• Please pray I get the postal job, a car, a home, a home and my ex wife back. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Thank you Father Matthew Widder for an awesome gospel message along with the beautiful songs sung by the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton choir on this Sunday Mass online September 2, 2018. Continue praying for my health problems that I will be restored to good health soon. Also pray that I sell my mother’s land this Tuesday September 4th that I inherited so I can get caught up on behind bills.
    I got behind $750 on storage rental due by September 9th. May God Bless !!
    Delores Jackson
    Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • Conversion for my niece Christie & her “husband “ Cem. Healing mental & spiritual & physical for all who I pray for & all who have asked me to pray.

    ~ Carrie
  • God, I ask you to please remove all robbers, harrassers, bigots, Fink’s, scorners and those people who stand behind them in support of their doings from my whole life forever. That they repent any bad doings on me that disrupted my whole existence and sucess. A Men

    ~ Dollywood
  • According to The Lords will prayer for GOds Trnity to fight a major battle for me againt all the manipulation of different kinds from k and others. Prayer no weaons shall prosper and God will undertake, firgh and win them all. in Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • Praying for good health for my family and that we stay on the right path

    ~ Monica
  • Please pray God quickly moves on the hearts of doctors & others with whom I need favor—that I find willingness & the funds for the orthopedic procedures I desperately need. This is a real emergency. Thank you!

    ~ Sheila
  • For my 20 year old nephew Adam, who committed suicide a couple of weeks ago. I pray for his soul, for his salvation and for peace for his weary soul. I pray for our family, who sit in a culture of pain and silence, who do not know how to grieve, who get easily discouraged. I pray that we are able to find and experience Jesus throughout this sad time and that Jesus can draw us close and heal us. And for this culture we live in to admit the reality of this problem & do something about it.

    ~ V.
  • For the restored health of Joanne Bucci as she goes through this chemotherapy.

    For the restored health of Francina Fantauzzo for all her physical and mental health ailments.

    For the patience and health of Rose Geurds as she cares for her bedridden sister.

    ~ Phyllis
  • Prayer for my family..that the Lord may give us peace at this time..we have lost our dearest father, may he rest in peace. Love you daddy and we miss you dearly. May the Lord be with us and for all those who have lost loved ones.

    ~ Maria
  • For Andy Martin
    For the salvation , for admittance of wrong doing and remorse of sin. To become a good father to his son and friend to others.

    ~ Clare
  • Lord please bless my family – my sons, my father and myself – with a home here in Rankin Inlet.

    ~ Mandy
  • Father God help me to find your best house for me. Order my steps in your Word towards it. Lead and guide me to your best place for me. In Jesus name Father I thank you and the Holy Spirit for giving me the gifts and fruit I need to move to another home. Amen

    ~ Maria
  • I need prayers for my health that soon I will be well again plz and for my family and friends.And all the Heart of The Nation Viewers!! Thank you Jesus I am a mother of seven going through some very very tough times all I know is if I have Jesus on my side everything will be better I ask you to pray for me help me through this time so the things will get better I need prayers love and support can I watch every Sunday it’s comforting and I love each and every one of the priest who give the sermon

    ~ Kelly
  • Please pray for my sister charlotte andrist. she has just been diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer. Please ask our Lord to stay with her every moment and defeat this terrible disease. She has spent her life doing His work on earth. I believe in miracles and I am asking that God grant her this one. Thank you for the wonderful thing you do. With gratitude, Cheryl

    ~ cheryl
  • Having bad urine infection few months despite taking treatment.Lord beg you to cure me.Lord also pls bless my kidney stones removal procedure so that it will be safe , successful. Beg you Lord to touch mother’s throat so that she can swallow food & doctor can remove feeding tube.Thank You & Praise You Lord.

    ~ Suresh
  • For my sister Rebecca who will be giving birth this month, that her child will be healthy and the labor and delivery as pain-free as possible.

    ~ Anonymous
  • On Tuesday September 4th I will be taking the second assessment of the postal exam. Please pray I pass it and get the job so that I can get a car, a home, an education and hopefully Lord willing my ex wife back. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray for our church and our leadership as we are seeking to become much more focused on discipleship formation, spiritual growth, and hands-on mission, and are embracing much systemic dysfunction and possibly spiritual warfare. Pray for our pastors and leaders who are tired, a bit discouraged, and need the church to make some significant breakthrough.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My name is Leajia ( Lee Asia) please agree with me in prayer for healing of my entire body, angels of protection around me and my entire family, deliverance from all evil, deliverance from all lies being spoken about me, deliverance from all generational curses and spells, increase of my beauty inside and out, attractiveness, increase of my feminism, happiness, peace, strength, a godly husband in 2018, confidence, financial blessings, promotions, favor on my life, prosperity in every area of my

    ~ Leajia
  • Dear Jesus, Our Lord – please help me with my physical pain and continue to heal me. I feel Blessed that YOU are in my daily life, 24/7, unconditionally.
    As YOU are all loving, giving, holy and will guide me on this journey.
    Thank YOU for allowing me to change my life to live for YOU and to be welcomed into your heavenly kingdom when YOU desire – as YOU God are the creator who knows all on earth and in heaven.
    Thank YOU Lord Jesus for being my GOD with our Father and Holy Spirit.

    ~ Pam
  • For Andrew who left the Catholic Church
    That he may learn about the Catholic teachings ,faith and role in the worldwide church from true sources rather then from polemics of other denominations

    ~ Paul
  • Today I will extol the Lord; praise shall continually be on my lips. My soul will boast in the Lord; when I am afflicted I will hear the voice of my God and rejoice. Come, glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together. When I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. I look to Him and I am radiant, my face is never covered with shame. I called, and He heard me; He saved me out of all my troubles. The angel of the Lord encamps around me because I revere Hi

    ~ Robin
  • Please pray once again even though we are divorced the Holy Spirit will work convincingly in Aprils heart mind soul and life convincing her to turn and seek the healing and restoration of our marriage.

    ~ tom
  • Thank You!

    *Answered prayers*

    Thank you Dear God, Mother of Jesus and my beautiful Jesus Christ for all
    my blessings given to me. Thank you for all my answered prayers !!! I love
    You….. All !!!

    Kindly………… Bless……………

    Dear Universe…. God……. Jesus Christ…… AnD Mother Mary………. Please
    be a shield for my Father and protect him ALWAYS. Please bless him to be
    always happy and healthy & live for more than 100 years old as he is 78years old now! Kindly Bless My Dad!!!

    ~ Dayna
  • Kindly…………….. Bless……………….

    Dear Universe…. God……. Jesus Christ…… AnD Mother Mary………. Please
    be a shield for my Father and protect him ALWAYS. Please bless him to be
    always happy and healthy and live a very very long life more than 100years old. He is having difficulty in breathing as he is coming to 78 years old! I am leaving him in your hands trusting in you my lord..

    ~ Dayna
  • Request prayer for dad(Joseph), who is in Intensive Care Unit from complications after open heart surgery.

    ~ B
  • Please lord heal me from within place your hands n my body and make me well again only thy father can do this in Jesus name amen

    ~ linda
  • We pray for my father, Tim Pinnick, who has a recurrence of cancer that is difficult to treat. We pray for immediate, miraculous healing of all kinds of it is God’s will. We pray for great clarity, peace, hope, and joy amidst the suffering

    ~ Maggie
  • For Emanuel, for his conversion and spiritual healing.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Request prayers – The sickness is circulating inside home, everytime someone is sick. Please pray for me and my family. Also please pray for the job security of me and my team. Thank you for many many things that I have received from God the almighty especially by requesting prayers from here.

    ~ Ciby - Mathew
  • Im emotionally downtrodden however I come again to ask you pray the Holy Spirit work convincingly in my ex wife Aprils heart soul mind and life to turn and seek the healing and restoration of our marriage and if it not be his will I be shown so.

    ~ tom
  • On Tuesday September 4th I will be taking the second part of the U.S. Postal service exam. Please pray that I pass it and that I will be allowed to go to work there. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray for my wife and i that God should have mercy and let us conceive identical twin girls this year September and carry it to term and deliver safely in 9 months time.Amen

    Please pray that we also be promoted at our work places in Jesus Name.Amen

    Mrs and Mrs Olufisayo Olaobaju

    ~ Olufisayo
  • Pray for my mother and loved ones to reject all alt-right nonsense and for her to repent for recieving roses and baby’s breath flowers from my former stepfather as it is wrong for them to carry on their trust and being lust buddies.

    ~ Shane
  • Please help my grandson as he starts a new school year.. Help him to be kind and pay attention in his classes. my son needs peace with his marriage and drinking. Only you can help him.. Thank you for my wonderful Pat and my friends. Bless my children and family.. Guide my daughter in making life choices…Praise and thanks to our God.

    ~ Jan
  • I ask for all prayers and intercessions to help me find a position that the Lord has granted for me close to home. So that I maybe close to my family and my brothers as well. As the oldest it is my responsibility now to take care of my parents and my brothers as well as my family and lead them in the lord’s path. I pray that the Lord will heal me from this ailment and that I will not be driving anymore. His opportunity for me to work close to home is granted.

  • Our Father in Heaven, Our Lord Jesus Christ, O Great Holy Spirit, O Holy Trinity One Holy God, we give Thee thanks for answering all our prayers. May God bless Jason Allen Alexander and may God provide him a lot of graces for helping me. May God bless the Catholic priests, nuns, and prayer teams who prayed. Thanks for praying.

    ~ Resmi
  • ¶Lord i pray for i and my husband kelvin. Have mercy on us and continue to remember us. Lord let your love continue to grow in our lives and bless us spiritually,financially and in all ways. Continue to make us happy and make us grow in the will of God. Amen

    ¶Lord I soak my unborn children into your hands, bless my womb and make me a joyful mother. Lord please bless my womb and make it fruitful.I decree my children are the first and not last, the best and not least. Amen

    ~ Chiamaka
  • Dears,
    Please Prayer that Our GOD FATHER Through Our JESUS CHRIST FATHER Protected to Pop Sb, Bishops, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Elders, Pastors, Evangelists, Management, Security, My Mother, Sisters, Wife, Brothers in Law, Chachu, Khala, Daim, Alisha, Angel, Anna, Anaya, Adan, Maham, Yashab, Ibrahim, Dua, Emanuel, Aayat, Brothers, Friends, All Christians Their Jobs,Marriages,Healths, Me,My Job,Section its Records,Accounts,Audit,Missing Misc.Receipts, Imprest Cash Book Balance,Le

    ~ Alex
  • Please pray for God to find a full-time nanny for a family with 2 young boys with some challenges. This has been an on-going struggle and the family needs the help of God to find the right person who will be successful and hopefully long-term.
    We ask this with expectant faith, trusting in the goodness and loving care of God.
    Thank you!

    ~ NANCY
  • Tomorrow my client, Yara, who bought a house from my company is going to receive a notification from our lawyer about a debt she has over the house. I ask that she pays without the need to go to trial Dear God.
    They will only pay my commission for that sale if she pays 😓

    ~ Gerry
  • Please pray for my mother, Leticia Relatos. She was been diagnosed with MDS (rare bone marrow/blood cancer). We are praying for her miraculous healing from this terrible illness.

    Dear Lord, please comfort her and give her strength and courage. We humbly pray for your healing in body, mind and spirit.

    ~ Maria Teresa
  • I believe demonic forces have been attacking myself and my family driving things to go against the will of God. Please pray His Angels be sent to defend against and drive away these demons that His will be done. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • Father please help Tiann and her family. Guide them and take care of them. help them to overcome the difficulites they are going through. Please help S to be the Father you want him to be and K be the Daughter you want her to be. Help them to repair their relationship.And to learn to be Good Listeners of one another.Help them to be patient and guide them down the right path that leads to you. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

  • Thank you Father for all the blessings you have provided for my family and I. I pray that you will help us through our difficult time. And that you will guide us down the right path. We are struggling and need your help. Please help us to overcome these set backs in which we are dealing with. I ask that you continue to Bless us and keep us safe and continue to provide for all our needs. In Jesus name I pray ,AMEN

  • Please pray that I will get the Post Office job, a car, an education and the Holy Spirit will move my ex wife April to seek the restoration of our marriage.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray for my husband Ajitabh so that God touches his heart and he withdraw a divorce case and come back to me and his daughter. Lord forgive me that I have hurt my husband by my words and actions. I regret it very much, and I will do anything to correct my mistakes. I pray for my husband to come back to us because we love him very much.

    ~ Maria
  • According to The Lords will prayer for Gods Trinity abundant healing and protetion and angels from spirit abuser and God to fight and win the war for me. Prayer no weapons shall prosper and Gods Trinity will undertake. Prayer for unspoken requests. In Jesus Name i ask. Prayer for blessings and miracles in my dily life. In Jesus Name i ask. Praising Gods Trinity for HIs Grace and Mercy!!!

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • Holy Mary, Mother of God and Mother of all of God’s children, look with your eyes of love on your son Eric. Please bless him and help him. Please draw Eric to Jesus…open his eyes to see Jesus Christ as his Savior, Lord, and God. May he know God’s love for himself.
    Please pray that Eric be inspired by Jesus Christ and that he place his faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ.Pray for his salvation and his well-being in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen

    ~ Alfred
  • Please pray that Chris and Chloe develop a love for prayer and the Sacraments.

    ~ Kera
  • According to The Lords will prayer for Gods Trinity abundant healing and protetion and angels from spirit abuser and God to fight and win the war for me. Prayer no weapons shall prosper and Gods Trinity will undertake. Prayer for unspoken requests. In Jesus Name i ask. Prayer for blessings and miracles in my dily life. In Jesus Name i ask. Praising Gods Trinity for HIs Grace and Mercy!!!

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now