have helped with his mortgage and bills and now we are not able to…Please pray for hisnew employment soon.

    Thanks and God’s Blessing to all of YOU !!!!

    ~ Roy
  • Prayers for my mother, 94 years old, that she may be healthy and strong, gain weight .
    Also for my sister in law who suffered a mild stroke. cannot move her left leg and arm. Undergoing physical rehab. That she regain mobility and strength.
    For my brother and family, let them be strong as they cope with the stress & problems.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that the lord provides opportunities for my ex boyfriend and I to reunite and rekindle our relationship. I realized I need him in my life 6 years too late

    ~ Amanda
  • For the conversion of Maribelle Mendez. For the health of Mercedes and Herberth Vera.

    ~ Christian
  • For Sue Hardy newly diagnosed with possible lung cancer.

    ~ Mary
  • Please help me pray for the departed soul of Charfeddine Ben Slama.
    May he finally have that encounter with Jesus Christ and rest in peace. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

    ~ Durcas
  • Dear Lord Jesus, please touch by husbands heart. Come and revive my marriage in Jesus Name. I pray for God to heal my husband of his bipolar mental illness. I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen.

    ~ Juliet
  • Please pray tor Jesse Wright who has neuroendocrine cancer and is in much pain in his back and is very fatigued. He needs your prayers and Gods help very much. The meds for his rare kind of cancer is terribly expensive {$4700.oo} a infusion .He would need 4 or 6 infusions. Please pray for help with God so he can get the help he needs. This is only two medicines he has to get yet until there isn’t any more at this time. He is a
    very good person and God loving person.

    ~ Shirley
  • My boyfriend Sal needs a serous Come To Jesus moment

    ~ jan
  • This is for thanks giving your prayers and intercession for release of son alroyd vessel grace 1 and reaching home safe and sound after the traumas at Gibraltar South Spain. Please pray for his safety from his employer who had engaged him and 4 threatening crew members and all his dues are paid in full without obstruction and gets another employment in a safe environment and deliver him wife shaista children and families from bondage of Islam and rebellion and accepts Jesus Christ as saviour

    ~ Julian
  • Please pray for the safety of Florida residents. Please pray Hurricane Dorian weakens as the days goes by. Please pray the shelters open their doors and hearts to the homeless. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • God my loving Father and Mother, thank you and praise you for always being there for me. Today I’m here to request you to bless me with a happy married life with Christopher Nadar, whom I love very dearly. He loves me too. Please bless us and unite us in love, innthe holy sacrament of matrimony. It’s my greatest desire to engaged on my birthday in the year 2020 and to get married on his birthday in the same year 2020. Jesus, believe with you everything is possible. I trust you! Unite us Lord..

    ~ Anonymous
  • #ToTheGloryofGod Please pray that my husband remains sober and that there is peace and love in our marriage. Also please pray for him conversion. I know with prayer and God’s grace anything is possible. For the sake of the sorrowful passion that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ endured I pray. Amen.

    ~ Veronica
  • I have a son that is 22 years old and was in an auto accident. He is not expected to live. Over 50 piece of his skull was removed that was embedded in his brain. The bible says “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” and I great covet any prayers. His name is Nicholas “Blake” Cox and is in St. Jude’s hospital in Springfield, Il.

    ~ Marcus
  • Please pray 3 year old William develops an appetite and grows and gains weight, that him and brother and mom and dad are always safe and out of harms way

    ~ Laura
  • I don’t know where else to go so I ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife Aprils heart mind soul and life to cause her to turn and seek restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Tom
  • Pope Francis, all priests, and all deacons

    ~ Joseph
  • I am confused about getting married or not. I am now 29 years old. I am a senior software engineer working in bangalore.

    ~ Thomas
  • For my brother Ronald Cruz, who is under going a lot of pain due to several losses,(his wife, our daddy, his girlfriend) . For his temperament and impatience and understanding, maturity to tackle
    situations in our daily life. May he be blessed with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and to know and accept God’s Holy Will for him.

    ~ Ruby
  • Pray that I receive personal growth, within my mind and within my life. Please pray that I gain strength and my courage back, please pray that I able to accomplish finding a new job, getting a place for my mother and I, and getting my first car. Pray that we remain financially stable through it all. Pray that if everything is right, it will all prosper within my new relationship, pray that it will flourish and grow, pray that I have patience and understanding, pray that I enjoy it in the moment!

    ~ Davina
  • May peace and joy be in the hearts of my family members.
    May all of my immediate family members increase their faith , hope and
    especially love to rule our relationship with each other.
    May I know my own shortcomings and improve on them to bring
    a good relationship as a family member.

    ~ Rubt
  • Please pray that I get the job with W.H. or that Jesus deliver me from poverty.

    ~ Marissa
  • Praise the Lord
    My name is Renie Mathew and my son Keane Mathew if facing difficulties in studies. HE has problems in remembering and focus.
    I strongly believe that there is nothing impossible for god. Request your prayers to help him be a child of god and learn and grow under his wings.

    ~ Renie
  • Please pray for good health and restoration for me, my husband and our pet cat. Also financial breakthroughs. Thank you

    ~ Jean
  • For my son that he wont have anymore pneumothorax and his lungs stay healthy. For my mom that her heart surgery goes well with no complications or problems and her healing goes great with no complications or problem. For my husband that he wont need dialysis this year and he gets approved by dr and insurance for pd dialysis.. for my dad to get rid of his Parkinson’s disease and his heart be strong and healthy. For myself to get strength to care for my whole family. Make me closer to the lord .

    ~ Alicia
  • For Gary Kanka he’s in alot of pain and dying of elephantis.

    ~ Damian
  • We pray for a fully favorable approval of social security disability for Joe, we pray our diseases and pains are healed as well as our finances healed in Jesus name we ask, Amen~!

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for Tracy to stop committing adultery against her husband of 26 years. Please pray that she will wake up to the way she is living her life and help her decide to walk the correct path, asking for forgiveness and repenting for her sins against my Lord Jesus, My Almighty.

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • Please pray for Steve Oatman to be released from his Meth addiction. Please pray for him to wake up and decide that his current way of life is the wrong path. Thank you my Lord Jesus, My Almighty

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • Please pray that I will pass the Pharmacology exam on September 18, 2019 and Nursing Fundamentals exam on September 23, 2019. Please also pray for financial blessings for my family. Thank you so much!

    ~ Gwen
  • Heavenly Father I give you praise and thank you from the bottom of my heart for watching over and keeping our precious newborn granddaughter Chloe Marie safe during her birth and in the few days following. It all happened so quickly and we could have lost her right there in the delivery room. Father I thank you for putting those specific doctors and nurses in her path to keep her light shining. She is a miracle straight from your arms and I will thank you daily for her.

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • Thank you God for all your blessings. Please pray for my mother’s health & my health also.

    ~ Marylin
  • Father I pray for Steve Oatman’s meth addiction to break, I pray for him to wake up and feel no desire for the drug in any shape or fashion. I humbly pray for this in the name of My Lord Jesus Christ, Lord hear my prayer.

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • That God will take away my night terrors and that I can sleep peacefully to be productive in my life. That God will forgive me for not being able to go to mass because of circumstances in my life.

    ~ Nicole
  • Social security disability is investigating my time worked from 2015 thru 2018. That my disability funds not be discontinued.
    My fiancé in Ghana May come home to me soon my God’s Grace.
    May niece Kim Willse in her marriage troubles with her husband be resolved

    ~ Marian
  • Thank you so very much Father Matthew Widder for the blessed Sunday Mass message online this Sunday September 1, 2019 and thank you for the man that did the readings and the blessed singing from St. Richard choir. Brothers and sisters, continue praying for my lower back pain caused from osteoarthritis. Pray for health and safety for my daughter, son in law and dog. Also, pray to keep the people in Florida safe from Hurricane Dorian.. May God Bless each of you.

    Delores j
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for my sister Fabiola to be healed of a brain tumor.

    May the Lord use her healing for His honour and glory and to bring her and others to Faith in Christ.

    ~ Andre
  • Please pray for me that I will return home to my mother and siblings. I am 11 years old. I lied to the court that my mother beat me, but she didn’t. I love my mother. Please let my heart be open to love. Thank you.

    ~ Wendy
  • That my 11-year old daughter Wendy will return to her home to me and her siblings. She wants to live with her father, who is not a good person. My heart is broken just like the Blessed Mother. Thank you.

    ~ Ally
  • I am an Architect struggling to shift my course in my career. I have always loved to model and be an artist from my childhood. Being from an Indian family, this is a crime to my family.. I pray that I get an opportunity and that my family and myself get the mental support required to go forward with this. (The main reason why I would want to become a model would be to make my parents proud, and someday, I can walk the ramp with my mother (has neurofibroma) and show how beautiful she is! )

    ~ Priyanka
  • I am in debt and looking to rid myself of this issue so that I can provide a better life for my children. Please pray for me so that I may be able to find a better job that will allow me to pay off my debt and be able to finally save for a home and to take care of my family better.

    ~ Carolyn
  • mention his full name and last name to rest his soul in peace
    he died last november 8,1918 until now I can’t go anywhere
    with broken down so help me now so that I can move forward
    thank you. HE MAY REST IN PEACE LORD.

    ~ Anonymous
  • She is suffering of a lot of headache and dr find nothing when runs test. She also carries for her handicapped husband. Who has not leges. And he has not pitted on her. To demand on her. It is a bad situation. She needs all of prayers.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please prayer that my husband finds steady employment.

    ~ Teri
  • Pray for Helen Bambis breathing. Help Matt VerBryck decrease his pain. Help Steve DelMastro to stop drinking. Help Rumi Peramune get a good stay at home job. Help Sue VerBryck with her diabetes. Pray that Hurricane Dorian does no harm to the state of Florida. Thank you.

    ~ Sue
  • For Rosalie Battista that the doctors find out why she keeps running a fever on and off and so that she can be healthy again. Thank you!

    ~ Rosalie
  • Please help me pray for my family, Jomar, Niles and me – that Jesus will cover us with His most precious blood against those who does not believe in the “commitment of marriage.” That Jesus will continue to touch Jomar’s heart to listen to what God is telling him not what people had told him that “his old family is only one while his wife can be replaced” no one knew what is going on in our family but the 3 of us. For my son and I for continuous healing of the hurts we had received. Amen.

    ~ Shella
  • Please pray for my family that lives abroad and for my husband’s family, may they always be protected from evil. I also ask you Lord to bring peace to my home and for the health of my unborn baby. May this baby grow healthy and strong every day! Amem!

    ~ Amanda
  • I would like prayer for my health. I have a head injury and the bruise is still on my forehead. I would like prayer for my family, my children and grandbabies. Thank you dearly.

    ~ Vonderlier
  • cure for my cancer

    ~ marion
  • For my mom anna mae snyder that she would not suffer in PAIN in daily life and death AMEN

    ~ Debby
  • For my sister Joni who has MS that recently was placed in ICU with breathing problems . May she make a recovery.

    ~ Dave
  • Good health prayers for my son and my family

    ~ Tarji
  • To leave drugs and drinking alone and my probation will end and a job and to get closer to God and to do right by my husband and to get my settlement

    ~ Sophil
  • To leave drugs and drinking alone and my probation will end and a job and to get closer to God and to do right by my wife

    ~ Atron
  • All I ask for God is life and protection with Devine favour with connection in all areas in my life and in my families so help me God

    ~ Odo onwukwe
  • Dear Lord, In Jesus’ Name, Please Cure me of the TERRIBLE PAIN IN MY RIGHT SIDE…my liver and/or disease..I am Terrified beyond words. I am also nauseous daily and worry for my mom’s health, her kidneys and age, my siblings, our pets, our new neighbors NOT to be trouble, my doctor to be healed and know how to heal us. Please, please protect us, heal us, forgive us our many sins, love us. I need You so much. Please! Thank You! Amen.

    ~ Gail
  • Please Pray for my father Stuart Jones, who is suffering immense pain daily from a disorder called trigeminal neuralgia. Please pray that he can have remission of this horrible disease.
    I beg, it is horrifying to see him in so much pain.
    Thank You

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me. I broke my wifes trust and show me the way fo demonstrate and have remorse with out making it anout me

    ~ Lewis
  • Healing of root cause of bladder and pain

    ~ Mary
  • I’ve been hit with vertigo and since then I’m suffering I’ll effects that my body thinks its moving.. on top of that I’m having difficulty getting to sleep and having a good nights rest.anxiety has creeped in some how too.. along with perimenopausal hot flashes that are brutal and my right ankle that swells slightly.. and all the stress my body and mind is under .. I ask for prayers it’s been very difficult for me.

    ~ Jacqueline
  • Achingly I come to you to ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife Aprils heart mind soul and life to cause her to turn and seek restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for the repose of the
    souls of Ms. Victoria Conceisao, Fr Antonio Rodrigues and Fr. Olivio Miranda.

    ~ Xavier
  • Need more jobs to feed and shelter my family

    ~ Philip
  • Pray 4 my mom and loved ones 2 reject nativism and racism.

    ~ Shane
  • I’m having crippling anxiety and it’s being triggered by a situation at work. Please pray for God to heal my anxiety, watch over the situation at work, for the person at work to find peace and be filled with the Holy Spirit and for everyone afflicted with anxiety to be healed.

    ~ Julie
  • Please pray for Tracy to stop committing adultery and regain her faith and beliefs. Please pray for her to stop hurting her husband of 26 years by being promiscuous and in relationships with other men. Please pray for Tracy to truly repent and ask for forgiveness for her sins. Thank you Lord Jesus, My Almighty!

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • Please pray for Steve Oatman to want to overcome his addition to Meth. Pray that he wakes up one morning and decides to live his life free from this drug. Thank you Lord Jesus, My Almighty.

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • I pray that hurricane Dorian goes out to sea and does not make landfall. I pray this powerful storm will not affect the East Coast and that in its projected path remain safe. I pray that this hurricane will not affect us and our property.

    ~ S
  • The Lord Jesus Christ through the intercession of the immaculate conception our Lord Jesus Christ will have divine mercy on me my father and mother and brothers and step sister and our loved ones and save us

    ~ Angel
  • Please pray for my family and me ; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Darrell, Rosemary, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • Dear Father I like to PRAY for myself (ophie) I feel like someone hit me in my stomach and I feel I always have to take a deep breath and I feel anxiety and I hate this feeling I have lots on my plate right now, and I am BEGGING you to PLEASE PLEASE remove this feeling that I have in the pit of my stomach PLEASE send your son JESUS to touch me with his amazing HEALING HANDS. And my husband and I are still waiting for negative EXCELLENT lab test results. Thank you Father God.


    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear Father my name is Ophie I hope you are not angry with me you see I am always asking & BEGGING you to PLEASE answer my PRAYERS. I will continue to come to you until my PRAYERS are answered and I ask you PLEASE to answer everyone PRAYERS who come to you, and I will not STOP. I TRUST & love you. I am always PRAYING for Richard A. my amazing husband. PLEASE PLEASE continue to BLESS us with our HEALTH I just retired and we love our road trips and our grandchildren very much. IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear Father God in Heaven my name is Ophie (wife) of Richard A. I have been ASKING & BEGGING you to PLEASE PLEASE remove the melanoma cancer from his right foot and limpnoids. He did have surgery last week. He saw the doctor today and they checked his open wound and said he is doing well. PRAISE You FATHER GOD he has NO pain NO INFECTION. However the doctor said they do not have the results from the lab. I am BEGGING you PLEASE FATHER NO cancer in JESUS NAME AMEN. Ophie (wife)

    ~ Ophelia
  • Lord, please bless my Mother’s beautiful soul with healing and peace of mind. May she always feel the comfort of God’s loving embrace around her. Amen.


    ~ Maria
  • My dog Mabel who is on a ventilator. She means the world to my family and I and we could use all of the prayers we can get. We pray for her to have a safe recovery. She is only 4 years old and has touched our lives in ways that are indescribable.

    ~ Ava
  • Please protect us/community once again from the storms heading our way today and into weekend. Keep us safe and free from damages. Protect our son in all ways. Let us have safe travels.

    ~ G
  • No jobs are calling me back is it because they are scared of my degree and they know they have to pay me more I’m getting discouraged I applied for over 50 jobs no callbacks, or they moved to the next applicant I’m broke i need an urgent prayer request for an emergency breakthrough request thanks!

    ~ vanity
  • The Mother of my Granddaughter grabbed her by the arm she was screaming and crying and left the house under the premise of lies that mom created in her mind. My Granddaughter is my world and my life means nothing without her, Please Pray that the Lord Thy God will reunite us very soon.

    ~ Michael
  • Father God you have the power and Majesty in heaven and Earth You speak the word and it is done nothing can withstand your perfect will. I pray Lord that you will be with my wife and I today as she wants to continue filling out divorce paperwork. Lord please heal us and let us come back into your perfect will transform our marriage and our family for Your Glory help me to be calm and show your love during this conversation. In Jesus name I pray

    ~ Anonymous
  • I still love her deeply. Please pray the Holy Spirit work in my ex wife Aprils heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Elisabeth Paone, Jennifer Paone, Katherine Paone, Bruce Paone, John Deodati, Andria Deodati, Michelle Deodati, Tom Carlisi, Eileen Carlisi, Angela Carlisi, Michelle Carlisi, Ray Smith, Mary Smith, Allen Cirard, Jody Cirard, Kent Pennell, Gloria Pennell

    ~ Thomas Gilroy
  • For the souls of: Susan Blackshire, Alan Gilbert, John Auch

    ~ Thomas Gilroy
  • I pray for the departed soul of Rachelle Benavidez Ibia.
    May she rest in peace in the arms of our Savior. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

    ~ MARCO
  • Dear Brothers and sisters In Christ Our Lord ..
    Please pray for my healing both Physical and spiritual.
    May my sleep be improved
    I know that with God NOTHING is impossible ..
    May The Lord Lift up the Prayers and Supplications of the faithful….
    Lord Have Mercy on me a sinner

    ~ EMILIO
  • I miss my friend Shane. He withdrew when his uncle died and is depressed and lonely. I want to see him and spend time with him again. I love him and miss him dearly. Please pray we are reunites so i can stop worrying.

    ~ Michael
  • Jesus Christ, please bless Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel, Jose, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, Teresa, Clemen, Pancho, Moises, and families. Protect them of all illness, evil, enemies, and help them prosper in life.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that my husband will retain his position as a Cad drafter. He’s been working for 4 months now as contractor. May God give him a permanent position in the company to help provide for my family’s daily needs. I pray in Jesus Name 🙏

    ~ Josie
  • Please pray that we are approved for our apartment and everything falls in to place with our move and home loan. Thank you for your prayers, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Dear God, please help my son Michael F. Help him to lose weight. Help him to eat healthy and exercise to fight his obesity. Heal his coughing. He has asthma and and high blood pressure too. Please heal him in all his illness. Help him too in his daily driving. Make it safe anytime, any day to any places he goes. Thank you Lord for kindness.

    ~ Mom
  • Lord Jesus, please help me I am about to have my yearly mammogram next month. I have been in remission for 15 years for breast cancer. And I pray that with you help, I will continue to live cancer free. Have Mercy on me, Lord. I ask and beg for your help. Amen.

    ~ Ludy
  • Lord, please help Emilio F. He is about to have a cat scan for his lungs. He had the operation last March for lung cancer. On September he will have the Check up for the cancer. Please make him lung cancer free. Help him to live a little bit longer. And if God’s will, please don’t allow him to travel as he will just in danger his health again. Have Mercy on him Lord. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord Amen.

    ~ Lu
  • Lord Jesus Christ, I ask for your help to bless the souls of Mauro Subala, Maria Subala and Leonila Ubaldo. Please make their souls Rest In Peace and let Perpetual Light shine upon their souls. Amen.

    ~ Ludy
  • Dear God, please help my granddaughter Alyssa T. To enjoy her Toddler care class. Help her learn to eat lunch and snacks with her classmates. Please help her to stop crying and be happy always. Please make her always safe from any kind of harm, danger, accident or illness. Help her always be a normal kid. This I ask in the name of Jesus Christ , our Lord Amen.

    ~ Lourdes
  • Please pray for Lora, she has cancer that has spread, right now 8-29 at 6pm eastern time she going into surgery to have double mastectomy, please pray for healing, in Jesus name

    ~ Janice
  • Thanks to the Lord for all his blessings.. He kept my family safe during a long visit. Thank you for letting me enjoy my daughter and grandson. My grandson has started school. Please keep his mouth shut and his temper under control so he can enjoy school and make good friends. I ask this in Jesus name. Thank you for helping my friend Pat with some memory tests. You rock!!

    ~ Jan
  • God knows before we ask, for my brothers, sisters, my nieces and
    for me. Also for little Katerina.

    ~ David
  • Please pray for my mother, Jean Marie Armitage, she underwent emergency open heart surgery last night. Please pray that she is strong enough to make it through so that she can see her grandchildren grow up and be the people they are meant to be, continue to love her husband of 59 years and her three children. This is going to be a long recuperative process she can’t do this without love of God, her family and friends. Please pray that she knows that she is never alone.

    ~ Maureen
  • The Mother of my Granddaughter grabbed her by the arm she was screaming and crying and left the house under the premise of lies that mom created in her mind. My Granddaughter is my world and my life means nothing without her, Please Pray that the Lord Thy God will reunite us very soon.

    ~ Michael
  • I am a widow with limited income need my insurance company INTEGON NATIONAL INS CO to approve my claim and fix all the damages to my house.

    ~ Nirmal
  • Please pray for our patients at belvedere family dentistry to know how special they are and to know how much God and Jesus loves them.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for kevin to get a liver transplant and that he makes it til then also please pray for my parents strength

    ~ Christie
  • I pray that J and D have a very safe and enjoyable trip. I pray all their flights and travels are safe and uneventful. I pray they have a very special time together, and they enjoy themselves very much. I pray they will be very happy in each other’s company.

    ~ S
  • Father, I ask from my heart that you please help me asap to find another job. I am being harassed, bullied by my supervisor who keeps attacking me with tideiuos things I keep quiet because I have no other job to go to. This is affecting my health, my mind. I pray that you help me leave asap I am not happy where I am . Thank you Lord Father. Amen

    ~ JOSE
  • Please pray Gods will over Robert Propheter.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for healing over my body and for Gods will.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for me to be healed in Jesus name. Please pray for extra protection and healing over my children elijah and abigail.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for my father as he has two very important interviews for jobs Thursday and Friday. These jobs are great for him and would help him in many ways. Please pray for his interviews to go well, for god to calm him and be with him during them and for positive news to come out of these.

    ~ Eva
  • My 92 year old father is suffering with Bladder, Prostate and possible stomach cancer…he is with Hospice and we know we are headed down a sad road traveled by many before us and many to come after us….I ask for prayers for him, for his last few days, for us his family to know how to handle this pain and ask the Lord Jesus for His will to be done.

    In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen

    ~ Anne
  • My Mom Mary Regina had breast cancer st 2 surgery and is on chemo. I am not able to see her suffering. I strongly pray God give her strength, courage, peace and please do not give her pain. She be cancer free and completely healed. Lord Jesus, I thank you for your healing power. In the name of Jesus, under the power and authority of the Lord God Almighty, I command all forms of demonic illness to leave my Mom’s body now and go to the feet of Jesus. Pls bless my Mom Dad with a long healthy life.

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for my mom, Virginia Hill, for her healing- body, mind and soul.

    ~ Megan
  • Dear Lord,

    I (Felicia) my sister (Cheryl) and our 2 friends (Rhea and Reyon) have got admission in Poland for our Masters program. We have been trying since 1 month and above to get dates for our Student Visa national appointment but due to lack of dates we cannot proceed ahead. We have tried everything to get the dates but all our efforts are in vain. We are loosing hope and getting discouraged. Please help us to get the dates for our visa.

    ~ Felicia Angela
  • Please pray for my older brother Darrell he has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

    ~ Allan
  • Lord. Please pray for me, lord keep me guided. I am sorry for the hurt I did to others. I will like to make peace with everyone I hurt, starting with myself.

    ~ Kimberly
  • Lord. Please forgive me for my sins. I now see the light and see how selfish I was. How I hurt people, I am a better person and not who I was. I want to make peace with people I did wrong.

    ~ Kimberly
  • Please kindly pray for me for my finances . I don’t have money to buy school supplies , shoes and clothes for my daughters 12 and 14 yrs respectively . My electric, water and phone is about to be turn of. I am experiencing chest burn ( hyper_secretion) with no insurance and no money to buy Prilosec. Please kindly pray for me to get a job. Kindly pray for me for peace of mind, for increase in my faith and belief in the Almighty God, Jesus, the virgin Mary , the holy spirit and all the Angels and

    ~ Mohamed
  • For my family and myself. I suffer greatly from depression m

    ~ Marie
  • Heavenly Father, Please help to diagnose and heal my son-in-law, Dave, who was admitted to the hospital yesterday. Help the doctors to work efficiently to diagnose his problem and help him to recover. Your healing touch is very much needed. Please help him to recover quickly. He needs your help very much. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I put all my trust in you.

    ~ Patricia
  • My mother, who unexpectedly passed away Thursday August 22, 2019 at 6:15pm, two weeks and two days after her 89th birthday. May she be in heaven with God and all her loved ones.

    ~ Debra
  • Dear Jesus, please bless and save my grandfather Edward. I love him so much.

    ~ karen
  • I seem to have lost my faith. I have lost almost everything else and need to be restored to faith. I also ask for prayers for my children and grandchildren. I have been an absent father to a large degree. Lord let us trust in You. Help me financially as well.

    ~ Roland
  • Jesus thank you for all of your blessings, I’m going through a very ugly divorce from an abusive narcissist. I’m praying for sole custody of my children who are afraid of the father. I’m praying for financial security and a house of my own to raise my kids in and a good job to provide for them. I also asked for our safety, healthiness , and happiness

    ~ Holly
  • Almighty Father, I sincerely thank you on behalf of my family for the far we have come. Almighty Father, bless 2019 to be a year of great fortunes, good health, breakthrough and to be more spiritual and close to you. I thank all the prayer warriors who have been praying for me and my family. Thanks for the gift of life. Almighty Father, heal me and my family from the HPylori bacteria. Let my wife and kids grow healthy, strong, intelligent and wise.

  • Please pray for Christina’s recovery. Very, very ill. For cure of all her ailments especially renal failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, blood problems.
    Please pray Christina & the Doctors will not give up. Please pray we will not lose her.
    Merciful God please grant us our petitions.

    ~ kk
  • God please help me. I feel like you called me out of this relationship but feelings and ties are still lingering. I don’t know who you have for me. Also you know about the guy from my church who I talk with. You also know what I am going through. God I love you. Help me to know what to do and so the right thing in your eyes.

    ~ Jacquelynn
  • Iam Shylin i have kids iam separate from my husband around 1 year. Please Pray for reunion

    ~ SHYLIN
  • I lift up in prayer Ishikawa-san, Ishii-san, Sugimoto-san and Terashima-san.
    I pray for their pride that will turn to humility, their intelligence will turn to understanding, their superiority will turn to kindness and their hardness of heart will turn to loving gentle persons.
    I pray that Jesus will touch their hearts and minds to be more considerate, compassionate and caring. I pray that they will have an encounter with Jesus Christ. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    ~ MARCO
  • Good morning. I ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to cause her to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray the relationships that I started today continue to be relationships, bless us with strong friendships, please bless us with respect for each other, please pray that I meet a man I can start my life with. I’m passionate about finding my future, I’ve been praying for so many years to meet my husband but I’m starting to lose hope in my future husband and in my future family, I don’t want that. But all I want now in my life at this age is to be a wife and mother, my days feel empty.

    ~ Davina

    ~ vimala
  • I’m having a lot of issues with my health. It isn’t doing well. I ask for healing. For strength, courage and guidance. I don’t eat well or sleep well. I have lost a lot of weight. I have a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. This has affected every aspect of my life. I pray for healing now Lord. I’m having a very hard time and every day has been a battle. I can’t keep living like thos. I’m breaking down

    ~ Ronika
  • O Jesus, please grant me favorable medical test results this Friday and restore my health so I can take care of the beautiful family You have given me. Amen

    ~ Long
  • Dear Father I Come to you on behalf of my husband Richard A. I said “ask and you shall recieve”. I am BEGGING you to PLEASE PLEASE BLESS him with HEALING with the HEALING HANDS of JESUS your son and BLESS him with negative & Excellent Test results that prove there is NO melanoma on any part of his body. AMEN!!! He had surgery on Aug. 22, 2019 & he sees the doctor on Aug, 30th, 2019 to check everything and Test Results. I Thank You Father and Praise you and love you, Thank you JESUS AMEN. Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear Father God I need a Prayer answered for my friend Ms. Doris PLEASE BLESS her to be removed from her current job site and BLESS her back where she worked before PLEASE. She needs to be stress free and no issues where she is currently working its making her depressed and sad and sick PLEASE BLESS the Union official to help her transfer back to her old school site in JESUS NAME AMEN. Thank you AMEN.


    ~ Ophelia
  • Pray for miracles for me and my 2 kids, Lola and Emmett. That all evil, controlling, manipulative forces are taken out of our lives forever and starting now. That everyone and everything holding us back from abundance and peace is taken out of our lives in Jesus Christ’s name forever. That all spiritual abuse is removed form our lives forever. Jim/Amy J. and Matt L. need to stop spreading their evil forever in Jesus Christ’s name. Everyone needs protection from them and anyone like them.

    ~ Amanda
  • Please pray for my special friend Jimmy. He is a Lt/doctor in the army and was brutally attacked Istanbul. He was preparing to be on military leave. He now in hospital in Istanbul in a coma in critical condition. Please pray for Jimmy to get healthy. He is very special to me.

    ~ Beverly
  • Need prayer, my wife is focused on divorce, separation we are Christians, asking God to heal and change me so that I can be a husband like Jesus. Heal my wife of her pain transform me and our marriage so we can be a testimony to God’s grace!

    ~ E
  • Dear Lord, Blessed Mother and St Jude. Please bless my parents, Gerri and Joe who are both battling health issues. Surround them with the white light of the Holy Spirit. Please place your healing hands upon them. Restore them too good health. Please let all of their tests come back good. I love them so much. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray for my sick friend zika, to get healed, because her body is a temple of God not an accommodation for illness. by his stripe she is healed IJN AMEN.

    ~ Kenechi
  • My life means nothing without my Granddaughter Please Pray that the Lord our God will reunite us very soon

    ~ Michael
  • I pray that my daughter’s pathology comes back negative for cancer and that her surgery goes well.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the conversion of shobna and for her to revise properly with the guide of Holy spirit to have a distinction in every subject.Thank you Jesus.Thank you Virgin Mary.

    ~ Marie-claire
  • Please pray for Derek and his company, that God may bless his hearts desires and projects/events for the company and that God may send His angels and saints in the form of trustworthy people to help Derek make a difference as all those who promised to help him out seem to be playing truant. Also, please pray that Derek does lose hope as he is struggling financially as well to keep the company going.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Prayer for my parents. Lord please grant them eternal rest. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for my husband for he is my caregiver and we are all each of us has.I’m very ill and he takes very good care of me but it’s taking a toll on him physically as well as mentally please pray for us

    ~ George
  • I am in need of guidance in every aspect of my life. Please pray the Holy Spirit come into my life and guide me and my family and our environment.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for my family and me ; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Sean, Graham , Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team in;

    ~ cnb
  • Please pray for healing and restoration of the broken relationship between Derek and Simone, that the Holy Spirt may enlighten and guide them and bring healing and forgiveness.

    ~ Marion
  • Please pray for my daughter Simone who is suffering from low HB for her healing as she is feeling extremely unwell due to this and with school starting next week please pray for her treatment and for the Holy Spirit to guide the doctors and nurses and for all the necessary treatments to be provided to her at the earliest.

    ~ Marion
  • Help with my cancer, pain, balance & panic problems.

    ~ Lou
  • Please pray for my mom. She has dementia real bad and is in the later stages of it. I love her so much and I hate to think about being without her. God bless and have a great day.

    ~ Douglas
  • Dear Lord,
    Please watch over me as I begin my life as an adult. Allow me to learn new things everyday that I can offer up in faith to You. Help me to find the light and joy of your presence even when stressed or anxious. Please help me to be the very best version of myself that you intended. Help me to adhere to and lean on my faith when things get difficult or confusing. Thank you, Lord.


    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that the neighbors next door go back where they came from or else move on from the property. They are bringing drugs and gangs to the neighborhood and creating negative energy. Please God, move them out of my neighborhood. ASAP. They even had the nerve to mess with my cameras. Thank you. May God Bless everyone.

    ~ S.
  • Thank you so much Father Matthew Widder for the blessed Sunday Mass message online this Sunday August 25, 2019 and for the blessed readings from the man who presented them. Bless the St. Richard’s choir for the blessed singing. You all mean so much to me. I never miss a Sunday online doing Sunday Mass with all of you. Brothers and sisters, continue praying for my back pain. I have osteoarthritis in my back. Pray for my family to stay healthy and safe.
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • For increased faith, love, humility and harmony in my family;
    For the healing of all the sick in my family, relatives and friends;
    For enlightenment and guidance of my children, grandchildren and our family in our daily life;
    For the job security of my children and family members;
    For peace in the world!

    ~ Paz
  • Dear God, Please pray for the souls of Mauro Campos Subala, Maria Ubaldo Subala and Leonila Ubaldo. May all their souls Rest In Peace and let Perpetual Light shine upon their souls, Amen.

    ~ Lourdes
  • I ask, Lord, that you watch over my mother and wife. Also, all other family members, including those as yet unbelieving and others who’ve passed.

    ~ David
  • Please pray for me that Jesus heal my heart from my present ailment, to keep my family safe at all times, and to help me find a job.

    ~ salvador
  • For Antonio and Daniel my sons. Especially for Antonio who is a satanist. For their conversion, healing and liberatio.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for my son’s overall well-being/recovery from a recent car accident & to find strength & perseverence while he serves in the military at his newest duty station. Also, for my daughters to be happy & healthy. For my family to remain close with each other & not forsake their mother who loves them all very much. In the busyness of life, family, & struggles – we easily forsake God. Please pray for my family to come back strong in their faith with God, Jesus, Mary…
    God Bless! Ty!

    ~ Lila
  • Please pray for my husband, John. He recently had a successful heart surgery, but now his ejection fraction needs to dramatically improve. It was only 20% and he needs it to improve to 50-55%. Please pray that God will restore his heart strength. John is exercising and eating properly and trying hard to follow the doctors orders. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ MaryAnn
  • I have a strong faith and belief in God. He has given me an amazing family who have constantly shown great kindness, mercy and grace towards me when it comes to the rheumatoid arthritis that I have had since age 9 and I and 58 now. May God bless my family and me now and into eternity. Amen!

    ~ Rebecca
  • I pray to follow in agreement with God’s Will through listening to the Holy Spirit.
    At 61, my x is in Treatment. I believe we will finally live separate when he retires to MI. I am doing spiritual warfare for obesity too.
    So much praise and gratitude to my ABBA.
    Thank-you. Jane

    ~ Jane
  • Pray for my Mom Sonia Jiménez and Dad Ismael Quiñones health.
    My daughter Melissa Hernandez-Quiñones mental health, faith and conversion, and her studies.
    For our 23rd. wedding aniversary on August 30, Carlos Hernandez and Marilyn Quiñones.
    For peace and love in this world. Amen

    ~ Marilyn
  • Please pray for our dear friend Robert Kerekes; he was diagnosed with lymphoma. We are faithful and trusting in the Lord. Thank you.

    God Bless

    ~ Renee

    ~ Patricia
  • With the love of the Virgin Mary and St. Philomena….pray for the end to abortions. The precious lives of the babies created by God our Father, let them live the gift of life as intended .

    ~ Mary
  • Because I believe I ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to cause her to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Dear God,
    I thank you for all you have done for me.
    Please continue to bless with:
    Guidance and wisdom when I find myself overwhelmed. Help me to be anxiety free. For peace and unity in my home and for my family. For my health and the health of fiancé. For guidance and success in our jobs.
    Guide and protect my grandsons and their parents, bless their new home and my they create loving memories. Guidance and peace for my sister Miriam her sons ,their families, my fiancée kids & grandson.

    ~ Marta
  • I pray for my daughter Natalie health. Heal her and help her Father of her disease. Guide her and give her strength to live everyday full of life and love. Amen

    ~ Linda
  • Pray for Rumi Peramuni to get a work from home job. Help Matt VerBryck lower his pain level. Help Sue VerBryck stay away from sweets and lower her A1C. Please pray for Ann Ryan she is in the hospital. Help Steve DelMastro to stop drinking. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Sue

    ~ kk
  • Please pray my Mom (Goretti Sequeira) is healed from her Diabetes and MDR Tuberculosis and she lives a healthy life. Amen

    ~ Daisy
  • I have recently been hurt on the job. I’m still out of work. My employer the Federal Government has not paid me since my injury date of 6.7.19. I’ve also been fired for getting hurt on the job. I have no income. I’m down to $35.01 in my checkbook. I’m in danger of losing my home and everything I own. I’m waiting on my adjudication of my pay from the Department of Labor/OWCP. Please, keep my situation in your daily prayer intentions that I get accepted for pay so I can be able to pay my bills.

    ~ Georgette
  • Heavenly Father please I ask you and all the angels and saints to protect my disabled son against the negativity and untruth from his school. Allow them and everyone to see how beautiful and intelligent he is! I pray for all the evil to leave my family and I alone and allow us to live in peace and happiness according to your will. Amen

    ~ Jennifer
  • I need your prayers to get blessings of Holy spirit on my fiancee Jennifer Cruz & me . We are going through very tough situation, i am living & working in Cambodia & she is living & working in Maldives .We need God,s blessings to live & work together in same place .Now we are trying to get our marriage documents to proceeds ,but recently there is a married Maldivian person in her life named Shahid who is motivating her to commit adultery. Please pray to protect Jennifer from evil spirits.

    ~ Ranji
  • I am suffering from procrastination when I have to make important decisions or complete tasks. I also suffer tremors in my body. I have observed that whenever I have to write an exam I would end up on the floor shaking. This is not as a result of not knowing the answers because when I have stopped shivering and do the test most times I have perfect scores. I am afraid to attend job interviews because of these problems. Please pray for me. Thanking you in advance.

  • He’s just completing cancer treatments and needs prayer for recovering.

    ~ Charlieq
  • Please pray for me. I have my demons.

    ~ Mary
  • Please strengthen my relationship with the Lord as well as with my Earthly family because we have totally Fallen apart

    Please heal my father physically as in always and my mother financially and again in all ways
    And my nephew that has osteogenesis imperfecta let him know that I do pray for him as well as my new friends at church especially Debora and my friend Betty that’s on hospice and especially my cat onyx I ask this in Jesus name amen

    ~ TRACEY
  • Dear Brother in God our father ,
    I have many prayer requests. I only ask God and Jesus for what God and Jesus see I need. I was asked by Jesus last July 2018 to battle the Devil with him. I ask you as he came to me while I was sleeping outside my house by the fire pit .
    I asked Jesus why me I am not qualified? Then I said immediately yes Jesus I will with you as my leader .
    The devil has come at me strong each day. I ask you pray for me but pray for others as I am a humble meek,

    ~ Micheal
  • I just wanna thank the Lord for all he Does for me your an awesome God just wanna pray for protection from people who are out to hurt me not help me or whoare out to lie & deceive me & ipray that my SSI case will turn out to be for the best & for strength to just make it threw the day sometimes I feel like I’m all alone but that’s when I realize I’m not that your with me without u i don’t know where I’d be today thank you Amen

    ~ Christina
  • Dear Lord, Thank You for my Blessings. I BEG of You to Please Cure me of the terrible pain in my stomach. The right side and lower left. My Horrible cold. Please cure my family and all our pets, friends, Dr.B., all the innocent in the world.
    Please put out the fires in the Amazon. Please send us Wonderful, no smoking, no loud music or talking and no scary neighbors. Please cure mom. I love You!
    Thank You! Amen.

    ~ Gail
  • Please pray for me

    My name is Ericka
    I need a miracle from God this weekend and for the rest of my life with my friend Ronald. I need mariage, and an awesome relationship with him.
    the bible say ask and it shall be given on to you, and there is nothing
    imposible to God. Please ask God to grant me the desires of my heart
    in a miracleless way like only God Almighty and Allpowerful can do.
    I also need to be able to have a miracle in getting a Job with Carnival,
    I really need it. And for

    ~ ericka
  • For my husband.. He is fighting colon cancer. Please keep him your prayers going to have major surgery 3rd surgery this year.
    Thank you

    ~ Al
  • Hi there I’m requesting prayers for my sister Lisa and her husband Santiago, they have deep marriage issues. I pray for a powerful conversion for them and my fiancé Juan Valverde.

    ~ Margarita
  • Prayers for my future wedding and the repose of my our beautiful mother Carmen who I plan to honor at my wedding. Also for healing for our father.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus –

    I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.

    ~ Leo
  • Please dear God sever any and all negativity in all of our lives. Please bring back and save Shirantha’s true spirit, self, and soul that is loving, kind and caring. Help all of us to get in the protection of the dome with only God’s light and love in it. Let us to always see God’s truth and to see past the obstacles and illusions of the negativity. Please make us victorious over the battle with the negativity and live a great and loving life through God’s grace. Amen.

    ~ Alisha
  • Pray for those who came to the family reunion for the Wilson’s to be blessed.

    ~ Shane
  • I’m reaching out asking if you can please pray for me & my wife to get help to finishing our small fishing boat so me & my wife can go fishing to make our daily bread by the grace of God we are on our last now if we don’t get i don’t know what will happen us please we urgently need help thanks

    ~ Rosendo
  • Lord Jesus Christ through your devine spirit , my life is blessed with abundance of health . You made me whole again and brought me to new level of understanding God love for me . Jesus Christ my savior you share everlasting joy in my life , its your wisdom that open my mind to a new understanding of God will. Its wonderfull to live a healthy life. Only way I could repay you Jesus Christ is to willing serve you my Lord . Jesus Christ here I am , my soul is in your hands , you become my teacher.

    ~ Johan
  • My life means nothing without my Granddaughter Please Pray that the Lord our God will reunite us very soon

    ~ Michael
  • For Rosie Bauer, may she rest in peace. And for Deborah’s mom, Jeannette’s grandmother. Also for my friends and myself and my children and their spouses and their children.

    ~ Carol
  • lord Jesus son of God have mercy on me a sinner (Jesus Prayer) lord help me when I volunteer for the monastery – I need to be alert – lord have mercy – your child – diane/nj/usa

    ~ Diane
  • please pray for the divine healing of my insomnia and sleep apnea. It is also causing my blood pressure to rise. Really need your prayers. God bless you forever.

    ~ donna
  • Please help me my life is so messed up I don’t know what to do I want to be the best mommy I can be but I know I fall short and my daddy is struggling so much with money I pray that we get that miracle we have been praying for in Jesus name Amen!

    ~ Tiffany
  • Dear Heavanly Father I want to PRAISE YOU & THANK YOU For my husband Richard A. he had surgery on thursday August 22, 2019 and he got through the surgery however we are not out of the woods. PLEASE Father BLESS Richard with HEALING from melanoma cancer on his right foot and BLESS Richard with HEALING from the lympnoids that was removed as well. And BLESS him to be cancer free in JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN & AMEN PRAISE GOD his wife……..


    ~ Ophelia
  • We pray for a favorable decision on Joe’s ss disability hearing 11/19/19. We will need a miracle since the judge assigned to the case has the lowest approval rating of 18 judges.

    We pray for healing of our pain, diseases and Joe’s stage 4 kidney failure that he remains stable to avoid dialysis.

    We pray for our finances to be healed in Jesus name we ask amen!

    ~ Maria
  • For my son, Nicholas, to be delivered free from the evil bondage of psychedelic drugs, his mental issues, pagan spells and oppression by rebellious spirits to return to fullness of mind, body and soul and the beauty he was created through the intercession of Mary under her title of Our Lady Health of the Sick (Salus Infirmorum) and
    Saint John Paul II who stated they “To use drugs involves and unjustified and irrational abdication of our capabilities to think, choose and act as persons.”

    ~ Rick
  • Steve and Doris Kerr.
    Adam, Stefanie, Pheobe, Hayden and Petra Tschappat.
    Mike and Yvonne Deppeler.
    Fr. Larry Albertson.
    Mental Peace.
    Financial Responsibility.
    Living and Deceased members of the O’Keefe/Kerr families.

    ~ Tony
  • Please help me overcome my challenges and obstacles. Please help me pass my Structural Collapse Rescue Technician written tests. Also, please let me do well on my dive skills and my college academics. I struggle with tests and different skills/academics because I have a learning disability called PDD. Please let me do right in God’s eyes and so I can stop sinning.

    ~ Matt
  • Please pray for my marriage, healing and renewed strength. Need increased faith, hope, and love for my family.
    Please pray for my son who is searching for a new job.

    ~ Ann
  • I have had a bad week and in need of prays one for me to get better and treat people with respect. I also want to pray to keep my job cause I want to finish out my career here at storm lake. Please help me to find these things in my life.

    ~ Andrew
  • Hi, Below are my prayer intentions,
    Please pray for The homeless, those without food, clothing and to be safe until they can find a safe dwelling.
    I also want to pray for all of the souls who don’t believe in God, or whom have lost their way to God.
    Please pray for me as I have 20+ illnesses/diseases, including complicated grief disorder and PTSD.
    Please pray for My Sister as her health is going down hill.
    Pray for all of the sick and those in transition from earth to Heaven.

    ~ Matthew
  • Dear Lord, for my son, Jakob, to make wise decisions with his relationship especially with girls. That he is not manipulated, controlled, or mentally abused within a current relationship and God’s Will will occur. That he begins to see the unhealthiness of the relationship and let it go. He sees that he deserves to be respected, loved, and honored as well in the relationship and that their is no place for selfishness, fear, and anger. For his dad and I to guide him in the right direction.

    ~ Jen
  • Please pray for my son Noah. He is struggling with depression, anxiety & tremendous negativity. He feels lost & has trouble with his faith. Please pray that he finds peace, strength & guidance. I need my son to find his way. We are desperate.

    ~ Ivette
  • Pray for me I have lot of debts

    ~ Mildred
  • financial problems please pray for me

    ~ nvvs
  • Jesus Christ in your name , we praise you for sharing your devine spirit. Its your will to strenghen my body , heal me and to guide me away from all poverty . Share upon me happines , health and wisdom . Bring me to deeper understanding and share abundance with me. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Holy Lord Jesus bless cesar and joel, heal them from all illness and protect them from all evil. They are struggling financially. Please help them to make all bill payments, and to prosper and succeed in their jobs, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the healing & recovery and lifelong love and protection of the 13-day-old baby that was savagely beaten by his father in Santa Ana, CA, and is in critical condition with a fractured skull and internal injuries, and also had meth in his system. Please help this precious innocent. JMJ <3

    ~ amy
  • I would like to know how to stop messing my life up. Also, please pray for healing for my relationship with my girlfriend.

    ~ Mark

  • Please keep a friend of mine in prayer who is struggling with an addiction to drugs and who is only a teenager. I ask for help in lifting him and his family in prayer so that they might fight through this together and heal from this addiction. St. Michael the Arch Angel DEFEND US IN BATTLE. Jesus We Trust In You. Mother Mary, Pray For US.

    ~ Mariah
  • Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for the season of love You granted me with Michael You placed on my heart today. It didn’t last as long as I thought it would, but it was a gift nonetheless, and so I praise You in spite of the pain of loss I still feel today. Please shield me from the cords of bitterness that sometimes rear their ugly heads, and give me eyes to see the greater good that You have in store for me and for my friend as we continue apart I ask for our relationship to be restored

    ~ Amanda
  • Praying for my grandchildren to return home, they are in foster homes, praying for their return, need prayers that we receive good news on 9/11/19, court date to find out whats going to happen, please pray that they will be returned back to their mom and grandma without any social services interaction, they have been away from home for 3 yrs and we want them back with family not strangers, please they want to come back home.

    ~ Frances
  • Urgent prayer for prayer for husband he has heart problems , need a miracle , we just bought a house , I’m so worried, he needs to stop smoking thank you his name is kris

    ~ Amy
  • All my neighbors are threatening my life because I am catholic I am being harassed please pray for my protection Body and Soul!

    ~ David
  • that according to the Lord’s will he blesses us with a spirit to create a steadfast heart of Love and faithfulness for his word and obedience for his Mercy forever for the Biller Family and friends Including Joan Tim Colleen Jack and John

    ~ JohnHi
  • Almighty God my creator I praise Your name for all the grace together with mercy you share with me. Lord Jesus Christ son of God in your name I ask bless me with health , wisdom , knowledge and understanding to willingly serve God my master. Its my intention to live my life independant from others . Jesus my Lord attract people of goodwil closer to me , attract abundandance of prosperity closer to me . Bless my finances ,protect me from over spending . Terminate unemployment today .Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for my soninlaw. he is at the Er. with numbness. in his face. and not able to walk. properly. w.
    With a massive headache. Thank you and God Bless you. His name is Johnny. Blanchard.

    ~ Judy
  • Dear God, please make my son Michael F. to always be safe in his driving anytime, any day to any place he goes. Please make him a very responsible person in every way in his daily life specially with his health, in his job and in his dealings with other people. Please help him lose weight and body fats through continuous exercise and eating healthy. Help him that his blood pressure be at normal range always and help him fight his obesity. I ask this in the name Of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    ~ Ludy
  • Dear Lord, please make my granddaughter Alyssa (Aly) to always be safe from any harm, accident and illness anytime, any day to any place she goes.
    Please help her enjoy her school and always be a normal kid. I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

    ~ Lola Ludy
  • Please pray for the souls of Mauro Subala, Maria Subala and Leonila Ubaldo.

    ~ Lourdes
  • Desire Prayers for the Following:
    Relationship leading to Marriage
    Healing Health

    ~ Anita
  • Please pray for my wife that her OCD gets better and with Gods will goes away.

    ~ Lewis
  • for my aunt Joyce, that she be healed of cancer and restored to full health

    ~ erin
  • For improved health. To be able to walk again unattended…settlement to cover growing bills/debts

    ~ TERESA
  • Heavenly Father, I come again to ask for your help and healing. Please let this round of medicine improve things and please let the CAT scan show improvement and not something dangerous.. Give me the strength to live with the physical burdens I have. Lord, I put all my trust in you. I come as a sorrowful sinner to ask for your Mercy and healing. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and for all the blessings you give me.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my health problems and loneliness in life. Please pray for peace in my life. Thanks greatly and God bless.

    ~ Angela
  • I need to move. My RV (home) needs new tires, work on engine, oil leak and tune up before I can drive it. I’m on SSI and saving is difficult. I need a windfall. 💖

    ~ JC
  • My two boys.

    ~ Rachel
  • That the lord will bless me with a job in computers and that he will bless my wife with the interview and green card so she can come here with me permanently.And that the overpayment problem with Georgia Department of labor will be resolved peacefully and that the lord will continue to bless my marriage!

    ~ Rodney
  • I am suspicious that I and my family are under attack by the Devil, demons and/or evil spirits. Please pray for our protection. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for restoration with my ex wife and I become the man and husband she needs and wants. Thank you

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for my brother who’s going through cancer. Lord if it’s your will please remove all the cancerous cells and grant him health.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Community of Faith in Christ,
    Our dear family member Monica Jimenez is going through a very difficult time right now and we would like to please ask for your prayers for her spiritual, mental and physical health and that she may follow God’s will. Thank you and God Bless

    ~ Silvia
  • i been trying to learn bass and i let it go for a while. should be a lot further. i let my short term memory be my excuse to not learn practice when others r trying hard patiently to ensue i learn n achieve my dreams. please pray i wont hang on to the short term memory excuse practice more get it down understand it and move on with it yet have fun absorb n apply plz for my brain be healed to pt of grasping it to play ty n gbu Brenda

    ~ Brenda
  • Lord please help me in my just concluded post utme examination, grant me success Lord and also admission this year. Lord please also help me pass my nursing council examination. Thanks a lot Lord in anticipation. I love you Lord.

    ~ Maria
  • My prayer request is. I pray that I get my financial winnings owed to me from a lawsuit and other finances owed to me. I pray this in Jesus name Amen

    Dawn Lockett

    ~ Dawn
  • My life means nothing without my Granddaughter Please Pray that the Lord our God will reunite us very soon

    ~ Michael
  • I’m going to be having surgery in a couple of months or possibly sooner.
    I would greatly appreciate if you would say a prayer for me. I’m very scared.

    ~ Kristi
  • Please pray for my entire family! It seems that we have fallen short of God’s grace and mercy. Please guide my daughters and son that they may learn to accept what God’s plan is for their life. Prayers that we all are continued to be blessed in his name. Amen

    ~ Bobbie
  • Please pray for the conversion of Abin. Thanks

    ~ Abin
  • The Lord Jesus Christ Thank You.

    Please Please ask The Lord God Al Mighty To Have Mercy on my Soul?

    I Need You Church. Thank You Very Very Church.

    ~ Lv
  • God you love me unconditionally since the day I was born . Due to your love , you only want what is best for me . Share with me your wisdom , knowledge and understanding in order for me to add value to people lifes. Allow me to develop leadership skill in order to willingly serve you God. Attract people of goodwill closer to me God.Bless me with health of body ,mind and spirit. Lord Jesus Christ in your name I ask for positive change in my life ,remove me from my comfort zone and let me develop

    ~ Johan
  • I pray for my mother’s soul. May she know the glory of God. I pray for my sisters and myself, may we heal after the loss of our mother. For my children, may they never lose their love for God.

    ~ Victoria
  • Prayer Intention God’s healing mercy on all the members of the family who are sick a
    and open doors of success, jobs opportunity, and marriages.

    ~ florence
  • Praise the Lord for he is good. I pray that my husband continues on the path of sobriety and converts. I also pray for all of children that they remain in good health and that there is peace in love in our home.

    ~ Veronica
  • Please pray for my friend who is in critical condition after sudden illness. He spent over a month in ICU, but his condition started to get worse during past few days, and he needs all the prayers he can get to recover. Thank you

    ~ Jana
  • My mother will be celebrating her 90th birthday on Saturday, August 24. She watches mass on your station many times a week. She has also been a subscriber to your Worship Guide for many years and since she is unable to go to mass because of physical restrictions she still is able to enjoy mass thanks to your program.

    Pray for Elizabeth Ann Hatcher’s health and well being as she reaches this milestone with the grace of God.

    ~ Jill
  • Please pray for the healing of Rosie. A senior in high school at St. Cecilia Academy, in Nashville, TN, as she battles rhabdomyosarcoma, a muscle cancer that has metastasized to parts of her bone.

    ~ Maemie
  • Both myself & my Aunt had very serious back surgeries within the past 2 weeks & are both in severe pain. I pray every day for the both of us. I tape several diff masses so i can go almost every day. Can you please keep us both in your prayers. Prayer is helping me get threw all of this.

    ~ Susan
  • Javier needs prayers he has been so sick lately. He needs a lot of prayers!

    ~ Javier
  • Please pray for the healing of marriages, families and health and conversion of the entire senten and extended families.

    ~ Teresa
  • For a teenage girl with serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist.

    ~ Anonymous
  • please pray my kidneys improve and we get a house amen

    ~ susan
  • I am police officer who was catastrophically disabled in the line of duty 2005. I have been struggling for almost 14 years and mother of two full-time college students. Psob benefits I’ve been inside out 2 almost 14 years is now in final review. Please pray God will help me and my children, as we are in dire need financial relief and I am also in need of medically necessary procedures that I can’t afford. My quality of life majorly declining, I’m 41 now, 28 yrs when brutally attacked on duty.

    ~ Erin
  • Please pray that I find a good job soon. I am 64 years old and it has been somewhat of a struggle to find something that is appropriate for me at this stage of my life.

    Also, please pray for my sister’s ‘step’ granddaughter, Aubrey. She is only six years old and is already a very damaged child. It is believed that she is being abused by a family member. Pray that her father has the strength to report this abuse to save her.

    Thank you.

    ~ Vicki
  • For hospitalized, Mrs. Amanda Salas, and her ELEVATED liver enzyme levels to lower with intraveness
    medications, and to regain her energy levels in the short future.

    For the health of Mr. Mark G. Martinez and his loneliness following his three-month separation.
    For the health of Mrs. Lillian “Lee” Gonzales and her knee replacement surgery.

    For Mrs. Margaret Turnell and her ongoing health at 96 years of age.

    For Deacon Don Contreras’ DAILY digestive bowel movements to permanently heal!

    ~ Dr./Deacon
  • healing relationships with my family

    ~ karen
  • I pray for a healing for my son has mental and addiction issues. Pray for a miracle. Please answer my prayer Jesus. Amen

    ~ Cora
  • Please pray over me, my employers and patients at belvedere family dentistry. Please pray over the practice for love, care and wisdom to treat our patients.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for our business & customers to return. Many workers & families are dependant on our business.
    Please pray for our survival.
    Thank you merciful God!!!

    ~ Trey
  • Please pray for Kathy B- terminal brain cancer. Thank you!

    ~ S
  • I believe in prayer. Please pray that the Holy Spirit stir my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to cause her to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • For a family of 8 going through a divorce that is complicated by mental illness and addiction. For healing for the father from these plagues. For the mother who now must raise these children alone. (Ages 4-15) For healing for the children who are suffering each in their own way. All 8 are losing their faith and I pray that they may find God again

    ~ April
  • I need my personal life back from the burdens of my aunt and her family.

    ~ Deborah
  • The Lord has had mercy on me ..
    I thank all my Catholic brothers and sisters for praying for me (an unworthy sinner)
    Please pray that I may be transformed into what Our Lord wants
    I want to be successful and be a productive member of society
    Lord have mercy !!!
    Please pray rosaries in groups
    for I strongly believe that with God ALL things are possible

    ~ emilio
  • I pray that my cancer is on early stage & has not spread yet. Pray for a successful surgery, fast recovery..Give me strength, & hope for my children. My family & my boys need me. In Gods name- give me healing & overcome this disease. Amen.

    ~ Mariez
  • I pray that J and D will remain in a very happy and loving marriage. I pray they will always be very kind, considerate, respectful, and patient with one another.

    ~ S
  • Yes I’d like to get prayers for protection from neighbors and enemies for my daughter’s Kelly and Kimberly my grandson’s Cameron Dakota Elijah Phillips my wife Denise son-in-law Tim God bless you all and thank you so much…

    ~ Phillip
  • Please pray for my daughter Margaret Weil. Has gone through three years of physical and mental struggles.

    ~ Sabina
  • Thank you so much Father Mark Payne for the Vigil Mass Gospel of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Friday August 15, 2019 and thanks to the lady who did the readings and the beautiful singing from the Heart of the Nation Choir….Brothers and sisters, please continue praying for my health issues. Pray to keep my daughter, son in law and our dog safe and healthy…
    May God Bless,
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for a friend who has cancer in three areas of the body. Please pray so that God will allow me a special friend in my life. Thank you,

    ~ Diane
  • Please pray that God heals myself and my life, please remove this hate and anger and pain from my life’s Please remove the negativity, negative people from my life. Please Jesus bless me to feel loved. To receive love. Please send someone to love me and to support me. Please pray with ability to create a life, to be pregnant. To begun my own life and learn from my families mistakes. Please pray for my safety and financial security. Please pray for me. Please heal from my mother’s demons.

    ~ Davina
  • Thank you so very much for the blessed Sunday Mass gospel Father Mark Payne on this Sunday August 18, 2019. I loved the readings from the man that presented them and the blessed singing from the Heart of the Nation choir. I loved the ending song from the choir called “Give Me Jesus” which is one of my favorite hymns. Brothers and sisters, continue keeping my health issues in prayers. I have been having severe lower back pain due to osteoarthritis. Pray for my back pain.
    Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • God’s mercy
    All God;s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls
    End to abortion
    Amazon synod

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my mom who has severe musculoskeletal and joint pain. Please pray for her. Amen😔🙏

    ~ wendy
  • Pray for my grandson my grandson stationed In Germany with US Army.
    Pray for his protection

    ~ Sharon
  • I have a serious back problem along with numerous other illnesses I have since last Oct. I been through a lot in 2019, and it’s not over yet. I have to meet with a neurosurgeon that’s probably going to recommend back surgery. I am in severe back pain daily, and need pain meds. Please include me in your prayers. I support heart of the nation, and am thankful for the televised mass that I partake in on Sunday mornings. Thank you.

    ~ Dan
  • Dear God, Thank You for Blessings already. Please, please, please cure me of the pain in my right side, right hip, lower left pocket, colon, stomach, bowels etc. I am So Scared!
    Please protect us in this apartment until the home we will love comes. Please help us and help Mom not to be upset or die. Please help us, please… so scared..of everything.
    I love You! Amen.

    ~ Gail M
  • I would like would like to offer these prayers for my friends sons, Renee Rodriguez, he passed suddenly a few days ago

    ~ Lucy
  • For the Erikson family to get well and back on their feet again.

    ~ Carolyn
  • Please pray for me. I learned this past week that the hernia that was operated on 2 years ago has recurred. I experienced over a year of pain after the first operation. I am not looking forward to this pain again. Please pray that all goes well for me.
    In Christ’s name, Amen.

    ~ Ronald
  • My mother, who is having several medical issues at this time and in need of physical and spiritual healing.

    ~ Debra
  • Please continue to be by my sons side in his journey through this life with continued sobriety ( now 5 months). Knowing this is not an easy task I pray for the support of his daily encounters that he finds joy in life and will one day have a healthy relationship with his son and family. Amen

    ~ Ann
  • My brother David has cancer, and has just started treatments. Please pray for healing and strength for him.

    ~ Susan
  • Please pray for me and my two daughters as I am disabled police officer catastrophically disabled in the line of duty. Please pray for a favorable decision and psob review we are in dire Financial need of relief and I am I need a medically necessary surgery

    ~ Erin
  • Catastrophically disabled police officer in the line of duty in dire need of benefits medically necessary.

    ~ Erin
  • My Nephew is struggling with cancer. He is a fine young man – a good Husband, Father and Son to his single mom. I prays are that God will cure him of this terrible disease so that he can continue to be this loving, caring person.

    ~ Maureen
  • Conversion of the hearts of all my family and their return to God. The devil’s influence to be washed away from my daughter’s mind, heart and soul and from her marriage. Help for my special need granddaughter to understand and learn the use of the bathroom; and help and understanding for my special need grandson with his reading. Blessings on my daughters finances that they can live comfortably, pay all their expenses and help others that are struggling. My health stay strong.

    ~ Lynn
  • Pray for Rumi Peramuni to get a good stay at home job with benefits.

    ~ Sue
  • For myself I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and am going thru chemo that I can successfully beat this disease. Thank You and God Bless

    ~ Suzanne
  • I pray for divine intervention and favour with regards to my application for permanent residence and for healing

    ~ Anonymous
  • My ex wife has dabbled in witch craft in the past and might be now. I ask you pray whatever demons or spells she has loosed on me that the Lord protect me and undo it. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • I pray for the hit-man that shot Erwin and the woman that was with him during the time of the shooting. They are still at large and the police have given up looking for them. I pray for all the culprits involved in the shooting, and those trying to eliminate lives they do not have the right to end for money that they will come in to terms with the Lord. I pray for their surrender to Jesus Christ. Amen.

    ~ MARCO
  • My marriage was in rock.My hubby is very hot temper&couldn’t give the attention I wanted&is addicted to PC game.I happen to meet Gokul&he pretend giving me so much attention which even my parents who doesn’t love me won’t have given to me even when I was born.I was blinded&end up divorce my hubby.After divorce only I came to know Gokul deliberately made me divorce&alone as he was willing to marry someone else.I’ve never hide anything to my hubby aswell as this.I truly repent&want back my hubby!!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Oh my JESUS I come to you again you said “Ask and you should receive? I am asking you and BEGGING you to PLEASE PLEASE Put you HEALING HANDS on Richard he is having surgery on August 22, 2019 on his right foot and his lympnoid to check for Cancer, we DO NOT CLAIM or ACCEPT any Cancer or any diseases in Richards body “By his STRIPES Richard is he HEALED” in JESUS NAME AMEN I THANK YOU JESUS PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD. PLEASE send our BLESSED MOTHER to tell him he is HEALTHY & HEALED AMEN. Ophelia

    ~ Ophelia
  • For the eternal restful soul now in heaven of my mother Aura Elena Rodriguez who passed away in Miami Florida

    ~ Roberto
  • It hurts. Please pray God work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to cause her to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave.

    ~ Thomas
  • I pray for the Lord’s blessings and grace to successfully complete my work for the Lyssys, to be able to afford to leave this poisonous relationship, to be able to reunite with my family and friends and to be able to do the good works that I have promised the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary I would do. I pray that the Lord will be merciful and grant redemption to the of my parents, brother, son, grandparents, Kay Brown and Julia Powell and all those souls in who have no one to pray for them.

    ~ jeff
  • We thank you for the SS Hearing moved up 6 months, we pray for a fully favorable decision for Joe’s SS Disability, please heal our pains and diseases, please heal our finances in Jesus name we ask Amen

    ~ Maria
  • Eternal repose of the soul of Tony Petrie, Rest in Peace in the company of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    ~ Ernesto & Imelda
  • Please Pray that the Lord our God will reunite Me and my Granddaughter very soon

    ~ Michael
  • Dear Heavanley Father, I come to you and ASK you & BEG you to PLEASE Place your HEALING HANDS on my Husband Richard. He is a Veteran of 22 years in the Navy. He is having surgery on THursday August 22, 2019 he has malanoma skin cancer on the bottom of his right foot. So they need to cut out a large piece to have it checked and make sure it is All out and check his lypnoid and make sure it gone. I BEG you Father in JESUS NAME AMEN I just Retired God PLEASE PLEASE BLESS Richard Cancer FREE.


    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear Father meet a Army Veteran today at the VA Hospital his name is Rick PLEASE PLEASE HEAL him from cancer and he is also a grandpa and his daughter is not allowing him to see his grandchildren. PLEASE BLESS him 20 more years her on earth. He shared with me he wants to be here 20 more years If God allows him to in JESUS NAME THANK YOU AMEN……………………

    ~ Ophelia
  • I pray for the soul of Michael Mercado. May Michael be in eternal union with his love ones especially Joy Ane. May Michael Mercado rest in peace.Amen.

    ~ Michiko
  • I’m still praying and believing by faith that a donor will become available so I can receive a kidney transplant.

    ~ Valerie
  • Please pray for baby Travis. He is 80 percent brain dead and in Wichita K.S. hospice. He is in need of a major major miracle. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • Healing of My Father
    Obstruction in Lung Cleared
    Normal Swallowing of His Food Into His Stomach
    Normal Oxygen Level
    Clear Mind
    Weight Gain
    Taste Returns

    ~ Steve
  • I have a promise that god gave me and I am praying for god to manifest it in 2019

    ~ Eugenia
  • My family’s healing and protection. For Prudence and peace.

    Thank you and God Bless

    ~ Mike
  • I am going through a horrible divorce to an abusive, manipulative narcissist. I pray for sole custody of my children who are afraid of their father. I pray for financial security to properly care for them and a quick end to the trauma we are going through

    ~ Holly
  • We just learned that our home loan that we had been told was approved is not. We are ten days from closing and moving to another state for a new job I started in July. There is one person who may be able to make an exception. Please pray for intercession on our behalf to approve our file if it is God’s will, and for the seller to also be protected in all of this for a good outcome for her at least, if not for us.

    ~ Julie
  • God my creator you bring me joy in your companionship , all the mercy you share with me bring a positive change into my life. God you love me so much its your will to see me live my life with joy . Its your will to see me attract health of mind , body and spirit in order to serve you my God. Its your will to see me develop a creative mindset in order to create a life of value . Its my intention to live my life free , independant and in companionship with you God. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • I beg you to pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to cause her to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Praise You Lord Jesus. Thank You for the gift of Your Blessed Mother. Please hear my prayers for those living with Cancer, especially Anne, Chris, Dianne, Debbie, Keilia and Haley. For addicts, those in prison, the homeless and the hungry. For my family. Thank You for the miracles you work each day in Ezra…I believe. Jesus, I trust in you. Please, hear and answer the prayers of my heart according to Your Divine Will.

    ~ Jill
  • Reconcile Restore and Rekindle all broken relationships

    ~ Amanda
  • Please pray for my dad as he recently lost his job. Please pray for him to be led by god to find a new job. He had two great interviews in the past few weeks and now we are waiting to hear back. Please pray for him to hear back positive news soon and for him to be on the path for a new job. Please pray for my dad and mom to remain faithful and trusting in God. Please pray for him to be employed again soon.

    ~ Eva
  • I need a prayer request for open doors for me i applied to over 100 jobs and I’m not getting any callbacks like i usually do i just graduated from college i have a bachelor degree in criminal justice I’m a single parent, and i need a blessing or an emergency breakthrough I’m scared i have anxiety I’m running out of money, and my child father was paying child support, but he stopped paying out of nowhere!

    ~ vanity
  • My niece Stephanie McMullen Has a tumor on her whole right
    Side and now has tumor has spread into a small stop on her lungs.
    Praying the test medication they’re fixing to give her and a form of a pill works.
    Praying God gives the doctors the knowledge they need to help my niece. this I pray in Jesus name amen thank you… God

    ~ Rose
  • Pray for daughter to be able to find a job to be able to move home to be near her elderly mother and step father who need help. Pray for another daughter waiting to take a test and pass for her job. My grandson be able to survive on his own and finish his schooling.

    ~ Susanne
  • That I’m able to accept my life as it is now and receive hope for the future

    ~ Mary
  • Father the creator of Heaven and Earth, I thank YOU so much for your mercies, grace and favor upon my life and family. There is none like YOU.
    Due to the economic situation in my country Nigeria, I have applied to migrate to Canada with my family to work and have a better education for my children. I want GOD to intervene and make the application successful, provide all funds needed for the trip and create opportunities for us in Canada.
    I thank and worship YOU for the answered prayers

    ~ Ernest
  • Please
    Dear Lord let me regain my ability to walk again and make my kidneys healthy again.

    ~ Pat
  • Dear Lord, please take care of my daughter and grandson visiting me…Keep them in your loving hands. Thank you for sending her to me on August 18th. She is my joy and love. Was not supposed to get pregnant but you in your love and mercy sent her to me..she is a single Mom and finds it hard at times. Thank you for her guidence and love. Give her the help she needs. Take care of my sons and their families and my neighbors and friends. Praise to you oh Lord !!!

    ~ Jan
  • Two months ago my ex of 6 years told me he started dating someone shortly after he confided this information to me he tried to kiss me I told him it was wrong a week later I asked him about it he told me he wanted to kiss me but that it was wrong. I was confused but after prayer I realized I want to be his wife

    ~ Amanda
  • My prayer intention is to assist me in discovering my ability to return to my chosen career of RN after taking a sabbatical to be there for my adult Son when he needed me most during several years of Chemo and Hospital stays to get him in remission from Lymphoma. My prayer to your Lady is for both of us and his Wife and our entire family will reunite again in perfect harmony.

    ~ JoAnn
  • Please pray for healing for Gloria Wajciechowski who has been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma. Life expectancy is low. Please offer up prayers for a miracle healing for Gloria. Gloria and her husband, Albert, pray the Rosary together every night. They are a devoted couple to each other and both have a firm belief and trust in God and in prayer. They are so glad they found your website so Gloria can experience this Catholic Mass since she’s unable to attend public mass with her husband.

    ~ Gloria
  • Dear Friends,
    Please would you kindly pray for the success of the legal action I am taking to discharge an unjust court order which has been made against me. And please would you pray for my lawyer so that he is guided to achieve success on my behalf. Thank you all. With deepest gratitude. Peter

    ~ peter
  • Please pray for the soul of my husband, Marvin Wampler. I was his caregiver until he passed away in my arms. He suffered so much. Also, pray for my health so I may walk on my own without the aid of a cane and wheel chair. Please hear my prayers. Amen

    ~ Nancy
  • Pray for the Wilson family reunion this Saturday to be a success and for my mother and ex-stepfather to complete separate from one another to stop their tryst altogether.

    ~ Shane
  • Dear God, Thank You for all our Blessings.
    I’m sorry for all my sins. Help me to trust in you completely.
    Please cure my family, friends, doctor, pets and me.
    The pain in my body continues and the very bad cold. Please clear out my throat and nose, the pain in the lumps, my breast, breathing difficulties, my bladder frequency, our bad cholesterol, infections, thyroids, cancers and all disease, afflictions, pests, drugs, crime, loud music, fears, worries and nervousness. I love You! Amen!

    ~ Gail M
  • in todays dr visit to find no blockages. also for son to be more understanding. pray for good health and wisdom etc for only grandson. Give them all what they need. also my health problems to be less. thank you and God Bless

    ~ pat
  • Thank you for the blessing of this website. It has been my lifeline since March. I have had major complications with joint replacement surgery for debilitating arthritis and my sister has had coping and ongoing treatment decisions for new diagnosed myosotis affecting her lungs and muscles. I enjoy the Sunday mass when I’ve not been able to attend and praying the rosary. Please continue to keep our intentions for return to health. And for peace in the world.

    ~ Ann
  • Please pray that my husband will feel better soon from a mild stroke , he had it last month . He gets headaches that wake him up in the night ( not from stroke , for years !) as well as a weird feeling that comes over him in his head ,during the day . He is also having panic attacks . We God is with us and that He has a plan for us . We will be married 50 yrs . tomorrow Aug. 16 th. ! Please pray for us . I’m trying to be joyful and lift Joe’s spirit but he’s always been prone to be depressed .

    ~ Linda
  • I Love her. Please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to cause her to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Let pray for let pray for my family. I’m Leroy Infante and my birthday is August 15, I would love to say thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.

    ~ Leroy
  • Please pray that I have a safe trip back to NY this weekend for my brother’s memorial service, and please pray that my father’s surgery goes well Friday and that he heals quickly. I am grateful. I pray all these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Please pray for protection from me for all negativity and for it to go back to the sender . I have manipulative co workers trying to record my phone calls and try to throw me under the boss to make me look bad. Please pray that no negativity they project will succeed

    ~ Josie
  • Heavenly father I ask for healing for this herniated disc on my spine so everything will go away soon and all pain will go away, my kids need me strong and healthy. This situation has taken me to depression please pray Thank you Sandy

    ~ Sandy
  • I have my mammogram next Tuesday – please pray that all of the tests come back and that my cancer hasn’t returned.

    ~ Beth
  • Bruce Paone, Elisabeth Paone, Jennifer Paone, Katherine Paone, Tom Carlisi, Elieen Carlisi, Allen Cirard, Jody Cirard, Ralph Lalli, Patrica Lalli, Richard Rosadillo, Linda Francis, John Deodati, Michelle Deodati, Andria Deodati, Vivian Place, Joe Metzer, Stephany Metzer, Howie Range, Cheryl Mangold McDermott, Kevin McDermott, Rory Paone, Jane Paone, Kelly Stewart

    ~ James Levitt
  • Pls pray for the souls of:

    Susan Blackshire
    Alan Gilbert
    John Auch

    As well as the Blackshire, Gilbert & Auch families of Levittown and Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

    ~ Syrus
  • Please keep the entire Catholic Church in your prayers. Please pray for more holy vocations, more conversions to the Catholic Faith, for the Pope and clergy and laity, for all the Catholics who have left to come back Home. Also please pray for unity and holiness in all marriages and families. Also please pray for an end to abortion. Thank you.

    ~ Maricela
  • The mercy of our God and healing from lung cancer for my wife Vannie Hayward-Ford and all those suffering from lung cancer and all forms of cancer and all illness and disease through Jesus Christ Lord in unity with the Holy Spirit. Amen

    ~ Clarence
  • I would please request prayers for the health of Ms. Alice O. Contreras and that her Red Blood cell panels would heal before her autumn wellness exam this year. For her Osteopenia to entirely heal also.
    For Mr. Joseph Justin Contreras to maintain his body weight by gaining more, and for his balance issues. For his approaching 94-year-young birthday he’ll be celebrating and that I’ll be able to travel there in early September, ’19, to visit my father.
    For Deacon Don Contreras’ health.

    ~ Dr. Don
  • Dear God,
    I pray that Quinton comes back home.
    Please let his heart soften and let all pride leave his body, mind, soul. Please let him be faithful, honest and respectful towards me. I pray for him to want with all his heart to be a family with our kids and I. God please hear my prayer In Jesus name

    ~ Dennys
  • Please pray that D and I can get married. He has wanted to marry me for years,
    we are both Catholic & in love. Give us protection in regards & God’s Will in all.
    Please bind the enemy. We are extremely compatible and the same age.
    Thank you very much. JM

    ~ Anonymous
  • For CR that she passes her road test today. She is a sweet and thoughtful young woman. Help her to have self confidence in her abilities. Amen.

    ~ Joanne
  • I pray for Michael that he will finally receive a good message today. He has worked so hard with his music. I know he is not happy with himself. Dear God if given this opportunity I’m praying that Michael will feel peace inside that will guide him to a more fulfilled life.

    ~ Linda
  • Please Pray for my grandkids and all kids and young people and Teachers this school year. Pray for my granddaughter shes in Nursing school and is preparing to graduate this December God Willing, her name is Brittany. Please Pray for my entire family my sister is in remission from cancer pray for her. Pray for me for a healing of mind,body and soul. That I may have peace in my life and my home and my family and job and with everyone I meet. Thank you in advance.

    ~ Lillie
  • Please pray for me at my work at belvedere family dentistry and for all my coworkers and patients.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for my husband Daniel that he remains sober, converts to Catholicism and that we are both patient with each other so there is peace in our home. For the sake of the sorrowful Passion our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ endured , Amen.

    ~ Veronica
  • Please pray that I be granted the wisdom, knowledge, and courage to seek the love of a woman I have been friends with for a while now. She doesn’t seem to notice me and I don’t know what to do.

    ~ Jamie
  • I still deeply love my ex and know that if we had a second chance at a relationship it would be christlike and permanent. I ask for the patience to wait for my ex and the strength to improve myself to Gods image

    ~ Amanda
  • My son Caleb (27) is deeply discouraged about a situation at his work. Please pray that the Lord would heal his heart and body, and that He would open doors for Caleb.

    ~ Michelle
  • Please pray for my father as we wait to hear back about an interview he had two weeks ago. Please pray he hears back from this company soon with positive news. Please pray for him to be blessed with a job. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Eva

    ~ julie
  • Please pray for My Mother that our God Will heal her heart (her heart is beating somethimes very fast and the next Time very slow) and unknown infection….please pray for her that God Will heal her and that she Will be healty and Strong again.

    And please pray for me Also, that the Lord Will heal Me too and that the Lord Will finde a good, brave, catholic Man to marry with

    ~ Katja
  • God my father who live in heaven above , thank you for blessings shared during the day . Because of your love , its your will to see me happy . Bring me to rest , calm my spirit , meditate into a deep conversation with me , your creation. In communion with you God , I rejoice my soul . God manifest my thoughts into action ,in order to for me to serve . In hounor of your holy name , my succes is your blessing . You love me God , its your will to attract abbundance of prosperity to me . Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • My adult children: Jay and Betsy, that they may know God’s presence and love.

    ~ Christine
  • Hi my name is Richard Menezes
    I am from Mumbai, India
    After 4 years of courtship I married the girl I loved
    After 6 months of marriage I learnt that my wife was in love with another man
    I confronted my wife and the man she was in love with and we decided to give our marriage another chance and make it workNo matter how much I tried or how I hard I tried kept failing and our marriage ended in a divorce/annulment after 3 years
    After my divorce my love life has come to a standstill and not

    ~ Richard
  • Please pray for my mother who is confined in the hospital for kidney stone & UTI. Lord, please lower her creatinine. Please make her well. Please make her procedure on Friday successful. I also ask for you to bless my father who is taking care of her. Amen.

    ~ Karol Mae
  • Please pray for healing and protection for Elizabeth A., Anastasia, Elizabeth W., and Christine S. and to remove all obstacles to doing God’s will. Also for a good Christian husband for Christine.

    ~ Ellie
  • Request to pray for Maria who needs to be delivered from the evil one.

    ~ Joseph
  • Lifting my husband up in prayers. Praying that he don’t allow his flesh to be weak and don’t fall for temptation. For us to have love, joy, peace and happiness in our marriage. For my husband to be strong minded and faithful in our marriage by making Godly decisions in his life. In Jesus name amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please God, hear and answer my prayer! Please make my body healthy. Heal my heart and my mind and my soul. I’m scared and worried about my appointment tomorrow and I need you to take my worries. I give them up to you, Lord. Heal my friends and family. I am worried and scared, but I will use my trust in You and Jesus and the Holy Mother. Please heal all who are sick and scared and are begging for Your mercy. I love you.

    ~ Kate
  • Hello, Thank you for your prayers for me and my family. We are currently still homeless but there’s light in the tunnel. I recently applied for a new job position as an RN resident fellow Nuero surgery at a Catholic owned hospital in Portland – St. Vincent’s Providence Medical Center. Please help me pray that I’d be hired for this position. My current job is 2 hours drive going to and back and long hours of work which is affecting my health. I truly believe your prayers help me a lot.Thank you

    ~ Maricar
  • I dream of studying Canada(or any other better) after my class 12 studies in India,I am a catholic from india.please pray for me so that I can select the best province,best college and a best course for my study also get admission in a very good college in very good course in the best province.also so that I can get very good score in IELTS exam,and also I can get Visa and part time job and a permanent residency in canada,also to do all the formalities correctly and -also to get a bank loan.

    ~ Kevin
  • My name is Leah-Anne Morris and I am the mother of 3 beautiful children, one of which was born with a heart condition known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and he just had the last of 3 open heart surgeries and the family and I have been asking everyone to keep Jaquan Malik in their prayers as he continues to get better and we are praying that he will not need a heart transplant

    ~ Leah-Anne
  • Please Pray that the Lord our God will reunite Me and my Granddaughter very soon

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray for me that God will show me what decisions I need to make and that I will draw closer to God and experience a more personal relationship with Him. I am not sure what I need to do regarding my retirement and trying to find a part time job.
    Thank You
    Tony Alderson

    ~ Tony
  • Dear God,

    I need help. I can’t fix myself or my life alone. Please, please, please fix it. I admit I was wrong. I’ve been wrong all my life, and I need your help. Please be with me, God. Please comfort me and fix things.

    ~ Kat
  • I pray that the Lord sustains me and my growing child with good health, vitality, and strength throughout this pregnancy. I also pray for a quick and relatively pain free delivery and postpartum period. I pray for a happy, healthy, and easy to care for child. I also pray that you give my husband and I the strength, courage, and wisdom to raise the two beautiful gifts you have given us and to let this new addition strengthen our bond of marriage and family.

    ~ Racquel