• Please pray that Dan chooses to come back to his marraige and heal it. Please pray that Dan realizes his wife Laura loves him and wants to stay in this marraige because she loves him. Please pray that Dan puts the hurt and pain and past down and moves forward in his marraige with Laura. Please pray he cuts off ALL contact with Rebecca

    ~ Jane
  • Please pray for me. I am a mature student in med school and I am being bullied. I cannot take it any longer. I have lost some loved ones and it feels so lonely. I have asked God for love and friendship and that the bullying will stop but to no avail. Why doesn´t He hear my prayer? Why won´t He love me? I have come to the end of my tether.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for my son to be cured of alcoholism.I pray almost 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.so please help me with this prayer

    ~ teresa
  • Please help Ludean forgive herself & love herself. Please arrange a universe that shows me constant love, forgiveness & devotion. I love & forgive myself completely. Bless me

    ~ Lu
  • Bless Ludean M. With total forgiveness, great wealth & absolute support. Bless her kids Jenny & becky with sober lives, great jobs, abundant finances & excellent judgement.

    ~ Lu

    ~ TERRY
  • I’m losing my mind I’m anxiety filled I went to the dr for swollen glands in my groin I did have a cat scan and ultrasound and blood work they did see the gland and the doctor put me on antibiotics for 10 days after that if they are not gone he will do another scan I’m paranoid he told me I was fine they will be gone but I have 2 autistic boys and 2 girls that need me please pray I also have one in my elbow I want to be ok I’m so worried I ask this in Jesus’s name 🙏

    ~ Audra h
  • Please pray to end my husbands porn addiction. Pray he will see he has no use for it , be disgusted by it and be attracted to nothing else but me.

    ~ Josie
  • For my friend Anne, a multiple cancer survivor whose recent CAT scan shows a possible tumor in her lung, that it will be benign; that Anne will have peace of heart and mind and soul as she goes through this. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that Dan chooses to come back to his marraige and heal it. Please pray that Dan realizes his wife Laura loves him and wants to stay in this marraige because she loves him. Please pray that Dan puts the hurt and pain and past down and moves forward in his marraige with Laura. And stops all contact with Rebecca

    ~ Jane
  • I am in dire need of prayer. I am truly in crisis. I have lawsuits and court cases that have led me to financial ruins. My next hearing is on July 27th. It is starting to effect my health and my ability to support for family. Please pray for me. I want these problems resolved in my favor and show Gods power.

    ~ Andrew
  • Dear Lord, I humbly ask You to pardon my sins & allow me to make restitution for what I can in this life. Place protective hedge around my family & friends keeping our thoughts on You & Your will, giving us the confidence to brave every challenge that we meet each day. Know that we place all our hopes & trust in You. We pardon all who have injured us & ask You to direct the hearts, minds, & souls of our enemies & bless them with Your very presence! In Jesus name. Amen. Thank You for Your gifts.

    ~ Cynthia
  • For my daughter Kellys quick recovery from auto accident, for her ticket for not wearing seatbelt, insurance recovery, please heal my broken heart, please help me to forgive her friend for causing the accident, and his recovery. My health, and family , I ask this through Christ our Lord , amen

    ~ Patty
  • According to The Lords will prayer for in Gods Trinity abundant healing, love, blessings, clarity, wisdom, guidance, direction, protection to be in/on my children and my mind, body, spirit, soul, thoughts and live. Prayer no weapons shall prosper and God will undertake all for me in Jesus. IN Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer
  • Asking for truly infinite vast oceans of ever increasingly more deep,intensive,thorough,all pervasive, perm. growth in: 1) Interior distancing from every,any & all: person(s),places,situations,things, thoughts,fantasies that either are now and/or will be: obstacles,and/or weights to any one or more of the following to my growth: a)in absol. uniformity to God’s perf. will b) in purity of heart,mind, soul; c) in humility; d)in euchar. love & /or service;

    ~ chuck
  • Please pray f9r my dad,that his eye sight may be restored,that God blesses him with all good things,miracols if need be,he knows what’s in his heart,his name is earnest

    ~ Laura

    ~ Anonymous
  • My son Juan has been in ICU for over two weeks already. I want to thank everyone for all the prayers. His kidneys are doing good right now, but he still cannot breath on his own so he has a breathing tube down his throat and he has now developed pneumonia. Please continue to pray for his healing. I have faith and believe that God is going to heal him. All glory and honor to God

    ~ Mary
  • I’m asking for prayers since this Friday 7/20/18 at 8am, I’m facing a capias civil court matter which I need to attend. I ask for prayers to justify the matter. Thank you!

    ~ Joseph
  • Please pray for healing and reconciliation for Tempe and Christopher. Lord please help them work together and work out relationship troubles.

    ~ Tempe
  • Lord, Thank You for everything. I ask You to bless my enemies. I choose to forgive them of whatever they are doing to hurt me. Please, forgive me of anything I may have done against anyone. Stay in my heart & guide me from here. Keep my head from thoughts that are not loving or gracious. Guard my heart that I will know when to speak & when to be silent. Help me to be the child of Yours You see me capable of. Come Holy Spirit, come. Bring me the gifts I need to accomplish this feat. In Jesus name

    ~ Cynthia
  • My name I had an abnormal mammogram of right breast and also an ultrasound that showed something that looks like scarring tissue and now doctor ordered and MRI just to Make sure is nothing serious. Please, pray my right breast is healed of any malignant tissue and this slight pain an itchiness goes away. Thank you all!

    ~ Martha
  • I would like pray for my wife Veronica, that this Friday is taking the entering exam for the Nursing program at Loma Linda Univ. May Our Lord Help her do well on the exam and allow her to admitted in to the program. May Our Lord help here to do well and become a RN. Also may Our Lord help us to pay for her education and other expenses . Lord you know our need, Help US. Also Lord help me find a job that pays well to support my family and that is closer to home. Thank you AMEN

    ~ Jose
  • Pls pray that my son be allowed to pursue postgrad studies in the US. He is to report for interiew at the US embassy on July 19, 2018, pls pray that he be calm and relaxed, and that the consul be kind and be readily predisposed to approved his student visa. Also that my daughter Chelsea and her friend Rashda be hired by Qatar Airways the soonest possible. Thank you and God bless your ministry.

    ~ Vicky
  • prayer for my husband david doreen mariah davy the 3 because there is some bills we can’t pay and my poor husband is doing everything i can not find a job i have been praying so hard please i am in tears so to speak. thank you love you p. s. i have been sending my tidings to you all i will keep on trying for next. i hope it can help out you all.

    ~ Doreen
  • Bless Ludean M. With total forgiveness, great wealth & absolute support. Bless her kids Jenny & becky with sober lives, great jobs, abundant finances & excellent judgement.

    ~ Lu
  • Please pray that Dan chooses to work on healing his marriage. Please pray that Dan chooses to let the past hurts and pain go and work towards healing his marriage to Laura. Please pray that Dan realizes the hurt and pain he is causing his life Laura by talking to Rebecca please pray that Dan chooses to cut off all contact with Rebecca so his marriage can heal. Please pray that Dan and Laura reconcile their marriage.

    ~ Jane
  • Please pray for Denia and Walter’s relationship to be uncomplicated and healthy. Pray that God blesses Denia and Walter’s relationship to be loving and caring. Pray that God delivers Walter from any and all ungodly soulties and evil spirits that is working against our relationship. Pray that God allows them to communicate and spend more time together. Pray that marriage is the goal of it God’s will. Praying for a breakthrough in my relationship with Walter.

    ~ Denia
  • I am praying for God’S healing touch on my sick son .

    ~ Paul
  • Dear Lord, Please help me! I need You! Show me the way, please? Thank You! Amen.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Please pray for my son David who is desperately ill in a hospital. I pray that Almighty God in the name of His Son Jesus Christ will heal David and give him courage, hope and peace.

    Thank you And God Bless You.


    ~ Phyllis
  • I ask to pray for Maxim and Nelli, so that they, despite all the difficulties, they created a strong family and were together. Save me, God!

    ~ Maxim
  • Please pray for me please don’t let him be like everyone else, please everyone deserves magic. I pray for my family, I pray for brad, and I pray for Tiffany sorry she’s struggling. Pray for Ashley and her family as well. Thanks you god

    ~ Sam
  • Prayers for Melissa for healing of alcoholism, drugs, physically and mental abuse to her husband and children.
    Peace and healing for the family.

    ~ Pat
  • according to The LOrds will prayer for in Gods Trinity and angels abundant protection to be in/on my mind, body, spirit, soul, thoughts, house, property, concerns and life. Prayer Gods removes what is NOT of His Will. In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • 12 year old Alyssa has a court hearing this week to update the parenting plan. Prayers for a plan that will ensure that her safety and happiness are a priority.

    ~ Missy
  • Please pray for my friend Chelsey Willhite. She has cancer that has spread and is told she has one month to live. She has a husband, and two young boys. Pray for a miricale, and peace, and I don’t think she’s very religious, so please pray for her soul.

    ~ Anonymous
  • please pray for my baby, Marymajella, preterm 23 week gestation. She is critically ill and battling for life. I know there is nothing impossible for my Lord Jesus.

    ~ cijo
  • Pray for my good health

    ~ Barbara

    ~ TERRY
  • Please pray that Laura and Dan reconcile their marraige. That Dan chooses to put the hurt down and work on healing their marraige. That Dan chooses to work on attaining the happiness both he and his wife Laura want. To have Dan and Laura recincile and have the happy marraige they both want. Please pray thst Dan chooses to give his marraige a chance

    ~ Jane
  • Special prayer for Mr & Mrs Patricio and Marta Flores to find a speedy recovery.

    ~ Walter
  • For all Diego Camero Aviña’s particular intentions
    “Por todas las intenciones particulares de Diego Camero Aviña”

    ~ Diego
  • Please lord help Dan and I heal our relationship. Let your love go into his heart and break the hold of any past grievances and mistrust .so we can communication again so we each can heal and love each other again.lord please heal Dan and I. please heal our broken hearts due to our past misunderstandings and childish treatment of each other. Please Lord save our 13 year relationship. Thank you Lord. Amen.

    ~ Catherine
  • Do’nt have money for our family

    ~ Philip
  • Prayers for a miracle, protection from heavier doses of chemo, good news, and to uplift josh’s spirit. Josh is fighting a brain cancer tumor. He is a husband and has four small children.

    ~ Angela

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Brothers and sisters and Father Brian Walker for the awesome Mass message and the wonderful singing of the St. Richards Choir from the Dominican Friar Parish on this Sunday July, 15, 2018 online: Continue praying for my health issues. I have my lower legs bandaged now because of swelling in lower legs due to Lymph edema. Pray that the swelling will go down and I will not have to wear bandages. Pray for my son-in-law’s mental health condition. Delores J, Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • i request prayers and mass so all
    teachers and students from baktimarga, anandamarga, bramah kumaris and kadampa be a way from me and repaired all damages done.

    ~ losang and isabel
  • Blessed Mother…please watch over and keep safe Mom and I as we travel to Europe and Fatima.
    Also, cradle with love Dave and help the doctors to make the right decisions/perform the correct procedures to ease Dave’s chronic, pinched nerve pain.
    I love you and can feel your presence in my life.
    Blessed in your name,

    ~ Barbara
  • Please pray for the Baldwin family. Please pray for my mother Diane for complete healing of her body she is in pain because of fibromyalgia. Also pray for me Charles for my healing and able to financially take care of myself. I give all my cares and concerns to God. I seek God daily and I will never turn away from him. Thanks yours in Christ Jesus. Charles Baldwin.

    ~ Charles
  • My name is Ravikant Kadu. Am From mumbai india. My brother Sandeep is suffered from schizophrenia from last 15 years.we had consult with psychiatrist.He talk himself with abusive langauge.
    He spit on window. i dnt what knw what should we do? its totally uncurable.Plz pray for me and family for suffer this critical situation and my brother get well soon

    Your brother
    Ravikant kadu

    ~ ravikant
  • Once again that our Lord and Jesus will assist my autistic son with his current emotional difficulties, as well as keep us financially solvent and secure in this time of monetary difficulty.

    ~ Edward
  • For my husband who has been fighting Leukemia and now Afib and for me and my breast cancer and type two diabetes. Ease pray for help to beat these illnesses. Our faith is always in the Lord. God bless you.

    ~ Ann Marie
  • My daughter Dawn has cancer, she is starting Chemo this week. Please pray that all goes well and she doesn’t have bad side effects! I pray the Lord watches over her and keeps her safe!

    ~ Karen
  • For my friend and her financial future

    ~ K
  • I have 2 prayer intentions:
    1st~~ That my son David C. would accept the Lord into his heart bc David has done drugs in the past and we are concerned he’s doing drugs again and he also has ALOT of issues with anger…Thank you!

    2nd~~ That I, Carla T. would be delivered from all my fears/anxieties also including the fear of going to sleep… and that I would be delivered from obesity,learn to eat healty and lose much needed weight…,Thank you!

    ~ Carla
  • Dear Lord,
    Please pray for my 89 year old mother, Gloria, for she is very very ill, she’s normally a very strong, loving, giving & caring angel to all, who have had the pleasure of coming into contact with her! Thank you Lord, for giving myself, moms baby of 5 children the strength to help & guide her through this very rocky road.

    ~ Gloria
  • I ask the Lord to grant me unity with my family. I have not been allowed to see my granddaughters for 1 year 8 months. I ask that my son and daughter-in-law forgive me. In Jesus Name.

    ~ Virginia
  • Please pray for my family that God will mend the rift between all of us. Pray for my granddaughter who is about to start nursing school that God will guide and protect her and keep her focus. And pray for all children about to go back to school. Thank you and please keep the Davis andMartin and Collins in prayer 🙏🏾.

    ~ Lillie
  • Please pray for healing of my family. Thank you

    ~ Cheri
  • I am recuperating from a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction. Please pray for me.

    ~ Elena
  • Please open my husbands heart back to me and bring him back to me. I pray for reconciliation for us and our family. Clarity, strength, guidance, wisdom, love and peace . Please heal our family and make us whole together again.
    Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us and we will receive.
    I am forever humble and grateful.

    ~ Josette
  • For the reconciliation of my marriage. So that my daily pain will be easier to bare. To guide my dr. hands as she injects my back tomorrow. And that it will be a safe and successful surgery. For all my six precious children and their spouses ,& all ten grandchildren4Emma, My oldest grandchild, as she leaves for her 1st year in college, to be safe&to help her make the right choices. my sisters& their families. 4Aaron’s safety&success&so he finds Jesus&help with chooses as a gay man. Jesus I💟U

    ~ Diane J
  • the deer have about destroyed my field of asparagus, the Canadians have taken over the cut flower market,and the price of grapes (the kind I grow) is low. I need a new plan to save my small farm(such as a cell tower rental) please pray that something will come alone. Thank you with all my heart

    ~ John
  • For my husband Doug who had surgery to repair his foot and ankle but developed a blood clot on his leg. That he will heal quickly and this clot will disappear safely.

    ~ Pauline
  • Lord pls direct people to bless me through my go fund me campaign http://gf.me/u/juyrth. Amen

    ~ Chiamaka
  • Dear Lord,
    I ask you to keep my friend Monica and her Dad in close to your heart. He is very sick in the hospital. Give Monica and her family strength through all this.
    Please guide them and lead them in a path where they will all be comforted by our Mother and your most Sacred Heart… I ask this through Christ our Lord.

    ~ Cindy
  • according to The Lords will prayer for Gods Trinity abundant healing, love, peace, clarity, wisdom, guidance, direction, strength, protection to be in/on my and mgh mind, body, spirit, soul, thoughts, concerns and life. Prayer no weapons shall prosper and God Trinity will undertake daily. Prayer for unspoken requests. In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • please pray for Kencito 6 years old to be healed of epilepsy. Thank you and God Bless you and your ministry

    ~ Anonymous
  • Jesus help me with choosing and discernment. Amen.

    ~ Hank the sinner
  • I’m in need of an urgent prayer request tonight I had a so-called friend by the name of erion he text me and said have I seen a watch on his countertop in his kitchen the sad part about it I was over there three days ago and he just now asking me that smh I’m so hurt and betrayed he knew me for 10 years now never in my life stole from him I have no reason I’m blessed and I’m a Christian!

    ~ Vanity
  • For my sister Anne who has cancer that she may be healed.For my brother Luc that he remain sober.

    ~ Gisele
  • Dear Lord I ask for healing for my dear friend Peter. Thank you.

    ~ Ernesto
  • Please pray for my family, we’re struggling financially. Also for my children’s father, that he will be healed of his mental illness and addictions and that our relationship will heal.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that Curt and I continue to have a safe journey. Please have mercy on us and surround us with your love and protection. Please ease our worries and fears. Thank you for hearing these prayers and for your continued mercy and grace. I pray all these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Please GOD, take my hand and lead me to the path I am meant to take with the man I love on earth, Steve Gregory TerSteeg. Show me the truth and the way to his heart , heal his heart from the past and allow our future begin. Waiting 7 years with very little contact and interaction my heart waits for eternity. Please GOD, allow there to be a path towards or a closure so I can find my way to healing. amen, a true test of patience

    ~ g
  • Pray for my mother and ex-stepfather to immediately fully stop their tryst and contacting and may they divest from unethical, irresponsible, immoral resourcing one another. Pray for me to not suffer anymore losses, draws/ties because of him as well.

    ~ Shane
  • Please help my son as he deals with bi-polar disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and panic attacks. Help him to manage these diseases and be able to find a job and return to work.

    ~ Mary

    ~ bissley
  • Dear brothers and Sisters
    I am going to have my Defend/Viva Voce for my PhD thesis on this 30th July 2018. Please pray for my successful viva voce.May God bless all the examiners. Amen.
    Thank you very much
    Jaratin, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

    ~ Jaratin
  • Hi my name is Chris Please pray for me and my girlfriend Jennifer, we have been going through a lot in our relationship and I ask that you can pray for us for peace, love, clarity to see what is right and what is wrong, protection against evil, more closer to Jesus and healing in our relationship. Thank you.

    ~ Chris
  • In the most powerful name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, please pray for Lazaro, Lissette, and Lila, that we may be delivered to the place that The Lord has prepared for us and that we may receive all the graces necessary for accomplishing His Holy Will.

    ~ Lazaro
  • Lord please give us the light of light

    ~ Mike
  • Please pray for healing and reconciliation for Tempe and Christopher. Lord please heal their relationship and guide them on getting through this tough time apart.

    ~ Tempe
  • Please pray for a healing for our marriage and healing for my husband’s insecurities and mind to be healed as well. God bless. Ellen

    ~ Ellen
  • Please pray that we receive a loan on our business to save my mother-in-law’s home from foreclosure. Additionally, please pray that we’re able to secure a new location for our business and for my husband’s health as the stresses of the past couple years are taking a toll on him. Thank you!!

    ~ Audrey
  • Please pray my car makes it to the busstop and to mail my letters and the bus comes on time and I get to the bus on time myself and when I get off work the same and I get to work time with problems and get home with no either. Pray I do not have to do clerk job unless God’s will and God help me find and get the right vehicle for that will be safe and affordable and the right car for me. Thank you

    ~ Loretta
  • Healing for my son Zack’s eating disorder

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear God please make my people know that I am capable of love and respect and appreciation from everyone weather it be romantic or platonic between us. That just because of my albinism does not mean that no one can be faithful to me in a relationship with me only. It also does not mean that they have to have financial or romantic affairs with my freinds. I pray that the blessed Mary can correct their thoughts and actions they done to make me think that the men are in love with them.

    ~ Dolly
  • That my daughter and 2 granddaughters will find the peace of the Lord. I pray that one day soon I will be reunited with my grandchiildren and great grandchildren, whom I miss very much. I ask this through the name of our Lord, Jesus and his blessed mother, Mary

    ~ florence
  • My Dad is ill and in critical care. I pray that our Lord will lay his hands on him and heal him in body, mind, and spirit. I also pray for all those who pray for us, ask for our prayers, those who need our prayers the most…and help for me🙏💛🌹Amen

    ~ Brian

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • Strengthen my relationship with God. To find peace and serenity. Be stress free. To be happier. To become pregnant. Through the grace of God. Amen.

    ~ Jessica
  • I appeared for Chartered Accountancy Final Exam in May & Company Secretary Final Exam in June. The exams went very tough. CA result will come on 18th July 2018 & CS result on 25th August 2018. In Inter level of these courses it took me several attempts to clear. I’m almost 24 year old & need a good job to help my family. Please pray I clear these professional final exams in first attempt itself and get a good job.

    ~ Roshni
  • My life is in such dire peril right now. Please pray that God will help me get through this horrible time. Thank you.

    ~ James
  • I had back surgery. I ask for God ‘s healing and help. Give my family your love and peace. my children are hurting and I can’t help them…..I need your help. Please answer my prayers.

    ~ Jan
  • Please pray that God will open the avenues for reconciliation with Amy, the love of my life. Thank you for your prayers…

    ~ Tom
  • Lord Heavenly Father I pray for my girlfriend Jessica that she opens her heart and mind and be forgiving for the things that I done to her. I ask that you please bring her back to me. Amen

    ~ John
  • Please pray for my father Ray to have a successful outcome from his surgery on Thursday. Please pray that the doctors are able to save his foot and lower leg. Thank you.

    ~ Leah
  • Almighty Father, I sincerely thank you on behalf of my family for the far we have come. Thanks for healing me. I thank all the prayer warriors who have been praying for my family and me. Thanks for the gift of life. Let my wife and kids grow healthy, strong, intelligent and wise. Almighty, improve my son, Luke’s development. Let him learn things fast and normally in your Mighty name! Improve my daughter, Claire’s general growth and appetite. Amen.

  • My father Babu is in serious condition with kidney failure and blood infection. Please pray for his complete healing.

    ~ Nisha
  • May God the Father be with my family members, Anthony, Theresa, Maria, Sebastian, Jennifer and the baby in her womb. May Jesus Christ bless us- use us- protect us-guide us. May the Grace, love, protection, mercy and unity of Jesus Christ be us. May Jesus Christ forgive us of all our sins and heal our body-mind-soul-spirit. May Jesus Christ deliver us from every sin-evil-curse-bondage and set us free. May Jesus Christ reveal his plan for my Life(Sebastian) and use me according to his will. Amen,

    ~ Infant
  • Please pray for me so that my soul may be healed from the effects of pornography, for His mercy and forgiveness toward me, that I may walk in path to repentance, and that the dark stains of my body and soul may be washed away and be kept clean. I beg of you to pray with all your might because I am in dire need of your prayers.

    ~ Sam
  • When I see a knife I get weird thoughts that are devil like .
    I want to be set free from all evil and thoughts that are ungodly in gods eyes .
    I want to be seen pure and worth of gods love.

    ~ Jennifer
  • Family Unity🙏

    ~ Diana
  • I’m need of a urgent prayer request for a person by the name of lajessie he stole money from me he stood me up when claimed he was gone pay me back he never did now he is putting me through the mud on social media he’s a harassing spirit he won’t leave me alone now he is messing with my sister on social media!

    ~ vanity
  • My husband Adolfo Guzman will be having lung surgery for a severe fungal infection that has attacked his lungs on Friday July 13th 2018. Adolfo is a young loving father to two beautiful children he is a devoted husband, son, brother, & friend. Please keep him in your prayers.

    ~ LISA
  • Special intention.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • Oh dear God! Only You can make the impossible possible. Only You can make something that went so wrong so quickly, right again. But, I have faith in You! I have seen Your wonders! I know You can help me! You have to help me! Please! Hide not Your face from me, lest I be like those that go down to the pit! Let me hear in the morning Your steadfast love. For it is in YOU that I put my faith! Make haste Lord, I need You~ Thank You. Amen. (Please help J first. He needs You & I screwed it all up).

    ~ Cynthia
  • That I receive a section 10, keep my job and my daughter fulltime

    ~ Samantha
  • Please bring my family back together, please don’t let this divorce happen. Please let divine intertervention cause a miracle. I love my husband I don’t want to lose him. Please, I want my family back.

    ~ K
  • For my sister Daniela: may God grant her true happiness and all she needs to overcome the challenges she faces. May she do God’s will. I thank the Lord for His infinite mercy, He has been so good to us

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for healing in all areas for 5 people with very serious illness and their family. Please pray for God’s guidance and protection and for them all to fulfill the calling that they have on their lives. Thank you very much for your prayers during this difficult time.
    God, please Bless you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • That my wife and I will be brought to the right people to find a new home and a new vehicle. That our families could work out any differences we may have. My wife and I pray that our families are healthy, wealthy and wise. Please pray for our elderly parents and especially to be reunited with our nieces and nephews.

    ~ Peter
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray Brothers and Sisters for the healing of my son-in-law’s mental condition to return to normal.
    He has been having problems with mental issues. He had to talk with a crisis counselor a few nights ago at hospital. I love all of you at Heart of the Nation. May God Bless each of you.

    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Bless you Father Mark Payne for an awesome Sunday Mass online this July 8, 2018. Bless the Saint Anthony of the Lake choir for the beautiful singing. Please keep me in prayer as well as the Brothers and Sisters for the healing of my lower legs. I had to have them bandaged last week because they were swelling badly. from another bout of Lymph edema in my lower legs. Pray for my
    daughter and son-in-law’s Boston terrier dog “Buster” to heal from tumors.
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennesse

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for me. The government agents that continually attack me yesterday started doing something to affect my right ear. It began in the afternoon and has continued ever since. At this point the hearing in my right ear is almost totally gone! Please pray that they would stop these attacks against me and that my hearing would be restored. They are even preventing me from clicking on the boxes below to have my prayer request included on the Prayer Wall and on the altar.

    ~ Elizabeth
  • i want God to protect my family and bring unit among us, also asking God to protect my wife let God protect my brother johnny chukwudi iheme from his illness and give him quick recovery , asking GOD FOR A NEW JOB, also let God protect Nigeria and save us from the wicked people

    ~ ALEX
  • Very Secret and Very Confidential
    Dear Father:
    kindly help to pray for me and family for the enmity, rancor and hatred from priests from 2 orders – I really suffer and wish them to set me free and because they are very danger, very cruel and very evil. They get rid of me. I scare to them. Kindly help to pray with Holy Spirit Prayers. That in the future i really got first love in Jesus in all religious figure as i need assylum and during their rest of life I will got forgiveness.

    ~ Lydia
  • That my youngest son’s illness, and our family’s financial issues, will be taken care of by the Lord.

    ~ Edward
  • jesus i need tooth brushes and eyeglasses all sizes from walmart…..letterforgeorge5@yahoo.com……ask me for my address in the philippines….mail me a box…..i am a catholic nun, helping poor people

    ~ gladys
  • For my son, Gilbert Ayala III, and daughter , Alicia Reimer, prayers for their reunification with the Lord and to guide them through out their life.

    ~ Gilbert
  • my mobility-I have really bad arthritis

    ~ Leslie
  • Please pray for my husband. He is an alcoholic. Pray he stops drinking. Please pray for my children. They are fallen away Catholics. My husband was baptized as an adult. Please pray for our family. Thank you.

    ~ Carol
  • Very Secret and Very Confidential

    Dear Fathers:
    Kindly help to pray for my priest for his parish also in one country for his soul and Satan will not destroy him and parish. Kindly help to pray in Holy Prayers. Lord bless them and lift their suffering and their parish and country.
    Appreciate to have your intense prayer 3 days.

    Thank you so much for your kindness.

    Jesus bless your ministry.

    ~ Lydia

    ~ TUSHAR
  • Some people in my neighborhood including myself have contracted Lyme disease. Please pray we and others recover completely from this disease.

    ~ C
  • a prayer that a lady comes into my life a prayer that never gets answered

    ~ greg

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • 1. for parents who selebrated their 40th anniversary of their marriage. may God continue to protect, guide, bless them with many more yeas.
    2. for myself, my young sister Anna and my friends Zainabu, Evance, Greyson, willtruda, Deo, fredrick and Imma whom we are going to sit for the end of semister examinations which i’m going to start on Monday. my God help us prepare ourself well, perform well and come out with good results. my he give me good health during the whole exams period.

    ~ Joseph
  • Dear Sisters/Fathers:
    Kindly help to pray for my priests in Thailand – Chiang Mai – Lord protect from Satanic Church and keep his parish “clean”. I love them so much. Kindly help to pray in Holy Spirit Prayers. Brings in in 3 days – urgent and important.

    Thank you. Jesus bless you.

    ~ Lydia
  • To be able to adopt my sweet baby girl ASAP. She has been in my care for 19 months (most of her life) but there are people trying to stand in the way of her adoption even though everyone who cares about her (psychologists, therapists, medical experts) all say she would be harmed terribly if she is moved out of my home. Please also pray I have peace while we wait as I am beginning to lose hope.

    ~ Katherine
  • It is my desire to earn enough money to start a new life. My concern is to invest money in order to live a more comforable life style. Further more I would like to honour my debt . I need to relocate away from my negative mother who is a dictator and a critic. The owner of the farm is evil. His name is Corrie Cloete and he dislike Catholics. Please guide me away from all evil , negative influences today. It is my desire to live on my own and live my own life. I need transport. Amen

    ~ Johannes Corneluis
  • my best friend just found out she has breast cancer please pray for her, also Brian gets a teaching job soon, Debby gets the help she needs, my health improves amen

    ~ sue
  • Please pray for me that God and the Virgin Mary will heal me, forgive my sins, and that I will be cancer free. That I get to live a long healthy life with no more pain. That everything: health, money, love, and family will be fine through his grace and mercy. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

    ~ Tuan
  • Please pray for me and my fiance Levi. We have come across some relationship issues due to our stubbornness and pride. I am dealing with depression and anxiety. And it’s affected my every day functions including my job and relationship. Pray that I may overcome these issues and pray that my fiance may be more understanding and patient of my situation. I’m also having alot of health issues due to my diabetes. I don’t want to lose my job because of all this. We already have financial issues.

    ~ Karen
  • Healing for Tom.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Hi,

    This request is regarding my job, I joined a new job about 6 months back. I was very happy once when I joined. But unfortunately this dream was short lived. Once I joined what I have come to know and realize is the process for which I have been hired is in an extremely difficult and poor performance standards… There are a lot people related issues and also there is a lot of politics within the team members. The clients are also not very easy to handle. Overall the work culture and ethics

    ~ Sheina
  • Please pray for the protection and safety my kids Macarena Colmegna and Tobías Colmegna and my family

    ~ Cecilia
  • I need prayer for guidance, deliverance, restoration, transformation, financial breakthrough, and healing in my body

    ~ Natasha
  • really really need to move back in with peter an share expenses last week almost going to have to live in the street had to borrow money just to pay for place to stay gas high rent higher make 1000 a month have a car payment hardly eat need to move back in with peter peter peter

    ~ carolyn
  • My prayer intention is that my wife who had one kidney removed because of Cancer, that the test she will be taken Monday will show she is FREE of Cancer. That she is in remission.

    ~ Van
  • I pray for peace and freedom. I pray that Jesus will free me from the conrep program. I pray that Jesus will be my judge, attorney, da, evaluator and therapist. I pray that Jesus will write my court reports and evaluations. I pray that the Holy Spirit enlighten me, mc. I pray that mc will work on my case and have me evaluated by the drs. I pray that the drs will continue to state that I am not dangerous and that I am ready to be restored. I pray for good health for all of us.

    ~ Martha
  • I thank you for your prayers to my son. He is completed his 12th std with 74.6% and now he got admission in B Tech.
    For continue his study now I am having financial problems and not even I am getting education loan because I am not having any type of security to give them. And my financial situation is very critical now. So please please pray for me that God may bless me and give support and blessings that I glorify God in my future life. And also please help me to get education loan.

    ~ Shanthi
  • Please ask Jesus to heal my mind and body. I have terrible anxiety and I am afraid of colon cancer because I have a few concerning symptoms. Please ask archangel Raphael to intercede on my behalf

    ~ Cristin
  • I pray for peace and freedom. I pray that God will close this chapter of my life. I pray that my mother, uncle and myself heal from our health issues. I pray that our enemies will not laugh or triumph over us. I pray that our enemies will become my friends and recommend me for restoration.

    ~ Martha
  • Hello, I’m in need of a miracle and blessings. I’m having financial problems and vehicle problems. Please pray for me. I’m drained mentally and physically and emotionally. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Chantel
  • Asking for continued prayers as I go through more rounds (my 4th and counting) of tests on July 19th and 20th. Pray that the cancer is gone in my body, that my thyroid levels are normal and there is no evidence of disease. Thank you!!!

    ~ Beth
  • Thank you for all at Heart of the Nation, Please in Jesus Holy Healing Name for our family tree. MIRACLES body, mind and spirit. with the prayers with our loving mother Mary St. Joseph saints from a-z Arch Angels and Angels. We pray so we may help many for Christ and IN Christ heal us please to help ourselves to do Our Fathers Loving Holy Will amen. Thank you Jesus for many, many NEW Priests amen.

    christ our LORD

    ~ Dale&Carla
  • Pray for the repose of the soul of Ed Schultz who died July 5.

    ~ Shane
  • Please pray for Jennifer K of California…that she be cured from cancer and that the chemotheraphy will eliminate the tumor that is pressing on her lungs and heart.

    ~ Lesley
  • i was working an assistant professor in an engineering college for the last 12 years. our college is closed down without any prior information. i lost my job, no chance to get a job soon (i am 37 years old). my husband is getting a very few salary. we are having a 6 years old kid girl .

    i am trying for ugc net exam, i can’t study well in these days. my exam is on this sunday (8.07.2018). this is my 8th attempt, i am faling for the last exam just 1 or 2%

    it is my last resort. please pary fo

    ~ leny
  • Please pray for my daughter and son-in-law who are having marital problems.

    ~ Debbie
  • Please pray that the Lord keep Sabrina and Josh together in holy matrimony forever. Please pray that our marriage can be saved and our family can remain intact.

    ~ Sabrina
  • Thank YOU God, Blessed Mother and St Jude.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Lord, please help me to let go of everything into Your capable hands. I ask You to send Your spirit into my mind and my soul to guide me down the path which You want me to go. I also ask that You be with Dusty and Rachel right now as they are each going through difficult times in their lives. I know that You can reach anyone, anywhere and heal them and that is all that I really want for the man whom I still love.
    In Jesus name, I ask this of You, Amen.

    ~ Brenda
  • Oh Lord, I need You now & always. Help me to be worthy that You would have me to continue to heal & be advocate for those who cannot speak. Give me more patience & help me to be worthy to do Your work in Your holy name. Direct my path & light up my way. I trust You! Help me keep my family safe and in Keeping to Your ways. Place a protective hedge around my whole family & send in a cherubim of warring angels to save the day until our work here is done! Thank You for everything! My relief! Amen.

    ~ Cynthia
  • I am humbling myself right now because my family is in a bad state and I need all the prayers possible. We have been going back and forth with our landlord because he has wanted us to move because of his wife. ( long story) now he has given us until August 31st I even went to our
    Diocese & they gave us a month rent to give to him ( extra) but now we are here my husband is the only one who works a full-time job & we live check to check. I am beyond embarrassed to even share this

    ~ Elizabeth
  • Please pray for cynthia for a fast recovery from her surgery. Thank you

    ~ C
  • Praying for my eldest son to be approved for disability social security or find another avenue to contribute financially to this household.

    ~ Sandra
  • Please pray for solving our scholarship related problem. Thanks

    ~ Agmi
  • Pray for God’s healing hand to be upon Sharon. Pray she will be healed completely from her accident. Pray for a quick recovery.
    Pray for Ben. Pray he gets out of the lifestyle he is in. Pray the Lord will awaken in him the Truth. Pray for his spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. Pray he will get the help he needs. Help us his family be a support for him, but also be strong in our faith.
    Pray for Greg and Linda.
    Pray for Mike/Mary/St. Pat’s intentions
    Please pray for my brother

    ~ linda
  • I am making Movie regarding ‘Rapture’ in our regional language Nepali. Kindly pray with much burden that our Living Lord Jesus Christ may guide me and my whole team to complete this movie for His glory. Please pray for – Amount needed for Film, Characters, Weather, Camera, Lighting and other Film Equipment.

    ~ Prakash
  • healing strength health im thankful i wake up every morning thank you

    ~ julissa angelina
  • Dear God,
    I am here again, knocking up your door. Please help my friend Zinah and her husband a peace of mind & touch their hearts. Let them remember the reason why they are married & let them feel your love. Both of them are having hardships in their marriage life, please give them enough strength to pass all these trials they are facing right now. Please enlight them both that they can think & decide what’s for the best for their relationship & their family. I ask all this in Jesus name. Amen

    ~ Jiah
  • For my children and family to return to the Catholic Faith.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for all my 4 children but especially my 15 year old who is extremely rebellious and angry. Pray that the Holy Spirit soothes his anger and brings him back to Christ

    ~ Joseph
  • Pray for God’s healing hand to be upon Gail and Tiffiny, Shannon’s dad,
    Frank, Fr. Steve, Kenny, Jesse, Laura, Jason, Aiden, Audrey, August, Ben, Marcy/family, Mark/family, Bev/Family, Shannon/baby, Jay

    Pray God sends us a St. Joseph. Pray for healing of my side of the
    family. Pray the Holy Spirit will guide me in discerning God’s will and
    may my heart and soul be open to His will.

    Pray for Shelly and her family, Chris’s brother’s surgery and healing go
    well and for his family.

    ~ LINDA
  • I’m in need of a prayer for a person by the name of lajessie he’s a harassing spirit that won’t leave me alone he stole from me and brag about it, and he is putting me through the mud on social media he is lying on me and slandering my character just plain evil I just want him to leave me alone and I need justice and healing from this situation thanks and God bless!

    ~ Vanity
  • Please pray for my brothers healing and recovery from his illness. I also ask for prayers for him to have better days to lift his spirit and give him hope and faith. Thank you!

    ~ Jerri
  • I ask with much gratitude and from my heart, a prayer intention for to be admitted in an online Catholic school, the admissions administrator mentioned me that they will let me know, what she and the other admission lady decided. But most of all i ask a request to have strength, faith and courage to do the will of God in life and not my will.

    ~ Carla
  • Pls prayer for my brother and sister inlaw there wait in blood test for my baby nephew when he was born he had very low sugar levels they don’t know how long he was with out then before he was born pls prayer that he test come back good and clear

    ~ Brigid
  • Hello. My boyfriend, Chris, was baptized as a baby, presumably in a Catholic church. He doesn’t currently identify with a religion, but has expressed an interest with the Catholic faith at times. Would you please pray that he will begin attending Mass with me and receive Confirmation, First Confession, and First Holy Communion? Thank you and God bless you!

    ~ Kera
  • That Andrew would return to the sacraments.

    That Andrew would return to me as well with clarity in his heart and mind that he does want to marry me and that he would return before our 2 year anniversary.

    ~ Bailey
  • that my surgery corrects the problem with my vocal cord and I won’t need any more surgery and I can to back to teaching

    ~ MaryJo
  • According Gods Trinity abundant healing and and protection to be in/on my mind, body, spirit, soul, thoughts and life and God remove what is not of Gods will. In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • pray for julie,kevin,isabella and Gianna smith that they may see the light of christ for ever praise be jesus christ now and for ever AMEN.

    ~ Julie

    ~ marianela
  • I pray to feel the angel’s and Jesus’ love and his overwhelming peace for the rest of my life and to be soaked forever in his anointing. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • According to The Lords will prayer for in The Lords abundant healing and protection to be in/on my children and my mind, body, spirit, soul, thoughts, items and lives. Prayer no weapons shall prosper and Gods Trinity will fight and end them. In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • Kathy Murphy; Earl & Barbara; Jan & Ruth from Taylor; Tom & Elaine; Scopes; Pam; Paul Fleming Jr. & Family; Rachael; Grace; Donna & Family; Judy & Bob; Judy’s sister & husband; Tammy’s Mom; Jane, Bill; Bill & Willa; Bob &Betty; Dave; Barbara; The Cowerns; My mammograms; all from St. Gabriel’s & Hebron & all at Taylor; No falls; Thanksgiving; our Families’ well beings; Reconciliation with my brother; I will have a good Mass ;Chabots; Sp. Intention,Nicols

    ~ Elaine
  • Dear Lord, bless me, my sons Chris & Kevin, my Daughter-In-Law Amy & all of the rest of my family & friends with as near perfect health as is humanly possible to attain here on earth. Please cleanse, cure & heal our bodies, minds & souls of all life threatening & debilitating illnesses & disease. Restore us to way we were during the healthiest time of our lives. Please bless us with the financial good fortune that will allow us to provide for ourselves, our families & those less fortunate.

    ~ Joe
  • Please Dear Lord,
    Watch overthem, keep them safe, protect and forgive them. Especially my son Jonathan, Christine, Ian, Lucas and my friends and family.
    Thank you and I love you dear lord,

    Jan Rutkowsk

    ~ Jan
  • For Larry who is on hospice;
    For Doug who has cancer in both lungs and liver metastasis.
    For 1 year old Corday who has abdominal cancer.
    For Megan, young wife and mom, who’s in treatment for cervical cancer.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I am asking for your prayers. I have terrible health anxiety and I am scared of cancer. Right now I am showing a few symptons of colon cancer. It frightens me because so many people depend on me, especially my mom and boyfriend. Please ask Jesus to heal my mind and body. Please ask archangel Raphael to intercede on my behalf.

    ~ Cristin
  • For my mother in-law who is going through cancer testing again after surviving breast cancer some years ago. May the screening reveal no cancer, and if cancer is present may it be readily treatable, of through Christ may it be cleared away.

    ~ Daniel
  • Please help me …
    I can’t rid of the TERRIBLE PAIN AND PHLEGM IN MY THROAT AND BOTH EARS… I am So afraid .. Please help me. I keep saying novenas and other very powerful prayers, but it won’t stop. Also, my dear cat, Casey Jane suffers Terribly with hyperthyroidism and is getting worse..with medicine.
    Also, my mom is 85 now, and I’m terrified she will die . I will be all alone. We need help getting rid of centipedes in our apartment.. they scare me so much..and we need a quiet new neighbor.

    ~ Gail
  • Please prayer that I will get My energy back like it use to be and I got a virus in my body pray for it too go away thanks for the my appetite to come back thanks

    ~ Cheryl
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear brothers and sisters and to Father Matthew Widder for the wonderful inspiring Mass and the St. Anthony on the Lake choir for a great job singing on this Sunday July 1, 2018 Heart of the Nation online: Continue praying for my health issues that keep me from doing so many things….Pray to keep the swelling out of my lower legs and pray that my high blood pressure stays normal. I love all of you at Heart of the Nation online….May God Bless each one of you.

    Delores J,
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Yesterday our car was truck by a rear end collision and both my wife and I suffereed in jurries to be examined by our doctor.. The person who caused this collision has shown no care nor remorese.
    Als0, my Medicaid has been taken way from me after my having it for years to help pay for all the medical help I’ve needed for my almost complete blindness, multiple physical disabilities.
    Also my Social Secourity has been reduced leaving me wondering how to pay our rent the first of each month

    ~ James T
  • Please pray for Jean +cliff S. Both ill lately. Jean with bad cops. They also have an adult child who needs to realize they need psychiatric help cause they are verbally abusive and compulsive…the parents are too ill to force her to get help. They have one of those bad reverse mortgages so if they need nursing care or other living conditions I don’t think they have money for it. The mother doesn’t want to kick daughter out as daughter maxed out on credit cards and has no-other $.

    ~ Anonymous
  • That my son may overcome his heartbreak and addictions…

    ~ Richard
  • Please pray for my daughter, who has several health issues. Please dear Lord heal her both physically and spiritually. Amen.

    ~ Joanne
  • Mother and Queen of Life protect the unborn in Argentina against the abortion law to be voted on August 8, 2018

    ~ Ignacio
  • Blessed Virgin, bring calm and civility back to our great nation so that we may truly live as brothers and sisters to one another.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I kindly ask to pray for my father Jose Martinez. He was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer and will have to have a radical cystectomy. I ask for prayers for his full recovery and the successful removal of the cancer.

    ~ Salvador
  • I ask for prayer for my children that they will return to faith and return to the Holy Catholic Church!

    ~ Denis
  • Thanking God for the longevity of Carmen …….. 100 years on July 8th, 2018
    mother of Candee Pedersen.
    Pray for Candee Pedersen:, heart , Diabetes, & high blood pressure problems.
    Please pray for Mindy Pedersen, for the safe delivery of child sometime this month.
    On a separate note, please pray for me and that my property [home] will be sold through a fair offer.

    ~ Rita
  • God help! Please get rid of the mice and flies in the house.
    Thank you for allowing them to eat the d-con. Please let them go out of the house and die. These field mice are too much in the heat, Lord. Thank you for your help, amen.

    ~ Maria
  • I inherited the responsibility of taking care of nine cats and one elderly dog, along with the upkeep of my parents house. Due to increasing bills, I can feel overwhelmed financially. Trying earnestly to be prudent with my mone. So my prayer is simple: enough money to take of my financial responsibilities, and animals in my care. Thank you!

    ~ Tina
  • Improved mobility-I have really bad arthritis

    ~ Leslie
  • Please offer prayers for my son and his wife, who are in a crisis in their marriage, and to ask God’s guidance for each of them, their children, and to renew their commitment and love to one another.

    ~ Donna
  • Lord God please forgive me for my sins and brake the chains that bind mine enemies and I together spiritualy, mentaly or physically. I pray this in your holy name. AMEN

    ~ Dolly
  • Father help me with your wisdom

    ~ Pius
  • Please pray w/me for God’s favor; that -past disappointments aside- my bond w/MH is lifelong, we make a love relationship work; my weight goes down & stays at my goal. Thank you

    ~ Kas
  • Brothers and Sisters,
    I wish you could help pray against that little demon
    that only seeks for destroying families … To me,
    a family is nothing else but the cell of society, but
    it’s sadly been under severe attack by the enemy –
    the envious father of lies …

    Would you please join me?

    Thank you so very much,

    May God bless you, richly!!!

    In His service and
    for God’s glory

    Yours, in Christ


    ~ Zenith
  • I am having panic attacks starting from this week. I have a lot of palpitations and feel scared all the time especially during night. I am unable to sleep at all. I am even scared to fall asleep worrying that my pulse will again increase. I am unable to live a normal life now. I have been diagnosed by generalized anxiety disorder. I request you to pray for me so that I don’t have panic attacks anymore. It’s killing me.

    ~ Priyangona
  • Please continue to keep Curt in your prayers. Please pray that he does well with the classes he is teaching and that the good in him shines through. He is trying so hard to find stability, I ask that the Lord continue to bless him with opportunity and help him find the path he was meant for. Thank you for your mercy and grace. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Asking prayers for my friend Steph S her deliverance from drugs and never touches them again her salvation that she becomes saved filled with the Holy Spirit god becomes the center of her life a unbreakable anointing on her life she becomes a light to others new godly minded friends her old friends disappear forever a good job successful career peace that surpasses all understanding good decision making skills break all the curses and demonic strongholds assignments and influences shut all

    ~ Jim
  • All US citizens of “Good Will” pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire senatorr Collins, Murwoski and Heitikempf , to vote “Yes” for the nomination of the new supreme court justice, that will replace justice Kennedy. This is a historic moment, for which their Yes vote will go down in history as the vote that protected the hard fought freedom of our founding fathers.

    ~ Gerard
  • Please pray that my coworker stops attacking me. I’m trying to get over a length abuse while divorcing a neglectful husband. I enjoy helping others in God’s name. Can you also pray that Jesus will send me a holy man that will also glorify God with me through works. Thank you for you time!!!

    ~ Diane
  • Please pray for my husband Jack who has lost his way through many forms of addiction. Help him to see the light again and give him strength and grace to seek help.

    ~ Joyce
  • Pray for Harry M………..healing from cancer

    ~ Anonymous

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • a prayer that a woman comes into my life a prayer that will not be answered

    ~ greg
  • July 2nd My son Abels 2nd Birthday.Kindly pray for my son Abels.Please for my family too


    Tiju and Anju

    ~ Tiju Abraham
  • Prayer Intention: That all my family members become closer to Jesus every

    ~ Susanne
  • Please pray for me to have faith in God and myself, the strength to make the decisions I need to make right now, and to do so in the most loving and healing manner for both myself and the other person. Please help me to know what God wants me to do.

    Please continue to pray for my husband to leave his mistress and come home to his son and me. Pray that God can soften his heart to remember his vows, and that God can put a wedge between him and the mistress creating disharmony.

    ~ Diana
  • Please pray for my youngest son. He is facing many challenges and gets discouraged easily. Please fill his mind with hope and give him strength to carry on. He is a wonderful, smart, funny boy who feels worthless sometimes and forgets how much good is inside him. Help him find his way out of this rut he is in and fill him with a happier spirit.

    ~ Stephanie
  • Please pray for Larry who is dying; for mercy, forgiveness and a peaceful death.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I ask that we pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is done in heaven to the Glory of God, through Christ our Lord and Savior, Amen

    ~ Victoria
  • Pray for the Roses store in Burnsville, NC to never close and to not be taken over by Fred’s store. Pray also for Terry Lowe whose back surgery will be on August 29, his daughter Savannah who got a mysterious infection in her leg, for my mother and ex-stepfather to stop being unethical resources for one another and others, for a blessed Christmas in July, and for my 30th birthday on July 1.

    ~ Shane
  • Louis Paone
    June Paone
    Hellen Murphy
    Frank Murphy
    Francis Murphy
    Mary Paone
    Anthony Paone
    Carl Govvy Place
    Don Everett
    Charlie Guess
    Bob Gaff

    ~ Anonymous
  • Jennifer Paone
    Elisabeth Paone
    Katherine Paone
    Bruce Paone
    John Deodati
    Andra Deodati
    Michelle Deodati
    Patrica Lalli & Family
    Ralph Lalli & Family
    Rich Rosadillo & Family
    Linda Francis & Family
    Allen Cirard & Family
    Jody Cirard & Family
    Tom Carlisi & Family
    Eileen Carlisi & Family
    Kent Pennell & Family
    Gloria Pennell & Family
    Boss Paone

    ~ Anonymous
  • Lucy Paone
    Wendi Winters
    Robert Hiaasen
    Gerald Fischman
    John McNamara
    Rebecca Smith

    ~ Anonymous
  • In the name of Jesus I pray for healing of my son Sean from autism, that he will act, speak, behave as a normal child. I pray that all aggressive behavior that can hurt and harm himself and others will be totally gone in Jesus name. That my son Sean will live a happy, healthy fruithful abundant life, that he will become a good citizen and servant of God.

    ~ Emmylou

    ~ JUDY
  • Hi all. Can you please pray for me to get back on my feet financially. I’ve been out of work for almost 2 months now and I need helping landing the right job that God knows suits me and fit my needs. Thank you God bless you all!

    ~ Jide
  • Please pray my blood pressure will go down and I will find another job very soon.

    ~ crystal
  • Prayers for a miracle and protection from heavy duty chemo for my son in law, Joshua dale Watson who is battling brain cancer. He is a husband and has four small children.

    ~ Angela
  • Please God help me , I want my partner back in my life , he is my best friend , he is the one who made me feel happy . Make him talk to me and love me again?and clear out all misunderstanding pain heartaches and confusion between us I ask you please give us chance to be together again please hear my prayer

    ~ Anonymous
  • I Loose And Release TUSHAR JAGANNATH RATHOD from all mind control of Evil,Demonic,Satanic Strongholds By the shed blood of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth and By the power of the Holy Spirit Permanently and Forever,in Jesus name I pray,AMEN AMEN AMEN

    ~ Tushar
  • According to Gods will prayer for Gods Trinity to convict & expose k for his stealing of things and his spirit abuse to all. Prayer no weapons against me shall proper daily and Gods Trinity will win total victory in Jesus for me daily. In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • This is M Vishwa Bharath, studying CA Final in Chennai. I have started following Jesus in 2011. From past one and half year i lost my holiness. Due to this i could not able to be in myself and God, becoming lazy, losing my character, started smoking, drinking, and other unhealthy habits, losing my focus on anything and mainly I could not able to complete my CA Course. I am feeling that I got struck in some evil web. I am afraid of myself. Please do special prayer for me VERY STRONGLY

    ~ M VISHWA
  • To get a loan in one day and for a fast settlement with the insurance co. And rent out house

    ~ Kathleen
  • Praise the lord

    I rely feel like not to leave i just want to end up my life and drink poison i help people and do all good things but at the end they just leave me and go.i am fed-up on my Parents,family and my guy whom i have love even he left.i rely feel myself a burden i trust a people a lot but at the end i get all negative from them and they say that they dont trust me at all why this is always with dear Jesus please take way my life and i come before u as i am sorry.forgive my sin

    ~ Sneha
  • Hello please pray for me that my last day of work tomorrow and my retirement party go smoothly. And that my visit to the doctor on July 3 go well as I have prostate problems. Thank you and God bless you.

    ~ Mark
  • Please, pray for me, Severino. May the Lord work His saving power and miracles on me. Thank you.

    Please, pray for the soul of my deceased mother, Virginia Jaleco, and the faithful departed.

    Please, pray for my family, and all families and pray for the Pope, all the clergies even the non-christians.

    Thank you very much.

    ~ Severino
  • I would like for God to bless me with a husband and a family. Please keep me in prayer

    ~ Lisa
  • Please pray for my 59 yr old husband, Ricky, to remember his vows, his integrity, and to soften his heart to remember our marriage and our love, to once again become the person God intends and to turn him away from sin. Pray for him to leave his 29 yr old mistress and living with her in her rented room to come home to me and our family. Pray that God puts barriers in their way. Pray that God returns him home to us. Pray for God to make whatever changes he sees fit to make in me.

    ~ Diana
  • Hello I am 41 and God put in my heart such a powerful desire and longing for a Godly husband and to carry children to term. My age has caused such great anxiety in my life. Your prayers for me to keep my eyes on the Lord and to do his will would mean so much to me.

    ~ monica
  • I need jobs to feed and care for family

    ~ Philip
  • Thankful for prayers answered

    ~ Anne

    ~ Joseph
  • Pray for Brittany to be healed spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically from the chains of slavery, addiction and all evil forces in and around her are given to Jesus to Jesus to deal with. Please pray for all who are praying for that they are protected and blessed. Please pray for Brittany not to want to be homeless and panhandle. Please pray Prayer is the best and I give thanks and praise that this online request is her. I feel blessed by this. Thank you, all of you. Appreciate it

    ~ Tracy
  • I give the highest praise, glory, worship and thanksgiving to Father God, the Almighty Father and I adore and believe His Son our Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of my sins and I humbly beseech for the following prayer petitions :
    1. Change of heart, renewal of mind and righteousness for me, Jonathan Taneo and my wife Garland V. Taneo. That we and our entire family may always have a life fulfilled w/ the Lord Jesus.
    2. That my dependent visa ( F3 ) w/ alien registration card be granted a

    ~ garland
  • My son has been dating a woman 3 years younger than me for around 10 years…this woman has been coming on to my father with inappropriate texts for 5 years now…she has been bleeding him and mom financially dry for 5 years…to the point of which at 70 years old, their cable is off, the car mom got last year will be repossessed on the 29th of this month, their electric is about to be turned off and my dad is afraid to say no to her cause of the threats she is making…please pray that she answ

    ~ Andrea
  • Please pray for Cynthia n Sonnys cancer that it stop growing and spreading. Also for Rollys upcoming surgery, Chris’ liver n Jason MS. May God have mercy on them and heal them. Eternal peace for Alfredo n Demy, Emelino n Paulina, Basilio. Thank you.

    ~ Kathy
  • healing strength health thank you

    ~ julissa angelina
  • Pray that the mistake I made on my job will be forgiven. That I will have favor with those in the decision making process and they will have hearts of compassion, understanding and forgiveness. That God will remove any obstacles that will prevent me from keeping my job and that by his will, grace and mercy I will keep my job and be used as a vessel to glorify his name and others can see his goodness in me

    ~ Erik
  • I ask for prayer for a situation that looks hopeless and impossible, but I believe in miracles! Please pray with me that Paul and I are reunited as a couple and as a family And that Paul comes back to me and wants to reconcile in Jesus ‘name amen.

    ~ Cecilia
  • Please pray for me so that I make the right decisions for myself during my current financial situation. Pray that this gets resolved in the best way possible. And please above all, pray for peace, understanding and tolerance in this world.

    ~ Mary Anne
  • For the soul of Katie O’Leary, may she rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon her.

    ~ Martha
  • GOD, love this man for 7 years. Please show me everything I need to know and see. Show me if they are who I think they are or if they are not. I am waiting and due to my devotion and loyalty I only love one at a time. I can’t walk away until I know if I am supposed to wait or go. I am not young and I haven’t ever met anyone that I want to get to know. amen

    ~ g
  • Please support me in prayer for RECONCILIATION with LJUBO, for our NEW BEGINNING.. that he REMEMBERS LONG LOVE WITH me… That he shows his FEELINGS, that GOD work out peace between us, healing our hurts,THAT WE START AGAIN and continue OUR WAY TOGETHER and officially get married!


    Your sister in Christ, Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia

    ~ Katarina
  • For Angelo Jacob Rivera’s recovery and healing from his surgury that was performed today for his left Kidney, may he have a fast recovery and gets healed from what was causing its failure. May God bless him and his family. May God help his mother help him and have patience.

    ~ Cristina
  • My name is Leajia ( Lee Asia) please agree with me in prayer for healing of my entire body, angels of protection, God to open doors for employment with good pay, a godly husband in 2018 thank you Lord Jesus amen

    ~ Leajia
  • Please pray for my my cousins son who is struggling with drug addiction. And for my sisters son who is also struggling with addiction.
    For my daughter as she prepares for surgery

    ~ Sarah
  • Better health for my Husband. Help for my back issues and severe pain. More love and happiness in my/my husband’s marriage. HELP FOR SON FOR NEW JOB! Peaceful/quick recovery for my cousin after sudden death of husband last Mar. Good health for cousin’s preemie baby, Rosalyn. Renewal of Friendship of best friend of over 50 years! Peaceful death for Father-In-Law, Health for all sick people, help for all seniors in U.S., FREEDOM OF RELIGION, SHUT DOWN OF ALL NUCLEAR WEAPONS IN WORLD! WORLD PEACE!

    ~ Judith
  • For the complete physical healing of my parents and mother in law.
    For the continued growth and development of my soon to be born granddaughter
    For the continued commitment to my husband and my relationship
    For continued comfort for all those grieving the loss of a loved one

    ~ Elizabeth
  • Dear Lord, please help me find suitable employment where I feel I am adding value and fit with the team. Help me Lord to obtain a position that pay my current salary or greater and allows my employer and immediate leadership/manager/boss to trust, have confidence in me and my abilities and enables me to be creative, plus autonomy to accomplish clearly defined goals and tasks. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen.

    ~ Joan
  • Blessed Successful outcome of surgery this week and a joyful healthy recovery to allow me to return to work closely with my students. Amen

    ~ Maria
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters and Father Matthew Widder on this date June 24, 2018 for the blessed message on The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist plus the beautiful songs presented by the Saint Anthony of the Lake Choir: Continue keeping my health issues in prayers and that I will be restored to good health soon. Pray also that I can get my mother’s land that I inherited sold soon so I can buy me a home. I love all of you so much.

    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • According to The Lords will prayer for Gods Trinity to fight and severly convict k and others if they are violating my children in spirit against Gods will especially in spirit. Prayer God exposes & convicts second by second and shame them til they repent. In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • According to Gods Trinity will prayer for Gods abundant love, healing,love,protection to be in/on my mind,body,spirit,soul,thoughts and life now and daily. in Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • I ask for prayers to help our family’s finances and to be able to find and afford a new apartment/home. I’m currently in a home in real estate contract to be sold and currently don’t have the finances to catch up on my bills and save for a new apartment. My husband work so many hours and my job doesn’t offer any overtime so it’s so difficult not to be stressed. Please pray for my family and I to catch up and save.

    ~ Jennifer
  • I ask for your prayers for my son Paul who is on his way to University this fall. That he may be grounded in our faith and walk with Jesus throughout his life.
    Thank you for your support!

    ~ M Rovena
  • I ask for prayer support for my mother Emilia (80) who is carrying for my bed-ridden father (94) who is in income hostice. She was been loyal to him and has devoted herself to his care day and night. Thank you for your support!

    ~ M Rovena
  • Health and Healing for my Dad. For my family, my mental health, all the sick and addicted, for our church and country and for you..🙏✝💛Amen

    ~ Brian
  • Please pray for healing of my broken body.

    ~ Patricia
  • Complete healing of arm fracture and return of full normal use of same.
    Cure of back problem ,relief of pain with no need of surgery.

    Thank you.

    ~ Christine
  • Please pray that my friend Anthony Lynch is healed of any illness in his body. They found abnormalities in his lungs and they are doing surgery to find out if it is cancer. His breathing is bad. He is a righteous man who devotes his time to raising money for children with cancer. It breaks my heart that he is ill. I know with all my heart that God can heal him.
    Thank you so much.

    ~ Joshua
  • the sort of events in the past months have turned my friend quite dull and off. he has to go through much of trouble cos of certain not so right minds bothering him with mind possessions and disturbunces with undesired mind voices or connections. problem with the so called parents being steplike actually giving way for the kinda prob it seems. pls pray that the lord almighty is gonna safegaurd and protect him and his ways with his mighty gaurdians, shielding him all along, driving away the evil

    ~ Anonymous
  • Request your prayers for God’s grace and blessings in getting the desired scores in IELTS exam. I am attempting the exam a second time on 30th June(Listening, Reading and Writing) and 3rd July(Speaking exam). I need to improve my reading, writing and speaking scores. It seems impossible for me to get a higher score. Please pray for a miracle.

    ~ Rani
  • Peace of Mind ,body, & soul. Had an Afib episode last night. Very frightening. Ask God to wrap me in His arms & feel His comforting presence.

    ~ Karen
  • Going through a difficult moment in my life. Devil is attacking my job, my freedom, my finance and trying to take everything I’ve worked for. Going through a court case that drains me financially, emotionally. The devil is trying to rob me of my pension and gratuity. Trying to put me on the streets. Right now it feels like I am losing everything. I’ve prayed so much, feels my prayers are not being answered. I need prayers desperately. I need a miracle from God to clear me of all these charges

    ~ Forns
  • Please pray for my mum susan she is going through very tough financial hardshipAnd suffering a very sore hip unable to sleep properly with it she will see her doctor this week hopefully. Please pray for her she can be healed.
    God bless

    ~ linda
  • Please pray for me as I undergo cancer treatment over the next 6 months to be healed.

    ~ Darryl
  • Please pray for my mom she is depressed over a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s she’s been taking medicine for a year and a half but seems upset about it now and my siblings are wanting to put her in a nursing facility

    ~ Ida
  • Prayer intention for my fellow accordionists and other musicians. That we will go deeper into life and the faith when playing music.

    ~ Henrik
  • Pray for my mother and ex-stepfather to stop being unethical sources for each other, for me, and for others. Pray for my thanks to be offered up to God for “Paul Apostle of Christ” finally coming out on DVD.

    ~ Shane
  • According to THe Lords will prayer for a miracle for someone and no weapons formed shall prosper. Prayer for a young woman for healing and recovery from a auto accident. Prayer for unspoken prayer requests. In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer needed daily and
  • May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Love of God the Father and communion of the Holy spirit be with me(Sebastian) and with my family members, Anthony, Theresa, Maria, Jennifer and the newly growing baby in her womb. May Jesus Christ protect us, guide us, bless us, and use us. Amen

    ~ Infant
  • I ask of the big favor of praying for me reguarding my school admission to be able to have an exception and be accepted in a Catholic school, I am a current aspirant, for this same reason I want to finish a career of theology from a catholic school, I tried my best to study on Jp university from public transportation, two hours from my school to home, but due to the high stress of not having a car, I gave up, I am 24 years old and I am willing to try again, in an online school.

    ~ Carla
  • I need a financial miracle. I have lost all hope. I find it hard to even want to breath. I am not even able to concentrate on mass. I am going to turn 65 in a few short weeks and it looks like I am going to be homeless. I need a financial miracle or a quick peaceful death.

    ~ deborah
  • Hi can you please pray for me and my daughter Destiny a Perez please pray for our finances and,school, and marriage.Also please pray that my daughter doesn’t get involved in unnatural sex or sex outside of Marriage I want her to have a good and healthy marriage

    ~ Norma
  • Please pray for my son who is struggling in his business. Thank you.

    ~ Shirley
  • For the conversions of Becca and Scott.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Lord send the Holy Spirit for peace to Yanitza. Don’t let her fall into depression. Please speak to Adrian so he can text her saying he misses her and loves her so they can reconcile and for his family to finally accept her. IJN amen

    ~ Yanitza
  • David salvation (desire to go to church (husband) and get a full time job making more than enough money that he would want to go into the work force full time/emotional healing

    Abigail–emotional healing, all needs met and protection

    myself weight loss and a full time office job
    car and financial records and eyesight (cataracts)

    ~ Susan
  • please pray for spiritual, emotional, and financial healing.

    ~ crystal
  • Please bless my son with a good wife soon – someone who will love him and his child. Also, that he does not drink too much. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Onhi
  • Healing for Wayne and Vanda’s marriage
    Scott’s salvation

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for Frank and his business. Pray they find the problem. Pray for wisdom for all. Pray for healing of his business and employees. Pray for truth. Pray for God’s protection be upon Frank and his family. Pray for the success of PSI.
    Pray for a close relationship with all of our children and their family members. Pray there is nothing seriously wrong with Greg. Pray for God’s healing hand to be upon him.
    Pray Heather and Ben will be able to have more children.
    Pray Aiden & his family

    ~ LINDA
  • Please pray in Jesus name for the healing of nitin Issac kuruvila who met with an accident and is in coma for 28 days now,I surrender the swellings in his brain that is causing him not to open his eyes ,I surrender all his fractures and pain to the lord, nothing is impossible for our lord , may he show mercy upon Nitin, please also pray for the family who is really heartbroken and really hurt at this most difficult times,lord let all the tears shed come to an end!

    ~ Anu
  • According to The Lords will prayer for Gods Trinity to fight and win a major battles for me against k,d,d,e,m,m,r, and unknown until victory in Jesus is won against them. Prayer no weapons shall prosper and God will fight and win them all for me. Prayer k,d,d,m,e,r is revealed exposed for all his stealing or receiving of and that they are spirit manipulating and abusing and the ways they are doing. Prayer GOd will remove the sources & their ability to do so will be known. In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • Please pray for Dylan C. He is suffering from two rare diseases that is making extremely sick. Please pray for Dylan so he can recover.

    ~ Judith
  • My brother, Roy, is now on the transplant list for a new liver and kidney. The wait is long and he is very ill. Please help me pray for him. Thank you and bless you.

    ~ Diane
  • Please storm heaven with prayers for me so that sister C & I will be cured of our many health problems, that the very painful ulcers in my legs will heal soon.
    Please pray that the Lord will relieve me of the intense ulcer pain, heal the infection, venous hypertension and swelling of both my lower limbs.
    Kindly pray that my cardiac arrhythmias will be cured.

    ~ kk
  • Pray for the fathers who are neglectful, abusive, manipulative, absent or who damaged their children permanently.

    Pray for my father who is one of them and who is now at the end of his life.

    Pray for me and my brother to find some kind of tenderness for this man and be able to forgive him before he dies. I can’t seem to stop being angry.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Unity of all my children, physical and spiritual, with God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – Blessed Trinity through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by the intercession of His Blessed Mother Mary and His step-father Joseph. We humbly pray on this Father’s Day for His presence in us and protection of us. Amen

  • Please pray for me so that I come out of bad habits and bad relationship and come closer to God.

    ~ Prival
  • For my niece Angie, that she will be able to leave an unhealthy relationship and return to God .

    ~ sister maria
  • – Please help Jim stay sober and stay strong
    – Please lead Charlene back to faith in God and Jesus
    – Please help Colleen through her educational difficulties
    – Please help Jimmy, Steven and Colleen keep God and Jesus in their hearts
    – Please stay with Colleen in her journey to her Confirmation
    – Please relieve Geri and Charlene of their infirmities and bring them comfort and peace
    – Please bless Angie and Jason and bring them comfort after the loss of Angie’s father
    – Please bless us all

    ~ Doreen
  • Please support me in prayer for RECONCILIATION with LJUBO, for our NEW BEGINNING.. that he REMEMBERS LONG LOVE WITH me… That he shows his FEELINGS, that GOD work out peace between us, healing our hurts,THAT WE START AGAIN and continue OUR WAY TOGETHER and officially get married!
    Your sister in Christ

    ~ Katarina
  • Dear lord, heal me from diabetes

    ~ Fr Jitin
  • For healing of whatever hurt, mental illness or evil causes my office mate to be so hateful and such a bully.

    For the repose of the souls of Bonnie, Kim, Sally, George and Martha.

    For Lisa’s addiction, mental illness, frequent job loss and the constant threat of homelessness.

    For the healing of families , no matter who was to blame originally, and letting go of long-held lies and grudges.

    For a return to faith.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my brother Doug in Iowa who has lung cancer that’s metasticized to his liver. He was already disabled, unable to walk or use his hands.

    For my 94 year old father Larry in Pa. who is on hospice with congestive heart failure.

    For 1 year old Corday who is in treatment for an aggressive abdominal cancer.

    For me, to find faith again.

    ~ Debbie
  • For all those battling cancer & their caregivers to have courage & strength in order to recognize the challenges that God faces among them.

    ~ Amy
  • I am praying for my husband, who is going through tough times at work. His boss told him his job is in danger. I know that he has been working hard and that he wants to stay. But if God has other plans for him, I pray that he will come to accept it.

    If it’s God’s will though that he remains in his current job, I pray that those who have evil designs on him will be bound. I am praying for protection and guidance. Please lift up my husband in prayer. Amen.

    ~ Melissa
  • Acccording to Gods Trinity will prayer for God to expose and convict k and others for all their stealing of things, receiving stolen things and spirit abuse to all. Prayer no weapons shall prosper and God Trinity will daily expose k and others for their deception and spirit abuse to all. Prayer for total victory in Jesus every second of my days.nights especially when i am sleeping.In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • I come before thee broken down and ready to just throw in the towel. My faith has been tested and tried one too many times over the course of 3 years, and I just do not know if I have it in me to keep fighting the fight. I question what am I even fighting for anymore? I’ve been stuck in the Rut and nothing I do to get out of it is working, I am tired of seeing everyone else move forward even if they are struggling and I just remain here and dealt more on top of what I have already.

    ~ Victoria
  • I pray to be healed from my insecurities. Especially the paranoia I have that someone will take away my relationship. Cheating. Mistrust. And that God will send me something that’s not good for me. I pray to trust that with the right person. I won’t feel like I have to compete with anyone. I pray that the wrong person be taken away from me that is not good for me, and that isn’t 100 percent loyal. I pray in Jesus Name. Amen.

    ~ Griselda
  • I am short on my rent money, I have managed to come up with some of it but don’t know how I can come up with the late fees that the landlord wants.I need this house . It’s all I can afford. I have to keep a roof over my child & me. My landlord is going to evict us if I don’t come up with more money. I need prayers that my landlord will accept what I have & not put my child & me out of our house. I need prayers that I can somehow come up with more money so I can pay the rent.

    ~ sonya
  • for her health suffering from cancer

    ~ sherly
  • Please my Sacred Heart of Jesus, please let me always exceed all of my Myrbetriq and Xtandi sales goals and quotas. Please my dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus, please let me always be peacefully, joyfully, successfully employed at Astellas Pharma until I am retired or until it is time for me to go to you my dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thank you my dearest Sacred Heart of Jesus for all of your love and blessings.

    ~ Laurie
  • Oh Lord my GOD, in your most Holy Name my Sacred Heart of Jesus, please have mercy on me and please forgive me all my sins. My Sacred Heart of Jesus, I am so sorry. Please my Sacred Heart of Jesus, please send help to me at Astellas Pharma. Please my Sacred Heart of Jesus, please defend me, protect me, keep me safe at Astellas Pharma. Please, my Sacred Heart of Jesus, please bless me with good decision making at Astellas Pharma.

    ~ Laurie
  • Praise to God..My back surgery went so well.. Thank you Lord..Help my daughter and grandson. My sons and their families. Guard my friend Pat on a journey to put her sister in a nursing home. She wants to make this as easy for her sister as possible. Love and caring for my friends……

    ~ Jan
  • Please pray for Annie and her baby, she is delivering in Italy, being on vacation, and is 31 weeks. For safety for all involved. For conversion and healing of body, soul and spirit of R,A,J,M,G,D,G,K,G,G, and J, and our extended family. In thanksgiving for all the blessings and healing we are experiencing in our family. Thank you Jesus. For everybody’s job and vocation, and their complete surrender to what God wants in their lives.

    ~ Alli
  • Please pray for me, for I am always so very lonely and sad because I have no one to talk to and hang out with. And I am extremely worried about my future since I don’t have a stable job with benefits like health and dental insurance and Social Security. I don’t know what kind of job I can do because I have never held a professional job outside the house before since I am very shy and socially anxious. Pray I may know what to do with my life and that I can find a real job with benefits.

    ~ Cheryl
  • Please pray for those who have cancer that they may be healed and I don’t have prostate cancer. And pray for those who feel alone and are going it alone that they may find comfort and companionship. Thank you and God bless you.

    ~ Mark
  • Purity and spiritual guidance for Kenny, who is afflicted by diabolical oppression and sexual addiction. This is affecting our family very gravely, especially our children and our financial situation.

    ~ Renee
  • Please blessed virgin pray for my family, that my body is healed so I am not as much of a burden to them. Please pray for my husband’s health, as well as my sister and brother in law’s health. Please pray for the health of my friends and that their husbands become more understanding and their marriages are healed. Please pray for a wonderful young man who has lost his faith, that he be guided back to our Lord. Thank you blessed virgin for your intercession.

    ~ Anonymous
  • please pray from and my family to be delivered from generation curses, bloodline curses and spoken curses. I have worked for 37 years and I have nothing as protection after retirement. I have 4 children, 2 son are drug addict Mike and John my two daughters have so many struggles in life. I have being receiving injection which I don’t know where they come from work for 37 years and I have nothing to feed my family I need financial break through

    ~ Joseph
  • 1. for my father who is experiencing a moving swollen my God rebuke and heal it.
    2. for the family. three paternal aunties have dreamed sad people gathered at our home. they translate it as a sign of death. my God avert that. and may the spirit of death fail.
    3. one of my teachers gave me below average course work which may prevent me from sitting for last semester exams. may God soften his heart and make him change his decision. so that he may give me marks which will enable me to sit for exams

    ~ Joseph
  • Lord Jesus I pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage. My husband is part of a group that promotes homosexuality and discourages family life..He confessed this 3 weeks that he has been part of this group 2 years now.

    Lord free and save my husband from this bondage and grant healing and restoration for our marriage.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Special intention.
    Thank you.

    ~ MariaP
  • Please pray for my 32 year old brother who has a brain tumor.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for me my husband to stop lashing out at me and be more loving calm and respectful. He’s under stress at work and his own personal life and snaps out at every little thing. Pray for him to be less negative and argumentative.

    ~ Josie
  • Please pray for Owen, that God’s blessings be with him on his 30th Birthday, on Father’s Day, June 17th, 2018. May his Birthday be uplifting and inspiring, filled with God’s lovingkindness for Owen and our family.

    Pray that our family overcome the rift that is causing so much heartache, especially with Owen. Pray that Jesus will comfort and encourage Owen, and his Birthday be filled with God’s Joy and Peace.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Elizabeth
  • Prayer intention. Praying for less pain and better breathing. Thank you and God Bless all.

    ~ Sally
  • I found a lump and I am terrorfied of breast cancer. Please ask archangel Raphael to intercede on my behalf. Please heal my mind and body.

    ~ Cristin
  • Healing of blockage in sinus which is causing balance problems and that drs. will make a good dec.

    ~ mary
  • Urgent miracle needed. To find a buyer for my son’s restaurant in Miami also needs good clients for his new job. We are desperate. Pray that all evil be remove from my son Hugo, his wife and restaurant. God bless you

    ~ Doris
  • Please pray for my son Juan’s health and healing from all his health issues including his heart condition, anemia, high blood pressure, cramps, diabeties, kidneys, pancreas, circulation problems, and, his obesity so he can lose weight and get healthy . Please pray for his marriage and family in Jesus name I ask Thank you

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray that Curt continues to see the signs you are sending him and that he finds the opportunity he was meant to jave to serve you. He is stressed and trying so hard, and I am grateful for all you have done for him. Please bless him with good news and thank you for your mercy. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Please pray for my son Aaron to get concentration and interests in prayers and studies.

    ~ Shanthi
  • Please pray for me and my sisters son that God cures our irregularly problem of motion. Which will cause uncomfortable and irritation in schools public places and society.

    ~ Shanthi
  • Healing of Harry M,my father, who is afflicted with cancer. Please pray for our Family as we are struggling with this. I can barely sleep. Holy Spirit please give us guidance and courage. Jesus please heal my father.

    ~ Ann
  • Please dearest lord, heal my father , Edward Anthony Geary . He is very ill, and I am so worried.
    thank you Heavenly Father, Amen.

    ~ karen
  • I pray for healing and comfort for Ellie Washington who recently had a relapse on a very rare childhood cancer. I pray for strength and comfort for her family and wisdom and skill for her doctors, and all the families and doctors of sick children, Lord hear my prayer. Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Help my son get a job. Ty

    ~ Maisie
  • Pray for Werner’s son who drowned. Pray for all Martin’s family members. Thanksgiving for diaconate ordinations, friends and family support, Deacon Mike, Matt’s healing. Mike and Chris’s intentions. Pray for Bennett’s healing. Continued prayers for Colynn P.’s continued healing. Pray she is able to get pregnant. Pray for baby Anthony’s continued healing. Pray for his parents. Pray Aiden who is six gets the help that he needs. Pray healing of his heart, mind and soul.

    ~ LINDA
  • good health
    find a new place to live
    get a new job

    ~ melissa
  • According to Gods Trinity will prayer for in Gods and angel abundant healing and protection to be in/on and tru all aspects of my life. Prayer no weapons shall prosper and God will convict sources, win victory in Jesus it all aspecrs especailly form k,ti,h,w,e,r,m,d,m,and ?. Prayer for God to remove from me and visa versa and restore my house in natural always order not of k order of his people he as in/around here spriitualizing/r illumating there aura. Pray no weapons shall prosper.IJN

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • Please pray for my mental wellbeing that Jesus will be with me and help ease my mind in times of trouble so I can feel his presence and not be so scared when I’m alone

    ~ Tiffany
  • Please pray for my mom, she is 85 years old and has dementia. She also has pneumonia real bad and hasn’t eaten in quite some time. Please pray as hard as you can for her. Thank you and God Bless you.

    ~ Rosalie
  • May God the Father anoint me (Sebastian) with the Holy Spirit and clothe me with the Power-Spirit and Authority of Jesus Christ to preach the gospel according to Mark 16:15. May Jesus Christ anoint me with the double portion of tongues of fire what apostles received and may the Holy Spirit fill me with wisdom-knowledge-understanding and revelation on God the Trinity-The Church- and the word of God. May God the Father reveal his plan for my life and use me according to his will.

    ~ Infant
  • Find a place to live by the end of June 2018

    ~ Ann
  • For my son Jaxson to get into st. Agnes catholic school for 2nd grade

    ~ Cos
  • Thank You for all you have done, are doing, & ever will do for me. I am eternally grateful & love You with all my heart. Draw me ever closer to You. Give me the gift of Your wisdom, as I hold on to the faith I have found in You, believing everything I do fulfills Your will & purpose- holding more weight in this world to make changes for good, than ever before. Open the gates of heaven Send Your warring angels to remove the evil that tries to stop me. Believe in me. I am steadfast.In Jesus. Amen.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Please Help Me… I’m so scared.My throat is very sick. It never stops burning and hurting. I fear the worst. I need GOD to heal me before I go crazy. My bladder gives me great trouble as well. I ask for prayers for my mom, Mary as well. She is 85 and I never want her to die. Please pray for her good health. Please pray for our cat, Casey Jane. She suffers badly with hyperthyroidism and medicine does not agree with her. I can’t lose her.
    And our cat, Baby is lost for over a week. Bring her home.

    ~ Gail
  • Prayers for a miracle, protection, good news, and good health for Joshua. Josh is facing brain cancer. He is a husband and has four small children. Please keep him in your prayers.

    ~ Angela
  • Dear Sir,

    I am working in a middle east company and company promised me last year a promotion and assigned new responsibilities .However due to management changes and politics company put my promotion on hold whereas promoted others. Company also planning to recruit a new person in the post they have offered me for.Kindly pray for me to get a promotion that can enable me to clear my debts.


    ~ appu
  • Please pray for my sisters, Sr Mary Joseph who will be having surgery because of breast cancer for healing so as Sita who has a lump on her ear that it will be healed and cancer free. Pray for my health too for a healthy body and cancer free. Pray for Mildred Engelman for an easy operation if she will have the pacemaker and for an easy healing because of her age. Pray for Uncle Afu too for a his health that he will be feeling better soon. Pray for all at the hospitals for quick recovery.

    ~ Tukasi
  • may my words speech and prayer bless the Lord Jesus and have a coal from Gods altar turn my words into incense for the Holy Trinity.amen

    ~ Lisa
  • Please pray for television workers and movie workers to make better choices. pray there are peacful nonviolent shows with christain suuitable content. and GOD and Jesus help. me wattch and supportt them,amen

    ~ Lisa
  • Please pray that our sons are safe, healthy, happy and close to God. We are thankful for Mother Mary’s care. Thank you.

    ~ Denise
  • For all my family,friends, acquaintances, people who do not have anyone to pray for them and me Robin please pray for our ailments some needing really x-tra special help…We are so grateful for all the graces and help that we have received during all our lives. The prayer in my heart is for our really messed up world – O Lord, Blessed Mother please knock these folks off their white horses. Prayers for all the members of the Circle of Heart and their special requests and doing this for all us

    ~ ROBIN
  • Please pray for Gerald that his transition to heaven be painless. He led a life of service to others and now needs your prayers.

    ~ Gerald
  • Please pray for Owen, that God’s blessings be with him on his 30th Birthday, on Father’s Day, June 17th, 2018. May his Birthday be uplifting and encouraging filled with God’s lovingkindness for Owen and our family.

    ~ Owen
  • Yes my boyfriend listens to a singer named mcchris whom pokes fun at Christains and sings about smacking children. I’m seeing spirits harming children could you also pray for the safety of the children.

    ~ Lisa
  • For the repose of the souls of Lee Riser and Jack Bruening.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray my baby continues to grow and be healthy. Amen.

    ~ Amanda
  • Please pray for my daughter Monica and her family who are on vacation in South Dakota today. Please send prayers and blessings that their Guardian Angels. Saints. And God protect all of them please pray that they drive safe to their destination. Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • For God to be with me on Monday, June 11 during my interview with authorities– bring Justice and turn around the finding against me so I can walk free and continue to have my Teaching Certificate

    ~ Angel
  • For a big business goal this month. That 3 people join the team. That we have 300$ by the 19th. That my heart PRAISES God in the ups and downs. And that I have the courage, motivation, resistance and drive to do the work needed to get it done!

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for Elizabeth W, that she may come to accept the grace of conversion and come to know and love the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother.

    Please pray for me, for a deeper, stronger; Love, Trust, and Faith in the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother.

    ~ Luis
  • My former employer is suing me, he is extremely vindictive, he’s been abusing me since May 2017 and outright trying to destroy me and my family since September 2017.

    Please God grant me speedy resolution to this tragedy, I don’t know how much more abuse I can take. I am losing my faith in You. All of my weapons and shields are turning to rust before my eyes. I think You have abandoned me. Please grant me peace and the grace to accept Your holy will.

    ~ M
  • Please pray for Derek and his job and for the tasks that are entrusted to him.

    ~ Marion
  • Please pray for me so Alex from the boba shop will want to become my best friend. I just really really wanted to be his best friend. So he starts talking to me a lot in the boba shop and online as well. And so he starts taking an interest in me friendly and romantically. Thank you.

    ~ Angelica
  • Urgent prayers needed for Hugo, his wife and for his restaurant to sell soon, he had to close it because no clients. Also please remove all evil done to them and that restaurant. That his new job be a success.
    God bless you

    ~ Doris
  • Please pray for my daughter to be returned home and custody modification is granted so my little girl can be with me her Momma and our family. She is 15 and living in a home with a father she never knew and he is not practicing Christian please ask for the Lord to protect her and bring her home.

    ~ Cheryl
  • I am handicap and my boyfriend takes care of me. I am mobile. I need deep prayer to be able to live somewhere else. He wants to live as husband and wife without being legally married. He has a kinda blasmophousness or asking God and his people to stay outta of lives. I just converted to Catholism. I stopped sleeping with him. I don’t want to live in sin. I have sleep disorder too and need lots of prayer to sleep on my own at a place by myself. Too before I leave for my roommates to stop cussing.

    ~ Lisa
  • I was a bad mom and selfish and didn’t understand I could hurt them. I didn’t go to the dr but once during their pregnancies. Please pray for my children and pray that Christ accepts me. Change me Lord .Take away my pride and conform me to your image

    ~ Lisa
  • Please pray for me to do well on the LSAT on Monday, June 11, 2018. Please pray for me to do my best to study for it! Please pray that I may get excellent LSAT results so that I may get into law school in 2019 for the Dual Canadian American JD program in the University of Detroit Mercy (with the Jesuits) and the University of Windsor. Thank you so much. I am deeply grateful to you for your prayers! Thank you for helping me with my vocation journey!

    My deepest gratitude,

    God bless you!

    ~ Kim Christian
  • mother may virgin and st joseph may i love

    ~ george
  • please remember, Leonard Lawrence, Stanley Bochniak, both deceased
    also remember Stan Bochniak, Victor Lawrence and Jerry Meszaros during Father’s Day.

    ~ carmela
  • Elisabeth Paone, Katherine Paone, Jennifer Paone, Bruce Paone, John Deoditi, Michelle Deoditi, Andria Deoditi, Tom Carlisi, Eileen Carlisi, Ralph Lalli, Patrica Lilli, Richard Rosidillo, Linda Francis, A.C.Cirard, Jody Cirard, Robert Gaff

    ~ Anonymous
  • the soul of Carl Govvy Place
    Vivian Place
    Carl Place Jr.
    Robert Place
    Charlie Guess
    Marian Guess

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for Logan. Have mercy on me the sinner. Praise God. Amen.

    ~ Allen
  • I pray for my daughter who took in 4 foster children and was hoping to adopt them. The kids had been in her home for approximately 15 months. Two of the kids are special needs children. The biological mother lost her paternal rights. A few days before the court date DSS picked up the kids and placed them with another family. My daughter has hired an attorney. Things are moving slow and she is worried that the longer the kids are in the other home the harder it will be to get them back.

    ~ Robin
  • Balance issues
    Left broken elbow

    ~ Janetm
  • Lord, Saturday morning my son in law was shot six times and lies in the hospital clinging to life. Please heal him and make him well, his children need a father. Also please protect his children, my grandchildren from any harm. I ask this in your name Lord Jesus Christ.

    ~ Larry
  • Family member with a special devotion to the Holy Trinity’s mercy, forgiveness and love is now scheduled to have Pre+Tavr, an aortic valve evaluation procedure very soon + your prayers that her strength, acceptance & wellness return will be much appreciated. Our prayers join yours.

    We also pray for the safe return to families of the more than 1450 Mexican children, even infants, immigrants taken from their parents at the border by USA & now not located, & returned to mothers & fathers.

    ~ MaryE
  • For my daughter Michelle may the Lord keep her safe and healthy, may her grant her tge strength to overcome all of her pain and suffering. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    ~ Marie
  • That I sell my house soon to a good buyer and am able to move to be closer to family at this time in my life.

    ~ Joy
  • I am having great harassment from a woman where I live. She has some mental illness. I pray for a new place to live. I pray for her to receive mental help.
    Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Joyce

    ~ neo
  • my husband left me and my children we been together for 16years i just prey he just come back to me and his children

    ~ kim
  • Prayer for my daughter, who may be homeless if she cant sort out her accommodation. Prayer for best accommodation to be made available for her with her mental health needs, and supported employment as she juggles her mental health and studying. Prayer that employment and accommodation and general disability support for her to be able to live independently and successfully. Close doors that are not of God, and open up godly opportunities and places.

    ~ Sharon
  • for my family to grow close to love each other and that they return to church. That Zak begins to live his life according to the Lord. that I get back to church and volunteering

    ~ Elizabeth
  • For my wife Patty, to heal from an unusual respiratory virus prescribed th,ree Rx’s in last six days, after coughing, etc for previous week or more

    ~ Lester
  • Please pray for me. I can’t talk. My throat has been burning and I am in constant pain since last Wednesday. I cough and it rattles with phlegm. I am scared! I cry and I pray and Beg Jesus and St.Blaise to heal me…
    Please pray for me too. I’m so afraid. It doesn’t get better.

    Thank you..and Thank You for mass on t.v. every Sunday.
    I can’t go to church because of severe anxiety and panic disorder.
    God Bless You All…
    Gail McGuire
    June 3, 2018

    ~ Gail
  • I am asking for a blessing in my job and finances and to be a better follower of Christ

    ~ Jayne
  • Please pray for me so Alex from the boba shop will want to become my best friend. I just really really wanted to be his best friend. So he starts talking to me a lot in the boba shop and online as well. And so he starts taking an interest in me friendly and romantically. Thank you.

    ~ Angelica
  • Please pray for conversion of Bharathidasan/Chottu, to cleanse him of stubbornness, arrogance, anger, grudge, ego, misunderstandings and to bring him back to me calling me “mummy” again. Lord, please bring the kid back to me, in Jesus name i ask, AMEN

    ~ sathya
  • I pray that the Lord Jesus accepts Priscilla Mantons’ soul into his realm in heaven. She left this earth far too soon.

    ~ Gene
  • For all widows on fixed income that is barely getting by…actually for everybody who did their part kept on the straight and narrow and are poor. . .then the Good News Jesus! To reign in us, guard, guide, guard, direct, protect, defend, shield and shelter and keep us safe! DELIVER US FROM ALL EVIL AMEN ! DELIVERANCE IS THE CHILDREN’s BREAD! AMEN!

    ~ Judith
  • According to The Lords will prayer for healing from the latest spirit abuse and to be released of these sources and effects there of. Prayer for a miracle restored different than above and God take away what was not of GOd from what k did and to remove from him what he took and the others.In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer
  • According to Gods Trinity will prayer for God trinity to expose, convict k and others until they see/feel for stealing or receiving things stolen especially my prayer cloth and holy oil box til they repent and return. In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • Please pray for me so Alex from the boba shop will want to become my best friend. I just really really wanted to be his best friend. So he starts talking to me a lot in the boba shop and online as well. And so he starts taking an interest in me friendly and romantically. Thank you.

    ~ Angelica
  • why ask to have this prayer answered when god doesn’t answer a prayer that a lady comes into my life

    ~ greg
  • Please pray for me and family.not making enough money at work and bills piling. Having financial problems
    Please pray we find a way to pay bills

    ~ Jennifer
  • Please pray for my mother and ex-stepfather to stop their sinful tryst/fellowshipping.

    ~ Shane
  • Prayer so that I can travel to San Francisco for Google’s Local Summit this year. It would transform my life.

    ~ Nicole
  • Please pray to help me with my marriage. My wife Leah left 7 months ago and she is limiting communication. And my family business is going through a lot of financial turmoil. It’s affecting my home too. I ask to cancel any evil affecting me or my family now and forever. I ask God through Jesus Christ to help me and my family with grace and blessings. Amen! Thank you!

    ~ Philip
  • May we love and honor your Sacred Heart Jesus…

    ~ Mike
  • Please pray for me so Alex from the boba shop will want to become my best friend. I just really really wanted to be his best friend. So he starts talking to me a lot in the boba shop and online as well. And so he starts taking an interest in me friendly and romantically. Thank you.

    ~ Angelica
  • I have 7.5 lakh debt and I am struggling financially. Please pray for me to deliver from this situation . Please Lord save me. There is no peace in my life and always thinking about this so that I am unable to concentrate on my work. Please pray for me . Thank you so much . I want to live my life with Jesus words . Please Jesus save me from this situation

    ~ Rajapathi
  • Please pray for my daughters Monica and Melissa to be in good health. Happy. Safe and blessed financially Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • I cannot take this pressure, stress, failure, anxiety, depressed, anymore and my husband is feeling the same way, no matter how much I pray, be a good person, nothing is working, we are both seniors over the age of 68. Please pray for my son Dan start working and finding right girl in his life so they can be happy and prosperous together, he is 34 years old.
    Help my business sell very quickly, meanwhile do well so it will look attractive to the buyer, it’s so much down I don’t know what to do,

    ~ annette
  • Please pray for Elizabeth Wu, that she may accept the grace of conversion, and come to know and love the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother.

    Please pray for me, for a deeper, stronger; Love, Trust, and Faith in the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother.

    ~ Luis
  • That these troubles shall pass like a long winter ,leaving behind beauty and peace of mind, body and spirit, that my children and myself are reunited, I know thou the love of the Blessed Lady Madonna and the Sacred Heart of Jesus all things are possible. Thank you for your prayers and time it means the world.

    ~ Crystal
  • Please pray for my mother, who recently broke her hip. Thank you very much.

    ~ tom
  • According to Gods will prayer for God Trinity abundant healing and protection from all of k,d,d,e,m,r and others deception and foul play using spirit abuse and photos to violate another. Prayer God reveals the truth about k and others for all thier wrong using deparchoken, new age and other means that violate another. Prayer Removes them from this house,town and effected areas and things. In Jesus Name i ask.

    ~ prayer neeeded.asap now
  • Lord Heavenly Father I pray for my girlfriend Jessica that she opens her heart and mind and be forgiving for the things that I done to her. I ask that you please bring her back to me. Amen

    ~ John
  • i would like a prayer that the lord can show me direction and the way to be at peace .

    ~ florence
  • I am Jonathan Philip, 15 yrs of age from kerala, addicted to porn/lust/masturbation for the past 4 years. This has continually drained my spiritual, physical, and academic performance and especially my faith in Lord Jesus. I want my Spirit led life back. I want the holy Spirit to guide me in my whole life and I want my Lord jesus back. Because of this addiction, My faith in jesus Christ is draining like anything. I Love Jesus. I want to work for Jesus . But this is a hurdle for me. Please pray

    ~ Jonathan
  • Dear Lord Jesus,

    Lord, i am here asking and knocking your good heart to please heal of any illness that the daughter of my mother’s boyfriend are having right now. Please Lord, give her strength to fight the pain she are experiencing right now. And also, please i am asking that you may give strength and patience for her family that they will not give her up until the end of her pain and illnesses. I ask all this in your name Jesus, Amen.

    ~ Jiah
  • hope for luck

    ~ louis
  • Please pray for solve my financial crisis of more than 150,000$. Please pray for financial help and stability in my life,also pray for the fulfillment of me and my wife’s ambitions to buying a home.


    ~ Jinto
  • hope i get my appeal from veteran affair ,i pray for my mom, i pray my kidneys to get better, i pray for a car

    ~ louis
  • I am waiting for blood tests from MD Anderson concerning high margin counts; please pray that the tests come back that I am healthy and there is no evidence of disease. Beth

    ~ Beth
  • Please pray for my brother George. He’s been out of work for over a year, and is having a difficult time finding work. Please pray for him to find a job. Thank you.

    ~ Victor
  • Special intention.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Lord, have mercy on me. Heal me completely from diabetes which is recently diagnosed.

    ~ Fr Jitin
  • Please pray that my myasthenia gravis goes into remission and I get my voice and balance back again. Also please pray for my cousin who has a history of cancer is going for yet another biopsy.

    ~ Carol Ann
  • Prayer for relationship to get better And come back together

    ~ R
  • Pray for my healing. Pray for Bruce, his health and healing for anger and cursing and negativity with hope for his happy spirit to return.

    ~ Syl
  • For healing of my friend Diane.

    ~ Jason
  • to the priest of heart of the nation my name is Robert A Giordano i am from Brooklyn, NY i have a whole lot medical issues and also my younger brother has a load medical problems could you pray for me and brother so we can have a happier life

    ~ Robert
  • Please pray that my leg ulcers will dry up, respond to treatment and heal soon.
    Also pray that the very intense pain, poor venous return and infection will be cured.

    ~ kk
  • Pray for world peace and world healing , world goodness, world positivity, world happiness, world purification, world love, world cleansing, world forgiveness. Pray for Jessica my friend that she gets healed and cured from depression. Give her healthy restoration make her well in every way. Make her lose obesity. Make her stronger and more energetic give her physical recharge. Make her wealthier and richer.

    ~ Juan
  • no job, no money, 2 kids, about to be completely broke. Please pray for us.

    ~ cj
  • Please pray for intercession of Rosalind. Please pray for Divine intervention, Divine Guidance, Protection and Divine Wisdom & Intelligence. Thank you.

    ~ Rosalind
  • Please pray for intercession of Rosalind. Please pray for Divine intervention, Divine Guidance, Protection and Divine Wisdom & Intelligence. Thank you.

    ~ Rosalind
  • Lord you know my heart. Please look after my aging father and grant him good health Please look after my wife, step children, sisters and aunts and keep the safe and grant them good health. Please grant me good health and relieve my financial pressures. I am asking lord because these things require heavier lifting than I can do. Please relieve my load. I ask this in you name Lord Jesus Christ.

    ~ Larry
  • Love , health , job.

    ~ adriane
  • Lost to finances
    Poor have family and losing home
    Need more jobs

    ~ Philip
  • Please pray for me and my familys financial difficulties, my partner’s drug addiction, my family’s homelessness, my new job, and our health.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me as I’m searcing for a job. Dear God, I surrender all my financial affairs and concerns into your hand. I ask that you remove my worries, anxieties and fears about getting a job.

    ~ Roshan
  • Please pray that my baptism certificate will be found or made available to me so I can come into full communion with the Catholic Church. Also pray that I will not be fired from my job.

    ~ Matt
  • Dear Lord, Thank You for everything You are doing for me & my family, friends, everyone. Please guide me to do God’s work. Make me worthy. Keep my family & I safe & place a protective hedge around us. Please, give me peace & take away my anxiety regarding my student Pell Grant that Daffeny is trying to foil. This is my only chance. Thank You. I love You so much. Amen.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Greetings I’m in need of a prayer request for a person by the name of tora she is a harassing spirit that won’t leave me alone she always criticizing me on social media I don’t even go on there because of her she supposed to be my mom best friend and I told my mom but she kinda took up for her it hurts but can you please pray for me thanks God bless!

    ~ vanity
  • i love every day

    ~ kevin
  • b m v speech

    ~ george
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray that the Almighty God will open the doors of opportunities for me to further my education and career.

    I pray against every evil plan against my life including night woman and witches.

    Lastly, I pray for the healing mercy of the Lord for my dad(dignosed with enlarged heart) and my friend Christana Tweh(mental illness)

    ~ Harlee
  • please help me lord on my divinely designed trip;divinely finance under grace in a perfect way to Europe. Thanks church yours faithful and blessed

    ~ larry
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters, Father Mark and all other priests who do the Sunday Mass online and a special thank you to Archbishop Listecki who did the Sunday Mass on May 27, 2018 plus the wonderful Milwaukee Mercy choir: Continue praying for my high blood pressure and swelling in my legs. I am trying to get a Rural Development (USDA) loan to purchase a home and I need prayers that I will be able to get a loan. May God Bless each of you!! Delores J, Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Healing for Wayne and Vanda’s marriage.

    ~ Janet
  • Please pray for my health. For God to heal or show the way to a full recovery.

    ~ Mike
  • Please pray for my health. For God to heal or show the way to a full recovery.

    ~ Mike
  • Good health for my parents, family and friends. Peace throughout the world.
    Bless the Pope and our President and also our world.

    ~ agnes
  • Please pray for us that we will be able to meet our financial obligations and solve our current financial problems.

    ~ Michelle
  • For my Daughter Michelle Magana, who is in treatment for PTSD, may our Lord God be merciful and grant her peace, strength, Forgiveness and everlasting Faith to overcome her affliction. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    ~ Marie
  • Please let all of my anxiety leave me. Lord, please give me peace of mind with my spiritual life, my family, my co-workers and my job. Please bless me with child-like faith always. Thank you!

    ~ F.
  • Prayers for my son Quentin who is lost in his faith, homeless, unemployed and lost in life. Prayers for his safety and his redemption.

    ~ Justina
  • I needJesus. Need a breakthrough financial. I know we all do but Lord I came this far in life as single mother. I have tried and still trying. Please Lord help me . Help my children also
    Cindy Brayson Joseph and Francis. Thanks for my Life

    ~ Jacqueline
  • Died 2 days ago of pancreatic cancer that had metastasized. Please also pray for his wife, Rosemary, and his daughters, Elizabeth and Kathleen

    ~ John
  • Prayers for my daughters to become Christian and closer to God. Please

    Thank you Lord for your Many blessings

    ~ Linda
  • Help…The LORD will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven. Praise the Lord it makes sense, all these trials. Amen!

    ~ Robin
  • I pray for Betty and Ray King, Karen King, Frank Extein, Helen Bernadini, Charles and Maude King, Zygie and Theresa Olzewski. I pray for Becky Maukinhaupt, Pope Francis, Pope John Paul II. All of my aunts, uncles, families and friends who have passed on.

    ~ Ann
  • Please pray that my skin heals. I know that God loves me and is capable of anything and everything. Please help me so that I may have the confidence to solve other problems and be happy.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my son in finding a good job and finding his way to a single way in life once again since he’s moving on from a bad breakup. My daughter to good in the coming school year and in her sports. Myself and husband to be healthy to contunue raising our kids and bless my mom sister nephews and my ailing aunt that’s she’s on her last days of her life battling cancer and is suffering alot. Please keep us in your prayers

    ~ Wanda
  • Prayer request for my sister Aida Iris Carino. She is very ill with pulmonary disease and has been in the hospital and rehab since February of this year. In addition she’s suffering from fibromyalgia and very low platelets. I’m praying for her healing and recovery. and requesting prayers for her healing and recovery, Thank you🙏

    ~ Brunilda
  • I’ve been suffering with depression for a long time, I’ve been feeling emotionally numb and have days where I’ll either sleep the whole day away or not sleep at all. It’s greatly affecting my family life, and I’m seeking a prayer request so GOD may get me through these dark days. Please pray for me so I may become more emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually stable. So my vine and life may prove fruitful and beneficial to GOD.

    ~ Laura
  • Please pray for healing for my daughter from a respiratory infection.
    Please continue to pray for her and her daughter to bond them tighter together from the result of a bad marriage.
    Please bless both of them.
    Thank you

    ~ Y
  • please pray for my son Kevin he has cancer and cant walk and getting very discouraged

    ~ Barb
  • My wife and I are having marital issues and I’m afraid she’ll leave me. I love her SO much and don’t want to lose her.

    ~ Paul
  • for my eldest grandchild who has an incomplete immune system and suffers from a serious immune disease which has left her unable to go out like other folks do, unable to work, on oxygen, subject to falling and seizures, allergic to all inhailents (anything airbourne, including the scent of other’s cosmetics, deoderants, etc), her mortgage and student loan are problems. Doctors have tried but only minimal help. we pray God for a miracle healing

    ~ Carol
  • Please help Mary to give me another chance. Please help her to contact me. All the times I have given people chances and now I need one, please help. Thank you and Amen

    ~ Jake
  • Pray for dad and I to be able to go to the 23rd annual “Walk for Jesus” rally in Burnsville June 2, 2018 and for mom to realize how wrong she was to assume it was only Mexican and Catholic along with suggesting it was changed from “March for Jesus” because of alleged racism.

    ~ Shane
  • Cheryl McDermott, Kevin McDermott, Cory Macysyn, Curt Macysyn

    ~ Anonymous
  • Elisabeth Paone, Katherine Paone, Jennifer Paone, Bruce Paone, Rory Paone, Jane Paone, Kelly Stewart, Ralph Lalli, Patrica Lalli, Richard Rosadillo, Linda Francis, Kent Pennell, Gloria Pennell, Alen Cirard, Jody Cirard

    ~ Si
  • the soul of Carl Govvy Place, Vivian Place, Carl Place Jr & family, Edward Bobby Place and family

    ~ Si
  • May God the Father anoint me ( Infant Sebastian) with the Holy Spirit and clothe me with the Power-Spirit and Authority of Jesus Christ to preach the gospel according to Mark 16:15. May Jesus Christ anoint me with the double portion of tongues of fire what apostles received and may the Holy Spirit fill me with wisdom-knowledge-understanding and revelation on God the Trinity-The Church- and The word of God. May Jesus Christ Deliver me from all bad habits especially from Lust of eye, Lust of flesh

    ~ Infant
  • Pray for my mother and ex-stepfather to stop being dependent on each other with their addiction known as the tryst/communications put together.

    ~ Shane
  • Please pray for my father: Charles Sherwood, my husband, Philip Barragan, and my recently deceased cousin Jesse Navarro for the entire month of June. I enjoy Sunday Mass with you. I will be
    sending you a check in the mail.
    Thank You,

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for the physical healing for my heart.

    ~ Deborah
  • Let us pray for Matthew & Kanwal that they become strong in their relation. May Father take all worries and problems of their life and keep them safe from every act of evil. May God get the out of the biggest problem of their lifes. May they get Married soon and all their problems can be resolved. They can live together forever with the grace and glory of God. May no enemy can harm them in any way. Ameen

    ~ Matthew
  • dear lord, you an see the hard times am going through. My son is suffering at school, there is alot of worries with my employer.Please take control and let them see the reality. help my son overcome his hardships and illness. Give the teachers better understanding. please be the guardian of my employment and businnes. I truly thank you for many blessings and achievements.in Jesus name,

    ~ peter
  • Solicito missa e oracao para que Manuela Eduarda, Antonio, Ani La, Ani Fran, Alice, Florinda, Cipriano,Isabel, mulher de Paulo, Paulo, Eduardo, Sergio e Tereza Guerra, Maria de Fatima, sejam afastados do meu caminho, de meu companheiro e de tudo o que me rodeia e reparadas todas as
    maldades que me foram dirigidas/ Muito obrigado.

    ~ Maria and partner
  • Please save our house from foreclosure. please allow us to work with the bank and be able to bring our mortgage up to date. Please help us

    ~ kathleen
  • Prayers for Elena Marquez

    ~ Uri
  • That chemo will take away cancer in Mark

    ~ William
  • Please pray for me. I have been asking God for something for many years and it has not come. I just want my inheritance and someone to love me for me and they have more than enough money to take care of. This man has to believe in God.

    ~ Patricia
  • My daughter & her new born

    ~ Julia
  • Healing for myself & my family; salvation for all members of my family; healing for my friends & salvation; financial blessings for us all so we do not have to worry about finances; also special intention in regards to a friend of mine. Thank you for the wonderful mass online & beautiful music! God Bless everyone.

    ~ Joan
  • Dear in Christ and Mother Mary ,Please do prayer for me to get my appointment letter as assistant administrator officer in hospital by this month May 2018. Amen Amen Amen, thank you Jesus Praise you Jesus

    ~ JYOTHI
  • Hi, i love the way you are preaching the gospel to any place on earth. keep up the good work.
    I would like you to pray for me for faith which am rediscovering and for my health I have been un well this whole year but am sure with your prayers and mine our Lord God will hear Us and grant me the healing that comes only from Him.

    ~ jackson
  • Please pray for a fresh outpouring of Holy Spirit, deliverance from:  Satanic Attack, evil nightmares, fear, pain, pests, harrassing neighbors.  Protection, provision, sleep, peace, wisdom, clarity, restoration.  Healing all areas and good Dr care. His presence. Gods help with a project. Wisdom, clarity, wise counsel, provision, support to make amends and restore a relationship.
    Healthy loving safe relationships. Help in a medical legal matter.

    ~ Tammy