February 3, 2023: Inroads of Faith

Heavenly Father, May the prayers I offer be pleasing to You, And my actions reflect Your love. While the world is filled with conflict, May I be a source of peace. When a problem’s solution seems beyond reach, Please take my faith to new heights. If I have overlooked an opportunity to serve You, Help me to be less distracted. When it would be easier to go along my way, Show me the inroads of faith You want me to take. Amen.

February 2, 2023: Seeking the Lord

Lord Jesus, You came to share in our humanity. May I respond to the people around me with the love that You have given me to share. You came in humility. May I seek You in every place and circumstance. Amen.

February 1, 2023: Prayer for God’s Blessing

God, our Father, Your Word is creative, Sustaining what You have made. May Holy Scripture bring me new hope In the blessings which I await. Lord Jesus, Remembering Your love, In Your care, I have been blessed. I am one in the communion of faith Blessed by Your Word and Eucharist. Holy Spirit, Come in wind or whisper, Giving me comfort and grace. Constant companion on my life’s journey, Be my help in struggles I face. Father, Son, and Spirit, You invite all to come With our gifts and heartfelt prayers, As child, brother, sister, or friend, Sheltered within Your constant care. Amen.

January 31, 2023: Offering Joyful Praise

Lord Jesus To You I offer joyful praise, For You are ever near me Throughout my life, in all my days, Knowing my every hope and need. Amen.

January 30, 2023: When Days are Hard

Lord, many things can make days hard. In loneliness, stark as an empty chair, Please bring me peaceful solitude. With yet another piece of paperwork to do, Please write Your love again on my heart. When the weather makes me cry, “Enough,” Please calm the storminess of my mood. In the face of illness I can’t ignore, May I unite my suffering with Yours. Lord Jesus, You came to lighten the burdens That discourage and distract from You. When days are hard, please give me courage To hope beyond any setback. Amen.

January 29, 2023: Keep Me Safe

I pray for safety in the keeping of a guardian angel at my side, and for the Holy Spirit within to be my strength and guide.

January 28, 2023: Prayer for Hope

Lord, You came to share life with us here, The Father’s compassion made known; May hope in You dispel all my fears, In me, the light of Your love be shown.

January 27, 2023: Prayer of Thanks

Heavenly Father, Creator of all life, I offer you thanks For every gift and grace. To do Your will, You give me all I need; To You I devote My heart, my soul, my being. Amen.

January 26, 2023: Prayer to Stay with the Lord

Lord Jesus, You are with us always; May I never ignore Your love. You are here to guide me through Your Holy Spirit; Please come and get me if I walk away. You are in the people I meet in passing; May I notice those in need. You know me inside and out; I give You thanks that You love me anyway. You are with me in times of turmoil; May I find peace in the certainty of Your care. You understand the pain of loss; Please increase my faith when I feel alone. You are available to encourage me; May I listen to You in prayer. You recognize what keeps me going and what holds me back; To You I offer all that I hope to be. Amen.

January 25, 2023: Blessed in Unexpected Ways

Lord, You welcome every prayer. Please forgive my half-heartedness when You are deserving of all my love. When I do not receive what I ask for in prayer, please increase my faith and openness to being blessed in unexpected ways. Amen.

January 24, 2023: Prayer for New Perspective

Loving God, Throughout the day today, Help me to look at things a little differently. Yes, there will be violence in the world; Help me to focus on being more gentle. The weather will bring hardship to many; Help me to accomplish what I need to do without complaint. The poor and homeless will remain; Help me to make room in my heart for anyone I have shunned. People will suffer misfortune today; Help me to notice blessings I sometimes take for granted. I may find myself feeling pretty good or feeling downcast today; Help me to look to You with greater faith, no matter what. Amen.

January 23, 2023: To See the Miracles

God, our Creator, You made the world in the grandeur we behold. May more people see in each new life A miracle as Your plan unfolds. Amen.

January 22, 2023: Prayer for Sunday of the Word of God

Lord Jesus, the Word made flesh, When I am worried, anxious, or afraid, please grant me peace of heart, if only for the moments I spend reflecting on Your Word. For people making choices, please give them alternatives to violence and despair by inspiring openness to Your Word. For nations in strife, devastating humanity You came to elevate, please bestow on leaders wisdom found in Your Word. With hurtful things already said, please bless those who seek to reconcile, giving them the words to say, found through grace and your loving Word. Amen.

January 21, 2023: Putting the Lord First

Lord, in all I do today, help me to put You first— to seek You who alone can satisfy every spiritual hunger and thirst. Amen.

January 20, 2023: To Be a Better Disciple

Lord Jesus, Help me to be a better disciple: To forgive more easily, To pray more gratefully, To help more spontaneously, To live my faith more openly, And to love more fully. Amen.

January 19, 2023: Prayer for Lighter Burdens

I pray for people known and unknown Struggling with discouragement and pain. With Your blessing, May they emerge with renewed faith, Able to see Your glory.

January 18, 2023: Filled with the Holy Spirit

Loving God, As I continue my faith journey, I give You thanks that the Holy Spirit Accompanies me every step of the way.

January 17, 2023: Lord, Ahead of Me

Lord, I know that You are already Countless steps ahead of me, Yet I long to interact with You In all that I pray and do. Lord, through Your Holy Spirit, Help me to see Your will, to hear it. Through Your grace, help me do my best, And count on You for the rest. Amen.

January 16, 2023: Grace in Every Task

Heavenly Father, You animate my being, and I ask for grace to fulfill Every task before me as I seek to do Your will.

January 15, 2023: Prayer for Attentiveness

My every prayer, Lord Jesus, I know that You hear. Please make me more attentive, for You are always near.

January 14, 2023: Prayer for the Lord’s Friendship

Lord Jesus, Anyone might wonder Why You chose me as friend. There’s nothing that You need from me, and I am far from perfect. Your love exceeds what I can merit, And yet You have chosen me! Lord Jesus, Help me to see today How I can share Your friendship As You have shared Your love with me. In all that I pray and do, Help me to live with gratitude That You call me “friend.” Amen.

January 13, 2023: Marian Prayer for the Sick or Discouraged

Blessed Virgin Mary, our gentle mother, Please bring comfort in times of sickness or discouragement, And ask Your beloved Son, Jesus, To heal those who are suffering Or to grant increased grace To remain faithful despite struggles in body, mind, or spirit. Holy Mother, Blessed Mary, You have known joy and sorrow, devotion and confusion. To you I give thanks for your example of faith. Please pray for those in distress, Worn down from chronic pain Or suddenly floored by injury or sickness. In heaven with Your beloved Son, May your prayers join with mine That all who are sick or discouraged May know that they are not alone. Amen.

January 12, 2023: To Grow in Faith

Lord Jesus, may I grow in faith day by day, with Mary and Joseph helping me to follow Your holy way.

January 11, 2023: Prayer in Quietude

Loving God, I ask that there will always be within my heart a quiet room to meet You in serenity.

January 10, 2023: Prayer for Unending Care

Father, our Creator, You call me ever closer, To be held and yet sent forth. Through my life, may others see Your unending care.

January 9, 2023: Prayer of One Baptized

Loving Father, May the cleansing from original sin Continue to make my spirit free, Not to do heedlessly what I want, But to choose the path You ask of me. May the Baptismal anointing with oil Continue as a blessing to bring Renewed commitment to oneness with Christ, Our eternal Priest, Prophet, and King. May Baptism in the white garment worn Continue its sign that I am clothed In the hope of sharing life eternal With Christ crucified, with Christ who rose. May light shared from an Easter candle Continue to shine for a world in need, For in the gentle glow of Your love, People can come to see things differently. Amen.

January 8, 2023: Prayer on the Epiphany

Seeing the star at its rising, the magi hastened on their journey. Lord Jesus, I pray that my life’s journey will lead me ever closer to You. The star that the wisemen followed stopped where they would find You with Mary. Lord Jesus, Son of God and Mary, I pray that in every place and circumstance, I will live each day in faith. Gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh they gave to You in joyful homage. Lord, King, Prophet, and Priest, I pray that gifts I offer will please You, as signs of love and praise. Amen.

January 7, 2023: Prayer in Winter Hardship

Loving Father, on this day, many will struggle in the harshness of winter. Please guide the homeless to shelter, and give comfort to the homebound. In places where winter has delivered yet another onslaught, please give courage to the discouraged and spiritual comfort to the disheartened. Where there is hardship because of ice, snow, and coldness, please give hope. Lord God, although we are fragile in our humanity, help us to remain strong in faith. Amen.

January 6, 2023: Morning Prayer

Gracious God, in the dawning of the new day, Your grace shines forth for all to see. As today I begin anew, I ask for Your blessing, knowing that You hear and answer every prayer. May I be open to Your love and attentive to those in need Ð a sign of the hope that comes through faith in You. Amen.

January 5, 2023: Prayer for Perseverance

Lord God, I pray for perseverance among all who are destitute in body or spirit. I pray also in gratitude for friends, family, and neighbors who lend a hand, and for caregivers of every kind. Loving Father, You have placed us in this world together; may I always do my part in Your plan leading to salvation, even if some days it seems that I can do little more than pray for trust that Your Spirit is with us to help us through. Amen.