10/21/19: Jesus, My Hope

Lord Jesus, Mocked with cloak and crown of thorns, Your Passion and death endured willingly, Through the suffering You have borne, May I share life eternally. Loving Savior, Who will not abandon me, In times of struggle, suffering, or pain, May Your love for the downtrodden Give me hope and my faith sustain. Amen.

10/20/19: Prayer for World Missions

Lord Jesus, In Your mission here on Earth, You invited all who believe to join You. As You once called the Apostles, Please continue to invite and inspire missionaries To go out to all the world. May people everywhere follow Your example Of taking one hand and spending one moment, Because every person matters. Lord Jesus, I ask for Your blessing upon Your mission servants, Close-by or oceans and continents away. Among all who strive for peace, Wherever they may go, May hope in You endure and love be its mainstay. Amen.

10/19/19: Created for a Purpose

Heavenly Father, Thank You for uniquely creating me And for each opportunity To be present at the right moment To do what someone else has missed; To join in prayer to alleviate Another’s pain or loneliness; To do whatever You ask of me, Becoming the person You want me to be. Amen.

10/18/19: Prayer for the Suffering

Where there is disaster, I pray that the light of faith will overshadow the pain in a time of both rescue and heart-rending loss. For people I will never meet in this life but are known to You in all of their hopes and needs, I pray because, beyond what I can do, You can help in both gentle and powerful ways. Amen.

10/17/19: For Blessing in Struggle

Almighty God and Father, To You, I give thanks for Your mercy Shown more readily than I sometimes forgive. Please help me to echo Your compassion, Sharing with others Your love redemptive. Amen.

10/16/19: To Engage in Life Faithfully

Lord Jesus, When challenges come my way, May Your example remind me That being blessed is not the same As being unchallenged or carefree. Amen.

10/15/19: With Me, Wherever I Am

Lord, please watch over me today And bring me safely through each hour. Please embrace me and my loved ones, Each more precious to You than bird or flower. In Your love, please protect and guide me, Wherever I am this day; May the comfort of this time with You Be within my heart to stay. Amen.

10/14/19: To Carry My Burden

Lord, affliction You accepted, And suffering You bore. When my struggles weigh heavily, Please help me all the more. Amen.

10/13/19: Marian Prayer

Blessed Virgin Mary, Please join me now in prayer: When I feel like a vessel too fragile To hold the cares that trouble me, Please ask the Lord in His great love to bestow The strength and every grace I need. When my heart nears breaking with pain or sorrow, May I remember that you stood Beneath the Cross of your Son in His suffering To comfort Him as best you could. When I fail to understand or do God’s will May I at least not fall to sin, Finding hope in your devotion to the Lord And help from the Spirit within. Amen.

10/12/19: A New Horizon Before Me

Loving God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Each sunrise is unlike any seen before— The advent of a new day And an invitation to look at things A little differently than I have before. Please help me to cast off the moorings That keep me from going further On my journey of faith. When things get rough, Please see me through to calmer times. May Your love put wind in my sails So that I do not float aimlessly. When I approach new shores, Please be my beacon, lighting the way. Amen.

10/11/19: Prayer for Peace

Lord Jesus, Wherever the violence of anger erupts And its lava buries innocence, I pray for peace of heart and The spread of faith and forgiveness. Amen.

10/10/19: Though I Am Imperfect

Lord and Savior, In my human imperfection, You know that I have sinned and am sorry; May the good works that I can do Be filled with faith and give You glory. Amen.

10/9/19: Lord, Please Be Obvious

Lord, at times when I don’t want to look For blessings in disguise, Please show me Your love in ways I’ll see Through my discouraged eyes. When I tend to do all the talking, Help me to listen, too, And answer my prayer in ways I’ll hear, Through hope and faith in You. Amen.

10/8/19: Grace After Meals

For the food served at this table, Thank You, O Lord, my Savior. May I find ways to serve You well, Blessed by Your love and favor. Amen.

10/7/19: Grace Before Meals

Lord Jesus, I ask for Your blessing Upon the gift of this food. When I am weak, please make me strong, Filled with love and gratitude. Amen.

10/6/19: Prayer to Be Unafraid

Lord Jesus, Please be with the sick, For the advice to fear not what affects the body Is sometimes more easily said than done. Please be with victims of violence So that they will know that they are not abandoned. Throughout this day, please be close-by To all who fear and need to have faith. Amen.

10/5/19: Gift of Grace

Lord Jesus, Through Your grace, a blessed gift, May I continue to hunger and thirst For You, who nourish and uplift, Knowing and loving the least one as first. Amen.

10/4/19: Taking a Moment to Pray

Heavenly Father, Thank you for giving me this day. Please help me to use its moments wisely, To say “yes” that I have a minute, Rather than being a passer-by; To pray for people in the aftermath Of moments that have ravaged their lives; To celebrate the ethereal moments, The ones I have wished could last forever; To know when waiting a minute Isn’t wasting it; And to plan when it is prudent, Yet taking the moments one at a time. Amen.

10/3/19: Lord, You Are with Me

I come to You with faithfulness That in my need, You are there. Please give me comfort in the hope Of grace through this humble prayer. Amen.

10/2/19: To Believe Beyond Seeing

Loving Lord, when answers I seek remain hidden from me, May I seek more fervently to believe. When I struggle with the challenges I face, May I be open to grace You want me to receive. Amen.

10/1/19: Prayer in Changing Seasons

Lord Jesus, In this time of changing seasons, May You find me changing, too, For I long to be a better disciple, Ever more closely following You. In planted fields where seed has grown, May I find hope and delight, For You have planted faith to take root and grow As You keep me in Your caring sight. In the change from summer to fall, May I see with grateful praise That life and seasons are given to reflect The wonders of Your glorious ways. Amen.

9/30/19: Created in God’s Image

Almighty God, Creator In accordance with Your gracious will, May I reflect Your image in thought and deed. Please guide me in Your holy purpose, Granting every grace and blessing that I need. Amen.

9/29/19: In the Lord’s Presence

Lord Jesus, With the month of September drawing to a close, as I look back on these past several weeks, help me to see that in every circumstance, You are behind me all the way. With October, autumn becomes a time of reaping where seed was sown. Through this season of change, please help me to more closely follow Your way And bear fruit from the seeds of faith within me. Amen.

9/28/19: For World Peace

Loving God, May the peace that begins within the heart When Your love is accepted there Spread throughout the world And bring an end to violence everywhere. Amen.

9/27/19: Prayer of Adoration

Heavenly Father, May all of Creation give You glory, Especially humankind, For we have the choice to be true To the reason we came into being. May we use our talents as You intend, Striving toward perfection, And though our efforts will fall short, Live in devotion, faith, and dignity. May we humbly seeking forgiveness, For You never turn us down If in sorrow we come to You, Lord God, Who desire humility. May we love as selflessly as we can Putting needs of others first– Reflecting Your compassion and The Holy Spirit within our being. Amen.

9/26/19: To Share the Lord’s Gifts

Lord Jesus, Please grant me hope in times of hardship, Faith in Your promises, life-giving and true, Belief in Your love unfailing, And desire to share these gifts coming from You. Amen.

9/25/19: Heavenly Treasure

Heavenly Father, The effects of my words or deeds or prayers May be invisible to me, And yet I believe that goodness will come If, in faith, I let You work through me. Please show me where I can be of help, Even in a small way. Help me to reach the potential You intend In all I do and pray today. Amen.

9/24/19: For the Vulnerable

Heavenly Father, For all who are suffering, I pray For spiritual comfort anew. For those who feel helpless, I pray For the wisdom to turn to You. Amen.

9/23/19: Lord, Who Loved Me First

You have already shown the way To those who hunger and thirst. Please fill my heart and soul with Your love, Lord, who suffered because You loved first. Amen.

9/22/19: Lord, Color My Life with Your Love

Lord Jesus, The colors around me tell where drought has left the ground parched or nurturing rains have watered the earth. When I am dispirited, please remind me that You want me to grow in Your love. The sky can be overcast and grey, or a cloudless azure. When concerns cast a shadow over my mood, please help me not to overlook the blessings of Your love that no one can take from me. Leaves changing from green to autumn color can be spectacular and yet presage the coming winter. Lord Jesus, help me to shine where I can, and never let Your love lie dormant within me. Amen.