• Please pray for my broken family. We are all divided and during the holiday it is especially said. Please pray for God’s grace and healing in my family and all broken homes.

    ~ Beto
  • I am very concerned that my lovely Christian daughter is in live-in relationship with a malevolent psychopathic man. She is beguiled and unable to see what I and others see. This man is dangerous but I cannot get through to her to leave him and come back with me to Australia. Please pray her eyes will be opened. She deserves so much better and I fear for her welfare spiritually, emotionally and physically. God bless all who pray with me.

    ~ Jeff
  • Restore a broken relationship for myself ALBERT and mina .And pray for the man who broke it for him to realize how many people were affected by this breakup.Thank you and God bless

    ~ albert
  • I will be having the eviction hearing tomorrow at Bond County Housing authority Greenville, Illinois. Please pray that God reveals the truth. I am not guilty of the accusations against me.

    ~ Shandye
  • Please pray for the delightful young man who was ringing the bell for The Salvation Army. I don’t know his name , but our dearest Lord does. He has bright blue eyes and the dear soul was missing many of his teeth. Please pray for this cheerful soul . In Jesus name. I thank all of you so much. May God bless you and keep you ( and this dear man) safe and loved always.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray God will acknowledge today that my anxiety condition I have had for 25 years is now very horrible every second I am alive and that it is totally unbearable along with my claustrophobia and please pray God will send the medicines He knows will help me tremendously come out of my suffering. And that God secretly knowing how horrible this is and how lonely I am and that
    the rest of my family are fine that He will start sending the meds to help me starting today!

    ~ chris
  • Please pray for me and my family. We are facing strong demonic oppression. Stagnating our prayer lives, health, finances and love lives.

    My father is sick with his heart, kidneys, diabetes circulation in his feet and stomach damage.
    We are also facing eviction and wants to purchase the home but its too expensive.

    Please pray in Jesus’ name for our release and deliverance from all those afflictions and adversities.

    God Bless.

    ~ Roxy


    ~ nim
  • I ask for prayers for my dad’s healing in his liver. I pray tgat the doctor will provide a successful diagnosis and treatment.

    ~ Karen
  • Please pray for my family and friends, especially my mother and father, my sisters Debbie and Laure, my brother MIchael, my nephews Billy, Nicholas, Brendon, Victor and Joey, my nieces Jennifer, Tiffany, Jessica, Ashley, Natalie, Jennifer and Breanna. Also, please bless my son Jonathan, Christine, Ian and Lucas. Please watch over them, protect them and keep them safe. Also Dear Lord and Mother Mary forgive, guide, protect, bless and help them with there health issues Lally my family and friends.

    ~ Jan
  • For John Slattery and his wife Rebecca. Newlyweds – she has breast cancer, and is non Christian. And cannot get pregnant. Pray for healing of cancer and most of all for her to be touched by the Holy Spirit and honor John’s Catholic values for birth control and abortion. And pray she not be or get pregnant. John is going crazy with fear of sin.

    ~ Elaine
  • For the Soul of my dear Father William Henry McCue Sr. That he has found a peaceful rest with our Lord and for my loving mother Linda Ann McCue May she find the strength to carry on until she can join my father in our Loving Gods embrace.

    ~ William
  • Dear Jesus Please send your blessing so that my sight will be restored and that Tim and Andrea will give me a new car so that I may go to mass and other errands. I am grateful for all you do for me and give you my heartfelt thanks.
    Amen, Joli

    ~ Jolan
  • Dear Brothers and sisters, Father Mark Payne, Father Tony and all the other priests that do Sunday Mass online at Heart of the Nation: Continue praying for my health issues and that I will be restored to good health. Pray for my daughter Monika’s new job and that it will last a long time. Pray for my son in law’s mental condition of depression. I love all of you so much. Merry Christmas to all !!

    Delores J,
    West Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • I’m asking for prayers for my friend that she would be healed from cancer.

    ~ Betty
  • I feel very sad all the time and have tried to fix it. I am very depressed and feel like I am in a horrible amount of emotional pain. I am asking for prayers.

    ~ Florence
  • Help for my wife’s pain discomfort. Thank s and help in the move to assist living

    ~ Phil
  • God;s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • My Jesus, Please heal me, I have a frozen shoulder. I’d like to be well so I could do my chores, go to work without too much pain. Please also heal my husband, children brothers and sisters who have ailments. Please bless us, guide us in our endeavors, keep us safe from harm and most of all, thanking you for all the healing and wonderful blessings you have bestowed upon us.

    ~ doris
  • Prayers for my friend Martin Stadler who was diagnosed with Inoperable Liver Cancer March 2017
    Martin went to the Doctors Wednesday, 13th od this past week and was told he had 3months. I pray for forgiveness, for the peace of mind and heart, and for him not to suffer. To be comfortable and be comforted.
    Thank You, and Peace be with you,
    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

    ~ dawn
  • For the souls of my family who have preceded me in death.

    For my husband Jim who is studying in RCIA for baptism
    For Joshua, who is an addict

    ~ Sharon
  • Please pray for me for the healing grace of God

    ~ Sarah
    HAPPY HOLIDAY’S🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

    ~ Grace
  • Please Father God for all evil forces over me to be broken, for my direct tv box to be returned to me, and for me to use my new cell phone with no problems.

    ~ Rebecca
  • Increased finances, improved health for myself, my daughter, and other family members, for a new affordable place to live.
    Thanks be to God !

    ~ Barbara
  • I am requesting prayers for someone very dear to me. He was recently diagnosed with depression and the doctor found 12 clots in his brain. He’s suicidal and at a point where he doesn’t even want to live but i know that’s just what the devil wants. I believe that God can heal him. Please, assist me in prayer. It’s an emergency.

    ~ Nerkisha
  • i was recently moved out of a heated dangerous area to a more peaceful non violent. my rent is paid for me until i receive my ssi. my case mgr told me they take care of my renters ins for a couple of months til my family could budget it. i believed her for that. they are limited income and cant produce what State Farm is asking for in January. they barely care for themselves and i . sometimes money is missing off their debit card that they didnt spend. i told my case mgr i cant commit to it

    ~ Brenda
  • Pray for my mom Juliana and my dad Andres. Pray that they stay strong in their faith and stop fighting and arguing all the time.

    ~ Ada

    ~ GERALD
  • Please pray for my niece, Diane, who is suffering from depression. She left her 2 girls when they were little with their father in a divorce and now that they are grown up, they hold a grudge against her and will not allow her to be a part of their lives, no matter how much she apologizes for the past. The girls both have children now and she would love to have a relationship with them so she can be part of their lives. She calls me and cries. She’s a nurse and helps other people. Now she help.

    ~ Margery
  • Please pray for the homeless. (Especially MIB , BSM, and MWD )
    Thank you with all my heart, Karen

    ~ karen
  • Please pray for my family and my all extended family specially my ill sisters
    and brothers. To heal them from bad illness and cure them from cancer , and severe migrain and Ahsma.😚😐

    With my prayers for you all I thank from the bottom of my heart.
    Antoinette A.

    ~ Antoinette
  • For Nick so that he continues to do good in his battle against cancer. May the cancer go away and he can feel good again.

    ~ Cathy
  • I want to design my life by adding more intently a divine aspect when making decisions…I believe if we start there, we add our heavenly fathers participation and guidance…..My prayer is for consistency for myself and the world at large…..

    ~ Joyce
  • My husband Marcos Garcia had his esophagus removed cause he had cancer but still its been a year and he can’t eat so please pray that he can eat even if its only a little at a time

    ~ Florence
  • I pray to the Lord that if it be His will that I may be blessed with a full time job.

    ~ David
  • I pray for peace for my daughter Aimee. Prayers for her to get her visitation for children resolved. Prayers for spiritual and emotional growth. Blessed be.

    ~ Suzanne
  • My brother Bob and his son Daniel are in distress and their relationship has suffered. Both have dealt with addiction issues and Daniel is recovering. Both may be physically ill but refuse medical aid. Bob’s job was lost through downsize and the wife/mother is the only income so money difficulties have added to the stress. Their spiritual health is at risk

    ~ Anne
  • My brother Tim, has spent the last ten years in jail for a crime that was maybe intended, but not committed. It is time for him to get out, the punishment has far exceeded the crime. My family has suffered. My father has suffered the most. He cannot deal with the consequences anymore, yet he will not stop making it his sentence as well. Please pray for my brother, he has a parole hearing for the first time in ten years, it is time for him to be released. He is not a danger to anyone.

    ~ Jeannie
  • My brother Tim, has spent the last ten years in jail for a crime that was maybe intended, but not committed. It is time for him to get out, the punishment has far exceeded the crime. My family has suffered. My father has suffered the most. He cannot deal with the consequences anymore, yet he will not stop making it his sentence as well. Please pray for my brother, he has a parole hearing for the first time in ten years, it is time for him to be released. He is not a danger to anyone.

    ~ Jeannie
  • Sherann is on hospice

    ~ Sherann
  • For God’s Mercy and Healing

    ~ joel
  • For my Aunt anniversary of her death today.

    ~ Heather
  • Please pray for my sister, Jackie. She has applied for Social Security disability because she is disabled and unable to work. She is just recently widowed. She was the care taker of her husband for years and it has pulled her health down. Social Security turned her down so she is appealing their denial. Her SS judge never even asked for her information from her doctors regarding her condition. Please pray her appeal will result in her getting SS disability so she can keep a roof over her head

    ~ Sherry
  • Please pray for me so I can get better and the pains in my right side goes away and I can walk to be able to get to church again please pray for me and so I can drive to church thank you and God Bless every one.

    ~ Mary ann
  • Please help my aunt Clara recover from her heart surgery. Please have her be back to herself soon and not have any permanent damage from the anesthesia. Please help her recover very soon

    ~ Sue
  • For Max McMullen and all those who love him. May the heavens receive his jovial soul as the angels comfort his mother, brother, & family with the light of Our Lord.
    At 14 years old he will meet his maker and start his next journey. On earth his smile, his fight, his inspiration, and his curls will forever be missed. A wonderful Angel the heavens have recieved, his wings recieved, and may peace find us all as we try to understand.
    Pray for all those who battle, survive, and get taken by cancer.

    ~ Crystal
  • All my family and friends
    Myself that my foot heals

    ~ Amy
  • For the sale of our Yuba City home so my husband and I can be reunited as a family as he works down there and visits when time and finances allow. For my children’s marriages. May they grow stronger in their faith and spirituality in love and respect for each other. so that they see the importance of baptisms of their precious children.

    ~ Monica
  • Please Pray for my Mother (Shirley A. Cochrane) as she is in ICU of the Heart Hospital in Albuquerque with Pneumonia, congestive heart failure and COPD.

    ~ Collette
  • I live all the way in London and have began following you guys from today. I love you guys already. Just one slight problem, I feel sometimes as if I only come and pray to God when I have a problem. God is one of my best friends but I just need some prayer to help me pray and remember to speak to God regularly. I really crave for it to be a natural instinct. I also ask if you guys join me in prayer so God can help me provide me with everything I’ve lost. Money, motivation and confidence.

    ~ Levi
  • Prayers for mark to get a good job in this area. Prayers for all family and friends to be healed of all illnesses worries and anxiety . Prayers for all family members to be healthy , happy and safe. Prayers for the end of abortion . Prayers for world peace. Prayers for all affected by the wild fires in California .

    ~ Barbara
  • The Prayer request is for my mother who suffers from dementia she is at Carmel Richmond nursing home here in Staten Island New York, my mother’s name is Baudilia Torres of Staten Island New York

    ~ Cristobal
  • May God: Remember A firefighters like Noah; Favor A firefighters like Moses; Honor A firefighters like Mary; Fight for A firefighters like Israelites; Prosper A firefighters like Isaac; Promote A firefighters like Joseph; Intervene for you like Esther; Protect you like Daniel; Use you like Paul; Heal you like Naaman; Answer A firefighters like Elijah; Anoint A firefighters like David; & keep A firefighters safe like Shadrach, Meschack & Abednego.
    In Jesus name we pray.

    ~ c
  • Father, we thank You for Your loving care for CA citizens during this time of grief and despair. Thank You, Father, for blessing those who trust in You, who have made You their hope and confidence. Thank You for loving us so much that You sent Your Son, Jesus Christ to redeem us from a life of despair and hopelessness. Gracious Father, we praise You with all of our hearts. You merely spoke and the heavens were created. You breathed the word and all of the stars were born. Your plans stand firm

    ~ c
  • Please pray for me that I receive the necessary resources to move back home to spend time with my mom who is 92 yrs old and my family and friends. Plus, I also want to help as many people in need before I leave this earth.

    ~ ROBIN
  • Please Lord I ask for open door & to help me find a job. In need of some prayers.

    ~ Esmeralda
  • Please pray remission from lung disease.

    ~ Jean
  • For the Lord to watch over my family, keep them safe & healthy and for full-time employment for myself,

    ~ Lori
  • For my wife Marion Ramirez please Lord God, that she may be restored to health, if it be Your Will, I ask this in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ our Redemer.
    Hail Mary mother of our Redemer, carry our supplication to our Lord God we ask in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, Amen

    ~ Richard
  • Please pray for my niece Mattie Henzel. She woke up to find her mother deceased. Mattie is an only child and just graduated high school. Her father was never in her life and also died about 7 years ago. Mattie took care of her disabled mother since she was 13. She grew up too fast. She is fighting depression, anxiety and the grief is overwhelming at times. She wants to go into neurology and is putting herself through college with grants and scholarships. She worries. Please keep us in prayer.

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray that I get the job listed for custodial with the city of Wichita that I might no longer be homeless and can get back on my feet. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray that even though we are divorced the Holy Spirit will guide Aprils heart soul mind and life to turn to the healing and restoration of our marriage and make me the man and husband she wants and needs and I gain employment tomorrow to pay the bills and get back on my feet.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray for the soul of Jerome B. Elmore
    Also please pray for Joseph C. Elmore to stay sober and drug free and finish
    His Engineering degree

    ~ Barbara
  • Please help me forget about the man I was having an affair on my husband with. Please help me not be concerned in any way what he is doing or who he is with. Please help me to only be worried about putting my own marriage & family back together

    ~ Beth
  • Even though we are divorced please pray that the Holy Spirit moves deeply in Aprils heart soul mind and life to guide her back to the healing and restoration of our marriage.

    ~ tom
  • Praying for peace and strength as I go through surgery. Cancer cells found in uterus.
    Dear Lord, hear my prayer.

    ~ Cindy
  • Please pray for my marriage to David to be blessed. And that David stops giving Kristen $250 a week and he cancels all direct debits

    ~ Anne


    ~ kk
  • My mother Saphia Mathew Clement is very weak and has health issues. We have a doctors appointment on Tuesday 28th Nov and Wednesday 29th Nov. Please pray for her health and recovery

    ~ Sharjil
  • Even though we are divorced please pray that the Holy Spirit will cause Aprils heart soul mind and life to turn to the restoration of our marriage and that I become the man and husband she needs and wants. Please let my car keep starting until I can fix it. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • Pray for Tim, & especially that he’ll be free now from alcoholism

    ~ Mark
  • pray for my family. we have rented a home. pray we are never homeless again and we get along with the landlords. Pray God gives me a wife and she is never married and we have a great love for God and each other. Pray for God to bless me and help me in my job. Pray for my mom to be healed and pray for me to preach and teach. Pray for my brothers Kenneth,wayne, and delbert to be saved and pray for protection and for God to restore us four fold. Pray for us and no evil harms us. Pray for sunni and

    ~ James
  • Please pray for my marriage of 30 years. It’s in serious trouble. My husband has given his heart to something else and I thought it would pass, but it’s only gotten stronger over the last several years. I’ve become less and less significant to him. I’ve tried to speak to him several times about it, but I just can’t seem to get through to him. I don’t think we can make it without Devine intervention. Thank you, AM

    ~ Anne marie
  • Pray For Pope Francis first trip to Myanmar. May The Lord bless him and guide him always.

    ~ Vitus
  • Dear father/prayer warrior,
    I convey with heart felt thanks regards who leads this heart of the Nation catholic Mass, as I write this prayer request to pray for me,I am in deep problems facing land disputes , my land has been illegally encroached by my neighbors for this reasons i am bound to argue with others . As I am a Christian leader fighting with others will be insulted the Christian leadership.
    Therefore, I humbly request you to pray to the Lord for my intention for solution.

    ~ Marcel S
  • Please keep my family safe and alive. Protect me from those who want to hurt me, Heal my body and increase my finances so I don’t have to be scared all the time. Thank you

    ~ deborah
  • my husband Imran has filled for divorce. Please pray that God change his heart and heal my marriage. May God restore my marriage so i can go back to my home with my husband ameen. I am also expecting my first child in 2months please pray for me that i have normal delivery and normal baby ameen.

    ~ rina

    ~ Benny
  • Prayers for the late Richard Wolf who recently died. Jesus have mercy!

    ~ Henrik
  • I’d like to pray for my daughter. She is having anxiety issues involved with passing her CPA certification. I pray that she can calm down and focus while studying. Her job depends on her passing this exam which is making it worse. She is a newlywed and leads many charitable activities at work and of course is involved in many social activities. She went to Catholic School growing up but has since pulled away from the church.Please pray for her mental and physical health and her return to church

    ~ Laura
  • Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Healing. Please pray for healing, for the pain to go away. I have pains in my chest, in abdomen. This pain is caused by years of fight with ulcers. The ulcer medicine that I used for years did something bad there, now I stopped taking it… but have strange pains in abdomen daily. They say this can be a side effect but I’m really tired of suffering from pain. Please pray for healing. The name is just like the saint Alexander.

    ~ Alexander
  • I have been unemployed for six months and cannot find a job. I’m trying to take care of my financial obligations for God and my children. Please help me with rekindle my relationship with my boys and my parents. God please help my boys stop abusing me and bring me peace & happiness in our relationship. Help me find a God-fearing man that you bring to me that is meant for me. Please help my children come back to live with me full-time and I get custody of them and my ex goes back to jail aasap

    ~ Melissa
  • I’m requesting prayer for marriage restoration, for my husband repentance, for his salvation so he’ll come to know Christ, for his deliverance from all ungodly soul ties , deliverance from all demonic manifestations, for restoration of my family. For my husband to end the sinful relationship with his mistress and be returned to his wife and children, for him to b committed to his family. Pray everything blocking the communication between us to be remove , for God to bless him with a new heart and

    ~ Coleen
  • Please pray for my marriage and for my husband to seek the help he needs for his infidelity and verbal/physical abuse. Please pray that my husband is able to see the love I, and our children, have for him. Also please pray for peace for me as my despair is currently unbearable.

    ~ Jessica
  • Please pray for me. I’m in the Army and need your prayers that I can pass my Height Weight/Tape. If I fail it will have a negative impact on my career and will prevent me from being able to support my family. Thank you.

    ~ Michael
  • For South Africa’s struggling economy. The poor, underemployed and unemployment. For Z to get a breakthrough, to be shown the Jeremiah 6 v16 way for A, K and Z. To get a new fresher banking job. To furnish my flat and financial blessing to fix car. Financial Resources to start car wash business. Excellence

    ~ Mapula
  • Dear Lord

    For successful exam results and acceptance of cta in January 2018. The work situation to not affect me and my parents get oppurtinities within bank. Debt free. Financial resources for project at my Grandma’s in 2017. Stay humble at all costs. New job opportunities in GP for K and A that we can grow skillfully, feel valued and respected. To pay us very good with benefits. To lend and not borrow. In Christ’s name with humble adoration I receive His Mercy and bounty providence Amen

    ~ Kgomotso
  • Please God forgive me for my sins and accept my thanks and praises .Please God fill me with your Holy Spirit.Please pray for my husband to stop drinking,to overcome our financial crisis.Please pray to remove the obstacle in getting me a permanent job which i have to get. please pray for our family.Amen

    ~ Deepa
  • safe delivery of my grandaughters baby around december3rd. thank you.

    ~ marymargaret
  • Seeking for your help to pray for me on my problem regarding the filing of my case of carnapping to the mistress of my son who is the co- worker of my son in the networking business . She kept the car knowing that it was owned by my son and then the mistress filed a estafa case with my son and me wherein I am not involved in their networking transactions. The mistress allegations are all lies and no proof of evidence. May I request for prayers. Thanks in advance.

    ~ Fe
  • For my marriage. i have treated my husband with disrespect. I was drinking wine, he specifically asked that I stop drinking so I could drive myself to church. I continued,we were at friends house, on our way home, Sunday afternoon, I knew I felt I could not drive myself to church, I had him(David) drop me off at my sisters house (Lisa). After he dropped me off at her house,I request he pick me up after mass, as I looked back I shot him a dirty/evil look. He did pick me up.

    ~ Deb
  • Please pray for me,I am waiting to get a job since long time and no luck.
    Kindly pray for me to get a job and attain financial stability.

    ~ Joice
  • JMJ…please help keep all of us safe, healthy, happy, together and when we die, please bring our souls to heaven, so we can be with you forever. Thank you for everything.

    ~ Joanne
  • bl sr. rania maria pray for my special intention on this beautiful day of your beatification. For my wife’s mental, emotional, physical healing so that she understands the value of Holy Matrimony, forgiveness, confession, eucharist, motherhood, being a devoted self-giving Christian Wife and respect marital obligations. For Jessy my wife to be healed at once in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and have our marriage healed, reconciled and our home filled with eternal peace. I forgive all those wh

    ~ Anish
  • Lord please bless my pregnancy and my little baby with good health. Please ensure the perfect development of my baby’s organs and heart. After so many pregnancy losses, I find myself fearful and scared for our pregnancy scan this Friday, please provide us with the positive results we have been seeking for so long.

    ~ Kirsten

    ~ kheng
  • Dearest Mother Mary please intercede through you Immaculate Heart to Jesus’s Sacred Heart if it is God’s will, that I be healed of my stage 4 cancer of the breast and bones. I need to continue my duties to my loving family who need me and my church. I need more time to be more like you Mary. I put my trust in Jesus, He knows what’s best. Thank you God for such a beautiful life and the enjoyment of all your beautiful creations on this earth. My God, I believe, adore, hope in and love Thee.

    ~ Carol
  • I need more jobs to feed my family
    Im over my head in Debt

    ~ Philip
  • Please pray for myself TOM COSS for help with all problems at this nursing home that I am in and for my Health. Pray also for PAUL McGUINNESS and BARBARA NOILES FERREIRA to Always Have GODs Love and Peace In Their Hearts and a Closer Walk With JESUS In Their Lives, Amen, Amen, And AMEN! Thank You Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!!!

    ~ TOM
  • Te ruego por las intenciones de sofia su hijo y su esposo, te ruego por salud física y mental, que podamos pagar todas las deudas este ano y no tenga ningún problema con las casas y la remodelación

    ~ sophia
  • To get a job without cutting in on other good things.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please, pray for me. My name is Martha V and I’m 48. My period is lasting longer than normal. I’m just spotting but I’m still concerned. Please, pray the spotting stops and my cervix is healed. Thank You and God bless you!!

    ~ Martha
  • Please pray for my children, my Father, and Z. Also please pray that our Dear Lord bless me with a fulfilling job and relieves me of job and financial stress. Thank you and God bless you.

    ~ Dan
  • God please watch over my pregnancy and guide the perfect development of our tiny child ensuring a strong heart. Ensure that my baby and I are healthy for this pregnancy. Jesus, you loved children, please protect my baby and ensure he is perfect when we go for our testing on Friday. Mother Mary please bring me calm and peace during this time alleviating my fears and doubts. If it is your will, let it be done.

    ~ Kirsten
  • God please let me be away from my loved ones. I want to be by their side always. It might not be possible. But for now dont let me go. Please let the admission get cancelled. It will only result in greater debts. My appa and amma only has this home. I cant watch them lose this over just my education. I dont want to get. Let that thing get cancelled.

    ~ Ann
  • For the souls of my loved ones:
    My Dad – Eddie
    My Grandmother – Ely
    My Uncle – Tony
    May there souls rest with the Lord.

    ~ ERIC
  • Please pray for Shrishti Karan that she loves Faisal Ali and needs him in her every work. She marry him and loves him so much.

    ~ faisal
  • Please pray for my children and grandchildren to return to the church and become followers of Christ. Also, please help with my medical condition so that I can take care of myself again.

    ~ Sue
  • That my husband’s heart be infused with God’s love and light that he and I through God’s graces mend our marriage and keep our family whole.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For our wayward grandson…………..

    ~ Roger
  • Please pray for my nephew Brian
    He is admitted in icu with seizures
    Please pray for his good health and cure

    ~ Sini
  • Please pray that even though we are divorced the Holy Spirit will cause Aprils heart soul mind and life to repent and seek out the healing and restoration of our marriage covenant. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray for my grandson Cyriano Justin Martinez, who was 15yr old, died May 27, 2017

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that
    daughter, Asmitha in Ozzie and hubby Abie (a Christian, non-catholic, (GREGORIAN) comes to the catholic faith along with his parents ) are blessed with peace, hope, understanding, supportive to one another, secured with permanent good jobs, blessed with gifts of healthy God fearing children in Jesus and Mother Mary, being married since 4 years now, have their own home from blocked resources and are freed from all bondages. That they are both healed spiritually, physically

    ~ julian
  • For the release of the Mason’s and all other related organizations for the Coleman family tree, the Johnston family tree, the Ferguson family tree, the Manasterski family tree, the DeLuca family tree, the Tuss family tree, for George and Louise Coleman, Derek, Jaimie, Noah and Simon Coleman, Michelle Coleman Chris, Zoe, Zachary, Zane and Zavier Ferguson, Gary Coleman and Family, Joan Arbour and Family, Gloria Coleman/Miracle/McBride and family. And all other family members that are affected.

    ~ michelle
  • Lord please watch over my pregnancy and bless the beautiful new life within me. Ensure the perfect formation of this baby’s body, organs, cells, and heart. Jesus, you have a particular fondness for children, please ensure my baby is healthy. Mother Mary please fill me with your strength and courage with I’m fearful or scared during my pregnancy. My husband and I can’t wait to hold our little baby!

    ~ Kirsten
  • JMJ…please help my brother with his back surgery. Thank you.

    ~ Joanne
  • My son suleman specially prayer my son previous days 22 oct,2017 entry test army cadet college examine 8 class and wait result my son pass examine dear lord this my dream and wife dream my son suleman army cadet officer my regular prayer my son pass examine and my son pass examine I am wait result my son suleman pass examine this lord my dream halujaula amen

    ~ shakeel
  • Please pray for the health and spiritual well-being of my dear Christian friends. May they receive the favour and God’s help they need! They’ve all been going through some difficult times with various individual heartaches and losses, and I haven’t been able to help much, due to my own troubles and complicated circumstances. We need a new beginning in our lives, free from human enemies and monstrous mistakes of the past. Pray we can all move forward together, with each other and the new people

    ~ Cris
  • Please pray that even though we are divorced that the Holy Spirit will work deeply in Aprils heart mind soul and life to guide her to seek the healing and restoration of our marriage.

    ~ tom
  • Dearest Jesus Please heal Charlie of back surgery, anxiety, addiction of pain meds, COPD, Emphysema, bowel issues, dizziness, heart pacemaker. Just admitted to hospital today for pneumonia & Bladder infection. Please be His Divine Healer. In Your Hoy Name! Amen James

    ~ James
  • Lord, Please give me the right home for my family, the right job to fulfill God’s needs in me & my own, and a way to a better & more fruitful life in Jesus. Continue to bless me with Your gifts, (all of them), from the Holy Spirit. I am in continual need for Your guidance & strength. I love You with all my heart & soul. Protect me & my family from all that is evil. Send Your warring angels to Gabriel & to myself to help us as we draw closer to You. Please, oh please, help us. Thanks. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Healing of mouth and teeth and renting condo

    ~ Kathleen
  • Please pray for my husband who has kidney cancer. Prayers forever.

    ~ Pattie
  • For the souls of my family, especially my children and grandchildren

    ~ Marilyn
  • Dear Brothers and sister plus Father Mark and all the other priests that does the Sunday Mass online at Heart of The Nation: Pray that my daughter Monika, son-in-law Jamie and myself gets over this terrible cold or flu quickly. We have had it for about 5 or 6 days already. Pray for my financial situation as each month I am overdrawn at my bank because of too high bills such as utilities and rent and other necessary things…I am a senior citizen and unable to work…..
    Delores J
    West TN

    ~ Delores

    ~ jane
  • Dear Jesus please help my son who suffers from severe anxiety. Please watch over him and help him with his eating disorder. Also, please help my husband with the stress of his job.

    ~ Susan
  • Heavenly Father, I pray to You to help me triumph over the individual who is making my life miserable by using my children against me. I pray hard that my daughters will see the Light and come around to reconcile with me. I pray that I’m able to accomplish the goals concerning my children without the interference which has plagued me for years. I pray that their souls speak to You and receive Your Holy Word. I pray for peace and love between us all, and for my tormentor to find help and peace wi

    ~ Maryann
  • Please pray for healing for my friend, Joanne.

    ~ Marilyn
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray my boyfriend ( future husband)
    receive relief from his chronic neck pain, even after having posterior cervical Microforaminotomy C3C4C5 on September 14, 2017.

    I pray he goes back to work soon.

    I pray for peace in our hearts.

    ~ Sheela
  • Pray for my father and mother Irvin and Margaret Brown that they may receive the grace of God

    ~ David
  • That my wife Marcia responds well to chemotherapy to fight ovarian cancer with less negative side effects. Pray the Neupogen injections help keep her out of the hospital.

    ~ Joseph
  • Please watch over my family and loved ones over the holidays.

    ~ Alicia
  • please pray for my younger son’s physical health and that the gift of faith be granted him. Thank you

    ~ catherine
  • For healing of my wounds.

    ~ Dan
  • Please pray for my husband to be healed from pain in his legs. For myself and my illnesses to go away especially fibromyalgia and depression. For my family.
    In Jesus Name I pray.

    ~ Carmen
  • This week we go in for our “viability scan” for my pregnancy. Please God watch over my baby and ensure the perfect development of his organs and heart. After so many pregnancies that have not progressed beyond this this point, we are anxious and scared. Please God alleviate our concerns and fill us with hope and joy as we so long to be parents.

    ~ Kirsten
  • In thanksgiving to the Lord for being with me during my surgery on Friday the 27th of Oct 2017. I ask you Lord to walk with me through my weeks of recovery?

    Thanks much for having the Sunday Catholic Mass on Channel 1024 @ 0900 this morning, since I am home home bound for my recovery!


    ~ Ralph
  • My urgent need is a prayer to receive a full-time caregiver position for an elderly or disabled person who needs full-time care. This will allow me to keep my old mobile home and not be evicted by my landlord. It gives me great pleasure in serving God and those who can use my gifts of companionship, compassion, housekeeping, cooking, & driving assistance to medical appts & all other necessary appts. Thank you for praying for my needs. God bless you. Miss Carol Jutras, California

    ~ Carol
  • For continued strength in faith and hope in God.
    World peace, peace in the community and family, peace within our hearts, mind, body and spirit.
    Good health in mind, body and spirit.
    Financial stability and freedom from the burden of debt.
    To totally “Let go and Let God” in life never faltering in faith.
    To love and to forgive as God has loved and forgiven.
    To never forget to thank God for His kindness and mercy and never to forget to pray.

    ~ Ma. Clinia Divina
  • I am asking for prayers for Frank, the father of my unborn baby daughter. I ask that God heal his depression and addiction, show him direction, open his heart, and return him to this family. Remind him of his purpose and lead him down the right path. Show him the way to Jesus and accept His forgiveness. We love him and we need him in our life.

    ~ Lisa
  • Please Pray for ME to THE Lord Our God that I may ACCEPT HIS FORGIVENESS & My Heart & Mind will be Healed to BETTER ACCEPT OUR LORD INTO MY LIFE

    ~ Francis
  • Thank you Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother for helping us each and every day. We desperately need help in driving away Saten and all his evil in our immediate lives and also we need world peace. We pray that our deeds will be acceptable on our reconconing day.
    Also please guide president Trump in finding in his heart tactful ways of helping seniors , and all people in order to get our Nation back on tract financially after all our disasters and promote our economy so we can be self sustaining

    ~ Anonymous
  • Our granddaughter is fighting a rare disease called Sturge-Weber Syndrome and is getting ready for a Hemispherectomy we ask for prayers for a quick and full recovery. Her mom and dad both fight depression and PTSD and could use prayers. Thank you

    ~ Annette
  • Please pray that mike L is delivered from or has a cure found for his epileptic seizures. He is kind and does volunteer work.also pray for his family.
    Thank you

    ~ Cheryl
  • to end the abortions thoughout the whole world and funding of planned parenthood and for healing of all sick and for homeless to find affordable shelter and for jobs for the jobless for salvation for all. amen…

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please Pray for my Husband Kenneth E. Latt.
    He is very ill with leukemia.
    We are now watching your mass at home on Sundays.
    Thank you, we are so grateful for this mass.

    ~ Kenneth & Susan
  • Father i would like to ask you to pray for my niece whom is 30 years old and is suffering with breast cancer. She has 4 children one whom which passed away in a terrible car accident and also the children’s father has perished due to him getting shot and murdered. So if they lose her they will have lost both parents, She is my brothers only child and he also is taking it very hard. Please can you bless her and ask God to lay his hands on her and heal her. She is such a wonderful young lady. TYVM

    ~ michelle
  • Lord, please watch over Bill with cancer, and Gene with seizures. Please heal them and make them healthy and whole. Also for Andy struggling with addiction. Help him to get and stay clean. Please help Sean pass the test to go to a better school. Please watch over our family and keep us close to you and each other. In Jesus ‘ name. Amen.

    ~ Theresa
  • Please pray for good health and healing for Bill and Gene. And for deliverance from addiction for Andy. For Sean to pass the test and get into a better school. And for strength for caregivers. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    ~ Theresa
  • Prayers for family member living in darkness that they find the Love and leadership of faith

    ~ Mary
  • Dear brothers and sisters,

    I am writing to request to include me in your prayers, it is been over 10 moths that i am trying to get my working Visa i am from Pakistan and i am working in Germany, now it is critical. Please kindly pray for me that i get my working Visa. I am in stressful situation.
    Thank you so very much for your help.
    Sincerely, Mari

    ~ Mariyam
  • Please pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on my three boys making their Confirmation soon. Please pray for God to bless us financially and spiritually. May God protect our family from all evil, and blind our enemies and bless them. May He pour out His abundant mercy, graces and blessings on our family. Thank You.

    ~ Michelle
  • Please even though we are divorced, pray the Holy Spirit move Aprils heart soul mind and life to seek the healing and restoration of our marriage.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray for healing of my marriage. Please pray that my wife would come to her senses.

    ~ Nathan
  • Please pray for Sara and her daughter

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for son’s well being.

    ~ Carol
  • Lord please watch of my pregnancy and the tiny life developing inside of me. Please nourish my child and ensure my baby’s perfect development. Please make his heart strong and filled with your love and grace. After so many prior pregnancy losses, I find myself fearful of everything rather than enjoying the moments Mother Mary please bring me calm and peace.

    ~ Kirsten
  • I had appeared for an SSC MTS exam. It was a government job exam. I want to make a prayer request, that I might pass the exam with good marks and get selected for the job. I need this job so that I can help my family financially. I also want to make a prayer request for my sister, Roshma , today is her birthday. I pray that Lord might bless her so that she can study well, I also pray for her sins to be forgiven. Lord might bless her with good health. Amen!

  • thank you Jesus for all answered prayers. Charlotte commited suicide. Kim has the flu. Charlie has had back surgery, still has back pain, addicted to pain meds & has headaches and is dizzy. Please heal Maria & Titus ,David is depressed bc brother Michael passed. Healing for Craig & Bridget, Matt & Amy. Jamie passed .Pat had surgery. Marilyn has IBS, horrible low back pain & muscle spasms. Please be their Divine healer in Your Holy Name. Amen

    ~ James
  • Even though we are divorced please pray that the Holy Spirit will cause Aprils heart soul mind and life to repent and our marriage covenant will be healed and restored and that I have the strength to stay single until then.

    ~ tom
  • PLEASE pray for Kenya. The confirmed reports of political violence, the rising death toll and the alleged beginnings of genocide are very worrying. Urgent prayers for peace and resolution of political situation.

    Thank you !

    ~ Kizito
  • Thank you Dear God for listening and hearing my prayers. God Answers Prayers!

    Please heal my daughter and bring her home, her babies need her. As do I.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Prayers requested to help with financial problems and that we can get our house payments on track. Also, Prayers for my children and grandchildren that they return to their faith and prayers of mercy for my family living and died.

    ~ Sue
  • Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Please God ensure the perfect development of my baby and watch over my pregnancy, after so many pregnancy losses I pray for a healthy baby! Ensure the development of my baby, create in him a strong heart and fill it with a love of Christ. Mother Mary I pray that I can be as strong as you are, please bring me calm and peace in my pregnancy struggles. Amen.

    ~ Kirsten
  • For Mateo, for mental healing, for maturity, for patience, for emotional healing, for an increase in obedience, for the graces that he needs to be more attentive and less chatty and defiant at school.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my health. I noticed a sort of lump under my left breast (but not on the breast). I am financially incapable and I am scared. I have kids to take care of. I rely on God as my healer and doctor. I rely on your prayer to deliver me from possible cancer. Help me, I need healing miracle. Thank you. Amen

    ~ amy
  • I am praying for peace and joy in the midst of tribulation. I want to get back into the ministry and serve God again. I want to make sure that alcohol and tobacco use is out of my life for Good.


    ~ chris
  • I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, I also have several immune system diseases. I am 45. I am asking struggling financially. I am just asking for prayers for my young adult children to help with the strength to see them through the hard times. Thank you.

    ~ Chantal
  • Please pray for my son Brandon,not sure what is going on with my adult child,he battles anxiety and add,I am not sure what to pray anymore,thank you

    ~ Laura
  • souls of maria and beatriz orozco, ana and julissa corona, dad’s eyesight, health of family, those who suffer

    ~ ruth v
  • Please pray that even though we are divorced the Holy Spirit turn Aprils heart,soul, mind and life back to the healing and restoration of our marriage covenant and I have the strength to stay single until then.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray God will remove the anger and hurt in Amy’s heart and she will communicate and reconcile with the love of her life, Tom

    ~ tom
  • I would please request prayer for Deacon Don and his existing health conditions: Urologic and PSA levels to normalize by the testing date in late November, ’17.
    For the Shingles illness to heal AND disappear in Ms. Alice O. Contreras and for her ability to sell at listing price, her home before April 30, ’18. For a spontaneous AND permanent healing of her lumbar 3, 4, 5, 6, disc regions. If it please God and HIS will.
    For Joanna Lorraine Silva to be healed of her lung issues.
    Thank you.

    ~ Dr.
  • Please pray for my daughter Melissa T who is deployed and will be returning home October 30th,Please pray for her safety returning home to her babies,husband and her dog Luke,Please pray for Luke to regain his health back as his health declined due to Melissa being deployed in the US Navy,Please send prayers and blessings that Melissa stay safe and pray for all the people serving in the military, Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Lord please watch over my pregnancy and ensure the perfect development of my baby’s physical body. As parents, we have loved our baby from the beginning and can’t wait to meet him in June. Mary please watch over my pregnancy, taking away my fears and doubts and help me to be the strong,loving mother you were to Jesus.

    ~ Kirsten
  • My friends daughter, Kaylie, was in a car accident 6 days ago. She is 16. The doctors say if she survives she will be non-responsive, or she may pass due to brain swelling. I’m praying for a miracle. Please pray with me!

    ~ Suzan
  • Please pray for me l’m having horrible panic attacks. My panic attacks are about predestination/grace/going to hell. I’ve talked to priests and everything but my mental illness keeps reading it’s ugly head. Pray for peace, trust and final perseverance for me thank you.

    ~ Becca
  • Two years ago, I had a partial hip replacement. Up to the present, I still suffer from chronic pain in my right operated leg. Not fully functional and can only do limited activities on daily basis. Please help me pray to God that I can fully recover from this chronic pain.


    ~ Lourdes
  • I pray for peace, freedom from the conrep program and health for my mother. I pray that the conrep program learn to love God and have compassion.

    ~ Martha
  • Please pray that my daughter will get a permanent job and her fiancée will find help for the stress in his job

    ~ Sue
  • Hi, I am in need of significant other. I am 33 an never been married. I am looking for the one God knows who. I am asking to pray for me so I meet the one. I have been struggling by myself for 10 years now. My life was very hard on me. The boyfriends I had cheated on me or left me for someone else. I am in need of marriage.

    ~ Natasha
  • Pray so that I will be able to clear all my dues to all suppliers,landlord,employees and investors.May my income increase and I will be able to clear my debts .
    May my son be healed of ADHD & autism.
    In Jesus’ name.

    ~ Bhaskar
  • Please pray that even though we are divorced the Holy Spirit will guide Aprils heart soul mind and life to repent and turn back to the healing and restoration of our marriage covenant and in the meantime I have the strength to remain single.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray for the Paone family: Elisabeth Paone, Katherine Paone, Jennifer Paone, Bruce Paone

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my decease parents Roger and Saintelise Joseph, and for Charles Dejean Sidney, Sr for the upcoming prayers in November for all soul day.
    My donation will come in the mail soon. Also for me Jocelyne for severe tinnitus and neck pain problem with high blood and anxiety. Thank you.

  • Please pray for my 17 year old daughter Abigail, who gave into the sin of the flesh last year and gave up her purity. She also gave up on her Catholic faith, and is now engaged to be married to a U.S. Army recruit as soon as she turns 18 in April outside of the Catholic Church. We know once she turns 18, we legally cannot stop her plans. She has all but officially renounced her beliefs in the Catholic faith. Please pray for her and all of us in the family that are heartbroken by her actions.

    ~ Brett
  • I presently have a low grade prostate cancer and I’m on active surveillance. I will be having a biopsy on Nov. 6th at 3:00 pm and I’m praying that there is no progression and hopefully that there is a miracle and it is gone. Please help me by praying for this intention and for my safety during and after the procedure.

    Thank you and may God richly bless you!

    ~ John
  • God please watch over my pregnancy and the new life developing within me ensuring the perfect development of my child and fill him with the spirit of Christ. Please after so many struggles allow us to embrace this child in our arms and to teach him to walk in your light always. Help me to be calm and comforted by your presence when I am full of worry and fear.

    ~ Kirsten
  • Please pray that his family changes their minds and drops the lawsuit please please pray it’s a very very bad situation and only going make it worse

    ~ Lisa
  • Please pray for me to get a job. I’ve been trying for 7 months. I am desperate, at the end of my rope, don’t know how I can go on. Please pray for God to give me strength and to show me why I am not getting a job.

    ~ R
  • Prayers for my wife who is lost in the world, we are separated and she is seeing another. She doesn’t feel like she is doing anything wrong, please pray that God will heal her mind, body and spirit that he will remove this other person and all other physical temptations from my wife. That reconciliation will happen so that Me, her and the kids will be a family again.

    ~ shane
  • I did forget to add that me miss and love you all. and one more person Gayle Swedenburg and our beloved pet Scottie

    ~ Rose
  • For loved ones we have lost: Michael Hipp, Serafina Hipp ,Erika Pinkham, Michael Hipp JR.

    ~ Rose
  • Please pray for Jude to be liberated from depression and have new life. Thank you!

    ~ Grace
  • Please, Lord, you know my heart. I want to provide for my children as best as I can. Help our house to sell so that we can pay off our debt and start saving money for their future. Please help me get rid of this burden of my past and work toward the best life I can give my kids. I am grateful for my children and my loving husband. Thank you for those blessings. Thank you for the responsibility to take care of them. Help me to do it right.

    In your holy name I pray,


    ~ TM
  • God grant me to the grace and strength, to forgive, some of my family, who broke my heart. Please Father, let me not dwell on the pain and let me banish resentment and retribution thoughts, that constantly interfere, with my need and obligation, to put these things past. In Jesus name, I pray.

    ~ Georgene
  • Even though we are divorced please pray for the Holy Spirit to turn Aprils heart soul mind and life back to our marriage covenant so that we are healed and restored.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray with me for a strong sense of direction in my life and some open doors. I feel blocked from any kind of vocation or career path. I also pray for some close friendships in my life and if God wills a long-term relationship leading to marriage.

    ~ Bob
  • Lord please watch over my pregnancy nourishing my baby’s heart, soul, and body. After so many struggles with infertility please intercede to ensure my baby is developing perfectly. Please bring peace and calm to me as I struggle with fears, worry and doubt because of my prior unsuccessful pregnancies.

    ~ Kirsten
  • Dear Jesus and all the saints above, please heal my daughter and make her whole again in spirit, body and mind, I pray. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for me and for my mom in heaven
    Her name Mercedes reyes

    ~ Aracelio
  • My daughter shawn health improve and she has a baby. All my children (barr, shawn, ronald, anthony) return to the church. I pray for the heart of the nation staff to be blessed for their kindness and support. I pray that God continues to bless me. Thank you

    ~ pat
  • Lord, please be merciful to my older sister Janet. Help her make amends with you and submit to Your will.
    I ask this in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    ~ Jeanne
  • My name is Shyanne Jones & I’m from providence , Ri . Please pray that I learn how to drive the correct way & that I pass my road test . Please say a extra prayer for me to come up with enough money to get a car too.

    ~ Shyanne
  • My widowed elderly mom & I are living in very low fixed incomes. We can’t afford to rent anywhere but here. We are living in a violent, dangerous apt bldg. It’s very bad. The waiting lists to get into other subsidized housing are 5 yrs long. We can’t wait 5 yrs to be safe. Please join your prayers to mine in Jesus name, asking God to give us blessings & miracles, enabling us to move to a safe place, where no one smokes, where we’ll be happy. I give thanks & praise to God. And I thank you

    ~ scared lady
  • Amanda Marie Dennis, Denise Lynn mastro, Tara lynn mastro, Jadon Michael Kalp, jade Rachelle Benco, Kaleb Jayden Ruth, Katie Bella Waylon Weston Winston angel Haley, Daniel McCormick, Logan, Bret Naomi Kelly Ron, ken Berdine

    ~ Amanda
  • For my son’s health and safety. For familys to be safe and healthy.
    So I can get through Christmas without being sick. Thank You God for my last scan still showing stable. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my son who is severely depressed and angry. He sleeps most of the time. Thank you.

    ~ Sara
  • Pray for the ill elderlies especially Ernesto Michael Flores for the will of God on his state of being his 89 yrs old with parkinson and his dementia. For his recovery, with patience and petinence.
    We ask all in our name of Jesus
    Also for my sons Guillermo & William Ixcamparij for their success in life along walking with God infront of them. We ask In the name of Jesus. Amen
    For myself Zaire Herrera to fullfill God’s will his guving me a second life. We ask in name of Jesus. Amen

    ~ Zaire
  • Lord please nourish my baby and watch over him to ensure his perfect development.

    ~ Kirsten
  • For the safety of Lilibeth & Ilani who are vacationing to the Philippines , may the Lord’s angels protect them from all dangers & calamities; for Gloria & Conrad’s peaceful & happy cruise to the Caribbean from 10/22 to 29/17 may the Lord’s hands be upon them at all times & may the weather be good while cruising & no rain when they leave since she is physically handicap & would be hard for her being in a wheelchair, may they meet new good friends & enjoy the trip, in Jesus name we pray Amen.

    ~ G.C.
  • Please keep my family safe, happy and healthy, including James Beal, please help us find our way back to each other amen

    ~ Tammy
  • To sleep

    ~ Johanis
  • Still waiting on test results, praying for a healthy pregnancy! Needing God’s divine intervention to make our baby’s heart strong!

    ~ Kirsten
  • My whole family is in trouble.I am suffering from debt and disease, please pray to God jesus for me

    ~ Anuranjan
  • Gay has been suffering for month from a deviated septum and now a mass has been found in her esophagus. Please pray for the Lord to bless her with His healing, stop her mucus overload, give her rest and up her spirits.

    ~ Jillian
  • Please pray for me, for healing, or strength or some sort of help, please pray my brother returns to the church, and my father also, please pray for California, and the pope and the president, religious vocations, the family, consecration of Russia, purgatory souls, those that have died or will die or dying now

    ~ Angelle
  • a prayer that never gets answered a prayer that a lady comes into my lonely life

    ~ greg
  • Please dear Lord, ease Claudia’s pain and make her healthy in spirit, mind and body. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • LORD HELP ME – i am all alone up against – at times – some very evil people – ephesians 6:13 – LORD HELP ME – thank you – your child – diane/nj/usa

    ~ diane m
  • Please pray for my friend Anita. She is battling cancer and she is really having a rough time with treatment. I thank you so much in advance. Praise God to his glory!!!

    ~ Laureen
  • Still waiting on test results. Praying for a healthy baby! After multiple miscarriages I pray for God to make this baby strong. Hoping to see a strong heartbeat and developing baby!

    ~ Kirsten
  • Pray that our God finds me an eligible job soon so i can support myself and my family

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear God heal my daughter in body, mind and soul.

    ~ Joanne
  • Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • for better health have been told I have heart failure

    ~ Joanne
  • Pray for my brother: Michael Hammond is Having his leg removed
    and also my husband : Joseph Haflin he has cancer .
    Gratitude for all the blessing God has granted my family.

    ~ Judith
  • After so many struggles getting pregnant, Hoping for a happy, healthy baby that we be holding in our arms in June!

    ~ Kirsten
  • I would please request prayers for ALICE O. CONTRERAS and her current hospitalization. Test are being continued and follow-up will occur with one-day.

    For her shingles and pain and that she quickly recover with the medications prescribed.

    For Deacon Don Contreras and his health conditions and to be able to pursue his Diaconate before 12/31/18.

    Thank you.

    ~ Deacon/Dr. Don
  • That PS will reach out to me, that I haven’t offended her and she will let me know everything is ok and she’s not upset with me.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my marriage. Pray God bring my husband Liston Alexander back home to me Amelia DeRoy peacefully and permanently. Pray marriage restoration for us. No divorce.

    ~ Amelia
  • I Completed B.E but i didn’t get government job. Please pray for me that I will get Goverment Job

  • Hoping for God’s divine intervention in our lives to make us parents. Praying the test results show the baby is continuing to growand develop.

    ~ Kirsten
  • Please pray that God turns Aprils heart soul and mind back to our marriage covenant. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray that God will honor my prayers for safe housing & breaking the bondage of a scratch ticket addiction. Please pray that He will quiet my frazzled nerves, calm me down, & cure me of depression & OCD. I give thanks & praise to God. And I thank anyone who prays for me. May God bless & keep you. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I need prayers for my daughter, she is in dire of need of help, she got into a bit of trouble, please pray for her and her children, would like to have her kids back home

    ~ Frances
  • Intercede for the Grace of Conversion for the soul of a woman called Heidi.
    “Jesus said to Blessed Faustina, if you say this prayer, with a contrite heart and with faith, on behalf of some sinner I will give that soul the grace of conversion”.
    “O Blood and water that gushed forth from the heart of Jesus, as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in You”.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I ask for your urgent prayers. I am filled with anxiety as I wait for Tony to decide whether he wants to continue our relationship. I ask that the Lord intercedes and touches Tony’s heart and mind. May we not break up but instead are reunited in great love for each other. May we work though our problems and be even stronger together. My heart is breaking as I wait. Please give me strength and give us hope for the future. Thank you for praying with me and for me. Amen.

    ~ Tonia
  • Pray that the woman I love finds her happiness and comes back to me. She ended things because of dark emotions from her past that she wants to deal with before she has any hope of moving forward in a relationship. I extended my friendship to her because I don’t want to abandon her in her time of struggle. Pray she accept me. Please pray she finds her strength and happiness and pray she gives us a real chance.

    ~ Christina
  • Please pray for the hidden sins and lies of the individual (whose name is Rob) bringing harm to someone very special to me to be exposed to the authorities and to his friends and family who are believing him over the truth of what he did.

    ~ Dee
  • Please pray for me, I struggling without job since 1 1/2 years….. I have two kids. Now it’s hard to survive without proper income… Please pray for me…

    ~ Lahiru
  • Tomorrow we are having additional testing, hoping for a continuing developing and healthy pregnancy! We can’t wait to hold our baby!

    ~ Kirsten
  • April divorced me. Please either turn her back to our marriage covenant or let me find someone to be a family with and let me get a good paying job I am capable of.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray that my Mother Mary Jose may be cured of her infection completely. She is a cancer survivor and has developed an infection now, the fever and the throat pain and swelling still persists even after taking he highest antibiotic dose. My dear Jesus and loving heavenly Mother please cure her completely.Between all this her ankle got sprained and is in severe pain.Please cure my Amma of all her ailments. Please help my Dad to go through this trying time with your strength Lord Jesus.

    ~ Jansi
  • Dear Lord,

    Please help me receive a job offer for the position I’ve been interviewing for. I’m 60 days post spine surgery and lost my job and insurance. I’m under a lot of stress and need this career move to help regain medical insurance, financial stability and to help me get back on the path to healing and recovering.

    ~ Heather
  • My brother Louis has been in the hospital the last couple of months because of a massive heart attack. He’s been slowly improving.
    They are starting to do therapy to help him start being able to breathe without a ventilator. Please pray for the therapy to go well so that my brother will be able to breathe again without the use of a ventilator. Thanks.

    ~ Victor
  • Please pray that my Mother Mary Jose may be cured of her infection completely. She is a cancer survivor and has developed an infection now, the fever and the throat pain and swelling still persists even after taking he highest antibiotic dose. My dear Jesus and loving heavenly Mother please cure her completely

    ~ Jansi
  • For All Souls Days, Paul and Jessie Stover, Sue Helsel Stover, Linda Kabaja Stover, Diane Nieder Stover, Donald Sr and Donald Jr Stover, Gary Edkin

    ~ Mary
  • I may have inadvertently offended a dear family member. I have emailed her family member about an important family function but have not gotten a reply. Her response is essential for my family to be able to move forward. Please pray that I will hear from A very soon, that the questions we asked will be answered and that there won’t be any misunderstandings. Pray that P will show me that she is not upset with me.

    ~ A


    ~ l
  • I pray to the Holy Father and the Blessed Virgin Mary for my financial situation and to be always blessed, together with my sisters, in good health. Thank you Lord for all other blessings you always shower us everyday. Amen

    ~ Cecilia
  • For Grace of Conversion for Heidi
    Jesus told Blessed Faustina that if you say this prayer, with a contrite heart and with faith, on behalf of some sinner I will give that soul the grace of conversion”.
    “O Blood and water that gushed forth from the heart of Jesus, as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in You”.

    ~ christopher
  • We are undergoing tests and daily monitoring this week due to multiple miscarriages. Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and for God’s continuing nurturing and protection of our precious tiny baby who we already love so dearly!

    ~ Kirsten
  • Please help me Pray for a Very Dear Friend of mine! She has Invasive Carcinoma and will be having surgery this Friday 10/ 13 / 2017! I pray that it will be successful and that she can have a quick recovery with no more Cancer! Also I pray she can afford to have reconstructive surgery for the one she is having surgery on! She does believes in God Thank You!
    God is Good and God is Great!

    ~ Joy
  • Please prayers for my son Jack addiction to drugs and alcohol. God give my son the will to come to you with his problem. Send a dear angel help him think clearly to enter rehabilitation. Be with him Dear Lord to keep him on a straight path, so soon he can reunited with his daughter Amber. God I place my family and my struggling financially in your hands faithfully. Father please take care of us. In the name of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit Amen! Thank you for your prayers for us!

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray that my cancer will go away. and that we will be okay financially. Please pray for my mother in law and my mother, that their health will be ok.

    ~ Stephen
  • Please offer prayers for my husband Thaddeus (Teddy) Muniak for healing and smoking cessation.
    He is currently in hospital with a mysteriously extremely swollen right hand. He also has a pacemaker .
    Also for relief from my sometimes debilitating psoriasis.
    We are both disabled and are so pleased to be able to pray the mass with you every Sunday morning. I wish we could share our Sunday morning breakfast with you afterwards.
    I send you love and thank you by keeping you in my daily prayers

    ~ Paula
  • I’m praying for my boyfriend who’s court hearing for probation violation is this coming thurs. i pray that the judge the da and the probation officer will give him a chance to prove himself, i also pray that he will continue to praying and believing in you that there is one god that will answer all this trials, i pray that you continue to guide me to guide him and that i may able to pass the exam this coming dec for nursing board, i pray also for the upcoming preliminary interview this coming no

    ~ jonah
  • Please pray for Antonio to have a revelation from God, and to open his eyes to the truth. That he breaks free from the chains of addiction. Thank you and God bless!

    ~ Raquel
  • For my son and family health and safety. So my scans stay stable. Thank YOU God.
    For less negativity in the world, please be kind.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please keep me, my family and our family business safe and happy and healthy in God’s loving arms –Art, Beverly, Kelsey, Jared, Dodger, Chase, Lily and A.D.Willems Construction Inc.

    ~ Beverly
  • My little unborn baby boy has been diagnoised with a heart defect and possible down syndrome. Please pray that the test are incorrect and he will be born healthy and with no extra 21st chromosome.

    ~ Lisa
  • Please pray that Evan and Bella’s relationship grow in love, compassion, wisdom and fidelity to each other.

    ~ Yvette
  • Pray that I find a house to live in a safe neighborhood.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Maria
  • For my friend Sofia Lawrence whos internal organs have swelled up so much that she is even finding it difficult to breathe,She suffers from multipile illness like Diabetes,Arthritis,High Blood pressure,Obesity,Hyper Thyroid.

  • Please pray for all the souls taken in Las Vegas and all the tragedies in the world. Also, pray for my son and his family, all my relatives and friends, Also can you pray for me as I have surgery on my back the 27th of October. Thank you. Jan

    ~ Jan
  • Please pray for our family to start out the day and pray regularly for 5 min in the morning each day. Offering everything to Jesus through Mary.

    Please pray that the insurance company covers everything from the flood that we had the second time in our ceiling of the kitchen and that it will never happen again.

    Pray for Laddi S. -pancreatic cancer,Robbie Fulghum-immune disorder,Mary-lost her son Michael,

    ~ Chris
  • Please pay for my Mother Tomasa Lopez she’s 90 and all her children who are so Blessed to have her here still with us.
    Please keep my Husband Willard Clayton Herbert warm and close to you, he passed on Dec. 6th,2011 much too young,

    ~ Carmen
  • Please pray for my finances and those of my children. Also for peace in our world. For my daughter’s mental health (Sheree) my daughter’s marriage ( Ashlie and Deandre) ,my grandchildren’s safety and my family’s salvation. Thank you and God bless you.

    ~ Stacy
  • for my grandaughter Jessica expecting a baby boy in December, a sinle parent. thank you very much.

    ~ mary margaret kujawa
  • I seek prayers for my daughter, who’s facing possible eviction. She has 2 little children and she’s not well. I also ask for my children to return to the will of God. I seek prayers for my health, and lastly, for all the poor souls in purgatory, especially Elaine, Corey, and Stephen Hardin; The Jones & Neal families. Thank you and God bless you.

    ~ Stacy
  • Please pray for the health of my fourth child as I am on bed rest after a subchoric hemmorage. Although the baby had a strong heart beat at the hospital we are praying to God that everything will be ok.

    ~ Jessica
  • I asked for forgiveness and the ability to find employment soon. It’s been a hard year. We lost our home and land in august and just lost my job of 10yrs last week. I thank you jesus for giving us health and a roof above our heads. jesus i come to u with hopes to find employment and help in transforming the barn which my husband & i reside in to be livable so that our children can be with us once again…in this i pray…amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Luis R Melendez, also William Miranda, may they Rest In Peace. Amen

    ~ Luis R.
  • Please pray God give me Amelia DeRoy a great new job with nice coworkers, fair bosses, high salary and near my home. Pray I get the job God wants me to have.

    ~ Amelia
  • For all Souls Day:
    Clearence and Mary Braun
    Peter and Francis Cefalu
    Robert Szymanski
    Thank You

    ~ Gary
  • Praying for a healthy pregnancy and for God’s divine power to make my husband and I parents finally!

    ~ Kirsten
  • For America’s Deliverance & Salvation- including from the possible fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank “conspiracy”- whatever the truth of the matter is- whether the FED is on the level or a downright fraud- that America has a spiritual awakening & humble repentance toward our Creator & become a nation of total submission & obedience to our Maker & that all our economic woes, curses, plagues, etc will dry up with the wind of change & that we receive all the blessings that come with obedience.

    ~ Rory
  • Please work deep inside Aprils heart soul and mind to come back to our marriage. Thanks

    ~ Tom
  • a prayer that never gets answered a prayer that a lady come into my life . it would be a miracle

    ~ greg
  • My dearest Friend has Invasive Carcinoma in one breast! I pray that the Dr. can rid her of this nasty Cancer! Please help her to get this surgery as soon as possible! May God be with her throughout her journey!
    She has helped me in so many ways- She is one of the Best Friends I have!

    ~ Joy
  • Please speak to and inspire Aprils heart to reach out to healing and restoring our marriage.

    ~ tom
  • God bless me with a Godly wife

    ~ Anthony
  • I ask for your prayers that God will intercede and touch the heart of Tony. We are going through a very difficult time. May he not end our relationship. Instead, may we be reunited in great love and respect for each other and see great hope for the future. Please rid us of doubts and anxiety. Thank you for praying with and for me. Amen.

    ~ Tonia
  • I thank you Lord for my promotion, sale of the cars and all that has gone on through sept. Lord please halp me in my new role, save me from envious colleagues at my office and also help my husband get big contracts. please help us in all our prayer intentions in Jesus Name. Amen

    ~ Bernice
  • Please pray for a wonderful friend does not have Breast Cancer! She had lots of tests done on Monday and they took several needle samples! Friday (Tomorrow) is when she will find out! If she does have cancer I then as God to NOT give her the inflamed cancer- that one only gives a person about 5 more years or so! Please Pray hard with me! Thank You! God is Great and God is Good!

    ~ Joy
  • Please pray that I know what to do about Rebecca. I have been praying and can’t seem to get the answer. I don’t know whether to give up or keep hoping? Please make it clear to me. I just wish I knew so bad. I don’t have anything to go off of. Please holy spirit help her to realize she is making a mistake and needs to fix things. If this isn’t possible, please bring the right girl into my life. I did everything I thought God wanted. Please help. Thank you and Amen

    ~ Jake
  • Please pray for a healthy pregnancy for the baby and myself. After a long infertility journey, my husband and I can’t wait to be parents and need God’s continued blessings to make our family!

    ~ Kirsten
  • My name is leajia ( lee asia) I would like prayer for healing of my throat, lungs, and prayer for a godly mate. Also I would like prayer for my brother josh for him to be saved and doors opening for him

    ~ Leajia
  • Sale of home/ Trust in God/ Employment/Healing of Memories

    ~ Kath
  • please pray for my father Edward A. Geary.

    ~ karen
  • Please pray for Basil. He means the world to me. Thank you.

    ~ karen
  • Please pray for neck atrithis healing and regaining of health. Pray for wisdom and financial recovery and united family. God bless you!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Holy Spirit fill Washington DC with Your Peace and Wisdom

    ~ Cindy
  • Pray Heather Lynn Brown to rid her addiction of alcohol and for her to get professional help with her addiction and psychological problems

    ~ Heather
  • Praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby! After years of struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss, we need God’s divine intervention to make us parents.

    ~ Kirstrn
  • Please pray for my love Alvin. Please pray for him to buck up by himself. Do not give up in his life and do not addictive in gambling and bad habit. Please give him your holy hand to save him from temptation bundling. Please give him power in his business. Please give me power to assist and support him to be better man. Please pray for us. Thank you.

  • For those I have promised to pray for
    And those who have no one to pray for them!

    ~ Deidre
  • Please return Aprils heart, soul and mind back to our marriage in healing and restoration and let her get the job and utilities paid.

    ~ Tom
  • Please pray for my daughter Melissa T in the US Navy deployed in South Korea,Pray for her safety as all serving in the military,Please pray that Melissa will come home soon this month to her family and dog,Melissa dog is in failing health and please pray her dog be in good health when Melissa comes home,Please pray for Melissa and her precious dog to regain its health for Melissa,Amen

    ~ sylvia
  • Please pray for my good friend, Jacob. He’s under consideration for a couple of different jobs, but has yet to hear anything back. As a result, he has become extremely depressed and frazzled as to what he should do with the next phase of his life. Please pray that God will bring a sense of ease to his discomfort, and give him His strength to continue pushing on.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for a healthy pregnancy, my husband and I want to be parents so deeply.

    ~ Kirsten
  • One of my former teachers has stage 4 cancer, please pray for her! If possible I would like a mass for her

    ~ Ana
  • Please pray for wisdom n deliverance from Satanic oppression n attacks and evil nightmares. I need relief n sleep n strength. I want Gods peace protection and provision, peace n wisdom in relationships.
    Also healing and complete deliverance from lice and all eggs. I need itch relief and sleep.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My prayer request is for my friend Brian. He his physical fitness test tomorrow for the navy and he is a bit worried about it. He is also worried about the scales and his weigh in. I pray that the Lord will have his will done. I pray that he will deliver him from his fears and anxiety and fill him with the confidence of Christ Jesus. No weapon formed against him shall prosper. Lord please bless him in his career. Show Brian your glory Lord. Thank you Jesus that I can be confident that you will

    ~ tonisha
  • My husband and I are undergoing fertility treatments. Last week we transferred two embroyos with the hopes of finally starting our family. Please pray for our babies continued growth and development.

    ~ Kirsten
  • Please heal my son

    ~ Barb
  • In loving memory of Thaddeus Wheeler, Joane Wheeler, Rosemary Watt, James Watt, Sean Leary, Karen Collins, Jean Dubeil, Ignatz Dubeil, Stephen Marciano and Anthony Marciano.

    ~ Matthew
  • Please pray for my friends Alyce Hunter and Janet Milita who are going through medical procedures that they heal quickly and get better each and every day.

    ~ Matthew
  • The prayer request is for my 84 year old mom Grace Butkiewicz who gets sick alot due to her emphysema,COPD and asthma she also has kidney disease. Also for my cousin Terry Rizzo and extended family Cindy Waugh who both have stage four cancer. And sister in law Debbie Adams who just had shoulder surgery.

    ~ Sharon
  • please work deep in Aprils heart and soul so that our marriage is healed.

    ~ Tom
  • Heavenly Father, we put Rachel Jasso into your Healing Hands. You are the Master Healer. Guide Rachel and her medical team. We ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

    ~ Stephanie
  • Pray for Heidi
    -For conversion of heart.
    -For a contrite spirit,and courage to seek forgiveness in Confession.
    -For virtues of purity & chastity.
    -For illumination of conscience.

    ~ christopher
  • Please pray for my sister-in-law who is suffering from severe COPD and needs a lung transplant. Also, for my son who has found his way to Jesus, my beloved deceased husband, William, so that he may be with God and all the angels. Lastly, for myself, to keep receiving strength from God to make it through each day. Thank you!

    ~ Cristina
  • Pray for the recovery of Harold Cler from a heart attack he suffered this week.

    ~ Art
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters, Father Mark and the rest of the priests at Heart of the Nation Sunday Mass online : Continue keep praying for my health issues and never permit any more health issues enter my body. I have Lymph edema in lower legs in which they swell and are painful when they swell and pray also that my high blood pressure stays within normal limits. My son-in-law had his toenail removed on his right foot because of a bad tree and grass fungus. Pray for healing.
    Delores J, TN

    ~ Delores
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for my family’s good health. I pray that Jomar will be safe, successful at work and will have many friends around him. May Haley and he have a strong relationship.

    ~ Daisy
  • prayer for my faith to grow , to help with my mental health problems of anxiety and depression. That I may have some peace with the coming anniversary of the passing of my brother and my mother as well as my grandparents, In which I struggle with every year. ( been only 2 years for brother and only 5 for mother, grandparents more than ten but seem like only yesterday) I LOVE THEM ALL SO VERY MUCH AND MY WWORLD IS EMPTY AT TIMES WITHOUT THEM……………………………….

    ~ shari
  • pray for myself that I would be forgiven all my sins, that I would be found while I am feeling lost, that god would protect me from any all evil I may come in contact with, and protect me from any terminal illness both my mental problems and my physical health, protect me from any organ problems, keep me strong and healthy that I may serve the lord in the way he has planned. That I may have patience and better understanding of others and others feelings. That I may help those in need. Amen .

    ~ shari
  • For my dearly departed wife, Mary Ellen McGinley.

    May her soul rest in eternal peace. Amen

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray for me to keep my job. I am in danger of losing it due to bureaucracy. I love my job and pray that I can continue to help others everday through my career. Thank you.

    ~ Paula
  • Please pray for my recovery an injury to my foot. Also pray for my three sons two who are incarcerated and one who is addicted to drugs.

    ~ Angela
  • Please pray for Sharon l. Who is having difficulty in her recovery from a knee replacement. Please God help her recover to a much better quality of life than she had before.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Prayers for all suffering from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

    ~ Carmen
  • Please Lord let Janet make amends with you and accept the future you have for her. Amen

    ~ Jeanne
  • I pray for my family, Gods protection and guidance, also commit my studies unto His hands that He should see me through, provide me with a part time job so i can be able to complete my studies here in Finland and for other heart desires. Amen

    ~ chike
  • That the Good Lord will give me the strength to return to attending Mass in my church. Amen

    That I can become a better son of God, husband and father.

    ~ JOHN
  • Please pray for Evelyn Gray who overdosed on drugs and is in a psychiatric hospital in Philadelphia, PA. Please pray for her recovery and that she will be led to Jesus and turn her life over to Jesus. Thank you;

    ~ Rosalie
  • I need more jobs to support my family

    ~ Philip
  • Please pray for me to get a better job,as i’m situation of losing my current job and pray for me to clear off all my financial liabilities.

    ~ RENI
  • Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorder (panic attacks, anxiety & moderate PTSD), Osteoporosis, High Cholesterol, Bronchial Asthma, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Urinary Tract Infection, Scoliosis of the Spine, 2-3 Hemangiomas on liver, poor eyesight (astigmatism), overweight (133-135 pounds is my goal), Renal Hypoplasia (unevenly sized kidneys), flat feet (fallen arches), left leg malformed & uneven with right leg, unstable kneecaps (Patellar Subluxation) & an unspoken request for a miracle.

    ~ Xander
  • God’s protection, direction, care and mercy for me and for all mankind: Peace in the World: Healing from all Sicknesses for all mankind:Journey mercies for all mankind: Promotion, progress , continuity in my employment:Deliverance from all attacks, plans and deceit of the evils spirits and its agents for all mankind:Protection from Sudden and unprepared death for myself and all mankind:An end to persecution of Christians:An end to abortion:increase in vocation to the priesthood/religious life

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for wisdom n deliverance from Satanic oppression n attacks and evil nightmares. I need relief n sleep n strength. I want Gods peace protection and provision, peace n wisdom in relationships.
    Also healing and complete deliverance from lice and all eggs. I need itch relief and sleep.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My husband and I have longed for years to have a family but have suffered multiple pregnancy losses. We finally started IVF with the hopes of beginning our family. Today, I had two of our embryos transferred. Please pray for us, our developing babies, a successful pregnancy, and for us finally starting our family!

    ~ Kirsten
  • Please pray for Andres Vega ‘s mother. Dear God help her receive healing in body, soul, mind and spirit. We also Ask for the same blessings to come upon Pachi ‘ s mother. We ask this in Jesus name.

    ~ heidi
  • I pray for Emilio Marquez. He is my dear father and he needs healing. Mind , body, soul and spirit. That he may heal quickly and with minimal side effects from prostate cancer treatment.

    ~ heidi
  • I pray for Emilio Marquez. He is my dear father and he needs healing. Mind , body, soul and spirit. That he may heal quickly and with minimal side effects from prostate cancer treatment.

    ~ heidi
  • For the healing of my son Severin Abdallah in body, mind, soul and spirit.
    I pray in Jesus name.

    ~ heidi
  • I humbly ask for your prayers that the Lord will touch and open the heart of a woman I’ve been pursuing for a while now so that she know, understand, and realize how much I care about her and love her and she can see the deep feelings I have for her and that we can rekindle and reignite the romantic relationship we once had.  Thank you.

    ~ Jamie
  • Please pray for my mom who is having surgery. Please pray also for my healing.

    Thank you.

    ~ Daniel
  • For my great friend George, and our great friendship.

    ~ Thomas
  • For America’s Deliverance & Salvation- including from the possible fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank “conspiracy”- whatever the truth of the matter is- whether the FED is on the level or a downright fraud- that America has a spiritual awakening & humble repentance toward our Creator & become a nation of total submission & obedience to our Maker & that all our economic woes, curses, plagues, etc will dry up with the wind of change & that we receive all the blessings that come with obedience.

    ~ Rory

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for an incurable disease that has plagued me for 40 years. Open/draining/bleeding wounds that never heal…I have had many a surgery done…with no luck.
    All I want is one small miracle and the relief of my pain…

    ~ Cathy
  • Please pray for that help making a decision. I have prayed but haven’t received anything to really go off of. Please help her to realize she is making a bad decision and help her to fix things before it is to late. I am afraid it might already be. Please don’t let her find anyone else. I don’t really know what else to hope for. I don’t know if maybe I should give up and try to find someone else? I know she is making a mistake but there isn’t anything I can do. Please help. Thank you

    ~ Jake
  • I don’t know what to do and where to turn, please help with my son start working and do well in his life, finding right girl in his life so they can be happy and prosperous together, he is 33 years old.
    Help me with my business do well and help me find a buyer for the business, I am 67 years old and cannot take this pressure in my life. No matter how much I pray, be good person, nothing seems to be working, I extremely depressed inside with worry, failure, anxiety, help please

    ~ annette
  • My husband and I have suffered infertility and pregnancy loss for years. We are currently undergoing IVF and tomorrow our embryos will be transferred. Prayers for healthy embroyos, achieving pregnancy and holding our child soon!

    ~ Kirsten
  • God, our Father, I turn to you seeking your divine help and guidance as I look for suitable employment at VA S NC. I need your wisdom to guide my footsteps along the right path, and to lead me to find the proper things to say and do in this quest. I wish to use the gifts and talents you have given me, but I need the opportunity to do so with gainful employment. Do not abandon me, dear Father, in this search, but rather grant me this favor I seek so that I may return to you with praise.Amen

    ~ Theresa

    ~ Elizabeth Maria
  • Please pray for a financial miracle for me Amelia DeRoy.

    ~ Amelia
  • Please pray for my husband who is suffering and angry. He cannot sleep. He is very stressed. Jesus please wrap your loving arms around him and comfort him. Show him anger is not the only response and that conflict can be solved in other ways. Dear Lord please help him because I think he has become addicted to anger. Only you can intervene.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My husband and I have suffered for years with infertility and pregnancy loss. We long to start a family, and started our first IVF cycle. Due to financial and emotional costs, we decided only to do one cycle. At day 3 we have three healthy embroyos. We ask for prayers for our embriyos continues growth and development and look forward to starting our family soon. Please pray for us!

    ~ Kirsten
  • I have been trying since April to find a job. I have an interview on Friday September 29th at 10:30 AM Eastern Time. Please pray that I get this job. Please continue praying even after Friday because the decision may be made later. I am desperate. My faith used to be strong, but has become very shaky now and I’m afraid it might go downhill. I am technically very strong and have always gotten a job by the second interview. This time I’m doing interviews after interviews but not getting a job. TY.

    ~ R
  • It’s my mother’s 8th year of her passing, and though I know we will meet again! I know she is in a better place, and I know that our ETERNAL home is amazing! She was a very faithful CATHOLIC. I myself have recently come to be more of a faithful CATHOLIC as well.. I just irratiable. Not mad. Some what sad, but more irratiable!!! Prayers for the Holy Spirit to take this away, and just feel a SENSE ETERNAL peace!!! Thank you. GOD bless you all…

    ~ Eva
  • Lord relent for us

    ~ Mike
  • My husband and I have been suffering with infertility and pregnancy loss for years as we tried to start our family. We just completed our first IVF procedure and need prayers for the growth and development of our embroyos.

    ~ Kirsten
  • Please pray for me for the success and good result of my visa application for Australia. Also pray for me to get married.

    ~ Nibin

    ~ KAREN
  • Please pray God heal the mind, thoughts, heart, attitude, speech and actions of Liston Alexander. Pray God restore Liston to his right mind to mend our marriage.

    ~ Amelia
  • For my protection from any evil intentions from my ex-husband. May no weapon formed against me prosper. For safety, security, and peace. He’s tried to cause harm to me many, many times. I just want this to end. May he find peace.

    ~ Christy
  • Please pray for jjb who is having surgery today may God guide the surgeon and caregivers in his care .may he have a successful recovery. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for jjb who is having surgery today may God guide the surgeon and caregivers in his care .may he have a successful recovery. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for G S who is having a knee replacement. May God guide the surgeons, nurses, aides in her care. May she have a successful recovery.
    Thank you.

    ~ C
  • Would you please post a request for prayer for my mate Geoff Hughes? He is in a serious condition. His kidneys are shot and he is going into renal failure. He is also in intensive care for cancer. He is extremely anxious and sleep deprived. Please pass this along to others in your sphere of influence. Thanks.

    – Mr. Jude T. Baxter

    ~ Jude
  • Pray for my wife and her mother who have both been diagnosed with cancer. We don’t have any family nearby and I the husband, who is unemployed, am now looking after them both. May God’s infinite Grace and mercy take care and assist us. I pray for the immediate healing for both my wife and her mother. Amen

    ~ Marc
  • Urgent prayer request: please pray for the immediate release of my long overdue financial investment. i am in tension and very urgent need of money. please pray. Thanks be to God.

    ~ Wilson

    ~ Gerard
  • Please lift up my daughter Kelsey in prayer. She has been sad, discouraged and overwhelmed with worry and anxiety while in college. The devil is a liar! Praying for positive restoration of her mind, body, spirit and soul and for Gods Inner peace and joy to be restored in her heart and soul. Praying for positive encouragement and happiness to be restored in her as she endures her collegiate year. Praying she will be surrounded in love and will feel true inner peace, joy and happiness.

    ~ Tl
  • Pray for my relationship. Dear Lord, please take away all the painful and hurt from my heart. please make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. please give me a simple healthy and happiness life. Dear Lord, please hear to my pray.

    ~ EUNICE
  • “Please pray to God for my Love that she realise my Love and feelings more than I have with her and take away her anger and bitterness towards me and replace it with Love,and pray to God to drive out other person from her life and I get back with my love forever,Please pray for Saurav and Kiran,Lord Please hear and accept my prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen”

    ~ Saurav
  • Please pray for my relationship with my bride and for her, especailly for a change of heart and for her salvation, she has been losing herself and envolving herself with bad people and doing terrible things to herself and her own life, she has left me and has forgotten about God, she is confused and lost and thinking everything is well although herself is also hurting, because of the counsels of her aunt and her friends that caused this, the situation is terrible, i am heart broken waiting for her.

    ~ Felipe
  • god servants and their chilren /MEAND MY CHILDREN CHILDDREN CHILREN CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN /4 BOYS/MOTHER AND HER CHILDREN CHILDREN/grandchildren/tracy and her family bless all of them

    ~ god servants
  • Please help Rebecca to realize she is making a mistake. Please help her to realize she was in the wrong and should fix things before it is to late. Please don’t let her find someone else. I don’t have anything else to hope for. It is usually just bad luck but I just hope this time somehow it isn’t. I did everything I think you wanted God, please help and don’t betray me. Please help her to reach out to me as I think I could help. Please not another holiday season alone. Thank you

    ~ Jake
  • In the name of Jesus, rebuke and cast out Roberts brain cancer

    ~ Denise
  • Please pray that my son stops drinking alcohol and that he gets a permanent good paying job.please pray that my mom gets better,please pray that my daughter’s house appraises high.thank you god bless

    ~ Teresa
  • Dear Lord, please take away all the painful and hurt in my heart. Please heal my relationship in my life. make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. give me a healthy and simple happiness life. stop crying and overthinking everyday. Dear Lord please hear to my pray,

    ~ EUNICE
  • Please pray God heal the mind, thoughts, heart, attitude, speech and actions of Liston Alexander. Pray God completely heal Liston emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

    ~ Amelia

    ~ MARY
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • Desr Brothers and Sisters plus Priest Mark and all the priests at Heart of the Nation online: Please continue keeping me in daily prayers for my health issues and that I will be restored to good health. My health issues prevent me from doing a lot of my daily home activities and other things such as attending Mass in person. Continue praying for my daughter’s female problems. Pray for my financial needs as well..May God Bless all of you at Heart of the Nation..

    Delores J
    West Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • I ask for prayers for my husband’s grandmother. Her appendix has ruptured, but somehow her body has trapped the fluid in an air bubble. She she was admitted to the hospital on Friday, but the doctors feel it is ok to wait until Monday to wait to operate. She is currently in a lot of pain as pain medications make her feel worse. Thank you for the prayer and God bless you.

    ~ Laura
  • I pray for God’s healing in mind, body, and spirit.

    ~ Lloyd
  • Please pray for me. Suffering through depression for years. Unfortunately runs in family. However having financial and health struggles as well as spiritual struggles. Feeling very numb. I am approaching 65 years and feel that I have accomplished really nothing in my attempts to help people through my teaching and 35 years of church music ministry.

    ~ Nelda
  • I pray for our financial situation that it may get better. That my husband can find a good job to provide for our family. May his health get better and he be able to lose weight. For our 3 children soon to be 4 for protection and that they can get along and be respectful and humble people. For all the homeless and those lost. For all the victims of the natural disasters all through out the world.

    ~ Cristina
  • Please pray for Elisabeth Paone, Katherine Paone, Jennifer Paone and Bruce paone

    ~ Anonymous
  • I wish to pray for my aunt Margaret Katherine Revell. She is troubled by the passing of my mother, Genevieve Revell Partain, her younger sister. My mom passed December 25, 2016 unexpectedly in her sleep. My aunt had felt she was supposed to die before my mom and when that didn’t happen my aunt did not respond well to that reality. I hope and pray that she finds her way into the good grace of God. I hope my mom finds the grace of God in her passing and that me and my father can find faith in God.

    ~ Brice
  • Poor souls in purgatory, and World Peace
    That Elizabeth Stanco may be cured of her cancer and also her problem with her leg’s

    ~ Robert F
  • I pray to the almighty father to help me with a better job. I have done several interviews and i am still hoping for a brighter and a bigger future. I pray to the king of kings, The God that that divided the red sea and gave the israelites a safe passage through to help me make my dreams come alive. all these i ask through Jesus Christ our Lord…..Amen

  • My baby wakes frequently in the night. I struggle to stay awake. Please pray that I will keep her safe.

    ~ Anonymous
  • 3+ years ago fell and fractured right leg and wrist. I have metal with screws in leg. Have pain and swelling in both legs when walking and when sitting. Told blood vessel not connected at time of surgery. Am stressed and feeling lost. Prayers for healing of body and mind appreciated in my time of need.

    ~ helen
  • I’m being accused of welfare fraud please pray that the case is dropped in Jesus holy name amen

    ~ A
  • For the repose of Howard Olivers soul and of Edlay, George Bodin and the Bodin and Touchet deceased.

    ~ Ron
  • I made a mistake at work that could cost me my job please pray i don’t get into trouble or get fired

    ~ Lisa
  • I humbly ask for your prayers that the Lord will touch and open the heart of a woman I’ve been pursuing for a while now so that she know, understand, and realize how much I care about her and love her and she can see the deep feelings I have for her and that we can rekindle and reignite the romantic relationship we once had.  Thank you.

    ~ Jamie
  • Please pray for my neice, MARY ANN SIGONA, and for the husband of a friend of mine, ROBERT WRIGHT, both of whom are suffering from
    “Nerve Pain”, which causes intense pain 24/7 and is being treated with very powerful pain meds which themselves have side effects and can become addictive. This kind of pain severely ilimits their daily activity level, as you can imagine, so that is why they need continuing prayer,
    that God, in His mercy, will HEAL them.
    Mary Ann is having problems eating a

    ~ Dolores
  • Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Perfect health and financial stability

    ~ Janet
  • PRAY FOR THE LORD TO BLESS GODS SERVANT WITH THIS AND THEIR CHILDREN/CHIILDREN/CHIDLREN/CHILDREN/CHILDREN/CHILDRENME/4BYS/MOTHER:: His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed. 3 Wealth and riches shall be in his house: and his righteousness endureth for ever.

    ~ GOD
  • Diaz k john…. My friend is missing… And it has been found that he has fell into a quarry…. Till now we could not find him…. We request a prayer for our young freind… To get him alive… emergency prayer.. Plese do pray for him.. His family is waiting for him.

    ~ Leya treesa
  • I ask that God end my singleness/ lonliness, and provide me with a Godly man to be my companion and husband in life who will love me and I him. That we may serve the Lord togeher. In Jesus name. Amen.

    ~ Gabrielle
  • Mass prayer intention is requested for my mom Teresita for a complete and successful healing from cancer as she goes in for a procedure to have it removed from her right salivary gland-Tuesday, September 26th. May the Holy Spirit be there with her, the doctors, assistants, and nurses.

    ~ Dora
  • Hello My name is Evan Goss. I have 2 Prayer Requests Today. The first one is Healing For My Autism Spectrum Disorder, the other healing’s I need are of Cognitive Developmental Delay, and Healing of Addiction. My last Prayer Request is Healing of a relationship with a girl Named Elisabeth Caroline Baran, I know my lord my god, Can do the impossible so today I will believe in that. Thank you……..

    ~ Evan
  • Please pray for marriage. Pray God bring my husband Liston Alexander back home to me Amelia DeRoy permanently. Pray marriage restoration for us. No divorce.

    ~ Amelia
  • I am a medical 1st year student studying in Mangalore.I am writing this msg for a prayer request.I am writing two exams on 25th and 26th September this year itself.This is my last chance.My life depends on these exam. 2 days left…I am feeling very difficulty in studying.I am really tensed and worried.Please Pray for me…I have pass.Only God can help me now

    ~ Honey Rose
  • For the health and safety of my two daughters while I am traveling for work next week. Thank you.

    ~ Diane
  • Good day, please pray with and for me. I am desperate for a job. I am 64 which makes it a bit difficult although I am fit and healthy with lots of office experience. I am a single woman and have no retirement savings. My son is helping out (bless him) but I cannot rely on him forever. I have to bring in some cash. Please pray that God would open a door for me. Thank you and bless you all.

    ~ Roslind
  • I have been unable to work due to several medical issues, which has rendered me physically disabled. My disability benefits have been exhausted and I do not qualify for any other source. I’m in severe debt and unable to meet my needs; and the threat and fear of me losing my job is more imminent. I don’t know how I am going to make it or know what next steps to take. It’s like everything is falling apart; like I’m living under a curse (always in a state of lack). God Almighty please heal me.

    ~ Tammy
  • I’m a graduate in electronics and communication engineering. I was searching for job in past 5months. I had applied for many jobs but I’m not even getting any interview calls. No one is responding to job Request also.I’m very depressed now and also frustrated. Nowadays I’m feeling to end up this Life. People around me are criticising me and also making fun of me. My parents are scolding me very badly. I was very prayerful and I used to attend holy mass daily. I lost all my hopes and dream

    ~ Anupriya
  • I have lost my job with permanent disability and we need to move out of the house. We need finances and doors to open to Western Cape in South Africa and a house to stay in.

    ~ Charles
  • Please pray that I understand what I should do. I don’t know whether to give up or if my prayers are working. Please make it clear to me. I just hate for things to end between us as I know it is a mistake. Please help her to realize. This is consuming me so bad. Please don’t make me have to be alone, I did everything I thought God wanted me to do. Please help me with quitting smoking, it is so hard to let go of. God, it is just so hard for me to trust after all this. Please help.

    ~ Jake
  • Pray strongly for the people of Haiti, they are suffering and have nothing to eat because of the current president his name is Jovenel Moise. He is corrupted, evil and let his people die of hunger. He takes the country’s money and live a lavish lifestyle with his wife, children and entourage. Pray that God stop this man and overthrown him asap. Pray that Jesus rescue the people of Haiti from the hands of this evil man now in the name of Jesus AMEN.

    ~ Christ
  • Lord Jesus, please heal my heart. I have sinned and I ask for forgiveness. I have loved and still wish to continue how to love. Grant that my heart will be healed and be ready to face your will. Lord Jesus, please help me. Lord Jesus, I pray that you send me my soulmate…at the right time…in the right place. Strengthen me. Heal me. Guide me. I am weak but I will keep my faith on you. I will never get tired of believing in you. Please help me. Help me, Lord Jesus. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my marriage. Pray God bring my husband Liston Alexander back home to me Amelia DeRoy permanently. No divorce

    ~ Amelia
  • Please pray for a financial miracle for me Amelia DeRoy. Pray me completely debt free this year.

    ~ Amelia
  • Please pray that me and my boyfriend can get together and rekindle our love for each other. Pray that he can heal his heart regarding our trust issues and return to us soon. Pray that there will be peace, stability and harmony in our relationship forever and make our complicated relationship an uncomplicated one. Pray that we will never surrender to whatever challenges that comes our way and touch the heart of my Boyfriend for him to fill much love for me.

    ~ Kai Yung Kacie
  • For peace and religious unity in the world. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community. For the Pope and all Catholics. For our family and near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. That we may go to Heaven when we die. For success in work and studies. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the good health of her son and parents. For the souls of our dear departed. Thanksgiving for favours received.

    ~ Lloyd
  • Please pray for my sister. She hates me and my family and trying to keep a distance with every body. I asked for forgiveness but she is not willing to give. Please pray for her to let her forgive everything to her family members. She is very stubborn in character. Please pray for holy spirit to interfere in her life and get inner healing. Also she decides to marry a hindu guy against familys catholic faith. Please pray for her to get married to a catholic guy.

    ~ jeswin
  • -Wilma to clear NCLEX exam on 23rd Sep (Saturday) in first attempt and to get the RN registration and good & permanent government job.
    – Healing of all the health related issues of Nishita, Wilma and William
    – Well paid good & relaxed job with good work/life balance for William and Wilma
    – Choicest gifts of Good Health, Peace of mind, Love, Wisdom, Wealth & prosperity, joy, happiness, good food, accommodation, transportation and financial security for the family.

    ~ William
  • My ex-husband continues his abusive behavior toward me. I’ve been in a nightmare. Please pray for my protection from any evil intentions. Pray for him. May he come out into the light and open his heart to Christ.

    ~ Christy
  • Please restore my self confidence, i am aging and desperately in need of a good friend, a man, a dear one. All alone and with my house flooded causing multiple hospitalizations I am paralyzed by fear and have lost my sense of direction and ability to drive my nice new car. I know there are people in flood zones worse off, but a paralyzed mind is a terrible thing to have. Please pray for my health and recovery. Thank you and God Bless.

    ~ Linda
  • I am having more medical testing today and tomorrow. Im very afraid and anxious about results. Please pray that the tests will be normal and that I can and will be completely healed. Amen

    ~ Trisha
  • Please pray for my daughter Vanessa, for the DA’s office judge/courts to dismiss all charges against Vanessa. For Vanessa to find employment soon, for her to forgive her father and healings. For God to send Vanessa a future husband. For Vanessa to get closer to her family especially her sister Melissa. Separate her from her friends/boyfriend if not good for her soul/salvation. And for her conversion, not to do drugs and alcohol.
    Thank You…

    ~ Yolanda
  • MY PRAYER IS THAT THE CHURCH BECOMES ONE: “While there is one that says, ‘I belong to Paul'[I AM CATHOLIC] and another that says, ‘I belong to Apollos'[I AM PROTESTANT, ETC] are you not being only too human?” ARE WE NOT YET CARNAL?

    ~ LES
  • That my son will open his heart to the truth of the Catholic church. That he brings hos family out of freemason, shriners, rainbow girls andall desire to be part of freemasons. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • for special intention and thanking God for healing my children. Lord favour my husband and open up your blessings on the work of his hand.

    ~ bernice
  • Please Agree Ill grow in Grace and Faith in the blood of Jesus

    ~ Haven
  • Please pray that the issues with my dad at his workplace will be over, that whatever went wrong will be fixed, and that he can resume working there as usual, peacefully, without any issues.

    ~ J
  • Please pray for my son Jack, a few years ago he had a accident at work which cause operation to his neck after has nerve damage to his hand and leg and a bad spine. He turn to alcohol and drugs for the pain. Four months ago he left my home, since then I haven’t heard from him or from his daughter, my granddaughter Amber She spend a lot of her eleven years with me, weekends, all summers vacations and all holidays. Just like that they are gone. Am fallen apart .God I place my family in your hands

    ~ Mary
  • I am having mutiple health issues especially related to my stomach and digestion for last 2 years. Pain in abdomen, flatulance, multiple time using rest room, sensitive stomach, weakness, embarrasment, and lack of interest are my primary health problems. Now, Anxiety, depression, low self esteem, and loneliness have become my secondary problems. I request you to please pray for my good health, peace and happiness. Thank you and God bless.

    ~ Ajay
  • To pass the LICENSURE EXAMINATION FOR TEACHERS,September 24,2017. That all of will pass.
    And all the NCEAN will pass the LET.

    ~ Rhiza
  • Please pray for my father , Edward Anthony Geary. He undergoes surgery on Sept. 19, Tuesday.
    Thank you and May God bless you.

    ~ karen
  • Please pray for me that everything will work out well for me with the problem I’ve been obsessing about and help that I will stop obsessing and that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will give me the guidance I need in what to do and that I’ll receive all the graces I need to be strong and have confidence in myself.
    Also please pray for my children and granddaughter for all their needs and safety from all harm and good health for us all.

    ~ D.
  • Please Pray…I’m 45 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for a financial miracle for me Amelia DeRoy. Pray me completely debt free this year.

    ~ Amelia
  • Patricia Marhan
    Agnes Marhan
    Anton Marhan

    ~ Anthony
  • Almighty God
    I love you Father!
    I pray that you love me.
    I need to be with you!
    I pray that you come and be with me.
    I am in disparate need!
    I pray that you help me.
    I want to die!
    I pray that you save me.
    I am all alone!
    I pray you comfort me.
    I am hopeless!
    I pray you send me reasons to live.
    I am financially broke!
    I pray for your miracles of financial abundance and stability.
    I am emotionally destroyed!
    I pray that you restore me.
    I need you so badly Heavenly Father!

    ~ gary
  • I am being oppressed and bullied at my current job. I have an interview on Sept 29th for a job that would a true blessing from the Lord. Please pray that God’s will be done and may the oppression and stress be alleviated. May I please get rewarded for all of my years of hard work. My health is failing me at my current job and my coworkers need help as well. I have finally found a home and I would be able to serve the seniors in my community.

  • Please pray for mu full complete total recovery from stroke this year so that I could rcv the Sacrament of Penance already & visit & revere Pit Lord in the Blessed Sacrament daily together with my wife & daughter already.

    ~ Archie
  • A special prayer for Mark’s mother’s health. Now in the ER

    ~ marc
  • Please pray for my nieces, Ruby and Penny. Please help them embrace Christianity and reject the anti-religious propaganda they are constantly exposed to. Please help their parents and stepfather become better role models. Help them find a wonderful church to inrich their lives.

    ~ Cristin
  • For a successful outcome for a very difficult surgery and an uncomplicated recovery for J.B. Thank you so much.

    ~ L
  • I am praying for healing , blessings and protection for me , my mother and my two sons. We need an emergency financial blessing immediately. Protect us from our evil and noisy neighbors upstairs above us and beside us and make them stop being noisy. Protect us from our landlords and do not let them get away with their mistreatment of others. Please let my sons court case get dismissed immediately and punish his accusers. Bless me and Darryl to get married immediately and have a healthy baby girl

    ~ kathy
  • Dear Brothers and sisters, Father Mark and all other priests at Heart of the Nation online: Continue keeping my health issues in prayers. God knows what my health issues are. Continue praying for my financial needs. Its hard to make ends meet financially as I am on limited income and am a senior citizen. Pray that we my daughter, son-in-law and myself can get a house or mobile home for us and that the loan officer will grant us a loan. We want our own place instead of renting.
    Delores J

    ~ Delores
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my loved ones: Paul (brother), Sharon (sister), Amber (niece), Krystal (niece), Matthew (nephew), James (nephew), and James (ex-fiance) who are all addicted to alcohol and/or drugs in varying degrees. I ask for the generational curse of addiction to be broken in my family members lives and for the bondage of alcoholism to be broken in my ex-fiance’s life.

    ~ Laura
  • all

    ~ Mary
  • Dear Friends,
    For the Keith family, please pray for abundant financial blessings to bless ministries, pay off all debts, and to meet all needs. Thank you and God Bless.

    ~ Brent
  • Please pray for me I have stage four prostate and bone cancer.
    Thank you

    ~ Ken
  • For the repose of the souls of George and Edlay Touchet Bodin, Edna and Edier Broussard, Laura Belle Loignon, Etta Lachausse, Mickey, Melvin, Kelly, Bayo Bodin, Eva and Gregoure Bodin. Bodin, Touchet deceased.

    ~ Ron
  • I ask that we pray for all of those that are contiplating suicide. For those that are being bullied at school. For Nathen the 11 year old that attempted to take his life because of bullying but failed and is still with us. For his family to heal from this and to learn to forgive, I ask this in Jesus Christs name. Amen.

    ~ Polly

  • I pray to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and ask nothing for myself. You have blessed me surviving deadly hurricane Irma but there are millions suffering greatly in Florida, Texas and throughout the Caribbean. I beg you Lord Jesus to bring them relief to their terrible suffering.
    Thank you my Lord.
    Your loyal servant,
    Howard Alexander Stafford

    ~ HOWARD
  • For abundant blessings upon my mother and father who will be celebrating their 64th Wedding Anniversary on October 31st.

    ~ Rosalie
  • Please pray for my son who is spiritually lost and suffering depression. Pray for me; I have no family and I’m carrying heavy crosses in my health, finances, and emotions. Please pray for my friend. She has no children; her dog is a life line for her, and he is ill. It is like losing a child to her.

    ~ Carla
  • I humbly ask for your prayers that the Lord will touch and open the heart of a woman I’ve been pursuing for a while now so that she know, understand, and realize how much I care about her and love her and she can see the deep feelings I have for her and that we can rekindle and reignite the romantic relationship we once had.  Thank you.

    ~ Jamie