• Please pray for my son who is struggling with a decision. Please help guide him and take care that he will be in the right place for him. It’s not a huge thing, but is very important to him.

    ~ Karen
  • I have just applied for employment in a courier driving job. Please pray that I am hired. I need the job badly. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • Kindly lift up in prayer the entire Catholic Church:

    All souls in Purgatory
    All Catholics and Orthodox
    All priests and clergy

    Kindly pray for more holy priests and clergy.

    Kindly pray for more holy marriages and families.

    Please pray for more conversions and reconversions to the Catholic Faith.

    Thank you

    ~ Maricela
  • Please pray for renewed love, compassion, understanding, passion, loyalty, and commitment for C and S in their relationship. Please pray for financial independence for both C and S so they can both pursue their callings and bring positive change and impact to the world. Please pray for healing in the families of C and S and their growth and acceptance and love between the two families.

    ~ S
  • For the healing of my mother Nelinda

    ~ Maria
  • For my son to return to the Church

    ~ Anonymous
  • In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord let us pray that that God our heavenly father will provide in our needs according to his devine will for the bennefit of out mind , body and soul. God we embrace your love together with your mercy for the good of our soul . Jesus Christ cast away all negativity in our minds in order for us to serve God in all his glory . Mary mother of Jesus Christ pray on our behalf that we may recieve all that is benneficial for our minds , body and soul .Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for my husband, Jeff, who is having surgery today at 3:30. Thank you.

    ~ Carri
  • A prayer for my mother Josefina who is in the hospital tonight with a light case of Pneumonia. She will be 100 years old Dec 21 GOD willing.
    Thank you Lord.
    From Pico Rivera California

    ~ Lupe
  • Please pray for physical healing for me, my heart, my ears.

    ~ Melonie
  • Thank you for all the service men and women thru the life of our country. Their sacrifices gave us all we have..Please protect my family and friends as they go through their lives and troubles. Hold them in your hands and guide them. Help my leg get better. All blessings to our Lord and God and thanks for all his blessings.

    ~ Jan
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together soon

    ~ Michael
  • That my great uncle Jerry Werline recovers from massive heart attack that he had on 10.Nov.2019.

    ~ Joe
  • Praying for a good ultrasound of my daughter today. Praying she is healing of her hydrops and hygroma. Praying I have good amniotic fluid. Praying for positivity today.

    ~ Brittany
  • Lord Jesus Christ pray for me to recieve God healing power . Grand that I may be healed from Anaemia. Create new and everlasting healthy red blood cells in order for me to live a life full of energy to serve the master of life God . I surrender my life to you Jesus Christ our Lord . Here I am God .I give myself to you . Take control. Let your will be done for the creator benefit of my mind , body and soul . In your holy name Jesus Christ and God I call upon you for healing. I am recieving you

    ~ Johan
  • Lord Jesus Christ pray on my behalf to God our Father in order for me to recieve His grace together with His mercy . Prepare me for a greater purpose in life to willingly serve the master God . If it is God will provide a career oppertunity to compliment my skills together with my talents . God you choose who I should work for , my future is in your hands . Take control of my destiny . Bless every word in my cv . Let your will be done. Attract oppertunities to me. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • God my father in heaven forgive my sins as I forgive those you have sin against me. My God provide me with a healthy mind , body and soul in order to serve you . Provide me with a chance to ad value to FAW trucks using all my skills together with my talents if it is your will. Promote me to parts control manger . Its my desire to become an industrial leader , build an empire and leave a legacy behind in honour of your Holy name. Terminate my unemployment. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Lord Jesus Christ I surrender my mind , body and soul to you . My saviour I am in your custody provide me with health of mind , body and spirit. Let me serve the heavenly father in hounor . God creator of all that is good and pure provide for me in my need . Attract abundance into my life so that I may live my life in comfort. God attract people of good will closer to me and grand that I may earn enough money to live my life independantly. I love you God .Jesus Christ I welcome you in my life .

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for my adult daughter who is struggling with eating disorder (for fifteen years).

    ~ Anne
  • Please pray for healing and protection for Elizabeth A., Anastasia, Elizabeth W., and Christine S. and to remove all obstacles to doing God’s will. Also for a good Christian husband for Christine.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my boyfriend, Benjamin, that he will come back to the Catholic church and find his faith again.

    ~ Mackenzie
  • I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family
    Pray my brother heals

    ~ Philip
  • My daughter Samantha seems to be struggling with her baby boys,husband,teaching job,I’m not sure what to pray,but she needs help,thank you

    ~ Lauea
  • My ex-wife filed a false allegation against me and she is not letting me see or speak with my sons. I haven’t seen them for more than 8 weeks. Please pray that my innocence would be made clear, that I would be reunited with my sons soon, and that the courts will rule in my favor in the upcoming months.

    ~ Travis
  • I ask for prayers that I may find purity in my life and a balance of happiness and success in my relationship and friendships

    ~ John
  • Healing for antoinieta from pink eye, other ailments healing for Brian Joseph yeye myself all at home I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put him in jail 3times and I Anne bailed him out I pray Carlos calls me immediately and comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray lines of communication are open between us

    ~ Anne
  • My brother has a wife and 3 kids in a trailer in the bad part of town. Please pray they get a house somewhere safe. He has 3 little girls and I worry about his families safety.

    ~ Thomas
  • Praying for God’s favor at my ultrasound tomorrow. Praying for healing of my daughter in utero of her hydrops and hygroma. Praying for my baby girl’s survival.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please restore hope and strength. She just seems lost and unable to handle the stress the family is going thru. I have 4 grandchildren who he was homeschooling but now seems to have lost interest. She had a near death experience and since then she I just living in fear. It is paralyzing her. I pray she comes back to Jesus. We are the verge of homeless and my son-in-law can only find part time work right now. Jesus I love you with all my heart and I am so thankful for all your blessings.

    ~ Marie
  • God I have been struggling for the past 10 years since my 18th birthday with chronic digestive disease and bleeding. Please help my body and mind to heal. Please help my body recover so I can participate in the world and help others. Amen.

    ~ Alissa
  • Please for for restoration of our marriage. For a job and my debts to be paid for me. For me to get back into school. For my health restored. For protection from all wicked spirits and lifting of depression from me.

    ~ Thomas
  • 1. That my neighbor, Jay Holman, will finally get the money in his two court cases. He has an appointment with his lawyer tomorrow afternoon at 1 o’clock. He said it was good news.

    2. For my brother, John Fagan. He’s the executor to my father’s estate. He has to sell my parents’ house and pay my father’s debts. Please pray that he’ll get a good price so that he can pay off my father’s debts.

    3. For the peace of the souls of my uncle, Jim Potocnak, and my parents, Eugene and Elizabeth Fagan.

    ~ Nan
  • we are rquesting prayer for brenda mcclanahan and larry doyle we are older people who work at kdmk in mt sterrling ky i am requesting a prayer of protection from bad people who work there and are in charge and please pray for us both a job that is physically easy ,,that we can do

    ~ brenda and larry
  • O Lord God we lift up to you these petitions in your grace may you grant:
    1. World peace – end to wars and in the Middle East;
    2. Healing the sick: our military people suffering from PTSD; victims of drugs and addictions;
    3. For people to be inclusive & tolerant of others who aren’t like oneself;
    4. For souls in purgatory; my parents, Conrado & Eleanor Dela Cruz; for Evangeline D. Cordero, Ventura & Fermina San Pedro;
    5. For John-Paul to be career-successful yet mindful of the Lord’s love.

    ~ Delia
  • Thank you Father Justin Lopina for the blessed Sunday Mass on this Sunday, November 10, 2019 and thank you for the blessed readings from Gina Vogt and thank you for the blessed singing from Dennis Horbinski and the St, Elizabeth Ann Seton choir..,,May God Bless you all !! Brothers and sisters, continue praying for my severe lower back, hip and leg (s) pain caused from osteoarthritis.
    Pray for safety for my daughter, son in law and our dog.
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennesse

    ~ Delores

    ~ Joseph

    ~ Mandie
  • For my little daughter Riley who is 7 months old. She had a brain injury at birth due to lack of oxygen from the cord around her neck. Prayers for her brain to heal . So that she may develop normally and walk and talk. I pray that she is restored to perfect health.

    ~ Emily
  • My 21 yr old daughter hit a deer a few wks ago and now our car is @ ‘Lanny Wolf Bodyshop’ here in our twn of Junction city Ks. They r wanting $3,300 2 repair it so I’m asking that ur prayer team stand in agreeent w/me for God 2 brng forth the finances I’m believing in Him 4. Thank you!

    ~ Lynn
  • I pray for wisdom to guide me in getting the things I NEED FOR THE HOUSE. ALSO, I PRAY FOR WISDOM TO HELP ME TO COMPLETE THIS TAKE HOME TEST. Help me Lord. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for my father as he interviews tomorrow for a job. Please pray for Gods guidance during the interview and for him to show the interviewer he is a qualified and good candidate. I pray for this interview to lead to the next interview and for a job to come out of this.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Lord, we are stressing out that we do not have enough money to pay our bills. We raise all our financial problems, diseases and pains to you for help. We pray for a fully favorable decision at Joe’s social security disability hearing in Jesus name we ask Amen

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for Bobbi Hixson who is having surgery on Tuesday that the cyst is not cancer. Please pray for joe Kelsch that he finds a job so he can support his family. Please pray for Chris Kelsch so God leads someone to him to spend the rest of his life with. Please pray for Doris Kelsch so she finds a way to become debt free and she doesn’t have to worry anymore where the money will come from. Thank you

    ~ Doris
  • Please dear Lord pay special care to my sister Linda. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is terminal. If not a miracle of full recovery, I prayer that her remaining days in this life are not faced with great pain and misery. I pray that her children and grandchildren grow in faith and strength of you Lord and know that she will continue to live in eternity with the Lord. Please help strengthen Linda’s faith in everlasting life. In Jesus Christ name, Amen

    ~ David
  • For my husband, he will be going through a difficult heart test on Tuesday morning. We are not young. He is 74 and just lost his only sister his baby sister from ovarian cancer and it’s hitting him very hard. Please pray for him. Thank you

    ~ Jeannette
  • That God may heal my body, soul, and mind and that of my children Emilio and Carmen, especially now as we face our new life in Nevada and I battle Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis. I ask that You also continue to guide my babies as they venture into new schools. Bless The Banks family and HELP of So.Nv. for all their help and charity. Finally, for my mom, Teresa Hagedorn, that her soul may now rejoice in God’s warm and loving embrace. In Jesus name. Amen

    ~ A
  • My granddaughter along with my 4 great-grand children moved to Mexico with her husband. Hér husband is an illegal imigrent who was deported from the USA. Life there is very hard. Since she moved to Mexico she is struggling with the day to day life alone but also just fitting in with her in-laws. I pray for their well being along with, the cartel is strong there, but her marriage and their financial situation. Thank you and God Bless you.

    ~ Susanne
  • I am desiring a wife, my wife divorced me for another man in 2013 and I have been alone ever since. I was born in a big family and married in a big family of 31 years. Now I find myself alone with no friends or family to spend time with. It hurts especially when I don’t know what I done to deserve this kind of mistreatment. I’m doing really good based on all the losses, setbacks and disappointments I endured over the past 13 years. I just want to know what it’s like to be truly loved by a human.

    ~ Victor
  • Special intentions for

    Arnold Boudreaux
    Dorothy Boudreaux
    Ola snd louis Richard

    ~ Dena
  • I am having surgery on Tuesday, Nov 12th 2019 on my injured knee. I have a 4 year old grandchild whom I have sole managing conservership of. I am a 55 year old woman with the responsibility of this child. I pray GOD protects me and heal me with his holy healing hands so I can complete the blessing he has blessed me with this child. AMEN

    ~ Grace
  • Heavenly Father, Now that you’ve guided me safely through my surgery, I still need your help, as I feel no more relief than before. I was hoping for improvement of my condition and I feel exactly the same. Please, Lord, don’t let me have gone through all of this for nothing. Please help me to improve and be rid of this condition once and for all. I need your healing. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

    ~ Patricia
  • I pray that my wife will find peace and comfort in her illnesses. I pray for our family and all of our intentions. I pray all of God’s children who are need of prayers.

    ~ Joseph
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • For her continued healing and thankfulness for her blessings

    ~ Beth
  • Please keep me and my brother in your prayers. Our mom passed away in August and they are doing everything in their power to throw us out of the house even though we were told by the lawyer that we have a year. My brother and I are so depressed over this. We don’t have the money or a house to go to, and we do not want to move in the winter. They all have over a million dollar homes and they have no heart. Also, they have spread so many lies about us that are not true.

    ~ MARIA
  • Dear God Father Almighty,
    May You reward all those people who I happen to meet then and recently, and who I bestow
    my sincere intention for all of them to receive Your especial love, help, graces and blessings, especially my sincere intention for them to ……………………………………….. and that if they receive
    from You my sincere intention for them, may they donate just 5% to charities that help children born with cleft palate whose parents cannot afford. Amen. Granma M

    ~ Grandma
  • For our daughter Maggie’s mental health

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my Husband Gene Seamster
    My parents Howard and Mary Ruff

    ~ Monica
  • Please help my family with any health issues.my son are in need of a good paying job to take care of family

    ~ Joan
  • God, please bless my daughters and their families. Keep them safe from harm. Please give me strength to bear my pain if the be Your will. Help my anxiety ease. Thank you for so many blessings.

    ~ Carol
  • That my 2 test results what they found turns out to be nothing serious I need to take care of these 2 small children please let me be able to do this Amen

    ~ Grace
  • 1. Lord grant my family wellness in every area of life.
    2. Help me lord to know you more
    3. The church of Christ on earth will not surfer Shame.
    4. Divine Visa to relocate my family to United state by 2020.
    5. Peace and love to reign all over the world.

    ~ Kingsley
  • Mechanic fraud case
    Hit and run case
    Slip and fall case
    Dog attack case
    Hertz rental case
    Beverage plastic pieces & contamination case.
    Statefarm claim
    Progressive claim
    My son’s hate towards me and temperament with me and possibly his newlywed wife.
    My oldest daughter’s end to lesbian life
    Social Security
    Owning my own home

    ~ Desery
  • Dear Lord, Thank You for my Blessings this past week. My bladder is still Terrible and my overall health. Now, my left nostril is swollen and I’m having trouble breathing. Please help me. Please cure all of us, especially mom. No pedes, bad neighbors, sickness, disease, death, worry, drugs or violence, loud noise or criminal activity. No more hate or fear. Please don’t leave us Lord, no matter what, hold our hands and know us. Thank You. Amen

    ~ Gail M
  • Heavenly Father, Almighty God,
    I humble myself before your Presence.
    What a joy it is to come to you.
    I thank you and I praise your infinite Majesty,
    Omnipotence and Perfections.
    Please forgive me of all my sins.
    Lord I come to you in my nothingness.
    I want to worship you and adore you,
    to love you with all my heart,
    with all my mind,
    with all my soul
    and with all my strength.
    I want to burn with desire for you like an angel.
    I need you my Lord,
    I am nothing without you.
    I ask you to

    ~ Otis Jr
  • I am a 59 year old, single man, disability support pensioner, living in Sydney, Australia, daily communicant since 1983, diagnosed schizophrenic in 1984, diabetic since 2007, requiring regular, daily medication and frequent interaction with health professionals, currently residing in supported accommodation because of an acquired brain injury, seeking prayer for the healing of these illnesses and of this injury, and for the long-term security of my tenure in my current supported accommodation.

    ~ Gerard
  • Plz pray that my sons car keys are found at the corn maze where he was tonight. It’s very expensive to get a new st. Plz pray they are found.
    Plz pray for each of their grades to get better in school as well and pray they both become better students
    Plz pray for our son and daughter in law; for him/them to attend mass more often and for a better relationship w/each of them. Especially for me and my dil.
    Plz pray for little jack to get better and be cancer free. Thanks you

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for my deceased husband Mike who died two years ago today from glioblastoma grade 4 brain tumor. He suffered and did not deserve to have such a terrible disease. I truly believe he went straight to heaven but please pray for his soul and those of our deceased family members. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me. I’ve been stressed by many betrayals, fears, and anguish over things that hurt my offspring, myself, and others. Anyway, there’s been a recent theft of a pkg fr Amazon taken from my apartment porch. I am separated fr my long time marriage, and theft has been one of the many harsh difficulties that I have faced as a single senior with fibromyalgia. I seek prayer because crime has caused me to have a very difficult time loving people anymore.

    ~ Joy
  • Please Lord, end this turmoil and ongoing torment towards me. I place this pressure in your hands O Lord.
    Please bring that special person into my life, O Lord.

    ~ Kevin
  • Financial blessing.

    ~ MariaP
  • Successful surgery and healing for Ann P. Conversion of family. Repose of the soul of Wendy Evert

    ~ Rena
  • Pray for healing of my mom Lorraine Chavez’s hearing,vision,excellent health,memory and finances. She takes care of great grand child grand children and they depend on her. Lorraine is also in debt which, please Pray GOD Blesses her financially so she is never in debt and Pray everything she owns (house,car,appliances, ext.) last 100 times longer than their supposed to so she won’t have to replace or repair anything she owns for a long time.

    ~ Phil
  • Lord Jesus Christ I remain faithfull during my trial. I carry my cross everyday , sadly today I have fainted 7 times on my way to the grocery store. I struggle with fatigue , nosua , anaemia . My Lord I surrender my tired 43 year old body to you. In your name heal me in order for me to willining serve you . Grand that I may live a healthy life . Let me recieve your strengh . Heal me Jesus Christ . God giver of life provide for me abundantly in my needs . I need you God. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray that God removes the spiritual afflictions affecting my life. Please pray for me that I dont become sorrowful.

    ~ Celestine
  • Please God help my parents settle into the nursing home. Please guide me to do the right things and say the right things to make all this work. I can’t take care of them and the stress is destroying my marriage, my relationship with my kids and my job. Please guide my sister to do the right things and say the right things to make this ask l all work and please let her words not hurt me anymore

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Father, I like to ask you to PLEASE release my Godaughter Deysi settlement. She is not working right now and she can use it for her children and family. And Please I Pray for her healing as well I THANK YOU and LOVE You in JESUS NAME AMEN.


    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for Pat Cabler, who is having heart surgery later this month, that her surgery will be a success and that she will be able to return to work shortly thereafter.

    ~ Jacqueline
  • Daily prayers for my pregnancy. Praying for healing of my daughter in utero that she can heal from complications from genetic defect. Praying for the increased amniotic fluid and for increased fetal movement. Praying to not lose fluid.

    ~ Brittany
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together soon

    ~ Michael
  • Thank the Lord for another year in this Earth. So many blessings. Praying He shows favor on my pregnancy and my daughter heals. Praying my amniotic fluid heals she survives.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please pray I can get out of debt. Please pray I get a good check-up with no cavities. Please pray for cure and/or improvement of my numerous dental problems.

    Make Sarah refriend me on Facebook. Make her be courteous and prompt about returning my phone calls and texts. Amen.

    ~ Leah
  • Please pray for my sisters husband. He had open heart surgery today, and they are rushing him back to the OR with a bleeding problem . God give strength to the surgeon to save his life.

    ~ Tony
  • Lord Jesus Christ I adore you for your power and glory. My God you created me with love and you provide abundantly . Provide in my every need , every day in every way. Defeat all my allies bring justice . All the lies bring an end to the godipers . Grand that I my earn an income , provide me with a car in order to work and relocate me to a new location. Bring peace together with financial stability . Provide me with financancial wealth in order to grow rich. I welcome you Jesus Christ.Amen

    ~ Johan
  • I miss her deeply. Please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for Stashie to get better
    Need him to get better from a recent diagnosis

    ~ BONNIE
  • Lord I ask you to lift me up. I pray that I am not losing amniotic fluid. I pray that I do not lose this baby despite the doctors beliefs. I pray to keep feeling her movements. I pray the ultrasound on Monday shows her healing.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please dear lord help my husband at his work site that they get more work to do since its slow at the moment that they get many contracts. Please dear lord also that every job he does the people stay happy and satisfied that they see him with mercyful eyes. That my son does good and school and listens and behaves and dont say things that should not he say. That me and my brother get closer and respect each other. That my sisters in laws love me and text me to see how we are doing and no grudge Amen.

    ~ Sol
  • Please pray that God heals my life and my troubles, that he is able to bless me with an apartment that will remain avalible until I am stable. Please pray that I receive a job that I can do efficently, please that I can find one quickly. Please pray that we remain financially stable and in a safe and comfortable! Please pray that I am blessed with people in my life and that enter my life who understand me and care about me, and want to understand and listen to me, pray he sends love into my life

    ~ Davina
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together soon

    ~ Michael
  • Praying for more fetal movements and blessings at the ultrasound on Monday. Lord please take this fear from me.

    ~ Brittany
  • According to God and The Lords will prayer for protection from all spirit warfare and remove sources and expose them to all. Prayer against this now. Prayer isiha 54:17 against all and protection for me. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • Please God pray for me to receive the holy spirit and to give me strength to fast and pray. Please pray Gods will over my life. I want what God wants and I want Jesus to guard and protect my heart and my children elijah michael and abigail grace propheter.

    ~ Kari
  • Singing praises to the Lord. Praying for him to protect me and bless me today with my driving lesson. Praying for fetal movement of my daughter amen!

    ~ Brittany
  • Lord Jesus Christ saviour of all nations , my Lord and shephard pray that I may recieve the mercy of our God in my life. God creator of life you provide for me in abundance in every way , in every need , every day of my life. I accept your love together with your blessing with gratitude. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for Gods will in my life. I want God to have total control over his plans and purpose in my life.

    ~ Kari
  • God please pray for my daughter abigail to have strength and wise.

    ~ Kari
  • Praising the Lord for these fetal movements. I pray for so many more! I pray for continual healing of my daughter in utero and praying she makes it to term despite the odds the doctors have given!

    ~ Brittany
  • Please pray for my friend Julie Andreas who has passed away living in sin and not knowing the lord and is in purgatory. please pray that God would save and deliver her soul from purgatory and bing deliver her to heaven.

    ~ jason
  • That should forgive me my sins and grant me favour and success in my recent interview with globacom.

    ~ Ali Moses
  • my prayer intention is that 12 year old Wendy Senegeto returns home to her mother, Ally Myers, and her brother, Jesse. Thank you.

    ~ Marianne
  • Bless you for this, My prayer request is,

    • For more people to be brought to The Lord

    • For everyone to be blessed to fulfill their calling and purpose for The Lord in time and history.

    • For your ministry to be blessed to continue its work for The Body of Christ.

    • For spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing for The Body of Christ and I throughout for generations to come and until the end of time.

    • For The Wife I have been praying for.

    • To be financially blessed 7 times fold

  • Please pray that my boyfriend is honest that he really loves me and that all his plans will all come true. Pray that he’s really is the guy in those pictures he’s been sending me. Pray he and his son will have safe trip coming here and he’ll be here soon. I wish we’ll get married and have kids immediately. I wish we will have a successful happy family life together. And his plans for business will be successful. Pray that our family is united, God forgive our sins, heal our sickness. Amen.

    ~ Maridena
  • Jesus Christ my Lord at this moment I surrender my elderly mother Aletta Coetzee to you . At her age 83 she struggle with blood pressure , recover from hip replacement and she faint alot. Jesus Christ I surrender the women who gave birth to me , to you at this moment . A women who sacreficed her life to rise me in order to serve you God. In your name Jesus Christ take custody of my elderly mother Aletta Coetzee. She is in your hands. She is weak. Mary pray for her to Jesus Christ. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Continual praises to the Lord! Praying for his favor in this pregnancy. Praying for the sweet fetal movements and healing of my daughter’s ailments. Praying for positivity at ultrasound Monday!

    ~ Brittany
  • Hello,
    I have a prayer request. My girlfriend would love to visit my family and I for Christmas this year. She lives in the Philippines and as with any other individual from another country, to enter the U.S., that person needs to obtain a tourist visa from the U.S. Embassy in order to be allowed to visit. Her interview is in November. My prayer request is that you would pray and thank God for her safe round trip to the Embassy and her tourist visa application being accepted and granted. Thanks

    ~ Joshua
  • My wife Kristen is facing discharge from the Air Force. Serving her country has been a life long dream. Please pray that she’s able to continue serving. Thank you.

    ~ Robert
  • Praising the Lord on this glorious day. Praying he shows favor at my ultrasound on Monday. Praying for lots of fetal movement and amniotic fluid protecting my girl. Praying she’s healed of her ailments.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please pray for the release of my friend’s son from the evil clutches of a woman and that he return to his parents home for treatment and healing and also get married and settled with the most suitable Catholic girl already in mind as planned for his betterment and good future. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.

    ~ Gladys
  • Sending prayers for my self and my family as we just lost our loving Emilia Moreno . (Mother ,Grandmother, Great Grandmother sister , friend , cousin) 😥

    ~ Jennifer
  • For my boyfriend, Benjamin, that he will come back to the Catholic church and faith.

    ~ Mackenzie
  • I still believe. Please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Tom
  • Praising the Lord in my pregnancy. Leaving everything to him in the healing of my baby girl. Praying for increased amniotic fluid and fetal movement. Praying she heals of hydrops and hygroma.

    ~ Brittany
  • Lord please help me find a way to help provide for my parents. Both my parents cannot work due to sicknesses and i have major anxiety so please help me find a job i can do with my anxiety, open a business or somehow get money to help my parents. They are getting behind on their bills and our cars keep breaking and we cant seem to find ways to keep up. Please bless me with this oh lord.

    ~ Angelica
  • My Prayer intention is for my Father, Joseph. I pray that he will be healed from Prostate Cancer. Dear Lord, Please place your healing hands upon him. Rid him of all his symptoms and cure him. Let all of his tests come back good. Please give us good news. Surround him with your love and the white light of the Holy Spirit. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

    ~ Kelle
  • Please pray for my children to be less stressful and have more faith in God. Especially, please pray for God blessings on my son, he told me that he is very stressful in college and has a bad mindset for learning now. Please pray for my son able to overcome stress and able to finish college. Please pray for him that he can find strength and happy with God blessings! Thank you!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Even youths may faint and grow weary, and young men stumble and fall. Jesus please keep us from growing weary in well doing. Everyone’s strength fails, but if you renew mine, I will be like the eagles. Please grant me fortitude, endurance and strength in my weakness. A just man falls 7 times, but he rises up again. Raise us up on eagles wings. In Jesus Christ name I pray amen.

    ~ Robin
  • I’m getting an MRI done Wednesday; brain, neck, spine. Can you lift up some healing prayers for me? Thank you!

    ~ Lesley
  • Praying for God’s favor. Praying my daughter survives. Praying for fetal movement. Praying the ultrasound on Monday goes well

    ~ Brittany
  • I am Jensy and i am depressed. After much effort, i had gotten this job with a lawyer but i realised that it wasn’t for me. I hated every minute of it. My father lost his job so he doesn’t have money anymore and is counting on me to take care of the family. He obviously can’t pay for my expenses anymore. I am going down to this thinktank ORF begging for a job or atleast an internship that will develop into a job. Please please please pray that i get it. I don’t know what i am going to do otherwise

    ~ Jensy
  • Please pray for me that I will pass the Pharmacology exam on Wednesday, tomorrow, 12:30pm. This is a very crucial exam that will determine who will remain in the Nursing program. Thank you!

    ~ Gwendolyn
  • For a teenage girl with serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist.
    She started on antidepressants several weeks ago and a lot of “stuff” is bubbling to the surface.
    Her parents are literally sick with fear.
    Home life is dreary and sad and scary.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that my dentist appointment goes well tomorrow and the closing on our house goes smoothly. I am grateful for the prayers right now…I know they are helping. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Lord God heavenly father provide me with a motor vehicle in order for me to move around and seize oppertunities to earn money. God provide oppertunities to find a career and a bussines oppertunity to earn money. God provide me with exelent health in order to work , study and honour you. God provide accomodation in order for me to live my life. God provide me with investment oppertunities to multiply money . God I surrender my life. Jesus Christ in your name I ask for all of this. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • My husband Steve is experiencing health issues

    ~ Suzanne
  • My only child, my 18 yo son has just been given a preliminary test report strongly suggesting destructive cancer in his rib. I’m beyond scared. Trying to be strong for him, but I’m terrified. Please pray for full healing , quick answers and the right surgeons and treatment path to bring a complete cure. Please ask God to spare my child.

    ~ Leslie
  • My Marriage restoration journey started 3 days ago when my Wife of 22 years changed me for a man 10 years younger. I am 57 and she is 55. I went through the desert and during my journey I found Priest Aziba. God used him to heal my broken heart and took my pains away with his Powerful Love spell. I trust the Lord and I know that He is going to restore my marriage. We need to have faith. Faith is the assurance of things we hope for and the conviction of things not seen. Men and women please do n

    ~ Philip
  • Lord please help me find a way to help provide for my parents. Both my parents cannot work due to sicknesses and i have major anxiety so please help me find a job i can do with my anxiety, open a business or somehow get money to help my parents. They are getting behind on their bills and our cars keep breaking and we cant seem to find ways to keep up. Please bless me with this oh lord.

    ~ Angelica
  • I need prayer because my soul is broken. I have given so much of myself that I can no longer give anymore. I am unappreciated, unloved, and abandoned. I need God’s love.

    ~ Nichole
  • Please please pray for my Mother who is on life support until she no longer needs blood pressure medication-they are trying to wean her off and the dosage is slowly coming down but she has been on a ventilator for a week and the longer she is on the worse her chances of ever getting off. Please pray that she can sustain her own blood pressure so that they will FINALLY take her breathing tube out and she can come home! Begging for your prayers for my wonderful loving, kind, gentle, generous Mom!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Continual daily prayers for my daughter in utero. Praying the Lord increases my amniotic fluid. Praying he heals her hydrops and hygroma. Praying for my daughter to have good heart function.

    ~ Brittany
  • Looking to the Lord for Healing. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby good girl. May she be healed and pregnancy go to term. Praying to feel her movements.

    ~ Brittany
  • Praying my fetus survives despite the odds science has given her. Lord please place favor one this child in utero. Praying her to live. Praying she heals of her hydrops and hygroma. Please Lord I want my baby girl.

    ~ Brittany
  • Praying I am not losing amniotic fluid. Praying all my fluid stays in to protect baby. Please Lord protect my baby.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please Lord I selfishly pray for my health to be better and my diagnosis not to be grim. I pray this mostly for my husband’s sake as well as my own. Please help me to be strong and believe you are holding my hand along this difficult time. I pray also for my family and friends who constantly bring me their best and pray for my wellness. May they be blessed tenfold for their love and help.
    Please also know my gratefulness for all you do for me every day. I love you Lord.

    ~ Becky
  • Pray that Jose Riollano is out of our lives ASAP.

    ~ Shane
  • my son has cancer please heal him and bring all my children and grandchildren back to faith.

    ~ Margaret
  • Please pray that Curt and I are approved for our mortgage soon. Please let decisions be made in our favor. I know this is asking a tremendous amount, and we will not take this blessing for granted. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Please pray for God to set me free.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for the souls of my beloved daughter, Andrea (4 years), my brother Bill (2 years) and my brother Harry (this summer) who all passed away suddenly. I love them and miss them so very, very much. Thank you.

    ~ Connie
  • I have been unemployed for one year and I desperately need a new job. I am rapidly running out of money and will not be able to make my mortgage payments much longer. I do not qualify for unemployment at this time. Would you please pray for me that I will get a new job very soon and also receive the money I need to pay my mortgage and other debts? Thank you and God Bless you.

    ~ Frances
  • Thar God will show me the way out of the situation I have gotten myself into.

    ~ Michael
  • Thank you, Lord Jesus, for keeping me safe during my surgery and helping me to come home to recover. Please help me to recover quickly and easily with no further complications so I can stay alone and be able to take care of myself. I know only you can heal me Lord and I ask for your mercy and healing on a sinner like me. Please bless my daughter for being so helpful to me during this time. Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Prayer for my daughter and her family that they find the home they want and settle
    Prayer that my 7 grand children remain covered in The blood of Jesus, and find their way

    Prayer for my husband and his siblings that they can come together for the good of their mother and ensure she is taken care of properly

    Prayer to stop all the gun violence & violence against children all over the world

    Prayer for my continued good health, getting the job I want
    making the money I deserve
    Thank Jesus

    ~ Monica
  • Please pray god watches over my family and I, please pray he blesses us with abundance, of love, money and peace, please pray that we found an apartment that’s affordable, is clean, safe and in a good location also comfortable. All of my problems consist of money, so pray that God blesses me with prosperity and a good job to handle all of the things in my life. Pray he continues to bless me with good health mentally, emotion and physically. Please pray my mother is blessed with good health.

    ~ Davina
  • Almighty God I humbly ask you to protect NJM from unjust treatment and send your angels to his side in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ Amen.

    ~ Sara
  • Please pray for my precious parents Jose and Nieves G to both be in good health safe Happy and blessed financially. Please send prayers and blessings that all their illnesses will go away and be blessed in good health. Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Praying for my pregnancy. Praying my amniotic fluid fills. Praying for fetal movement and baby development. Praying belly grows to protect baby.

    ~ Brittany
  • That my children and grandchildren will be healed from their illness.

    ~ Cecilia
  • Please pray for me me to be healed and given strength in the name of Jesus.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for Toronto Catholic schools to remain true to Catholic teachings. Pray that all Catholic board trustees vote to keep the Catholic school code of conduct faithful to the doctrines of the Catholic faith and not add any anti-catholic statements at the upcoming meetings Nov 7 and November 21,2019 7pm in Toronto Canada .

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear God, In Jesus Name, please help us! Please forgive me all my sins. I am so, so sorry. I hurt people all the time..to their face and behind their backs. I am the worst! I hate myself. Please forgive me and help me. Please don’t punish me with pedes, disease, a broken toilet or handle. Please make mom healthy and safe and all my family, friends, animals everywhere, the innocent. Please Lord, I am afraid and throw myself on Your mercy. Please help us through this..all of this. I’m scared .

    ~ Gail M
  • Pray for My wife of 59 years
    That she may enjoy a long health Happy
    Iife free of worry, pain, suffering
    and find an inner Peace whle here on Earth then join family and friends in Heaven
    I Love you Jackie

    ~ Chester
  • About 2 weeks ago my doctor told me that my CT scan showed that my prostate was very enlarged and that as a result the bladder was having problems completely emptying. I pray for the Lord Jesus’s complete healing of these problems Please heal me Lord.

    ~ Leslie
  • Dear ,
    Please pray for my new job , which I have applied , I’m awaiting a call to clear it. In my mind I’m losing it. Pray for me to get that with gods grace. I solely depend on that job, because it is only way that I could feed my family.

    ~ THILAK
  • For the health of my wife. For all our deceased family members and friends.

    ~ Jay
  • Smokey, Luanna, Janie, Chico, Katherine, Lydia, Lillie, Lila, Neil, Norman, Larry, Lawrence, Mollie, Andrew, Manda, Charlie, Nick, Lee, Nannie, Loretta, Rachel, Matthew, Carolyn, Jenny, Connie, Elizabeth, Jennie, Sandy, Sandy’s grandmother, Edward, Jack, Lois, Howard, Jay, Rosemond, Ray, Mrs.Bridges, Mr. and Mrs. Spatz. Narcie, Donnie, Rosalinda, Annie, John, Sylvia, Bridget. Please pray for all of them on All Souls Day, as they are all deceased. Thank you. God Bless you.

    ~ BETTY
  • God help us to obtain good results on our legal matters and that the judge will be providing us with good outcome and close finally and in a positive way for us, forever give us the peace we need

    ~ Ayda
  • Please pray for my niece Reina who is serving 10 years in prison. She needs to be with her two young boys that need her more than ever. She knows that she did wrong by not telling the officers what they needed to know. Please pray that her appeal will give her a chance to get released and back with her family. Also, for my nephew that got caught DWI and was given 9 months, he too has three young children that need him. Pray that they be released.

    ~ Irma
  • Please ask God to heal my mother. She recently had back surgery and is suffering from severe complications with nausea and stomach pain. Ask God to restore my mother to good health and increased mobility.

    ~ Anthony
  • Jesus please cover me and heal me from being sick all the time.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for jesus to set me free from anything toxic and cleanse me. Pray for deliverance and Gods Angel’s to cover me and set me free. Please God I’m begging you. In the name of Jesus cover me and cover my job at fitness connection. Please Jesus I beg you. Cleanse and restore.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for my work and peace of mind petitions

    ~ Shannon
  • Dear Lord Thank You for this day, Thank You for Your Mercy and Grace, Forgive us where we come short Pleading the Precious Blood of Jesus please let me and my dad have a great day today, let me and dad walk in Your ways, not have fear, but walk in Your Power and Wisdom and Discernment let no assignment of the enemy succeed, strengthen me and my dad, let us be strong in You, let us see your goodness and walk in Your Forgiveness and Strength in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!!!

    ~ elena
  • Praying for continual healthy pregnancy and fetus. Praying my baby girl survives. Praying to keep feeling her move. Praying my belly keeps getting big and strong to protect her.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please pray that i meet and marry my future husband whohas all the qualities i want in the next month. Also dont let anything start with the wrong guys. Let us have a happy loving marriage for the rest of my life and our own happy healthy biological children. Heal totally my mom of cancer immediately and all physical ailments. Heal my immediate family of all and make them supportive an dloving and noncontrolling. That i feel loved and appreciated everyday. That i have energy to do all i want to

    ~ L
  • Please pray over my work at fitness connection charlotte nc south Blvd for strength. Please pray over my children’s home 7118 shannon drive apt 821. I pray in the name of Jesus.

    ~ Kari
  • Pray for peace in my classroom.

    ~ Luz
  • my parents
    my CAPPITTI grandparents
    my PETRELLA grandparents
    all PETRELLA Relationships
    all Cappitti Relationships
    all my deceased friends

    ~ Linda
  • Please pray for my dad, as my stepmother has just passed away.

    ~ Katherine
  • Please pray for me to be set free. Please pray Gods will in my life.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray jealous healing over my body. Pray for me to be a Godly woman. Pray for me to be the woman God wants me to be.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for my daughter that she has control over her anxiety & depression & that she makes a good decision regarding a possible job opportunity.

    ~ Laurie
  • Please pray for the souls of: Aproniano & Florencia Sarmiento, Cornelio,Alberto,Emilio,Jose,josefina Sarmiento, Dominador & Fortunata Cervantes , Remigio de Guzman, Sabas Argumido, Evaristo & Teresa Sarmiento,
    And other friends and relatives who have died . Also for the soldiers of war in Iran, Vietnam , Syria , Pakistan who have served our country , we ask for perpetual prayers for them. Thank you to the priests and staff of the Sunday Mass who have serve us fulfill our spiritual needs.

    ~ Gloria
  • Please pray for me to get the money for my car and help me to get it by this weekend please so I can send out my car payments….and also please pray for me to keep my job and let them take Reny out of my van please pray for me Amen

    ~ Nicole
  • In loving memory of my sons Justin Erik Bagwell born La Mesa, California, 10-11-79 passed away 7-13-2017 Las Vegas, Nevada, and Sean Morgan Bagwell born 7-25-74 Eureka, California, and who passed away 7-25-74, Eureka, California. And my dad,
    John August Hammer born May 17, 1922, in Erie, Pennsylvania, who passed away February 2013 in San Diego, California. May they rest in peace with God.

    ~ Judith
  • For all the fire fighters/1st responders, and effected by the fires in California. May the holy trinity protect, strengthen, inspire and love them during the long fight.
    For the homeless and marginalized, may the trinity be with them, when loneliness and hopelessness comes.
    May the trinity, inspire us in community, collaboration and love of those around us.

    ~ Heidi
  • Please pray for my health. I am using a walker and wheelchair and I need the help of Jesus to lay his healing hand on me and help me walk again without any of these aids. It has been a rough year for me since my husband passed away and I was his caregiver till he passed away in my arms. I am still grieving and having a hard time without him. Please give me the strength and help I need to go on. I pray in the name of my lord, and my savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

    ~ Nancy
  • Please pray for the deceased Medecke family members and friends.

    ~ Daniel
  • Please pray that we sell our motor home right away. Thank you.

    ~ Kathleen
  • Help in the selling of our home and the move to my son’s and family

    ~ Mary Ann
  • Please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage into a better holier happier and healthier marriage than it’s ever been before. Renew my husband’s commitment to me and to our marriage. Help him heal of his addictions and become honest, faithful, caring and kind, empathetic and affectionate emotionally and physically. Give him a warm and tender heart towards me. Bring him closer and have him turn towards the marriage and no longer away from the marriage. Help him to grow in faith. AMen

    ~ Kathleen
  • Praying this pressure subsides and I go back to feel fetal movement. Praying for my baby’s survival.

    ~ Brittany
  • I need prayers for my community of Tolleson and the Phoenix diocese. For Catholic Faith and protection and purity of the churches teachings. For all the church and out Holy Father. That the church may stay pure. That God may dismantle any form of attack or organizations that are not of the Church. That every knee may bend to Jesus Christ.

    ~ Juanita
  • I need an urgent prayer request regarding that I’m facing eviction at my apartment complex i have until Sunday to leave, so my mother was staying with me also. Still, she is going through a divorce the judge grant my mom to move back in her home. However, the only bad part is her ex-husband still stays at home. Also, he has a domestic abuse charge filed against my mother its on record for her safety. My mom had a trial date on November 5th. Now her trial has changed until January 2020

    ~ Vanity
  • Please Pray for me to do well in college and please pray for the wellbeing of my family.

    ~ Catherina
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • My name is Leajia ( Lee asia) please agree with me in prayer for healing in my blood, healing in my skin, god will remove all sickness and diseases from my body, Angels of protection all around me and my family, financial blessings I want to move and need money to help me, direction I want to move to another state, I want to hear god clearly in Jesus name Amen

    ~ Leajia
  • Healing and Restoration

    Please pray for the restoration and healing of my whole body from diabetes, kidney failure, brain and heart problems.


    ~ Michael
  • I humbly ask Prayers for continued Health & Blessings for my Family. With all my Heart & Soul – I ask Prayers of Mercy, Grace, Health & Blessings for all Homeless Families ~ especially homeless children & teens. Asking for God’s continued Love & Protection. Lastly, I ask for God’s continued understanding & forgiveness. Please Lift the cloud of confusion, depression & negativity from my mind & Spirit. Strengthen my Faith in God. Always keep me closest to Him forever. Amen.

    ~ Michele
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together soon

    ~ Michael
  • Tomorrow Friday 1st November 2019 marks the Feast of All Saints and the start of the month of November where we remember our faithful departed. Through this month of November 2019 please pray for my late father Patrick McTaggart, who died on 14th November 1995 in Derry City, Northern Ireland aged 49. I was only 10 years old at the time of his death. Pray that he is enjoying the peace and glory of heaven. Thank You. From John King.

    ~ John
  • Please pray for my following deceased family members:

    Charles Thomson, Doreen Thomson, Elsie Thomson, Raymond J. Pawlowski, Raymond R. Pawlowski,
    Helen Pawlowski, Joseph Pawlowski

    ~ Geraldine
  • Please pray for reason I’m having difficulty swallowing be not bad and for my kidney health

    ~ Vanessa
  • For the repose of the souls who have died in the recent landslide in Baffoussam Cameroon.
    For all those who have died recently in the crises that affects the Country.
    For the repose of the souls of family members and friends and all the faithful departed souls.
    Jesus I trust in You, Mama Mary, please pray for us. Amen

    ~ Atem
  • God my creator in you I find peace of mind . You love me abundantly , everyday you share grace together with mercy . God grant me the oppertunity to leave my current location in order to migrate . Let your will be done for my own good. Create the oppertunity for me to make a difference in this world. Allow me to recieve abundance of health,happiness,love,knowledge and financial wealth . Guide me to independance together with bussines leadership . My life is in your hands. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • My husband passed a year ago I pray that God gives me the courage to continue going and finish what it is that I am here to do I pray that he teaches me to have more faith I pray that my heart be whole again I pray that I can get on my own two feets and learn how to do things on my own without my amazing husband until we meet again Amen .

    ~ Rina
  • My former sister-in-law, who cares for her mother, her brother with cancer, her husband and their three daughters, was struck when a car jumped the curb earlier today in Washington and ran over her on a sidewalk. She sustained massive injuries, particularly head injuries. Please pray for her complete recovery!

    ~ Suzanne
  • Asking God for successful skin cancer surgery on my husband. That it all be caught in the initial MOHS surgery and that his recovery be quick.

    ~ Nancy
  • Peace and Happiness in the world

    ~ Chris
  • Healing for Victoria Bawuah that she will see the promises of God come true
    For my children and grand children
    Fir my brothers and their families
    For my uncles and aunt
    For me that I may do the Lords work

    ~ Violet
  • Bless My Path to Heaven thein Winter and Next. May My Days and Prayers be Blessed. World Peace. Jesus 3x

    ~ Mike
  • Please pray for me to successfully pass physiology class and to get accepted into the LVN-RN program at Mission College. I have both a learning disability (processing disorder) and physical disability (Bladder Exstrophy and Spina Bifida) that make complex sciences like physiology (chemistry, physics, microbiology and human biology combined all in one) very hard for me.

    I need prayers please to pass with a B or better to get into the program. I have been trying very hard for a year.


    ~ Misty Blue
  • Peace in the family, friends, financial security, Good Health for all and my self and all legal stuff that was not our fault be a true blessing. In Jesus name we pray

    ~ Patty
  • For All Souls Day: for my parents
    George Rana Bodin n Edlay T Bodin, their parents and siblings who have returned to the Father

    ~ Ron
  • Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    I pray for a miracle for my sister. Please heal her from her illness and all the damage it has done to her. I ask this in your name for the sake of her, her young son, and our family. Please help us. We are in desperate need of your mercy. I ask for this grace in the name of Jesus Christ and through his most precious blood.

    ~ Ella
  • Please pray for my relationship restoration with Allwyn. It’s been over 2 weeks he is not talking to me and has blocked me everywhere. I love him a lot and want to marry him. We have been in a relationship for more than 3 years now. Please pray that GOD gives him a new mind towards me and a new heart .Please pray I believe GOD is able to do anything and everything. Please pray for our reconciliation.

    ~ Punam
  • Good physical and mental health for my family. Safe travels for my sister and I.

    ~ Faye
  • Please pray for healing in my relationship with my children and their mother.

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray that I stay strong, true to myself, do the best job that I can do in my current teaching position, and make the right decision about my career in the near future.

    ~ Julia
  • Please pray for me, I am homeless and my backpack was stolen.

    I need to start work and will most likely be living in a motel or hotel until I save enough money for a down payment and rent.

    I missed two shifts of work with a staffing company. It should be okay. Please pray that I did not cause any complications.


    ~ Matthew
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray he has a good work day today. He recently received a job promotion. He’s in negotiations for his pay raise. Please pray Chris receives a significant pay increase with his job promotion. Please pray for improved and better working conditions for him. He has worked hard for his job promotion. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Please pray for work to come in and for our daughter to feel better and be free from her controlling boyfriend who uses witchcraft. Pray for protection for us from him. Her name is Michelle

    ~ Barb
  • Please pray for my health and finances, please pray for protection for me and my household as well as my home, vehicle and my barn and horses, please pray for my job for blessing and favor and for someone dear to me his name is Nick I am very worried about him so I pray for communication as well as for his salvation Thank you

    ~ Tracielyn
  • Lord,please guide my husband’s soul into your light and arms.
    Please,pray for my husband, Angelo R. Mendoza,Jr.; Who pass on Sept.1,2019..
    Lord,keep my Son,Giovanni R. Mendoza,
    Safe during his surgery safe and may you bless the surgeon^s hands that’s doing his surgery.May my son heal quickly so he can go back to work.
    Please,Lord may my son win his case so he can get back on his feet.
    Bless be Lord and Thank you for all your kindness.

    ~ Mercedes
  • That my son-in-law Rudy survives cancer, my daughter to be married November 2, her marriage is blessed. Thank you.

    ~ Sharon
  • For the repose of the soul of my nephew Mark D. Avery (Zamarripa).

    Thank you and God bless you.

    ~ Martha
  • Please, I need guidance in my daily thoughts of fear and anxiety

    ~ courtney
  • Pray for :
    Phyllis Dunne
    Steven Dunne

  • Pray for Dennis Collins who passed on october26,2019

    ~ Joanne
  • That I may be free of cancer

    Please only use my first name – Thank You.

  • My heart aches. I had been requesting prayer for restoration of my ex and mines marriage but she remarried the other day. I find myself alone, unemployed, sick with flu and dead broke. Please pray for me.

    ~ Thomas
  • Deceased members of the Rovegno Family
    Louis Condon
    Gladys Patterson

    ~ Eileen

    ~ BENSON
  • Please please prayer for my brother whose has had a stroke. He can’t walk well and I fear of him falling. He seems so weak and dies not use a cane or walker. I fear for him and cry for him. He’s the only family member from my core family left. I love h dearly along with my only son whose getting married in 2 months. I feel selfish as I fear more loss in my life. I have had plenty since a young age along myself with type one diabetes of 55 years. Celiac disease thyroid disease and dental ….

    ~ Laurel
  • Prayer for healing. I have been diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer–Cholangiocarcinoma. The doctors tell me it is incurable and inoperable. Please ask God to give the doctors a cure for this horrible disease and make me well. My husband and I pray every day and also pray the Rosary that Mary will intercede to ask Jesus and God to send a cure for these rare cancers. Please ask God to remove this cancer from my body. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    ~ Gloria
  • I pray for strength to get through my medical tests and for good test results. I also pray for the health and finances of my family.

    ~ Mary
  • Dear Lord,
    I am dealing with an illness.
    I ask that you would restore my health, heal me, soothe my pain, and ease my worries.
    Grant me your peace and comfort.

    ~ Kimberly
  • Prayer Intentions: Birthdays: Bobbie Price, Frank R. Diaz, Maximus Miner

    All Souls: Fortunata R. Diaz, Antonio C. Diaz, Edward Reyes Diaz, Mary Diaz,
    Roque Diaz, Lourdes San Nicolas, Julie D. Cruz, Joaquin Q. Miner, Rosalia Miner,
    Deacon Andy Gerakas, Deacon Tom Contrades, Deacon Jerry Nanagawa, Deacon
    Joaquin Borja, Father John Sullivan

    For the Living: Jason & Monica Miner & Family
    Henry J. Miner, Jeffrey Miner, Deacon Henry Miner & Margaret Miner


    ~ Margaret
  • Please pray for my intentions.

    ~ Dan
  • I intend to get my RV home running so I can visit the CA Missions, friends, family graves, and move to Klamath CA. St. Martin help me. All pray for me.

    ~ JULIAN
  • Recovery of Sian SLOWINSKI,
    Recovery for Frank Currie

    ~ Elizabeth
  • Please pray for Vinnie who has Atherosclerosis and is suffering from episodes of extremely high blood pressure. Thank You

    ~ Anonymous
  • We need a job my husbant and i. God help us. We need good cominication my family s members and neigbers at Samandağ. God help us. We are alone god protec us. God prepare a Way for job. God help us. God give Power petiance peace mercy us..god Open all abundance Ways. God protec our marrige.

    ~ Lucky
  • Please pray for the special intentions of my sisters, Mary and Barbara. Thank you so very much.

    ~ Sister Maristella
  • Dear Lord hear my prayers and help me out of this depression I am going through. I pray for my family and finances, a pt job I can do from my home and a cure for Muscular Dystrophy. My faith is strong and I know you are walking right beside me I love you with all my heart. Help me to gain strength back in my arms so I can do some simple tasks in my daily life. Amen.


    ~ JKB
  • Please pray for my work and peace of mind petitions

    ~ Anonymous
  • I am accused by false reason, because devil through peoples/flesh/ my BOSS & Driver are attacking me in my JOB & my family LIFE every tongue which rises against me in judgment, now I need God’s divine intervention, judgment & protection in my Job,life.
    That I can be free now & always By God’s Divine intervention.

    ~ Taye
  • Christina Morkin, who has stage 1V cervical cancer.

    ~ Joseph
  • Please pray for the healing of my lungs. I have chronic bronchitis. It is an often problem I have. Also please pray for my body to strengthen. I’m very weak. I have battled this problem for 4 years. I’m a 3 time cancer survivor. I have been cancer free for years.
    I really enjoy your Sunday Mass on TV.
    Thank you so much for the Prayer and Worship guide you send. I really enjoy having it.
    Also please pray for my finances. I’m having trouble stretching my
    Disability check.

    ~ Gwyn
  • Praying to continue to find my baby’s heartbeat. Pleading to God the Almighty that no matter what treatments she will need after birth that I will take care of her. Praying for her survival.

    ~ Brittany
  • For a soulmate and the head of our family who is a good man after Gods own heart.

    ~ M
  • Please pray for my father. He has a final interview on Monday with an amazing company. He has been unemployed for a few months now and we could really use this financial blessing. Please pray for God to guide him through the interview and for God to guide him toward a steady, rewarding career. Please pray for him to secure a job soon. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Eva
  • Lord Jesus Christ I ask for forgiveness for my sins . Transform me into the image of God our creator. Guide me to infinate wisdom , let me achieve a goal greater than life to honour God. Allow me to rise above all expectation in order to live a peacefull , healthy and prosperious life . Let me recieve a purpose in life , develop me . Here I am lord . Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Please,pray. I am a senior citizen. I am divorced and all alone. Both of my daughters are planning to move far away soon.

    Please,pray this doesn’t happen.

    I am praying for an answer asap.

    ~ Donna
  • Help my son with his substance problem and bring my entire family into Gods will And path back to him.
    Judah and

    Thank you
    I an recovering from kidney disease, Cancer and a stroke. I can’t get ou and around,plus they don’t live near so I rarely see them to witness. Please pray for us

    ~ Joel
  • Pray that the Klotts will believe me about my six page letter about Jose and his affair and about who he really is.

    ~ Shane
  • That the Holy Trinity along with our Blessed Mother Mary will continue to watch over and protect my family and lead each of our souls to Heaven.
    In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

    ~ John
  • My ex wife who is now remarried was involved in witchcraft. I feel as if I am oppressed or under attack. Please pray any spells lodged against me be defeated and that I heal spiritually emotionally mentally physically and financially .

    ~ Thomas
  • Pray for my grandson Christian, who seems to be hitting roadblock after roadblock in his life. May God open a door for him, that he may find a good job, where he will be able to support himself. May he have success, financial
    blessing and good health. May his faith in God be increased. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

    ~ Sylvia
  • My prayer request is for my friend Rachel. She is at a crossroads in her relationship and she needs the guidance or the light to show her that she is not alone. Please pray for her strength and heart and faith in this situation.

    ~ Valerie
  • To find and be blessed with a good job with kind and professional co-workers, managers, directors/bosses; decent pay and benefits, near our home, and where I can retire.

    A healthy mind and body for my family, my husband and his family, and myself.

    And may the Good Lord bless us and protect us all the days of our lives.

    In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    ~ Anna
  • Please pray for my husband John Haskell. His heart function has been greatly decreased. Please pray that God will place the perfect doctors and medicine in John’s life to improve his quality of life and extend his life. Thank you and God bless you! Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    ~ MaryAnn
  • Dear God, In Jesus’ Name, Please Cure us. Please cure my mom, age 86, bad kidneys, bad sight, shaky, small frail, many worries, too much work, bad back, . I love her so much! Please don’t take her from me.Ever. Please protect us in our apt., our building, our neighborhood, until we find our dream home. Please guide us to it. Please cure, Auntie Dot, Jackie, Bg, my family, friends, pets. Rusty. Please cure my Terrible stomach pain, liver, cramping, nausea, bladder and obesity. I’m so sorry.

    ~ Gail M
  • Healing for Donna Cristy Lim In all areas of her life, that she will be reunited with her son Jackson Connor Tiumalu, protection for Jaden Tyler Lim! Healing for Joshua Grogan Tiumalu In all areas of his life, may he be humbled and converted and experience the true existence of God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit! Amen! That Donna will find employment! That the custody mediation on November 4 will be favorable to her! Amen

    ~ Evelyn
  • We ask the Good Lord and Mother Mary to strengthen our faith in the coming days as we face challenges to our health. Help us to make good choices pleasing to the Lord. Bless our doctors, nurses and all staff involved in our care. May we comfort family and friends who love and care for us with faith and prayer. Above all, we are thankful for the many blessings God has bestowed on us. May we share these with all who come into our lives. Mother Mary, please pray for us!

    ~ Gilbert & Veronica
  • Please pray for my beloved, Paddy.

    ~ P
  • Dear God, Blessed Fr. Solanus Casey & all of the Saints who intercede for me. I thank you ahead of time for these intentions. Please hear & answer them favorably. Please heal me Hope Krakowski from this blood disorder MGUS, anxiety, depression & PTSD, & menopausal side effects. Please keep me strong & heal me in body, mind, finances. please keep all of my family & my puppy Seraphina happy & healthy, please allow me to be able to pay all my debts especially the IRS as I work 2 jobs 7 days a week

    ~ Hope
  • Prayer for healing from Brain Lesions and damage due to Multiple Sclerosis.

    ~ Carol
  • For Colleen, that she will get the job in the Madison, WI are so she can move closer to her family and for Allie that somehow she will be able to get her life in balance so she won’t be so stressed and have time for herself and her family and that the place she works will realize the need for an assistant for her.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my husband’s job. He is bipolar and once again he is in trouble with work. Please pray his job is ok. God bless and thank you

    ~ Jen
  • Robert Williams has cancer and it is terminal. Please give him strength on difficult days and that he will be able to enjoy more time on Earth with family.

    ~ Lucinda
  • Please for the sale of my husband’s business to bring him peace of mind and for the ability to conceive for my son and his wife
    I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen

    ~ Linda
  • That both of my children will find gainful employment and financial indepence

    ~ Janelle
  • For Anthony RIBUSTELLO, Jack PARATORE, Linda BotsonBye-bye yes , Lisa and Junior Rowan, for cure for Cancer. Good health and better lives for JUDITH and David Keanon, Mary Angela MARCHETTI, Rose and Jack Paratore, RONNY and JODY STEADMAN-Keanon and son, all my friends, relatives and acquaintances I know and love. RENEWAL OFC FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN SUSAN AND JUDI, IT IS BROKEN, DONT KNOW WHY, BUT NEED GOD TO HELP US BE FRIENDS AGAIN. MY HEART IS BROKEN BECAUSE WE ARE NO LONGER FRIENDS!

    ~ Judith
  • Please pray that God heal Kim Kidd Martz and Rex Ruberg and all of my family members and friends that are ill or injured. Please pray that my police record from 1972 gets expunged next month when I go to court. Please pray that PSA sends my order soon and that it be defect and flaw free and that I can bring it home with me. Please pray that my lasers arrive soon and they are very good. Please pray that our finances and investments grow and prosper and the 4 of us stay healthy & safe. THANK GOD!

    ~ Dan
  • Employment and job happiness, good decisions and happy outcome for Brad

    Health and safety for family and Angie

    Healing for Angie, Annette and return to strength and health for all

    For safety and peace for everyone and all Heart of the Nation

    ~ Annette
  • Please, God, I beg you to reunite me with my great niece, Valentina Mia, very soon. I don’t want to live without her. Amen.

    Love, Leah

    ~ Leah
  • I would like to have a mass said for my husband Pete Galles, who left 7 monthso ago. And my parents Victor and Stella, Sister Irene and my brother Roy. From Canyon Country, California. And my aunt Dora from Fresno, California. Thank you, God bless.

    ~ Vicky
  • Please let my blood work be good when I go to the get it checked in the next couple of months. Flee all swelling from my feet and ankles.. Flee all sugar diabetics if there is any in my body to flee my body. Flee all pains in my knees when I walk.. Flee all hate out of Leonard Beauford against his brother Leon Beauford.. Flee all of there is any problems in my eyes, to flee my body.. Make my granddaughter Imonti keep her room clean and be a nicer and kinder young lady, and stop being lazy.

    ~ Mae
  • Pray so my grandson regains his health from Lyme disease. Also so my son and his wife feel the presence of God while dealing with this tragedy. Give the family strength and joyful hope.

    ~ Kenneth
  • Physical healing of my cats. Three of them are having bouts of diarrhea, which can lead to more complicated diagnoses.

    ~ Tina
  • Please help me focus, heal, get stronger and get to Mass.

    ~ Mary Ann
  • For the repose of the souls of the following :
    Marguerite Blanc Rey
    Willis Louis Rey, Sr.
    James Webster Union
    Elina Whittle
    Earl Ignatius Blanc
    Armond Adams
    Dominique Adansi-Bona
    Myrtle Rose Bachemin

    ~ Jane
  • For the family, friends and loved ones of Jeffrey LaBerge: That they may know how much he loved them and, despite the pain of the loss, may they find comfort. For his wife, Chris, that she find God’s help and love through family and friends aiding her into the adjustment of a changed life and that she never want for support.

    ~ Greg
  • I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family

    ~ Philip
  • I pray that our Lord send His angels to surround and protect me October 28th while undergoing serious heart surgery.
    That He touch me with His healing hand and fill me with His Holy Spirit, in Jesus name Amen.

    ~ Samuel
  • I pray for my sister Rosemary to come into money so she can pay her bills and get her medicines that she needs. In Jesus name.

    ~ Roberta
  • GOD, please allow Howie the wisdom tp open his heart to me and allow a possible beautiful connection and meet me. amen

    ~ f
  • Last year, I met a man named Peter. He is a devout Catholic, God fearing, a wise leader, patient, gentle, kind and has a true gift of working with children. I truly feel the reflection of Jesus when I encounter his presence. While I deeply believe the two of us have felt a connection, especially at the spiritual level, I do not have the courage to express my personal interest as we do work together. There is no policy at work against this, we both work at a wonderful Catholic institution.

    ~ Stephanie
  • Prayers for the complete healing of my mom, Teresita – may her heartbeat become more regular and stable; may we be released from the hospital in the next 2 days. Prayers also for my dad, Ricardo, may he be comforted & strengthened by God’s love.

    ~ Karol
  • Lord Jesus Christ my savior , forgive my sins in your holy name. Bring relief to my suffering . Cure me from Anemia , relief me from nosua , fatigue , dry skin and bleeding. You are the healer of nations . Bring positive change into my life. You are my healer. Share with me your devine power and heal me. God my creator bless my body with new blood . I need your devine power now.

    Lord God heavenly King bless me with a career , enable me to work for my succes in life. At age 44 bring the change

    ~ Johan
  • Dear God
    I pray that my parents will stay in town long enough to get the cancer treatment
    Please hear my prayers Lord and give my parents patience so they will leave longer without any pain. I’m at the last will and don’t know what else to do. Please Lord hear my prayers. I am also praying that my mom will have no more pain, please take away her pain and have her live comfortably and hope she start eating again to start gaining her energy and her medication stomach and headaches will go away

    ~ Rose
  • For my grandson’s dad who was diagnosed as bi-polar but isn’t taking his medications and having serious issues from that. I pray he gets the help he needs before something terrible happens. Thank you

    ~ Maryann
  • Needing prayers for my daughter in utero. Praying for her survival. Regardless of any treatments she may need after birth, I will do it all and take care of her. Mommy and Daddy just want her here. Please survive baby.

    ~ Brittany
  • Dear Father, I come to you still PRAISING & THANKING YOU STILL for my husband Richards HEALTH, for BLESSINGS him to stay cancer free always. And I THANK YOU for KEEPING me his wife and all my children & grandchildren & siblings & daugter in laws and EVERYONE I LOVE in HEALTH, SAFETY & PROTECTION. And PLEASE PLEASE Father I ask you & beg you to PLEASE release my amazing settlement that you have BLESSED me with. PLEASE BLESS the attorney contact me the end of this week. IN JESUS NAME AMEN. Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please I am asking for help to pray for my husband Richard he has been pulling himself away from Jesus Christ and his family. For almost a year now. He’s away for almost a week now , he will be back on Thursday I hope this time away will be a wake-up call for him get to his life together. Please pray for us. Thanks for your help.

    ~ natalee
  • I ask you to pray for me as I am struggling for many reasons right now. I am deeply mourning the loss of my brother, and I ask for comfort. I am having anxiety about the purchase of our house and I ask for prayers that everything goes alright and falls in to place. I ask for prayers that Curt continues to adjust to his job and that he is received well by others. Thank you for your mercy and grace. I pray these things, in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • I have been on a reckless road to no where,,I need to be grounded more,please pray for wisdom,kindness good mental and physical health for josiah Samantha Brandon laura ,laura William raegan Alex marianna Dane jd,and may God keep safe and put of harms way

    ~ Laura
  • My prayer is to Please heal Kristi Blocher of epilepsy and chronic pain. Please restore her to health. She is only 29 years of age and has been suffering terribly 8 years and the Doctors do not know what it is. She is my much loved niece.

    ~ Julie
  • Please pray for my son Kevin for healing and god protection he his under attack

    ~ Leila
  • Kindly pray for me to get a well paying job before the end of this month of October

    ~ Stella
  • May I love God with all of my heart, mind, body, and soul. May I love my neighbor as myself. May all of creation with free will do the same.

    ~ Mark
  • Hello my names Kelly, and I’ve been suffering with depression and anxiety for awhile now.Some days are better than others. Some days I can not even get out of bed.I have a lot of confusion and often feel anxious.I often feel like im worthless. But lately have been watching your daily mass on television. Its really helped me turned to god. I would just like for you to pray for me to get better. Thank you God bless Kelly.

    ~ Kelly
  • My Daughter Amanda and Husband Willard who just had a miscarriage. They will have faith and peace regarding the future and with Gods plan for them.

    ~ Meg
  • please pray that we will be able to pay all our obligations and we will be financially stable

    ~ Michelle
  • I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family

    ~ Philip
  • Please pray for my son, Johnny. He’s having a difficult freshman year at college. He’s homesick and not doing well in a couple classes and Isn’t making friends.

    ~ Sarah
  • My home is going into foreclosure and I need to remove ex-spouse from home deed. Please allow me to keep my home.

    ~ Jase
  • Please pray for peace in my family.

    ~ mary
  • – [ ] Asking prayers for my friend Steph S her deliverance from drugs and never touches them again her salvation that she becomes saved filled with the Holy Spirit god becomes the center of her life a unbreakable anointing on her life she becomes a light to others new godly minded friends her old friends disappear forever a good job successful career peace that surpasses all understanding good decision making skills break all the curses and demonic strongholds assignments and influences shut all

    ~ Jim
  • Prayers for all marriages who struggle especially for my sister’s Lisas’s marriage who is struggling because of communication and with husband. She fights a lot in front of her children and are all struggling. I ask God to comfort her and the kids. Conversion to the faith of my Brother Antonio and brother in law Santiago, Sis in Law Elisa.

    Conversion to the faith of my fiancé John Valverde. Prayer for me, Margarita to get clear in discernment to marry or not marry my fiancé John. Amen.

    ~ Margarita
  • Praying for my daughter in utero whom has Turner syndrome. Praying for her survival and resolution of her hydrops and hygroma. I pray for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby girl. I will do any treatments she may need after her birth. I just want our girl.

    ~ Brittany
  • My name is Jesu and I’m from India.i need a job.. please pray for me.

    ~ Jesu
  • Im in hospital pray for my heart please Lord heal me

    ~ Mark
  • Thank You God, Blessed Mother and St Jude for all You helped us with.
    Please let my cancer stay in remission. Help my son with his life and be thankful for his health and job. Watch over our families . Please give our world the guidance it needs to remove the hate. I have never seen in my entire lifetime such negativity. God help us. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together very soon

    ~ Michael
  • Please Enroll me Derek Gerard Solomon in Your Prayer Intentions Book
    I’m suffering with ill health
    St Michael Archangel Protect us Amen IHS

    ~ Derek
  • Please pray for me and Bobby Clinkscale. I am heartbroken and having a hard time with this break up. Praying God softens Bobby’s heart for me and reconciliation. God Bless.

    ~ Kimberly
  • Please pray for my husband John. He needs your prayers to improve his heart function. Please pray that God will supply the correct doctors and medicines at Abbott NW that will improve my husband’s quality of life and that will extend his life. Through Christ our Lord.
    Amen. Thank you and God bless you!!

    ~ MaryAnn
  • Praying for my daughter. Praying for the healing of her hydrops and hygroma. Praying that my daughter lives. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please let my husband’s health improve and let us not have any problems with either pests or electrical problems in our one wall. Please protect us and our home/health. Please protect our son in all ways.

    ~ G
  • Lord,please bless my relationship w/Kevin. Please Strengthen our love, communication,respect&Effort towards each other. I pray you soften his heart to remind him of the good we shared, the strong connection we shared together, the excitement from the day we met & to see my worth thru Your eyes. Please Father remove all obstacles and challenges from our past and present that is keeping us from moving forward. Please make a way&restore us,Jesus.. please allow me to hear from him today and bless me

    ~ dahlia
  • Please pray for stubborn, defiant rebellious son Alroyd secretly married without me his father and late wife his mother s consent and giving me and daughter his sister endless trouble since 15 years and jobless every now threatening me of legal action against me, to deliver him wife Shasta children and families from bondage of Islam and rebellion and accepts Jesus Christ as their true Lord. Also that he gets a separate house as he wife shaista and 3 kids growing up needs space as in the prese

    ~ Julian
  • That I will be able to complete all legs of my trip without any medical incident or complications and that I will be able tp lower my blood pressure while away and return home safe and sound to complete my medical treatment. That I will be blessed with faith and patience and strength to believe in God’s word and that the completion of my trials will result in a testimony to my community of faith and patience and realizing blessings through trials and tribulations.
    Praise be the Lord !

    ~ joyce
  • Please pray that my body is healed and that I don’t have any active cancer in my body. I am specifically asking for prayer for my lungs and that the breast cancer which is in remission has not spread to lung cancer.

    ~ Beth
  • Merciful Lord Jesus Christ, please take Johnnie Eubanks into heaven at the time of her passing, please grant her family comfort

    ~ Jeff
  • Pls. pray for my son he is having exams now. pls pray for him to get a job through campus recruitment. pls.pray

    ~ beena
  • Pray for me for strength and healing…

    ~ Sylvia
  • Praying for our daughter who has hydrops and hygroma. The doctors say prognosis isn’t good. She is in utero. Mommy and Daddy want her and love her so much. Praying for God to bless this pregnancy and those things will resolve so she will live.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please pray that Curt has a good week at work. Let the good in him shine through and let him be filled with hope and patience as he adjusts to this job. Please let everything go smoothly with the house we are trying to buy and let us be cleared to close soon. Please watch over Lyla and let her grow healthy and strong and let her tedt results be benign. Please be with Billy and let him recover well from his surgery. Thank you for your mercy and grace and for hearing these prayers. I pray Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • In the name of Jesus Christ we stand in agreement with you .Were more than 3 people pray together the power of prayer becomes effective. I request to be healed from fatigue,bleeding,nosua and head ache.

    I urgently need employment , my own car , my own place and to move away from parents,family and negative narcassist trying to stop me from living my life.I urgently need freedom.In your name I ask all of this.Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Humble thanks for an undeserved grace

    ~ Anonymous
  • Safe and happy move to AZ with husband and brother

    ~ Marsha
  • Healing of my eyes from a condition causing them to turn yellow and they hurt. Asking and believing in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ

    ~ Sandrilia
  • Please pray for cleansing and purity over erik mccaffrey. Please pray for jesus spirit to cover him with repentance and love. Please pray for me to be who God wants me to be. Please pray for jesus healing over my body. Please jesus heal erik mccaffrey. Please cleanse him. Please keep my children safe and loved and covered with jesus love. Cover them with Gods love. Jesus I’m so sorry for anything I’ve done that has hurt you.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for Jesus spirit to be released over our country. Please pray for all diseases to be healed across our country. Please God pray for happiness and healing across this country. We all need to be cleansed.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for Gods will in my life. Please pray for Gods will in erik McCaffrey life. Please pray for Gods will in my children elijah and abigail propheter life. Please Jesus forgive me of my sins. Cleanse me and make me pure.

    ~ Kari
  • We pray for a fully favorable decision at Joe’s Social Security Hearing 11/19/19 and for our diseases, pains and finances to be healed in Jesus name Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray that my family get into a better place where we are safe and can be comfortable, please pray that we are able to afford comfort of having our own space and roof over our head. Please pray Jesus forgives my family and I are for being ungrateful for what you have given us, please Jesus bless us with financial security and prosper! Please pray God helps us, please pray that he protects my family from hurt and pain. Pray that I remain in good health, mentally and emotionally!

    ~ Davina
  • God Bless all the addicted, neglected, and abused and those who think hateful thoughts and those who are hated and those who love unconditinally. I love you Dear Lord and I know you love me.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for the spiritual and emotional well being of our 3 children as they experience life’s ups and downs academically and socially. I pray that they feel strength and happiness in abundance.

    Thank You

    ~ Kana
  • Heavenly Father I come before you for forgiveness for all the evil I have done. Lord I pray you find in your heart to forgive me for everything I have done. Lord I only did what I did to save my marriage from divorce. Lord I love my husband. Lord I pray you be with me when we go to court and touch this judge heart to send us to counseling and save our family and make things right for us. Only you Jesus can save us and make things right and bring joy back to this marriage and our lives Lord Jesus

    ~ Shun
  • Please pray that I will get a high grade on Nursing Fundamentals exam tomorrow, Monday 8:30am. I scored low last exam. I need to make up for it in this second major exam. Thank you! God bless!

    ~ Gwendolyn
  • Please pray that I have a more speedy recovery from my heart attack. I pray for more patients in myself – both physically and mentally. I pray that I will be always available for my family and for All of my family’s needs. I pray for everyone that needs prayers for what ever their prayer needs are for.

    ~ Kathleen
  • Thank you so much for the blessed Sunday Mass message on this Sunday October 21, 2019 Father John Puodziunas and for the blessed readings from Bruce Peterson. John Angotti and the Heart of the Nation choir did an awesome job singing. Brothers and sisters continue praying for my severe lower back, hips and both legs pain especially back of my legs. Pray for safety and health of my daughter, son in law and our dog.
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for my son Paul who is away to college for the first time. Pray to give him guidance and does well in his classes.

    ~ Claudia
  • for my son Nick

    ~ mary margaret Kujawa
  • Lord Jesus Christ I stand in agreement with you , the power of prayer is effective in your name as I request a mirracle to set me free.

    I need to find a way to end 6 years of unemployment .

    I urgently need my own place to live far away from negative people including my parents and family.

    I urgently need my own car .

    I urgently need to regain my health , strengh .

    I urgently need peace and tranquility in my life.

    I urgently need to calm down in order to maintain focus .

    I need God

    ~ Johan
  • Reunite all my children, their spouses and my grandchildren never to be separated again and all of us together for Christmas and the birth of our newest baby due on Jan. 6th. Thank You in Christ Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen. May each accept, forgive and love all family members forever.
    St. Michael please protect myself and all my family from Satan, his ploys, and his devils. In Jesus’ name I pray, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of God the Father, Amen.

    ~ Lynn
  • Please pray for me that my swallowing will improve so I can eat again and that my mind and body will improve so I can survive these health problems and improve. And that I can gain weight back so I won’t need a feeding tube placement or my body failing me. I need to be able to swallow so I can eat again and improve my weight and health. Please give me the mental strength through all this and that my egd goes well next week and that it is my acid reflux that’s causing all this. I wish to be cured

    ~ Brittany
  • My wife Christina is in a lot of pain due to my infidelity and addiction. After separating and coming back together last fall, she is wanting to separate again even though I’ve been sober for over a year. Please pray for healing, for God to remove any attack of Satan, and for God to restore our marriage. We also have three young kids. Lastly, I have been unemployed this entire year and we are under financial ruin, please pray that I would earn a position that restores us financially.


    ~ Joe
  • My 93 year old mother who is continually unwell and longs for her deceased siblings and friends.

    ~ Frank
  • I ask blessings upon my Uncles.
    My Uncle Bob Leonhardt is heartbroken over untimely loss of my Aunt Maureen a year ago, she struggled with opioid addiction and I believe overdosed.
    My Uncle Mike Leonhardt has been challenged with a child that battles with addiction, he is raising Kayla’s children, has fallen away from the loving embrace of his church, call him home and bless him and my Aunt Mary Jo and their children and grandchildren.
    Both my Uncles have health issues as well, heal them!

    ~ Bridget
  • I give thanks for my Mother Joan Fatool, and pray for her endeavors within her Catholic Church in Pennsylvania, as she is newly retired and learning to live on a fixed income..I give thanks for all the financial help she’s providing for my two year old son and I , I ask God to send me the spirit and strength of The Blessed Mother Mary to work hard and provide for my son and myself and to be giving to those in need, as I’ve been blessed a a single Mother.

    ~ Bridget
  • Please pray for my daughter and grandson that they find healing, peace, and happiness as they leave an abusive relationship.

    ~ Fran
  • Day of the souls. My Daughter lost her battle with cancer on November 30 2018. Her name was Sandra Ortega Thank you.

    ~ Sandra
  • Please pray for my great need for employment. Pray for my deceased family members, Mr.and Mrs. Leo Renaud., Jerry and Brian Atkinson, Jeanette Nicovich, and Rosie Robinson.
    Thank you.
    I enjoy watching your service on Sundays

    ~ Janet
  • Please pray for all those who have gone before us and for the Ralph Grohman Family; Judy Himelrick, Lulu Conklin & Family, Destiny Mobley , Laura Gritczek & Family and Kathleen Gritczek & Family & Barbara Gritczek.

    ~ Barbara
  • a neighbor who lives across the street her name is Miriam, we “adopted” her, she calls us Mom and pops. she has diabetes, she has seizures real bad, she had one last night fell on her face and ended up in the hospital with a concussion. she has a fifteen-year-old son she’s trying to raise by herself. I love this woman and I’m worried about her. please please pray for her and now she needs a breast reduction because of her back.

    ~ Deborah
  • For my sons who can’t come off their addictions and ness God’s intervention

    ~ Albie
  • Please pray that my daughter and grandchildren and many family members will return to the Catholic Church and bring their spouses, children & other family with them. Thank you and God bless you.

    ~ Donna
  • I always ask for those less fortunate than I but today prayers for my own health although I put myself in the hands of the Father . I find myself subject to medical personnel either not caring to do right or just not capable . Please Lord , inspire them as they sit content on the side doing nothing. Give me the strength to find the answer & trust in you as IVe done before . Let me find the way to afford funds for remains burial in way consistent. With your teaching .

    ~ Kathleen
  • Please pray for my 53 yr old female friend, morbidly obese, and diagnosed with FTD…early onset agressive dementia. Ty. I tried to check to include in both options below but the boxes would not be checked off.

    ~ Sue
  • Please pray that I may receive the blessings of God for a job in the government and that we will be guided in our move out of state. Also, for my kidneys’ speedy healing. Thank you.

    ~ Matt
  • Please pray for healing for me and all my family in every area of our lives that need healing. Special prayers for my mom who just had surgery. In your holy name I pray. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Jesus, You have been such a wonderful God and you have always been there for me.

    I have been struggling a lot with myself, I am in this relationship with someone where I am forced to sin. I don’t know how to get away from this, I have tried all the things I could. And every time when I mark a stop this person makes me feel sorry for him. Now I don’t even feel like attending Sunday mass because I am so guilty. I don’t know how to face you. I want to get away from this but I am not

    ~ Rukshika
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heeart
    Poor Souls
    End to abortion
    Amazon Synod
    Deceased family and friends

    ~ Anonymous
  • I would like prayer for mine and my fiance’s spiritual life that we can become closer to God and to learn more about his ways and understanding of his ways I would like to pray also for our health and my husband’s hernia need surgery and we are not financially able to do this right now and we need some help and I pray that we will get the financial help that is needed. I also pray for my daughter’s that we will unite soon.

    ~ Amy
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heeart
    Poor Souls
    End to abortion
    Amazon Synod
    Deceased family and friends

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for healing in my family. I was not a good father or husband now I’m alone and my family refuses to talk with me. I’m so ashamed of my behavior in the past. I’m 72 years old, live alone and feel so alone. I pray daily for healing. I ask god for his forgiveness.


    ~ michael
  • Pray for Rumi Peramuni she needs a work at home job. Pray for Matt VerBryck he is in alot of pain. Help Sue VerBryck with her diabetes.

    ~ Due
  • Please pray or pass my professorial accreditation

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my sons Paul, John and Anthony. For Paul and John, let their jobs be secure. For Anthony, peace and happiness. For Anna Osyf, free her from cancer. Thank you.

    ~ Helen
  • GS is having another surgery to try to fix her intestinal hole/ fistula that has kept her in Baltimore hospital for over a year.
    Please pray for doctors that it is successful

    Also prayful thanks for CW’s colonoscopy which showed no cancer
    Thank you

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray in Jesus name for all those in my family who have died. I pray that their souls have found peace with God in Heaven.
    I also have a special intention of my own. I pray with our community that those suffering will find peace within ourselves. I pray that more people pray. Pray everyday. Amen. 🙏

    ~ Gerri
  • The souls of my parents, my brother, and my beautiful husband.

    ~ Alba Rose
  • Please pray for my brother in law who has cancer and is going through chemotherapy. Pray for my sister and her family.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear god above please help me in my relationship with natalie she says she no longer loves or has feelings for me she wants me to leave home an not look back leave everythin we have built together please open he mind an heart lord to love me better than ever see a man i can be lord the man u no i can be amen

    ~ Mike
  • Dear Lord Jesus,
    Thank You for the blessings in my life, especially my mom.
    Please cure her kidneys, back, cough, lungs, heart, aches, pains, worries. Please cure my stomach bowels, colon, intestines, nausea, cramping, fear. No drugs or loud music or violence in our building or neighborhood.
    Please cure my family, pets, loved ones and all who suffer more than me. Thank You. I love You. Amen

    ~ Gail
  • Please pray for the heart and soul of Tracy as she is committing adultery and lying to her husband. She expresses that she has faith, however, she thinks she is above the commandments as written by our Lord. I pray that she wakes up and realizes that she is ruining her own soul as well as the soul of the man she is laying with while her husband sits at house. In Jesus’ name I pray for this woman to be freed from Satan. Lord hear my prayer.

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • Please help me pray that I passed my airline student Pilot interview in Southwest Airlines and I will be given a slot for pilot training and that I will be good and proficient in my study and also in my pilot training and also please pray for my wife Mhixie that she be able to grant an immigrant visa as soon as possible .

    ~ Benzene
  • Heavenly Father, I come to you humbly as a sinner undeserving of your mercy. I am truly sorry for my sins and ask that you please keep me safe during my upcoming surgery and protect me from complications of any kind. You have given me so many undeserved blessings for which I am so grateful. Please be with me during the surgery and guide the doctors skillfully so that I can make a quick and full recovery. Thank you, Lord, with all my heart.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my daughter Melissa T who has her heart broken as her beloved dog Luke has died. Please send prayers and blessings that she will heal and that she knows Luke is in peace and loves her very much pray for Melissa and pray that Luke will RIP 🙏🏼 Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • For the repose of the soul of my mother, Laurine, who died this past week, God Bless!

    ~ Edward
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together very soon

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray for me and Bobby Clinkscale. I am heartbroken and having a hard time with this break up. Praying God softens Bobby’s heart for me and reconciliation. God Bless.

    ~ Kimberly
  • I had attended a job interview.I am waiting for its result . Plz pray for me.

    ~ Anston
  • I need an urgent prayer request regarding that I’m facing eviction at my apartments complex I just graduated from college in June of 2019 of this year it took me three months to get interviews well every interview I’m going to is saying no after every interview i have to call to check my status because they not even informing me that I’m not selected if i don’t call and i also suffer from depression i went to school for four years to try to fight depression and better myself and my daughter w

    ~ vanity
  • I am not Catholic, but I wish I were.
    But when I told my husband I wanted to go to church (again), it turns out a Greek Orthodox church was the only one he could tolerate. (Neither of us was raised in one…)
    So I’ve been praying for my husband to lay aside his prejudices and objections, so we can enter the Catholic Church together. Preferably with our daughters. I have a rosary and try to pray all 15 traditional mysteries every day, for my particular intentions. Please add your prayers to mine

    ~ Maria
  • Lord Jesus Christ attract calmnes into my life and bring forth new oppertunities . Its my desire to leave my parents together with the family behind . Attract people of goodwill closer me , its my destiny to embrace God love .

    Take me away from all the negativity.


    ~ Johan
  • For my husband and myself that the Holy Spirit will guide us in our spiritual journey and lead us to a church which will fulfill the needs of our hearts and souls and lead us closer to God the Father, Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Also for medical relief for our bodies.

    ~ Geraldine
  • Please pray for me for healing & for God’s protection , for wisdom for doctors that take care of me& will take care of me , for God’s protection& blessing in all of my situation & undertakings, for Gifts of the Holy Spirit & trust in God always. , God’s will be done in my life.Please pray also for my father for healing.

    ~ anonymous
  • Prayer for Good health for Stephen Hrbacek

  • Please pray for healing for Geris eyes ,Henry’s autism &Elles hearing
    God bless youb

    ~ Geri
  • Pray that my letter exposing Jose and the affair to the Klotts will be a success when it gets to them and also Fred’s get well card to help him.

    ~ Shane
  • Our Lord Jesus Christ bless me with employment . Remove me from the house were I live . I need peace and tranquility . Heal me from anemia .

    Send me far away , to peace. All the fighting is not worth it.

    The lies is just a curse…

    Dear Lord remove me from my current location…

    Grant me peace….


    ~ Johan
  • We pray for a fully favorable decision at Joe’s SS Disability hearing 11/19/19 and for our diseases and pain to be healed as well as our finances in Jesus name we ask Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Dear Lord, My surgery is scheduled for next week and I am so afraid. Please, Lord, be with me and keep me safe during and after the surgery and let this be successful. Give the surgeon and anesthesiologist the skills they need to keep me safe and fix the problem once and for all. Help me to tolerate whatever I must bear and give me strength so that I come out of this stronger than before. Bless my children for helping me. Please, Lord, hold me close to you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Son has bulging discs, having epidural this morning. Please pray. Thank you!

    ~ Mary
  • Please allow our loan modification to go through and please allow me to get the part time job I really want to work at home and help save our house

    ~ kathleen
  • please pray that satan and his temptress’s control over my husband be released urgently. pray that all curses against my marriage be dissolved by jesus and all feelings he has for the other woman of lust/love to be removed and god to give him a new heart that is undivided by sin/temptation and devoted to working on our marriage as he promised when i moved back home. im so afraid he will turn to her and i will have no where else to go again. we have been on this constant cycle for a year and a 1/

    ~ wendy
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Bill, Angela, Mike, Kate, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • For my husband Enrique Jr and I that our Lord Jesus Christ can deliver us from all evil, protect our marriage and guide us through this trial we are facing at the moment.

    ~ Monica
  • Please pray for my recent physical health issues that are causing me to suffer not just physically but mentally and emotonally as well,I have no income and no one else in this world except my elderly mother and my condition is affecting her also,please pray for us,in Jesus’ Holy Name,Amen.

    ~ Sonja
  • Please pray I get rid of this flu and I heal spiritually emotionally mentally physically and financially and educationally. My ex wife was in witchcraft and I feel oppressed.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray that my wife of 19 years would return to our marriage. That she would realize what she has and would restore our marriage and her relationship with God

    ~ Matt

    ~ SAADIA
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together very soon

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray for my sister in law Sandra Figueroa who lost her only child, husband and both parents in 1 1/2 years. She is a devout catholic and prays to you daily.
    Also, please pray for Zann and Sophis Cheffee who lost their only child as well.
    I pray daily for God to give them strength to go on living in this world and that to remind them that some day they will see their children again.
    Thank you for this opportunity to ask for extra prayers. We all are grateful
    God bless you all, Susan

    ~ Susan
  • Please pray for Anne Marie a mature catholic woman who is experiencing
    severe health deterioration .

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray to give me guidance. I feel so lost and sad. Show me the way to my next adventure. Amen

    ~ Melanie
  • Please pray that I pass my background checks and have my police record from 1972 expunged. Please ask God to bless me with the correct words to say to the judge and that the judge and prosecuting attorney have kind and merciful hearts and be moved by my words.

    ~ Daniel
  • Pray for the salvation of my daughter and her family and for my salvation. Please also pray that I will be able to live closer to my daughter and her family and be of help to them. Pray that the hearts of Americans will outlaw abortion even if the government doesn’t. Pray for our leaders.

    ~ Cheryl
  • I have a Bronchial scope scheduled to check a mass in my left lung. I am a 69year old grandmother of 6 little ones, and was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis in 1986.
    I need Help from prayers dealing with this next challenge.

    ~ Nancy
  • Please pray that I can recover from the hip replacement surgery and have less pain as well.

    Please help my parents and Louisa with having strength to get through this health issue I have for now.

    Please help me to not waste time on my useless brother and sister in law who refuse to be happy for my wife and myself.

    Please help me to focus on recovery and not think about them evildoers anymore.

    ~ Jeff
  • I am in bad financial place right now . I tried to buy a bed for my little girl but haven’t had the last $25 to finish paying for the bed , now the lady is harassing & be mean to me & threatening me with taking the bed back from my child leaving my child without a bed at all. I need prayers for the woman to leave me alone & stop harassing me for the money. I just don’t have it but have been trying to come up with it.I also need $ 40.00 to finish paying the rent because I was short on it.

    ~ sonya
  • Prayers needed for me So the good lord will bring my granddaughters to me to love and guide them. My heart is so broken not seeing them.

    ~ Loretta
  • Please pray for my son…Trent….He needs gainful employment now….He has been turned down many time and feels rejected….Please pray that this trial ends soon and that GOD will stay in his heart.

    ~ Roy
  • My grandson Forrest that he may find the right path with the guidance of the Holy Spirit

    ~ Aurora
  • Dear God we need your help with my son. He has 2 wonderful children and a wife. His drinking has got out of hand. He drinks until he blacks out. Takes off and doesn’t let her know where he is for days. They are ready for divorce but with his drinking he will not see his girls. They are the world to him and who knows what will happen when he is not with they are 6 and 4. They love their daddy but don’t like it when he drinks. He needs help but doesn’t want to get it yet. Please .

    ~ Jan
  • Pls pray for Chad Hughey, if it be the will of God to save his life, save him and if not please lessen his struggle and care for the wife and 4 children he will leave behind. Please Lord bring Cupcake home and protect her from the evil in this world. Please bring baby Cupcake back to her family in Birmingham. I pray for no schism, the Rosary Confraternity and all those who serve God, especially Father Michael Deering who got me in when I didn’t think I would be allowed to be a Catholic. Amen!

    ~ Leigh
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together very soon

    ~ Michael
  • Health for me and my family

    ~ AMANDA
  • I seek prayers for my daughter Sheree who is rebellious and not living in obedience to God. I desperately seek prayers also for my grandchildren Trevon and Travae, her children, that they not suffer from her disobedience and that they feel loved and worthy. I also seek prayers for my health as I have multiple sclerosis and hypertension. I desire to serve God more faithfully.

    ~ Stacy
  • Please pray my son gets a place soon so he can get his twin girls back with him, I desperately need this prayer..I also want my mom to please like Tavo I feel she does not like him cause I moved to El Paso. She is very mean and I pray she gets better. Thank so much for letting me send my prayers. Pray I also become a better person and get more close to God

    ~ Martha
  • Gail Penny needs healing prayers for degenerative and bulging discs in back and neck. Thank you

    ~ Anonymous
  • Special prayer for my youngest sister who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast Cancer, she needs kidney & has been on Dialysis over a 1.5years. Pray our Holy father gives her strength & faith she needs to overcome this 🙏🏼✝️ along with, my mom & dad with whom she lives with & cares for, give them faith, strength & bless them always in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit

    ~ Phil
  • My Dear Lord,
    Please restore my Kidneys so I can get off Dialysis and help my neuropathy on feet and hands. I desire to be a part of your world you created. To be normal again so I can work and love life once again

    ~ Florene
  • Cecelia Warren Michael Schram Nancy Zeitner

    ~ Charmalee
  • 1. That may neighbor, Jay Holman, gets the money due to him in his two court cases very soon. He is going to give me half of what he’s going to receive as a gift. We have had to deal with a year of court delays and setbacks, and I’ve been getting very frustrated. I am having financial difficulties right now and this money will take all this financial pressure off of me once and for all.

    2. For my maternal uncle, Jim Potocnak, who has pancreatic cancer.

    ~ Nan
  • Please pray for my intentions and supplications.

    ~ Daniel
  • Dear Lord, please restore my son Michael Luna’s Catholic Faith, Help my daughter Barbara Luna with her depression and weight make her see she needs to take her medicine for High Blood Pressure and please take care of her as she has taken care of me, if it had not been for Barbara I would not be here today. And last but not least help my nephew Chucho with the death of his mother.

    Thank You,
    Florene Luna

    ~ Florene
  • I pray in Jesus Christ’s name that the Holy Spirit descends down upon the USA government so the officials start being the leaders and facilitators of our constitution we so badly need during this time. Please soften their hearts and have them start working together for the people again. Have them refrain from the emotional hysteria they use to devide our country. May God continue to bless the USA and our people. Make our country once again deserving of your Devine graces. Amen


    ~ Jacqueline
  • I pray for peace of mind for my taxes to come soon. I pray to leave Freeport and move to a more comfortable town to live in. I pray for peace for my family and to keep people out of my life dealings. I pray that God continue to watch over me and my family. I pray that the devil stays away forever and let me live a good life. I pray that my grandson doesn’t get into anymore trouble and return back to church. I pray that my oldest daughter gets back to normal and the devil sta y out of her head.

    ~ Angela
  • Please pray my husband’s and mine overall health and that we may be able to conceive and have a beautiful healthy baby. God’s will be done

    ~ EJ
  • Dear God, Please keep Jose in your loving care as he enters his final days. Make his transition into your arms a painfree one and give his family peace. Amen

    ~ Martha
  • Please let my daughters be well without any health issues. Please God

    ~ Anonymous
  • For good health and less back pain. Good health for my husband Frank who is my caregiver. Help for the doctors who take care of my conditions that they find other options that will better help my condition.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my son Eddie that he can overcome his addictions and be free of the trouble he finds himself in now

    ~ Maxine
  • Father I ask you keep our family in your thoughts and prayers for we have been struggling since the passing of my mother in law ..

    ~ Frank
  • Dear Lord, please help me. I’m so scared. My stomach is so sick. The cramps are awful, the nausea is unbearable. I’m Terrified of cancer. Please have mercy. Please cure mom’s cough, lungs, kidneys, back, old age. Rusty, Jackie, Robert E, Brueggeman, Jerry Smith. May our home & neighborhood be protected & safe, no bugs, thugs or drugs. Our new home be happy, and spirit and pede 𝙵𝚁𝙴𝙴. Thank You, I love You !
    Help! Amen.

    ~ Gail M
  • For full recovery from recent heart surgery.

    ~ Gerald
  • Please pray for the sick, the dying and those suffering in pain. My husband who was diagnosed with dementia, the special intentions of my family, my friends, my enemies and all those standing in need of prayer. Please pray for me to have patience in dealing with my husbands dementia and for God to ease the pain I suffer from spinal stenosis & neuropathy.

    ~ Phyllis
  • For the Swedish paramedics who did somethibg illegal at work. Amen!

    ~ Hank
  • My partner and I are on a “break” because she needs time to decide if she wants to be with me. I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which has caused stress in our relationship leading to various up’s and down’s over the past couple of weeks. Please pray that she will decide to stay with me and give me the chance to give her more reasons to fall in love with me again.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For peace in my marriage. For my father’ n’law to respect me as my son’s wife. He has been very abusive verbally to me. he has little respect for women or his wife who has passed. She showed bad example to his son on how to treat a wife. My husband’s poor mother put up with so much abuse…it makes me sick. Also my husband was abused as a child.

    Please dear God heal me of cancer
    Please dear God heal my husband’s heart illness.
    Dear God please heal our finances, and protect our family members.

    ~ CAROLE
  • Humble thanks for an undeserved grace

    ~ Anonymous
  • Thank you for your prayers. Today is the board meeting to approve our job promotions and overdue salary increment and bonus for the year. We have been waiting for a very long time. Please pray that Jesus removes anything that is blocking our blessings from reaching us. Amen.

    ~ Tatiana
  • My name is Leajia (Lee asia) please agree with me in prayer for healing for my blood, healing for my skin, healing of my spirit, angels of protection all around me and my family, financial blessings, direction from God, and a closer relationship with God in Jesus name Amen

    ~ Leajia
  • Lord I pray for Tracy and David’s marriage to become important to both of them again. I pray for Tracy to stop committing adultery and lying to David all the time. I pray for her to stop thinking she is above the commandments and that she repents and ask for forgiveness. Lord I pray for satan to release her from his hold. I pray for this in the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ, Lord hear my prayer.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Father in Heaven, I humbly come before you to pray for the misguided soul of Tracy, Please return her back to her husband, to repent for her sins of adultery and constant lying. I pray for the return of my love Steve to my arms. Lord my God, I humbly pray for this in your name. Mother Mary, Holiest of Mothers, please intercede on my behalf and ask Jesus to hear my prayers and deliver this adulteress out of our lives so we can be whole again.

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • LORD guide all people to end abortion. May the USA be the next nation to ban abortion. LORD help us to end political and religious hatred. LORD guide me to be a true humble Christian inside and out. I ask this in the name of JESUS

    ~ Jim
  • Please pray that God will forgive me for sinning against Him, and that He will give me the power to resist temptation and not succumb to sexual sin. Thank you.

    ~ James
  • I please God to bless my hole family: George, Elena-Luminita, Maria-Teodora and myself with health, love, peace, protection and to surround us with His graces. Amen

    ~ Radu-Iulian
  • Please pray for my son, Thomas, that the Lord may give him the desire and strength to turn away from drugs.

    ~ Laurene
  • Dear Heavenly & Good Father,


    I am praying with all my heart&soul to
    please bring back my husband to me.
    Please I know we had relationship issues but
    I love him. And he loves me but is not in the
    mind set to be “in love” with me. I’m pouring my heart&soul into this prayer.
    He’s my best friend, he’s my soulmate. Help help us
    become one again!

    – PRAYER TO GET HUSBAND BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –

    ~ DAYNA
  • Lord I pray, to heal my parents because they were suffering with pain and Please Lord let me pass the September 2019 LET Board Exam, so that I will be able to find a job and help my family financially because we are struggling financially. Spare us O Lord, Have Mercy on us. Amen.

    ~ Kaye
  • Please pray for my son. He has been sick and has no medical insurance.
    My son is also a father of a 2 year old child, whom he has recently had to separate from.
    He is now with me, his mother, I love both my son and my granddaughter very much.

    ~Thank you for your prayers,

    Gail Coates

    ~ Gail
  • Oh Lord God Almighty, please make me the CEO of my own company (O.S.I) and grant me financial breakthroughs. Please my Lord Jesus Christ fulfill your financial prophetic promise and miracles for me and I will fulfill mine to you. Also grant me protection and guidance, success and happiness
    in the Name of Jesus Christ I pray amen. Also grant me victory, peace, success and Breakthroughs over all my enemies and wants, grant me victory and peace over those that prevent me, obstruct me, suppress

    ~ Fidelis
  • We pray for a fully favorable approval decision at Joe’s hearing 11/19/19, that you can heal our finances and diseases in Jesus name amen

    ~ Maria
  • Dear Father God, I come to you asking forgiveness because I have not been to mass in about a month. I have been caring for my husband and I THANK YOU AND PRAISE YOU you have BLESSED him to be cancer free. I ask you and BEG you to BLESS richard my husband with a clean bill of HEALTH with LONGEVITY of HEALTH always. IN JESUS NAME AMEN. BLESS YOU FATHER, BLESS YOU BLESSED MOTHER MARY and Amazing FATHER GOD and PLEASE DEAR GOD BLESS my attorney Mr. Matthew release my settlement in JESUS NAME AMEN.

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for healing of my friend Whitney to cure her lupus.

    ~ Jeff
  • My Niece Christine is dealing with several physical issues, illnesses. Diabetes, heart, knees and woman’s issue.
    She rides with her husband driving truck so I have no stable address for her.

    Thank you
    God’s blessings and peace
    Jeanne Snyder

    ~ Christine
  • Loss of hearing and hearing aids not working, please pray for some restoration.
    Constant arthritis pain throughout body.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray the test she s having Tues. has good results.

    ~ Shelly
  • Please pray for my niece Corrie Mueller. She has breast cancer and needs prayers desperately. She is a single mother with a young girl at home.
    Please pray for God’s healing for Corrie.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Deborah
  • Thank you so much for the blessed Sunday Mass message from Father Dan Volbert on this Sunday October 13, 2019. Thank you for the blessed reading from Sharon Reetz and the inspiring singing done by John Angotti and the Heart of the Nation Choir. Brothers and sisters, continue praying for the pain in my lower back and both legs especially the back of my legs. Pray to keep my daughter, son in law and our dog in good health and keep them safe.
    Delores J
    Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • Dear Lord, please help us. We need Your protection and Presence in our next home and here. Please let the right one for us come along before tragedy. Please cure all our ailments and old age. Please Bless our family, all our pets, friends, loved ones.please cure our bodies, minds, hearts, souls, blood, blood levels, hearts, lungs, stomachs, nausea, coughs, organs, colons and bowels, nerves and anger.
    Please protect us wherever we are and whatever we do.
    Forgive me Lord, please. I need You So..

    ~ Gail M
  • God’s mercy
    A;; God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls
    End to abortion
    Amazon Synod

    ~ Anonymous
  • lord
    i pray for my peace and the peace of all those around me. i thank you for all you have done and i am eternally grateful. please let you presence be know to me in everyday i do.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my son, his health, happiness and that our Lord’s and Blessed Mother Mary’s blessings and protection be with him always. For my marriage which is on a path to divorce, that God’s will be done and may we accept it with grace and humility. That God’s love and forgiveness be with all who seek him and that those who don’t seek him may come to know him and open their hearts to him.

    ~ Charlie
  • Please heal Mrs. Levy in mind spirit and especially her physical body. Help Dr.Levy with his wife’s sickness in Christian Our Lord Amen.

    ~ Florene
  • Please pray for my daughter ANDREA Perkins as she is trying to get a good job since she was fired from her previous job for not meeting quotas. Thank you.

    ~ Patty
  • For the healing,good health, safetiness. and early good health recovery of my wife Juanita M Torres .

    ~ Thony
  • Dear brothers and sisters
    Please pray for my friend, Debbra Toria Nipo (Sabah, Malaysia). May God strengthen her faith as she is in a dilemma whether to choose her current partner(Moslem) over her religion.May God give her guidance to be strong in her religion. Thank you.

    ~ Jaratin
  • Please pray God will restore my health (liver) and that I will know God in a more personal way. Please pray God will keep my grown son and that narrow road that leads to heaven. Pray also that my sister Carol will come to know God in a personal way. I am not for sure but I don’t believe that she believes in Jesus Christ.
    Thank You!

    ~ Tony
  • St. Anthony thank you for hearing me and for praying for my intentions. St. Anthony please pray for my son (Daniel Xavier Huidor), me and my whole family to be more holy and wise. To come into the Fullness of the Truth and be devout Catholics. Please pray for all Catholics to be strong devout Catholics and for more conversions to the Catholic Faith. Finally, St. Anthony please pray for the end to the forest fires in California. Thank you.

    ~ Maricela
  • For the protection and well being of my children, Cody and Carly, and son-in-law Alex and for the healing of my body and restoration to good health for myself.

    ~ Patricia
  • Shelly gets a new job
    Mom’s for stops hurting
    Mom’s back quite aching
    My bulging disk is relieved

    ~ Sharon
  • Please continue to pray for G. S. Still in hospital (now over a year ) with intestinal bowel complications. Doctor decided to try to repair intestine October 23rd. It vill be a very complicated/ dangerous surgery with no promises. Thanks for your prayers….she really needs God’s help ,a miracle or guide the surgeons.
    I also to pray for myself (C. W. As I have abdominal problems + need a colonoscopy. Please pray for no Cancer or other problems that need intervention.
    Thank you

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for all of my family and myself. I pray that all who have left the Church will return in full participation of their faith. I ask for prayers for all of us who are ill that we may be cured of our serious health issues. I ask for peace throughout the world. May the poor and those in need receive the aid needed. May all those who have died be with God in heaven (special prayers for my mom and other family members).

    ~ Karen
  • I pray for Raphael, that He will first contact me either through chat, call or text on my Birthday (October 27, 2019) and accept my invitation to meet in person during my stay in Manila. Remove his anger, ego/pride, fear of rejection, laziness because of what happened between us. Through the Holy Spirit, Shower him with love, strength, encouragement and hope, so that we could talk and ask forgiveness and have a peace of mind. Touch and soften his heart. Your will be done. Amen.

    ~ RPH
  • Dear God
    Provide me with the knowledge to seize every oppertunity in life in order to achieve a goal that is to my benefit and inline with your devine will .Through Jesus Christ your son , our teacher of life lead me to great accomplishments to hounour your most holy name God. Lord God bring me closer to you , embrace me with your love.I give you praise for all you have created , the gifts you have shared with me .I am blessed in everything I do . Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for my friend Alan to obtain good gainful employment and for a home a car of his own. He recently quit smoking cigarettes but he continues to use e-cigarettes vaping. Please pray for him to discontinue vaping and any other smoking. Please pray for his emotional physical mental and spiritual healing. He is a great loving kind generous man whom I love very much and I want the best for him. Thank you so much.

    ~ Vikki
  • I’d like prayer for healing of a dissorder I was diagnosed with and healing for heart and breathing issues I’m having also that god would bring my ex back into my life

    ~ Jess
  • Asking prayer for pain relief from tumor in pelvis and female organs. Also relief from tooth pain on right side

    ~ Sandrilia
  • Please pray for complete healing of my painful frozen shoulder.
    Pray for an increase of my faith and humility and gratitude to God.

    ~ Paula
  • Reunite all my children, their spouses and my grandchildren never to be separated again and all of us together for Christmas and the birth of our newest baby due on Jan. 6th. Thank You in Christ Jesus, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen. May each accept, forgive and love all family members forever.
    St. Michael please protect myself and all my family from Satan, his ploys, and his devils. In Jesus’ name I pray, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of God the Father, Amen.

    ~ Lynn
  • Prayers for my job.

    ~ Patricia
  • I just want relief, I want peace, I want trust and respect. I want love. I try so hard to be selfish everyday but nothing I do makes my family, trust and support me. No matter what I do, I can’t make others see me who I am and not who they want me to be. Pray that I don’t have to need my family anymore for love, support, help with finances. Please pray that I overcome everything I been through in my life because of my mistakes. Pray that I remain in good health mentally, physically, emotionally

    ~ Davina
  • Dear Father in Heaven, I humbly come before you to pray for the misguided soul of Tracy, Please return her back to her husband, to repent for her sins of adultery and constant lying. I pray for the return of my love Steve to my arms. Lord my God, I humbly pray for this in your name. Mother Mary, Holiest of Mothers, please intercede on my behalf and ask Jesus to hear my prayers and deliver this adulteress out of our lives so we can be whole again.

    ~ Mary-Jo
  • Please pray for healing for Geri’s eyes ,grandson Henrys autism ,&Grandaughter Elizabeth’s hearing issues
    God bless you !

    ~ Geri
  • Maybe she didn’t? Please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • My wife was recently diagnosed with ALS.
    Please pray that she will be cured through the grace and mercy of God.
    She is only 57 and my gift from God, the love of my life.
    Thank you.
    In Jesus name I pray.

    ~ Joe
  • Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, please have mercy on me and my family, sinners. Never allow us to be separated from You but to do justly, be merciful, and walk humbly with You always.
    Lord, please command the Stella Foundation and SFP to be successful, please provide the people and resources to accomplish this.

    ~ Douglas
  • Heavenly Father, Please help me with these burdens of paperwork for my upcoming surgery I need your intervention to get it all on the right track and completed correctly. Nothing seems to be going right. I’m afraid the surgery will be a mistake, too. Please protect me and let me be healed afterward. Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for me to have a safe trip back to Indiana tomorrow. Thank you for your mercy and grace, and for all of the prayers that have been answered. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • I would like to pray for my marriage to be revived. I pray that Jesus Christ may totally restore my marriage and family, and that we may come out of this difficult time speedily. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

    ~ Juliet
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together very soon

    ~ Michael
  • I ask our heavenly Father to protect my son Riland while he serves in the U. S. M. C.

    ~ Thomas
  • God’s protection and deliverance from enemies. Spiritual growth, wisdom, guidance and Job security. Discovery of my stolen cattle and bullbar. Protection of my assets and animals. Prayer for my finances, new house, breakthrough and restoration. Thank you

    ~ Frieda
  • Please pray for my husband to get this new job for which he is interviewing.

    ~ Erin
  • Dear Father God, PLEASE BLESS my dear Friend Ms. Antonette she needs her lisence to open her daycare & she needs the families to bring their children for services. PLEASE BLESS her with the proper paperwork and BLESS her to open her daycare center this month. I THANK YOU & BLESS YOU FATHER in JESUS NAME AMEN & AMEN & AMEN PRAISE GOD. AMEN……………………..


    ~ Ophelia
  • For my godmother Claudia she is having pregnancy complications during her pregnancy she might have a high-risk pregnancy and her baby girl might be born was heart defects And celebrar palsy she is having problems with her pregnancy In the Lord touch her and her baby might dye during pregnancy she be with God during her pregnancy and for the baby girl .Pray for my grandma maybe i pray for my grandma mommy Vivian she has Lots health issues including back pain problems with her legs

    ~ Daiana
  • Pray, that God heals my body and mind, and my health. Please pray that he heals and repairs my relationship with my family, and friends that I abandoned, please pray that our love con still grow and repair. Please pray that my relationship with Robert grows, flourishes and please pray it becomes more loving and passionate! Please pray that I don’t have to leave this relationship to make it work, please pray that he will remain to respect me, to love and treat me with kindness and care!

    ~ Davina
  • Dear Father God, I come to you again and I ask you to PLEASE PLEASE continue to KEEP my husband in amazing HEALTH & LONGEVITY of HEALTH Lord. You have HEALED Richard my husband from melanoma cancer. Now you are Testing us again and he has 2 more hills to climb. I ask you Father to PLEASE PLEASE keep Richard in amazing HEALTH!!!!!! PLEASE I BEG you PLEASE??? PLEASE BLESS him with NO MORE surgeries & a Clean Bill of HEALTH. IN JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN & AMEN!!!!!! PRAISE GOD & THANK YOU LORD, Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • My niece, Christina Scruggs is in desperate need for a miracle. She is in late stage 4
    due to advanced liver disease. She very much needs a liver transplantation (full liver).
    She is 35, a teacher of special needs, capable in sign language and has much to give
    to those who need her capabilities. Please pray for her to receive a liver donation in
    time to save her life. Her situation is dire. May God in His infinite wisdom make a
    liver available to Christina. Praise God

    ~ Diana
  • My ex was supposed to remarry today. It aches. Please pray I be healed spiritually emotionally mentally physically and financially. I don’t know where to go or what to do now. Thanks for listening.

    ~ Thomas
  • That my rental property sells today. Thank you. Amen.

    ~ L