May 29, 2015: A Living Sign

Loving Father, As I gaze upon the new life That blossoms forth in springtime, May my life be for others A sign of Your love. Amen.

May 28, 2015: With Glorious Potential

Heavenly Father, I give You thanks for glorious potential. The caterpillar within a cocoon emerges from the chrysalis as a butterfly, yet the transformation cannot compare with the resurrection You desire for me. Buds appear on trees following winter’s dormancy—a reminder faith, too, can blossom. Loving Father, please help me to grow, to change, and to become the person you want me to be. Amen.

May 27, 2015: In Humble Praise

Gentle breezes and ocean currents, Tiny beginnings of new life and whole galaxies: Your plan is far greater than we can imagine. Father, I worship You. Amen.

May 26, 2015: Lord of Heaven and Earth

Lord Jesus, today I pray in gratitude for all that You taught by sharing in our humanity. May I one day see You in the fullness of Your divinity. Amen.

May 25, 2015: Prayer for Those Who Seek Peace

Lord Jesus, I ask for your blessing Upon all who seek peace. For those bearing the heavy burdens of war With the hope that peace will soon be restored; For all who have been wounded or given their lives In conflicts of any kind; For families, where children learn How to resolve and how to respect differences; And for all who are worried or anxious today, Who long for peace of mind and heart, I pray that they will come to know The peace that is Your gift. Amen.

May 24, 2015: Light of Faith

Risen Lord, wherever I journey on Earth, may Your Holy Spirit within me shine for others to see. Amen.

May 23, 2015: To Love with All My Heart

Loving Father, forgive me for the times that I am half-hearted in prayer, although You are deserving of all my love. Amen.

May 22, 2015: Lord, You Are with Us

Lord Jesus, I give You thanks, For You have kept Your promise to remain with us. In the people with whom we share our lives, We can see Your face. When we need direction, You are there to guide us, if only we follow the signs. When we need encouragement, We can always come to You. In times of painful uncertainty, You remain steadfast in Your love and understanding. Lord, You know my every care and dream; May I remain always with You. Amen.

May 21, 2015: For a Faith-Filled Outlook

Blessed Virgin Mary, please pray for me. When events threaten to change my outlook, And not in the best of ways, Please pray that I will always see Your Son In His loving constancy. Amen.

May 20, 2015: To See God’s Greatness

Blessed Virgin Mary, please pray that I will come to see the greatness of all things that God desires for me. Amen.

May 19, 2015: Prayer for Hope

Lord Jesus, while I pray with hope in life eternal, I ask for the grace to bring hope in this world, wherever I can. Where there is violence, I hope for peace. Where people are suffering the aftermath of storms, I hope for calmness in weather and in hearts. For all who are suffering the loss of a loved one, of a job, of health, or any loss, please lead them to renewed hope where it will be found through Your grace. Amen.

May 18, 2015: To Do What God Desires

Lord, Although You taught that faith can move mountains, Sometimes, it’s hard to believe. How often, in prayer, have I asked that my will be done And then missed opportunities to do what You desire for me. Please help me to have faith and to spread faith. Amen.

May 17, 2015: Jesus, I Turn to You

For Your help when I am in pain, For hope greater than despair– Jesus, I turn to You. For comfort when I am lonely, For happiness though it seems far away– Jesus, I turn to You. For direction at every crossroad, For faith when I am afraid– Jesus, I turn to You. For forgiveness when I fail, For peace that is Your gift– Jesus, I turn to You. For openness to the fullness of grace, For a heart overflowing with love– Jesus, I turn to You. Amen.

May 16, 2015: For the Vulnerable

Heavenly Father, For all who are suffering, I pray For spiritual comfort anew. For those who feel helpless, I pray For the wisdom to turn to You. Amen.

May 15, 2015: In the Blessed Virgin’s Care

Blessed Virgin Mary, In your gentle holiness, Please join me in this prayer For hope in the Lord Jesus, Who loves beyond compare. In your closeness to the Lord, Please ask that He bless me With grace that is His gift, And with the strength I need. In your maternal care, May the comfort that I find Help me in faith to seek Him With heart and soul and mind. Amen.

May 14, 2015: Prayer to Fulfill My Mission

Loving Father, You sent Your Son into the world, Where He walked on dusty roads and water; Please grant me the faith and grace I need To serve You from this moment onward. Lord Jesus, You sent the Apostles to go forth, To find welcome or shake the dust from their feet; Please help me to reflect Your love, By forgiving and leading others to faith. Holy Spirit, You have been sent to dwell within me, So that my life is never empty; Please help me to see renewed purpose And look for each day’s new opportunities. Amen.

May 13, 2015: Lord, Always Loving

Lord, I give You thanks, For You remain with me: Faithful though I falter, Ready to forgive my faults, Loving, always loving. Amen.

May 12, 2015: With the Virgin Mother Praying

Blessed Virgin Mary, be with me as I pray. When I wonder what God is asking of me, Or how it can be so, Please ask Your Son, our Lord and Savior, To help me respond in faith. Amen.

May 11, 2015: Faith to Carry On

Jesus, my hope, As I continue to seek, May discouragement not get the better of me. When I feel let down and When am afraid to get my hopes up, Grant me faith enough to keep trying. Amen.

May 10, 2015: Loving Lord Jesus

Loving Lord Jesus, When I look ahead, may I seek to follow where You lead, whether among people who may ask something of me, to a quiet place where I might pray, or to acceptance of the comfort You offer because You have known the spectrum of human emotions and focused on love. Amen.

May 9, 2015: The Glory of Springtime

Loving God, As the days grow longer, With each sunrise may I be reminded That You sent Your Son To be light for the world! To see on trees once dormant Glorious new blossoms, may I be reminded Of the stone rolled away And the Resurrection revealed! In the rains that water Ground trampled and dry, may I be reminded, As on the road to Emmaus, Of the yearning for Words of life! And if a rainbow should appear And I gaze toward the heavens, may I be reminded Of the covenant You made And the spectrum of Your love. Amen.

May 8, 2015: Nighttime Prayer

Attentive God, Each day, when darkness comes again, You set the stars for guidance. May I bring prayers to You in faith, And listen in the silence. Amen.

May 7, 2015: Prayer for World Missions

Lord Jesus, In Your mission here on Earth, You invited all who believe to join You. As You once called the Apostles, Please continue to invite and inspire missionaries To go out to all the world. May people everywhere follow Your example Of taking one hand and spending one moment, Because every person matters. Lord Jesus, I ask for Your blessing upon Your mission servants, Close-by or oceans and continents away. Among all who strive for peace, Wherever they may go, May hope in You endure and love be its mainstay. Amen.

May 6, 2015: Marian Prayer for Hope

Mary, Queen of Heaven, please be with me when I need reminding that, with God, all things are possible. Please pray for me to be more open to what God intends and lovingly prepares for me. Amen.

May 5, 2015: Even in Tragedy

Lord Jesus, As I look around me, there is tragedy to see; Please help me to look harder and notice, too, Your glory. Amen.

May 4, 2015: To Do God’s Will

Blessed Virgin Mary, please be with me as I pray that whatever God desires be done through me each day. Amen.

May 3, 2015: Reflection of Your Love

Father, the glory of creation, You have set before us. With voice and heart, I give You praise, My prayer a song with joyful chorus. In Your image, You created me, Giving both life and soul. May all I do reflect Your love, While giving of self, becoming whole. Amen.

May 2, 2015: To Share Hope

Lord Jesus, You gave love beyond compare. Help me to give to others the hope You came to share. Amen.

May 1, 2015: Morning Prayer

Loving Father, If I awakened today wondering what will be, May I look for the guidance of Your Spirit in me. If today I experience loneliness, May Your Son’s compassion fill the emptiness. If in body, mind, or spirit is pain, May I turn to You for hope sustained. If the answer to a prayer occurs, May I be grateful that every prayer is heard. If I fail to seek You in all that I do, May the desire to serve You be renewed. Amen.

April 30, 2015: For Trust in God

Creative God, Beneath the dome of the sky, Are vastness yet embrace. May I trust in Your eternal plan, Through everything I face. Amen.