4/19/19: Prayer on Good Friday

Loving Savior, I come with heavy heart, for the sins You bore for me. With love You sacrificed Yourself, although I am unworthy. I come to You, who know the pain of the Passion You endured. No suffering of mine compares, O Sacred Heart most pure. I come to You with faithfulness that You hear my every prayer. For anyone hurt through my sin, I ask for Your blessing and care. Amen.

4/18/19: Prayer for Holy Thursday

Jesus, how should I attend to You? Please awaken in me the insight To see even small acts of kindness As ways to serve You, my Lord and Light.

4/17/19: Prayer for Wednesday of Holy Week

Lord Jesus, may the love that I give Reflect Your compassion for me. With gentleness of heart, may I live, Here and in heavenly glory. Amen.

4/16/19: Prayer for Tuesday of Holy Week

Lord, please give me patience to endure When Your timeline isn’t mine. Help me to do Your will today— My life with Yours to intertwine. Amen.

4/15/19: Prayer for Monday of Holy Week

With the saints and angels I pray That in whatever struggles I face, I may be blessed with faithfulness, Unwavering hope, and saving grace. Amen.

4/14/19: Prayer for Palm Sunday

Lord Jesus, Crowds gathered to listen to Your words As You spoke in ways that changed their lives. Thank you for the echoes of your compassion, Repeating today what it means to follow You. Amen.

4/13/19: As One Blessed

Lord God, Through the blessings that You give to me May I respond with love to others in need. Amen.

4/12/19: For Faith Unhidden

Almighty God, Creator, You lovingly made all things, Fashioned in Your goodness and given; Help me to use the blessings I have With faith in a light not meant to be hidden. Amen.

4/11/19: To Be One in Faith

Blessed Virgin Mary, I come to you In closeness to your beloved Son, Hoping in prayer to more clearly see How to be one in faith and communion. Amen.

4/10/19: For Every Opportunity

Heavenly Father, I give You thanks That in every time and circumstance You place within eternity The potential of each moment— A lifetime opportunity. Amen.

4/9/19: Following the Lord

Lord Jesus, Recalling Your compassion, May I follow where You lead, And though I may falter at times, Find in You the strength I need. Amen.

4/8/19: Giving Thanks to God

Heavenly Father, I give You thanks that In every moment, there is purpose, In every prayer, there is hope; In You, there is life everlasting. Amen.

4/7/19: Prayer in My Weakness

Lord Jesus, who lived and died for us, When Your presence seems far away, May I reach out for Your healing touch, for the comfort of Your embrace. Lord Jesus, who suffered for my sake, In times of burden or despair, May Your example give me new faith And hope in Your eternal care. Lord Jesus, who came to do the Father’s will, With pain too much to bear alone, May Your Spirit give me strength within And guide me on the path You have shown. Amen.

4/6/19: Gratitude for Friendship

Lord Jesus, How wonderful it must have been for friends Who came to know You during Your lifetime. Thank you for the friends You give me, In whose love I see Your holy face. Amen.

4/5/19: Always in God’s Sight

To grow in faith, may I always turn Toward You, my Lord and Light. Help me see, in times of darkness, That I am always in Your sight. Amen.

4/4/19: To See Goodness

Lord Jesus, thank you for your example seeing the goodness in people and forgiving readily. Please help me when I am tempted to treat others less than lovingly. Amen.

4/3/19: For the Lonely

Lord Jesus, For all who feel loneliness or loss, I pray for companionship found In faith that You remain with us always, Loving with love that knows no bounds. Amen.

4/2/19: For Love’s Sake

Heavenly Father, In each day, there is opportunity, and You invite us to partake; Help me reach out to You, solely for love’s sake. Amen.

4/1/19: For Trust in God

Creative God, Beneath the dome of the sky, Are vastness yet embrace. May I trust in Your eternal plan, Through everything I face. Amen.

3/31/19: An Imperfect Follower

Lord Jesus, I give You thanks and praise, for You do not abandon me, though in sin I turn away. For the many times I have failed and added to human suffering, I pray to You in sorrow and in the hope that faith can bring. May the struggles that I face become a source of blessing, perfected through the gift of grace and Your love unending. Amen.

3/30/19: Prayer for Grace in Gratitude

Lord God, today, I ask for grace, In all that I say and do, To look around me, see my blessings, And live in wondrous gratitude. Amen.

3/29/19: The Lord is Constant

Loving Savior, for the pain that You endured, I come to You in regret and sorrow; For though I have sinned, Your love is constant, Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Amen.

3/28/19: Marian Prayer for Comfort

Holy Mary, Mother of God, be with me as I pray. When I am discouraged or afraid And long for a mother’s comfort and gentle love, Please hold me close within your heart Through the struggles that I face. Amen.

3/27/19: Family Prayer

Lord Jesus, For families that have put faith Far in the background of their lives, Please bring it to the fore. For those expecting a child, May helplessness of the unborn Lead to loving them more. For parents bringing up children, Please grant that faith and love will be In family life the core. For family generations, May shared faith be a source of strength For anything in store. Amen.

3/26/19: To Serve You Well

Lord, help me to serve You well Through the tasks at hand today, Mindful of the people whose lives I can touch in a meaningful way. Amen.

3/25/19: To Do God’s Will

Blessed Virgin Mary, please be with me as I pray that whatever God desires be done through me each day. Amen.

3/24/19: Prayer for a Meaningful Lent

Lord Jesus, During this time of Lent, I recall that in the desert You overcame temptation. When I am tempted to do nothing additional and nothing different in my faith life, Help me to sacrifice sameness To more closely follow You. Amen.

3/23/19: Sharing Hope

Lord Jesus, How can I help being hopeful With You as my mentor and friend? Today, help me to share that hope With the humility You intend. Amen.

3/22/19: For a Day of Grace

Father, Son, and Spirit, Throughout this day given to me, I ask You in this prayer, For the grace to know that I am blessed By Your love and care. Amen.

3/21/19: To Glimpse Heaven

In gratitude, I pray, For the lessons Jesus taught And for the glimpse He gives of heaven, The hope within a faithful heart. Amen.