• Please pray for Robert, our Godson. He’s a lost soul and following the wrong crowd and is so angry all the time. Please pray for him. Thank you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Healing for Joseph Brian antoinieta yeye Michelle Radhika Malcolm myself from psoriasis skin problems healing for all at home I pray my family and myself don’t get this virus I pray Joseph antoinieta yeye will walk well soon I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put him in jail 3times and I Anne bailed him out I pray Carlos ca

    ~ Anne
  • Please pray for my sister, Marilyn Graham who has been in hospital and now a rehab hospital. She has degenerative discs in her back. For several years she suffers terribly and has steroid injections to help but doesn’t seem to be working. Please pary for her, Thank You

    ~ Dolores
  • Moving forward at work place

    ~ Jared
  • Please help the people around the world come thru this Pandemic.
    Especially in Bethlehem, Palestine.

    Peter Downey

    ~ Peter
  • I pray for Daniel to be healed from severe back pain; for Jackie to know the truth that Jesus is the son of God; for David and Jason to build a relationship with God and to live in accordance to His will, not their own and for Peg and Sean’s health and family

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for my relationship with Brandon Holmes: that we video chat more, text more every day, that we forgive each other, that we learn more about each other, that we get married and have five kids, that we live together, and that he always is kind and loving to me, and that he makes time for me, and pray he gets delievered from drinking and smoking. And pray that we see each other in person more.

    ~ Anonymous
  • So my uncle Primitivo may Rest In Peace and be in gods’ kingdom.
    So god gives us strength and comforts our family during this rough time.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Praying that the covid-19 be eradicated worldwide, that those afflicted be healed, that those who died because of it find eternal peace with God, that God give strength and immunity to the doctors and heath workers, that all Filipinos and all my family members and relatives and friends be spared from this deadly virus, and if the Lord plans anyone of us to be infected, we may die in peace with the Lord and receive the holy sacraments before our last breath.

    ~ Bernie
  • Please pray for my husband Stanley Rebello. Heal his cancer of the bladder
    Thank you 🙏🙏🙏 Jeanette Rebello

    ~ Jeanette
  • Prayers for the cure of the COVID-19 virus. For the health of my children, grandchildren, family, and friends.
    Thank you Lord

    ~ Maria
  • Prayers for all who are suffering from the CORONAVIRUS, here in our country and throughout the world. Lord, guide our leaders in making good choices for dealing with this pandemic and aiding all who are suffering directly or indirectly from it’s far reaching affects. Please let politics, race, religion and any differences, real or imagined, be set aside as we all work together to deal with this terrible sickness. Please bless medical personnel and first responders in their heroic efforts.

    ~ Veronica
  • 1) For the end of or cure for the Corona virus.
    2) For all those affected by the Corona and other infectious disease, that they may heal quickly and that those who have lost loved ones are comforted.
    3) For all the poor souls in purgatory, who need our prayers to be taken fully into heaven.
    4) For all the sick and suffering; for those in prison or imprisoned illegally; for all the poor who live without basic necessities; for those abused, neglected, trafficked, etc.; for the lonely/have no 1

    ~ Denise
  • Prayers for my Husband to find a job

    ~ Claire
  • My best friend is in a abusive relationship has been stabbed,hit in the head with a bottle,and also he is always being verbally abused. I ask for prayer that he finds the courage to walk away from this abusive relationship and leave this woman alone for good. Let him stop letting this woman abuse him. Prayer God protect him from her. Distance her from him. Prayer to hear news they are separated and for him to stop talking her back

    ~ Deborah
  • My name is leajia ( lee asia) please agree with me in prayer that Heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ will remove all sickness and disease from my body also prayer for angels of protection all around me

    ~ Leajia
  • Please pray for wellness and healing for my family and I. That those who are healthy remain healthy, and those who may be ill, including myself, regain full health. I ask this to be able to continue the work the Lord has called my family and I to perform, and continue spreading His message on Earth. Thank you!

    ~ Anthony
  • Prayers for Baldo Sierra’s successful surgery, quick recovery, and healing. For Baldo and Lisa Sierra and their family, that they will find strength, courage, and healing at this moment of their lives. May God cover them with His most precious blood and protect them from any danger, harm or sickness. Amen.

    ~ Melina
  • I would like to ask for a prayer of protection for my daughter in law (Kathleen) who is 3 months pregnant with her second son (and my second grandson). She recently found out that she was exposed to another co-worker who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. She is anxious about this as very little is known on its effect on a developing baby. Pray for God’s loving protection not only for her but for her baby. Finally pray protection for her son Lucas and husband, Joseph during this time.

    ~ Rosario
  • My son’s court case is dismissed. I desperately need to find a loan to replace my leaking roof & replace sheet rock ceilings. My traffic case is dismissed may our Merciful Savior answer my prayers

    ~ Mary vita
  • I love a girl very much she also loves me.But now days she is not talking to me she always ignoring me.I don’t want to lose her. She is very precious for me. Please save our relationship. I’m always in tention and desperate due to that. Please help me

    ~ Sandeep
  • To reunite Joey and katy after four years being apart… only communicating through the phone. Across the county from each other. Please God, allow the two to join together in love and harmony after years of suffering apart. Thank you father our lord. I shall sing your name in praise!

    ~ kathryn
  • Healing for Joseph Brian antoinieta yeye Michelle Radhika Malcolm myself from psoriasis skin problems healing for all at home I pray Joseph antoinieta yeye will walk well soon I pray my family and I will not get this virus, I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put him in jail 3times and I Anne bailed him out I pray Carlos ca

    ~ Anne
  • Please pray for my severe anxiety. Pray for my family too and my kids. Thankyou

    ~ Timothy
  • For my family that we continue to heal after the loss of my son Nicholas, my father Roberto and my son’s best friend Ian. May we turn to our Lord for strength and courage to accept what we do not understand. May we reach out to our Heavenly Mother Mary to bring us comfort in our time of need.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Please pray that my sister Arleen’s Reconsideration request is accepted and she is granted a PR. Thank you. Amen

    ~ Ann

    ~ G
  • Prayers for Baldo Sierra’s successful surgery, quick recovery, and healing. For Baldo and Lisa Sierra and their family, that they will find strength, courage, and healing at this moment of their lives. May God cover them with His most precious blood and protect them from any danger, harm or sickness. Amen.

    ~ Melina
  • So JoAnn cancer will not spread.

    ~ Joann
  • Please pray for me to be able to get my bills paid. I work on commission & work is slow right now, due to the virus situation. Thank you, I appreciate it!

    ~ Michelle
  • I am seeking an annulment after it was discovered that my wife was abusing my son. Please pray for God%u2019s grace for this to take place. Please pray for the state investigation team that is seeking to stop her from doing this to another child. Please pray for my 9-year-old son to recover fully. Please pray that my heart is healed. In Jesus name. Amen.

    ~ Brandon
  • For two special intentions. For Pope Francis. For the holy souls in purgatory. For Henry and Jeanine Mekoski that their souls will be enriched. For uncle Eddie. For my family. For peace and stability in Nigeria. For Benjamin Netanyahu. For Donald Trump. End of Corona virus. For all those in Religious life.

    ~ Anthony
  • Be glorified Jesus Christ!
    Please, kindly pray for my deceased relatives, my mother Maria, my relatives, Maria, Fedir, Anna, Kateryna, Fedir, Mykola, Sofia, all my deceased neighbors, colleagues and benefactors.
    Praying Ivan Petryshyn

    ~ Ivan
  • Be glorified Jesus Christ!
    Please, kindly pray for the well-being of my relatives: Bohdan, Yulia, Taras, Iryna, Paranya, Ivan, Ivan, Halyna, all my neighbors and colleagues.
    In prayers,
    Ivan Petryshyn

    ~ Ivan
  • Please pray for Chicago violence. Father touch this city with your angels n calm this evilness I know in my heart they are taking care of it Too many innocent things happening to them People in areas has to stay in their homes apts

    Praying my family friends all protected by divine from contracting the coronavirus

    Pray that i learn and apply my gifts Father give me to be pleasing to his sight n kingdom and reach others

    Praying for a precious soulmate in Fathers will

    ~ Brenda
  • Please pray for help with depression. I don’t need tough love …. I need someone to care, be there and help me. I have been battling this since early teens.

    ~ Tracie
  • Jesus, help me become a Catholic. Jesus, help me understand the Sacraments. Amen!

    ~ Henrik
  • Please pray for me to study well for my medical entrance examination on may 3rd 2020 and to get a government MBBS seat. Thankyou

    ~ Krishna
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • For John Stec that his aches and pains will go away and that he will be comforted.

    ~ Anthony
  • Please pray that nose irritation and blockage be gone. Please pray that my mouth tongue and throat would not feel tensed or dry or tired while reading out scriptures. My brain would coordinate with my mouth when I am saying something.

    ~ Charles
  • I ask for prayers of health and safe travel for myself and my girlfriend and my family and friends.

    ~ John
  • Dear God,
    Please bless our Universe and take away this horrible corona virus that is tearing our world apart. We are a world of sinners, but we are good people at heart. We love you with our heart and soul and promise to do better with our love for You.

    ~ Connie
  • Healing , deliver me evil and help others

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for Strength and total Healing for Florence and Marian. Asking this request in the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying and God Bless all of you.

    ~ Marian
  • pray for a favorable health test.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Satan is attacking me. Please pray I be healed and lifted spiritually emotionally mentally physically and financially. guy ran me off the road car totalled collar bone broken. Pain

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for my son. He has recently taken a step down. Not doing well. Pray for my family and all of us to contain the virus. Thank you

    ~ Robert
  • Humble thanks for an undeserved grace

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please ask God to remove the want I have to be loved. Thank you!

    ~ Diane
  • Asking for prayers to keep my fiance, family and myself safe from the Coronavirus. Please. Praying in Jesus’s name. Amen.

    ~ Debra
  • Please pray for my daughter. She has been incarcerated since January 17, 2020. and I want to pray for her release. Also pray that she can see her child, a daughter, that was taken away from her. Pray for her to get her child back, if God is willing.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Blessed Mother please come immediately and crush the demons of Fear, lies and anxiety of the Covid-19 virus fear pandemic. St Joseph, our father and lord please intercede and remain with us until the fear pandemic resolves

    ~ Gerard
  • Please pray for my two premature grandsons. One has a brain bleed, please pray that the brain bleed is completely gone on the next ultrasound. Prayers that both boys are healthy, grow quickly and leave the NICU quickly.

    ~ Diane
  • My Uncle Paul.

    ~ Lynda
  • Please pray for my special daughter in law who had open heart surgery and now has complications. Please pray for her coma to give her body time to rest and that she comes out of it with complete recovery.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Repose of souls of Joseph Koleng III, Thomas Glover Sr., Nora and Harry Glover, Marcella Jesse Robert Patino, Terry Bell Sr., Stuart Dunn Sr.

    Health of Eda Dunn, Kenneth Schaper, Catherine Tranchina, Catherine Glover, Orlena King, Madeline Jensen, Frances Harbour

    ~ Esther
  • Please pray for my dear brother Joseph. He is facing sadness, depression and back into alcohol addiction after recent death of his beloved twin brother Anthony. Please God, if You want to, you could heal him. Thank you,

    ~ Diep
  • My wife is ‘bi-polar’ and has an intense anger management problem. She has blackmailed me, threatened, slandered and has taken thousands of dollars. To make matters worse, SHE has filed for divorce…with the court case arriving soon. PLEASE, pray for me. Thank you!

    ~ Tom
  • Please pray his meds help with stress and anxiety and he overcomes alcohol addiction.

    ~ Bobby
  • Having cardiac surgery today…..took a massive heart attack and stroke. Prayers needed for brain injury improvement.

    ~ Dennis
  • Please pray for healing and protection for Elizabeth A., Anastasia, Elizabeth W., and Christine S. and to remove all obstacles to doing God’s will. Also for a good Christian husband for Christine

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my family and extended family…. we are so different and sometimes we don’t communicate effectively. Some are still Catholic and others have left the church. I love them.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my uncle who has cerebral palsy. He is very angry after he had a situation where he has bleeding on his brain. Thank you to the doctors who helped him. He wants to have freedom, but needs to be in a group home so he can be supervised. He falls down a lot. He is Catholic and he doesn’t understand that his family wants him to be safe.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we are safe and protected at all times while we’re driving our truck for work and running errands around town. Please pray our truck runs good and strong at all times while we’re driving our truck for work and running errands around town. Please pray our truck is safe and protected while it’s parked. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Dear God- Search my heart, know my anxious thoughts, point out anything that offends you, lead me to everlasting life, break me, and my heart for what breaks yours, send me, make me bold, and please speak to me, because in you, I’m equipped. I, also pray for a better relationship with Nathan Alexander. Amen.

    ~ Audrey
  • GOD, there are a couple of times in my life where I completely knew that you were sending me down a path. I was losing my mother and a person entered my life. I know now they were sent for a reason and a season but definitely not for a lifetime. I fought with that for 6 months and stayed connected with someone that didn’t care about me at all. I left that 3 years ago. I randomly selected someone out of no where now and in 10 days felt like a lifetime. PLEASE LET US MEET. Please don’t let this be

    ~ g
  • For healing for me. For healing for Holly and Luke, Reid and Sloane. For their son James in Heaven. 🙂 For healing for my friend Jason. For healing for Francine, Gayle, Nathan and family, Dorothy, Bob and Linda, Edna, Joe and Becky, Joe, and all those I said I would pray for. For peace. For a graceful life and a happy and holy death. To die in the arms of Jesus and Mary, as our Dear Saint Joseph did. For an end to all abortion. For lasting peace around the world. For Pope Francis. Amen

    ~ Kate
  • For our debts to start getting better. For our
    House payment be met monthly. For my health and husband to be good. For an end to this Coronavirus illness!!! For our beloved family deceased now, all 6 of their souls be in Heaven. Amen..

    ~ Lena
  • Lord Jesus, Thank you for answering my prayers on so many things in my life. I come again today to ask for your protection of my family from this virus. Please, Lord, keep us all safe. And please ease the suffering of all those afflicted and heal them. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

    ~ Patricia
  • For our debts to start getting better. For our
    House payment be met monthly. For my health and husband to be good. For an end to this Coronavirus illness!!! For our beloved family deceased now, all 6 of their souls be in Heaven. Amen..

    ~ Lena
  • Please prayer for me to take a good decision for my annual leave and also please give me a good advise.

    ~ sheela
  • I know this may seem like silly prayer request but i pray that my dad finally cleans our garage and backyard. The condition is starting to het so bad its almost like he’s hoarding. We can’t use any space in our garage and backyard because he won’t get rid of anything. So i please ask that you help me pray so he can let go of these material things.

    ~ Angelica
  • I’m experiencing a new symptom due to Multiple Sclerosis, and need healing over my whole body. Thank you!

    ~ LESLEY
  • Thank you for praying that Joe’s disability claim for the cars was approved. We are grateful in Jesus name we ask, Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • We pray that Maria’s hands, back and knees are healed – Joe’s back, kidneys and knees are healed in Jesus name we also ask for our finances to be healed. Amen

    ~ Maria
  • I ask for prayers of healing for family, friends, myself and all people that suffer from cancer. Please Lord, show us your infinite love and mercy as we ask for this healing. Please allow the fire of your healing love to pass through our bodies. I ask this blessing for your greater glory dear God.

    ~ Loretta
  • Thank you for my family who loves me so much. Thanks you HOTN for you and your Mass .

    ~ Anonymous
  • My name is Ashish.i am in love with a girl name Tanu. I love her very much.we had very good time for last 3 years .but i dnt knw what happen she suddenly started hating .she dont like what i say now she feels irritated. I just want my girl Tanu to whome i love to be same what she was like before she was very happy with me. please Jesus make our relationship again better.And Jesus please make, tanu heart kindly, humble for me so she understands me. And we marry .God help us.

    ~ Ashish
  • Please prayer that my son will be filled with God’s love and find it in his heart to forgive me for the pain and hurt I caused him. Please pray that through that forgiveness, we can begin to rebuild our relationship. Please prayer that I may feel God’s strength and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please pray for my forgiveness for my selfishness. I ask this through Jesus His Son and my Lord.

    ~ Astrid

    ~ JOSEPH
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Dear Farther, PLEASE PLEASE BLESS my son Ramon to STOP smoking and PLEASE BLESS Him to work with Veterans at the VA office. He is a Veteran himself. And PLEASE BLESS him and his wife for the kids to purchase his own home I don’t know where You will BLESS him to buy his home, BLESS him to have a small payment he can afford and BLESS my daughter in Law with a new job as well. and BLESS me ophie & richard the grandparents to purchase our new cozy home close to the grand kids in JESUS NAME AMEN. OFE

    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear Father I come to you as a grand parent I ask you PLEASE to BLESS ALL my Grandchildren and all children that I love and ALL children all around the world and especially newborn babies to PROTECT them from this horrible corona virus!!! PLEASE PLEASE Thank you. And PLEASE BLESS My children and my siblings nieces & nephews Our daughter in laws & all family members, friends and our neighbors Against this horrible virus BLESS us ALL in HEALTH ALWAYS In JESUS NAME AMEN. I Love you Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for to sell the land in Kerala, Kunanmave, India in my mummy’s name. Thank you

    ~ sheela
  • Please pray for cousins and friends borrowed money from my mummy please make them to return the money back. Thank you

    ~ sheela
  • Please pray for our son he is studying in 8th std CBSC he is not doing good in his studies please make him concentrate in study and let the Holy spirit touch him so that he can get good score in his exam.

    ~ sheela
  • Please pray for my cousins and friends who borrowed money from me on their hardship and not yet paid back after several years and when I am going through hardship. Please help me to get the money back from them.

    ~ sheela
  • Mother Mary please pray for my husband’s business to succeed so we can be self sufficient for the family and also we can help others too. Please give the strength needed to succeed in the business. Bless his work with prosperity for our good and for your glory.

    ~ sheela
  • Dear Father, I come to you to PLEASE BLESS my husband Richard with his VA disability payments to reach over 60 %. He really deserves this. He is a Vietnam Veteran & served over 20 years. IN JESUS NAME AMEN. Farther PLEASE BLESS my attorney Mr. Matthew to release my settlement and PLEASE expidite this PLEASE. I need it to live on & help my husband with the bills. I BEG you Heavanly Father to BLESS me with a phone call this week. I LOVE YOU Father Thank you in JESUS NAME AMEN. Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for my Mummy she is suffering headache and blood clot in brain please grant her speedy recovery and healing.

    ~ sheela
  • I miss my ex wife April exponentially. Please pray the Holy Spirit causes the restoration of our marriage. Thanks

    ~ Thomas
  • Because of an abusive Marage …. And some very Bad decisions on my part I have been apart from my. Children. And family for some time..

    ~ Alta

    ~ G
  • Prayers please for my daughter that she will not be stressed out about student teaching and that she will finish the program. I pray that God will provide her with a career path that will bring her happiness and success. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please, pray that I do well at new job. I pray for assistance in learning new skills quickly that I can use to serve the Church. Help me to turn this into a career that can support my family and the Church.

    ~ K
  • Dear Father Praise the Lord! Please pray for my Dubai Company Shapoorji Pallonji Intnl FZE which is facing Financial crisis and we have not got salaries even for Jan 2020 as of March 9th 2020.
    Lord also please pray for my Asthma, Cough and throat irritation to be healed. Lord bless my Nigeria Audit trip to go well from 11th to 19th March 2020.
    Lord bless my Mother Francina’s Cataract surgery and let it go well in the right hospital and the right doctor.
    Lord Bless Jyoti, Akanksha and Shruth

    ~ Charles
  • May i request prayers for my future brother in law, Jake Foong he had a sudden stroke and went into hospital for emergency surgery yesterday. Doctors said its 50/50. The surgery is a success and he is in stable condition. Turns its not a stroke, His high blood pressure causing one of his veins to burst in the brain. He is conscious but breathing using the machine so by the looks of it, he might be breathing normally without the support of the machine by tommorow. Prayers are needed recovery

    ~ Genevieve
  • Please pray for my brother Joseph&nephew Paul so that they may be cure from any kind of addiction that is physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, for the soul of my beloved brother Anthony-may he rest in God’s love and mercy,for Paul so that he is more concentrated on his studies and school work,for the upcoming surgery of my niece Josephine safe and successful,for the good health of my dear parents. May God give them peace, happiness and love everyday of their lives.

    ~ Diep
  • Lord God please please help me find a job so I can support my son….Iam a single mum who’s looking for a decent job and have also been applying around to get a job to support my son…..Lord God please help me with my relationship with Usa and I thank u god giving me a man who not only loves me but my son as well. Lord be my guide

    ~ Paulina
  • Please pray for my brother Joseph&nephew Paul so that they may be cure from any kind of addiction that is physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, for the soul of my beloved brother Anthony-may he rest in God’s love and mercy,for Paul so that he is more concentrated on his studies and school work,for the upcoming surgery of my niece Josephine safe and successful,for the good health of my dear parents. May God give them peace, happiness and love everyday of their lives.

    ~ Diep
  • Please pray for my Aunt Lily she’s a single mum of 3…she’s hard working mum in the village. She is in a relationship with young guy that doesn’t really appreciate her but bosses her instead…Lord God please help her see and leave him for he is not good for her or her children. Lord God help her and her children and help her find a man that loves and her children as well.

    ~ Paulina
  • I ask all who read this, to please, please pray for me. I am under enormous stress and I feel backed into a corner with no way out. Fear grips my heart and refuses to let go. I am utterly terrified of what might happen. Please ask God to forgive me, to have mercy on me and grant me what I have requested. Thank you to all who take pity on me and intercede on my behalf

    ~ Theresa
  • Lord God please help me in getting my parents back together….they both have their differences….lord please weaken their differences so they truly know the love they have for each other and get back together

    ~ Paulina
  • Dear Sir or Madam,
    Please use your mass and daily praying to pray for my needed intentions, please let us get the Lemon Ave. house in this location!!! Please pray intensely in the name of GOD that we get what we very very much need in life, plus the Lemon Ave. house!!! As a woman of God and my Family too, please help us pray for our intentions and have our intentions be blessed by God and make come true!!! God Bless you very very much!!! Thanks!!!

    ~ Arlene
  • For peace and comfort of Mercedes Vera and Herberth Vera, for the Vera family. For the conversion of Maribelle Mendez.

    ~ Christian
  • Continue praying for my high blood pressure to stay normal. Also, pray that my lower legs will be healed from Lymph edema and pray for the arthritis pain to leave my lower back and both legs front and back. Continue praying for my son in law’s mental issues and pray for the health and safety of my daughter and our dog Buster. May God Bless each of you !! I watch Heart of the Nation Mass every Sunday online at my home as I am unable to attend my home church.
    Delores J
    Heney, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Can you please pray that God will restore my health (liver/pancreas) and that God will lead me to the church that God wants me at. Can you also pray that my relationship with God will grow and I will know what God’s will is for me and that God will help me in my finances. I recently retired and trying to get my bills caught up with what I get on my social security has been difficult.
    Thank You!

    ~ Tony
  • I need discernment regarding the woman with whom I have spent the last 8 years. Please guide me through the intercession of St. Clement, St. Jude and St. Benedict. Please pray for us and in our intentions.

    ~ Charles
  • For a special intention. For the poor. For Pope Francis. For Benjamin Netanyahu. For a good resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. For peace and stability in Nigeria. For world peace. For the holy souls in purgatory. For the salvation of souls.

    ~ Anthony
  • Thank you Sweet Jesus for helping me fight this septic infection battle.
    I trust in you, My Lord Jesus.

    ~ Joanne
  • perfect health of body, mind & soul for myself & all my family de masi & de pasquale, my children, grandchildren, in-law children and their families, for cash-senter family; leone-feuda family; d masi-de pasquale family; families: sanutti, Kelley, robinson, halstead; heim, hanna, alwine, troy, sanders, john hood family, dan slater family, britton family, laird family, lathey family, Gibson family, ferguson family, weigel-schonberger family, stuart, Khalil, toanone, lane, end to coronavirus

    ~ mary ann



    ~ P. NIRMAL
  • Please pray that I’m blessed with the position to work again bless me with the ability to be able to afford the things I need without begging for help from people that judge me for doing so, bless me to find a place to be able to afford the best life which is a simple one with a good paying job, a place to live and transportation! Please pray that God sends people who love me and support me, and people I can depend on!

    ~ Davina
  • Healing for my grandson

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please God hear me of all my illnesses and give me the strength to go on. Also heal everybody that has illnesses and hardships. Thank you Lord Almighty. I love you with all my heart And have total faith in you. 🙏

    ~ Mary (me)
  • My class 12 final exam starts on 10/3/2020 please pray for me so that I can pass all my exams and with very good marks. Also so that I can study and revise all portions before every exam.especially studying questions coming for exam. Also for holy spirit to come into me and to remind me all of the answer and to write them properly onto the answer sheet neatly . My time table is as given :
    10/3/2020- malayalam
    11/3/2020- English
    16/3/20- chemistry

    ~ Kevin
  • That God will provide me the strength to endure the cancer treatment i am receiving and to cure me of my cancer.

    ~ Cheryl
  • Prayer for conversion of family members,employment for son, niece with mental illness.

    ~ Laura
  • Father touch the Heart of Anita and HEAL it so she doesn’t need open heart surgery! I ask this in Jesus’ name!

    ~ Jerry
  • My wife and I are having very hard financial issues. I’m unemployed, denied unemployment insurance and our tax returns beimg held up. We have a mortgage payment coming due and not enough money to make the complete payment. Please pray for us and our situation and my the lord give us strength and direction in helping through these difficult times.

    ~ Steve
  • I pray for Sandra and Sylvia. May your divine power reign over their hearts and minds.
    Please guide and protect me and my family my Lord against evil forces and bad intentions around me. Please guide my decisions at home and work. Please help me to always remember your promises and teachings. Glory to you, Lord. May your will done. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray for my grand neice Neveah Hopman who died in a rollover car accident on the first of March.

    ~ Colleen
  • Please pray for my niece Belynda Sousa that she will recover from her diabetic neuropathy. Also for my great niece who is graduating from college in May that she will find a job in the teaching profession. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Frances
  • I pray that my granddaughter returns to our faith. I pray that my daughter meets a good man and marries so she has a partner after I am no longer around.

    ~ Jean
  • My husband and I have been out of a vechicle for over a year having to rely on family and friends for a ride it’s becoming very stressful we own a small business and make enough for Bill’s when we try to put money aside something comes up please pray that we may soon get a vechicle in jesus name .
    Thanks and God bless

    ~ Zona
  • Prayers for our family and friends, our health and happiness, for the Lord to bless us and cover us in His love and protection and glory, and may the Lord our God bless everyone reading this, praying along with us and each and every member of the heart of the nation family and all who need prayer and the Lord’s love and great mercy. Amen 🙏🏼

    ~ Alexandria
  • For my family, for healing of body and soul. Would also love to receive the way of the cross booklet you are offering on tv.

    ~ Carla
  • My husband is not working and needs to find a job soon.

    ~ Richard
  • please pray for all those ill with the corona virus and for all those working to care for these patients and for those working to stop the spread of the virus

    ~ KATHY
  • Dear Jesus,
    Please cure my mouth, lips, tongue, throat, mom, Jackie, Dr.B., Carrie, Bg, all animals and the corona virus. Please,Please,Please. It’s Horrible! I’m Petrified and need Your guidance. Please Lord, Help us all.
    Thank You for getting us through past suffering.
    I love You! Amen.

    ~ Gail M
  • For Paul. He converted to Christianity. He was raised Jewish and was adopted.
    He married and went abroad to be a missionary. He had surgery in another country and is not doing well. Please pray for him.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please help me to find a good doctor, if I need a new one, and/or supportive people in my life. I was just in the emergency mental health facility for depression and I am not able to be strong and advocate for myself now.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Prayers for my severe anxiety and prayers for my living situation.

    ~ Timothy
  • That my family will be delivered from alcohol and drugs .and can find their way back to Jesus . Amen

    ~ Wanda
  • Financial need, a spouce who has the same religious beliefs as me, a new place to live, a newer car…these are my intentions..Thank you..GOD BLESS

    ~ Sylvia
  • That I will become a saint. For the pope. For a swift end to the corona virus. For peace and stability in Nigeria. For unity in the Catholic Church. For strength and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. For great graces for my family and myself. For the salvation of souls. For Light in the Darkness Inc. For EWTN. For the Knights of Columbus. For the association of Marian helpers. That Fulton J Sheen and Solanus Casey will become Saints. For Melody Elizabeth Jacobson. Enfolded in St Joseph’s holy cloak

    ~ Anthony
  • I am very much confused in my life. My work place is not good enough. Could you please pray for me to get a better workplace.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for Susan to complete her course successfully on time as she’s having some difficulties.

    ~ LL
  • Dear Jesus, I pray that Sweat Pea finds through you , a wonderful forever inside home.

    ~ karen
  • Please pray that Our Lord and Our Lady will join Saint Gemma Galgani and me in Mystical Marriage.

    ~ Kenneth
  • Please strengthen and protect my wife and my family. Please help Sarah to have the strength give birth to our new daughter and let them both be healthy. Help our family to grow in goodness and kindness and help my wife and I to be the best parents to Lucy, to help us to give her the love and guidance and respect that she deserves in this life. Please help us to have the financial support to raise her.

    Please protect the world from this new virus and help us all to weather this storm.

    ~ Stephen
  • Lord, help SVT understand mortal sins and only tell the truth. Amen!

    ~ Henrik
  • For God to give me clarity and remove the obstacles that block happiness in my personal life. For compassion, kindness, and understanding from the person I love but who has hurt me so much. For God’s justice, mercy, and blessing in moving forward. Jesus, please bless me with love, happiness, and a family very soon. Thank you

    ~ Jory
  • Tipo has a huge, inoperable tumor. Please pray for him

    ~ Sara
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we are safe and protected at all times driving our truck for work and running errands around town. Please pray our truck is safe and protected while it’s parked. Please pray our truck runs good and strong at all times while we’re driving our truck for work and running errands around town
    Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • I thank you, Lord, for my countless blessings. Forgive me if I ever overlook your love for me. Please watch over my loved ones and fill their heart with your love so that they too may walk in your path. Amen.

    ~ Carlton
  • My name is erina warie. I’m facing lots of problem in finnnacial. So I took loan, but the agents told me to pay insurance and tax. I paid everything.please make thier hehearts soft so that I may get the loan today itself. Praise u thank u Jesus n Mary. Amen

    ~ Erina
  • For friends and real support, for real love and someone to help me when I feel suicidal.

    ~ Theresa
  • Please pray for Josh Biser and his family.

    ~ Julie
  • For the safety of travelers especially for Emily who is attempting to return to the US from the Philippines

    ~ Jodene
  • My daughter Linda is taking her state licensing test tomorrow so she can become a registered nurse. Please prey for her.
    Thank you

    ~ Terry
  • Dear God, please lay your healing hands on Mark C and cleanse his body of all health issues he is currently dealing with.

    ~ LaRae
  • Dear Lord Jesus Christ healer of those who are ill . I praise your name for all the wonder works you perform . Today I surrender my ant Kotie Du Plooy to you Jesus Christ . She is in ICU with a heart condition . My ant is very sick and she need your healing power . Through you Lord Jesus Christ we ask that God the creator will do his will in honour of God our creator .I ask for healing of my aunt Kotie du Plooy . Lord hear my prayer. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for my daughter who thinks she might be bi-polar . Pray for my son that he won’t quit his new job. Pray for me that I can get over my illness. I pray that my family doesn’t catch what I have. Thank you

    ~ Robert
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • For me to heal so I can serve God and take care of my family.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Father, I ask you PLEASE PLEASE remove satan’s bondage from our grandaughter Monique, she is 7 months pregnant and having a beautiful baby girl, and she she having serious depression. She is in another state 20 hours away from us. I BEG of you Father to PLEASE PLEASE Bless her with the BLESSED MOTHER MARY to speak to her and PROTECT & keep her safe always and her baby and her little dog Lucy. BLESS her with GUARDIAN ANGELS & the Baby & remove All signs of evil spirits in JESUS NAME AMEN OFE

    ~ Ophelia
  • Jesus, please heal me… need healing for my weak heart… heart palpitations, tingling in lower legs, asthma, sinus problems. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I Trust in You!
    Thank you! ❤️✝️🙏

    ~ Diane
  • Please pray that my dog Pickles gets good rest tonight and feels better in the morning. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen

    ~ Mandy
  • Please, Jesus, heal my mind and body. Please do not let me have inflammatory breast cancer. Please have the redness go away as well as that blemish that hasn’t healed. Please have the archangel Raphael intercede on my behalf.

    ~ Cristin
  • My prayers are for my son, ernest Guzman who has lost his way in life due to drug addiction, my intentions are for him to leave the drugs and recover from this horrible addiction and that he may get closer to God.
    I pray for my son every day.

    ~ Jessie
  • Pray that God removes my need for validation and companionship, please pray god numbs this need to be in a relationship and to be come a mother. Please pray he blesses me with his strength, beauty and grace. Pray he forgives of my sins and fears. Pray that he watches over my family blesses us with love, understanding and respect for each other and others around us. Pray we remain in good health and in financial stability.

    ~ Davina
  • I humbly ask with a repentant heart for prayer regarding a criminal case that has been brought before me. Its a heavy burden upon my shoulders and at times i feel alone during this process. I have dedicated to God and to myself in making a change and not continuing to be the awful soul i was. I ask for mercy and leniency regarding this cause. Thank you.

    ~ Lemuel
  • Heavenly Father, Almighty God,
    I humble myself before your Presence.
    What a joy it is to come to you.
    I thank you and I praise your infinite Majesty,
    Omnipotence and Perfections.
    Please forgive me of all my sins.
    Lord I come to you in my nothingness.
    I want to worship you and adore you,
    to love you with all my heart,
    with all my mind,
    with all my soul
    and with all my strength.
    I want to burn with desire for you like an angel.
    I need you my Lord,
    I am nothing without you.
    I ask you to raise me be

    ~ Otis
  • For our loved ones suffering from cancer, give them strength and peace.

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for the health of Eva (cancer), Diane (nerves, stomach), Harley (diabetes), Alfredo (liver), Aunt Eva (heart) and Susan (stomach).
    March birthdays: Emmanuel, Ethan, Markie, Seledonio and Aunt Eva.

    ~ Eva
  • I don’t usually ask for prayers for myself – but I really need prayers after going thru Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Divorce, illness and the passing of my Mom & Brother, now seeing my Dad have dementia and everyday gets worse, I also pray for my grandson who maybe coming into the world 2 months earlier than expected. I am very emotionally hurting. I pray all goes well but I need prayers. Thank you.

    ~ JoAnn
  • Please pray for my mother Vesna Ljubičić
    She has bening tumor in her head.
    Please pray God heal her and protect her health in future and give her His rightousness and kingdom
    And pls pray for health and protection of all my loved ones
    God bless you all and thank You

    ~ Hrvoje
  • Please pray that my new grandson who has not been born yet be healthy. His mom had to go into hospital 2 1/2 months earlier due to her water breaking and she will have to stay 4 weeks in hospital. I pray both grandson and mom will be alright. Please pray for them. Thank you.

    ~ JoAnn
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Rick, Pat, Pam, Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • Please pray for me that I will be healed from depression and anxiety. I thank God for all He has already done and I surrender to His love.

    ~ Andrea
  • Please pray for a young family who is facing the threat of unemployment, that God will sustain and direct them and keep them faithful in future months.

    ~ Anna
  • Please pray for my daughter, Marianna, and her medical career and all will be successful.

    ~ Cathy
  • For those Teens going on the spring retreat this weekend (Mar 6 to 8) from our parish. That those teens that have lost their faith in God will be reunited with his love. That those teens that are in discernment will hear His voice and follow Him to the next step.

    ~ Edward
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, help me deal with working at Coop and help me deal with confusion about my future. Amen!

    ~ Henrik
  • For answered prayers to be delivered soon.

  • Please pray for my nephew Stuart who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in February 2018. He had treatments and the tumor had stopped growing. Now, February 2020, the tumor has started growing again and they are once again treating him with infusions and chemotherapy.
    In 2 months, they will check to see if the tumor has stopped growing. Please pray that God will grant a miracle to save Stuart’s life in Jesus’ name, Amen. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless you!

    ~ MaryAnn
  • Lord Jesus help us. We are taking a big adventure half way around the world. Be with us Jesus. Guide me in my actions and words for the next 2 months, to take my relationship with NF to the next level. Allow me to communicate and take the proper actions so we can move to the next level of a loving, nurturing, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, physically intimate, monogamous love relationship to marriage. Allow the lines of communication open so we can be married and live happily ever

    ~ Greg
  • Please help me. I just got out of a mental health facility. I am very alone. I am scared. Please pray for me.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I’m praying & believing 4 financial situation.I’m behind on my rent 2months. I’m disabled & I came out of a life threatening situation in 2014. still Not safe My Perpetrators are Looking 4 me &Still NEED prayer 4 breakthrough! My health,finances,my healing in Jesus name.SAFETY,protection,Justice Restitution Financial Deliverance,freedom & Restitution Thank you for prayers💜

    ~ Elizabeth
  • Thank you Lord for all your blessings. You have blessed me and my family for so long. Thank you for taking care of my children and family and friends. Special blessings are needed for my friend Pat and my daughter Carol. Thank you.

    ~ Jan
  • Hello my name is leajia ( lee asia) please agree with me in prayer that father God will remove all sickness and disease from my body, also prayer for angels of protection all around me in Jesus name amen.

    ~ Leajia
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • Please pray that my daughter gets treatment for her drug addictions and emotional traumas, that she find a good job and get her life together. Please pray that I find a way to help her help herself. She will not speak to me. I have 3 grandchildren whom she won’t let me see, because … I don’t know why. Please pray for her kids, Bailey, Rowan and Jack, that their mom gets the help and healing she needs to be a good parent for them. They love their mom. Thanks!

    ~ Karol
  • My eye sight is achingly bad. And my glasses bother my eyes so much.

    ~ Christopher
  • I find myself holding my breath when I am praying. And I think the lack of oxygen is what is giving me Headaches. Pray that I will not hold my breath anymore but that I will breathe the free air. Amen.

    ~ Christopher
  • I get really bad burning hot Headaches. I need those to go away. I am on a medication too that has side effects that give me extra adrenalin and anxiety. I need those side effects to go away too. The Catholic church is Apostle Peter’s church. The Rock.

    ~ Christopher
  • I really should not be writing or speaking or studying. And I really should not be making comments on the internet. Having a smart phone is partly to blame. I found a cell phone that has no browser so no commenting. It is 4g. It is called: Doro 7050 . I have decided not to wear my Jesus died for You You will go to Heaven shirt. I should not be trying to be a savior. I have done this(not wearing it) several times in the past but have after a few days or months wear it again.Pray I Stop.I need to get married

    ~ Christopher
  • I need prayer against the spirits attacking me trying to get into my head, trying to steal my blessings. I need to get hide from the world and those trying to hold me in captivity. Pray that the Holy Spirit stays with me. I repent of rebuking the blessed virign Mary and being unclean. I am sorry for being angry with the church and sending angry emails. I forgive them and my grandmother Hester for scapegoating me. I pray to be a giver but I need to receive a blessing also:1 corinthians 9:19-23.

    ~ Shalonn
  • Please pray for me that I can stop drinking and start feeling well.

    ~ Michelle
  • My mother Donna likely has breast cancer. She is awaiting biopsy results.

    Please pray that it is not malignant, and that if it is, that it will be easily treated and that she will make a full recovery.

    I love her so much and regret all the pain I’ve caused her. She has been the most shining example of Christ’s love in my life. Please pray that I will receive the grace to never break her loving heart again, and instead make reparations to her and be a son she deserves.

    God bless you.

    ~ Tom
  • Please pray for me , I am feeling very alone. Although I like being alone, I don’t have much help and ended up in the psych ward. I am depressed and need help, but also very exhausted. God bless you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that I find employment and that my interviews that I do receive go well. I’m a struggling single parent that suffers from depression and anxiety. I was named after St. Theresa the little flower. Thank you for your prayers and all your help throughout this journey, words cannot express how much I appreciate it. God Bless!

    ~ Teresa
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Lord, help Giuseppe Conte, Tedros Adhanom and Stefan Löfven deal with the corona virus and other health issues. Lord, help the pope spread Catholicism in the world and help him lead people from sin to Jesus. Amen!

    ~ Hank
  • Grateful to find HOTN on line mass with such an energetic and joyful delivery. Prayers: lifting up my sons and my husband. Father, thank u for your deliverance of us from the bondage, in your timing.
    Bless Denise, Francie, Bernie/Alicia, deacon Norm, Father Bill…all u have put in my path along the way incl The Rock church in Kissemee & more that space can’t accommodate here.
    Ash Wednesday, prompt all to come to The Mass & journey thru Lent to Easter! Blessings to HOTN folk!

    ~ Jody
  • Hi all, Request all of your prayers for me and my family for getting rid of my debts as well for me to get a good job. as now i am unable to support my family.



    ~ cease
  • Please pray for my brother Dennis. He has Down Syndrome, diabetic and now kidney failure. He goes to dialysis 3 days a week for 4 hours each time. I believe in miracles p[lease pray for healing

    ~ MaryPatricia
  • For my son to return to the Church

    ~ Anonymous
  • I am very sick I need God’s divine help.I am shaky,fearful,and find myself snippy at people and I don’t want to sin.I have several life threatening issues that I need God to heal me and give me peace and forgive me for being short with others.

    ~ Sharon
  • I am very sick I need God’s divine help.I am shaky,fearful,and find myself snippy at people and I don’t want to sin.I have several life threatening issues that I need God to heal me and give me peace and forgive me for being short with others.

    ~ Sharon
  • I pray that my girlfriend and I will have a healthy and fulfilling relationship that lasts

    ~ John
  • For my son to return to the Church

    ~ Anonymous
  • Hi
    If you may pray that my friend Steven P returns back to the faith – bring the prodigal back home, he was a church leader before.
    Thanks Steven M.

    ~ Steven
  • I pray for all the ill people in this world.

    I especially pray for my Mom who is in severe pain from her back. Please give her the courage to get thru each day.

    I pray for my family members that suffer in silence but I am also very grateful that I am able to help those in need.

    ~ Susan
  • Healing for myself and Mom. Peace for Lucy and Mary U. Good grades survival for Mary M.

    ~ Sheila
  • Please pray for a young man and employment. Praying all goes well. Thanks

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my son, Ian. He is 5 years old and has pneumonia. Ian is on his second round of antibiotics and is still running a fever. Please ask our Lord Jesus Christ to heal him. Thank you and may God Bless you.

    ~ Abbey
  • Thank you for the lovely Mass. please pray for Erika my sis in law, she has broken her heel while taking care of her two little boys at a party. She also had a miscarriage recently.
    And for our family, my father died suddenly, but was old . He was a real character. Such a good Catholic man. This was about a year ago. also my brother in law died a few years ago at age 52. We won’t know the reason. Possibly a blood clot to the brain. Also a convert to the Faith. Thank you and your blessings. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Help my 15 yr old son heal from pneumonia in the hospital and come home healthy.

    ~ Casimir
  • Please pray for me and my wife. I lost my job and have come into financial hardship… I have started my farrier business and hasn’t been very fruitful will clients… Also, my wife needs a better job to help us be more financially secure also. I am running out of options o trying to save our no e from foreclosure…

    ~ Steve
  • Grandma no cancer , complete cure

    ~ Susan
  • Glory to God! Praise and Thanksgiving!
    Please bless my children with developing a close relationship with you. Also, please bless them with friends who are believers, employment with benefits and a blessed and happy life. I also ask for prayer regarding a special intention for myself this 2020 year. May God cover me and my family. Amen

    ~ S
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • That God restores our relationship and restores our family. That God touches and soften Darby’s heart please let her see how much we need to be a family again and make us stronger than ever before. We have a daughter and one on the way. Please save our family.

    ~ Terris
  • for the conversion of my family, esp of my kids.
    financial help
    spiritual an physical emotional wellbeing.

    ~ Susana
  • Pray brothers and sisters and all priests at Heart of the Nation online for my high blood pressure. It has been high for a few days now. Also continue praying for my severe lower back pain and pain in both my legs front and back…Continue praying for the swelling in lower legs, feet and ankles due to Lymph edema. Pray for my son in law Jamie for his mental problems and his bad hallucinations and nightmares with thoughts of suicide at times…
    Delores J….Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • A good and permanent job for Alex…pain free Suzie….good health and well-being for rage Gabrielian, Nahspetian and Galestian families…God protect Lara, Eric and Christian….from all evil…pray also for our country , the US …..Peace on Earth!

    ~ Suzie.
  • John, Connie, Bill, Wendy, Julie, Sandy, Karen, Pam, Debbie, Greg

    ~ Karen
  • For the students who are trying to make me out to be the villain instead of taking responsibility for their disrespect and for those who are giving them credence, Lord you know who and what I refer to. Thank you Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pls pray for my licentiate defence..and to acquire 95% marks

    ~ Anonymous
  • Prayers needed for my mom Christine Lange. She has been on dialysis for 15 years now and yesterday she fell in the shower and now has broken ribs and a swollen arm. Please pray for healing for my mom. Speedy recovery. Thank you 🙏🏼

    ~ Charmaine
  • Lord father please I’m sending you my intentions for my family will you always protect us and guide us from harm may you please God let my husband come home soon.

    ~ Pamela
  • please pray that I may become a better caregiver for my husband with dementia and Parkinson’s and that God may give me strength and endurance as well as patience with his many tongue lashings. Thank you.

  • Loving Lord, please help me find the right job that allows me to continue my weekly volunteer work. A job that allows me to make a difference but fun to work at. Working with people that share the same values as me. A stress free work environment to keep me cancer free. I ask for your guidance, support & love. I also ask that my husband & children understand the need for this change. May they also support me in this change at this time in my life.

    ~ Debra
  • I am asking for prayers for myself that I will be cured of cancer!

    ~ Jo Anne
  • Prayers needed for my mom Christine Lange. She has been on dialysis for 15 years now and yesterday she fell in the shower and now has broken ribs and a swollen arm. Please pray for healing for my mom. Speedy recovery. Thank you 🙏🏼

    ~ Charmaine
  • I pray that the Lord lets me lose weight that I am having trouble losing and let me become totally healthy.

    ~ Delano
  • I Sallie going to surgery Wednesday February 26th, please pray for me, and please for children and grandchildren and my brother and sisters Amen

    ~ sallie
  • Prayers for my family .
    Since the loss of my husband
    My family is falling apart. Please pray for peace and comfort.

    ~ Alice
  • Richard Murphy
    San Jose Catholic Church
    Jacksonville, Florida

    ~ Marilou
  • For Bill and all who suffer from Dementia.

    ~ William
  • Prayer for my marriage.

    ~ Preston
  • Please God cure me of all my illnesses, bring peace to my heart and the right people into my life. Remove all evil from me. I love you God.
    Thank you.

    ~ Mary (me)
  • Please pray for my Son Jose E Reguero Jr. Who lost his life in a automobile accident on his way to his graduation of State Corrections on 3/11/2019. Please pray for us , his family for the pain we are suffering . For comfort and healing
    Thank you

    ~ JOSE E
  • Help my 15 yr old son heal from pneumonia in the hospital and come home healthy.

    ~ Casimir
  • Please pray for my son, Cameron, to clear up his blurry vision.

    ~ Traci
  • Pray for emotional and spiritual healing for my daughter, that she find and follow the path to wholeness and health. For her our grandson, her son, to develop strength and resilience to get through these difficult times. May they both find strength in our loving God.

    ~ Fran
  • Pray for my family, especially, for the one’s going through health issues . Pray for my mother, may her heart let go of her anger she carries in her heart and mind, pray for her that she be doing good in her health, as well. Pray for my sister and her kids who carry judgement and bitterness in their hearts. Pray for me dear God that I also carry anger in my heart towards people especially for the one’s I feel attacked and judged, my thoughts and words towards them is just full of anger.

    ~ Yolie
  • Dear Trinity Thank you for prayers answered. I’m in need of healing in my family with my sister, Dad, and stepmother, for unity, harmony, love and respect. There is such discord and unlove in my family since my Mom passed in Feb 7, 2001. I have been praying and hoping to heal us all. I need your help Trinity. Please soften the hard hearts and unforgiveness. Please bring them all back to the MASS and confession for healing. I do not know what more to do than pray. I miss my family. AMEN!

    ~ Victoria
  • Hi Please pray I will free from Fear, lust and pride
    Thanks Steven

    ~ Steven
  • Hopefully this time my sadness, pain and hatred will gone
    Hopefully this time will be much lighter
    Hopefully this time I’ll be okay
    Hopefully this time I’ll be alright
    Hopefully this time I’ll achieve my dream goals in life
    Hopefully this time I won’t be fail
    Hopefully this time I’ll have the right opportunity to be successful in life
    Hopefully this time I can do it
    Hopefully this time I’ll be great
    Hopefully this time all of my prayers will come true.

    Thank You Lord

    ~ Jeffrey
  • Dear Heart of the Nation,

    As of today my prayers have and always been with the Catholic Church. That I’m in catechism at my Catholic Church called St. Paul’s Catholic Church that it’s in a small town in Texas. I always go to Mass on Sunday but I keep praying the rosary everyday. I’m asking for prayers for my intentions of marrying Gabriel Lucus Higdon that I’m so in love with this man. That I’m truly devoted to him so much. I couldn’t of gotten a better Catholic Man.

    ~ Tasha
  • Please pray for Noah and Jonah Smith and their family.

    ~ Julie
  • Please include my wife, Cecelia, and our daughter, Amy, in prayers as they recuperate from breast cancer surgery.

    Thanks you.

    ~ Willard

    ~ Lidia
  • Please pray for me. I am blessed that I don’t have to worry about money in general. I thank God and my father and grandpa and family for this too. I do need some help , it is a tall order … I would like for someone to come to my house and help me organize. Or maybe something like that. I am really not interested in being social but I enjoy being in church. I am hoping this time of severe suicidal thought will fade…. it has been over a year…. thank you

    ~ Anonymous
  • For conversions please…

    ~ Mike
  • Dear Brother/Sister,

    As per my Previews prayer request for my alliance issue ,

    Jesus really did Great thing and did a miracle in my life.

    JESUS fixed me to a Good and GOD loved one.

    Thanks for your prayer for me, My alliance was successfully fixed by a GOD love and aim of doing God’s work person.

    I really like to marriage him because of loving JESUS as per me.

    Please pray for my marriage (C PRADEEPA vs P SELVENDHIRAN )

    Please pray for marriage without happening any bar

    ~ pradeepa
  • My health, my finances, my addiction to buying .

  • For the restoration of my sons marriage.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For peace and unity in Nigeria.

    ~ Anthony
  • Praying for restoration in our broken engagement. Our wedding is April 18, 2020. We need a miracle, soon. Thankful we serve a way making, miracle working, God. I know nothing is impossible for Jesus! Praying for the Holy Spirit to move my fiancé, Cody’s, heart back towards me, today. Please pray with me, please!

    ~ Anna
  • I don’t know if I can take it anymore. I am thinking about ending my life. I don’t understand why. Please pray for me. I know this doesn’t make sense.

    ~ Theresa
  • I humbly ask for prayers for protection for my family as we carry our crosses through our trials and tribulations. Although we are weary, our faith in God will not seize. Please pray for us.

    Prayers to all of you who have posted. I pray to God that he touches your lives for a better tomorrow.

    ~ Lisa
  • Please pray that GOD will help my fiancee, Debra Aaron, to be able to get food and and water and shelter. Her relatives dumped her in Lagos, Nigeria with zero money. They dumped her there because she committed a sin against them. I do try to send her money but most of it is stolen because it reaches her. She really needs GOD’s help or she will die because of starvation from lack of food.


    ~ Rondee
  • Dear Lord, Have mercy on us, all of us are sinners. Please, Lord, take this virus from us. Heal those already affected and protect those not yet. I recognize your warning. Let others do so, too. Please let this be a wake-up call to all that we need to live better. Be better. Please don’t take it any further. I, for one, hear you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Hello my name is alpntaye Hodges I was looking to have a pray in faith about love and different income classes based upon good judgement capability skills love and ideas to help others think better…if u could refer to me with an idea I’d greatfully appreciate it

    ~ Alontaye
  • Father, I come to you in PRAYER & asking you for a BLESSING for my Godson Pedro & my Goddaughter Deysi, PLEASE BLESS them to sale their home that is in another country. BLESS them with FAVOR, and PLEASE BLESS Deysi to win her case in small claims court on March 16th. A gentleman did her and her husband wrong. BLESS her to recover ALL her loses in JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN & AMEN>


    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear Father, I ask you & BEG you PLEASE again to PLEASE BLESS my attorney Mr. Matthew to release my settlement. He refuses to call me back and I beg & cry out to you to PLEASE PLEASE release my settlement I need it to survive & live on. PLEASE in JESUS NAME AMEN & AMEN & AMEN. Thank you I love you AMEN…


    ~ Ophelia
  • My daughters leg has been very painful to her at times. She did not injure it. I pray that there is nothing seriously wrong with her. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the souls of humanity, especially celebrities of all kinds.

    ~ Anonymous
  • We pray that Melissa Ellerbrook in Niles, MI can find a match for a bone marrow transplant quickly as she is running out of time and also needs money for medical and household bills for her , husband and their 4 children. Bethematch.org

    ~ Maria
  • I am early on in pregnancy and the doctor told me yesterday that the baby has stopped growing and wanted to give me medicine to induce a miscarriage. But I called another doctor about results and this doctor seems to think there may be hope. Please pray that my baby will be okay. I’m heartbroken and I want a miracle to happen at my doctor appointment tomorrow.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that Trinity Catholic High School in Stamford, CT remain open and be transformed.

    ~ Tricia
  • Please pray that I find a job soon. I am a transcriptionist of 20 plus years. It’s been so hard and challenging for the past 2 years.

    Please keep my husband Rey in your prayers as he travels via flying and driving quite a lot for his job.

    Praying for my nephew Andrew who is now 18. He will be graduating this June from high school.

    ~ Gail
  • Please pray for my family to find a nice home to rent as soon as possible.

    ~ Hasia
  • Lord, help Denmark deal with the corona virus. Amen!

    ~ Hank the sinner
  • I am asking for prayers for my husband. Tomorrow we have court. Please pray he doesnt receive any jail/prison time. The case is all my fault and he had nothing to do with it. I don’t care what happens to me. I just dont want him to have to pay for my mistakes.

    ~ Sandra
  • Please pray for my children. Thank you

    ~ Robert
  • Please offer your prayers for Stephen for continued success in his treatment for lymphoma. Unfortunately he has met other obstacles in his journey which have jeopardized the well-being of his mental health. I would ask for prayer support for control of his depression and anxiety as well as positive news at each of his dr appointments that lie ahead and the elimination of negative obstacles. Amen

    ~ Claudia
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • For the Intentions of Dr. Renata Leong and for the Sanctification of her soul and special protection jn her profession and special care from Our Lord to her family

    ~ Maria
  • For my aunt who found out she has an esophageal tumor.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation. It said that The Prodigal Son came to himself and returned to the Father’s House. Pray God to give Eric the grace to come to himself, turn to Jesus, repent, and be saved. May he find grace, mercy, and forgiveness in the Crucified Saviour and New Life through the Resurrected Saviour.

    ~ Alfred
  • Please pray for Wayne’s sobriety & return to fellowship.

    ~ Karen
  • Granddaughter in the hospital at Children’s hospital in Cincinnati Ohio.

    ~ Margaret
  • God’s grace for my lung cancer

    ~ Dennis
  • Please pray that my son and his wife take the steps necessary to have their marriage blessed in the Church. And that my son, (who was raised Catholic, but has stopped going to church) will find his way back to full communion with God and the Catholic Church. And that my DIL might find the love of God in her heart and ask for salvation (Baptism).

    ~ Shirley
  • I will strengthen my faith by daily prayers and ask God to help me get through my present difficulties which includes helping those around me🙏

    ~ Joyce
  • Pray for me and others who are experiencing paralysis. Thank you, and may the Holy Trinity be with us all.

    ~ Al
  • Pray for the repose of the soul of my deceased spouse, Aldo DeLuca

  • Please pray for peace with my family
    God Bless

    ~ Annette
  • Please pray for my husband Chris as he has Myasthenia Gravis
    Please pray for his healing
    Thank you
    God Bless

    ~ Annette
  • For my son and daughter-in-law to conceive carry full-term deliver a healthy normal baby to take home and raise and be a family with thank you amen

    ~ Linda
  • The last eight years of my life have been really tough. Spiritually mentally emotionally and physically, financially I need a big change. A metamorphosis like a caterpillar turnsinto a beautiful butterfly. Please ask God to come into my life and bring about a big change that will help me become a much happier person. Please ask Him to bring my children back to Christ. To let me becoming a working member of society and to have new and good friendships. I really need a big change in my lifestyle.

    ~ Kimberly
  • Dear God, we’ve been SO SICK, coughing, throwing up, runs, detox, weakness, no sleep, sick…PLEASE JESUS, CURE US…PLEASE…it’s been more than 2 weeks..we are exhausted. Scared, begging for Your mercy. Please Lord, cure us, Please.
    And bladders and infections too.
    Please Heal us. Please. We love You. We need a You.
    Please .Amen

    ~ Gail
  • Please pray for my step dad’s heart to soften so my mom can have a room and be healthy happy and safe

    ~ Thomas
  • I return to ask you pray the Holy Spirit causes my ex wife April to seek the restoration of our marriage

    ~ Thomas
  • I ask for prayers for my hair to grow thick and strong and my toe to heal

    ~ John
  • For a good Christian man to love. I feel like I am a burden to those I love and who love me…. I have social anxiety ( I don’t need to be cured of this ) but it interferes with me going out of the house. I am thankful that it is better… I am searching for practical help …. and or someone to go with me to places . I don’t mind being alone for the most part, but am behind the world. For example I don’t own a computer or a cell smart phone . Ant one who can help me is fine. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Healing for Brian Joseph antoinieta yeye Michelle myself from psoriasis skin problems healing for all at home I pray Joseph antoinieta yeye will walk well soon, for fulltime work soon for a second job close by I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put him in jail 3times and I Anne bailed him out I pray Carlos calls me immediately

    ~ Anne
  • By Your Mercy God And By The Grace of Mary. I Pray Unto Jesus My Lord And Savior To Tell You I Love You With All My Heart.
    I Don’t Deserve Anything But I Will Give Great Effort To Get To Scotland And When I Do I Need Your Assistance To Keep Me There For 6 Years So I Can Become A Permanent Citizen With My 2 Kids.
    I Will Continue To Remain Disciplined, Obedient, And Submissive As Your Humble Servant if You Allow Us To Be Safe And Happy With Our Friends In Scotland. By The Blood of Jesus. Amen.

    ~ Sharee
  • Please pray for my daughter (JL) that she will return to her faith and marry a good Christian man who will love, honor and cherish her, this year (2020). Amen!

    ~ Sheri
  • For someone to feel comfortable with me and also for someone to help me with acts of service. Thank you HOTN . Thank you Lord… I made it through this week.Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for Meredith. Please pray for my health. Please pray for my speedy recovery. Please pray I feel better today. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Please pray for my brother. He had cologuard test and may have colon cancer. Lord please heal my brother. Please pray that my husbands physical is clear. Please pray that my health and finances improve. I am very nervous person thank you

    ~ Mary
  • I would like to request a prayer to overcome all of my enemies, reunite with my son and his brother (without his abusive father), cure my illness, to get out of poverty, and fulfill the promise of marriage God instilled in me on 09/27/2019.

    ~ Adriana
  • Please pray for my dear bother Joseph so that God could heal him physically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. He just lost his twin brother and is now very depressed. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank you.

    ~ Diep
  • Please pray my step father’s heart softens so that my mom can have her own healthy happy safe room.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray the Holy Spirit works deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to cause her to seek the restoration of our marriage

    ~ Thomas
  • Thank you for praying for me. It turns out that my adoptive dad was doing injalant drugs, and became very childish. He thought making me homeless was the proper thing to do, misinterpreting scripture. His parents are allowong me to stay with them, as he is out of town.

    We must, thank Our Lord, that they did not deny the faith! Just were as kids.

    May you please pray for divine Providence to show him, and his parents how to perform this corporeal act of mercy, to shelter the shelterless?

    ~ Matthew
  • Pray that God heals my mind, my heart, my body. Please pray he forgives my behavior and my choices. Please pray the people around me don’t mistake my strange behavior for who I am. Please show them light, and the love I carry for everyone in my life. Please pray that I am blessed with Jesus’s strength, beauty and grace. That I become a stronger, better and happier person. That I grow and accept and receive knowledge. That I remain in good health.

    ~ Davina
  • God Please pray for me (Kathleen Z.)to find my papers for Credit Human(January Receipt & Statement(where it reads all my charges) &July Receipt only & October Statement only(same as January,. .
    Please pray for my emotional health, because of this problem.
    Please pray for my mom(Beatrice Z.) because she is sleeping too much, sometimes not eating right.
    Thanks Kathleen

    ~ Kathleen
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • Dear Lord, Thank you for all the blessings you give me every day. I pray that you will keep me safe and heal my mouth and ear soon. Please continue to protect me and keep me safe. And please help my neighbors who are recovering fro illness, Janet and Carol. Give them strength and healing so that each can come back home again. Thank you for hearing my prayers.

    ~ Patricia
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • I pray my toe will heal now and my hair will grow back thick and strong and healthy

    ~ John
  • Please pray for my son Daniel

    ~ Robert
  • Please pray for my brother. his cologuard test was positive for cancer. He is afraid to get the colonoscopy. Please pray for my husbands physical. Please pray for me I have a nervous disorder. Thank you

    ~ Mary
  • For my sister, Kelly Baker, who is undergoing a very intensive surgery today. Pray the God’s healing hand guides the surgeons and brings her through without any complications.

    ~ Maureen
  • Please pray for the reconciliation of Kelli Toal and Matt Thomas. In Jesus name, Amen.

    ~ Matt
  • Thank you for asking me to pray for me. Financially I don’t have enough money to pay all my bills. Kelly has money that is mine, she just lied to me about me not having money. This was a lie. There is nothing I can do, except continue to beg her to do right by me. She truly likes for me to beg her for my own money. Many times I have prayed begging for God’s intercession. I don’t know why he doesn’t answer my prayer. I believe there must be a reason to protect me or God would answer. Thank you

    ~ Lisa
  • My husband lost his job six months. We have two kids 12 and 17. Their education will be tough if we are unable to pay their tuition fees in March. Dear Lord, you know everything and your plans for us are far more better than ours. Only your miracle is save us. help us Lord.

    ~ Mini
  • Thank you Lord for all the help you gave me this week. My daughter finally got the car she was granted in her divorce. My friend Pat I had to take to the ER but is doing well now. Thank you again for all your love and caring. Bless my friends and relatives.

    ~ Jan
  • May you, please, pray I may find a place to stay? My adoptive family has denied the faith, and will not let me stay in one of their extra bedrooms. It is getting bitter cold and I need divine help. I have a change of clothes, catechism, prayer reaources, and a couple books. Please, pray for me.

    ~ Matthew
  • For a friend to help me. I feel very uncomfortable around people. I am a college grad. but I have social anxiety disorder.
    I have a lot of shame and hope to find a friend. I am like an adult child in many ways. But thank you God for your love and for the Church. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for myself my husband our two kids proctect our peace and our faith our marraige our health and home ,A prayer for good health for my baby boy..I do ask for strong protection against the demons and evil spirits who cause our neighbors to do and say evil to us stop them from causing drama and trouble against us we are under attack I just want to live in peace and bring my kids up happily and safe I pray for good neighbors please Lord protect us and our kids from all bullies amen

    ~ Maggie
  • Please Almighty Lord, Stop the destruction and abuse of my family due to generational addiction, adultery, mental illness. Enlighten Friedman about Chiari 1 neurological brain injury. Heal for Michael and free him from erroneous criminal charges due to his Dad’s lying and hiding the truth.

    ~ Helena
  • Thank you Lord for all your graces, blessings and all the days of my life. Walking
    in your word and truth. Amen 🙏 💗
    My adult children
    My beautiful/healthy granddaughter
    Resolution SS Disability
    Resolution Florida Bar grievance case
    Resolution Hertz
    Resolution Citibank
    Resolution AAA
    Resolution Toyota Camry until
    mechanic fraud is resolved.
    Resolution second auto damages claim
    Resolution State Farm claim Nissan Altima
    Resolution Slip Fall case
    Leaving homelessness into a miracle home ownership.

    ~ Desery
  • For my mom, Yoselin, that she may make decisions in wisdom and not out of fear. That she may know God’s will for her and her family.

    ~ Lindsay
  • Prayers for health
    Lauren M
    Tony C
    Bill M
    Jim M

    ~ Glo
  • Please pray for Bill. He had hip surgery and has neuropathy in feet. Please pray for a complete recovery. Thank you

    ~ Glo
  • Pray That My Home Life Health Will Be Blessed By The Lord That I Will Call Upon The Name Of Mary Pray The Rosary Constantly Keep The Ten Commandments Sincerely Confess My Sins Overcome Wicked Persons Peer Pressure That I Will Not Grow Discouraged But Rejoice Take Joy In The Law Of The Lord And Act Righteously Poor Souls In Purgatory End To Abortion Drug Addiction Alcoholism

    ~ Joseph
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Raymond Walker

    ~ Karen
  • [ ] So I had 2 weeks of no work because of a bad tooth infection leading to extraction last week, and no work available this week (the company). The job I currently have I don’t get paid if I don’t work, and my wife and I are currently behind on the rent, phone bill, light bill, and all our bills and we heavily rely on my income. We need God’s mercy and provision asap! Please pray for us to receive a financial miracle/ breakthrough/ blessing because we’re need it soon in Jesus name. Amen

    ~ anonymous
  • Please pray for me for the following intentions:
    1) for my daughter, Nataline Asha to be blessed with a suitable and stable job urgently.
    2) for my husband, help him to be freed from his debts and to live a debt-free life. Bless him with financial freedom and financial security.
    Waiting with hope for my requests to be granted.
    Thank you.

    ~ Theresa
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we sleep peacefully thruout the night and receive much needed rest. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • For the souls of Caroline Flack and Jen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray as I am struggling mentally and emotionally with the burdens that have been brought upon me. Please pray that I am able to keep my job and provide for my child. That I can get through and overcome my court hearing with the strength of God.

    ~ Laura
  • Thank you for your prayers. God bless you. Please pray for a good man for me and for good friends that won’t judge me… or criticize me .
    Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For Light in the Darkness Inc.

    ~ Anthony
  • I want to pray for all the military people here in Fort Carson; who suffer from addictions, and who are being mistreated, just for worshiping christ.

    ~ Vicente
  • Please pray for my father Brian Kinnear undergoing medical testing this week!

    ~ Kara
  • Pray for the soul of my brother Nicolas Velasquez who died on 2-18-19, one year from today.

    ~ Robert
  • Please pray for my son Daniel. Thank you

    ~ Robert
  • Please pray for my 56yr old Christian friend Alexis R. Quinones. Please pray for him to give him the strength and graces necessary to deal with the issues in his soul and for the willingness and obedience to do his soul work to heal and be made fully whole soul again. I’m very concerned about his soul as he’s hurting a lot of woman with his actions. He’s gone through three former wives and divorced and has had four children with four different mothers and several long term relationships

    ~ Jennifer
  • God bless you. I am a transitory deacon. I am currently going through a very difficult stage in my ministry, which could affect my future priestly ordination. I need light and strength. Please, I beg you, pray for me. A big hug for you, and may God give it back in holy grace and blessings for you

    ~ Javier
  • Lord, help six people in Stockholm who might have the corona virus.
    Lord, help Per Follin deal with this and help the chinese stop having their sick unhealthy animal markets. Help the chinese wake up and see reality as it is. Amen!

    ~ Hank
  • That we at Light in the Darkness will have a date to serve and distribute Mercy Bags at the capuchin soup kitchen as soon as possible.

    ~ Anthony
  • Please pray for my son Daniel.

    ~ Robert
  • Seeking prayer for mental and physical illness. Severe digestion and neck,back,hands job injuries. Keep love for my wife and teen son.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Prayers are requested for healing from liver disease for myself.

    ~ Rosanne
  • For Judy wiedbusch That she will have a guardian angel and stress relief and great graces.
    Patricia Raymond that she will have a guardian angel, grace of a happy death, And great graces.
    Maryanne berdin that she will have a guardian angel, stress relief and great graces, and grace of a happy death

    ~ Anthony
  • Pray for me. The public assistance discontinued my cash benefits and I am disabled and can’t work. Please pray for my finances that my benefits are reinstated.

    ~ Regina
  • Great Grandma Cu, cure from cancer. Miracle. Much love on suffering

    ~ Susan
  • For fulltime work for myself soon for a second job close by healing for Brian antoinieta Joseph yeye Michelle myself all at home I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put him in jail 3times and I Anne bailed him out I pray Carlos calls me immediately and comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray lines of communication open

    ~ Anne
  • Dear All Friends in Jesus Christ, please pray for my son Ryan George(5Yr) who is undergoing the treatment for Autism disorder.

    Please consider all other kids and their parents who are struggling with this kind of issue.

    Thanks in advance and God bless you.

    Gino George

    ~ Gino
  • Please pray for my hands, back and knees to be healed – Joe’s kidneys, back and knees to be healed as well as our finances in Jesus name we ask, Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • For my daughter Linda she is waiting for her nursing applications to be approved so she can take her state test to become a registered nurse. I pray she succeed with all she is going to be a wonderful nurse. Please pray for her.

    ~ Terry
  • Please God, let me get approved for my SSI/SSDI, this time around

    ~ William
  • Pray that God heals my mind, my heart, and my body, that he blesses me with his strength, grace, and his beauty. Pray that he surrounds me with positivity and his blessings. Pray that he blesses me with the ability to find a home, he sends one of his children to deliver this opportunity. Please pray that chaos and negativity in my life goes numb by God’s presence in my life. Please pray that family grows understanding of one and another, that we remain financially stable and emotionally stable.

    ~ Davina
  • Please pray for my nephew, Stuart who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in March 2018. He is receiving radiation treatments. His wife’s name is Janet and she is my sister’s daughter who was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of triple negative breast cancer. Please pray that if it is God’s design, that they will both be cured of cancer and live a long fulfilling life. God Bless you and thank you for your prayers . In Jesus’ name. Amen

    ~ MaryAnn
  • Please pray for my niece, Janet who will begin intense chemotherapy treatments on February 18th. She has aggressive, triple negative breast cancer and these treatments will end in May. Please pray for her to have the strength and the resolve to endure the treatments and that she will feel good after each treatment. Please pray that God will bless her with a long, fulfilling life. God Bless you and thank you for your prayers, Jesus’ name. Amen

    ~ MaryAnn
  • [ ] just had an infected tooth extracted and biopsy. Pray for me for swift healing from swelling any infection and for the biopsy results to be disease free in Jesus name amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • I have an upcoming court date March 3rd that has really been taking a toll on me😪 I pray, and please pray with me that all goes well this day and I can be done with this unfortunate ordeal. Thank you❤️🙏🏼

    ~ Stella
  • Please pray for me to be healed from Hepatitis C. I am a psych nurse and somehow I contracted the disease from my patients. I have insurance, but the medication costs $25,000-$75,000.
    Please remember my son Connor in your prayers. He had a large brain tumor removed two years ago. We are praying he remains tumor free.
    Thank you for your prayers. God bless you!

    ~ Jamie
  • Healing for friends and relatives that are ill from heart disease, Parkinson’s, cancer, epilepsy and addiction.

    ~ Maureen
  • For physical and emotional healing for myself.

    ~ Rachel
  • For the mental and physical health of my 96 year old Mom…(almost 97 on March 21)…
    that God enclose her in His Loving arms….and give her strength and grace during her last days with us !

    ~ Joanne
  • That David be healed from lung cancer.
    Guide my grandchildren—Olivia and Paul through their studies especially Paul

    ~ Cynthia
  • For health of body mind and spirit. Healing of the prostate,
    Healing and guidence in relationships and work. Also for my mom healing of the legs back and throat, also for my family and friends. Thank you!

    ~ Jimmy
  • Peace and love in our families and nation.

    ~ Joanna
  • I’m praying for a good job so I can support my family and not end up losing our house.

    ~ David
  • For all the souls in heaven, on earth, and in purgatory.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my son and daughter in law to conceive and take home a healthy, full term baby. They have lost to many, they just want a family, their last loss, a beautiful baby girl at Christmas was devastating. Please God, just this once, give them a child. Thank you very much

    ~ Linda
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we sleep peacefully thruout the night. Please pray for the healing of his lower back. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Kevin. Jim, Julie. Graham, Rick, Sean, Pat, Pam, Roy and Mary Ellen: please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • Help families with addicted members. Especially for the
    Bernacki and Gore’s . That I will fully recover from my stroke and this country

    ~ Patricia
  • I really need prayers for financial assistance to pay for fees.I am praying that student loan pay for my fees in due time at University of limpopo

    ~ Thoriso
  • I am on the verge of losing my house Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Elma, who recovered from cancer last year, is having stomach/internal organs pains. I pray for a full and speedy recovery

    ~ Elma
  • I am praying for getting my first high ticket paying client. I haven’t had consistent income since 2016

    ~ freddy
  • My investigation committee report is not in my back. Which is to be heard. i am 52 years old.I am very upset and frustrated. Because of this my job will be finished. I feel like committing suicide. But I believe in Jesus. Pray for me that I may get success. Otherwise, my ministry of testimony will be all over. I can not show my face to anyone. Fasting needs prayer

    ~ Rajesh
  • Dear Jesus, i entrust all my joys and sufferings to Your Divine heart, through the mama Mary’s intercession. In Jesus name Amen.

    ~ Atem
  • I ask for God’s protection and that whoever is coming into my apartment will stop coming in when I’m out. I pray that I can continue living here without harassment and that Our Lord will show me how to handle this.

    ~ Karen
  • I am sorry for what I have done and what I have not done. I am sorry if I have done mean things to anyone and I forgive everyone who has hurt me.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please lord I know this will sound small but our toilet is clogged and I am afraid if my husband can’t fix it our landlord will throw us out. Please God, please let the plunger work. We can not afford to move out. Please God. Amen

    ~ Jen
  • Prayers for strength and grace for Maria Rubio and Vladimiro Monforte. He has mental health issues and needs healing of mind, body and spirit. Guide and and protect each one as they seek you in this challenge they face. Heal and protect them and Santiago, Sophia and Lucia Monforte. All in your glory we pray in your precious name sweet Jesus. This is our prayer. Your will be done heavenly father.

    ~ Maria De Jesus
  • I pray for the little South Carolina girl whom was recently found and her family. I pray she is in God’s loving, peaceful arms and that she was not in pain. I pray for her family and loved ones that they find peace. I pray for justice and that ALL guilty parties come forth, be honest and take accountability. I pray the devil is wiped from this Earth! I pray that all find Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit! AMEN

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray for our dear friends as they embark on the journey of separation and ultimately, divorce. I pray that each of them find the Holy Spirit and Jesus in their hearts and in their lives. I pray their journeys are one of honesty, reflection and peace. Amen.

    ~ G
  • I’m having muscle spasms again. Can you lift up some healing prayers for me? Thank you!

    ~ LESLEY
  • Please pray for our daughter who is suffering so much and wants to die. Help her with your prayers we are so lost

    ~ Dorothy
  • Please pray for me to do Gods will and for me to receive the holy spirit. Also pray God and Jesus to protect my children elijah and abigail and all the children. Thank you. Amen.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for my best friend Fahd he is Homeless and without income He Needs Gods help direction and Protection thanks So far my prayers have not been answered thanks

    ~ Michael
  • I am on the verge of losing my house Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t lose it and become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Dear lord Jesus please show me how to be a good and blessed wife and mother

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for our son who has autism and severe anxiety and depression and feeling extremely discouraged and experiencing very high levels of anxiety and intrusive negative thoughts.
    He is very unhappy. We are feeling desperate. Nothing seems to be helping.

    ~ Larger
  • Healing for Geris eyes & Henrys autism

    ~ Geri
  • Please Pray for me I have court tomorrow. Im being accused of something I didn’t Do! I ask that you pray that my lawyer fights the good fight for me! An i have favor with the Judge of that day . may no weapons formed against me shell Prosper . In Jesus name Amen

    ~ Jesse
  • Please pray for Linda & Robert Parker that they may have healing and comfort from severe pain. May they also have healing and relief from other medical conditions & help in paying all the medical bills associated with them.

    ~ Jacqueline
  • Pray for God to give me a wife this year 2020. Pray that God gives me revelation of who the one is and makes it happen. Pray if Jen is the one that God puts love in her heart for me and he makes this happen. Pray she becomes my wife this year if she is the chosen one for my wife.

    ~ James
  • Please pray for Kyle. He’s homeless and on drugs. I pray for his conversion,healing and deliverance. I pray for conversion and healing for Jason, Sarah, Sofia,Scarlett, Peter, Maria, Zenaida, Kwyn,Katy Kyra, Gabe, Nicole, Alan, Margaret, Diane, Dennis, Jeannie, Ashley and boyfriend. I ask for healing for Antonio, Sr. Joan, Jeanne, Josephine, Iris, Carol, Sr. Clare, Clare,Dee ,Fr. George, and myself.

    ~ Karen
  • Please intercede that we are both bound together with chords of love leaving all and every and cleaving only to ourselves.That we continue to love each other and express it in action.

    ~ Bindu
  • To find someone who speaks my acts of service love language. I know it is not a Catholic book but I really want that in a Catholic man…. or even a few friends. Very few. I do love Jesus … I just would like someone to say is there anything I can do and for me to be able to accept that. Also I know I have to love back and I could use words of affirmation. I also like to help others. But I have severe social anxiety. Thank you also for your prayers….

    ~ Anonymous
  • Thank you Lord for all your blessings. Please continue to watch over and protect my family, friends and neighbors. You have blessed me so much. Thank you for changing my grandsons ADD by getting him the help he needs. Praise you oh Lord.

    ~ Jan
  • Please continue to pray for defiant rebellious son Alroyd jobless now and then and secretly married without me his father and late wife his mother Aveena’s consent who died of shock and suddenly left Catholic faith converted to Islam wife Moslem Shaista residing with them 3 gal kids and giving me and daughter his sister endless trouble since 15 years and threatening me of legal action against me over property, having already filed a suit against me daughter and 2 others over a property

    ~ Julian
  • Lifting my brother, Lupe Jr., in prayer for his drug addiction to meth. I pray that he turns his life over to God…that he surrenders to our Lord. That the people that he surrounds himself are healthy and those that are not, to please Lord, remove them from his life. That he realizes that You are his answer. He’s such wonderful man to let the devil, evil spirit dictate him. God, you are almighty and he is your child. God, please protect him with your love with all your angels.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Jesus, help the scout leader Steve, Mark Rumble, Li Keqiang, Tedros Adhanom do the examination of conscience. Jesus, also help them see the truth about corona virus and other health issues. Amen!!!

    ~ Hank
  • For peace and religious unity in the world. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community. For the Pope and all Catholics. For our family and near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. That we may go to Heaven when we die. For success in work and studies. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the good health of her son and parents. For the souls of our dear departed. Thanksgiving for favours received.

    ~ Lloyd
  • Recovery from the flu and traveling protection and new strength to work

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my son Daniel. Thank you

    ~ Robert
  • I have been praying for the restoration of my marriage to my ex wife April. Please pray it happens and I be given strength to wait

    ~ Thomas
  • I interviewed today for custodian. Please pray I’m hired. I need work desperately. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for the conversion of my soul and true contrition. A divine mercy chaplet would be appreciated.

    ~ Nick
  • PLZ pray now for my friend who is going through difficult miscarriage. She’s asked we pray that the labor pains are eased and all tissues from birth are released quickly; smoothly and that she doesn’t have a great deal of bleeding. Plz pray she doesn’t have to go to hospital and that it happens tonight.
    She does not want to go to the hospital . Her husband is out of town/doesn’t know yet. Her mother (a nurse) is w/her but will be leaving tomorrow morning. She said she needs things to go quick

    ~ Anon
  • we recently found out that we are expecting our third child, however today I started experiencing some bleeding. I pray that this is a normal part of the process and not anything more serious. I pray that God protect our baby and allow him or her to grow and thrive. Amen.

    ~ Caitlin
  • Dear God, we’ll keep our faith. I promise I do want my siblings to need to get back on the feet soon.

    ~ Larry
  • I am on the verge of losing my house Please Pray so I don’t lose it and become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Jesus, help Region Kronoberg deal with the corona virus and other health issues. Help them do the examenination of conscience and form their consciences in a good Christian way. Amen!

    ~ Hank
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray his workday goes smoothly and efficiently today. Please pray for the healing of his lower back. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Pray for coronavirus get under control

    ~ Cecilia
  • Please pray for me. Tomorrow, I have a meeting with the principal of my school. He recommended that I have a representative because it might lead to disciplinary action. I do have a union representative who will be there. Please pray for God’s guidance, direction, wisdom, protection, and “the peace that transcends understanding, will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.” I am concerned. Help me to know how to respond. I am thankful to God and to you for praying for me. Take care.

    ~ Rosalyn
  • For the healing of Mercedes Vera and the conversion of Maribelle Mendez

    ~ Christian
  • Please pray for healing over me. I’ve been sick for over a week with bronchitis and sinusitis. On my second antibiotic. Please God heal me. In Jesus’s name I pray. I also ask for prayers that my unemployment will be able to continue. Please God hear my prayers. In Jesus’s name I pray. Praise Be To God. Glory Be To God. Thanks Be To God. Amen

    ~ Debra
  • Bless Peter with a local, stable and professionally/financially satisfied job and give him the grace to know the Love of Jesus.

    ~ Gerard
  • I need prayer for deliverance and God’s full protection over me.

    ~ Stephen
  • Please pray for Cynthia that the baby she has in her womb is viable and she has a normal pregnancy with health and blessings for mom and baby. She has a previous stillborn and they have fertility issues so praying this pregnancy is successful. Thanks Amen

    ~ Roxana
  • Please pray that I will pass the Medical Surgery major exam tomorrow Tuesday, 8:30am EST for the Nursing program. Thank you so much!

    ~ Gwen
  • I am on the verge of losing my house Please Pray so I don’t lose it and become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • We are going through financial worries and debt please pray for us

    ~ Sarah
  • please allow the bank to work with my daughter to keep her car and accept her payments

    ~ Kathleen
  • Dear Lord, I need to continue the Study Texas Driver Handbook for now. I flunk my writing test in 17 years.

    ~ Larry
  • I’ve learn my lesson !!! Spitting to MmMyself !!!!! I divorced my husband as when my marriage was on rocks… Gokul came in to my life and giving me too much of love and hopes & after I divorced my husband with great pain with half hearted, Gokul left me.

  • For someone to rescue me. I am in so much pain and think about suicide. I need practical help. I feel terrible for asking for prayers because I have enough money and good health, physically. But I have no friends. I am thankful for my mother, I hope I haven’t worn her out. I am an adult lady with mental health issues. I have prayed to many saints and I love God. I don’t know if I can take day to day much longer. I am so very lonely. I ask for practical help and someone to do things with me.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family

    ~ Philip
  • For the complete recovery of my mother, Barbara Colin, from her stroke.

    ~ harry
  • Please pray for my uncle Carl who died 3 days ago in his sleep. He wasn’t a Catholic, or even a Christian, but his wife who is Catholic has I believe suffered for him through having Alzheimer’s for many years. I pray that he be granted the gift of repentance.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for mike and Amanda’s marriage. He’s been giving me the silent treatment for a week and he keeps leaving the room whenever I enter. This is making life very hard.

    ~ Amanda
  • Please pray or Robert business that it will be busy and profitable. Please pray for God’s abundant graces and blessings on our family and pray that we will be open to them. Silence, confuse and humble all my enemies. Thank you

    ~ Shelley
  • My prayer intentions:

    1. HEALING – for this neuropathy/numbness, tingling in feet, legs, arms, fingers. I would like some answers to the cause as I go to appts. as well as TOTAL HEALING!!!!

    2. HEALING – for my dear friend Lina with metastatic breast cancer.


    ~ Denise
  • Thank you everyone for your prayers. Praying for continuous prayers and blessings! Amen

    ~ Georgina
  • Please pray for the complete healing of my brother and also for the strength and peace to endure the process with complete trust in Jesus’s love and Providence. Thanks.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I need work desperately. I have another interview Tuesday. Please pray I get hired. Thanks

    ~ Thomas
  • My son has a terrible addiction.
    He desperately needs prayers to overcome this terrible addiction or he might lose his children.

    ~ Barbara
  • I need prayers for my severe lower back pain and both of my legs especially the upper part of my back of my legs caused from osteoarthritis and Lymph edema in my legs. The pain is so unbearable at times….Pray also for my high blood pressure to stay normal.. Pray for my daughter, son in law and their dog’s health and safety. May God Bless each of you..
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Dale has pancreatic cancer stage IV. Please, Lord, extend his life with as little pain as possible. Thank you for being by our side these past 3 weeks since Dale was diagnosed.

    ~ Dale
  • We pray that my hands, knees and back can be healed and that Joe’s kidneys, knees and back can be healed as well as out finances in Jesus name we ask, Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray that God break the dominion of pride and self righteousness in the one I love and bind us with unbreakable bonds of love, separating from all else and cleaving to only one another

    ~ Bindu
  • We desperately need prayer for our parents, they are in a financial crisis, their business dignity4you.co.za is not doing, their sales are down and to make matters worse the house they’ve been trying to sell has not sold for over 2 years and they are left with no choice but to cut the asking price even more to 50% below market price, it’s been a nightmare they moved out and are renting it out but they still not making ends meet. Please we have fasted and prayed as a family but nothing has happened

    ~ Christi
  • Please pray for healing and patience after my leg injuries. Thank you,

    ~ Patricia
  • Please beseach the Lord to ease my sister, Marilyn Graham.She suffers from degenerative spinal discs and is in horrendous pain. I pray to the Lord. Dolores Machtolff

    ~ Dolores
  • To pray for me and my house.

    ~ Elizabeth
  • Repose of the soul of Clint Estep and his family
    Peace, comfort and healing of Margie O’Connor and her family

    ~ Kim
  • I pray for my daughter and son in law to be blessed with continued success in their careers and be successful, through the Lord’s blessings, to be able to conceive and deliver a healthy child.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I would like prayers for my son and his family for financial need and housing repair, also for my daughter that she has a finding for a good relationship and job with financial independence, as well as for myself for finding a job and financial independence. Health for all Calistri family.

    ~ Darlene
  • Please pray for all my family, friends and myself to keep us all safe, happy, healthy, disease and cancer free. Keep our faith in God strong and our lives in the direction of God. Amen.

    ~ Julianne
  • For world peace. For my family, immediate and extended. For those who feel that they are better then others.
    For my mother that she may remain in good health and that when our Heavenly Father decides that it’s time to call her home, that she will be escorted by our dear Lady. In Jesus Name we pray, AMEN.

    ~ John
  • Please pray for my brother Mike who is battling cancer, my brother Kevin who is partially blind in one eye, my son in law Kyle who may have cancer in one eye and my two daughters who are struggling with their former spouses due to divorce and separation. Please pray for their former spouses Jordan and Michael so that they may always put their children first and not be selfish. Also, pray for my wife and myself as well as others affected by the marriages being broken

    ~ Tom
  • For the family of Chris DaWalt. Chris was recently diagnosed with ALS. His family consists of his wife and a three year year old daughter, along with extended family members. He and his sisters recently lost their parents. Please dear Lord, watch over and protect them. Also for my daughter and her partner. Please allow them to find some sort of worship community so that they will acknowledge that God needs to lead their lives, they have to start letting go and allowing God into their lives.

    ~ John
  • please pray all the souls in this world, especially the sacred vocations and those in authority, that we may be committed to serving God the father, his Son, Jesus Christ, and through the power of the Holy Spirit with the blessed Virgin by our side, to stand together as one body in the His holy Church, stay united in Christ and not be bound to things of this world but that we Maintain Faith and endurance to what its right, what is just, Amen

    ~ Shannon
  • for my son Anthony to get livable pay and find a love interest for life

    ~ susan
  • Please pray for the speedy recovery of the following friends:
    Joselito Caronongan Sr.
    Romeo D. Beltran Sr.
    Adoracion S. Casaclang

    ~ Dennis
  • Good morning,
    I am in need of a double lung transplant and all the health issues that goes along with it. I have a adult son handling this very badly. He is shutting me out and tells me that it causes him to much anxiety to be around me. I did however just win a lawsuit he said that he would help not happening. I am only 53 and trying to terms with my limitations and realizing how alone I am I have lost almost everyone over the last few years. Please pray for us don’t know how this works, thank you

    ~ Joan
  • For the repose of the soul of my mother, Dolores, who passed away on 12/28/19 at the age of 92. Please pray for her and for all the poor souls in purgatory. Thank you.

    ~ Denise
  • Prayers for Gerald Hatzmann, Amelia & Michael Rogonia

    ~ Emily
  • Please pray for a hopeful outcome for the J Rodriguez family of New York

    ~ Emily
  • For health of body mind and spirit. Healing of the prostate. Healing of relationships and work. also for my mom healing of the legs and back, throat, and For my family and friends. Thank you

    ~ Jimmy
  • Please pray for my daughter Kate and Ian. That they get married and move closer to home as she wishes. Also that they marry in the Catholic Church. Jesus I trust in you.

    ~ Kathy
  • For my son & his wife to conceive, carry & deliver a healthy, full term baby… to toke home & raise as a family … you have taken so much away from them… please hear my prayers for their happiness… after miscarriage and then this devastating loss at Christmas of their newborn baby girl Audrey Ellin … I pray for them even more for their happiness of becoming a family in your name dear Lord.. and to take our precious baby girl into Heaven for her eternal life. Thank you…Amen

    ~ Linda
  • Please protect us/community from storms/heavy rains, let them pass us and bring no damages. We do not need any flooding. Please protect our son in all ways.

    ~ G
  • Pray that I be set free from the control and bondage of a Satanic person who has manipulated, traumatized and abused me. Now this person wants to falsely accuse me in order to control me Pray that I can live my own life serving God. Pray that God may send people into my life that will love and protect me. Please fast and pray for me. This person has done me much harm. Please fast and pray for me. This is a very difficult situation, one that needs God’s intervention.

    ~ Giselle
  • Please pray for St. Joseph Chapel in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. They are trying to rebuild their chapel after a typhoon hit and destroyed the place, however they do not yet have the funds to do so. Please pray for the parishioners who are unable to worship because they can not afford the tricycle to travel to another church far away. Pray that they somehow get the funds to rebuild this chapel in the small town of Pagudpud!

    ~ Ralph
  • I have diabetes for 9 years now. I also finished college last year and haven’t found a job. I have no income and my mum is not well off financially either. I need assistance in prayers to get a job to help my mum as well as cater to my health. I also need help thanking God for the help so far. I made it out of college and now I am ready to face the next phase. Thank you

    ~ Eliud
  • I would like prayer for myself. I seek healing in mind and body. Healing from depression and freedom from addictions.
    I would like prayer for members of my family. Keep everyone safe while traveling.

    ~ W
  • Please pray I get a job and am healed financially, spiritually, emotionally , mentally and physically and my ex wife April and I are restored.

    ~ Thomas
  • My mother in New Jersey who is 75 currently sleeps on the couch due to my step father’s hygiene issues. Please pray my step father’s heart softens and my mom gets her own room

    ~ Thomas
  • My brother lives in a trailer with his wife and 3 kids in an unsafe part of Wichita. Please pray they get the finances to move.

    ~ Thomas
  • I still love my ex wife April. Please pray God work deeply in her heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage.

    ~ Thomas
  • Last year March My manager sack due to a financial fraud he committed. We have directly or indirectly entertain or connected to this. However, management find fault with me and staff work with the manager under the Wiesel blowing policy we have not escalate this to the management . last week they have withheld our bonus and increment for 1 year .

    We are appealing this decision since we are not guilt for that allegation.

    We surrender to the lord believing he will do something

    ~ shanaka
  • Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus I have asked You for many favors, but I plea for this one. Take it and place it in Your open, broken heart, and when our Father sees it covered with Your most precious blood, He cannot refuse it. For then it becomes Your prayer, not mine. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You. My prayer is for a successful eye surgery.

    ~ Linda
  • I am Dinesh Surandran from Malaysia. I am having financial difficulties. I need a financial miracle. Me and my wife have debts to pay. We have a daughter. Pray for me for a miracle for me to be the sole damacai lottery jackpot winner and sport Toto lottery jackpot winner . I am not greedy. I promise Lord Jesus that I will do his will with these two lottery jackpot money. I promise Lord Jesus that I will spend the lottery money wisely and provide for his church and the needy. Thank you Lord Jesus

    ~ Dinesh
  • I am on the verge of losing my house Please Pray so I don’t lose it and become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray that Preston Sigmon, Jacob Allen and Amelia Sigmon find employment.

    ~ Julie
  • Please pray for me to be filled with the holy spirit and for God to just cleanse me and pour out his spirit on his children.

    ~ Kari
  • Lost women making a living online. Please bless thier souls..strong feet số they won’t stop walking or running. Intelligent so they don’t have to work…a 9/5 hacking stealing borowing..

    ~ Anonymous
  • Jesus, help Zaheer Ahmed stop with his idea of spreading Islam and start spreading Christianity. Amen!
    Jesus, help people become Catholics. Amen!

    ~ Hank
  • I am on the verge of losing my house Please Pray for a small miracle so I don’t lose it and become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • For my husband who is suffering from CHF and cannot breathe even with oxygen.

    ~ Paulette
  • Please pray for me to have no disease in my body and have all tests be normal. Amen.

    ~ Kimberly
  • Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus –

    I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is Lord at His return. Amen.

    ~ Leo
  • For the repose of the souls of my father, Francis, my mother, JoAnn, and my brother, Jimmy. Also for the health and welfare of my family and myself as I have had some health issues and for that my daughter, Cara, will find another job. Thank you for praying . God bless you all.

    ~ Anita
  • For the repose of the soul of Father Fernando Suarez.

    ~ Brother Alexander
  • I am so worried about so many things — health issues, my elderly mom, money problems, job uncertainty — that I am filled with anxiety nearly all the time. Please pray for me that my faith will grow stronger so that I can trust in Jesus and stop being so afraid and consumed with anxiety.

    ~ Cecelia
  • My boss name is William he has a Petscan tomorrow to see if his cancer has spread. Please please pray for him that not only that the cancer has not spread but he have complete healing thru our Lord and Savior. Amen and thank you!

    ~ Sara
  • I ask for increased faith and motivation

    ~ John
  • Thank you Lord for all your blessings. You have given me so much. Please take my friends, family and loved ones in your hands. Love them and take care of them. Special thanks for my friend Pat who is 85 on wed. I have been so blessed to have her for a friend. Bless her. Thank you!

    ~ Jan
  • I am very ill .My right arm is in dire pain from torn muscles maybe tendons my hand is swollen.I m fighting pneumonia with asthma&copd.My legs are swelling and infection in the blood my toes are like sausages.Im scared and anxious.I just turned 70 and do not want to leave my home.
    My son Michael..caretaker. back is out and has problems like mine with his armFather Martin in Canada is in agony from mold poisoning &Lyme disease.Laura is in dire pain thruout her body she is sick with many things

    ~ Sharon
  • Prayers for Maria Rubio and her 3 children in this difficult situation with Vladimiro Monforte as I discuss separation due to Vladimiro’s emotional abuse for 12 years due to mental health issues. Protect us and keep us safe. Only you lord can transform and rebuild what is broken in Vladimiro. Prayers that Vladimiro Monforte seeks help and opens his eyes to understanding and consideration of Maria Rubio and the 3 children. Grant Maria Rubio strength, courage, health, guidance and protection

    ~ Maria De Jesus
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we are safe and protected at all times while we are driving our truck. Please pray our truck is safe and protected while it’s parked. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • My Brother (Ajai Jose ) has Dengue fever. Please pray for him to get healing and complete recovery. Praise the Lord, Thankyou so much

    ~ Ajai
  • I am on the verge of losing my house Please Pray for a miracle so I don’t lose it and wind up homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray that I spiritually grow and stand strong in God and Jesus Christ, that God blesses, delivers and provides for my family and I and that God blesses my body, mind, soul, home and family in Jesus Christ. I was recently introduced to the Our Lady Of Lords and Our Lady Of The Miraculous Medal and desire to Grow in God through Jesus Christ. Thank-you

    ~ Garrett
  • Please pray that I spiritually grow and stand strong in God and Jesus Christ, that God blesses, delivers and provides for my family and I and that God blesses my body, mind, soul, home and family in Jesus Christ. I was recently introduced to the Our Lady Of Lords and Our Lady Of The Miraculous Medal and desire to Grow in God through Jesus Christ. Thank-you

    ~ Garrett
  • Please pray for Meredith. Please pray for the healing of my lower back. Please pray the pain spasms goes away. Please pray I have a peaceful night’s sleep tonite. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Dear Lord Jesus,
    Help me..help me stop drinking. Make my pills work again. I’m so afraid… please cure Mom, jackie, Carmen, Conner, Buffy, Rusty, our home, our hearts..
    Please Lord, Please…
    Thank You, I love You!

    ~ Gail