• For me, my psych doctor wants me to lose weight and I want to also, the thing is I was on a med that helped my mental illness and mood disorder. It also caused me to lose weight. Then I got kidney stones. I need to take a medicine like this so I don’t obsess about food and my body size. My doctor is so discouraged with me . I am angry with self. For weight loss that is permanent. Thank you Jesus.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I’m in desperate need of prayer Healing of septus and bladder infection and my left leg is swollen and infected my pain medication us almost out and I will go thru withdrawal without a miracle please pray for Michael who is taking care of me and going thru his own needs and suffering.My nerves are shot.
    Please in Jesus Name miraculous my interven ..forgive mine and my family’s sins

    ~ Sharon
  • Please pray for my brother German Velez, so The Lord heals him and the surgery tomorrow Monday April, 27th is victory of Jesus Christ. Doctors found a mass on his duodenum. May the result of biopsy be negative for malignity. May the Lord guide the surgeon with the Holy Spirit during the procedure. Lord we pray for the healing and for your peace and love to be with German and the family. Glory be to you Lord.. We pray for all the lonely in hospitals. Love you Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    ~ Martha
  • From: Christine Fernandes
    Date: Mon, 27 Apr, 2020, 4:17 pm
    Subject: Please pray and treat as confidential information and private nature and not to be viewed publicly and shared publicly by others

    Please pray for my husband to attend work only Tuesday to Thursday till the corona virus situation completely 100% a green signal for Goa.

    ~ Christine
  • Protection determination victory vindication mercy and Grace self-love Financial provision that I start living instead of existing that I be up my cancer treatment soon that relationships that need to be restored in my life baby store that I have a relationship with my grandkids and that my granddaughter will be able to come and see me this summer for the families who lost loved ones to coronavirus I pray for them all as well as the sick ones in for big Miracles big blessings favor over my life

    ~ Sheila
  • Protection determination victory vindication mercy and Grace self-love Financial provision that I start living instead of existing that I be up my cancer treatment soon that relationships that need to be restored in my life baby store that I have a relationship with my grandkids and that my granddaughter will be able to come and see me this summer for the families who lost loved ones to coronavirus I pray for them all as well as the sick ones in for big Miracles big blessings favor over my life

    ~ Sheila
  • Dear Father I ask you to PLEASE HEAL the Santos Family Jose Santos is in the hospital with corona virus. And another member Allen who is in the Us Army is exposed and all of their family members are exposed and children and parents and grandchildren. PLEASE Bless them to be free from the Corona Virus in Jesus Name Amen AMEN AMEN thank you I love Lord.


    ~ Ophelia
  • Please can you pray for myself and Maleek. He is someone that I have been getting to know over two years. We have both have been going through things separately. I have very strong feelings for him. He is a very kind, respectful and is a man with a good heart. He is trying to set up his own business in which I pray will be successful. Getting to know him has been challenging as he puts up a very strong barrier when things are very hard for him. Sometimes it causes him to distance himself from me

    ~ Yaa
  • Hi!

    i am 33 years old. Due to severe financial problems i came to work in oversees leaving my family and small kids in my country, but due to global financial crisis i am unable to manage my expenses. Me and my family is struggling financial. i am away from family. Daily i am having sleepless night. Please pray for me and family for great heath and wealth.I want to get a good job and i want to go to my country and be live happily with my family again.


    ~ Abhilash
  • Jesus, help Neil Ferguson see the truth when it comes to the coronavirus. Amen!

    ~ henrik
  • Hi please prayer for me and my little family We suffer from very wicked neighbors They thrive for drama and trouble and are addicted to drugs and voilence and house party’s ..these people hate us and I do not know why but I dread good weather they make us feel uncomfortable when we are outside our home they turn music up to highest volume they also stole from us trying their best to get us to react to them so they cause trouble but we just ignore oh Lord this is everyday and I dread my kids goin

    ~ Margaret
  • For my 99 year old mother, Dorothy, who is on hospice care.
    Fro S. Carol Ann G. that her cancer treatments are successful

    ~ Sister Jodene Zehren
  • Prayers for the quick recovery of my 88 yr. old uncle who resides in a nursing home and has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19. May our dear Lord lay his healing hands upon him and all those afflicted and restore them to health in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

    ~ Christine
  • Healing for Brian from diabetes cyst on his kidney liver disease etc I pray every cell and tissue in his body is healed, healing for antoinieta Joseph yeye myself all at home I pray my family and I won’t get this virus or other diseases I pray Joseph antoinieta yeye will walk well soon I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put

    ~ Anne
  • Bless my grandson, he is in a bad place.

    ~ Madeline
  • Please pray for complete perfect healing of my beautiful wife. Please pray that all damages be healed also. God bless!

    ~ Don
  • Please pray for my grandfather, Charles. He just entered the hospital, which is scary enough with the COVID national emergency, with a bladder infection, and is extremely dehydrated. Please pray that God will grant him His healing touch, and give him the strength to make a full recovery.

    ~ Jacob
  • For the healing, mercy and protection of:
    Yhosvany Oliver Hernandez.
    Daysi Vanessa Báez.
    Mayra Victoria Oliver.
    Arya Marie Oliver.

    For the conversion of:
    Leduan Diaz Oliver, Emily Cruz Cortes, Barbarita María Herrera, Carmen Teresa Delgado.

    ~ Daysi
  • Dear Lord, Please hold my daughter close in your loving arms and protect her during this difficult time. Give her emotional and physical strength to deal with her situation at home. Please make her strong and protect her physically and emotionally. Take away her anxiety and fear and replace it with strength. I am so worried about her mental health in the environment she is in. Please, Lord, help her. I am afraid of the long-term effects of the abuse she deals with daily.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my brother Paul.he is in the hospital in Boston very ill from complications from Covid .i prayed so hard for him to be ok but he isn’t,I guess this is where our faith comes in.please pray for his family and all of us being so far away and the state of mass.is Covid bad right now we are forced to deal with this from Texas.God bless him and his family he was a great younger brother and I love him so.thank you Mary ann. Paul is only 60

    ~ MaryAnn
  • In the name of Jesus I am asking to heavenly Father to make me and my family very rich,holy, very happy,give long life,very very safe, very very inteligent, very very brave,very peaceful, very very hard working,very healthy , give me a very gorgeous wife very soon and taking these blessings from you heavenly Father by claiming the Bible verses “John 16:23;24″ ” I will give you what ever you ask in my name to heavenly father,ask and you will receive and your Joy will come true”

    ~ Joy
  • Jesus, how many life will you take due to Covid-19? What sins did we commit? Did we try to play God instead of seeing Who God really is? Jesus, what horrible stuff have we done? Please help us take up our daily cross and follow you. Amen!

    ~ Henrik
  • MY dad joseph martires is in the ICU as his pulse is low is sai ashirwaad hospital in India please pray that Jesus may heal him and that Jesus may use the doctors and nurses attending to him to heal him Amen

    ~ Lionel anf joanne
  • For a healthy mental, emotional and physical well-being of my sons, Jason, Jordan, Justin and my grandaughter, Xiyana. May they have peace of mind, body and soul and develop a strong relationship with Our Lord.

    ~ Benjie
  • In memory of my mother Mary on the day of her Birthday. May 5th

    ~ Kathleen
  • I am worried about my son’s summer classes ; we have ordered
    the college books for summer classes we don’t know when it will be reaching my son due to this covid situation; Kindly pray that the college books reach my son on time for his summer classes
    since these books seems to be mandatory to finish his assignments;
    Lord Jesus kindly help us ; Lord Jesus kindly bless and provide my son with these books on time for summer classes ,Have Mercy on us Lord Jesus Amen

    ~ l
  • I asked god to help us through this tough times, these trials & tribulations we shall pass now and to help grant us access to our home especially during the pandemic. I ask for blessing and prayer to keep my family, my fiance and myself safe and healthy. Amen

    ~ Evelyn
  • Help my son Dan business be successful and prosperous, I have been praying for past 11 years, it’s hurting us financially and emotionally with stress. Please help him and his girlfriend get married and have a wonderful marriage. Please help Dan and his brother Mark do well in their lives and be very close to each other and depend on each other for support. Please help us sell our property very quickly it’s too much stress on us financially, please help.

    ~ annette
  • i have an urgent special prayer request on behalf of a close friend i love dearly. i just found out hes been suffering with a rare chest tumor thats getting bigger and on his liver ,..also is inoperable. at most hes been given 5 mos. please pray for healing for him his name is Chris Hammer ty and God bless you all xxx

    ~ Brenda
  • My friends Misty, Dave and sons whose eldest daughter just died at 17 years of brain cancer that their family who are feeling numb and in sorrow may receive the graces the Lord gave to his Sorrowful mother at the foot of the cross in their grief.

    ~ Maria
  • God free me from my addictions and take away my character defects that stop me from doing your will.

    ~ Patrick
  • Please pray for Regina Lindauer, James Lynch, Diane Sewell and their families.

    ~ Julie
  • Healing for Brian from diabetes cyst on his kidney liver disease all ailments I pray his blood sugar, blood pressure is stable, I pray every cell and tissue in Brian’s body is healed totally, healing for antoinieta Joseph yeye myself all at home I pray my Joseph antoinieta yeye will walk well soon I pray my family and I don’t get this virus or any other diseases I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair wi

    ~ Anne
  • My brother in law is being tested for covid-19. He’s having trouble breathing. Please pray

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my father as he receives his results from his MRI today. We want there to be a plan in place to make him feel better. We pray for healing.

    ~ Stephanie
  • My daughter is 42 yo and she has been married for 5 yrs. They have been trying to have a baby from day 1. She miscarried in 2016 and lost another pregnancy in 2018. She is only 5 weeks pregnant now and we need prayers so that she will carry this baby full term. Thank you so much for your prayers and televising Mass on Sundays during this Virus Pandemic!

    Thank you so much,
    Kimberly and Bennett Richard
    Westlake, LA

    ~ Kimberly
  • Thank you for your prayers. I’ve been able to see my sons again after 5 months of denied parenting time. However, my ex wife is still trying to remove my sons from my life by telling them lies and speaking badly about me to them. Please pray that she would repent and turn back to God and that my sons will be protected from this and all evil. She is only letting me see them for less than 3 hours a week. Please pray that I’ll have more time with them soon and that the courts will move swiftly.

    ~ Travis
  • Please cure our world of the virus. So many people and families are being disturbed. Please keep my family and friends safe. Watch over all.

    ~ Jan
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • My father Gerard has been diagnosed with a brain tumor today, please pray that it will be removed from his body and that he makes a full recovery. My father is only 60 years old pray that he will be strong enough to fight this and live a long and healthy life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    ~ Gerard
  • My name is Anabela and I am submitting this prayer for my mom. She was diagnosed with Covid-19 and because she has asthma along with diabetes her recovery is really hard for her. She is in the hospital where thank God the frontline workers are making sure she has everything she needs to get better and helping her breathe. I love my mom and i am praying that God is by her side throughout this whole process taking care of her. Along with all the other patients who need him the most right now.

    ~ Maricela
  • In thanksgiving for Gods many blessings —asking for Gods continued protection over my family —please keep us safe Lord
    Thank You

    ~ Anonymous
  • That something noticeably spiritually good happen to me.

    ~ Kenneth
  • Please pray for Shane Pohlkamp.

    ~ Julie
  • Please Pray Healing for Hearing loss, Memory, Bad Posture, Body Pain, Blood Pressure and others )Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for Lorraine Chavez now in Jesus Name. Pray Debt be gone from Lorraine Chavez in Jesus Name. Lorraine Chavez Possessions(House,Cars,Appliances Ext.) last a 100 times longer and become newer each day now in Jesus Name. I pray for Lorraine Chavez. And Please Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for my uncle Seve Chacon

    ~ Phil
  • Dear lord..pls help me in my current relationship situation. Pls touch the heart of my nikhil and fill it with so much of love and care for me . Lord bless us so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way.pls remove all negativity and misunderstanding between us.heal the division between us god. We are sorry for our sins pls forgive us. Put us in each other’s heart and mind.pls stop him to block me from everywhere. God pls make us one again. Amen

    ~ Amanjeet
  • Father, I come from a broken family, living off the dole of the government, without real understanding. Help me to help you. I ask you, no matter where I am right now, there is a way out if a bad situation. These people called my name when I wasn’t there and said to 86, and get out for good. As a victim of various circumstances, all the whole, you kept watch, praying for us, suffering endlessly from this particular type of curiosity. I go to a safer life than this, where I am to remain. Amen.

    ~ S. Kenyetta
  • Lost my job due to COVID …. as many others …. praying for something positive to happen.

    ~ Troy
  • Dear Lord, I humbly come to ask for your help. Though I am undeserving, I ask that you please help me with my erratic heartbeat. Please protect me from stroke or heart attack and heal what is causing this. I am frightened, Lord, especially now with the virus emergency making it difficult. Dear Lord, please protect me.

    ~ Patricia
  • Thank you for all of our clergy!

    ~ Anonymous
  • My doctor wants me to stop eating rice, bread, potatoes.
    I have gained weight after stopping meds. The meds did me good for my anxiety and sleep but I had a kidney stone.
    I am discouraged in my weight gain. Please help and keep me loving to Jesus and know what to eat. My doctor is a very good Catholic . I don’t want to let them down.thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my 28-year old son. He has been blessed by God, yet he cannot see it, and he has a terrible negative attitude all the time. He’s always wound tight and very stressed. I’m afraid it will take a serious toll on his health if he cannot find peace of mind and happiness. He left the church as a teen and thinks I’m a fool for believing it is the true church that Jesus founded. I’m desperate for “bigger, better” prayers, as, apparently, mine aren’t cutting it. Thank you so much!

    ~ Pat
  • For my girlfriend Grace win her green card. For everybody in the world be cured of
    Of the Coronavirus..for isreal to live in peace. For the president United States. I would like to pray for my family. I would like to pray for for Grace Family.

    ~ Jason
  • Please pray for my health been having alot of issues lately and pray that i can controll my addiction im on meds to controll it but im starting to think about even taking them more.thank you and GOD bless.

    ~ John
  • I need many prayers again please for my son Andrew David Immanuel Aceves. He is disrespectful, ungrateful, and stubborn right now. My spiritual director told me it’s spiritual warfare that’s keeping him from succeeding. My son also feels like he is being attacked and we pray but it’s just so strong and draining that we need help. His health is difficult with asthma and pneumonia causing brain inflammation and a pilonidal cyst that needs surgery draining his energy. He won’t take his medicine.

    ~ Melissa Gail
  • I am a recent widow facing unendurable physical knee pain. Please dear Lord ease this physical pain and isolation and help me feel a sense of comfort and peace so that I will be in a better place in 5 weeks to face major surgery.

    ~ Dorothea
  • Praying for things to improve for a friend while at Northgate Nsg. Home in San Antonio, his needs not being met, needs help to put socks something so simple yet CNA will tell him he’s not her patient. Although he’s complained not much improved, instead retaliation. Hoping to move him to Assisted Living soon & praying things will be better for him there

    ~ Anita
  • The Holy Souls in Purgatory; Personal healing and forgiveness; in thanksgiving for gifts received; for Barbara Thatcher.

    ~ Stephen
  • Please pray for Julie Olson.

    ~ Julie
  • Please pray with me for healing my body of constant pain and illness. Also financial blessing. Bless Heart of the nation.

    ~ Pat
  • I seek prayers for my husband Joshua, myself, and my son. I am being falsely accused of being an unfit mother and unsafe to be around. I seek justice and divine intervention. Please my beloved lord Jesus, have mercy on me!

    ~ Jennifer
  • My doctor said no bread pasta or rice to eat. Please help me when I eat with others. I dint want to offend them, and help me with meals. Thank you and God bless.Also I need a very patient and loving person in my life who can help me organize. I feel very anxious socializing.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Lord I am sick and tired of people saying I’m not serving you by what I do, I am there is no serving the devil by dropping things off at a church or volunteering to help at a church or to serve the poor with needs met please deliver me from those that hate me and let me be a beacon of your light and truth in Jesus name Amen.

    ~ Tiffanie
  • Lord, marching band for highschool starts up soon and we have an AMAZING show. I really want to do this so please Lord, can you make COVID-19 go away so we can start marching band? Thank you so much.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please keep my boyfriend safe as he is stuck abroad. Bring him home safe and healthy…. please keep my friend that works in a hospital safe. Please save me from the virus. Thank you for having us safe now

    ~ Lynn
  • For the repose of the soul of Martin Welch.

    ~ Mary Ruth
  • For all Covid-19 victims, those treating or supporting them and those searching for a vaccine or cure.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I ask for prayers to help my relationship with it’s my girlfriend nature into a beautiful love and help her to have faith in God.

    ~ John
  • I am a nurse positive for Covid admitted at hospital praying for my recovery and my family at home waiting for their reports
    Gift of Holy Spirit to both my children to live in Christian faith till last breath of life

    ~ Shyna
  • For the health and safety of my extended family, Hays, Steinles, Zaniewskis, Hartzheims and in particular for Melissa Steinle was has Stsge 4 Cancer in multiple areas of her body.

    Thank you very much!

    God Bless You.

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for my dear brother Joseph to be healed emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally from depression and alcoholic because of the recent death of his twin brother, Anthony. Please Saint Mary, Mother of God, helps him, directs his life so that he knows only GOD’s Love and Peace is more important in his life now. I am so weary of praying for him all of my life already. If you could hear me, Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for a complete change of his life for good from now on.Amen

    ~ Diep
  • Health of David Daugherty

    ~ Jonette
  • Jesus, help he people at Kungsljuset in Borlänge and help those who lived their and died from eg Covid-19. Jesus, help all the family of those people who live there.
    Jesus, help Anders Tegnell speak the truth about Covd-19 . Amen!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Healing for Brian from diabetes cyst on his kidney all ailments healing for antoinieta Joseph yeye myself all at home I pray Joseph antoinieta yeye will walk well soon I pray the insurance company will pay Brian’s hospital bills and for the medicines too, i pray my family and I don’t get this virus or other diseases,I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her a

    ~ Anne
  • Josef Sweet that they cure his illness

    ~ sandra
  • I need prayers for my child to deliver a health baby. She has been told that there may be complications with the health of the baby and is to go through testing this coming week. Please pray for her. May God bless you with good health.

    ~ Sylvia
  • For my son and daughter in law to conceive and deliver a healthy baby to heal their broken hearts over the devastating loss of their infant daughter this past Christmas
    For the health and safety of all my family
    For this horrible virus to be over
    Thank you Dear Lord Jesus Christ

    ~ Linda
  • I would like to ask you to pray for me and my future husband that we finally get the necessary documents to stay in the US where we have lived and worked for 5 years. We have put a lot of effort and work into it and now we really need it, so that we can move on with other important steps in our lives. We have given many prayers and fasting to God for this purpose.
    God bless you!

    ~ Sanja
  • Lord, no matter where I am right now, I ask you because all these years you have provided me sanctity under a contrite ruler of this family. I need a permanent home, despite all the tries at the city homeless shelter. I pray today, because I know you will hear me, in submission. Lord, I ask you why this family custodian in total misery, I myself a victim of various circumstances. Away out, of this problem’ s mistake. Overcoming the hate, I can’t live without you.

    ~ S. Kenyetta
  • I have been struggling with metastatic breast cancer since 2016 and taking care of my elderly mother, Dorothy (91) alone. I also work full-time. Then, Covid-19 spread. On April 27, my mom had a stroke. A blot clot on the left side of her brain was successfully removed but she remains in the hospital. No one can visit due to the virus. Mom requires physical therapy but she may have an infection. Please pray for my dear mother’s return to complete health and functioning. Comfort and peace, please!

    ~ Pamela
  • Dear Mother Mary,

    Please bless the whole world with your love and mercy.
    Please help and guide each one of us in our own pain and difficulties.
    Help us to TRUST in our Lord Jesus Christ and surrender all our problems to him. Amen.

    ~ Vivien
  • Healing for family, friends, nation, the world.

    ~ Margaret
  • For my son Mark that he will continue to banish drugs from his life. Also, that he finds a job so his focus is clarified.

    For my daughter that she overcomes her eating disorder.

    ~ Judi
  • I get the Upper Moreland Township police chief job. Sydney passes her final exams and gets a C in biology and chemistry

    ~ Robert
  • In Thanksgiving for all God has done and given. In Thanksgiving for Mary’s and all the saints blessings and intercessions. For return to the Catholic Church for family members. For end to coronavirus and all those affected. For our economy. For all priests, religious, deacons and laity. For all mine and my family’s prayer intentions. For world Peace. For conversion of sinners. For all aborted babies and for victims. God bless and thank you!

    ~ Karen
  • For my daughter and I…please keep us healthy and safe. We also need financial help. In God’s name Amen

    ~ Margaret
  • Prayers for the conversion of my children and spouses. Pray that my granddaughter will move back home with her family and love and care for her children. Prayers that my children will be blessed with Christain helpmates who will help them obey and serve Christ all the days of their lives.

    ~ Gale
  • For God’s grace and favor to be reunited with my family and for God’s protection and blessings on us.
    For healing an God’s Mercy on the world at this trying times especially for the most vulnerable in our midst that God may comfort and strengthen them.

    ~ Michael
  • For God’s grace and favor to be reunited with my family and for God’s protection and blessings on us.
    For healing an God’s Mercy on the world at this trying times especially for the most vulnerable in our midst that God may comfort and strengthen them.

    ~ Michael
  • Pray that my adult children will seek the lord and return to the church. I pray that they find Christian love and be blessed with children and keep god first. And I pray for all of you.

    ~ Amy
  • Please pray for my niece, Patricia DeMasco. She had bladder surgery and is not doing well at all. Suffering.

    ~ terry
  • End to Covid-19. Health of Family & Friends. Everyone gets back to work as soon as healthy.

    ~ Carol
  • I pray that at sentencing on june 17th, Judge Stacy Cook takes mercy on me and gives me leniency. I pray for a second chance. I pray that she works with my lawyer and doesnt send me to jail or prison. I pray that Johnathon Brown, my attorney is successful at getting me the best available option. I pray for zero prison or jail time. I pray that they restore my probation and forgive my missing probation. I pray that the prosecutor brad smith shows forgiveness and mercy to me. I will not mess up

    ~ NOAH
  • I pray for health. For myself to recover fully from cancer. For my spouse to recover from painful arthritis. For my children to remain close to the lord. For our unborn granddaughter to be healthy.

    ~ Ramona
  • FOR my daughter, son in law and my beautiful 3 Grandchildren.
    For the loss of my dearest friend Stephen.
    For my blessings I have recently received when I almost gave up.
    And to God who opened that window when I needed it most.
    Thank you JESUS

    ~ Ellis
  • My son Scott and daughter Shayne for a spiritual life

    ~ Carol
  • For my husband who is now in hospice and desperately in need of God’s healing power, pray that he wakes up and be responsive. Please pray that he will be completely healed in mind and body. God is mighty and merciful, He can do anything if He wills it.

    ~ EDITH
  • Most of all Dear Lord, I pray for our nation! I’m a very recent widow and I’m lost Lord. I’m not lost in faith, but in emotions. My life has been turned upside down. I try to keep in mind his suffering and that I’m blessed to still be here. Please come to me and guide me! Please pray for my husband and keep him safe and close to you!


    ~ Lori
  • For my husband, Reynaldo, who is now in hospice and desperately in need of God’s healing power, pray that he wakes up and be responsive. Please pray that he will be completely healed in mind and body. God is mighty and merciful, He can do anything if He wills it.

    ~ EDITH
  • Please pray that my daughter Natalie graduates from college at Concordia University in Irvine, CA, and that she passes all of her courses this semester. Please pray that the school will reopen in the Fall time, and that this pandemic passes. Please pray for her to continue to pass her courses; she has disability issues and Concordia University has been very good to her.

    Lisa Hervatin her mother

    ~ Lisa
  • Please pray that my daughter Natalie graduates from college at Concordia University in Irvine, CA, and that she passes all of her courses this semester. Please pray that the school will reopen in the Fall time, and that this pandemic passes. Please pray for her to continue to pass her courses; she has disability issues and Concordia University has been very good to her.

    Lisa Hervatin her mother

    ~ Lisa
  • For Arthur C Johnson for his Birthday today

    ~ Bertha
  • Please pray that Father Boyd,
    Bruce Brown, Norine Leeper, Dick Reed, and Irma’s son, may be healed of cancer. My husband, my children and Jake, and all our family and friends and those I’ve sought to help and myself, may we be healed in all the ways we may need healing and may we have God’s grace upon us.
    I pray for world peace, and may our world be healthy and safe.
    I pray that all people will trust and believe in God and Jesus.
    Amen ????
    Thank you!

    ~ Sunny
  • Please pray that Estella Chavira’s soul go in peace with Jesus, our father, in heaven! She recently passed away this Easter! May she know how terribly sorry we feel that we could not be there with her in the end! May she rest in eternal peace!

    ~ Edward
  • Please prayer for myself my husband and our two kids, I ask for Healing for my son’s body and bone marrow..I ask that the two genetic diseases that myself and my husband carry be destroyed in Jesus name so we can have more kids.. I ask for the removal of very wicked neighbors who the devil is using against us trying to ruin our lifes destroy his plans and remove these evil neighbors in Jesus name amen

    ~ Mgt
  • Having difficulties getting my job done on time and correctly. Not motivated to work on it right now because I am so behind. God please help me get motivated to do my job, get it all done on time and to do it right. I think I am going to get fired. I am 63 years old. Too hard to find other employment. Have no savings to retire. Need to work for at least 10 more years. God help me. Please, please please help me. Amen

    ~ Richard
  • Heavenly Father, we glorify and thank You for Your great mercy and love for us. I am so sorry for the things I have done that have hurt you. I am sorry for not thinking things thoroughly and have allowed myself to do wrong. I continue to lift up to You my family, Aloy, and his family also for their good health and safety. May You send us Your Holy Spirit to be our guide and healer. Be our protection against temptations at all times. Please keep us strong in faith and in love for You. AMEN.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Lord Jesus please grant me hope, peace in the mist of this pandemic. Lord I am discourage. protect all my family . and me. from this disease, and grant me encouragement. specially touch daughter Nyree, has the virus. In Jesus name Amen.

    ~ Glo
  • Please pray our house at 300 sells soon so we are able to move on confidently and without the additional burden.

    ~ L

    ~ PRAYER
  • Please pray for my husband Tim, who has pancreatic cancer, that he successfully completes chemo treatments, surgery and complete success, healing, recovery and cure.
    May the good Lord bless us both and keep us strong and positive through this process.

    ~ Marilyn
  • Please pray for me and my daughter Rebecca. Please help me win my child custody case so I can help my daughter get back to school and build a positive future for her.

    ~ Cindy
  • My son pain he endure’s and his anxiety at this time my daughter in law who is a nurse beside being tired she is getting mentally drained and my four grandchildren to stay safe and healthy
    And for everyone’s peace of mind and health during this terrible time in our lives

    ~ Dolores
  • For my son and daughter in law to conceive and deliver a healthy baby, especially after the devastating loss of their infant daughter this past Christmas. For the health of our country, for the courage, fortitude, & Strength of our President, to rid our country of this pandemic, for my company to recover & remain prosperous, for the health and well-being of all of my family and loved ones, Amen. Thank you Lord God

    ~ Linda
  • Please reunite me with my son.
    Please heal this world ????
    Please heal me spiritually, physically and emotionally
    I pray all of this in Jesus’ name.
    Amen ????????

    ~ Wendy
  • My parents have cancer and my mom has Bell’s palsy, I’d like her/ them to be cured and healed of both afflictions

    ~ Anonymous
  • Prayers for me and my husband. Also all my brother’s family. I pray for all the doctors,nurses and first responders.

    ~ Josie
  • My prayer intention is for my daughter Lucy who is do to give Birth on May 5 of this year and she has a 19 month old child she is worried about leaving her baby and she is worried about getting the Covid 19 Virus and giving it to her unborn child. I also would like prayers for my 91 year old mother in Law Marie who is in an assisted living facility. Please pray she doesn’t get sick. We cannot visit her.
    Thank you

    ~ Lucille
  • For my mother (Sylvia Walker) who has Congestive Heart failure, COPD, and stage 3-4 kidney disease. She is fighting very hard and wants to live. May God give her strength to continue on.
    And to my friends Tom & Gloria Bush who have had many medical issues over the last few years but have recently been blessed w/ Tom receiving a kidney transplant. Please give Gloria the strength to continue to assist him during this transition period while she is dealing with her own medical issues.

    ~ Sheila
  • We pray for Maria’s hands, back and knees to be healed, Joe’s kidney’s, back and knees be healed, our finances to be healed and for the COVID19 to be gone in Jesus name we ask Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • For the health and safety of all my family. And prayers that God will stop this worldwide coronavirus.

    ~ Irene
  • For Pope Francis’s intentions. For Annemarie Keck. Jeannie and Paul Masty. Marlene, John, Joshua, Melody, Tingting, Matthew, and Erika Jacobson. Terrence, Molly, Henry, Jeannie, Sandra, Henry Leo, and Cecilia Mekoski. The Puckett family. The Hakim family. The Young family. For the end of the pandemic and eternal salvation for those who the Lord has called to himself. For an end to abortion. For more vocations. For all those who are addicted. Peace in the Middle East. For USA and Israel. No war.

    ~ Anthony
  • In the name of Jesus Christ, pray that my endowments through the spirit can employ itself for a living. Like make money off one’s gift at doing music, art, etc. There are things I’m not ready for yet, but I’m taking each step daily trying to get it worthwhile in time and money earnings. It will be my turn over in my life soon I hope, so I don’t want to be lazy through it, to see some works done to sell. I wish for Christ to help me see, learn, and be unafraid of it.

    ~ Apollo
  • Pray God leads me to the woman I will marry.Pray God makes this marriage for me happen this year in Jesus name.Pray this woman my help mate accepts and marries me this year. .Pray my mom sees me married and happy with my soul mate.

    ~ James
  • Iam from India????????
    Those who are working for covid19 doctors, nurses, wordboys, sweepers, helpers, and many people many ways
    Plz pray

    ~ Ananda
  • End to the pandemic and good health for family and friends. Thanks for prayers answered.

    ~ Helen
  • For my daughter to make a full recovery from Coronavirus, and that the rest of my family not contract it.

    ~ Rita
  • Please pray for my grandson who is in the Autism Spectrum and all others like him. Thank you

    ~ Marie
  • Dear lord..pls help me in my current relationship situation. Pls touch the heart of my nikhil and fill it with so much of love and care for me . Lord bless us so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way.pls remove all negativity and misunderstanding between us.heal the division between us god. We are sorry for our sins pls forgive us. Put us in each other’s heart and mind.pls stop him to block me from everywhere.pls make us one again. Amen

    ~ Amanjeet
  • Please pray for my husband donald byety who had a heart attack this morning and is on a ventilator in critical condition please pray for him to recover.

    ~ Ann
  • Please Lord Jesus, help us to fight this Coronavirus. Help my family to go through this Pandemic, help everyone to stay positive and strong. Please help my friend Karen’s brother to get well as he is now in a coma because of covid19. Please help my friend Alex’s sister (Molly Anne) who is suffering from colon cancer. Please help me to miraculously remove the tumor in my thymus gland. Last but not the least, please help us to sell our house with good buyers and no hassle. Thank you Lord Jesus!

    ~ luzmarie
  • I thank God for saving my daughter yesterday who was rushed to the hospital in AU for surgery for appendectomy! I also ask God with a heavy heart to restore relationship with my son, John. He is an alcoholic and was in jail this year for 90 days. Since then he refuses to talk to me. My boyfriend of 5 years also refuses to talk to me when I told him what he did on Valentine’s day hurt me very much. I ask God for his peace and joy and help me restore relationships and help me through this time

    ~ Pat
  • Hello, I was wondering if I could pray for myself . I need so much reassurance and have some religious o.c.d. I often need so much reassurance that I haven’t sinned , and wonder if I have sinned ( a lot) . Thank you and bless you. I know I am a sinner ….amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for Jason amar to love me and marry me. Hes everything I ever wanted God.

    ~ Kari
  • This is a pretty specific prayer, I had to leave my current job for personal reasons and I left an expensive piece of equipment that I own at the facility. I am trying to have it returned to me as I don’t have the funds to purchase it again. Please God watch over me and let the Holy Spirit guide me or anyone else so that I may have it returned to me. There are going to be a lot of roadblocks to getting it back and so please show mercy and grace and guide me in the right direction.

    ~ Lisa
  • Please pray for all nurses and healthcare frontliners fighting COVID-19 worldwide.
    Please pray for an end to the Pandemic.
    Please pray for my acceptance into the 2020 LVN-RN program at Mission College so that I may complete my RN requirements and will be better able to serve others in my vocation of nursing.

    Thank you.

    ~ Misty Blue
  • I pray for the bonds between my daughter and Evan manifest.

    ~ Madeline
  • Lord Jesus, please surround your light and protection around my family especially Vivienne, and Raymond, Nicole, Andres and Alessandro, my family and dear friends my community and our world. Keep us safe from harm and from disease. Let us heal and come together in peace. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen

    ~ Mariana
  • Please help my very bad back problem. It is a permanent condition that surgery won’t help. And due to my age they won’t even consider it. (83). I can’t walk without a walker now and a wheel chair has become my friend. My family helps as much as they can, but my primary help is my 86 yr old husband who also has physical problems. We watch your Mass every Sunday and are so grateful to have it. We are monthly donors as well. God Bless all you do.

    ~ Dindy
  • Please dear Lord protect our front line people. They are giving so much. So are their families.We need to get Protect my family and my friends. Please end this virus and bring your people peace and togetherness. We need to get on with our lives. We need to get back to you and your love.

    ~ Jan
  • For the soul and repose of our beloved daughter Claire Nelson Blas who passed from this earth 16 March, 2020.

    ~ James
  • Greetings!
    Two Visa agents in Nigeria collected huge amount of money for Visa but disappointed me. They wasted my time and shattered my hope and delivered disappointment at the end. Mr Nwabunwanne has long relocated to Germany with his family and doesn’t reply my message and the other agent in Nigeria has continued in the line of flimsy excuses. I don’t know who to run to other than God. Please help me beg God to pardon my sins and restore all my wasted years.

    ~ Uchenna
  • dear Jesus, please bless the Filipino American community of San Diego, California. in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

    ~ Joni
  • Please pray for my 91 year old Uncle to to be cured of the Coronavirus.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Im a complete spinal cord patiend . I suffer from central neuropathic pain. My rectum legs and feet burn at an unbearable intdnsity. I cry all day. I need Jesus healing hands. Doctors have nothing for me. Please pray for me.

    ~ visnu
  • Dear Lord please keep Sandy and Bruce Halverson under your wing. Sandy has surgery for cancer coming up next month and it looks catastrophic to me. Stage 2 but so many. I know they said no one could get Rods at stage four and here he is 13 years later happy as a clam. Please do this for Sandy for your glory Lord. Bruce needs care because of dementia. He is totally in need of your loving kindness. We lost Julie on Good Friday. Thank you for sending her to my room say goodbye to me. I love you.

    ~ Linda Ann
  • For the full healing of her in the name of Jesus Christ. That the lesion on the liver cannot be cancerous. That she can be fully restored to life, fully healed of cancer to be never plagued by it again. In Jesus’s name. For Jesus praise for Jesus honor for Jesus glory. Let the lesion on the liver not be cancerous whatsoever. Jesus I trust in you!

    ~ Anonymous
  • That we will be able to feel the Holy Spirit and be comforted in letting go of any ideas that we are in control and trusting that God has bigger plans than we can ever imagine.

    ~ Anonymous
  • O Lord I pray for my good friend:
    Chiara Colonna
    born 10 february 1986 in Frascati Italy
    died 22/23 march 2020 in Noordwijk The Netherlands
    founded death 26 march 2020 at her house Herenweg 2 in Noordwijk.
    We don’t know exactly what happened to her. But we think she suicide. O Lord forgive her. She was not herself. She was so depressive. O Lord forgive her all her sins she made here in earth and let her in to Your Kingdom. O Lord have mercy of her soul. O Lord that she will rest in peace.

    ~ Dody
  • For God to guide and direct our researchers to the cure for Covid19 and all other diseases as well. For all our leaders to make the best choices going forward for the higher good for us all. Reveal to them, Dear Lord, the answers we so desperately need.

    ~ Stephanie
  • Please pray for my daughter Shannon Hendricks she has Clovis she needs a miracle God bless you Rose

    ~ Rose
  • Please let me get my unemployment pay and stimulus so I can pay our bills and save our house and buy food.

    ~ kathleen
  • Devin Mitchell has cancer he’s in his twenties please pray for him ????

    ~ s
  • Please pray for a healthy stress -free pregnancy, healthy delivery, and healthy baby for John and Emina and for their family in general and a healthy adjustment to the new baby.

    ~ Nancy
  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit infuse Madeline, Graham, Amelie and Spencer with a self-motivating burning desire to read and learn as much as possible in an efficient and wise manner. May they be determined and dedicated in their learning endeavors and strive to always do their best, while keeping a balance within their life. May their hearts be driven to learn about the catholic faith and be infused with a strong desire for the Eucharist and union with Christ.

    ~ Nancy
  • To be loved. Family peace and reconciliation

    ~ C
  • For me, I have been bipolar since about 11 years of age. Now I am much older. Recently I wanted to take my life and was in the hospital. I have a good doctor but I need to tell her that the meds aren’t working, and I need to lose weight. I need a miracle. I have eating disorder thoughts and was treated for bulimia. It was a great med that was life changing and controlled my obsession with thinness and food. I can’t take the med. anymore. It possibly gave me kidney stones. Please
    help me. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I would like to ask for prayers for myself and my husband. We are going through a hard time and I know the only one who can help us through it is God. Thanks in advance.

    ~ Leigh
  • Prayer for my son and I . May God continue to keep us safe of corona and other diseases and may we find some peace and happiness some place we can call home . May we also receive a financial miracle . Amen

    ~ paige
  • Pray for return of Judaeo-Christian principles to our government and especially courts and Law and the courage and comprehension to support Christian principle in our Catholic Church….and other churches. Holy Spirit please help enlighten our leadership and those abusing power and protect and enlighten us all to stand for Christ and truth.

    ~ RoseAnn
  • Please pray for my brother, David, who is having quintruple bypass surgery today. Please pray that Jesus will keep him strong during the surgery and in the days ahead during his recovery.

    ~ Cecelia
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we are safe and protected while we’re driving our truck for work on the roads in Florida. Please pray our truck runs good and strong while we’re driving it for work on the roads in Florida. Please pray we remain healthy during the Corona pandemic. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Please pray for my daughter Violette and her husband Matt they are arguing badly, about a girl he talks to at work. He has cheated before, and my daughter believes he’s cheating again. Thank you,

    ~ Veronica
  • For the conversion of
    Patricia Escalona Rodríguez, Francisco Ochoa,
    Leduan Díaz Oliver,
    Emily Cruz Cortés,
    Míriam Oliver Hernández,
    Solveig Estrada Oliver,
    Carmen Teresa Delgado,
    Evaleen Quiñones,
    Barbarita María Herrera.

    ~ Daysi
  • I had a nightmare last night that I was stuck in a maze and an attorney was telling me that I’d only ever get to be a mom to a doll never a real child and I couldn’t get out of this maze and I don’t understand why I also dreamed my cousin and mom was bullying me please help me lord I am a mom to three children and I try really hard to be the best possible mother to them.

    ~ Tiffanie
  • Special Intention for Andrew Sendek for gainful employment in his field of study.

    ~ Leonard
  • I pray that my son and daughter in law have another child soon… they lost their first child this past Christmas just one day after she was born. Heal their broken hearts after the devastating loss of their infant daughter this past Christmas and let them become a family soon by giving them a healthy baby to raise in your name dear Lord Jesus …thank you , Amen

    ~ Linda
  • Please pray for my disease with colon and rectum and other diseases that I have.Restore me to good health.Right now I’m very sick Lady.Amen!

    ~ Mary
  • For my mom, Elena Serquina, that she will be able to wake up on her own from having a stroke and that she will be able to recover successfully. Also for my aunt, Lisa Balcita, that her health improves. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

    ~ Diana
  • please, please pray of the healing and reconciliation of mike and me (louise) as a couple, that The Lord grant mike the graces to open his heart and mind and have the strength and courage to embrace, be fulfilled by all the love and good in our relationship. to not allow our political differences anymore to define our relationship, but focus on the goodness, kindness. love and faithfulness that is there, what really matters in a relationship and work through our differences together, Amen

    ~ louise
  • Prayers for my daughter that our Lord Jesus Christ will give her the strength on these last couple of weeks to be able to do well and pass her courses so she may continue with her program. May he open her mind so she can understand the material presented to her.

    ~ Pat
  • For the success of the matrimony of Ana Rios and Robert W. Hill,Jr. May their commitment be very soon and eternal.

    ~ Cleotilde
  • For the intentions of the Holy Father. For Joshua Jacobson he has lung pain. For the Jacobson and Mekoski family. For an end to abortion. For a swift end to Coronavirus. For the salvation of souls and conversion of sinners. For devotion to Mary, St. Joseph, and Divine Mercy. For the holy souls in purgatory. For President Trump and Netanyahu. For the US and Israel. For a swift end to the Israel-Palestine conflict. That S. Casey, F. Sheen, McGivney, Mother Angelica, Clare Crockett will be saints.

    ~ Anthony
  • For my family and friends and the whole world, may the Corona virus become a bad memory soon.

    ~ Marilyn -Kay
  • For hope to light the world.

    ~ Anonymous
  • May the Souls of the Faithfully Departed Rest in Peace on this Holiest Day.
    David Amend Kitz
    Jeffrey David Kitz

    ~ Jeffrey
  • For mankind to understand that you can’t call on theLord only when you think your Life could be taken away,the Lord will NEVER leave his Job,he is always with us,please let help me to keep myself heart full of his Loving Joy,as well as all of mankind who will please make time to show him the ❤️ that he has always given us all,as well as your????self,God bless.

    ~ Michael
  • Please keep all my relatives and friends save healthy happy and disease free.Please watch over all my fur babies Smooches Gemma Lilly Griffin And all the fur babies in the world, keep them healthy And safe.Please help anyone that needs prayers right now.Please watch over me And keep me safe healthy happy and disease free.Amen And please Control this a virus and make it go away amen.And prayers to all my friends and relatives and happy Easter to all of them in heaven.Amen I love you Jesus.

    ~ Julianne
  • For the inmates of Sussex 1 State Prison, Waverly, Virginia and inmates across the country.l

    ~ Reta
  • Lord, our Bishop seems a bit pro-immigration. How can a good person believe that a country should deal with immigrants when it cannot even deal with its own citizens. Lord, I really hope I missunderstood the Bishop. Lord, have mercy!!!

    ~ Henrik
  • We are asking for prayers because Nick had a stroke and is in serious condition. Thank you.

    ~ Nick
  • My new sister in law Katrina has hurt me and other people close to her very deeply constantly to the point where she has caused her father’s death. She has brought turmoil and annoyance to my immediate family members, especially my brother who is now married to her. She uses other people for personal gain and would not hesitate to ask for financial assistance. She has lied in the past only to get her way. She recently had a daughter and is using her to get her way with things.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Happy Easter to my Mom, Gram, Dad, Denise, Beau, Misty, Scooter and all of my family and friends. You’re loved and missed every single day! ????????????????❤️

    ~ LaRae
  • Holy, peaceful passing someday for Todd. Find a way to keep Todd at home with his health issues. Keep Todd and Marilyn strong. Thank you!

    ~ Todd
  • For my son and daughter in law to conceive and deliver a healthy baby. For my baby granddaughter she is in Heaven after losing her this past Christmas. For the recovery & prosperity of my company & my sons w
    Hen this virus is done. For family & friends to stay well & healthy . For the courage & safety of our president. For the virus to run its course soon. Happy Easter, thank you Jesus, in God’s name I ask these things of You. Amen

    ~ Linda
  • Please pray for all those in long term care communities including residents and staff, that they may be vigilant, healthy, and safe during this challenging and critical time.

    ~ Meridith
  • Please pray for my son mental health. He has struggled with mental health issue for about 14 years. Please pray for all who suffer from mental illness, their families and those who treat them.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my daughter give her direction give her faith she’s lost in this world. I pray for her safety Praise be to God.

    ~ Rina
  • Prayers for people involved in what I hope is just a train accident in Stockholm, Sweden. Lots of police cars, ambulances and fire engines. Seems supwr serious and more than just an accident. Amen!

    ~ Henrik
  • Please pray for my brother, David. He had a mild heart attack last week, has multiple blockages and is scheduled to have quadruple bypass surgery later this week. Please pray Jesus will be with him to keep him strong, to help him not to be afraid and to help him to have faith. Please also pray for my mother, Anna, who is almost 89, and has not been told yet about my brother’s condition. Please pray that Jesus will also help her to stay strong, to not be afraid and to have faith.

    ~ Cecelia
  • Please pray for my son and his girlfriend they are going through a difficult time at the moment, my heart hurts to see him hurt ???? also please pray for my daughter who has been exposed to cov19 at work! For our nation and leaders, our families and friends, thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers and thank you for our blessing in Jesus precious name amen ????

    ~ Irma
  • For our family, that we came make it thru. For everything that we have given, may it not be in vain. That you will shine down upon us with your guiding light, so as we may know which direction to go. You Lord will lead, and we shall follow. Bless us thru Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

    ~ L
  • For forgiveness from every sin. During this pandemic I am thinking’s about when Aids came out as a disease. Please lord Jesus forgive me for anything bad I ever said about aids and the people who may ( or have ) this terrible virus. I want it to be cured. No one deserves this no what they have done. If I have joked about it in the past, and perhaps I have joked about the behavior of people, ( I can’t remember) , please lord Jesus forgive me. I am so sorry. I love you Jesus and I do love people.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Continued Healing of foot and legs, and healing my dog.

    ~ Eelaine
  • I pray for all of the souls that have gone before us especially my beautiful parents. Ipray for world peace and health, bless all battling illness, and all involved to assist them. Bless all interceding with this horrific virus to be blessed with health and strength. God keep us safe, keep us strong and keep us healthy. Put an end to this suffering, in Jesus name. Amen

    ~ Deborah
  • I’m sorry, father, I’m really sorry, please forgive me and forgive us all your children, deliver us from evil, protect my sons David and Denis my husband Alejandro, please clean the planet from that virus Covid 19, my husband is coughing please, and I’m worry, I love my family, I want him to be fine he is a very good man ????????????, I love you I know you love us, too, thank you for your love ❤️
    And please give us your blessings to all of us your children
    Thank you, in Jesus name amen

    ~ Dinorah
  • Dear God, forgive those that continue to be greedy in times of trouble, forgive them for they know not what they do. Let us know how to live our lives without calling each other names…or forgetting to care about the greater good of all. Keep the faithful safe and forgive all others. Lead ALL souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy. AMEN

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my in laws David and Dorothy. David tested positive for Covid-19 and is on a ventilator. Dorothy is nervously waiting for her results and overwhelmed with fear for her husband and her own health.

    ~ Kristopher
  • – For the healing of Camille from clinical depression and anxiety so she can live a normal, happy, peaceful and fruitful life with her husband and child.
    – For the protection from the COVID-19 virus of Camille, Aaron, Isabella, myself, Pablo & family, Dario & family, Lee & family, Nini & family, Joe & family, Remy & family, Charito & family, Amy & family, Sarah & family, Aleni & family, Betsy & family, Joanne, Tucky & family
    – May Isabella grow up to be healthy, happy and wonderful lady

    ~ Jasmin
  • Hello. I had surgery May 22nd of 2019 for weight loss. I had battled being overweight my whole life.

    I lost 200 lbs since then. However with all other aspects of my life improving I now am saddled with crippling back pain for no explainable reason. I’ve spent the last 2 months paying for chiropractors and medical drs and nothing is helping.

    I have 2 young children and I need Christ’s help to heal me. Please pray for me.

    Thank you so much!

    ~ Chad
  • Can I ask you to please pray for my family in Arizona. Specifically, my stepsister, Hilda, her husband, David & my stepbrother, Gustavo, all have the Corona Virus. The worst one of the 3 is David. He is no longer responding to treatment and all of the family has been informed that he may not pull through. My Stepmom is devastated but I have faith that they all will be okay, no matter what God has planned for them. I appreciate you!

    ~ SUSAN
  • Please pray for my daughter Violette and her husband Matt they are arguing badly, about a girl he talks to at work. He has cheated before, and my daughter believes he’s cheating again. Thank you,

    ~ Veronica
  • I would like to ask Jesus please if it is possible that Bradley and I get engaged and fall in love, I would like to live a great love story with him because I love him with all my heart. I have never known love for a man in my life now that I have fallen in love with Bradley, I would like him to feel what I feel. Help me praying for us is our love story. that the Lord according to his will will help us love each other eternally in the name of love Thank you very much

    ~ Flavia
  • For God to guide and direct our researchers to the cure for Covid19 and all other diseases as well. For all our leaders to make the best choices going forward for the higher good for us all. Reveal to them, Dear Lord, the answers we so desperately need.

    ~ Stephanie
  • For the safety and continued good health of my brother Glenn “Ambee” Ambubuyog, who is a nurse in Michigan, and his wife Dulce Amor (also a nurse there), and daughter Diana Joy. For the healing of all COVID-19 patients in the world, especially in the US and the Philippines. For the repose of the soul of my father, Gemme Ambubuyog, as well as those who passed away because of COVID-19.

    ~ Roselle
  • For me to win my Federal Court motion, prove my innocence and be exonerated.

    ~ Lorene
  • Please ???? pray for our heath with the coronavirus that me and children and husband victor victor jr patricia david Billy laura michael cheryl and all my grandchildren and great grandchildren in jesus name amen

    ~ Cheryl
  • For the repose of the soul of my cousin, Greg who died of COVID 19. And for two cousins, Mikel and Marsha to continue their recovery and be completely healed of COVID 19.

    ~ Teresa
  • heavenly father please heal our people and land from all this sickness not only for my family but for people all over the world I ask that you please show some prayer to my son that he will learn to live this life and do well please stay in my heart and mind and lend me always to do the right and just things one god foe ever and ever amen

    ~ Norma
  • Please pray for my brother-in-law Mike who is battling Covid -19 at West Allis Memorial.

    ~ Mark
  • That all weather the storm of the coronavirus and come through even stronger then before in their faith!! For God heals all!!

    ~ James
  • Dear Lord, Thank You for getting me through this morning. I thought I was going to die. It still hurts, but I know why. Thank You for all Your Many Blessings, especially on this EASTER Sunday! I love You Lord. Please help us through whatever is coming. Me, mom and Rusty. I know You won’t ignore all our prayers. Please protect, forgive, love and heal us. Jackie … help Jackie please. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

    ~ Gail M
  • Almighty Lord in heaven and to all the heavenly beings from above and to all the angels, please heal my father Marcos Edquiban, He has coronavirus and is in the hospital. Please destroy all viruses inside him and protect him from any all viruses. Please help him to breath better. I ask specifically to remove all the viruses within his lungs and his blood and kidneys. Please cleanse his blood of any viruses now. Protect his body from any and all bloodclots now and forever. have mercy on him. Amen

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray for my wife, Peggy, to try to stop smoking. Please pray for my daughter and my son-in-law who live in Columbus, Georgia. Her name is Amanda and his name is Richard. He is a doctor. Please pray that he stays safe!
    Thank you and God bless!’

    Bob Bachecki

    ~ Bob

    ~ Susan
  • for my sister who just had surgery to heal her body. and for my beloved MoM who we lost laster year 12/27/19 may she rest in peace. And to all my Family to keep everyone safe. My god daughter who lives in new York bless her and her partner get them well from this aweful virus. lord we Pray

    ~ patricia
  • Urgent prayer request for my son. He is in the military. He is in an extremely dangerous and difficult situation. Please pray for protection and that God will help him through this, and help him to do well in this situation. He is very depressed and discouraged, and is REALLY struggling. He is also waiting on his commanders do some paperwork that will help him get into a service academy. Please pray they will do this quickly and not drag their feet, so that it gets done in time.

    ~ Amy
  • God Thank you for filling my heart with love , happiness and light. for bring jennifer in my life and letting her see how much she is loved and in love with me. That I have always encouraged her and walked through goals she thought she could not do. We walked with love and understanding. She was with me through some of the most difficult times in my life too. Thank you for bring her to me with open arms and love that she is ready to give and receive love…. I love you with all my heart

    ~ john
  • Please pray for Dan Pohlkamp who is having heart problems. Also, please pray for his family. Thanks.

    ~ Julie
  • Can you please pry for my friend Buddy that he Recovers from his Stroke That He Had its bad he is in the hospital In ICU right now

    ~ Ricky
  • Thank you for the blessed Easter Mass online on Easter April 12, 2020 Bishop Jerome Lesticki. Christ has risen !! Alleluia !! Alleluia !! The biggest prayer I want is for God to end this Corona virus pandemic so everyone can go back to their normal lives again. Pray for the ones afflicted by the virus and may they be restored to good health again. Pray for those who have died from this virus and may they rest in peace.
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Pray for the ending of this Corona virus soon and for all the health care workers who are putting their lives at risk during this time. Pray that the virus will stay away from me, my family and everyone else in the United States and in other countries.
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • For all the nurses, doctors, emts, truck drivers, and all who are still working. I pray that they are all safe. For my grandson who has been exposed to COVID-19. That the horrible virus passes him by. In God’s name. Not my will, but God’s.

    ~ Sandra
  • Need prayers for our new born who is a premature and currently in the NICU being underweight. Please pray:
    1) That aaron gains weight soon and can come home to be with his parents.
    2) Pray that we have the financial resources to defray hospital expenses for our lil boy.
    3) Also the medication we buy every day based on the prescriptions given by the doctors may be used on Aaron and not misused since it’s a hard on our pockets.
    Thank You.

    ~ Elaine
  • Please Pray for My Daughter who suffers from severe Mental illness Please Pray that all her Anxiety issues and depression will be healed by Our Beloved Jesus Christ.I Also want to Pray For my Family Friends And Loved Ones throughout this a Devastating Pandemic And ALL Those Who Have Died and Fell Victims Of This Plague,that Our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ Comfort And Help Heal Those That has Lost A loved One during this Tragic And Trying Time I Pray For World Peace

    ~ Maureen
  • Please pray for my brother-in-law Mike who is fighting Covid -19. He’s struggling with this virus and his condition is guarded. Prognosis is not positive.

    ~ Mark
  • I’m thankful that I have a job. I’m praying that I can continue to receive steady employment without any interruptions or layoffs during this pandemic. I’m praying for those have lost their jobs and I’m praying who has a job can keep their jobs and I’m praying for those have been affected. Thank you and God Bless.

    ~ Robert
  • Could you please pray for my fiance Bruce Phillips. He isn’t feeling well. I’m asking if you could please pray for him that he will feel better asap. Please. In Jesus’s name I pray. Thank you so very much. God Bless.

    ~ Debra
  • For all the Healthcare providers, may they safely care for the sick and never loose faith in that they have made the right choice. God will take care of his children that provide comfort and care for his people.

    ~ John
  • God please deliver us from the scourge of the virus. For repentance and revival in our land. Deliver us from famine and civil unrest. Bring peace in our hearts. Lord allow our churches to reopen.

    For personal protection, for wisdom, for protection from the spirit of violence, control and deception. For financial provision. For continued health and for protection from all disease.

    ~ E
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray we sleep peacefully and restfully thruout the night. We barely slept last night. Please pray we remain healthy during the Corona pandemic. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith and Chris
  • Please pray for my friend in the hosp suffering greatly from covid and pneumonia. Thank you. God bless you all and keep you safe.

    ~ Heidi
  • Please pray for decease: Patty, Thom, deceased child, Joseph Jr.,return to health for Joseph Sr,Susan Balestrieri; children, grand & great grandchildren, Ruthie & Mike; Mike & Caril and Joanne, all our friends, CCW, Columbiettes, Knights, First responders. Please Lord remove this pandemic from our midst; return health to those suffering. Please continue watching over all who serve you by caring for the sick, honoring the dead, supplying food, delivering the mail and teachers everywhere.

    ~ Joseph and Susan
  • I pray for my mother Eileen for her health and well-being while in a nursing/rehab at this time with illness surrounding her that God our Father watches over her and protects her during this difficult time. I pray for my two children and husband to protect them with good health and spiritual guidance in Jesus name name. God bless us all.

    ~ Melissa
  • Please Dear Lord take this virus away.. Too many lives are being changed. Protect my friends and family. My daughter works in a grocery store checking out. I pray she stays healthy. Thank you for your many blessings.

    ~ Jan
  • Let all the choirs of angels protect President Trump from the evil press and politicians. Through the intercession of the Blessed Mother and St Joseph, allow the President to safely reopen the economy ASAP, without any opposition. Thy will be done

    ~ Gerard
  • Until this day I have been a victim of hate and bullying. People tend to take advantage of me. If it weren’t for my parents, I wouldn’t have anywhere to go. I am currently studying for the licensure exam to get a leg up on my career. This is currently my ticket to a stable employment, and a stable income. Right now my current landlord is taking advantage of me by making me pay the rest of my lease because they are having a hard time mitigating the damages of me leaving early.

    ~ Christina
  • Please pray I truly find myself, stop and deal with my anger from past issues and get healthy, plus take my medication I have been refusing to take for sleep and other matters. I need to settle down and stay out of trouble. Pray for the miracle that people finally know that I have severe autism and ADHD and that everything changes for me. I am too scared to let people know. Thank you.

    ~ Brenton
  • There is a lot of afflictions and misunderstanding between me and my wife. Her name is raja Kumari. I always keep loving her at the time of troubles and all times.but she keeps on rejecting me.she is not even speaking to me. If it was happened due to our sins god have mercy and grace upon us.forgive our sins.I am praying for our married life to be build in the word of God and make us stand as blessing to many others.pray for our relationship to be rebuild in love of christ

    ~ Raju
  • I have autism and my Mother verbally and physically abuses me. She does things such as bring biker boyfriends home secretly when Im ill in bed and makes me homeless. She is the worst Mother anyone could ask for. Who does this to an autistic child I wonder. I wish she would go to jail. Thanks.

    ~ Brenton
  • We pray for Maria: that her hands, back and knees are healed, for Joe: that his kidneys, back and knees are heeled in Jesus name we ask amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Dear Lord, Like everyone else I am asking for your help in ridding our world of this terrible virus quickly. We were all so complacent with all the blessings in our lives and we all took them for granted, some large, some small. Please forgive us for not recognizing all that you gave to us. We need your intervention desperately. Please help us, Lord. And please give comfort and healing to those afflicted.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for following Mark Kuznitz suffering from cancer. Helena Klein whom suffered a stroke.

    ~ Maryanne
  • Updated Prayer Requests:

    Easter for Mercy and Peace Now and in the Days ahead…2020,21.. Oh God we pray!
    Prayer for Mercy and Peace!

    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying with all of us during this dark time history.

    Just know we are praying with you daily.
    Please continue to pray with us daily Now and in the days ahead 2020,2021… for God’s Mercy,Healing and Protecting Peace in these dark times. We are all vulnerable. Especially Seniors,Children and People with Heal

    ~ Bill and Carol
  • From t
    I am a Catholic. I have some mental illness and I am asking for your prayers. I think God may be calling me to not eat meat , but I think it might be an obsession. I have a lot of guilt when I eat anything. I don’t want to be cruel to animals.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Fo my insecurities.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the homeless.

    ~ Julie
  • For me to quickly accomplish what I need to financially and save my Marriage and for my wife to find new faith in me and my ability to provide stability and for our children during this time.

    ~ Aaron
  • Please pray for my deceased Sister in law Kim. She passed away 5/31/2019 after a 10 year battle with cancer.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for my brother, David. He has to have quadruple bypass surgery next week and I am so worried about him.

    ~ Cecelia
  • I submitted a prayer request awhile ago and God answered it favorably and I want to thank you for your prayers. Right now I need to ask for prayer again for the wounds on my feet especially my right foot. You see, I have an auto-immune disorder that caused the wounds to appear. I go to the wound center once a week for treatment. There is a concern that I might have Osteomyelitis in my right foot. I am on oral antibiotic at home, but may need IV in the hospital. Please pray for healing.

    ~ Jaime
  • Prayers for Dan Pohlkamp who will be having surgery today.

    ~ Julie
  • Dear God I come to you to pray that…

    Hopefully this time my sadness, pain and hatred will gone,
    Hopefully this time will be much lighter,
    Hopefully this time I’ll be okay,
    Hopefully this time everything will be alright,
    Hopefully this time I’ll achieve my dream goals in life,
    Hopefully this time my life will have direction,
    Hopefully this time I can do the things that makes me happy,
    Hopefully this time I won’t be fail,
    Thank You

    ~ Jeffrey
  • Please pray for my husband Duane who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my children Kenny and Lauren who have left the church that they may return to the church.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the world as a whole that answers are found to stop it and all it’s tragedy. Love the daily prayers,for some reason open forms don’t grab as meaningful as in regular form. All in all Thank for them all

    ~ Visitor
  • Please pray for Diane Sewell and her family.

    ~ Julie
  • My son has ADHD and other learning issues; My son is studying in
    community college ; I feel he is struggling in his studies
    Kindly pray for that my son gets healed from ADHD by Lord Jesus
    also I pray that Lord Jesus helps my son with his studies and exams and make
    his college studies completed with the required degree; Asking prayers for my son to
    get a minimum grade of C or P+ grades for ENV,PSY and GEO subjects he has taken for Spring 2020

    ~ L
  • Please join me in prayer for Frank and Judy; both in their 80’s. Frank was taken to the hospital by ambulance after he started talking incoherently. Judy is unable to go to the hospital.
    Frank and Judy have been blessed with excellent health for their age AND excellent minds. Judy is a prayer captain for our parish prayer network.

    Please also pray for Jim’s special needs; as well as those of his family.

    ~ Debbie
  • I want to be blessed with all spiritual blessings. I want to live a godly life and prosper. I want deliverance from any and all addiction , fear, doubt, worry, unbelief. I want to hear God talk to me, and to be led by him In the paths of rightousness for his name’s sake. I want to be made right and whole .

    ~ Rachell
  • Dear Lord, we pray for my good friend’s Don’s mother Stella. Please protect her from cancer and help her overcome all illnesses. Please watch over her in her time of need and bless her with healing, courage, and strength during this difficult time. Allow her faith to overcome all negative energies in hopes of a full recovery. Amen.

    ~ Michael
  • To restore health to Hector who has Covid-19 and is very ill.
    To keep his family healthy and that no one that has come in contact with Him gets infected with the corona virus.
    For his daughters and family to stay hopeful and don’t loose faith that he will be OK.
    THANK YOU!!!

    ~ M
  • Dear Heavenly Father – Thank you for all you have given me and for all the answered prayers!
    Lord, I ask for good medical news for my daughter today! In Jesus name, Amen!

    ~ Sheri
  • Jesus, at least four buss drivers have died in Sweden due to Covid-19. Jesus, please let us know why they died and who are responsible for their deaths. Amen!

    ~ Henrik
  • I am Farhan Rashid. My dad is Rashid Masih from Rawalpindi Pakistan. He is 73 years old. Please pray for his bladder tumour and heart health that may God Lord Jesus Christ heal him instantly. I love my dad a lot ????.. Please all pray for him that he heals right this moment . Ameen.. ????????????

    ~ Anonymous
  • Sacred heart of jesus protect everybody in ireland and in america and all over whos suffering this awful covid 19.I pray that all our families ,our friends and those who we love very much get much help in our prayers and we get restored to good health, god please answer our prayers and get us back to good health thank you jesus

    ~ Kathleen
  • Sacred heart of jesus protect everybody in ireland and in america and all over whos suffering this awful covid 19.I pray that all our families ,our friends and those who we love very much get much help in our prayers and we get restored to good health, god please answer our prayers and get us back to good health thank you jesus

    ~ Kathleen
  • Healing for Brian from diabetes, cyst in his kidney, liver disease I pray healing for Brian from all ailments and that he will be released from the hospital soon and will be ok soon healing for Joseph antoinieta yeye Michelle Radhika myself all at home I pray my family and I won’t get this virus or any other diseases I pray Joseph antoinieta yeye will walk well soon I pray swelling on Joseph’s legs goes down soon I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live w

    ~ Anne
  • I need god to bless me I get approved for unemployment benefits money to come through and I need 30000 dollars to pay my bills and my rent and my credits cards off put this request in both boxes

    ~ Shereese
  • Dear God, None of our prayers were answered this time. Jackie is dying, we have a new owner/landlord, we will have new tenants and pedes, the Corona virus continues, my colon, stomach, bowels are bad, my throat is knife sharp.
    We’re so scared. Please help us .Please don’t turn us away. Please, Please help us. I BEG OF YOU IN JESUS’ NAME . Amen

    ~ Gail M
  • We were running a cab business, we have bought cars in debts, last year oct god has open a business. so we were saving money from january & recovering montage jewels, due to lockdown one month we couldn’t run cab in office. All were doing work from home.

    But within this period boss of the company felt that he could save lot of money from work from home. So he is discussing to cancel cab deal.if he did this it will become difficult for us to close our loans. Plz pray to god for showing a way

    ~ Anitha
  • Repose of the Soul of long-standing viewer & supporter, SUSAN M. KETELHUT.
    RIP – March 11, 2020

    ~ Jeff
  • Please pray for my son who had to have both legs amputated from sepsis. His hands are still not functioning. Pray that he will get feeling, function, and strength back in both hands so he does not have to have them amputated as well. Pray for his continuing healing. Amen

    ~ Debbie
  • Dear all thank u so much for ur prayers. I’m really grateful to you all. My partner’s family is against me as i belong to different caste. Due to some misunderstandings between me and my partner nikhil, his family wants him to leave me completely.They have so much doubts and fears due to my caste. God knows that i love them all.Pls pray for me so that they accept me happily as their daughter in law and allow us to get married. We don’t want to go against them and i love my partner very much.amen

    ~ Amanjeet
  • Pleasepray for Kyle for conversion, healing and deliverance from drug addiction. Also, he’s homeless and needs a place to live.

    ~ Karen
  • I pray for strenght as a single mother of 3.to keep positive n stay humble..I am truly lookn for a job to stay finacal ahead for my house hold..to stay faithful thought out this epidimic..amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Danny and Dana Salvation healing and deliverance from drugs homelessness poverty manic bipolar depression ptsd and suicide Also for them to go to rehab and AA. He suffers with anger issues and antisocial behavior she seems possessed at times. Thanks she just was released from prison

    ~ D
  • Pray for my family to be good family people and be safe and content

    ~ mike
  • I pray for the Lord to put the world through this pandemic and console those who had lost their loved ones to the Corona virus.
    I pray for the Lord Jesus Christ to continue to guide, bless and protect my family, Doc. Ikeatuegwu A.C and family, Mr. Ugwu D and family, loved ones, friends, village members and I myself, so that we may all succeed in the future and live to your expectation.
    I ask the lord to put me through my confusion about my profession so that I may succeed in all my endeavours.

    ~ Emmanuel
  • Please pray for my adult son Trey who does not work and is struggling to find himself. He has been in rehab, and i’m afraid has relapsed..Help me Jesus

    ~ Tom
  • Please pray for Joe who has inoperable throat cancer and is living by himself. Please pray that he can be treated in Boston soon. Thank you,

    ~ Mary
  • For my son and daughter in law to conceive and deliver a healthy baby to heal their broken hearts after the devastating their infant daughter this past Christmas. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.

    ~ Linda
  • Please keep my son safe as he is on the front lines!
    Thank you
    God bless

    ~ Christopher
  • Please pray for my husband Chris as he has Myasthenia Gravis and not feeling well.
    Thank you
    God Bless
    Annett Luongo

    ~ Chris
  • Max Baxter, 17 years old, on dialysis 3 times a week waiting on a kidney transplant with a positive attitude and strength.

    ~ Judy
  • Thank God for all the blessings bestowed on my family and for caregivers who are taking care of the sick in this unprecedented time of need. Please keep my family well and help them cope with all their stresses and anxieties. We pray to the Lord that there will be an end to this pandemic soon. We need to resume some normalcy in our lives but also need to slow down and smell the roses.
    In your name we ask this O Lord.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my father Arthur BRODBECK in heaven, that he may look down on us all and keep us safe during this COVID 19 crisis.

    ~ Denise
  • Good health and avoid Covid 19 for my family, friends, foes and myself.

    ~ Robert
  • Please pray for Coronavirus patients. Especially Xavier Flores.

    His wife, Evelyn and 2 children. He is in the hospital battling for his life.

    And pray for our Country; that we can come together in peace as we all face the challenges that COVID19 has brought upon our homes and lives.

    And thank you for your ministry,

    Rita Cadge

    ~ Rita
  • Keep Joaquin and his dad safe. Also Cecilia and her family and my sister Josie

    ~ Emma
  • Please pray for Daphnia’s birth and her mother who has started dilating and is at a 1 cm. Her baby is not due until 1st week of August and doctors have indicated the baby will in all likelihood die if born this early.
    Please pray that Daphnia stay in the “cooker” awhile longer until it is safe for her to be born. Both parents are young college graduates from a Christian college and have one younger child and both parents are social workers at a Children’s Hospital. My best friend contacted

    ~ Sandra
  • Please keep our judge in prayer that he see through all the manipulation of my ex husband. Soften the hearts of my children. Pray for their salvation. Pray for Jon’s salvation and May he look to our lord for answers and be truthful to those he has or may hurt in this process. May he feel our prayers and return home. I pray for our nation and all our leaders all our church leaders.
    By my authority I bind all of satans works in Jon, Daniel, Danny Ganny and Ryan’s lives in Jesus precious name

    ~ Diana
  • For all who suffer in poor mental and physical health, especially my sister Theresa.

    ~ Joanne
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • For Paul who is very ill from appendix removal surgery. He is a Christian missionary in the chezch republic. He is not catholic , but converted to Christianity after ( I believe) being around our family. ..praise Jesus. For his health.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I am thankful to God for all I have been given and for my faith. But I always need Him and prayers for so many struggles.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For God to guide and direct our researchers to the cure for Covid19 and all other diseases as well. For all our leaders to make the best choices going forward for the higher good for us all. Reveal to them, Dear Lord, the answers we so desperately need.

    ~ Stephanie
  • Dear Lord,

    Please help us find a place for my mom who is 75 yrs old (battling cancer) and needs a place that is free of covid19. My Brother got Covid19 from the hospital he works and we are fervently praying to be able to get my mom to find a place for her to live, since we live on another state we ask solution for her to be able to help her move to a safe and affordable place.

    ~ Josie
  • For all those who have lost jobs due to the current pandemic, especially my brother Allen and our niece Jill, please give them hope and peace to comfort them through their time of need. Give them strength Lord in your name we pray.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the Holy Fathers intentions. For the poor. For an end to abortion. For the holy souls in purgatory. For the: Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Home of the Mother, the Capuchins, Rosary confraternity, Blue Army, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Assoc. of the Miraculous Medal, EWTN, Marian Helpers, Light in the Darkness. For: John S., Ken R., Tom M., Andrew B. For the Jacobson and Mekoski family. For devotion to Mary and St. Joseph. That Solanus Casey & Fulton Sheen become saints.

    ~ Anthony
  • I pray for a cure and vaccine to the Corona virus. I pray all medical and front line people, paid or volunteers, be protected, remain healthy and are given every kind of support and strength needed. I pray all those who grieve the loss of family or friends be consoled by God, his saints and angels. I pray clergy and leaders of all governments are divinely inspired with Holy wisdom, compassion, intelligence and Christ’s peace to execute their Office for the betterment of humanity and our planet.

    ~ Ms. Moriah
  • For all those suffering, and their families. All those who are lying alone without last rites. Holy souls in purgatory. Conversions. All priests, all religious, all concentrated . Grace of a happy death. MY family and friends. Thanksgiving.

    ~ Kathleen
  • Prayer for my daughter Trina’s family to come back to catholic faith and baptize their son who is 7 years old

    ~ Oiga
  • Please pray for my 8 year old daughter, Isabela Magdalena Gonzales, who was diagnosed with leukemia a few days ago. Please pray for her healing.
    Thank you ???? thank you ????

    ~ Mark
  • My Jesus give strength to all those who have lost loved one and have suffered the aloneness they feel because they could not be with them at a most important time. Keep safe those who may be in danger of abuse, help them find a sheltering place. Please keep me and my family and friends safe during this awful time. Let us learn from this to keep kinder to one another and merciful to all. We are all in this together, there is no discrimination to this virus. God Bless us All!

    ~ Marie
  • For my daughter Marie Wenster who has lung cancer stage 4. Please say a prayer for her . Thank you.

    ~ Erlinda
  • Please pray for my sister Teri. She is a nurse who is covid19 +, In the ICU and on a ventilator. Please lift up my entire family in Your prayers.

    ~ Cyndi
  • I pray for all of the souls that have gone before us especially my beautiful parents. Ipray for world peace and health, bless all battling illness, and all involved to assist them. Bless all interceding with this horrific virus to be blessed with health and strength. God keep us safe, keep us strong and keep us healthy. Put an end to this suffering, in Jesus name. Amen

    ~ Deborah
  • Please pray that things work out between this person and myself. In my heart and after much prayer, I do believe we are meant to be together. Please pray that if it is God’s will, this is placed on his heart/mind too. I am somewhat doubtful things will work out since it has been so long but I still have hope as I feel hope in my heart after I pray. Please pray that if this is God’s will He will work things out in His time. God bless you all and be well.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Continue praying for my high blood pressure and lower back pain and leg pain from arthritis. Pray also to keep the Corona virus away from me and my daughter and son in law also my brother. Pray that there will be an end to this Corona virus soon and everyone can go about their normal day of living. May God Bless each one of you !!
    Delores J
    Henry, Twnnessee

    ~ Delores
  • That God protect Kate Malinowski and her unborn baby. Keep them healthy and safe, and let the miracle of a new baby be a blessing upon our family. Amen

    ~ Pam
  • For God to guide and direct our researchers to the cure for Covid19 and all other diseases as well. For all our leaders to make the best choices going forward for the higher good for us all. Reveal to them, Dear Lord, the answers we so desperately need.

    ~ Stephanie
  • Pray for my son, Jonathan, for his mental health. Please pray for my children, grandchildren and in-laws to return to Mass.

    ~ Julie
  • For my personal intentions. For my mother who is 82. Thank Jesus for her love and patience with me.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Jesus I don’t know if you want me to find help. I know there are things I could do, but would really like someone to help me with them. Also, thank you for the acts of service from my family and acquaintances. Please help me with my social anxiety.

    ~ Anonymous
    Thanks for your attention and help.
    Junior Acuna

    ~ Junior
  • Lord Jesus please continue to heal Nyree from the Coronavirus. take all the symtoms.and help her to feel better. Lord move on the other ladies that lives in this house to want to go to be tested and get the medicine they need. Lord don’t let this ladies continue to spread the virus around. make them responsible, encourage Nyree and grant her peace. In Jesus name Amen, Amen

    ~ Glo
  • For my mother, Estela Castillo, that her cancer in will go away and her body will be healed from all illnesses.
    For my dad, Nemesio Castillo, that his pre-diabetic condition will reside and his back and legs may be strong again.
    For my brother, Carlo Castillo, that his goals and dreams may be reached and his life may be blessed with success in all aspects of life.

    ~ Calvin
  • I ask the Lord and the Immaculate Mary to completely heal my entire central Nervous system from the damage it has, specially, the brain damage

    ~ Diego
  • I ask for prayers for our church,health,family. For the pandemic to end, those in power to do what’s right by humanity. My brother George Norris and his wife Shanetha, their marriage is failing. Thank You

    ~ Tanya
  • Please pray for Meredith and Chris. Please pray for the healing of Chris’ lower back. Please pray the pain from his lower back goes away. Please pray we sleep peacefully and restfully thruout the morning. It’s 4:00am and we’re still not asleep. Please pray we’re able to work this afternoon driving our truck on the roads in Florida. Please pray our truck runs good and strong. Please pray we remain safe and healthy during the Corona pandemic. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith & Chris
  • For our children’s and grandchildren’s return to the faith.

    ~ William & Constance
  • That Johnny, Mom and Dad are in Heaven together and praying for Dylan, Cali and I, so that we will one day all be together again, and so that I may meet the Lord

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for my marriage, our finances and our business please.

    ~ Sarah
  • I would like the Pray for the Rosary to be done for war peace and health to the world. This is something the holy Queen, mother of god asked to do years ago. We humans, have forgot and put aside. We should never forget what she ask us to do for peace.

    Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy out Life, our Sweetness, and our hope. To thee we cry, poor banished children of Eve. To thee we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in the vale of tears. Turn then most gracious advocate. O loving mother of God.

    ~ Alex
  • For a direct cousin in the Midwest, whose COVID-19 positive results came in while streaming the Heart of the Nation’s Palm Sunday Mass.

    ~ AH
  • For the good health and safety of all health care workers, especially my daughter Elena.

    ~ Beth
  • Please let a family member go quickly and painlessly to Heaven, so to not have to suffer any longer. Let her be reunited with our Heavenly Father soon. It is what is best for her.

    ~ G
  • For my daughter Marisabel Falcon, she is going thru some hard times right now.. Please I beg you to pray for her that her problems get resolve

    ~ Carloa
  • Please pray for my grandson, Alex.

    ~ Jacqueline
  • A prayer for healing and compassion of and for everyone, that we with absolute faith in Jesus will help one another not only in this time of need but for always.
    I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

    ~ John
  • For Dick Schubert who is battling cancer.

    For Andrea Urban who has coronavirus. Andrea, is a vibrant young lady from Montana who is currently working as a Activities Director for a Senior Home in CT.

    ~ Debbie
  • Heavenly Father, my daughter Catherine is distressed, mentally ill, angry, and
    last night attempted suicide. I know Lord Jesus Christ, you are aware of all of this and are in control. I’m calling out to you for guidance, love, grace, and mercy
    You are my savior Lord Jesus Christ, I believe in you and praise you for all you do. I feel weak my Lord, I reach out to you Lord to protect Catherine and ask of you Oh Lord Jesus Christ to guide her all the days of her life. Praise you Lord. Amen

    ~ Trish
  • Dear Father in Heaven, we are So Afraid. Please wipe out the Horrible Coronavirus! It’s killing & sickening so many people & animals. We’re Scared! Mom is so sad and depressed because she can only go to Jeri’s house. I’m worried about her, & she is almost 87. Dear Father, my throat pains me & my bowels & colon. We DON’T want the 3 to sell our building & we want KIM & Carmen to stay. No more worries..Please! No more sickness, sadness, dying, new tenants, bad neighbors , In Jesus’ Name! Amen

    ~ Gail M
  • For Pope Francis’s intentions. For wisdom and strength in this difficult time. For Mary undoer of knots to help me. For Terry Carl, Paul Janiszewski and all those involved in this situation. For father William McGivney’s intercession. For the Knights of Columbus. For Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. For Grand Knight Bruce Rinke. For KoC council #9526.

    ~ Anthony
  • Pray for good health in spirit mind and body for my family friends and in laws and for Frank Mann’s father and mother and for my wife’s Bell Palsy to heal. Pray for end to Corona virus and for all those placing their health on line helping others and trying to find a cure.

    ~ vinnie
  • Please pray that my beloved, Saint Gemma Galgani, visit me and console me in this time of great spiritual distress.

    ~ Kenneth
  • Please pray my husband returns to me and the kids permanently soon. Thank you, Greta

    ~ Gretchen
  • Healing of Cancer for my Nephew.
    Safety during this Pandemic for myself, family & friends. May God mercifully save people around the entire world-may the Devil cease!!!

    ~ Dinna
  • Please help to heal Dennis.
    Please intercede so that I can get work this month

  • That we find a cure to the the covid19, and the the medical nurses first responders police firefighters. Anyone who might have it a speedy recovery.

    For my family to stay well in these trying times we all have medical problems.

    Remember my dad during the Easter season.

    And my mother in law who is suffering from the effects of kemo treatments from her cancer prayer for he.

    ~ Janice
  • My dad Johan Tol has been diagnosed with the coronavirus and is fighting for his life in the Hospital. He has been unlucky his whole life from age 0, family financial issues, lost most brothers and sisters due to depression and alcoholism and illnesses. Finally broke the negative spiral at 18, then lost his best friend and his leg in a motor accident and was thrown in a life of setbacks, financial issues, depression emphysema later bloodcancer. Please guide him through this. Amen

    ~ Erik
  • I pray for the health and well being of my business partner, mentor and true friend,
    Martin Donald Line. Lord Hear Our Prayers!

    ~ Al
  • For the good health and safety of all health care workers, especially my daughter Elena.

    ~ Beth
  • For the safety and health of all our family members…
    For good jobs, income and savings for our sons…
    For Ken, Alicia and Hudson and new baby for good finances, a place to live, health insurance, good mental health and physical health and good jobs

    ~ Maureen
  • Please pray for my husband and my work petitions and that the pandemic ends in a couple of weeks

    ~ Shannon
  • Please pray for me to get a permanent job and permanent residence. To be independent and self sufficient and self-reliant. For the spirit of stagnation, rejection and hatred to be removed from my life.

    ~ Joan
  • Please pray for my family. Please pray He will provide. Pray we will be able to pay our bills and not fall further into debt. Pray we will have complete faith and trust in Him.

    ~ Sarah
  • For Pope Francis’s intentions. For Jannie Masty and her brother Donnie. For Paul Masty, Frank and Wendy Klick, Jerimiah Boschell, Robert Edison, Steven Hinds, Melissa Hinds, Scott Somanski, The Stevens family, The Mekoski family, Kettlehut family, Ricksdad family, Kott family, Tingting Jacobson, Melody Jacobson, Robert Tingle, FR. James Arwady, Archbishop Allen Vigneron, For the KoC, Seraphic Mass Association, Light in the darkness inc., EWTN, Ass. Marian helpers. In memory of Scott Lancucki.

    ~ Anthony
  • Through the intercession of St Joseph, Healing and recovery of Dr Dunstan Mascarehnas, Dr Mukul Chandra, Keith Ozenberger, Dutta Shetti and Prime Minister Boris Johnson

    ~ Gerard
  • God heavenly Father with gratitude I praise your name . I give thanks for health of mind , body and soul . Its a gift to live a healthy life. You provide in all my material needs . Lord Jesus Christ Mesiah , teach me to understand the teaching of Bible. Provide me with wisdom. Jesus Christ I ask that you terminate the Corona virus 19 with imediate effect. Guide me to the kingdom of God. In your name Jesus Christ . Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray he stays healthy!
    He’s on the frontlines!
    Ty and God Bless!

    ~ Christopher
  • Please pray he stays healthy!
    He’s on the frontlines!
    Ty and God Bless!

    ~ Christopher
  • Passing of my mother in law Jeanne Rolfes who passed on January 30, 2020 from Alzheimer’s

    Also for the world in this time of uncertainty due to Covid-19

    ~ Christine
  • For healing his got ammonia in the hospital & for papa tee also in the hospital in texas

    ~ Pedro
  • For Ethel and Mike who are having to be alone because of the vivid 19 virus without family while battling serious disease. For my Uncle Pete who is very close to joining our Lord in heaven also with only my aunt at his side. Give him peace and my Aunt Nancy strength and health. For all those struggling mentally and physically because of the virus. God bless caregivers and first responders. May the pandemic end

    ~ Christine
  • Healthy outcome for daughter in laws recent health issues

    ~ Michael
  • That my children return to church
    Stacey- healing and relief of back pain

    Grandchildren to know The Lord

    All living in poverty

    Thanksgiving for your ministry

    ~ Marilyn
  • For my son and daughter in law to conceive and deliver a healthy baby, to take into Heaven the beautiful daughter that you took this past Christmas at birth from them …for my company to stay in business through this covid 19 virus, and be prosperous…for the health & well being of all my family , for the strength of our wonderful president
    Thank you

    ~ Linda
  • Please pray that family members and friends who are currently battling cancer will have successful treatments, their cancer will go into remission and they will be alright. Also, that whatever is wrong with my chest/digestive system is nothing serious and I will be okay. That the covid19 virus will stop spreading, people will stop dying and the world will recover from this devastating virus very soon. Thank you for praying for my intentions. May God continue to bless you.

    ~ Gail
  • Pray for my family for their continued health and strength during this pandemic(COVAID19).

    Praying for anyone who inflicted with COVAID19 that they are healed in Jesus name. AMEN

    ~ Deborah
  • Request to pray for me to Persue my career in civil engineering wisely as I prepare for my final year exam module one and God to grant me with spirit of hardwork wisdom and understanding

    ~ James
  • Please say a prayer for my mom Roberta Kennedy who passed away at age 72 due to glioblastoma cancer

    ~ Larry
  • That our family be safe and stable and my husband get a job

    ~ Angela
  • Jesus please help me locate my children that I have not seen in 40 years since I came back from the Vietnam War.

    ~ Bernard
  • Pray for the containment of the COVID-19 virus and for the health of the first responders, our military and health care workers everywhere.

    ~ Diana
  • Pray for our world during this horrible pandemic. Pray for the safety of my son and two nephews that are correctional officers with confirmed COVID19 cases in their facilities. Pray for my daughter that is a certified nurse aide at a nursing home. Please pray also for my elderly parents. We are all in NY State and are all staying home. I am so worried about my parents, my children, and my nephews.

    ~ Carol
  • Please keep my daughter Leah in your prayers, and her good friend Tony.

    ~ Marilyn
  • Passing of my mother in law Jeanne Rolfes who passed on January 30, 2020 from Alzheimer’s

    Also for the world in this time of uncertainty due to Covid-19

    ~ Christine
  • Please pray for Josh to forgive me oh God I beg of you and I won’t drink anymore oh God I beg of you oh God I love him oh God speak to his heart to forgive me oh God.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for my children Kenny and Lauren who have left the church that they may return to the church.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the health and safety of my family and friends and for all those in need of help.
    In thanksgiving for Heart of the Nation so we can continue worship at home during this difficult time.

    ~ Lori
  • Please pray for my nephew Adrian Brasseaux, who has brain cancer and is doing chemo therapy and for everyone who has covid 19 and their family. Thank you

    ~ Florence
  • Please remember my husband and me and all of our loved ones, here on earth and those in Heaven.

    ~ Mary
  • Please may we pray for the medical workers who are fulfilling their pledge to care for the sick in all times. May we also pray for the workers who take care of our other needs at police stations, fire stations, jails, grocery stores, gas stations, post offices, delivery personnel and others I’m sure I’ve not mentioned. Also may we pray for the people who are unable to work and the students who are unable to go to school. Both here and around the world.

    ~ Karen
  • My two grandsons battling a rare genetic brain disease. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Nancy
  • For my stepfather Rick and all sick with disease and coronavirus.
    In thanksgiving for this time andOur Lord

    For all Priests, families

    For my relationship w Marisol Saldana, to grow in your time oh Lord, for the Holy Spirit to giude us , help us to talk and begin together.

    ~ Jorge
  • Please pray that my husband find a job that will provide for our families day to day life. Also, that during this time we keep hope and reflect God’s grace.

    ~ Cathie
  • request prayers for me and my family may we all be protected as we continue to work during this time. also for my partner and his addiction may he have the strength to walk away from his addiction.

    ~ Eva
  • For clarity between me and Marisol for us to talk to each other, hopefully as friends or more.

    We love each other but have trouble communications.

    ~ Jorge
  • I am struggling very bad with a recent breakup and I am trying to better myself and to be closer to God. I need prayers for peace and healing.

    ~ Nicole
  • For my husband who died February 5th 2020 after an 11+ year battle with Parkinson’s Disease. Please Jesus give him rest and peace. Let him know that we always love him and miss him. Amen.

    ~ Paula
  • Dear Lord, Please watch over our family and keep all of us safe from this virus. Please help my daughter to stay strong and open the eyes and hearts of her husband and son so that they are more supportive and loving. Take away their mocking and antagonism at this stressful time and help them reunite as a family. Dear Lord, please hold all of us close in your protection and keep us safe.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my family. My children during this difficult time that they stay close to Jesus to get them threw this crisis we are now facing . I pray for my sister in law with brain cancer, please give her the strength to get threw and watch over her girls as they watch their mother suffer. Keep them strong to face each day ahead.

    ~ Monica
  • My grandson, Joshua had brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. He had a stroke on the operating table and his left side is partially paralyzed. He is so depressed and is losing his faith. I told him that is all we have left is our faith. I explained that sometimes when we ask God for a miracle he says NO. He probably has another plan for us. He is 35 years old and wishes he hadn’t had the surgery. That way maybe he would have died. I can’t blame him.

    ~ Rosemarie
  • Please pray for my husband Duane who was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Please pray also for our family that we may have the strength and courage to accept God’s Will with grace.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for all first responders in this now virus crisis especially our nurses and doctors who are administering aid to our sick and all fire personal and any others who are working to help in this time of need.

    ~ Linda
  • Keep my family safe

    ~ Emma
  • Dear Lord Jesus, I pray for the healing of the world of the corona virus, for the safety & health of all of my family, my friends, President Trump, Vice President Pence, their families & their administration. For the front line employees, 1st responders, medical staff, grocery employees, truckers & all those serving the public, putting themselves in harms way. I pray for reinstatement of my brother’s job. I pray for the healing of all unforgiveness in our hearts. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

    ~ Catherine
  • Please, dear Lord, please keep my family and friends safe from illness or accidents in this stressful time in our nation and world!! Please keep us all in your loving care as we pray for each other and our communities and our nation!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Praying for healing and faith during this pandemic. Please bless and protect all those who are in the frontline and their families. Please send the Holy Spirit to guide those who have fallen deaf and blinded by their selfish ways. Please forgive us all and lead us All in your guiding love and be merciful of those in need, ill and who have forgotten You. Please bless our leaders that they may lead in righteous ways and open their eyes to the truth. This I pray in your Holy Name. Amen

    ~ Cielo
  • For all whom have died during the Covid-19 pandemic and for the grieving family and friends of the deceased.

    ~ Tom
  • Please, dear Lord, Bless Husband, Duane, my Children, Laurie and Pat, Steven and Sue, Scott and his good friend, Kim , Sandy and Gregg, John and Lisa and all my grandchildren, Mike, Jenna,
    Dylan, Andrew, Emily and Ellen, Ashley and Matt, Eranthis Rose, and Ethan and Elsa, and my precious great grandchildren, Logan and Conner, Braylee, and Clara! Thank you dear Lord for all our precious family, sisters, Barb and Brenda, brothers, Mike and Ken! Bless all extended family, and friends!

    ~ Beverly
  • For good health for my husband and myself. For continued employment and for repose of the soul of all our loved ones who have left us. For my children, their spouses and children and my siblings and their families.

    ~ Nancy
  • Please keep my family safe and in good health. Pray for the millions of students that are suffering with the unexpected changes in their lives due to this virus. That we find a cure and heal the world.
    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ ????????

    ~ Aracelli
  • Dear Father I come to you in Need PLEASE PLEASE BLESS my friend Ms. Shine to BLESS her at work and REMOVE the BULLY supervisor who has been Attacking her verbally & Harrassing Everyday. She dosent deserve this this horrible treatment Lord. I Thank you & Love you IN JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN & AMEN…………………..


    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear Father I come to you because one of my co-workers passed yesterday morning. She was a vert sweet person & teacher. Please comfort her children and all of her family. And Bless her to be a Angel for her children. I Thank you and Lord and I Love you in JESUS NAME AMEN.


    ~ Ophelia
  • Dear Father, PLEASE PLEASE continue to Keep BLESS us with the BLOOD of JESUS from the corone virus. PLEASE for my husband & me ophie & all my children & our Grandchildren & daughter in laws and all my sisters & brothers and in laws and ALL Family members & All our friends and families & AlL our neighbors and EVERYONE all around the world. And especially our adult grandaughther who is 7 months with pregnant and ALL women who are carring a child. Thank you I love you in JESUS NAME AMEN


    ~ Ophelia
  • Lord, please pray for my family that we will always be safe from coronavirus. This I ask thru your son Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

    ~ Ludy
  • For our pastor who is taking time off. He is overworked. Please pray that Father S. will be back soon. We love him so much. That he is in good health and can handle our very large parish.

    ~ Theresa
  • Dear Father, I come to you for Prayer my friend Ms. Doris needs you to PLEASE BLESS her son Andrew to he applied for a postal worker job PLEASE BLESS him with this new job. And PLEASE BLESS her other son Jeremy & his wife they need to start their own cleaning buisness PLEASE BLESS to succeed and BLESS them with a abundance of clients. IN JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN & AMEN. THANK YOU LOVE YOU LORD.

    ~ Ophelia
  • For my health , which is good in general. Please help with my cataract and eye vision problems. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my brother Joseph so that God give him strength and courage to change his life for better and for his own salvation. I have been praying for my brother for 30 years already and I don’t how much more that I need to do for God to answer my prayer. Thank you for praying for us. God bless.

    ~ Diep
  • My husband finally was able to have his 3rd interview Monday with a company. They make their decision tomorrow or Monday.
    He has an interview at 10 this morning for a different company.
    Prayers for God’s hand in this and that he is offered a position soon. He’s been unemployed several months now. Thank you

    ~ Lisa
  • Lord God creator of life .With gratitude I praise your name . My God provide me with oppertunity to leave my location in order to live my life independant . Jesus Christ mesiah pray for me to God for happines , health , wisdom and wealth. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • My ex-wife is denying visitation again – not letting me see my sons, who are 4 and 6 years old. She cannot even follow her own visitation plan and court order. She is also denying most of my requests for video calls. When we do have video calls, she makes the camera point toward the ceiling so I cannot see them. Please pray that I would be reunited with my sons soon and that our love for each other would grow stronger during this difficult time.

    ~ Travis
  • Dear Lord, I pray to you for my Mom, Gerri, who is in the hospital. Please place your healing hands upon her and heal her mentally and physically. Surround her with the white light of the Holy Spirit. Please make her stronger everyday and restore her to good health. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

    ~ Kelle
  • For everyone with cancer. I have multiple people in my life that have cancer. One which has been given only one week to live. 2 months ago she was told that she would have 6 – 12 moths to live. It has gotten progressively worse. I’ll pray for you if you could pray for those in my family.

    ~ Mattie
  • For Pope Francis’s intentions. For an end to the epidemic, relief for those who are afflicted and eternal salvation for those whom the Lord has called to himself. For extraordinary graces for all those in the religious life of the Catholic Church. For the US and Israel. For the holy souls in purgatory. For the conversion of sinners. For an increase in vocations. For the KoC. That Blessed Solanus Casey, venerable Fulton J Sheen, Mother Angelica, and Sr. Clare Crockett will become saints.

    ~ Anthony
  • Passing of my mother in law Jeanne Rolfes who passed on January 30, 2020 from Alzheimer’s

    Also for the world in this time of uncertainty due to Covid-19

    ~ Christine
  • May God look over my sister in-law as she lives alone and wheelchair bound during these most difficult times, along with all those suffering with similar disabilties

    ~ Becky
  • Please God, help my brother Joseph so he may your Grace, Love, Strength and Courage to change his life for good and for his own salvation. You know him better that I do. I have been praying for my brother for 30 years already and I don’t how much more that I need to do for You to answer my prayer. You are his Only God, so show him the way. You have the power to do it. I thank you God for all Your Blessings! Amen.

    Thank you for your prayers — I am very grateful for you praying for my dear

    ~ Diep
  • So my friend feels comfortable in her own body. She’s trying to transition into a man and i really want her to be comfortable in her body as a woman. And so that god calls to her and she listens.

    ~ Angelica
  • Dear lord..pls help me in my current relationship situation. Pls touch the heart of my nikhil and fill it with so much of love and care for me . Lord bless us so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way.pls remove all negativity and misunderstanding between us.heal the division between us god. We are sorry for our sins pls forgive us. Put us in each other’s heart and mind.pls touch his heart and fill it with so much of love and care for me.pls stop him to block me fro

    ~ Amanjeet kaur
  • My prayers are for my brother( Bobby ) he has pancreatic cancer he going to to have surgery on April 8, 2020 i pray they remove all the cancer , and that the Lord Are God. Will Give my brother peace and Tranquility during this difficult time of his life I ask that the Lord Our God will restore him back to Good Health and , that he will be healed from his illness, he needs hope for his life , Please pray for are nation that the lord heals all of us and restore us to good health thank you

    ~ Ruth
  • Jose R. DeVivero
    Grant Eternal rest, through the mercy of God will rest in peace.

    ~ Giovanna
  • Dear lord..pls help me in my current relationship situation. Pls touch the heart of my nikhil and fill it with so much of love and care for me . Lord bless us so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way.pls remove all negativity and misunderstanding between us.heal the division between us god. We are sorry for our sins pls forgive us. Put us in each other’s heart and mind.pls touch his heart and fill it with so much of love and care for me. Amen

    ~ Amanjeet kaur
  • Dear Father, PLEASE PLEASE Protect my brother Joseph from the corona virus and his daughters. He was exposed to the virus. PLEASE PROTECT him with the BLOOD of JESUS. PLEASE KEEP ALL my SIBLINGS and me & ALL my family, my & our children & grandchildren and All family members & friends & neighbors and ALL the world. I love you & thank you Lord in JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN AMEN


    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for our son Zachary he is far from home during the Coronavirus. Zachary does not have family near him. Pray our son makes strong choices during this time. Please pray he is safe. Forever grateful for your prayers

    ~ Mary
  • I pray for all of us. Pray we will be able to get through this.

    ~ Julie
  • I pray for better communication so people won’t be or feel so isolated.

    ~ Julie
  • My prayers are for those suffering from the corvid-19 virus, for those who have died, & for their families. I ask you, Lord, to keep my family safe from this virus, especially Tasha, Makayla, Anna, Dan, Dennis and myself because of our health risks. Please let there be a cure found soon, or meds that are available that work on this virus. Please keep my neighbors safe, and Joan, who has health problems. Please protect the nurses, doctors, paramedics, firemen, policemen and caregivers. Thank You.

    ~ debra
  • Dearest God, please keep my family healthy, free from any virus and sickness. Please heal all those who have been infected with the coronavirus. Please guide and help those who are working hard to find a vaccine to cure or prevent this virus. Almighty God, please help us all and stop this deadly virus from spreading.

    ~ Grace
  • I pray for my husband (Robert) i pray for a healing for his heart and lungs i pray are lord will restore him to good health in pray in Jesus name Amen, i pray for are Nation that are lord will heal us from the Coronavirus , reminder us that we need our Lord Almighty through all are difficult times ,thank you Ruth

    ~ RUTH
  • We pray that the following can be permanently healed: Maria’s hands, back and knees, Joe’s kidneys, back and knees, our finances in Jesus Name we ask, Amen.

    We pray the COVID19 is eradicated next week and people are healed.

    ~ Maria
  • Please keep all our loved ones safe and healthy at this time, esp. those most vulnerable, our parents and pregnant niece. Watch over those on the front lines of fighting this virus and helping to keep our nation running. May God have mercy on us.

    ~ Sonia
  • Recovery alcoholic S.G. Complete recovery
    Back Healing for R.B.

    ~ Betty
  • Lord I ask you to do the impossible in my life. Only you through prayer can make this happen. Prayer for restoration in my relationship with my children.
    Lord lay it in their hearts.

    ~ D
  • For all the family members who cannot be together during these times. For all of the doctors, medical workers, EMTs, grocery store workers, truck drivers, and farmers doing their jobs to ensure we get through this.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for Josh and Zach Lee. Josh is an EMT and Zach is a Covid-19 ICU doctor. They are the sons of my best friend and are wonderful, wonderful men. Janet is a kind and devoted mother – please pray for her too.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Pray for world leaders that they will make responsible decisions. Hope the virus dies out soon.

    ~ Julie
  • For Pope Francis’s intentions. For a swift end to the pandemic. For all those with vocations. For the holy souls in purgatory. For the conversion of sinners. For the salvation of souls. For the poor. For strength and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. For the Knights of Columbus, the Association of Marian Helpers, EWTN, and Light in the Darkness Inc. That Blessed Solanus Casey, venerable Fulton J Sheen, Mother Angelica, and Sr. Clare Crockett will become saints officially recognized by the Church.

    ~ Anthony
  • I would like to ask for prayers for my neighbor and friend June Bechler, who is also a member and is very sick at this time. Please pray that she gets well soon. Thank you.

    ~ Frances
  • I need prayers for my grandson to stay away from drugs and to do well in school.

    ~ Theres
  • In grateful thanksgiving for the graces and blessings in my life.
    For physical and spiritual healing for my daughter, Ella.
    For the gift of faith and trust in Jesus Christ for my sons and husband.
    For a smooth and speedy adoption process for the youngest child in our expanding family.
    For healing consolation for all those throughout the world suffering alone and afraid in the midst of the fear and confusion that is engulfing our globe.
    God bless you for providing this amazing ministry.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Family reconciliations

    ~ Paul
  • I pray for my sore throat to heal and my skin biopsy resicion to be successful and benign.

    ~ Samuel
  • For the soul of Ken Barnes as he enters into eternity

    ~ Theresa
  • For the healing of our nation and the world during the time of this coronavirus pandemic.

    ~ Rosa
  • My son needs to move . Help him be able to do this without getting sick.

    ~ Mary lou
  • Pray for the continued healing of my cellulitis in my lower legs and sinus infection. Also, keep all of us in prayer for the Corona virus pandemic and pray to keep us all safe from it. Pray that there will be a cure for this virus soon. May God Bless all of love you !!!
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Please do help my wife veena in prayer as she has cancer last stage and water has spread into her whole body. She is having severe health issues now. Thanks

    ~ MAHEN
  • Steve and Doris Kerr.
    Adam, Stefanie, Pheobe, Hayden and Petra Tschappat.
    Mike and Yvonne Deppeler.
    Fr. Larry Albertson (Deceased).
    Fr. Ron Livojevich.
    Fr. Gary Pennings and the Queen of the Holy Rosary-Wea Parish.
    Mental Peace.
    Financial Responsibility.
    Family Relationship.
    Lifestyle Changes.
    Living and Deceased members of the O’Keefe/Kerr families.

    ~ Tony
  • Please pray that my daughter Samantha’s wound heals properly❣️????

    ~ Marybeth
  • Please pray for Peter, my son in law , who is working as an emergency doctor at an Indianapolis hospital. He has to treat serious covid 19 patients everyday. May God be with him & the other healthcare people & provide them with all the mask & supplies needed to be safe while saving lives. May they be blessed with renewed energy & strong immune system & may God put a shield to protect them at all times. Pls pray for my daughter Jenny & 2 grandchildren to be safe from corona virus at all times.

    ~ Gloria
  • Pray for Joel’s and Cesar’s, health. They are struggling financially, they are barely making ends meet. Please place them before the Blessed Eucharist. Thanks and God Bless you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • …for my brother George, who is suffering from the effects of a stroke and his wife Delores, who waits for him.

    ~ David
  • Lord Jesus I pray to thee to help my daughter cope up with the demands of her work in the hospital give her strength and courage to overcome whatever challenges and difficulties she encounters in her workplace and guide her in performing her work and enlightened her in every decision she makes that it’s in accordance to your will .

    ~ Rhodora
  • For my mother.she had been trying to be so helpful to me after I was hospitalized for depression. I love her and am afraid I let here down. She has been so mice to be with. Please help me to be as good to her, I don’t know what to do. I am still pretty down.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the whole world in this time of need and crisis that God will bless us with a cure.

    ~ Anthony
  • For my recently deceased sister in law Kim. She lost her fight to breast cancer. She is resting in heaven now.

    ~ Tom
  • For Pope Francis’s intentions. For the end of the epidemic, relief for those who are afflicted and eternal salvation for those who the Lord has called to him. For Deidra Collins and her family. For: My family, John Stec, Joseph Hakim, Barbra Young, Joe Pavlov, Bruce Rinke, Michelle Weight, the Mekoski Family, the Redlawski family, Paul and Ethel Janiszewski, Hellen McCallister and her family, the Wojcicki family, the Cielinski family, the O’Brien family, the Stalenski family.

    ~ Anthony
  • That the covid 19 virus will end quickly. For those that have died may God forgive them of their sins and take them into heaven. For all the medical personnel that they may continue to help all the sick. That more people return to god

    ~ Anonymous
  • For the deceased soul of Blanch Clifford and her grieving family and friends; may they find comfort during this very difficult time of loss.

    ~ Diane
  • Please pray for me that God answers the prayers in my heart that I pray faithfully every day. I’m so lost and only with his help I can find my way. Please pray that my faith grows stronger each second. I pray that the coronavirus gets under control soon and i pray for all those affected by the virus victims and the ones fighting to save lives and to come up solutions to combat it. I pray for protection from the coronavirus for me, my family and everyone. I pray for no more deaths and healing. ????

    ~ Annette
  • Prayers for our country and the world during this difficult time of illness and isolation. Prays of faith in Jesus’s name for divine healing and blessings. Prayers of divine selection for the right presidential elected candidate during this election year in Jesus’s name to our father.

    ~ Rachel
  • Please pray for Matt Lynch and his family who live in California.

    ~ Julie
  • For all those affected by the corona virus.

    ~ Elisa
  • Thank you all for the prayers last week. Please continue to pray.
    After his 2 strokes last week Fr. Jeffrey Zwack is recovering.

    ~ Marylouise
  • Please pray for my family during this virus pandemic. My brother-in-law is recovering from a possible corona virus infection – was not tested and now his 13 year old is showing symptoms. Please that the rest of my immediate family who have come in contact with them not have it or get it, especially my 78 year old mom, my sister who is running thin in caring for them and their four year old baby. Thank you. Amen ????????

    ~ Linda
  • Please pray for my family. Pray we will be able to pay our bills. Pray we won’t fall further into debt. Please pray He will provide during this difficult time. Pray we will trust Him and have faith over fear.

    ~ Sarah
  • Lord please stop all the powers of God being used to curse me or my children or family. Please let all my children have equality, that are in my household,rayland mataya and jesse, please bless my daughter’s kaidence and Brianna too and God please bless everyone attached to me. Let me be known as a blessing for your names sake I love u jesus amen.

    ~ Tiffanie
  • Thanking God for His Loving Kindness
    Asking for a miracle to get papers
    Asking for a miracle to get my own house
    Asking for a miracle to be financially stable.


    ~ Nancy
  • My friend Kathy who has about 5 cancers throughout her body.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Lord Jesus. In your name I pray that you will heal my daughter Tenille, and her husband from alcoholism. Take away any desire for alcohol. Help Trevor to get a job, and help Tenille to keep hers. Heal Deanna, Patsy, Phillip, Barbara, and Sandra. Also help Tenille and Trevor to be able to keep their house. Help Dylan, Jade, Lexi, Dacian, Kylo, and Anna and Tim. Prayerfully, Paulette

    ~ Ava
  • Dear Lord,

    I pray that you keep all our family and friends healthy and safe. Thank you dear Lord for all that have done and continue to do for all our souls. I love with you all my heart. For this I pray. Amen.

    ~ Stefano
  • Please pray for everyone infected with the virus. Please God help us all. ???? Please help my friend and her family who have the virus and protect us ???? all

    ~ Patricia
  • Please, prayers for my elderly mother and father for healing, restoration, strength.
    May God keep all the family safe.
    Please pray for the neighbour to stop bothering me, for my ears/head to heal, for me to find a suitable job very soon. I also need a prayers for a husband, some godly friends and a better living arrangement.
    I would like to see how it is to live with with joy, fulfillment, peace and meaning, because I am tired of absurd situations and years going by with nothing but hardship.

    ~ Genoveva
  • In the name of Jesus, please pray for my 12 year old grandchild, Adrian who has been admitted into the hospital with high fever and cough. I am asking for prayers for his healing and for him to not have this coronavirus.

    ~ Sylvia
  • I ask that you would please pray for my family and I. We are going through various spiritual struggles. May God’s Love, Joy and Peace, fill our home.
    Thank you so very much!

    ~ Christopher
  • Praying for the whole word for the speedy recovery of those infected with COVID-19. Praying for a vaccine/ cure to this pandemic. I hope our country and the whole world will be safe and alright. Praying that I may finish school and graduate on time and pass the board exams here and abroad (One take) Amen.

    ~ Alyssa Marie
  • Please pray for Sue Pohlkamp’s sister Chris who needs emergency stomach surgery. Thank you.????

    ~ Julie
  • That me and Everyone related to me by blood or marriage can save their souls. That none of us ever get separated from Jesus and Mary. That the souls in purgatory get to heaven as soon as possible so that they don’t suffer anymore. And, that we all have gratitude for our blessings.

    ~ Angela
  • Paul; addiction

    ~ Mary
  • For the soul of my father, Frank. For peace, comfort and health for my mother, Vicky. For health and job security for my husband, my children and me.

    ~ Lilia
  • That God in His loving kindness watch over my family, friends and me and protect us from this virus. I ask this in Your name,most Heavenly Father.

    ~ Margaret
  • please pray for the people who have great worry over the corona virus my niece andrea can not seem to sleep at night

    ~ LAURA
  • Peço, por caridade, que orem em intenção de um cachorro que desapareceu no dia 25/03/2020. A família que é dona do cachorro está sofrendo muito. O cachorro se chama Javé. Que Deus os abençoe. Obrigado.

    ~ Jean

    Rupture of generational curses on my life and my family’s life. Family members given for adoption for 3 generations. Finding maternal grandmother Dora Gómez-
    América and Jimena Analía, reunion with their daughters given for adoption at birth when they were minors.


    pening of new job and business opportunities, cancellation of debts, commitments acquired

    ~ Claudio
  • I would like to request prayer for myself for healing of lympheema in my right leg so I might have surgery to replace my right knee so I can walk without falling. I also pray for an end to this horrible virus which is taking so many lives. I cannot wonder if we aren’t being brought to our knees to heal the world and bring the family unit back together. I, like many of my friends see the hand of God in this.

    ~ JOYCE
  • Please pray for all those world wide who are suffering physical, spiritual, and financial difficulties due to Covid-19. May the love of the Blessed Virgin and grace of the Holy Spirit be with them.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray that everybody in my family especially my elderly parents to stay safe and healthy during this coronavirus pandemic. I pray that there is peace, unity, understanding, love and happiness in my family. Thank you God for all bestowed blessings.

    ~ Diep
  • God, why it is so hard for my brother Joseph to change his life for good? If you want to, please show him what’s more important in his life now. Help him to stay away and stop talking to P. from now on if it is for his own salvation. Whatever happens to him from now on is in Your Hands. Thank you God.

    ~ Diep
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me with this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy. Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Rick, Pat, Pam, Roy and Mary Ellen; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • Please pray that this virus will go away. Please protect my family and everyone from this virus. We ask in Jesus name

    ~ Robert
  • For my son Stephen that the Lord guide him, during this time of troubles. May lord have mercy on all the world that we reflex and pray for health, safety.

    ~ Josephine
  • Lord I ask you to do the impossible in my life. Only you through prayer can make this happen. Prayer for restoration in my relationship.I pray God shines bright through hIm& heals hIm& rebukes any evil that is trying to interfere between us.Pray we come back together with God first, and stronger than ever.On Gods perfect timing he will see this through. In Jesus name, AMEN God has already brought us to talking.But I feel like the devil has broke us apart again. Praying for any evil to leave us.

    ~ D

    ~ JOSEPH
  • I am on the verge of losing my home Please Pray that a miracle comes my way so I don’t become homeless

    ~ Michael
  • Dear Lord, Please keep all of us safe during this desperate time. Take this virus from our world and destroy it. Please ease the suffering of all those afflicted and protect us all. We need your intervention desperately. Please help us.

    ~ Anonymous

    ~ james
  • Please pray for healing in my life of physical disability also some close friends that are of God in my life. Pray for all of my family’s salvation to heaven please.
    Thank you.

    ~ J
  • Chers frères et soeurs en Christ,

    – Je voudrais solliciter des prières pour trouver un emploi et réussir un concours de bibliothécaire cette année. Que le Seigneur m’aide à être le plus productif possible, à avoir les meilleures méthodes. Je prie aussi pour

    gagner plus d’argent et connaître ainsi une certaine stabilité financière, voire un nouveau travail. Que je fasse un pèlerinage. Que je puisse réviser sans stress, faire des fiches, le plus efficacement possible, sans

    mauvaise hume

    ~ Baptiste
  • Stand with me find a divine provision of US Dollars 1500 (financial breakthrough) to support me settle the very much more troubling debts that are eating me up, treat the kidney complication am facing currently, settle personal school dues and those of my children and brother, mightier child birth for my wife when the right time comes and favor and blessings.
    Thank you a lot and may God bless the hands that giveth.

    ~ Muyinda
  • Jesus, there are many militant muslims who might spread the coronavirus instead of caring about their’s and other people’s health. Jesus, help them repent and Jesus, help the chinese people who also do not care about health repent. Amen!

    ~ Henrik
  • For my dear brother Rudolph (Rudy) George Kump – passed on 3/31/20-prayers & love
    Ed, Marlene, Joe, Gina, Dana, Joe, Adam & Joey
    Song by Gina
    When I’m tired torn in pieces
    Help me fly with broken wings
    Don’t let go Lord please hold me close
    Your spirit moves through me
    You breathe your light in me

    May your peace live in my soul
    And your grace calls me home
    You sing to me Lord a sweet melody
    Your spirit moves through me
    You breathe your light in me

    Forever in our hearts

    ~ Edward
  • Please God help Fran when he goes to the hospital and protect him. Also pray for a end to the virus emergency.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please let someone close to me pass on to Heaven, so as to end their pain and suffering here on Earth.

    ~ R
  • For Pope Francis’s intentions. For an end to Coronavirus. For the US and Israel. For presidents Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu. For the armed service men and women of the US and Israel. For a nuclear disarmament of Iran. For EWTN. For the Association of Marian Helpers. For Light in the Darkness Inc. For the Knights of Columbus. For the salvation of souls. For the conversion of sinners. For the poor. For the holy souls in purgatory. For Marlene Jacobson, Hank and Jeannie Mekoski, Hellen M.

    ~ Anthony