~ kk
  • Oh good & gracious Father! We thank Thee for Your constant & ever-present watch over our lives. We have entrusted You with every aspect of our lives & You have, not once, failed us. Instead You have continued to come to our aid each & every time we have needed You. Happy to place our lives in Your most capable hands, we are more than just safe. We are truly blessed beyond measure! Thank You! We love You & ask for Your gifts from the Holy Spirit. Thank You for Your son, Jesus & Your Holy Spirit.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Hello can you please pray for me for guidance, I have issues on my marriage right now because of a third person another women keeps getting into our marriage, I really dont know what to do I would like to get separed please pray for me and and my Kids. Married couple Sandy and Armando

    ~ Sandy
  • My intention is for God to allow me the experience of receiving a financial breakthrough blessing to be bestowed upon me. Please remove all blockages to my increased abundance of prosperity. Thank you God. Amen.

    ~ traci
  • Please pray for my aunt who is in the hospital because she is having trouble breathing?

    ~ Kerry
  • For the recovery of my godson and nephew, Brian. Pray that his health will return and that he will turn to God in the process of healing.

    ~ Mary
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters plus Father Mark Payne, Father Tony and all the other priests that do Sunday Mass online: Thank you Father Mark Payne for the Lent gospel messages you have been presenting on Sunday Mass !!! Continue praying for my health issues and that I will be restored to good health soon. March is stormy weather season for me in Tennessee, pray for my safety through these storms. Pray to keep my daughter, son-in-law and healthy. May God Bless all of you !!..Delores Jackson

    ~ Delores
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the grace of final perseverance for my husband and me and to look forward to seeing Our Merciful Lord, Jesus Christ.

    ~ Barbara & Jack
  • I would like you to pray for my family and for my husband to be safe at his work. I was baptized first Lutheran but want to go to the Catholic Church and commit to the Catholic Church. Pray for me to be calm at heart and soul. I have been through alot in my life and just want God to give me piece. I Kno he is great and that he has always been with me.

    ~ Christine
  • Pray for healing. Lynne has Terminal Cancer and really needs your prayers, it’s hard for me to get out of bed and go to mass. I’m able to watch Tv so this is the only way I get to attend. I have been given 6 months to a year and I have passed that time, I truly believe it’s my faith and prayers from family and friends.

    ~ Lynne
  • Please pray for the last repose of Larry Koop. May he Rest In Peace until Christ’s return.

    ~ Brian
  • We ask God to help Marc find the right path and make good decisions and be the Best he can be. To be honest and dependable. We pray that he follow the right way and keep God in his life.

    ~ James
  • pray for me and my family that our health will be better soon.And for my dad for this is the 5th anniversary of his death on April 20th of this year.

    ~ deborah
  • Praying for your family. God bless all the children

    ~ Joseph
  • For healing of my son who has been diagnosed with a rare disease. For his health and joy to be returned.

    ~ Debbie
  • Remove the pain from her feet

    ~ Carol
  • for my mother Teresa Njeri who is admitted in hospital, that she may get healed soon and that her admission in hospital be for the Glory of God. That she the infection in her leg may once and for all go away so that she may be able to walk again and especially walk to the church for mass. That those who see her walk again may believe or re-affirm their faith that there is God in Heaven. Also pray for a GERD condition that keeps recurring on my self. WE Pray to the LORD.

    ~ Joseph
  • Pleases play for deceased Jeff S. .may he be at peace with our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Also his wife Michele. May she find comfort .she is not dealing well with her husbands loss. May we pray that she comes to God and finds comfort and ways to carry on with her life as she and he did everything together .

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for the healing of my son Tommy who suffers from schizophrenia.

    ~ Jan
  • Please pray for June Renaut.
    Thank you so very much.

    ~ karen
  • Please pray for Anna and Ken M. Both have serious health issues.

    ~ Peggy
  • a prayer that a lady comes into my life

    ~ greg
  • Pray for Matthew and Kanwal that God made us live together with each other for rest of our life’s . May God take all our worries and problems in which we are kept. May God show his mercy and grace upon us both. May Lord keeps us safe from all evil. May God grant us success in all aspects of life, peace of mind and make us strong in our believe. We both can live happily with each other for rest of their life’s.

    ~ Matthew
  • very urgent – seeking a new job with visa to join immediate

    ~ neo
  • Please help me pray for my nephew, jan duhaylungsod, who will take the medicine board exam, March 04, 2018. That he will pass the board exam.

    ~ Genna
  • Dear Father
    Please help my daughter Neha (Studying in Class XII) as her exam is starting from March 05, 2018 and ending on March 27, 2018. Please give her a sharp memory. Help her to focus on her exam and to analyze the questions. Relieve her from anxiety, tension, take away distractions and help her to finish answering all the questions. Grace her with your divine guidance and positive energy. Kindly pray for my husband, he is facing some problems in his job. Heavenly Father it is in your hand

    ~ Roshini
  • I ask for prayers for Ed because he is having surgery tomorrow. He has served God, his country, and his city as a Navy vet and fire fighter. I ask God to guide the surgeons hands and to offer quick healing. I also ask for support for his wife and extended family. I pray for comfort for them.

    ~ Jen
  • Please pray for me that I can ‘Let Go & Let God’ Thank You & God Bless.

    ~ Jean
  • Please pray for family healing, forgiveness and conversion for loved ones.

    ~ Anonymous
  • This prayer request is for my daughter Catherine. She has been admitted to the hospital very ill. They are worried she may have sepsis again. She has had it twice before. I am so scared as you can die from this!!

    ~ Pamela
  • Special intention.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Prayer Request:

    Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his conversion to faith in Jesus Christ.
    Pray God to open his eyes to see his need for a savior.Pray God to open his ears to hear, understand , and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Pray God to heal his heart!!!
    Pray for Eric’s miracle of salvation.

    ~ Alfred
  • PLEASE intercede for me on my behalf..I am a 56 yr old female.My hair is thinning so bad all over..I am almost bald in front .Please , I want my hair to be restored back to its former glory and to be healed of the disease(s) that is causing this..and to be off all medications that I have to take for hypothyroid, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, acid reflux disease that cause baldness as well! I look like a monster! I would rather be dead than to lose my hair..I am so depressed.. Bless you!

    ~ Cheryl
  • Please pray for me. I’ve been out of work for a couple of months and haven’t found a job yet. I’ve been praying everyday and have gone on interviews but haven’t landed a job. I’m feeling down, helpless and desperate. My phone bill is due on the 1st and my car insurance is due tomorrow. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Please please pray for me.

    ~ Diana
  • Please pray for my daughter Violette, her marriage and her health. Thank you

    ~ Veronica
  • Please say a prayer for me as I just lost a lot of money to a scam. I am poor and feeling very angry. Please pray that I can get the money back or help me accept what happens and trust in God. Thank you.

    ~ Trisha
  • Most sweet God, in honor of your holy passion, My heart is given to you
    with all my love my body and soul and spirit can give. I give you thanks
    for all the glorious days of my life. Thank you for all the blessing you have bestowed upon myself and my family and friends. Thank you for the food we eat each day and all the things we have to live on this Earth. With a humble heart, I ask you to forgive my sins as I am sorry I had done them,

    ~ Jose
  • For family, self, relatives and benefactors for this Lenten Season for our relationship with God, ourselves and others and our salvation

    ~ Anonymous
  • Will you please pray that my mother keeps everything the same as before?

    ~ Nicolas
  • Please pray to Jesus that thru the Holy Spirit he will give us the direction so that James’s land is released free of any and all encumbrances including especially his note to Don Solomon. I am asking for the Mercy that Jesus has promised us to be granted to my brother so that he too will come to love and know Jesus thru the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

    ~ Jolan
  • I am in despair. I have no job, no money, car trouble, my Dad just entered a nursing home for dementia, and I feel there is no hope. Please pray for me, thank you!

    ~ Lara
  • Even though we are divorced please pray the Holy Spirit move and stir deeply in Aprils heart soul mind and life and she turn back and seek the healing and restoration of our marriage and that if its not Gods will then I be granted the wisdom to either hold on or move on.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray for my brother George. He’s been out of work for a year and is very depressed. Please pray for him to get a job soon. Thank you.

    ~ Victor
  • I’m in need of a finical blessing, I’m asking god to please find away for me to pay off my debt of bills. I’m under a lot of stress and worrie . Im asking god to please find me a home that me and my kids can call ours and not have to wyabout being put out . I know God is the only one that can help me . I know God has the power to change things and make things happen . I trust and believe in you my father and I’m now placing all my worries and heartache in your hands . I belive in you father.

    ~ Rebecca
  • Urgent prayer needed, please pray that we can find a buyer soon for our restaurant in Miami, also that customers come in, the only way to keep our doors open. Please help my son make enough money to survive this period. We were victims of a curse. Also that my son Hugo be able to handle this problem in a smart way. His marriage is suffering.
    God bless you
    Doris Ramirez

    ~ Doris
  • Cancer healing for Monique and Kathleen.

    Drug abuse deliverance and protection for Roderick Catledge.

    Bring Rodney back into my life full time. For him to cut ties with current situation and with past. That our love will be strong, mutual, respectful and inseparable. That he will forgive me and unharden his heart and mind completly with me. Keep me in his heart and on his mind. Fill his heart with love for me. That he will make it right again between us. Increase our interaction to daily.

    ~ Kim
  • Dear Rev Fr. Br
    My daughters future is at stake as the school where she currently is enrolled has not got approval for Grade 9. Additionally I lost my mother 3 months back who used to be the biggest help of managing the kdis when the got home from school by bus as the school is some distance away. Now with her gone, it’s become very difficult as my husband and I both work. Please pray that they may get admission to St. Mary’s Catholic School Dubai, which is 5 minutes from our home

    ~ Charmaine
  • Dear Lord, Thank You for all You are doing. Keep us close to You & stay with us each day as we fulfill Your will. We ask You for health in mind, body, & spirit. Also All of the gifts from the Holy Spirit. All honor & glory are are Yours, almighty Father. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

    ~ Cynthia
  • I pray that God will heal me from Major Depression and insomnia and that I can become God’s instrument for whatever he desires in my retirement years. I am quite ill now but pray to get better. God Bless.

    ~ Don
  • In 28-year verbally abusive marriage with recently esalating gaslighting, which includes destruction of belongings, tools, food , appliances etc., isolation and character assassination. Started divorce proceedings, but in need of prayer that I can be awarded sufficient share of common property to be able to start a separate life. Stay-at-home homeschooling mother of 5, I have come to believe that my “Catholic” spouse is a Freemason who wanted a front for infiltrating church organizations,

    ~ Marie
  • Please pray for a blessed outcome with my Federal and State income taxes. Thank you.

    ~ GINA
  • Please help me with my anxiety. It is bad. I am so afraid of trying to get a job and I need help to just do it. I tried today but failed. I am so afraid of losing my social life with taking the job. Please help. Please, I have prayed so long, bring me a good wife, that I can trust. Please someone like Cynthia, Shanel, or Krista. They are wonderful women. Please help my neighbor Wayne, he is not doing well. Please help both of my friend’s named Harold also. Thank you and Amen

    ~ JD
  • Please pray that my hearing will be restored and that my inner ear will be healed. Thank you.

    ~ Christine
  • Please help me pray for my father in law. For his stubborn soul to break and be submissive and not always want to fight about everything. To get rid of his pride and be humble. He needs the Grace to give up his possessions. It is needed for his care in the nursing home. Please ask the good Lord to let him build relationships with other people who live there. He needs alot of prayers for his soul. Thank you for praying.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my son and his future schooling. He has applied to medical school. Out of the ten submitted applications he has been rejected by eight schools. At this late date he does not see the remaining two making an offer to him. His MCAT and GPA are high and considered acceptable by any of the schools he has applied to. He is 37 and his age may be what is driving the rejections. Pray that he may see a supernatural miracle. His name is Saint Christian Bryant.

    ~ Randy
  • Please give my daughter strength and peace to handle her ex-husband. Her 8 yr old son told a teacher he was afraid of his dad and now social service is involved. He is blaming my daughter and is holloring at my grandson. The trust she had built up with her son regarding always tell the truth and it will be ok now is shattered. He doesn’t want to get his Dad is trouble. Dad is not physical with him just verbally abusive. She is at a loss of how to handle this..Please pray for them.

    ~ Jan
  • Pray for the success of Women’s History Month which is always in March and for International Women’s Day on March 8. Pray also especially for the #MeToo and #TimesUp Movements and for other victims of sexual crimes who are the most silenced.

    ~ Shane
  • Please save I James and Matt’s lives. Please remove all the pain and suffering. Teach us and help us to walk. Please give us great health. Stop Jimmy’s pain and discomfort. Please answer our prayers and let our dreams come true. Please bless us and heal us expesecially our legs and knees. Please give us a chance to have a good, heathy, and successful life. Thank you.

    ~ Matt
  • Healing, health and financial assistance for my daughter (breast cancer survivor) and my brother (spinel stenosis surgery).

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters plus Father Mark Payne, Father Tony and all other priests that preside at the Sunday Mass online at The Heart of the Nation : Continue praying for the healing of the swelling and pain in my legs. Pray to keep my high blood pressure normal. Also, pray for my financial needs. Keep my daughter Monika and son-in-law Jamie in prayers that they will become closer to the Lord.
    May God Bless each of you !! Delores J, Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my mother whose is 99 with bad dementia for peace from her anxiety and fears, please offer prayers for me to feel better from this flu, cold or whatever it is as I’m her 24 hr caretaker I ask this in Jesus name and thank you for all blessings we’ve been given amen

    ~ Nancy
  • pray that the good lord will grant me special financial favours that will change my business for good, bring favour and customer to rent equipment from me, grant me special favour that will enable me raise money for the purchase of lowboy trailer for my business. I also pray that the good lord will break all evil altars fighting against my business and finance and all evil walls around me Amen

    ~ Chika
  • My Mom passed away on January 6th 2018 and I am going through a very very difficult grieving process. 11 years ago this past Christmas Day, Dad passed away. I am trying to go to group sessions and one on one counseling. Please pray for God to give my brother and me strength. Please pray for the souls of my parents who are in their eternal home with Jesus Christ and God our Heavenly Father and all went before them.

    ~ Vernon Carl
  • Thanks, for your Masses, I’ve been unable to get to church this winter.

    I’ve been a wheelchair most of this year. I ask God to give me courage to face what he wants me to do. And if its his will to help me to walk again without pain .
    And to give my husband the strength to continue being my caregiver!

    ~ Mary
  • I ask for help in prayer for physical healing most especially for my ill mother, ill stepdad whom are currently in the hospital. And also, for my brother’s good intentions as well as my own. Thank you, may God bless.🙏

    ~ Grace
  • Pray that my son and grandson will respect each other and get along leaving past troubles in the past enjoying each other’s company….

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me. I have stage 4 breast to bone cancer. Pray the doctor will find the right pain medication that will be right for me. Pray so I will have more courage, strength, stamina. Most of all pray that I will follow Jesus and always offer my cross to His especially during this Lenten season. Help me to see His face in everyone. Help me follow His Blessed Mother in holiness.
    Thank you, God bless you always,
    Carol Beaudoin

    ~ Carol
  • Dearest Jesus thank You for all answered prayers. Please heal Kim,s relationship with her Dad & family. Kim is a 50 yr old widow who needs a great job with benefits. David is homeless & very ill. Please heal Charlie of drug additions & anger issues. Mason who is 16 had a car accident. Alan & Pat has history of kidney stones. Please keep all students safe from school shootings. In Jesus Holy Name! Amen

    ~ Marilyn
  • Please pray for my granddaughter Tiffanie Lake Rodrigues as she has a brain tumor behind her left eye and will need surgery on March 19, 2018 to take care of the tumor. Thank you 🙏

    ~ Irma
  • Praying for speedy recovery of my mother Leonila Avellana. Amen

    ~ Geraldine
  • Pope Francis, our bishops, cardinals, laypeople, consecrated life, priests, deacons, and our beloved dead

    ~ Joseph
  • Pray for the healing of my entire family, Scott, Rita, Philip, Destany and Jazzinae and all our families.
    Many the Lord bless us in all our needs and keep his loving arms around us forever. Please change and convert Destany and Christian to ways of the Lord for the better and for Jazz.
    Help us all to love one another and always have good paying jobs.

    ~ R
  • Please pray for Jeff s. His kidney replacement is failing causing him to loose toe and leg. May God help him and his wife during this time. Only God can find a way he can have another doner or cure. He has been thru so much.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my job, because there is a lady the is really mean that is causing problems for no reason and my job and is at risk please pray for me thank you.

    ~ Mario
  • Please pray for my daughter Caprice. She is in an abusive marriage and isn’t strong enough to leave or get help. Thank you and God bless!

    ~ Anonymous
  • For our family and friends.

    ~ Hector
  • Please pray for my mother who has cancer and needs the help

    ~ Brian
  • My name is Leajia ( Lee Asia) please pray for healing of my brain,lungs, thyroid,prayer for angels of protection, prayer for a good godly mate, prayer for God to prosper me in every area of my life in 2018

    ~ Leajia
  • I have to have surgery for a detached retina on Friday. The doctor says my vision will never be normal again. Plus, I am worried about the medical bills. Please pray for me.

    ~ Joanie
  • Father God, Ervin told me that changing his mind was like trying to turn the course of a cruise ship: Once he set his mind to a direction, his will was iron.Lord, he set his mind on bitterness, adultery and divorce. I ask You out of Your genuine love to send an ”iceberg” to sink Satan’s ”Titanic” evil in Ervin, sink him into Jesus’ arms, embolden Fr. Charlie/Fr.John with Holy Spirit Word, boldness and warning to confront, warn and convict him for repentance and true salvation.

    ~ Rose
  • My dad has a cold and needs some healing prayers for a fast recovery. Thank you!

    ~ Lesley
  • Please continue praying for my prodigal teen daughter to return to the faith of our family, our church, the sacraments, and reconcile with us. Pray that she is removed from the influences and the people she has accepted into her life with that has removed her from our family and faith.

    ~ Brett
  • Pray for our holy father Pope Francis, bishops, cardinals, priests, deacons, lay people, consecrated life, beloved dead, consecrated religious men and woman, and especially the reverend Billy Graham who passed away from this life into the eternal home in heaven!

    ~ Joseph
  • For the fruitful outcome of my divorce and child custody, may God’s will be done. Amen.

    ~ Roshanak
  • Dear God,
    I come to you to ask and pray for a healing of sickness of my father. I pray for my whole family to have a healthy mind, body, and spirit. God shower us your love and graces. Forgive us for our sins and keep delivering us from the evil and temptations. God, I ask you to help me obtain my Korean Citizenship. I don’t know if this is for me but, I want to give it a try. after obtaining my citizenship may you give me a better job so that I can continue helping my family. Amen!

    ~ Edyza
  • Please pray for my ex-husband Alexander Quintanilla, recently deployed to Kuwait, so that God can remove the blindfold from his eyes and open his heart to acknowledge Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Please pray for his safety and prompt return.

    ~ Diana
  • Pray for me to stop sinning and pray for my sister Nadine Ruiz and my dad Johnny Ruiz that they reunite in peace and bring them together

    ~ Uriel
  • Grant Kelly Lewis, and all parties involved, the Wisdom of Solomon and discernment in all matters concerning the dissolution of Jared’s marriage and the welfare of the children. In your son, Jesus Name we pray and thank God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for moving in our petition. Amen.

    ~ NITA
  • Please pray that I grow stronger for Christ.

    ~ Joseph
  • 1. For Anna my young sister who is in her university examination may God send his holy spirit to her so that she may do well in her exams and pass.
    2. For the end of semester examination which I will be sitting starting on Monday 26/2. May God help me do well and have good results. May God prevent me from any problem/misfortune or any bad thing which may arise during examination season. I pray for good health, love peace,calmness, remembrance, intelligence and joy during examination season.

    ~ Joseph
  • Urgent prayer needed, please pray that we can find a buyer soon for our restaurant in Miami, also that customers come in, the only way to keep our doors open. Please help my son make enough money to survive this period. We were victims of a curse. Also that my son Hugo be able to handle this problem in a smart way. His marriage is suffering.
    God bless you
    Doris Ramirez

    ~ Doris
  • Please pray for my daughter Melissa and her family to have her VA mortgage loan be approved today. Please pray that the home inspection will be a good report to purchase the new home please send prayers and blessings for Melissa. Please pray that all the paperwork will be in good order to be approved. Please pray for my daughter and her family to buy this home in a safe neighborhood and good schools for my grandchildren Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Please pray for my physical and emotional healing in all areas. Thank you

    ~ GINA
  • After just reading many of the requests posted here may Our Dear Lord mercifully answer the prayers of the people. This I humbly 🙏 in Jesus’s Holy name and His Mother Mary.

    ~ I wish to remain anonymous, thank you
  • I got a disease in my body pray for it too go away thanks

    ~ Cheryl
  • For our friend, Job, that God will heal him from his inoperable brain tumor. He is a loving son, brother, friend, husband and father. We pray that God will give him strength in the days ahead and grant him healing, in Jesus name.

    ~ Mary
  • I would like to pray for my mental state/peace of mind, body, and soul…as I have recently had 3 stints in a Behavioral Health Hospital as a result of my addiction and confused mindset, referred to by doctors as “psychosis”. Dear Lord, please help me and my mind to stay strong and stable through the power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ, Amen.

    ~ Jodi
  • I losy all but my life in a apartment fire. Can I please get help and Prayers!?

    ~ La Verne
  • Pray for my offering up to God my Easter shopping I’m doing on this Friday of February 23, 2018.

    ~ Shane
  • Please pray for Davey and Natalie. They have issues they need to work through and resolve. Davey finds it hard to communicate, Lord please help him communicate and forgive the past. Let them move forward from their problems and build a new beautiful beginning that will glorify God.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for Zyna and the decision she is waiting to receive. Let the decision be positive in her favor and let God be glorified.
    She is also pregnant. Please Lord, let her have a safe delivery in Atlanta this year. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Unspoken Prayer Requests.

    ~ Terry
  • Please pray for the soul of my mother, Virginia Jaleco.

    Please pray that I will find a nice part time job.

    Thank you very much.

    ~ Severino
  • Prayers for my mum. The devil is waging a spiritual war against her. He is using her family – husband and son to get to her. She has no peace and happiness. Everyday she is battling a new problem. A new difficulty. Deliverance, divine intervention is needed. Please pray! Please pray! Please pray!

    ~ Trudy
  • That God would Bless Angelia and Kenneth To compensate me for my suffering.

    ~ Latonya
  • Dear Jesus thank You for all answered prayers. Please heal Jill & unborn baby girl who both are high risk pregnancy & has blood disorder. Jessica is trying to adopt girl age6-7. Butch who has had a stroke now has skin cancer. Cheryl had neck & wrist surgery. Heal Jim of flu & severe stomach issues. Heal Charlie of drug addictions & breathing issues. James has memory, bowel & hip issues. Marilyn has bowel, back & muscle issues. Heal Kentucky & Fl school fms. In Jesus Holy Name Amen Marilyn

    ~ Marilyn
  • please pray for my little girls finger to grow back what was lost

    ~ mickel
  • Jesus, in Your Holy name please grant me the favor of having enough income to support myself. Please heal foot and keep my family and clients healthy. Thank you

    ~ Anita
  • Please pray for Melissa Bennets and her parents. Melissa is very sick.
    Also, please pray for the soul of Margaret Darga who died unexpectedly last Friday.
    and my granddaughter, Jenny O’Leary who has CF.

    ~ Peggy
  • Please pray that my husband Alvin that he will come into the church and our daughters, Hallissa and Zuri come back to the church.
    Please pray for our family divided that we may find healing in our home and our extended family.
    Please ask God to help us with the financial troubles , we are having helping us to get out of debt.
    Thank you for your prayers
    Peace and Joy

    ~ catherine
  • Please pray for my grandchildren to be in good health as they have the bad flu. Please send prayers and blessings for all my grandchildren to be cured. Pray that they will be in good health. Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • For the conversion of my grandparents Donal and Shirley Middlestadt who are nearing death.

    ~ Donal
  • Please pray for the heart of the nation for filling our lives with the gospel. Thank you.

    ~ Marie-Angeline
  • Almighty Father, I sincerely thank you on behalf of my family for the far we have come. Almighty Father, bless 2018 to be a year of great fortunes, good health, breakthrough and to be more spiritual and close to you. I thank all the prayer warriors who have been praying for me and my family. Thanks for the gift of life. Almighty Lord, heal my nephew who is in ICU in your Mighty Name. Thanks for the blessings of baptism for our kids. Let my wife and kids grow healthy, strong, intelligent and wise

  • I ask for your prayers that the Lord will intercede. Through His mercy and blessings, may He reunite Tony in me in love and understanding. Please pray for us during this difficult time. Amen.

    ~ T
  • Dear Lord, I call upon you today, in Jesus name to grant me the promises you afforded me when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I call upon you in my time of trouble and ask you to reconcile Amy and I in accordance with Your promises and will. Thank you Lord, that we can trust in You and believe in Your promises.

    ~ tom
  • I pray that God will give me a second change like he gave David. I pray that God will close this chapter of my life very soon and allow me to be a free and private citizen.

    ~ Martha
  • please pray my dad earnest surgeory for his back and leg pain goes well Monday and that he makes a speedy and complete recovery

    ~ laura
  • I pray for the mercy of God upon my life.
    I thank God Almighty for his goodness upon my life and that of my family.
    I thank God for the miracle that is about to happen in my life.
    Let your will be done in my life.
    Father….I your daughter is begging you to bless me with my own husband, s husband who will love me the way I am.let those who has spoken evil against me say good about me because of your sake.
    Bless my family, guide and protect us,all these I ask through Christ out lord. Amen

    ~ Victoria Eberemegbulam Egobiriokwu
  • Please pray for my grandchildren to stay in good health as they have symptoms of the deadly flu. Please send prayers and blessings for all of my grandchildren to stay in good health and to be cured from the flu. Please pray for my grandchildren to stay healthy Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • To restore my relationship with Rodney H and bring him back. That he will truly forgive me. That he will not dwell on the hurtful things I said to him out of anger, frustration and as a reaction to him ignoring or making me feel uncomfortable in our relationship. Please help me to hold my tongue. My prayer is that God will un-harden his heart towards me and break down the wall he has up between us. That Rodney’s love is still there for me. For Rodney to cut all ties w/ current situation and past

    ~ Kim
  • Special intention.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for my for my daughter Melissa and her husband Anthony to have their bid be in their favor for a new home in a safe neighborhood and good schools for my grandchildren. Please send prayers and blessings for them. Please pray that the inspection on the new home be excellent. Please pray for my family that all the paperwork on the closing will be in order and in their favor Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Please pray for me as I am going to appear my 10th standard Board Exams from 26th February to 26th March.

    Thank you very much.

    ~ Grata
  • Lord we ask You for Your blessings, help, & all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We are ready to receive them , now. Thank You for saving Em & & I from the gunfire. Thank the angels for us, too? You are so awesome & we need Your help to be even better than You made us. God bless our God, our family, friends & our enemies! May every for of hatred that exists– turn to love! We ask this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

    ~ Cynthia
  • For traveling mercy.
    For good passengers
    For financial help or stable work.
    For wife’s health.
    For rest

    ~ Jerrell
  • Please help please pray 16 year old boy suffering from a severe case of ECZEMA. All parts of the body affected. The whole body is covered with cuts and wounds, with bleeding, weeping of the sores. In constant pain. Constant scratching.Cannot sleep, cannot walk because of pain, cannot eat anything because of the allergy, even the air seems to hurt alot. Please help. May the Lord Jesus have mercy on my brother.

    ~ Joanne
  • Please offer up your prayers to God for Katie Beeton in Londonderry, United Kingdom – that God will bless, guide and protect this young woman during this season of Lent. Thank you. From John King.

    ~ John
  • Pray for our family’s health and pray that all will work this week and we will live continue to live in peace. God bless our granddaughter and help with her speech. God bless brother John lopez’ health and heart.

    ~ Kim
  • Father please grant Debbie your healing.And help to overcome her illness. Grant her the stregnth she needs to get through all these health setbacks she facing. Give her your Will to fight. Please help her father. Help her family to be strong for her and guide them as they go through this difficult time. They need your strength and Determination and Love. I pray this in your Jesus ,Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray to God to restore my marriage

    please pray for my husband sunil to change his mind and come back to me with repentance , please pray for him to heal him and touch him , so that he will understand the purpose of marraige,

    from one year we got separated because of my mother in law and now he is rejecting me.

    Please pray to God to save my marriage

    I’m very depressed and sad

    ~ Bhavya
  • Father please grant me mercy and allow me to be healthy again. I pray that you will remove all cancer, all ailments and disease known & unknown. That you will guide me and takre care of me as i go through Chemotherapy.Please stregnthen me Lord. Guide my family &I and take care of us.Help us to over come our financial setbacks &to provide for our family Food,Clothing&Shelter. I pray you will heae my prayers. In Jesus name I pray .Amen

  • Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter. Pray for her to gain custody of her child and for a kinder, better life for them. Please pray for resolution to financial dept placed on her for monies owed to be returned. May God bless her and her child. Thank you

    ~ Vonnie
  • Praying for a baby & a court case to come to an end

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for me I am suffering from haital hernia, GERD, Stomach problem and depression… My all family members are also sick please pray for me and my family

    ~ Kuldeep
  • For a successful surgery of the removal of my one year old grandson’s tumor, right lobe of his liver and his gallbladder safely while under five hours of anesthesia. May he be healthy and strong in his recovery. Amen! His name is Ezekiel David. (Zeke for short) Thank You! God Bless!

    ~ Lynn
  • Please help me recover from my husband’s suicide. I am in desperate need of financial help. Pray I find a job. Please remember my brother who is having severe medical problems. And I pray that my other 2 grandchildren get Baptized. God Bless all and God Bless Our Country,

    ~ marie
  • Please pray for the repose of my brother and peace for his family. Giving God thanks for having my friend Pat in my life. She is such a blessing. Love and peace to my kids and family. Thanks to God for his love and grace.

    ~ Jan
  • God;s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Father Mark Payne, Father Tony and all priests that do Sunday Mass on Heart of the Nation online: Keep me in prayers as my blood pressure is staying high the past few days. Pray that my blood pressure will return to normal soon. Pray for my health and safety as well as for my daughter Monika and my son-in-law Jamie. I love each one of you at Heart of the Nation online. You do such a wonderful job.
    Delores J
    Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • For my wife who was shot execution style in the back of her head. She was shot twice. She survived and now has bullet fragments that need to be removed.

    ~ Tom
  • My father stroked last week. Praying for his healing and recovery. Praying also that my many siblings can peacefully come together to care for him.

    ~ Jean
  • I ask for prayers to restore my health and cure my anxiety and depression and issues related to them. Also, good health and well being of my parents and family.
    Praise be to God.

    ~ Patricia
  • I will like for the Heart of the Nation community to pray that I am successful in obtaining a job that will give me a regular income.

    ~ Marcia
  • Healing of my legs and stomach

    ~ Madge
  • Please pray for me and my kids, that my oldest son picks up his grades and pass to the 11th grade, that I find a good job and be able to get a good reliable vehicle and maintain my finances and that we all be in good health. Amen

    ~ Virginia
  • For my father John, who is in hospice and dying and for our family

    ~ Kathryn
  • Healing and peace for my family during the grieving from the death of my daughter Kirstie. Also prayers for my mother Lona who recently suffered a stroke .

    ~ Judy
  • Please pray for my daughter Kathy who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and for her husband who has recently lost his job. I pray for healing for Kathy and employment for Eric.

    ~ Patricia
  • I ask that prayers be said for my Disabled daughter, Nina.
    That the lord will heal her of her depression and she will be able to overcome her low self-esteem. That the Lord will cleanse her of body and mind of it’s
    impurities as he had intended for all his children.

    ~ Wanda
  • Please pray for my Daughter and boyfriend, my son and family, my brothers and sisters and myself. God bless you.

    ~ Elva
  • Please pray for my daddy

    ~ Louis
  • Please pray for my Kathy. That the Lord will heal her.
    Lord help her Dr. Find the right medicine.
    May God blesseach and everyone of us
    In the name of the father son and ho,y spirit

    ~ Tom
  • That God gives me the strength and guidance I need to get through these difficult times. Also, the he gives my body the strength to heal mentally and physically.


    ~ LaRae
  • I ask the virgin mary to give my ex.wife the love I was unable to give her

    ~ al
  • I’m dealing with behaviours from a sister Casundra Nicole Brown that can be called domestic or family violence. Examples of her behaviours include: physical assault – punching me. She has used coercion and threats. Casundra has on several occasions told me that my property will be hurt or taken away. And has damaged my property in rage. She uses intimidation. Has made me afraid by using looks, actions gestures psychological/emotional/verbal abuse. She has used words and other strategies to in

    ~ Amanda
  • My friend Roseita’s son Gordon is in dire need of a kidney transplant. He is currently in the hospital undergoing dialysis treatment. They can’t seem to find a match. Please pray for him. Thank you.

    ~ Paulette
  • My wife, Marjorie Schwager, must undergo more surgery on her hand in April. She has had several surgeries on her hands to fight crippling arthritis. each time she looses more function. We pray for God’s healing for her. Thank you. God bless.

    ~ Walter
  • Please pray for me that through God’s grace and while using specific exercises and natural supplements, I may see an improvement in the measure of my bone density scan coming up this year (aug/sept).
    Thank you & God Bless you

    ~ lynn
  • Prayers for the soul of my friend’s mother and a former student’s father. May they be at peace and may the families find strength in God’s love.
    Healing prayers for two friends dealing with health issues.
    Please pray that God our Father, his son Jesus Christ, and Mary hear my prayers. Amen.

    ~ Martha
  • I pray for the reconciliation of my marriage My husband moved out two weeks ago and we have fought hard for our relationship . I have been dishonest with him about things that I don’t need to be I was afraid he would become angry and leave
    I accept full responsibility for my hurting him and have god to remove that deceitful spirjt from me and to hold me accountable

    I ask God to restore my marriage to a place of honesty and respect and to soften my husband’s heart as well

    ~ Veronica
  • Please pray for Dominic that Our Lord will free him from his drug addiction. May he be blessed to understand the reason for this habit and for the wound be healed that causes his drug use. Please pray for his protection, salvation and sanctification

    ~ Mathew
  • God bless you

    For all in my family who have left the Church 💒 to return and fill the pews again.
    I am guite elderly and live alone and every evening I love 💘 to say the rosary 📿 with you on my computer, I was so happy to find it it’s so much better than saying the rosary alone.

    ~ I wish to remain anonymous, thank you
  • Pray that I can overcome my addiction to alcohol and cigarettes.

    ~ Carolyn
  • After 5 yrs I am got a call for job interview. Please pray for me that I should get the interview call and selected for the job. Please my daughter’s education depends on this. Please pray for me

    ~ Gracy
  • For my son who is struggling with depression and anger feeling hopeless. Please pray for him to call out to Jesus and that Jesus will meet him in a tangible way. For peace and mercy

    ~ Megan
  • Father God Hallowed be thy name. Thank you for what I am. Lord please change my cry and heart worries in to Joy and Laughter in Jesus Christ I ask and pray Amen.

    ~ Tantsi
  • Please prayer for my wife who has applied for a the role Dubai – DIT Regional Coordinator, at the British Embassy, Dubai and for my children to secure admission.

    ~ Darryl
  • For the chance to be accepted in my school and be able to receive FAFSA assistance to pay my Tuition, or for to be able to move from my parents home to a Catholic community that will let me grow spiritually and not prevent me from distraction towards contemplation and adoration to Jesus, because at my home (parents home) I been feeling for more than a year lately a very distractive place to stay in prayer and in peace, I feel that at my 24 years, I should live apart.

    ~ Carla
  • Please pray for my brothers continued health problems…that they find an effective treatment for him. Please pray for my daughters mental well being. Please pray for my husband and his dad and please pray for my pets whom I love and worry about as well. Amen

    ~ Michelle
  • Pray for Matthew and my love Kanwal that God made us live together with each other for rest of their life’s . May God take all our worries and problems in which we are kept. May God show his mercy and grace upon us both. May Lord keeps us safe from all evil. May God grant us success in all aspects of life, peace of mind and make us strong in our believe. We both can live happily with each other for rest of their life’s.

    ~ Matthew
  • Please pray for my family as we are coming up on the 2 year anniversary of my mother’s unexpectant passing (suicide).

    ~ Jacob
  • My prayer request is for my current relationship that has been broken. I ask for God to send us healing and to help us follow God’s will for us. There is so much sadness and confusion at this time so I ask our Holy Mother and her Son for peace and closeness to them during our trial.

    thank you!


    ~ victoria
  • Please pray for me to be able to pay off my debt. Thank you

    ~ Gina
  • Please pray for me that I will keep my home for my children and not lose everything I have worked hard to rebuild after the crash of 2007. I pray to the Lord everyday through my tears to help me I have been through 2 job layoffs in 2 yrs resulting in me losing half my income I’m a single parent my family are not supportive people. My strength is wavering, I’m stressed out trying work 2 jobs to not have my kids go hungry please pray for me to get the help I need I have only my Faith to rely on.

    ~ Dana
  • Please pray for my son in law Anthony and daughter Melissa and my grandchildren to have their bid be accepted to purchase a beautiful home in a safe neighborhood and good schools. Please send prayers and blessings for them all. Pray that today they will find out that the bid is accepted. Please pray for them to have this beautiful home today. Please pray that Anthony parents will help them financially to purchase this home Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Prayer request for a financial breakthrough and healing. Protection for my children from the enemy attacks.

    ~ Seipati
  • he is suffering from mental problem from 8 years , we consults so many psychatrist doctors but no benefits comes .
    we prayered so many times from jesus but no benefits comes.
    the situation of family happens very bad likes financials , daily fights , daily debets. there is no source of income and doctors charges too costly, but we borrow money from money lenders every times.

    so please pray daily for anuj

    ~ Anuj
  • Please pray for my friend Thomas G today he will find out about his results from CT scan. The doctors think he may have Lung Cancer please send prayers and blessings that Thomas will not have any cancer. Please pray that Thomas be in good health. Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Even though we are divorced please pray the Holy Spirit will stir deeply in Aprils heart mind soul and life to turn back and seek the healing and restoration of our marriage and that I get a job a car and out of this life of sin and that Nancy find someone.

    ~ tom
  • Pray for me to get re-approved for Medicaid.

    ~ Shane
  • Please open Michelle Renae Clark’s heart to love Christopher Joseph Pashke. Please reunite us so we can be blessed with a pure loving bond and a marriage in your sight of Lord.

    ~ Christopher
  • My life is not easy. So many difficulties i come across every day. Looks like i am not successful in every thing i do. Feels like people hate me and i’m badly treated. I’m an unhappy person. I have prayed so much but nothing changes. I would like to live a happy life.

    ~ Eder
  • Please pray for Faith Community Outreach Church, Epworth United Methodist Church, International Christian Center, St Matthias Roman Catholic Church, my marriage, and my family. Reconciliation.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    ~ kevin
  • please, continue to pray for my wife ellen…her anger management problem is overtaking her life and destroying herself and all of her loved ones. And no human intervention has helped

    ~ Tom
  • Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter. Guide her through a divorce from an abusive man and extreme financial distress. He has inherited properties and a large amount of money. My daughter was asked to sign documents prepared by his lawyer to sign off on all of his trust funds and moneys he is receiving. She has mostly supported him for 10 years. She refused to so he filed for divorce. He is planning on just leaving her with all debt they accrued .she is devastated.
    Thank you

    ~ V
  • Please pray for my family’s health. My Baby, my husband and myself and for our well being. It’s very important for us right now. Urging you.

    Thank you so much 🙏🏻

    ~ Oli
  • I would like help in praying that I get offered a job at the boba and tea shop that I like going to. I really want to work there but my anxiety prevents me from applying for a job. So I would like for the people who work there to offer me the job because they know that i’m a regular customer there and that I become friends with all of the employees and it helps my anxiety go away. Thank you.

    ~ Angelica
  • I pray that Jerome and Joshua would be touched, healed and CHANGED by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus.

    ~ Bonnie
  • O Lord Omega and Jason Allen Alexander, our savior of clones, We give Thee thanks for rescuing many innocent clones, sex victims, and innocent prisoners from Illuminati concentration camps and prisons.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for my Son Michael to be able to get through all road blocks help him to find himself in rehab help him to heal stop the week and doing things that can get him in 5rouble help him to understand for he has qa disability.

    ~ Angelique
  • That I receive the Holy Spirit to the full and overflowing now and forever, be graced with the gifts of wisdom, fortitude, perseverance and final perseverance, patience, humility, prayer, counsel, faith, hope, trust, simplicity, and charity, and be graced to always live in Jesus’ Truth, Will and Love, and be graced to always be Jesus’ little willing instrument and little faithful, suffering and loving servant.

    ~ Brother Alexander
  • Please pray for my son Cody for belief and faith in God. Thank You

    ~ Dorothy
  • Please pray for baby Marcus Gabriel Labree , 3 months old, who is need of healing prayers for a miracle from cancer. Thank You

    ~ Dorothy
  • Please pray that my mammogram goes well tomorrow and that I remain healthy. Thank you!

    ~ CM
  • I am Adam W Jr….. Please pray to God that I will now completely live and become one with the Truth of God…and that the Truth will set me free and lead me directly to God……Holy Spirit, make my Heart open to the word of God, make my heart open to the goodness of God, make my heart open to the beauty of God now and every day forever ….Holy Spirit make me the Fully-Realized Blessed Being of Ascension, in Every Aspect of my Life, that God created me To Be now…….Jesus I invite you into my Heart

    ~ Adam
  • Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter. Pray for her to gain custody of her child and for a kinder, better life for them. He is planning on leaving her with house morage and all financial debt. Please pray for her emotional well being and her daughters. He has hurt them both. Please pray for resolution to financial dept placed on her for monies owed to be returned. May God bless her and her child. Thank you m

    ~ Von
  • That GOD will free her from her suffering and welcome her into heaven.

  • Please say a prayer for Roy Robertson who is under going surgery today! Please include a prayer for my family and for my son Philip too!

    ~ patricia
  • I would like help in praying that I get offered a job at the boba and tea shop that I like going to. I really want to work there but my anxiety prevents me from applying for a job. So I would like for the people who work there to offer me the job because they know that i’m a regular customer there and that I become friends with all of them and it helps my anxiety go away. Thank you.

    ~ Angelica
  • Please pray for my brother George. He’s been out of work for a year, and is having a difficult time. Please pray for him to find a new job. Thanks.

    ~ Victor
  • Please pray for my grandson Benjamin who is very ill with the flu. Please send prayers and blessings for him to be cured and to regain his health. Please pray for my Benjamin to get well soon Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Lord God, first I want to thank you for all you have done for me and my family. I pray that you please grant us peace, health, love, guidance, and financial blessing. May our new baby boy be born with no complications or health issues, may you protect him, and may we have the means to be able to provide for our son and our family at all times. May our new business be successful so that my wife and family can work closer to home. Blessed Mother Mary, please pray for us. Thank you.

    ~ J
  • Dear God, please help my brother find a job as he begins this new step in his life. Help him and his family find peace, love, and joy and let your will be done upon them. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please lord, help my mother find peace, joy, and forgiveness in her heart so that she may heal and live an independent life free from fears.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter. Pray for her to gain custody of her child and for a kinder, better life for them. Please pray for resolution to financial dept placed on her for monies owed to be returned. May God bless her and her child. Thank you m

    ~ M

    ~ kheng
  • My son, Brady, is 8 years old. He has a history of febrile seizures. Tonight he spiked a 103.3 fever and although he was not been ill before, he says he has a headache and sore throat as well. We are concerned it is the flu and are taking him to the doctor first thing tomorrow. Please pray that he is healed in Jesus’ name.

    ~ Jennifer
  • This is a prayer of thanks for what you do. I was crippled a few years ago, and am healing, learning to walk, but its very slow and very painful. Its difficult to be around people now, thats just the way it is for now. This beautiful Mass I enjoy and I can watch it time and again, means so much to me. Some day, if I get well, I will be a part of a regular congregation again. I love all the priests here, but Fr. Matthew is special and give my thanks to him and to all of them.


    ~ Donnie
  • Please pray for that God will cure my tight back and neck and leg muscles with knots that has been causing me a lot of pain and discomfort. Also my stomach problems. Please heal me Lord and grant me good health and help me lose weight and keep all my tests and check ups normal . Thank you for praying for me. God bless you all.

    ~ Ursula
  • Please pray that I know what to do about Becky and for her too. Please make it clear who she is. Also, please help me to know if and when the time is right to contact her. Please also help Becky to realize she should fix things between us. Please help her to realize the mind games and the way she treated me was horrible. Also, please help me with the smoking and anxiety. Lastly please help me with work, please let me get a job without a bunch of overtime. Thank you and Amen

    ~ Jake
  • Please pray for my family and friends. Watch over them, guide them and keep them safe. Also, p,lease pray for me as I heal from surgery and if you can pray for the pain to ease up so the I can sleep without the fear of the pain when I get up. Thank you .

    ~ Jan
  • I pray for financial stability so my husband can be home more.

    ~ Elizabeth
  • I have had terrible tinnitus (ringing in ears) and pain for the past week. I have a lot of trouble sleeing and it has affected many other oarts kf my life as well. There is no real cure for tinnitus, but there is a chance that it can go away. Please pray that God bestows His mercy and healing on me and so that I can get better very soon.

    ~ R.
  • For Rob to quickly get his job back.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter. Pray for her to gain custody of her child and for a kinder, better life for them. Please pray for resolution to financial dept placed on her for monies owed to be returned. May God bless her and her child. Thank you m

    ~ Evonne
  • Please pray for my daughter Melissa to pass her big exam tomorrow to get her degree please send prayers and blessings for Melissa to have good knowledge to have her degree to gain better finances for her family. Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Dear Brothers and sisters plus Father Mark, Father Tony and all the other priests that do the Sunday Mass online: Thank you so much for the wonderful Sunday Mass each Sunday online. Continue to keep me in prayers as I have high blood pressure issues and breathing problems from Asthma. Also, pray to keep the swelling down in my lower legs caused from Lymph edema. I want to be able to breathe good again and walk good without pain. May God Bless each of you and have a great week !!
    Delores J

    ~ Delores