• I pray for good health and healing

    ~ John
  • Please pray Bobbi Anne can pass this important test she has to take on Saturday. She really needs to pass this test. Please pray Colleen can get help in her job or be able to find a new job. Please help Joshua with all the paper work to acquire to be able to be self sufficient. He is a disabled veteran. Also to get his schooling straightened around. Pray my husband and I can still be able to take care of each other so we can stay in our own home.

    ~ Susanne
  • Prayers for financial problems. Thanks

    ~ Anonymous
  • I please you to pray for my family: George, Elena-Luminita, Maria-Teodora and for me, Radu-Iulian. Also, please pray for my university programs success.

    ~ Radu-Iulian
  • Please Pray for a miracle so I don’t lose my home and wind up homeless

    ~ Michael
  • For my children to comeback to the church and for my grandchildren..Sadie. Mack, Charlie, Maggie and maya

    ~ Mary
  • I am praying for a miracle. Recently, I have been readmitted to the Master of Science in Accountancy program at DePaul University. But, I have a past due to balance from the Fall term in the amount of $4,589 and I am currently unemployed. I am unable to pay the balance off and pay for my expenses. I am praying for God to bless me with a miracle.
    In Jesus Christ name,

    ~ Jasmine
  • My aching heart causes me to return often to ask you pray the Holy Spirit cause my ex wife April to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Dear Father I am thinking about ALL the people who need their PRAYERS answered who come to you from Heart of The Nation. We ALL are in Desperate need to you to PLEASE PLEASE answer ALL of our PRAYERS. And everyone from all walks of life and all the whole world who ask you beg you a cry to you to PLEASE HEAR and answer our PRAYERS. I BEG you as well and you know me and my PRAYER needs PLEASE. Thank you Lord, I love you and Bless you PLEASE expedite our PRAYERS. In JESUS NAME AMEN. Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Bobby Rotenbuhel- 26 years old- pray for him- dying- was in an oilfield accident. Was flown to the hospital. Needs prayers.

    ~ Pat
  • Please pray for my finances because I am currently homeless and disabled.

    ~ Regina
  • Please pray for my father Charles Daniels. He died in 1957 when I was 12 years old. I have an inmate feeling that his protection over the years has saved me in many ways.

    ~ Michael
  • I have just applied for the position of custodian. Please pray they hire me. I’m desperate for work and this is a job I’m very capable of.

    ~ Tom
  • I went out of work due to health issues in September. I am trying for unemployment. I spoke to the examiner who is handling my claim today. She said she would make a decision today. I’m asking for prayers please that God would please speak over her to approve my claim. I so desperately need it. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen Thank you.

    ~ Debra
  • Please pray for Brooks Biser and his family.

    ~ Julie
  • Hello, I have been suffering from debilitating anxiety, worry, fear, nervousness that cause headaches, dizziness, stomach problems, and even feel like I am going to pass out. I began feeling like this for the first time 7 months ago. I want my life back. I want to be happy. I want to go out into public again and spend time with family and friends but I fear going out into public. At times when I do go out into public, I begin to have nerves and then comes the symptoms. Please pray for relief.

    ~ Jonathan
  • Please pray for healing and protection for Elizabeth A., Anastasia, Elizabeth W., and Christine S. and to remove all obstacles to doing God’s will. Also for a good Christian husband for Christine, and to protect Christine from anyone or anything that would jeopardize her job helping animals.

    ~ Anonymous
  • All I want is my period to be heavy each and ever month and to win some big money then my brother and his family do not have to move in with me it would make me very happy ☺

    ~ Therese
  • Pray for healing for my wife, Papatii. She has constant pain due to MS, fibromyalgia, several herniated disks in her spine, arthritis, her voice goes in and out and it hurts when she does talk, her legs hurt really bad, also her back, hips, hands, and much more. Please lift her up. Also we live on her SSI and we pray for a financial blessing so that we can have wiggle room so to speak. Also I have no insurance to go to the Dr. Pray for me.
    In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen

    ~ Aaron & Papatii
  • Please pray for my family and especially for my husband Ron who will have surgery soon. May it be successful, with no complications, a good outcome and for a smooth recovery. May this be the beginning of better health for him with no new health problems. For our son William and his wife and their new home. Bless me so I can keep taking care of my husband and other obligations. I ask this in Jesus’name. Amen.

    ~ Glenda
  • Please pray for my 16 year old niece in Portland Oregon who is confused hurting and striving to transition to a male. For my sister who is struggling to deal with her daughter and her challenges.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Lord I thank your for your security safety and grace .
    I thank your for my child and wife for protection provision and blessing in all area and good health .
    Lord thank you for my parent there life and health.
    Lord thank your for your will in my life ,may I live a life of destine to fullest
    Lord my new posting to Nns Delta Protect me at all time ,in all the sails and patrols. Bless me favour me protect me let your mercy speak for m at all time.
    Grant me a graduate job ,an officer cadre appointm

    ~ Ebikpoja
  • Please pray for my husband Noel who tried to commit suicide and is in critical condition. Doctors say he needs alot of prayers
    Prayers for his healing mentally and physically and that he can have another opportunity to glorify and praise God’s name.

    ~ Mary
  • Thank you for the prayers for Wyatt Spann. Please pray that he is at peace in the hands of God and please pray for his broken-hearted parents.
    Please pray for me and my family, especially my niece Tasha who has so many health issues.
    Please pray that I don’t lose my home, that I have the money to cover all my bills, especially my propane and property tax bills which will be arriving soon. Please pray that I am able to travel to Texas to visit my niece.
    Please pray my books get published soon.

    ~ debra
  • We beseech you Lord, through your Infinite Mercy to grant the complete acquittal of President Trump and that Divine justice be done to Nancy Pelosi and her party.

    ~ Gerard
  • I will most likely be homeless by the first week of February. Please pray I am hired at a good paying job doing what I’m capable of as soon as possible. Thanks

    ~ Thomas
  • Maybe I return to much but I miss my ex wife April so much I ache day and night. Please pray our marriage be restored. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • Prayers for my Aunt Maude and husband James gibbs, for they almost lost family property that has been in the family for over 4 generations to state taxes almost leaving them homeless same time both of their health has started to deteriorate and no one to do full time care they need.
    Prayer for Aunt bethany who is fighting pancreatic cancer and hopeful it is gone and she can permanently come home and keep fighting the good fight and stay cancer free. Prayers to all who are in dire need of help.

    ~ Cierra
  • Thank you for all the blessings last week. Please help tn complete the hiring process of Matt and be the job of his dreams. Please help Michael complete and affordable complete his real estate transaction. Bless our entire family with good health, safety, love and happiness along with good decision making skills. Bless all those in need of prayers, in Jesus name we pray. Amen

    ~ Lori
  • Miracles of Healing for large Suffering Body of Christ especially Duncan and all cancer Warriors and Ninang Dear and prayer requests of Family and Friends

    ~ Elizabeth
  • Please pray for the success of our move to our new house in Toronto, Canada. Please pray for the success of my MBA, and that I might finish as soon as possible. Please pray for God’s blessing and new opportunities for our finances, and that my wife and I will be good stewards of our finances (we also have a baby to look out for). Please pray that we will be Good Catholic spouses and parents. Thank you so much for your prayers, we really appreciate it! -Kim and Jula Pacis

    ~ Kim Christian
  • For Warren Michael Chambers (12/21/58 – 1/18/20)
    May God embrace him, as he knows his true heart, keep him and allow him to achieve his full potential and find happiness and contentment, which he could not find on earth…May he be embraced and loved, healed and saved, forgiven and receive mercy, may he feel the true love of God his Father and obtain true joy in his heart and soul. May his children feel his presence as they could not when he walked the earth, as they are his most promising legacy

    ~ Beth
  • I beseech you Lord through thy infinite mercy to grant that Nicole and John work together in harmony, love and obedience, for the honor and Glory of God.

    ~ Gerard
  • For good health and financial help

    ~ Diane
  • Pray for all my family and friends and our loved ones to be kept safe this day! May God keep unwanted interfering trouble-makers (incl. my enemies) out of our lives — far from us always — and guide us in the direction of His will for us, in our friendships with one another, work, and everything else. I also ask for protection as there’s been many injuries, sicknesses and losses in our crowd. I pray for healing and safety. Thank you.

    ~ True
  • God please. I pray for my mental health and for my babies. I pray for them to grow up happy and healthy. Please dont let them suffer for mine n their fathers mistakes. And i pray for my spouse to find his way back to you. For him to realize what hes done to this family and to forgive him for the wrong he has done. I also pray for me to have a better future for me and my babies. I pray for my car to get fixed and for that job i need. And i pray for the health of my family. Thank you lord. Amen.

    ~ Mari
  • I would like to ask you to please pray for my son Zachary. He’s going into drug rehab on Wednesday the 22nd of January, 2020. He’s going through terrible withdrawal and need your prayers so much. I just pray that he stays strong and doesn’t give up. I’d also like to ask you to pray for my mom, Elaine. She’s 74 yrs old and having a lot of health problems. She lives in Ohio and I live in Kentucky and I’m having a hard time getting there. I pray that she stays strong and gets better. Amen

    ~ Diana
  • Dear Sir/Madam, today Monday January 20th 2020 I beg God to bring me some happiness and peace into my life right now. I have no peace, no happiness, no comfort – NOTHING! Surely a kind, loving God can bring me financial help, good health, peace/comfort in life so that I can live a contented, free and happy existence. Please urgently pray that this will be granted and provided to me right now, not tomorrow, not in days times, right now! Thank You. John King, aged 34, in Derry City, UK.

    ~ John
  • Please Pray for a financial miracle so I don’t lose my home and wind up homeless

    ~ Michael
  • For a teenage girl with serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist

    ~ Anonymous
  • I have a job interview on Sunday I pray to God I get this job and to guide me what is right it’s your will lord amen x

    ~ Anthony
  • I need a job desperately. Please pray I be hired soon. February 1 I’ll be on the streets. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • Healing restoration Mercy Grace salvation strength victory vindication endurance hope self-love patient kindness my children my marriage Financial provision

    ~ Sheila
  • I’m asking the to lord to step in and open the doors for a house. I recently submitted an offer and I hoping that the seller accepts its.

    ~ Shawn
  • Please pray for healing for my mother Ellen Jonga.Father God I’m pleading down at at feet to take control of my mother’s health,My mother is in pain everyday, especially backpain,burning legs and feet.Fathrer God please touch my mother from head to toe,Lord every pain,every infection,any sickness knowing and unknowing father God please remove it from my mother’s body,My God repair and restore my mother’s body in Jesus name.Father God touch my mothers lungs heal my mother’s lungs

    ~ Grace
  • Please pray for Lois to be completely healed.

    Please pray for Geoff to be more positive and less stressed- able to sleep and cope effectively.

    Please pray for Nick – he left his eye glasses at a restaurant… and they can’t find it… please pray that they are found- he needs them to be able to work efficiently- thanks so much!

    ~ NANCY
  • Please pray my family remains within good health, safe and financial stable, and security. Please pray we are surrounded, and filled with positivity, and love. Please heal my families relationship, and pray that they understand and respect and love each other. Please pray that I am able to remain healthy, please pray that I get pregnant soon and am able to bare child. Please pray that my relationships remain stable and grow within love.

    ~ Davina
  • I pray for forgiveness of all my sins.and my peace and restoration

    ~ euiss
  • Please pray that my mom is totally healed and that she doesn’t have cancer. Pray she can handle the stress. Pray my heart is totally healed. Pray Denise, Brian and I are healthy and safe.

    ~ Terry
  • Lord, please be with me as I go to court to fight against vindictive lying ex husband who is trying to get me jailed for contempt of court. Please protect my children from his craziness, and his inability to parent… they deserve parents who are working in their best interest, and not in the interest of themselves. Please put it in the heart and mind of the judge to see through the lies and see how this is affecting the innocents.

    ~ Laura
  • May Tobi’s surgery go well without complications. For rapid healing.

    ~ Bill
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we sleep peacefully thruout the night. Please pray for our peace of mind. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Please pray for my daughter, who is in a very unhealthy relationship with the father of their toddler. The father doesn’t lift a finger to help with anything that he considers ‘womens work.” He is from a different country so that complicates it. He causes loud, swearing fights in front of the baby with no regard to how it’s messing up her poor, little head. My daughter wants to leave but stays because she has nowhere else to go. Please pray for a happy plot twist in her life!

    ~ Karen
  • Dear Saints,
    Please, pray that God will deal with Benito and his drinking. He gets drunk and bullies his family. Please, ask God to intervene.

    Thank you, dear saints

    ~ Frank
  • Dear Heavenly Father,
    Please help all these prayer requests that are sent your way, In Jesus’s name I strongly pray.
    God bless US ALL. God BLESS OUR WORLD from Sickness, Hatred, Evil, etc…

    ~ Diane

    ~ G
  • Praying for protection, let us have no problems with our properties or our selves. Please protect our son always.

    ~ G
  • God please give Ella the strength to walk and to talk; Thank You for our little miracle. Please give her strength. Thank You

    ~ Debi
  • For my marriage. May my wife and I learn to forgive one another. May she see that divorce is not the option.

    ~ Matthew
  • for full healing of body, mind & soul for myself, my children, grandchildren, stepchildren and for all those I am related to, know & do not know; God’s Mercy for the souls in purgatory & hell & all lost souls; for peace on earth; for our church and clergy; for all the prayer requests of everyone be answered by God; for all the deceased & their families; for our veterans & their families…and thank you God for answering my prayers & the prayers of others and to the Blessed Mother, also…

    ~ mary ann
  • I pray that I start going back to church again and that I show patience with people and don’t get so upset over the little things. thank you.

    ~ Mary
  • My daughter needs a kidney transplant desperately. My other daughter suffers with pain daily due to damage both girl’s suffered from Lupus. Please pray for healing and bring happiness to my family…..We need God to come heal us.

    ~ Jean
  • Asking for prayers of healing. I’m 51 years old and at the age of 22 was diagnosed with a heart condition. It’s been managed with medication over last few years. I was just told this past week that I am in heart failure. I am asking for prayers, my faith is strong and I believe in a God.

    ~ Debbie
  • For my son & his wife to conceive a child this year. deliver a healthy , normal baby to take home and raise. to be a family since God you took their precious baby girl after only hours of being born this past Christmas. you gave your son to be born God, put took my son’s child after years of loss and trying to have a child. please hear my prayers God. I don’t know how else to pray for my son & daughter in law to have a baby, a family. thank you God & for baby Audrey to be in Heaven w/ my husband

    ~ Linda
  • For Kenneth Bandelier, 1925-2018, May he know the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven.

    ~ Robert
  • Dear Jesus, Please Help me. I’m so sick, my bladder, kidneys, colon, bowels, lumps of pain, cramping, diseases in our family, loneliness, fear, cancer. Please cure us all and calm me down. Help me to have complete Trust in You! I need You. Please Lord. Please ..I’m scared.

    ~ Gail M
  • Please pray for Derek and his company and his upcoming and future events, that God may bless his events with sufficient sponsors and good attendance and that all may go well at all his events, that he may be blessed with supportive & honest people and that Derek may continue to give praise and glory to God.

    ~ Marion
  • Pray for my best friend Fahd he is Sick and in pain so far my prayers have not been answered thanks

    ~ Michael
  • Because the Bible says pray always I return to ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray that both my brother in Wichita and my mother in New Jersey get much better places to live. I failed them.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for Sister Mary who has breast cancer. Thank you!

    ~ S
  • Please pray for a successful eye surgery I have coming up.
    Please heal my soul, my mind and my body, blessed Jesus. Please have mercy for us, protect us and help the people and animals in Australia and the people in Puerto Rico.

    ~ Warren
  • Please pray God helps me find a good job soon. I am on the verge of despair and often pray for good work or for God to take me to heaven. Thank you very much, and may God bless you. Gary

    ~ Gary
  • Please pray l get the 3 hour job at Chestnut Hill

    ~ Shannon
  • Please pray for my family. Pray we will put Him first in all things and we will trust Him in all things. Pray He will have mercy on us in a difficult situation

    ~ Sarah
  • Please pray for my pet Roo who has been with me through many difficult times as she faces life saving surgery on the 29th of January.

    ~ Jo Ann
  • Lord I thank you for all my blessings.
    Forgive me for my prayer request.
    I pray for your mercy.In your name,amen.

    1.) Regarding the AAA $$$$ and Relocation ? Toyota Camry dilemma. ????
    2.) My son’s hardened and hateful heart ????Ezekiel 36:26-27
    3.) To be at the birth of my first grandchild ????????

    ~ Desery
  • Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    – I would like to ask for prayers to find a job and pass a librarian competition this year. May the Lord help me to be as productive as possible, to have the best methods. I also pray to earn more money and thus experience a certain financial stability, even a new job. That I can revise without stress, make files, as effectively as possible, without bad humor. May he work miracles, healings and wonders! That we have more money for our doctor’s fees

    ~ Jean-François
  • Please pray for Jose Carlos R and Jason that they overcome their drug addiction and give them peace.

    ~ Ernesto
  • Please Pray for a financial miracle so I don’t lose my home and wind up homeless

    ~ Michael
  • I am losing my faith in the existence God and pray that he will reveal Himself to me in some way as to restore that faith.

    ~ mark
  • Heavenly Father,
    I Come before you today to ask for
    a financial blessing to improve my life.
    My faith keeps me strong,
    and I know you will provide for me
    and the people I love.

    I do not seek a large sum of money.
    I do not trouble you for unneeded comforts
    or luxury. I only ask for enough money
    to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress.

    Give me the means to do your work,
    and spread your Love. I have so much
    to give, if only I were allowed the chance.

    In your name I pray

    ~ Jeffrey
  • This May 2020 we’re planning to get married but things happened unexpectedly, last year October all of my business fall down.

    Now I don’t know how can I support financially on our wedding day, I don’t know what to do.

    Dear God please help us, thank you.

    ~ Jeffrey
  • Dear God please help me in my financial struggle right now because my family will be mad at me again ????

    Please help me to have financial abundance so I can help my family in our house bills and they won’t mad at me again

    Thanks God

    ~ Jeffrey
  • Dear God I can’t believe and I don’t understand why all of businesses fail and gone, I did my best that I can do but same thing happen I always fail again and again and again, Dear God that’s all I have and now they’re gone I have nothing my life is a mess now, I don’t know how to earn for a leaving, I don’t know how to start again

    I don’t understand why I always fail, am I not right to succeed? I just want to be successful in life so that I can help my family and also to help other people.

    ~ Jeffrey
  • My Lord, I have a big family problem in my marriage life.I did lot of sacrifices for my husband. But he doesn’t care and ignore me.My Lord please give me the strength and ability to live in peaceful mind with my son.Please help me to forget all the things in past.I want to continue my rest of life with my loving son.Please forgive me for all my sins.

    ~ Vino
  • Please continue to pray for defiant rebellious son Alroyd jobless now and then and throwing jobs after jobs and secretly married without me his father and late wife his mother Aveena’s consent who died of shock because of him because suddenly he left Catholic faith converted to Islam wife Moslem Shaista residing with them 3 gal kids and giving me and daughter his sister endless trouble since 15 years and jobless every now and then and threatening me of legal action against me over property,

    ~ Julian
  • Please let the rains move out quickly, we need no more and no more flooding. Keep us safe and protected, along with our community. Protect our son always.

    ~ G
  • For the repose of the soul of Father Casimir Krzyzanowski, MIC

    ~ Brother Alex
  • Please pray that my husband will find a job again soon. His company downsized, so he is out of work. Praise God that he was offered a severance package. Amen.

    ~ Kathryn
  • Please pray for a young woman who has been struggling for over close to a year to obtain a job in her field. She is getting very discouraged.

    Please pray for the Holy Spirit to move and guide the people in our state throughout the caucus, according to the holy and perfect will of God.

    Please ask the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts and souls of all atheists so they turn to God and believe.

    We ask God to watch over all who are traveling in the midst to any storms so they have safe travels.

    ~ NANCY
  • We are living in poor rat infested area
    I am in serious debt
    I pray for forgiveness
    I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family

    ~ Philip
  • Pray for Corrections State Personnel Board Appeals Division located at 801 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA, 95814 to pass ‘O’oana on his Physical Fitness test miraculously or give him a new Physical Fitness test date immediately in Jesus name Amen.

    ~ Andyi
  • For my father Rodolfo that he is sick with terminal cancer to be able to receive his chemio medicines that has been working well and healing him. To please the people that have this medicines let him receive him on time since has already been paid and are so costly to please do not destroy it. It’s a big effort to pay those medicines please have mercy to receive it since it’s proven that has worked well. In Jesus name I Pray and thank you.

    ~ Lore
  • Please pray that Jason V.H. will Love Me as much as I love him We’ve been seeing each other off and on since 5/2019 Jason and I have a lot in common We get along amazingly! We enjoy each other’s company. He hasn’t dated me Yet He keeps getting involved with these younger girls that hangs in bars ! Jason just told me He has pondered , thinks about being in a relationship with me. But the feeling isn’t right ?? I want Us to be a Monogamous faithful couple . I’m everything he seeks and needs .

    ~ Renee
  • Please pray I fineda full time job, a room to rent, and can come up with $$ for a car asap! My husband and children have disowned me over my late mother’s will and I am staying with a large family in a remote area outside of St. Augustine, FL. I have to depend on the family for rides to and from a part time job, and wait 4-6 hrs for a return ride to their farm. My hours at my part-time job have been reduced to about 15 a week and I have been threatened to be let go soon. I need a good job asap!

    ~ Jennifer
  • Please pray for my mri of my abdomen and pelvic area come back normal. Thank you ????

    ~ Samuel
  • Dear Lord, I am in your hands and humbly ask for relief and healing of my mouth on this last run of medication. Please, Lord, help this medication work so that I can be free of this condition. Bless my doctor who is trying his best to help me and give him the knowledge to do so. Lord, I am not worthy of your blessings, but only say the word and I shall be healed. Thank you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please Pray for a financial miracle so I don’t lose my home and wind up homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Good morning, I am returning to ask for prayers that God eases my mind and takes away my feelings of worry. I’m praying for a healthy and safe full term pregnancy but every turn I’m presented with uncertainty. I pray that God takes away the uncertainty and allows me to be healthy in spirit and mind for my new baby. Thank you.

    ~ LaTonya
  • Thank you for being with me and my deceased pain level
    Help me through this time of doubt, depression and anxiety
    Help me with e essesive drinking. Sedentary life style and addiction to sugar and nicotine. Let me feel your peace with my children and my niece. Thank you for your presence in my life

    ~ Susan
  • Please pray I become the man and husband my ex wife April wants and needs, the new guy Richard leaves and our marriage be restored.

    ~ Thomas
  • My brother lives in a trailer in a bad part of town with his 3 little children. Please pray they be able to move somewhere better.

    ~ Thomas
  • My mother is in a terrible living situation because of the hardness of my step fathers heart. Please pray he softens so she can have a bedroom.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray that I may be cured of my Cancer, my TB and my HIV. I am sorry for all the sins I committed. I am thankful for the lovely family who has supported me right through my illness. I pray that they may be blessed a hundredfold.

    ~ RONALD
  • Dear Father God, I come to you and ASK you PLEASE to BLESS Dr. Fisher to PLEASE release his report and expedite the Release Father so my attorney can move forward to release my settlement ASAP that I desperately need. I thank you Father God and love you in JESUS NAME AMEN & AMEN & AMEN.


    ~ Ophelia
  • Healing for Brian antoinieta Joseph yeye myself all at home I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put him in jail 3times and I Anne bailed him out I pray Carlos calls me immediately and comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray lines of communication are open between Carlos and me Anne I pray Marcela leaves Carlos fo

    ~ Anne
  • My daughters children are in foster care due to a misunderstanding. She’s doing everything she was asked to do by cps/dss. But she’s having problems finding a 4 bedroom home and a vehicle to get to appointments for the children. She is one of Gods children. She parts everyday to get his blessing and strength to make it through this difficult time. She is greatly depressed and needs Gods touch in her life. Please say a prayer daily this month for Him to bless her. Thank you so much. Be blessed.

    ~ Tammy
  • Please pray for God to show my daughter her path for the future. Guide her where He needs her. May she find peace in what she is doing now. Send her guardian angel to watch over her. Also, if it be God’s will, let a reunion happen between her and her old boyfriend.

    ~ Sherry
  • I recieved news yesterday that only one of the biopsies taken was clear…the other was not and I need to have another procedure. I am emotionally beaten down and am asking for prayers of strength and healing. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • I need a job badly. Please pray I be guided to a good paying one and I get hired. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • Dear Sir/Madam – I have been asked to ask you for your prayers for Paul King, a 21 year old young man in Letterkenny, County Donegal in Ireland. He suffers from a nervous disorder and suffers from a lot of stress in life due to this disorder. Pray that Paul will find peace in life, healing from his disorder and a path in life where he can live a happy and fulfilled life. Thank You. From Mr John King.

    ~ John
  • Please pray for me and my daughter destiny a. Perez Spain please pray that she gets a white wedding with a wealthy boy her age that loves and protects her a boy that is in her avid class please pray that she becomes like our cousin Gisela Barrera in everything she does thank you

    ~ Norma
  • Thank you for my childrens and grandchildren health and financial success. I am grateful but we are estranged in many ways. I need a car and home, mental and physical health care and Spiritual guidance. I need forgiveness and hope for my future.

    ~ Susan
    P.O BOX 28699,

  • Please, God, make me find my spare phone very soon. Please make the two credit card companies agree to my debt consolidation proposal. Please make me be at my great niece’s third birthday party. Don’t let my great niece forget about me or stop loving me. I pray for cure of and/or improvement of my numerous medical, dental, orthopedic and emotional problems. I especially pray for an excellent dental check-up. Amen.

    ~ Leah
  • Please, God, I beg you to give me big blocks of time with my great niece, Valentina Mia, every time I go back to Connecticut. I am in Connecticut now, and my niece, Sarah Marie, knows it. Yet she has not even called me. Make her contact me today or tomorrow at the very latest to arrange for me to have a long visit with Valentina. Make Sarah come to her senses and awaken to the fact that she is being cruel and abusive to me. Make her care about our relationship again. Amen.

    ~ Leah
  • For a teenage girl with serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist

    ~ Anonymous
  • I have experienced the highest of highs and some rough lows. My only hope is that my children would be spared and that I would be the best mom every day to my beautiful children. It is for them, that I beg you hear my prayer. My husband and I don’t have a lot of money. I have had a very good, stable job for the past twenty years. Just this week, that job may be in jeopardy. Today, I found out our home May be I jeopardy too. Please let our lease be renewed. Please don’t let us lose our home amen

    ~ Jen
  • For my daughter to come around and talk to me and my mom and niece and nephew again

    ~ Jennifer
  • I pray for health and healing. I pray for relief from anxiety. I pray for no serious disease or illness. I pray for my Mom and Dad. I pray for my immediate and extended family. I pray for comfort and peace.

    ~ Cassie
  • Recovery from sickness

    ~ Oswald
  • Please pray that my heart is totally healed. Pray I get rid of this cough. Pray Denise and Brian are healthy and safe. Pray that I heal my relationships ar work. Pray I get a big new case. Pray our cats are healthy and my mom is healthy.

    ~ Terry
  • For my son to return to the Church

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my son to return to the Church

    ~ Anonymous
  • – [ ] Asking prayers for my friend Steph S her deliverance from drugs, alcohol and smoking and never touches them again her salvation that she becomes saved filled with the Holy Spirit god becomes the center of her life a unbreakable anointing on her life she becomes a light to others new godly minded friends her old friends disappear forever A restored relationship with me as she is very distant with me

    ~ Jim
  • Please pray that I may be able to reconcile with someone dear to me whom I failed and hurt very deeply. Even if it’s not in God’s will that our relationship be repaired, I desperately pray for the opportunity to at least let this person know how deeply sorry I am, and how much remorse I have in my heart.

    ~ A
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we are safe and protected at all times while we are driving our truck. Please pray our truck is safe and protected while it’s parked. Please pray our truck runs good and strong at all times while we’re driving our truck. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • That my mom will love me the same as my 2 sisters please….

    ~ Falyn
  • Please heal my hands, my hip and back pains and please heal Joe’s kidneys and back in Jesus name we ask amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Thank you Lord for all my blessings and please guide me to balance my finances.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My husband and I have been blessed with our three-year-old son. For the past two years, we have struggled with infertility while trying to conceive baby number two. If it is part of God’s plan, I pray that he will bless us with another healthy child to raise in the Catholic faith. Amen.

    ~ Christina
  • Prayer for my two sons to stay sober and not let alcohol ruin our lives thank you

    ~ Edith
  • I am a struggling Christian that suffers from depression and anxiety.
    I have not been to mass in a long time and have also not gone to confession in many years.
    I need prayers to help me regain my Faith and return to church. I do watch the HOTN Mass on Sunday Morning { when I remember }.
    Please keep me in your prayers

    ~ Willie
  • Prayer for my husband Luther that his blood counts and platelets will increase and protein levels. His blood pressure and breathing will come back to normal. He come through Chemo successfully without all the side affects.

    ~ Kimerly
  • Please pray for Kyle for his deliverance, healing and conversion. Please pray that he has a place to stay and that Our Lord will put good people in his path. Pray that he will contact family. I pray for Jason, Sarah, Sofia, Scarlett, Peter, Maria, Zenaida, Kwyn, Kyra, Margaret, Diane, Dennis, Jeannie, Nicole, and Alan for conversion and healing.

    ~ Karen
  • healing of mind and body

    ~ susan
  • Please pray for my bowel to be healed and function normally and that i will not need surgery

    ~ Melonie
  • Urgent Prayer Request Please pray that the Judge rule in my favor “The order on appeal should be reversed, and the complaint reinstated”. Also pray no weapon formed against me shall prosper in Jesus of Nazareth Name. Amen. Thank you.

    ~ anonymous
  • please pray for our family who are experiencing financial difficulties and are in debt

    ~ Heru
  • Please lift Mark up in prayer that he will be healed from childhood trauma and issues related to abandonment. Pray that Mark can forgive his parents, and have be reconciled before his parents are called home. Open Mark’s heart up to love again, esp. to the one woman who needs him, and loves him.

    ~ Bridget
  • My God,there is a problem among my family in Srilanka. Please help us to have a peaceful situation. Forgive us for our sins.

    ~ Vino
  • I am staying with friends, sleeping on the couch and only have a part time job. Please pray I find gainful, full-time employment and affordable housing as soon as possible. Also please pray for my husband who kicked me out of the house and threw out everything I own when he learned I will not inherit anything from my late mother’s estate. I have only the clothes on my back. Please pray someone will hire me despite my criminal record: I was raped and charged with making a false report – a felony

    ~ Jennifer
  • Please help my son feel better and have a good day at his job. Let my scan show still remission. Thank You God, Blessed Mother and St Jude for all You do. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for the repose of the soul of Reverend Kevin O’Doherty, the retired Roman Catholic Parish Priest of Newtowncunningham and Killea in County Donegal, Ireland who died in the Donegal Hospice yesterday at the age of 80. I used to live in his parish for a short time. He was a very nice and dedicated man of faith, and helped to build the new church of Newtowncunningham which opened in 1999 and continues to thrive now in 2020. Pray he will rest in peace, Amen. Thank You. JOHN KING.

    ~ John
  • I am a cancer survivor – am asking for prayer that cancer has not returned and that I am healthy. I am specifically asking for prayer that sores that don’t seem to heal. Thank you

    ~ Beth
  • I pray that me and my family “keep the faith” like my grandfather always wanted. And for 2020 to be a year when I loose the weight I always wanted to for years. I will be undergoing Bariatric surgery. I pray all goes well. I plan also to take a trip to my homeland: Trinidad and Tobago to visit my relatives there. Also to reconcile with my children, communicate in a good way so that I can see my grandchildren. And get my money to be able to have a town house or condominium in my name.

    ~ Yasmin
  • For the fast recovery of my father Mr . Moses from sickness

    ~ Gilbert
  • Family needs God’s grace, guidance and protection. Pray for divine intervention and rescue. Pray He will move mountains and make the impossible possible.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Nathan Schwandt’s conversion

    ~ Alex
  • Pray for Zach Weber in a coma from injuries in car wreck Friday Jan 10, 2020.

    ~ Nelson
  • Prayer is needed for our 26 year old daughter who has turned away from the Catholic and Christian faith and has fallen into very sinful and very bad things. She is married, has a 4 1/2 year old son, and this little boy’s needs are not being cared for. Please pray for her and her family.

    ~ Carol
  • Please ask Mary to make my crosses sweet. Please ask Jesus to have mercy on me and console my grief, heartbreak and depression. I’ve confessed my sins, please ask God to heal my heartbreak and grief in an instant so that I can move on and feel happy again. Please ask your son to pray for my family, especially David, Andrew and Diana and fill their hearts with love for you and Christ. Let my sufferings be offered up for them.

    ~ Keri
  • I have a promise that god gave me and I am praying for god to manifest it in early 2020

    ~ Eugenia
  • Please Pray for a financial miracle so I don’t lose my home and wind up homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Dear Lord, Please help my grandson who is having a hard time in his adolescence. Open his heart so that he may return to being the loving child he was. Take all animosity and anger from him and help him to realize the love that his family has for him. Please protect him and help him to be more respectful to his mother who loves him so much. Please hear my prayer for this beautiful child.

    ~ Patricia
  • My prayer intention is for Vladimiro Monforte due to his emotional abuse over twelve years. He needs prayer due to his mental health issues. Maria needs prayers of strength and guidance to do what is best for the family because of the emotional abuse she has endured. This family needs protection and prayer. Prayers for my mother Estela, and my siblings, Esteban, Sandra, Juan, Amadeo, Dolores, Alejandro and baby Lucas Gabriel in NICU in Austin. Amen

    ~ Maria De Jesus
  • I am Ashwini 33 years. I have high blood pressure.. Please pray for my blood pressure to be normal.

    ~ Ashwini
  • Please pray that my biopsy results come back with no cancer. I know all things are possible through you and I thank you for hearing my prayers. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • on feb 5 th im having a colonoscopy praying all goes well my dad died of colon cancer at 59 im 56 i have had them since 42 all good i want to keep that going as good my sweet beautiful chihuahua min pin precious has allergies she scratches her ears the only script that helps is apoquel she need two but is harmful so far no side effects a neighbor has a yorkie sugar baby with the same issues told me to give her half i have but she is scratching her ears and making them bleed we need prayers

    ~ elizabeth
  • Please pray for my granddaughter, Hartleigh, that she may be healthy and safe. Prayers for her to be free from seizures.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray for the health of my husband, my sister and myself.

    ~ Patricia
  • Thank you Father Brian Walker for the blessed Sunday Mass message online on this Sunday January 12, 2020. thank you Holly Ignowtacki for the readings and thank you Divine Mercy choir and Gina De Luca for the blessed singing. Continue praying brothers and sisters for my severe lower back, hip and both leg pains. Pray for the dizziness I have been having in my head and my high blood pressure. May God Bless you all !!
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • FOR Joni female salvation deliverance from Facebook alcohol anger anxiety for her marriage and husband Ashley a male

    ~ Joni
  • Please pray for my grandmother, Beverly. She is in the ICU and on life support. The doctors have been unable to figure out what the problem is. She is the most amazing woman that I’ve ever known, and she is the glue for my entire family. Please pray that the doctors can figure out what is wrong, treat her, and that God gives her the strength to heal and recover.

    ~ Ashley
  • I pray for health of my family and myself. I also ask God to help me relax and enjoy al the blessings he has bestowed on me and my family.

    ~ Patti
  • Lord, please heal all my illness. Make me always healthy. Make my kidney, liver, parathyroid, and pancreas all healthy . Heal my migraine, sinus and my blood pressure always in normal range. Please remove the pain in my operated right hip and pain in my right knee. Take away all my pain and inflammation. Help me walk without the pain in my right knee so I can walk again without a cane. Thank you so much for hearing me. Amen.

    ~ Lourdes
  • Lord Jesus, I pray that I will always be happy and have peace for the remainder of my life. I’m getting old and I don’t know how long I will live on this earth. This is a borrowed life and soon it be taken away. I just want to enjoy my life without any more drama, heartache, pain, and fighting. Hep me be happy and peaceful. Keep me away from toxic people ruining my day. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

    ~ Ludy
  • For healing of my husband and I, from a bad cough… that goes on and on…
    Thanks be to God!

    ~ Susan
  • For my daughter, that she will stay healthy, and forget all her past life in the Philippines and forgive all the people that hurt her not only physically but emotionally. That she will always respect me with kind words and nut hurt my feelings causeI’m her mother and I love her very much.

    ~ Henrietta
  • In 3 weeks I will be homeless again. I have failed in marriage. Failed my brother. Failed my Mother. Please pray for Gods intercession and healing. Thanks

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for my daughter who is suffering from eating disorder and anxiety.

    ~ Anne
  • For healing from anxiety and health issues.

    ~ Christy
  • Thank you for the blessings last week and the long awaited job posting for my son, Matt. Please have this company begin the hiring process of Matt and have this be his dream job. Please bless our family with good health, safety, love, happiness and good decision making on the job and in our personal life. Special prayers for all our family, friends and those in need. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

    ~ Lori
  • I ask that the good Lord protect my family and I from all evil, all dangers and keep us in good health.
    Also that He can bless my finances so I can do charitable work like doing things for my church, help the elderly and the less fortunate in His image.

    ~ Lawrence
  • Successful chemo treatments and remission for my husband’s stage 4 colorectal cancer.

    ~ joyce
  • For all on the island of Puerto Rico who are going through a very difficult time. For all in this world, may peace and love fill our hearts.

    ~ ruth
  • That nodules detected during mammogram are benign and disappear. For optic nerve in left eye to be OK. For my dear husband and brother who passed away a month apart this past year. For my sister in law and myself to get through our grief and sorrow.

    ~ Jeanenne
  • Financial blessings due to hardships and for my family and me to feel more emotionally at peace.

    ~ Josie
  • Husband (Carl Marshall) has a cerebellum strike in 2008. Since then, he has had 2 surgeries for kidney stones, prostate cancer, and just last week has had another stroke causing blindness in his right eye. He is 56 years old. We ha4 grown kids with one not speaking or helping us at all (whom has a high paying job and in the National Guard), and 8 grandchildren. My health is fair. Please pray for strength, peace, my husband and our son, as well as all our family.

    ~ Tammy
  • Please pray for my sister diagnosed with dementia, mood swings and Alzheimer.

    ~ Pamela
  • pray for the heath of my wife and myself. and blessing for my family. glory to god.

    ~ RAY
  • Financial security.. the ability to pay off a lien on our house and prevent foreclosure

    ~ Andrea
  • I pray for my nephew and his alcohol addiction that he finds strength in our Lord. Also health and happiness for my family.

    ~ Kelly
  • May the extend his healing hands on my Father Pa Mosas for his quick recovery.

    ~ Gilbert
  • Urgent prayer request for my son. He is applying to the US service academies and this is a critical time for him in the application process. He is currently serving in the military, and is having trouble getting the military to put his paperwork through like they should. This is his lifelong dream, but it won’t happen if they don’t get his paperwork through in time. Please pray that God will move in this situation and they will complete the paperwork NOW, and that he will be accepted, if that is

    ~ Amy
  • Healing.

    ~ Sandra
  • Tucker Hall is 3+ yrs old. He has been diagnosed with a rare bone disease, the ball in his hip joint is dissolving! As someone who was a child with a serious birth defect I know
    he has a difficult road ahead of him.
    Tucker is my best friend’s Grandson.

    ~ Maureen
  • Please pray for me, Walter E .Powell Jr that I have healthy results on my DOT physical, I have high blood pressure, please pray for a normal blood pressure. Please pray that our family remains healthy.
    Thank you

    ~ Walter
  • For our relatives and every in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to cease the earthquakes.

    For my husbands mental health! To re-connect my marriage. For myself not to loose my mind or Faith.

    For all the sick, especially Selma, Gelin, Ada, José, Hilton, Millie, Paige, Laurie.

    For our church and our Pope.
    For de people in Australia, California and the Philippines.

    In you we trust, Lord

    ~ Edith
  • For the Souls of: Barry Jay Loeb; Susan Blackshire; Alan Gilbert; Kevin Dunn; John Auch; Joseph Charles Thompson

    ~ Si
  • I will undergo knee replacement surgery on 12 February 2020. Please pray that the surgery goes smoothly, is successful and that I have a full and complete rehab.
    Thank you,
    J. D. Cotter

    ~ Joseph
  • For healing of my finances and health. To be a more faithful servant and obedient servant.

    The buttons for the Prayer intention are not working.. Please include on Prayer wall and prayers placed befor the alter at Sunday Mass

    ~ Jayne
  • Lord Jesus,forgive my sins I have repeatedly commited agi st you.
    Help me come back to you and please dont leave me in depression. Amen

    ~ Jeswin
  • Please pray for my family that we may unite as one to come to serve the Lord. Pray for my husband, Shawn that he will wall with the Lord. To show us what needs to change so that we are closer with our walk with God the father. Amen.

    ~ Stephanie
  • I I am having surgery on my neck in February, And may need surgery on my lower back also. I pray that God Almighty guides the hands of the surgeon. Amen thank you Jesus

    ~ Jason Douglas
  • For my son & daughter in law to conceive again, have a live birth & bring home a healthy baby and start their family… God has called two babies back to heaven … please give them the family they so much want

    ~ Linda
  • Dear Lord,
    Please Help me..Please.
    I’m shaky, panicky, nervous all the time again.Having to take more medicine. Please Calm me down, and help me Not to be afraid. I cant go back to the old days. Please don’t make me .
    I beg of You. Thank You. I Love You!

    ~ Gail
  • The assistance needed to finish the work on mom’s home making it wheelchair friendly.
    For direction and guidance to properly care for my mother Iris, once I get her back into her home and out of the nursing home.
    Take away all my fears of dissappointing my mother.

    In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

    ~ Diane
  • May my new life in Indianapolis be a good life and watch out for my family and friends

    ~ Eloy
  • My daughter gets strong, gives up her drug use and reunites with her chidren

    ~ Kathryn
  • Praying for God’s protection as I travel to India for my heart surgery and also for God to be my strength all through the procedure and to grant me a quick and smooth recovery during the healing process. Amen.
    Also for my family, that God should grant them all their hearts desires and in their finances too.

    ~ MaryJane
  • For prayers to be answered.

  • Please intercede that we both are bound together with a bond of love that can never be broken .
    That the world, other people, and what ever factor never lessen our love and dependence on each other. That our love be renewed with the same want and commitment as it was when we fell in love. That I be essential to him. To God be the glory.

    ~ Bindu
  • for my daughter and family. My daughter has stage 4 lung cancer and in her brain and lymph she is only 61 years old.

    ~ karen
  • Please pray that i wont lose my job for a mistake i made

    ~ Nick
  • This prayer request is for Lesandro “Junior” Guzman Feliz to continue resting in peace and watch over his amazing mother Leandra. I pray that Justice will continue to be served for this innocent and beautiful beloved baby boy who lost his life way to soon at the young age of 15 due to a horrible tragedy.

    ~ Jennifer
  • Please pray for Jared a young man attending college. He suffered a head injury and is not out of danger at this point . Your prayers are very much appreciated.

    ~ Janet
  • Please pray for my father, Michael Culek as he battles his second round of cancer. Please pray for the safety of my young granddaughter, Stella. Please pray that I have the strength to handle the year ahead with dignity and grace.

    ~ Cate
  • Please pray for Cathy & Chris, 2 disabled adults, whose health is declining due to the acts of some not-so-nice neighbors.

    Please pray that the inspector, arriving on Monday, will have the strength to document the problem—poor indoor air quality, caused by smells coming in from the apartment next door—smells of GARBAGE, feces, TOXIC CHEMICALS, and heavy CIGARETTE SMOKE.

    The inspector’s report will help the landlord.

    Please pray for the not-so-nice neighbors—a new home they love!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Needing prayers for an operation recovery. Lots of pain I live alone. All my families are in Asia. I am 70 years old. Right now I just need prayers to get a bladder that has gone to sleep again today since I came home yesterday. It aggravates my Hemorrhoidectomy operation with much tension and pain. Drinkling fluids, hoping. I left the hospital yesterday after it was taken care of, but has had problem today all day

    ~ Agnes Siew Hoon
  • Dear Lord Jesus, Please help me. I’ve been sick and in pain for so long. I don’t know what is wrong in my stomach, the cramping, nausea, the tumor or ? in the left pocket. The shaking, and nerves. So scared of pedes, cancer, mom dying, the doctor, my colon. Please help us and all the poor suffering animals and people in Australia and beyond in those Terrible fires. I’m afraid of Trump and being at war with Iran or Iraq. Please God, Blessed Mother Mary, Help! I love You All. Thank You! Amen.

    ~ Gail
  • I try but I can’t stop thinking about my ex wife April. Please pray the new guy she’s “with” leaves the scenario and her heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage

    ~ Thomas
  • Zach was in a terrible wreck on Jan 10, 2020 and is still unconscious. Please pray that Zach will come out of this and live to inspire friends and family.
    I pray in the glory of God.

    ~ Zach
  • Pray that God removes the need for validation from people for myself, please pray that he removes my guilt, fear and worry about the problems, or the things I think I need. Please pray he removes the negativity from around my family, from around me and within me. Please pray that we remain financially stable, pray that I go back to work and able to function properly and professionally, and excell my coworkers. Pray that God blesses me with a love, I can trust and depend on, that will let me love

    ~ Davina
  • I believe that I will keep my room 304 & pay rent for it still & be an even better tenant. I also believe, I will be able to walk better again, especially in regards to, my left leg, walking properly. I believe. Wholeheartedly.

    ~ Rico
  • I ask for the health and protection of my family and friends and girlfriend and family. And to keep me safe and healthy too.

    ~ John
  • Good health and healing

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please Pray for a financial miracle so I don’t lose my home and wind up homeless

    ~ Michael
  • I need prayers for my family and for my health and for my relationship I’m struggling with inner demons from the past and I’m having a hard time moving forward please in the name of the father Son and the Holy Spirit please pray for me

    ~ Barbara
  • That I may find happiness in my heart and mind.

    ~ Michael
  • I ask whoever that reads this to please say prayers for my wife. She has been sick for over a month and the local doctors are confused. She is scheduled to see a specialist in a few weeks. We have made several trips to the Emergency Room. Tonight she went to rest early and moments ago came in and sat with me, which is very rare for her, and told me she thinks it something serious. I have been worried sick. She is very close with our daughter and I simply cannot take her place in her life.

    ~ Joseph
  • Please pray for my 5 year old son Elias Jude Guzman we are waiting test results for a possible kidney infection. Pray for healing!

    ~ Lisa
  • Home of my own
    Home for Nicole and her sons
    Health, wealth, happiness and love
    World peace

    ~ KarenLee
  • I ask for prayers for a peaceful and healthy life with joy and fulfillment

    ~ John
  • Pray for me and my family for guidance and protection during this year. May we continue to listen to the Lord. For unity among us, to love each other. For guidance for me to get another job.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my brother, Fred as he tries to establish a business with my husband, Pat; that they are prosperous and work well together.

    ~ Cathy
  • For my family. prayer to bless our new home and our business, our business, has been faced with a lot of challenges. For opportunity and unity in my family.

    ~ Mirabel
  • So that I can recover my health and that my family is well. Thank you

    ~ Dennis
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • I open my heart today as for one last time I beg God in heaven to bless & prosper my finances, delivering to me my financial miracles leading to my financial miracle breakthrough during Thursday January 9th, Friday January 10th & Saturday January 11th 2020 – culminating on Saturday January 11th 2020 with myself being eternally financially wealthy & secure. This will happen. Pray, pray & pray it will! Thank you. John King in Northern Ireland.

    ~ John
  • Praying for safety from the upcoming storms/rains…please spare our community and keep us all safe. Let the storms/rains dissipate prior to reaching us as so many have flood waters still. Protect us all and our properties. Keep first responders safe. Protect our son at all times, no matter where he is or what he is doing.

    ~ G
  • Please pray for Bill. He had hip surgery and has neuropathy in feet. Please pray for a complete recovery. Thank you

    ~ Glo
  • Please pray for Ed. He is having surgery today and tomorrow for Cancer and reconstructive surgery. Praying the doctors get it all and he has a complete recovery. In Jesus’ name. Amen

    ~ Glo
  • On this Thursday January 9th 2020 please send out your positive prayers for me – I just want peace and stability in my life throughout 2020 – peace through financial independence, good health, contentment in life and true peace/happiness. Send out your prayers for me for this to be granted and fulfilled from this day forth, Amen. Thank you. John King, aged 34 living in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

    ~ John
  • Please send plenty of prayers to both of my sister in laws Jody for her heart surgery and Debby for her pneumonia. They are both in their late 60s & early 70s. Please also pray for my family and I & that my liver will be ok. In The Name Of The Father The Son & The Holy Ghost. Amen

    ~ DeLanda
  • Please pray that I keep my gkm case. I’m fearful the client is going to take it away from me. Pray that I can help the client understand they should keep the case with me. Pray the conversation goes well tomorrow and I can address all of the client concerns. I am grateful. Thx

    ~ Terry
  • Please pray that the housing assistance inspectors -Government assisted housing Section 8–will assess my apartment quickly, and that my apartment will pass inspection 2)please pray that people will stop bullying, terrorizing me, rejecting me, discriminating against me, and tormenting me, crucifying me. 3) please pray that I will be healed of cancer, and 4) please pray that God will bless me with some finance

    ~ yvette
  • Dear God,
    Please lead me to the perfect job perfect pay working with people I love and love me. Please break me free from the chains of past unworthiness and fear of success. Please lead me to work for truly good leaders who are clear,kind,passionate,stand by me and appreciate me in words and with pay. May I use my brilliant mind and creativity. Thank you Amen

    ~ Nancy
  • Please pray for 3 yr. old Wyatt Spann. He has cancer, and his doctors have no hope for a recovery. Wyatt needs a miracle.

    ~ Debra
  • Please pray that I may be permanently be cured of my cancer.

    ~ Lorraine
  • For the souls of Silvio Horta, Billy Smith, and Joe Smith.

    ~ James
  • My son-in-law, Marc L, (Catholic) had retinal bleed this afternoon, in his right eye, (only had about 30% vision left. Totally blind in left eye.) He has type 1 diabetes, only 43 yrs old, with 5 yr old daughter. Thank you!

    ~ Nancy
  • please pray for Sonny situation today, Jason MS, Chris’ liver. Sonnys lungs, Alans heart, that God may have mercy on them n heal them. Eternal peace for Alfredo n Demy, Emelino n Paulina. Remy n Horace Conrad, Basilio Alfonso. Thank you.

    ~ K
  • Please pray that my biopsy test results come back with a good outcome. Thank you for hearing these prayers. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Please pray that my surgeries go well, that my husband’s infertility issues will also be healed, and that we may be blessed with a family.

    ~ Anastasia
  • I like to have prayers for my wife and daughters for their transition from their own location to our new location in Alexandria, IN. We have files a request with the courts for intent to relocate my wife Judy and my (Step) daughters. Autumn, Daphne, Jazmine. we’re asking for prayers for a smooth transition with no contest in relocating from Auburn IN to Alexandria IN.

    ~ Daniel
  • Dear Lord, please help me to overcome the temptations in my life. Lord, you know how I love Mike. If he is not for me please take these feelings away. God, if he is not for me don’t let me dream of him. Please if he is not for me don’t let me miss him like I do. Dear Lord, please give me what I need to serve you better. Amen.

    ~ Jacquelynn
  • please pray for Sonny situation today, Jason MS, Chris’ liver. Sonnys lungs, Alans heart, that God may have mercy on them n heal them. Eternal peace for Alfredo n Demy, Emelino n Paulina. Remy n Horace Conrad, Basilio Alfonso. Thank you.

    ~ K
  • My brother is facing amputation of leg because of foot wound that is not healing. please pray that he wont have to have amputation and he have complete healing of wound.

    ~ Sylvia
  • Please Pray for a financial miracle so I don’t lose my home and wind up homeless

    ~ Michael
  • For my dog Neige (my only living family) that she recovers from her spinal/neurological injury and can once again walk and be a source of joy to others. Thank you!

    ~ patricia
  • Please pray that God saves my marriage to John Craig. Thank you.

    ~ Sherri
  • Dear Lord, I want to find myself suitable love and marriage this year and settle in Sydney. I want to be married to a nice educated, single, Indian Hindu boy of my age. Please god grant my wish and be with me in all my trials. Please help me sail through this difficulty in life. Amen

    ~ arti
  • I need prayer in my life BUT I want the people that’s going to pray for me to take it seriously BECAUSE i seems like people are talking the talk but NOT walking the walking… As in the words they speak, they don’t put it into action… I’ve been dealing with this for a DECADE of my life. I don’t whose going to be real about it….but i just want to keep you posted on this. Sorry to say that y’all but I’ve been dealing with betrayal from Christians and prayer and mistreated since I’m autistic????

    ~ Stephone
  • Please pray for healing and protection for Elizabeth A., Anastasia, Elizabeth W., and Christine S. and to remove all obstacles to doing God’s will. Also for a good Christian husband for Christine.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for the successful restoration of the broken relationship between Rianne Kafoa and Richard Ahoia.If it is in Gods will for them to reconcile, marry and have a family..
    May it come to pass.If it is not in Gods will, may the holy spirit guide each person on their own separate paths.

    ~ Rianne
  • Please Pray for healing and strength for Margie Koushe and her Family

    ~ Anonymous
  • Help

    ~ Sarah
  • For an L1 VISA to be approved by the consulate of the US Embassy of Singapore on the spot at this very moment.

    Our Lady of Fatima pray for us

    ~ Joseph
  • Hi, please pray that I am to return to my old job in Washington DC very soon, so that I may be reunited with my colleagues, friends, and my church. Thank you so very much for your prayers.

    ~ Mollie
  • Please give me the strength to lose weight for my health. Protect us and our properties keeping first responders safe. Spare our community. Let the storms/rain dissipate prior to reaching us as so many have flood waters still. Protect our son at all times.

    ~ G
  • Señor Jesús te pido por mi mamá Maria que esta delicada de salud tu sabes que ella necesita de Ti Señor Jesus necesita de Ti Espiritu Santo dale el don de entendimiento para dejarse ayudar Ilumina su Corazón y mándale su Angeles Guardianes para que cuiden de ella y aleja toda hechicería y/o brujería o maldición que hayan puesto en ella. Te lo pido con todo mi corazón Señor Jesus Amén

    ~ Ernesto
  • Señor Jesús te pido por mi mamá Maria que esta delicada de salud tu sabes que ella necesita de Ti Señor Jesus necesita de Ti Espiritu Santo dale el don de entendimiento para dejarse ayudar Ilumina su Corazón y mándale su Angeles Guardianes para que cuiden de ella y aleja toda hechicería y/o brujería o maldición que hayan puesto en ella. Te lo pido con todo mi corazón Señor Jesus Amén

    ~ Ernesto
  • For my 24 year old son who is homeless and living on the streets!
    He is using meth and refuses to take his medication for his bi-polar disorder.
    I have done as much as I can, but ultimately he is a adult and is responsible for his own choices.
    My heart is!????

    ~ Beverly
  • Pray for my father that God will destroy every enchantment and spell use to manipulate him against his son. Restore the fatherly love between me and him. Destroy every manipulative force my step mother is using on him.

    ~ Magnus
  • Please pray that Ammon will decide to not end things with me. Please pray that Ammon will decide to not go out with other girls. Please pray that he will fall in love with me and love me enough that he won’t go out with other girls. Please pray that he will loveme enough that he won’t wantother girls & I will be the only girl that he loves and wants he will realize that I am the one for him. Please pray that he will stop ignoring me &we will reconcile/getbacktogether & will love me like I desire

    ~ Amber
  • Thanks Giving
    Thanks giving to our lady for all petition granted in 2019
    Thanks giving for good result for both of my kids Samantha & Dylan.
    Thanksgiving for all petition answered
    Thank you for the save return of my Dylan back to university
    To close my monthly target at work place
    Special Intention
    1. Good accommodation for Samantha & Dylan 2020
    2. Success. Academic years for both children and successful studies for year 2019-2020
    3. To achieve my monthly sales target for H

    ~ Harold
  • I pray for my family and brother Steve to be successful and happy in life and not experience pain

    ~ John
  • I have a very fluctuating blood pressure.. Please pray for it to come to normal

    ~ Ashwini
  • For my health to improve and my skin lesions and what’s causing it to disappear never to return. As well my intestinal distress. I need to be able to have the energy to downsize my belongings and prepare to live either comfortably where I currently live or prepare to move to a much better location. My neighbors have behavioral issues which affect me greatly at my age. So I pray for their improvement as well.

    ~ Theresa
  • Pray That I Will Prevail Over Sinful People In My EveryDay Travels Life Home That I Will Diligently Keep The Ten Commandments Practice Charity Forgiveness Love Toward My Neighbors Prayer In Schools More People Praying The Rosary All My Priest Friends For The Holy Father That I Will Remain Steadfast In The Friendship Of Jesus And Mary That I Will Conquer The World The Flesh The Devil Poor Souls In Purgatory

    ~ Joseph
  • my girlfriend health. she is passing blood and the dr does not know where she is passing it from. her name is Candy H.

    ~ Collin
  • I need to bring my math score up from a 48 to a 75 to get into an 8 week class for composite material fabrication to get a great job. Please pray I succeed.

    ~ Thomas
  • Thank you for helping for helping me pray for my son and his family, that they have a smooth move to a new city, find good jobs and to help the family and children adjust well and enjoy school and Exploring.
    May they pray together and stay together. God Bless You.

    ~ DeNell
  • For the peace in world, for the health of my husband William Acevedo, for Puerto Rico and mexico (the earthquakes). Thank you and have a blessing day ????????????????????????????????

    ~ Josefina
  • I ask for prayers for healing and purity of heart

    ~ John
  • So my father passes his swallow test

    ~ Mark
  • According to Gods will prayer for miraculous victory in everything I am going through. Prayer God removes unwarranted from house,property, me and my concerns. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • My ex-wife filed a false accusation and got a civil protection order against me so that I cannot see my sons. She’s trying to get it to be in effect for 5 years. Please pray that the CPO will be dismissed very soon so that I will be reunited with my sons, who are 4 and 6. I haven’t been allowed to see them for nearly 4 months.

    ~ Travos
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited

    ~ Michael
  • Dear Lord, Please let my doctor’s appointment go well today. Give my doctor the skills and knowledge to help me with my afflictions so that I can heal and not have any more complications. I need your help now, Lord. Please hear my prayers.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please dear God sever any and all negativity in all of our lives. Help all of us to get in the protection of the dome with only God’s light and love in it. Let us to always see God’s truth and to see past the obstacles and illusions of the negativity. Please protect and guide Alisha in court. Please let her be victorious in court and over the battle with the negativity and live a great and loving life through God’s grace. Amen.

    ~ Alisha
  • My Dad, Buddie Wallace, was diagnosed with Small Cell Stage 4 Lung Cancer almost 2 weeks ago. The doctors told us that he had maybe 6 months left. They said the only choices he had was to try chemo to slow it down, or just go home and call hospice to come in and keep him comfortable until the end. He is 82 years old and not ready to go yet. He is worried about my Mom. She has Alz. He says he has to be here to make sure she is ok. They have been married 62 years. I can’t imagine going on without

    ~ Sharon
  • Thank you go for everything. God i pray for australia for the fires to be controlled and stopped. I pray for those who died and those who were injured. I pray for the sick and the homeless. I pray for my marriage and for my husband. I pray for the health of my family. I pray for my dads diabetes to be under control. I pray for my brother to find god again. I pray for my mom. I pray for everything to be okay. Thank you god. Amen.

    ~ Mari
  • Need prayer to avoid influence of another family in our life. We face family issues because of One of my classmates and family lives in the same town. Please pray for us so that they will no longer be a problem for us. Please pray to have good communication, bond and love between my daughter, husband and myself. Thanks. Kavitha

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that I am accepted into nursing school (preferably my dream school) and that my husband and I can finally have a baby. Thank you

    ~ Ashlea
  • May God the Father be with my family members, Anthony, Theresa, Maria, Sebastian and my wife Jennifer and our child Aaiden and may the hand of God be upon us. May Jesus Christ bless us- use us- protect us -guide us, May the grace, peace, love, mercy, blessings and unity of Jesus Christ be with us. May Jesus Christ forgive us of all our sins and heal us spiritually, physically and mentally and financially and our past. May Jesus Christ deliver us from every sin-evil-curse-bondage and set us free.

    ~ Infant
  • I like to pray for the nation and prat for direction for my children and grands prayer that my finaniance be open more so i can by a house the one i,m in and prayer for familt anf friends an a born again husband who all about god and taking care of familiy

    ~ theresa
  • My boyfriend James Butler battles addiction, and needs support putting God at the center of his life. I just ask for prayers for this and that he receives more of the Holy Spirit to bring him back into the light. He’s a good man.

    ~ Nicole
  • Thank you so much for the blessed Sunday Masa message online Father Justin Lopina on this Sunday January 5, 2020 and thanks for the blessed readings by Tom Popines and thank you for the Blessed singing from the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton choir. Brothers and sisters, continue praying for my severe lower back, hip and both leg pains from arthritis. Continue praying for my high blood pressure to stay normal. May God Bless you all.
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for Gay Riggs, who is currently in ICU. Doctors cannot discern what has made her so sick and see no resolution as of now. Please pray for the Lord to place His hands on her and eradicate the sickness that threatens to kill her.

    ~ Jillian
  • Please pray for me and my daughter. She left my home and ran to her fathers home a year ago. He has alienated me to her for years.
    She will not go to counseling to mend our relationship. She is sick and depressed. She is missing school and getting bad grades.
    Please pray for healing and reuniting.

    ~ Cindy
  • Please pray for Chloe, for complete healing and that the medication she is taking, will not upset her anymore. For healing of ringing of my left ear and for my job and finances. Amen

    ~ Rita
  • My brother in KS and my mother in NJ live in bad living situations I have failed to get them out of. Please pray they be lifted to better places. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family
    We need help fast

    ~ Philip
  • According to Gods will prayer for miraculous victory and vengencevfrom God. Prayer God stops certain people. Prayer for daily prayer answered. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • May God fight against those that conspiring against my wife in her working place. May those who are planning for her downfall in her career lose their office and job. Psalm 109 vs 8.

    ~ ugochukwu
  • Please pray for my daughter Shari. She is going to be taking a test to become a fully licensed Social worker. She is a single mom of 2 small boys and they really need this. This will be her second time taking the test as it’s a very difficult test to pass and she really needs alot of prayers. Thank so much.

    ~ Dawn
  • Dear GOD, Thank You for our many Blessings this past week. Please let Josh, who is abusive and awful, be gone from Allie’s life, please cure Mom, Jackie, Bg, Buffy, Rusty, me. Please, no more pedes, or others, no trouble with neighbors, no more bowel, colon trouble, no painful left lumps, or right foot. No more bleeding or bad bladder, weak bladder. No diseases or infection. No more fires in Australia or anywhere. Please help all suffering animals, people, the innocent and voiceless. I love U.

    ~ Gail M
  • Let 5D negativity be banished from me . Let my aura be cleaned. Let my mindsets be right only. Let my energy self/personality/aura be intense spiritual energy which is normally intensified toward me, healing and also protective.

    ~ I want to be completely conscious of all good
  • I am a diabetic alcoholic & can’t seem to leave alcohol alone. I’ve been like this for so many years, since I was 10 yrs old. I’ve been in & out of jail plenty of times for DUI. I really want to leave it alone now because my health is getting worse day by day & it’s tearing my family apart. I have a total of 7 childrens. My eldest doesn’t even know me bc my 1st baby momma left me w/o telling me she was carrying my seed. I fully regret not being in his life. I soooo pray I could meet my 1st born!

    ~ Mario
  • I prayed so hard for my son & his wife to finally after many years of trying to get pregnant and miscarriage… finally, after years again, they did , only for my precious beautiful granddaughter Audrey Ellin to be taken from us only hours after being born… what kind of cruel Hod does that? Where’s the loving God in doing that??? I’m praying, again , for them to conceive, carry and birth a healthy baby to give these Godly young people the family they so much want and deserve. Thank you

    ~ Linda
  • Lord, please pray for the souls my brothers and sister, Eduardo, Ernesto and Carmelita. May all their souls Rest In Peace. Amen.

    ~ Lourdes
  • Pray for my grandson, Sean who is service in Germany. Lord Jesus keep him safe during these troubled times.
    Prayers for all military families.

    ~ Sharon
  • I have been diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time. My heart is damaged from earlier cancer treatments so options are limited. Please pray that God guides my decisions and provides the strength, courage and faith I need for the days ahead. Please pray that He protects me.

    ~ Diane
  • Please pray for Ryan and that he finds real, lasting love soon in the form of a real loving, lasting relationship

    ~ Ryan
  • Cruzana Lopez ,having difficult time making the right choices . Christina Arias, needs help with helping her daughter with making the right choices, also needs prayers for medical issues. Aileen Casillas needs prayers with getting on her feet financially.

    ~ Barbara
  • Almighty God, please help Alyssa to grow up healthy, happy and normal person without autism. Please help her make the normal talk and walk at her current age now. Make her always brave and sociable person not afraid of anybody or anything. Make her always safe from any harm,danger, accident or illness. Please help her to love and enjoy her school, to stop crying and eat her lunch and snack and nap in school. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ , our Lord Amen.

    ~ Ludy
  • That I have an epiphany of faith.

    ~ Mary Ellen
  • Lord Jesus, please pray for the souls of Mauro & Maria Subala and Leonila Ubaldo. May all their souls Rest In Peace and let Perpetual light shine upon their souls. Amen.

    ~ Lulu
  • In the Name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit please hold up my mother Maryland in prayer she has severe osteoporosis with multiple fractures and severe pain. She’s in the hospital right now and they are trying to manage her pain she also has other issues such as a hyena hernia huge and COPD from smoking. I I pray that the Holy Spirit enter her heart and all of those doctors and nurses and aids that are taking care of her. Bless her with peace and serenity and Gods love and healing.

    ~ Laurie
  • In the Name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit please hold up my mother Maryland in prayer she has severe osteoporosis with multiple fractures and severe pain. She’s in the hospital right now and they are trying to manage her pain she also has other issues such as a hyena hernia huge and COPD from smoking. I I pray that the Holy Spirit enter her heart and all of those doctors and nurses and aids that are taking care of her. Bless her with peace and serenity and Gods love and healing.

    ~ Laurie

    ~ Antonio
  • I pray that I will do better this year, with my health and money wise.

    ~ Irma
  • Prayers for my husband and I. My husband was diagnosed with dementia in Aug 2019. He’s a veteran and I know what my outlook for us is. My husband’s family has suffered a lot with this disease. His mother, sister, aunt (mother’s sister). His sister and dad just passed last year 31/2months apart. Would really appreciate prayers. Thank you.

    ~ Judy
  • For my family: You know our needs and concerns. Please help us, guide us and protect us. Also for my sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces and nephews and Michael , as well as, those who have asked for prayers directly and indirectly. I ask this in the name of Jesus, your Son and our Lord. Amen. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I have only lost in life. Whatever field it be,whether it’s about my love life or my education and career life or my family life, everywhere I was a looser. Lost all the time and now I can’t afford to lose any more things. Neither I could bear any more pain nor stress. My life has become dull. I have become hopeless and faithless. Not able to achieve anything in my life. Please help me out. I don’t wanna lose anything and anymore.please.

    ~ Sunil
  • successful cancer treatment for Ed
    healing for Jeanette after surgery
    healing for Salvatore
    health for Joan and Mary Jane
    successful eye treatment for Arthur
    for the souls of Ann, Rose Anne and Donald sr Crowley
    for the soul of carlos diaz albertini
    for the sale of home

    ~ joan
  • Prayers please in a hopeless situation. Please pray hard. Please pray He will have mercy on us.

    ~ Sarah
  • Please pray that my wife would not want to complete the pending divorce. Please pray for my faith as this is really affecting it 🙁

    ~ Matt
  • I am out of work, my partner is disabled and cannot work, I have 6 rescue cats to feed, I moved to virginia from new york and expenses are the same as ny yet pay is way lower and it is tough to make ends meet here, i rent an old home with many gaps and no insulation in the walls or under the house – my heating bill is very high – i have roaches in the summer as do many living in the hot humid south and this whole situation is most depressing – please pray for me

    ~ Donna
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Rick, Pat, Pam, Roy and Mary Ellen ; please help me with newer

    ~ cnb
  • Please pray for healing and great reduction in pain with my excruciatingly painful back issues & the neuropathy in my hands which is causing less functionality in my hands.

    ~ Sharon
  • Prayers for my son, Cameron, for restored vision, free from retina problems, floaters, and glaucoma.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me to be more obedient to Christ. I want to turn my life around and live it according to his will. Also pray for my mom as she is dealing with after breast cancer treatment.

    ~ Ashley
  • Please pray for my daughter, Maya. May the Lord liberate her from her distress and whatever makes her anxious and depressed. May she know her value and how much she is loved. Heal her emotions, her past, her hurts, her pains. Amen

    ~ Diana
  • I think I’m about to be evicted and homeless again. Please pray I be guided. Thanks.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please Pray for a financial miracle so I don’t lose my home and wind up homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Help me to pray for employment with Blue Cross Blue Shield. I pray that God grants me favor for this position. Let this year be a year of prosperity and success. In Jesus name amen and amen! Thank you!

    ~ Lanessa
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray for the healing of his lower back and right hand. Please pray his co-workers and employers are helpful towards Chris at work. Please pray Chris’ lunchbreaks are given and respected. Thank you so much for your prayers in his time of need.

    ~ Meredith
  • I am unemployed and ask in Jesus’ name that I am able to find a job this month.

    ~ Michael
  • Please God hear our prayers!!! You know what ours hearts have been asking you for. Amen!!!

    ~ Blanca
  • For Jason to have a peaceful passing & for Strenght & acceptance of the family.
    For myself & Kay & all our family friends for good health & safety.


    ~ Dorothy
  • Pray that my next door neighbor stops her smoking in her apartment which is against out leases. This has caused me to use oxygen 24/7, contract PAH which is fatal and great distress at the lack of help from the management here.

    ~ Mary Ann
  • Please pray for everyone and the animals in Australia. And for healing for myself and that my greatgrandson be born healthy ..

    ~ Patricia
  • Thank you Lord for all the beautiful things you have blessed our family with our health and our children. I ask of you to pray for my marriage that you watch over my husband’s heart and bring us back together in your holy union that we were married together by in the beginning. Pleas protect our marriage from all outside influences and that my husband may feel the sorrow of his actions and open his heart to your word of peace, love and kindness. Bring him shame and in that peace with repentance.

    ~ Jacqueline
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we are safe and protected at all times while we are driving our truck and running errands. Please pray our truck is safe and runs strong at all times while we’re driving it. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee and the surgeon says it’s severe that I am candidate for knee replacement. They injected gel & be going for therapy.
    Please pray these treatments makes me recover and Accupuncture. My husband had a kidney transplant .Please let him recover without any complication.
    My son is obese have inguinal hernia and no insurance. Pls make him realize that health is impt
    Pray for my daughter financially struggling who was the donor that she recovers both.

    ~ Moftia
  • For my mother Margaret, prayers that she may recover from her hemorrhagic stroke, may regain her ability to speak and regain mobility in her right side

    ~ Thomas
  • for myself as I had a total knee replacement in December but this one is more painful than the one I had in April feels like someone kicked me in the knee cap and the calf is so painful I can’t use a walker much so I am using a wheelchair to get around.

    ~ margaret
  • I pray that God would change Paul’s life completely so that he would come home now and live a good holy life from now on. Jesus, have mercy on Paul Thank you.

    ~ Diep
  • I pray for a speedy recovery for my recent surgery. I pray for my children and grandson especially rebuilding a closer relationship with them. I pray for my significant other and his children to grant them strength. Thank you for answer prayers. Thank you everyone for praying for me and my family. Lord you know the plans for me and my family. plans for good and plan hope for a future. Lord take away the fear as I pay my bills every month.I know Lord you will alway provide. Amen

    ~ Georgina
  • For my family and friends, Especially to Emily Lachhu, Yasmine Rubiera, and Crystal Valentin. Most Importantly, a prayer to say thank you to our lord and savior for this new year full of hope, joy, and infinite love. In Jesus name, Amen.

    ~ Christian
  • I prayed so hard for my son & his wife to finally after many years of trying to get pregnant and miscarriage… finally, after years again, they did , only for my precious beautiful granddaughter Audrey Ellin to be taken from us only hours after being born… what kind of cruel Hod does that? Where’s the loving God in doing that??? I’m praying, again , for them to conceive, carry and birth a healthy baby to give these Godly young people the family they so much want and deserve. Thank you

    ~ Linda
  • Pray for Matt VerBryck recovery from Hip surgery. Pray for Sue VerBryck to get her A1C down. Pray for Mary T VerBryck she is in alot of pain in her back Help Rumi Peramune get a job. Pray that the US does not go to War with Iran . God Bless

    ~ Sue
  • Please pray ???? for Patricia and James who are sick. Thank you

    ~ Patricia
  • Dear Lord I lift up a prayer for my dad who was hospitalized today. May you pray for Rolando for his healing. May you improve his respiratory status, mental status, and overall condition. Pray that he may be successfully treated and extubated soon that he may be able to be discharged ASAP to celebrate his birthday and our new home. I lift a special prayer for my mom her healing and protection. May you protect and heal my family. In Jesus name Amen


    ~ Melanie
  • Dear Father I come to you to ask you & beg you PLEASE to release my friend Tera unemployment asap and PLEASE BLESS her with her retirement as well, she needs this money to live on for her family. In JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN and AMEN

    Thank you Bless you Father………………….Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for me and my family. We are struggling
    My boyfriend is threatening to leave me. My heart is breaking. This will kill my 9 year old and 1 year old. Please pray we reconcile and fix things please. My heart is breaking

    ~ Liz
  • hello my family today jan 4 is my birthday i really like a birthday miracle and that is to get my bill out of collection among getting my other bills payed off.

    ~ Doreen
  • Father God, I need help with my working relationship with my client. She is too demanding, overtaxing on my emotions, depleting my energy and overworking me in general. I can not go on like this. I pray for an opportunity to move on and for my client to find a different care provider. In the name of Jesus I ask this. Amen.

    ~ Gina
  • Healing of entire body, child support back pay be released, new career with excellent benefits/salary. Thank you so much!

    ~ Stephanie
  • According to Gods Will prayer for daily prayer answered and miraculous legal victory against violators especially J7. Prayer for miraculous Justice. Prayer for unspoken requests. Prayer God removes permanently daily violators. In Jesus Name iask.

    ~ Prayer
  • Pray that God helps me let go of the past and move on, please pray he forgives, those around me that love me forgive me as well. Please pray that he blesses me with courage and strength, please pray that I’m blind to negativity and hate, pray he helps me think be and feel positive about life and the things in it. Please pray he cleanses my soul and removes the shame. Please pray we remain financially stable with prosperity in finances.Pray he sends me a man that I can love,trust,whose dependable

    ~ Davina
  • I pray that God may touch the heart of my landlord to be more caring and responsive to my request for a new apartment as we earlier discussed not minding the changes and circumstances.

    I also pray that God will continue to bless and protect my wife especially, in this her first pregnancy and grant her safe delivery whenever she is due all to God’s own glory Amen.

    Lastly, I pray for God’s guidance and sustenance in my work and prospects this year & to bless those in most need of His mercy.

    ~ Anselm
  • For my son to have more confidence in him self and to go on with his life For the depression to go away.

    ~ mary ellen
  • prayers for my cousin’s husband buddy who is undergoing cancer treatment. prayers for my daughter victoria who is struggling with school and with her faith.

    ~ kimberly
  • That we get settlement on case.this week for my health and my families health, and for all the homeless dogs and cats that they find homes.

    ~ anonymous
  • Please pray for me that my Supervisor is no longer mad at me for making a honest mistake at work so I that I can keep my job. Thank you and God Bless.

    ~ Robert
  • We pray that Joe’s kidneys can be healed and our pains be relieved. Please heal our finances in Jesus name we ask, amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for Joseph Micarlo Emile and Marie Joseph Saintelice two young Haitian who want to marry, get work and have a child. Pray for the success of their Marriage

    ~ Micarlo
  • For the soul of Derek Johnson.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • I ask for prayers of mental and physical healing of my mind body and soul through the Lord

    ~ John

    ~ Marie-claire
  • I pray that my ex significant other gets the help she needs. Also, that God will reconcile us. Finally, that I have the strength to get through this tough time.

    ~ Michae
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter and I will be reunited

    ~ Michael
  • Pray for me to have a blessed year and decade.

    ~ Shane
  • Please pray for the repose of the soul of Derek Acorah from England who died on January 3rd 2020 at the age of 69 after a short illness. Derek claimed to be a spiritualist medium and worked in this business for 30 years. He leaves behind his wife Gwen. Pray that Derek will rest in peace, enjoying the peace/comfort of heaven and that Gwen and his family left behind will be comforted in their mourning/grief at the loss of Derek. Thank You. From John King.

    ~ John
  • I pray for my family. I pray for Australia, for the fires to stop and for the people and animals be safe. I pray for the health of my family. I pray for my babies to grow strong, healthy, and god loving. I pray for my mental health and my marriage. I pray for my husband and his family for them to be more loving towards each other. I pray for my inlaws to find god again and to stay away from the vices that cause them more pain. And for me to find a better job. Thank you god for everything. amen.

    ~ Mari
  • Please god. I pray for my marriage. For my husband to find god again. I pray for my family for their health. I pray for the people who lost their way with god. May they find their way again. I pray for the poor and less fortunate. I pray for those with mental illnesses or suicidal thoughts. I pray for victims of any crimes. Pray for the sick and those who are suffering. Thank you god for everything you have given me. I am grateful for all you have done and all the lessons you gave me. Amen.

    ~ Mari
  • Please pray for Jessie and Joey to be found alive and well by the police, they are teenage siblings missing for a week, thank you so much for praying for them…!!!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Urgent request. Needing extreme help & protection for several urgent things happening right now. Standing in faith and believing for a miracle.Thanks!

    ~ Anne
  • For Charles as he deals with the mounting medical bills incurred from his wife and her condition with Huntington’s Disease. He is tremendously overwhelmed trying to manage both the finances and the emotional toil caused by his wife of 2 years. She has no concept of money management and has caused a crisis with the household money budget.

    ~ Jacqueline
  • Please pray for the Lord to give my son the strength to stop drinking. Thank you and may God bless you.

    ~ Jeanie
  • My brother and sister in law have an adopted autistic son danny. My sister in laws mom is almost 80 and has a very dirty house and is always fostering kids. From being at her house w all the random kids from troubled places my brother, sister in law and their son are always picking up gross things like scabies and bugs, etc. Please pray for all the gross things to stay away from my kids Lola, Emmett and me. Pray that they cannot wreck or destroy or hurt us in any ways….in Jesus name

    ~ Amanda
  • Pls pray for my cousin Maria Theresa. She’s fighting with cancer and currently in ICU with a very low blood pressure and very high blood sugar. May the good Lord send His Holy Spirit to heal her. Thank you so much and God bless

    ~ Lenny

  • Please pray for me to get offered a job transfer with my job to move from Miami, FL to Rochester, NY to be near my children and grandchildren, I am so homesick being down here with no family, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    ~ Donna
  • Please pray that my daughter Lindsey East finds her way back to the church and out of being homeless with my 2 grandchildren. She trying but evil is always fighting her progress out of being homeless and jobless. Please Dear God in Heaven turn her anger and bitterness into happiness and love for you. Please dear Lord take care of my grandchildren Rosemarie and Markus watch over and protect them from any harm from anyone. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

    ~ Benita