June 3, 2023: Prayer for Family

Heavenly Father, To You, I give thanks for the Holy Family: For the gentle presence of Mary, The upright example of Joseph, And for the obedience of Jesus. For my family members, I offer prayers for our needs And ask that we may be for one another A reflection of the Holy Family’s love. Amen.

June 2, 2023: Be with Me, Lord

Lord Jesus, who came into Your disciples’ presence although the door was locked, may I open my heart to Your peace and not be afraid. Amen.

June 1, 2023: Giving Thanks to God

Heavenly Father, I give You thanks that In every moment, there is purpose, In every prayer, there is hope; In You, there is life everlasting. Amen.

May 31, 2023: Eternal Life and Love

Lord Jesus, In You there is no greater love, And that love lives now in me. May I one day be in heaven above, Where loves lives on eternally. Amen.

May 30, 2023: Memorial Day (May 30-Traditional) Prayer

On this day, I bring to You my prayer for all who have lost life or loved ones in war. I pray, too, for those who have been hurt and seen things unimaginable before. May their sacrifices have continued meaning, love help them to endure, and their desire for peace be saluted with unforgotten gratitude. Amen.

May 29, 2023: Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Church

Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, How wonderful to contemplate All that it means to share Membership in Christ’s body, The Church entrusted to your care. Though unworthy as a temple Of the Holy Spirit, May my heart be open to guidance and the faith to hear it. Your Son is head of the Body, And yet I am a part. Please pray for me to become a tug of hope in others’ hearts. If a body were only eyes How could it walk or hear? No matter how small my part, may Your Son’s love, though me, appear. Amen.

May 28, 2023: Pentecost Prayer

Heavenly Father, I give You thanks, For in Your eternal plan, You created me to fulfill a part, Giving every blessing I need And writing Your love upon my heart. Lord Jesus, I give You thanks, For You showed me how to live, Then in heaven prepared a place for me, Knowing my every fault and strength, And the person You want me to be. Holy Spirit, I give You thanks, For through Baptism, You came To dwell within me and remain always, So that I should not be afraid Or wander as a sheep gone astray. Amen.

May 27, 2023: Open to Possibilities

Blessed Virgin Mary, you responded with faith that, with God, all things are possible. Please join me in prayer that I will be open to possibilities in God’s plan for me. Amen.

May 26, 2023: Prayer to Embrace This Day

Lord Jesus, You came to make things new. I will never again be exactly as I am today; Help me to become more like You. My normal routine isn’t written in stone; Help me to be open to Your inspiration. Sometimes I wax nostalgic; Help me to embrace this day, too. Other times I struggle just to make it through; Help me to welcome Your Spirit of hope. Each day involves choices, big and small; Help me to be a sign of Your love. Amen.

May 25, 2023: Lord, You Are with Us

Lord Jesus, I give You thanks, For You have kept Your promise to remain with us. In the people with whom we share our lives, We can see Your face. When we need direction, You are there to guide us, if only we follow the signs. When we need encouragement, We can always come to You. In times of painful uncertainty, You remain steadfast in Your love and understanding. Lord, You know my every care and dream; May I remain always with You. Amen.

May 24, 2023: Prayer to Live As God’s Child

Heavenly Father, As a child of God, May I look up to You, For You have all wisdom; May I be blessed with humility, For You make everything possible; May I enjoy hopeful anticipation, For You give surprising gifts; May I come to You in need, For You are never too busy; May I find comfort in faith, For You are gentle and forgiving; May I love unselfishly, For You love me. Amen.

May 23, 2023: Pleasing in the Lord’s Sight

Lord Jesus, You are our glorious Light; may all that I do today be pleasing in Your sight. Amen.

May 22, 2023: I Know Not How

To seek the Kingdom of heaven, When I don’t know how, Lord, help me to see the heavenly glory Around me, here and now. To be a faithful follower, When I feel far, far behind, Lord, please grant me the grace to listen To Your Word with open mind. To notice people as You did, When I would rather pass them by, Lord, increase in me the generosity To put my own desires aside. To be a sign of Your love, For I have Your love to give, Lord, may I reconcile with others readily, Following Your example of how to live. Amen.

May 21, 2023: Rising Above

Lord Jesus, Risen Savior, When I feel burdened, May I envision You on the Cross And look up to You. When I make decisions, large and small, May what I do be pleasing in Your sight As I seek to follow You. When I could say something hurtful, May I recall Your glorious Ascension And rise above. Amen.

May 20, 2023: Armed Forces Day Prayer

Lord Jesus, I ask for your blessing Upon those bearing the heavy burdens of war, Serving, protecting, and defending All that their bravery upholds. I pray for any in danger today, That in Your love You will keep them safe. Watching out for one another, May those shoulder to shoulder now Know the joy of coming home To their loved ones who anxiously wait. Amen.

May 19, 2023: With Glorious Potential

Heavenly Father, I give You thanks for glorious potential. The caterpillar emerges from the chrysalis as a butterfly, yet the transformation cannot compare with the resurrection You desire for me. New leaves appear on trees following winter’s dormancy, a reminder that faith, too, can blossom. Loving Father, please help me to grow, to change, and to become the person you want me to be. Amen.

May 18, 2023: Ascension Prayer

Lord Jesus, who have ascended to heaven, Please help me to reach the place prepared for me. Meanwhile, may I find in every place and circumstance The chance to serve You, if I take the opportunity. Amen.

May 17, 2023: To Love with All My Heart

Loving Father, forgive me for the times that I am half-hearted in prayer, although You are deserving of all my love. Amen.

May 16, 2023: In Communion of Faith

Blessed Virgin Mary, holy Mother of God, I ask You to join me today in prayer, Filled with gratitude that, with the Lord, We are one in communion of faith. When I’m not quite sure what God desires of me, May greater awareness be His gift. Because I am imperfect, May I, in sorrow, humbly seek forgiveness. In the future choices that I make, May the Holy Spirit be my guide. Holy Mary, please pray that we will meet In heaven’s glorious eternity. Amen.

May 15, 2023: In Humble Praise

In restful breezes, rippling waters, and night skies softly lit by stars, Heavenly Father, please help me to know your gentleness that will get me through times of passing storms. Amen.

May 14, 2023: In Gratitude for Mothers

Lord Jesus, to You I pray in gratitude: For my mother, whose arms held me close, Touching my heart with her gentle love; For the lessons taught on how to live: Pray, forgive, and rise above. For her comfort as I tried my wings Sometimes falling when I longed to soar; For encouragement to try again, While loving me all the more. For her love forever in my heart And cherished memories I embrace— Her ways of seeing, doing, bearing, With humility and grace. Amen.

May 13, 2023: In the Blessed Virgin’s Care

Blessed Virgin Mary, In your gentle holiness, Please join me in this prayer For hope in the Lord Jesus, Who loves beyond compare. In your closeness to the Lord, Please ask that He bless me With grace that is His gift, And with the strength I need. In your maternal care, May the comfort that I find Help me in faith to seek Him With heart and soul and mind. Amen.

May 12, 2023: To Do What God Desires

Lord, Although You taught that faith can move mountains, Sometimes, it’s hard to believe. How often, in prayer, have I asked that my will be done And then missed opportunities to do what You desire for me. Please help me to have faith and to spread faith. Amen.

May 11, 2023: For a Faith-Filled Outlook

Blessed Virgin Mary, please pray for me. When events threaten to change my outlook, And not in the best of ways, Please pray that I will always see Your Son In His loving constancy. Amen.

May 10, 2023: Jesus, I Turn to You

For Your help when I am in pain, For hope greater than despair, Jesus, I turn to You. For comfort when I am lonely, For happiness though it seems far away, Jesus, I turn to You. For direction at every crossroad, For faith when I am afraid, Jesus, I turn to You. For forgiveness when I fail, For peace that is Your gift, Jesus, I turn to You. For openness to the fullness of grace, For a heart overflowing with love, Jesus, I turn to You. Amen.

May 9, 2023: Praying Beyond What I Want

Lord Jesus, You know all that I need and desire, Although I sometimes confuse the two. When what I want fails to transpire, Please grant me greater faith in You. Amen.

May 8, 2023: Lord of Heaven and Earth

Lord Jesus, today I pray in gratitude for all that You taught by sharing in our humanity. May I one day see You in the fullness of Your divinity. Amen.

May 7, 2023: Finding Ways to Serve

Lord Jesus, You chose Your disciples, despite their human faults. In my strengths and weaknesses, may I find ways to serve You. Amen.

May 6, 2023: With the Virgin Mother Praying

Blessed Virgin Mary, be with me in my prayer. When I wonder what God is asking of me, Or how it can be so, Please ask Your Son, our Lord and Savior, To help me respond in faith. Amen.

May 5, 2023: Nighttime Prayer

Attentive God, Each day, when darkness comes again, You set the stars for guidance. May I bring prayers to You in faith, And listen in the silence. Amen.