• To Father and to the son to the Holy Spirit,
    Jesus please help me turn my life around? Jesus I hope to return back to Notre Dame for 2020 spring semester. Jesus please convince my mom that I am ready to go back to college ? Jesus please help my mom to be concerned about my future as mush as I am ? Please help my mom not to be so nervous ? Jesus please help my mom get in a good mood ?
    Jesus please help me get the job at the Y ?
    In Jesus name amen

    ~ Stephanie
  • Please pray for Chris and Meredith. Please pray we sleep peacefully thruout the night. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • For my brothers and sisters in uniform that are fire fighters that god May protect from harm and keep them safe from evil .for my depression and bipolar, my grandmother Vivien though God may heal our broken relationship and then that we may get back together and we can reconcíliate and pray for my godmother and her baby girl may she have a healthy and safe delivery for my god sister she is going to be worn with a lot of health conditions Clued in a hole in her heart and Edwards syndrome

    ~ Daiana
  • That there be peace and closeness in my Family. There is a total lack of Communication. They just don’t seem to want too be”bothered” by even texting or calling. PLEASE pray it is healed. Eternal rest. grant all deceased Family Members, friends, colleagues and. for The Holy Souls in Purgatory. Prayer for my Daughter and Grandchildren who have been abused by their Father. God, I. beg your great Mercy to them. I beg your healing for myself and my Husband, only if it be your will oh Lord. AMEN

    ~ Tudie
  • Pray for my soul for I am a sinner. And want my soul to be washed clean!

    ~ Paula
  • I pray and ask Jesus if it be His will to heal me from this illness. I pray that I can heal to take care of my daughters and for a Christmas. I pray that the pain doesn’t increase. I ask Jesus to forgive me my sins and drop His precious blood upon me. I ask and pray this in Jesus’s name.

    ~ Suzanne
  • Please pray for the love of my life Nadege, that the Lord our God will heal her and always protect her, with his angels by her side to console her. Please also pray that our Lord will reconcile us and save our relationship, bringing her home to me in his loving mercy. She means the entire world to me and this cause means the entire world to me. For this, and with a heavy heart, i plead for your prayers as i plead with the Lord for his mercy

    ~ James
  • For my brother who is dying of pancreatic cancer
    thank you
    God bless

    ~ Iris
  • Lord Jesus Christ present my prayer request to God . I live in South Africa and I pray for those who are victim of heavy rains / floods. Man made roads turned into rivers as Centurion is flooded with water. Lord I ask for God mercy . Jesus Christ by the power God invested in you I ask you to stop the floods. In your name Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Dear Lord, please pray for my marriage as it is in the brink of separation and possible divorce. I have been misunderstood but also battling demons within myself. I pray that I find peace and happiness in your grace and that I can be saved along with my marriage. Please reach out to my wife and guide her to recoup the time and energy lost and have faith in our marriage and our love. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    ~ Ricardo
  • For the Lord’s Blessing for all our families and friends…for the help necessary for our grandson Nathan to recover from apraxia that he is dealing with,. …and God Bless All!!

    ~ tony
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray Chris has an easy, early and stress-free day at work today. Please pray his employers and co-workers are respectful, understanding and helpful towards Chris. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Please pray he does not have to carry heavy items at work today so his lower back can heal faster. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • According to Gods will prayer answered daily prayer and 54:17. Prayer Gods will remove unwarranted soul/spirit ties. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • My friend just found out she is pregnant and she is just starting college. Please pray that she chooses life and that this path is filled with everyone and anything she needs. Please let this baby be born.

    ~ Laura
  • Please pray for love over my children health and mental health. Please pray for them to be watched over and protected.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for my mom Angela who will be having hip surgery after a bad fall.I am very worried.

    ~ Kevin
  • Lord Jesus Christ messiah by the power God invested in you cast away all bad dreams . Grand that I may find everlasting peace in my life. Through you Jesus Christ present my prayer request to God the father allmighty . You say the word Jesus Christ and my soul will find peace in unity with you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Have problems with following Our Lord and Savior Jesus with impure sexual thoughts
    Attending church services, Bible Study,
    In general I am ranted.

    ~ Walter
  • Please pray for my aunt and young cousin. Both are dealing with serious illness.

    ~ Jennifer
  • Pray that God blesses me with his strength, his courage, his grace. Please pray that he heals my mind and this deep aching within my heart. Pray that he fills and heals the holes within my life with his love, attention and his blessings. Please pray that he guides my choices, my decisions and my heart. Please pray that my heart searches for him again, please pray my faith grows and flourishes again. Please pray for my family’s safety, health, financial stability and strength grows and prosperous

    ~ Davina
  • I humbly ask Jesus my Lord for healing for Son Felipe suffers from schizophrenia and drug abuse. He is having delusional thoughts of being poisoned. He refuses to seek mental health treatment. My Jesus please heal his mind. I am trying to stay strong and to have faith. I put him in your loving hands completely. Bless him and please help me be patient with him. 🙏 Amen.

    ~ Cora
  • I recently have had the opportunity to apply and interview for an assistant principal job at a local high school. I’m in the running against many great and deserving candidates. I pray that I was able to make an impression that will result in the possibility of being offered the position, God’s will be done.
    Please pray for me and this opportunity.

    Thank you and God bless… Jon

    ~ Jon
  • My Mother who is 74 has become sick. Please pray for her healing and full return to health. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • Dear God, Thank You that Carrie only had a broken rib abd NOT cancer! Please let her bone marrow,tissue and blood be cancer etc, FREE too. Thank You! Please cure our kitty, Rusty. His sick stomach, bowels, stools, eyes, vomiting..Please Lord. Let me do the right thing. Guide me, forgive me, protect us all, and grant us good health and cure us. I Love You. And Blessed Mother Mary. Please Protect us. Me and mom to.
    A good week. Please. TY! Amen

    ~ Gail M
  • Please protect Luke and Isaac at court. Please stop them from being abused mental, verbally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Please remove Lawrence from Rebecca and children lives. Let the Judge see and hear the truth and stop this abuse. Let God mercy be bestowed to them. Please help Rebecca financially and get a better job. Please help her lose her weight and become healthy and find a husband. Please help George fix his roof and Sandra get healed. Help rebecca go back to school

  • We thank you for the favorable decision we have been praying for Joe. Now we are asking for a quickly processed claim so that we do not have our utilities shut off or unable to pay our bills. We pray for improved kidney function for Joe and healing of our pains and diseases and illnesses. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Glory To God!
    I pray that my son and daughter will find their way to God and develop a relationship with Him. Also, that they would find meaningful jobs with benefits and friends who are believers. I also pray that God will open doors for my family and myself. I pray that I will be blessed with a husband who is a believer and the person that God wants me to have. Amen.

    ~ Sharon
  • JMJ.. Please guide the surgeons hands on Kenny’s open heart surgery.
    Thank you.

    ~ Joanne
  • McCormack and Flannery families

    ~ Paula
  • Tony’s healing
    Michele walker healing and direction for surgery.

    ~ Adeline
  • Please pray for the success of our business. For our marriage and our family to become closer without anyone getting sick dying or any problems. Thank you dear lord in your name we pray .amen

    ~ Leith
  • Praying for applying for new job that it will work out and everything will go smoothly

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Mary, Bill, Angela, Mike, Kate, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Rick, Mary, Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • In a quiet room I sit broken hearted asking you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • 1. to finish all my novels this month
    2. to write 6 hours every day this month
    3. to accomplish all writing goals and write well
    4. to manage time well esp with writing
    5. brandon to text me back
    6. peace in our relationship
    7. to have long video chats with brandon daily
    8. brandon and me have salvation
    9. to be friends with brandon and see him alot and spend lots of time together

    ~ Imani
  • I ask for prayers for good health for myself my friends, my family, and my girlfriend and family.

    ~ John
  • I would like my nephew who passed away unexpectedly on July 15th of this year and have him to bee remedied at your mass thank you his name is Colin he was 35 years old

    ~ Lynndale
  • I am 59 and have never been married. Would like to be in a happy mariage. There is someone that I am thinking of that used to think me.

    ~ John
  • Please Pray for a miracle that me and my Granddaughter will be reunited soon

    ~ Michael
  • Lord Jesus Christ saviour of all believers . With gratitude I give thanks for your love towards me. My Lord provide me with oppertunities to study in order to gain knowledge . I love reading and analyse information. For the greater purpose of my life grand that I will recieve oppertunity to live my life . Pray on my behalf to God the allmighty. In your name I ask for this , you say the word and it shall be done. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Lord Jesus Christ messiah . I praise your name for mirracles you perform . With gradtitude I call your name . Thank you for relieving me from pain and bleeding. You are the healer who act with authority as it was given to you by God. I welcome you into my life and beg pardon for my sins. Pray on my behalf to God and ask that I may share in His kingdom . In your name Jesus Christ .Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray please pray for my grandson Benjamin R today to concentrate on his exams to be approved for catholic high school. Please send prayers and blessings that he have good knowledge to pass all his exams so he will be able to go to catholic high school Amen

    ~ Sylvia
  • Healing for Brian antoinieta Joseph yeye myself all at home I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put him in jail 3times and I Anne bailed him out I pray Carlos calls me immediately and comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray lines of communication are open between Carlos and me Anne immediately I pray Marcela leav

    ~ Anne
  • I am suffering with anxiety, depression and suicidal tendency. I am financially broke and physically sick. Please pray for a miracle in my life. Thanks very much.

    ~ Reg
  • I am 53 years old and went through menopause. I started bleeding 3 days ago and not feeling good. Please pray for God to give me an earthly healing.

    ~ Mary
  • hello my family i could use a miracle i still have a bill in collection that i would love to pay off among others we have another home that we are trying to sell and where not getting no where with it that is the only way i could get my bill out of collection and pay the other one’s off.

    ~ Doreen
  • My faith is depleted completely. I used to be filled with the Holy Spirit and be powerful, hopeful, and a believer. That has all changed and I can’t correct it. I’ve tried to fix everything but it hasn’t worked. I have urgent needs regarding Jesus, my faith, career, and finances. I need a miracle.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Still holding to the marriage covenant I ask you pray the guy my ex wife is “with” currently leaves so that our marriage can be restored.

    ~ Thomas

    ~ DANA
  • My Lazarus needs complete healing. I do as well. Thank you.

    ~ Anne
  • Please thank God for all the blessings that he has seen fit to give me an all the help that he has offered over the years for which I am truly thankful . Please pray with all your hearts that God will heal me completely. Please also pray that God will send his angels to my husband and soften his heart so that he will love me like he used to and our marriage will be completely healed. Please pray this Through the merits of his most sacred passion, holy wounds and precious blood, amen! Thanks

    ~ Sandi
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray Chris work days are peaceful, quiet, comfortable and stress-free for him. Please pray for more positive and peaceful work environment at his employment. Please pray his employers and co-workers are understanding, patient, sympathetic and respectful towards Chris. Please pray for the healing of Chris lower back. Please pray the pain spasms goes away. Please pray for Chris peace of mind and strength to get thru his work days. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • paula found a lump in her breast… sarah has moved back in and we are like fire and ice. please pray that we get along and she helps me instead of being ignorant to me… for me and my 2 gr.daughters sake.

    ~ PEGGY
  • Please dear God sever any and all negativity in all of our lives. Help all of us to get in the protection of the dome with only God’s light and love in it. Let us to always see God’s truth and to see past the obstacles and illusions of the negativity. Please protect and guide Alisha in court. Please let her be victorious in court and over the battle with the negativity and live a great and loving life through God’s grace. Amen.

    ~ Alisha
  • Dear brothers/sisters
    please pray for my healthcheckup , which i will have in upcoming days. its the final stage of my recruitment process. i want to clear the medical check up with gods blessings. your prayers for me could fo the miracles. in jesus name amen.

    ~ THILAK
  • I hope to be going back to school to get a certificate in composite fabrication but am nervous about getting the financial aid and paperwork done. The class starts January 13th. Please pray all goes well.

    ~ Thomas
  • Dear Lord please take my son, Dave in your hands and cure him of his alcohol addiction. He is losing his wife, two small girls and job because he drinks until he blacks out. Please help him get clean. Thank you for getting my daughter and grandson and my son and his family through traveling in a very dangerous storm. Bless my neighbors and friends with your help. Thank you for blessing me.

    ~ Jan
  • For my son and his wife who have separated, Blake and Paulina.

    And for division between my brother, sister, and me.
    Thank you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Dear God please help Thomas my grandson who is three years old. He’s in the hospital With leukemia He is having a hard time .Please heal him from the grace of God and in Jesus’s name. Almighty God thank you for healing Thomas Coen Take the disease from his blood and make him whole again I asked this through Christ our Lord Amen

    ~ Bernadette
  • JM&J
    Please help me feel good again and please help me find Jesus again.
    Thank you.

    ~ Joanne
  • Please pray for my little cousin 11 year old Manasi K Kagalavadi’s good healthy long life.Pray that her lungs heart whole body miraculously get healed & restore it with new heart and lungs touched by Jesus Through the Holy Spirit and through the prayers of Mother Mary St Joseph and St Anthony and all the angels and saints. Lord have Mercy on Manasi K Kagalavadi Jesus Have Mercy on Manasi K Kagalavadi Holy Spirit have Mercy on Manasi K Kagalavadi.
    Please Pray for Manasi K Kagalavadi Good health.

    ~ Nancy
  • Silvia has been waiting for a kidney for over two years and was just called from San Francisco (12-4-2019, 8:30 PM PT) for the transplant. She and Rafael are on their way driving through snowy conditions from Nevada over the Sierras to SF. Please pray for the Lord to send his angels to protect them to safely reach their destination. Please Pray for physical compatibility with donor so that the operation can take place immediately, wisdom and discernment for surgical team, the awareness of God’

    ~ Anonymous
  • I seek prayers for my son and I. That he may find it in his heart to forgive me for the hurt I have caused him. I ask for prayers that he may find it in his heart to begin to repair our mother/son relationship as it once was. Please pray that God fill my son with His love and light, that my son may find happiness and the love we once shared. And I ask for prayers for myself, that I may find the patience I need to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

    ~ Astrid
  • For Neil Sethi.
    Thank you for praying for him.

    ~ Iris
  • Lord I pray to you for my mother… She needs your abundant blessings.. please bless her and heal her. I know and have faith that she will be fine if you touch her. amen

    ~ Rebecca
  • Please pray for me, I am very scared. Please pray that my herniated cervical disc will heal and that I won’t need surgery.

    ~ Bernadette
  • Please pray for my brother alfonso. ,he has Being bed bound for six years ,and he has several bad sores in his lower back and he doesn’t seem to want to try to move ,i have being watching, for. After the pass, years ,and,still continue helping him. ,i asking praying for. Alfonso , i. Know that he can move to do his extercise , if he tries .i am getting very tiring all ready i am 63 yrs , and i have children and grandchilden ,that need me ,but i am here still helping my. Brother. Please pray f

    ~ Adela
  • For
    What Will Be Are Afternoon & Eve In Winter Storm Advisory & Storm Watch Out Of Michigan & Colorado USA United Nation Two Stick Round 35 Plus Centimeters Of SNOW With Wind Speed Of 100.00 Kilometers Per Hour Gusting Up Words Two 115 Kilometers In Hour In Stream South Southern Ontario All A Long The Lower Great Lakes Of Lake Ontario In The Region Of Preston Ontario Canada & Hope Will Be Gone By 9 AM Thursday December 8 2019 & Thank You For Your Praying Prayers.

    ~ Danny
  • Healing prayer needed for my niece Judith & her family.
    May the lord touch and heal her , Zeke & 2 other children who are now sick. Jesus, please grant Chuck & family good health & healing. Oh God, hear our prayers for Chuck that he will be able to get a better paying job to enable him to pay all their bills on time , especially their mortgage and car payments. Right now, he is barely making enough money for food & necessities. May God grant them financial blessings , in Jesus name I pray.

    ~ Gloria
  • Hello,

    My older sister, Catherine is in need of prayers. She is 25, young, funny, and caring. Currently, she is in a toxic relationship with an older gentleman who isn’t healthy for her. Mentally, he is manipulative, overbearing, and negative to her. We’ve been praying a novena to Saint Catherine of Alexandria this week but I am scared for her emotional health. She wants to see the good in him but she won’t accept that he is destructive for her. Thank you for your prayers!

    ~ Alexandra
  • My Husband Jean Bernard Marcel to received his Visa Approval Letter with no delay in the processing time and expedite protection for me Finances breakthrough to be approved for my new house in Atlanta Georgia.

    ~ Monique
  • My ex-wife made false accusations and got a civil protection order against me so I cannot see my sons. The hearing is tomorrow. Please pray that the protection order will be dismissed and that I’ll be reunited with my sons.

    ~ Travis
  • Please pray for a little 4 year old boy that was in a car crash in Maryland last night he was with his Dad the 4 year old boy has a broken back brain bleed and his heart stopped and they brought him back but now he has no brain activity please pray God will touch him I believe God can heal him so everyone pray for a miracle pray God will help him please His Mom is a very sweet young Mom her name is Whitney

    ~ Melinda
  • Please pray for my friend Lisi, she’s been placed on ‘life support but as we all here know, anything is possible with god. Thank you!

    ~ Tom
  • Dear good friends,

    We need prayers and masses for these intentions:

    – “Daniel”: dead (soul);
    – Paulo Silvino: dead (soul)
    – lack of sleep;
    – dislocation of the bones;
    – to be discharged from UAI Martins hospital;
    – sexual problem: lack of pleasure;
    – Régis, Paulo César anad Patrícia loira: alchoholic problem;
    – Patrícia loira and her family: idem;
    – ancestors of Sagata, Hashiguchi and Kanno families;- cure my myopia;
    – cure my dermatitis;- atheists;
    – evil souls from Purgatory;

    ~ Klara
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips situation. Please pray Chris receives good news and a favorable outcome for him with his upcoming court date. Please pray Chris can secure the finances to retain his lawyers. Please pray Chris lawyers do a great job to help him receive good news and a favorable outcome with his court case. Please pray his employers are understanding, patient and sympathetic towards Chris. Please pray for Chris peace of mind during this time. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • I await Gods answer. Please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Lord free me from my anxiety disorder I worry all day all night wasting my life please let me live my life for you

    ~ Anthony
  • I ask prayers for those who are sick and lonely or dying that they will be comfortable and healed

    ~ John
  • For the conversion of my family members who have left the church. I pray for their return.

    ~ Michael
  • Prayers for Fernando Sorondo, a devoted catholic, a great husband and father of three who has been ill in ICU for the last 25 days.

    ~ Alexander
  • Please pray for me that my dysphagia ends so I will be able to eat normally soon. My health feels like it is getting worse and I need to be able to eat normally so I can regain my health and strength back. My Christmas wish is to be healthy and eating again. Also please pray that I find a good doctor one that wants to help me get better. I wish to get better so I can take care of my widow grandmas, who I love dearly. Please pray that I will survive this and get better so I can live a long life.

    ~ Brittany
  • I am requesting prayers for an elderly couple that are traveling from Portland Oregon to Port Royal South Carolina in a large truck (semi) by themselves within two months of their only son’s unexpected death. They have poor health and the weather is bad, and i’m very worried about them. They are traveling in grief, shock and they need everyone’s prayers. They leave Portland this Wed. Please share this prayer, these two are Catholic, but are too proud to ask for help.

    ~ Rachel
  • I would like prayer to recieve a miracle just for me that will completely work in my favor. I would like prayer that my prayers may be honored and granted by God in Jesus Holy name.

    ~ Sharnice
  • According to Gods will prayer for miracles and daily prayer answered. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • Prayer Request:

    Please pray for Eric’s Christmas Miracle!!!
    “Dearest Holy Mother, have mercy on Eric McDonald. Please bless his Advent and Christmas Season. Pray that The Holy Spirit to touch Eric’s heart so that he will be prepared for the Christmas Season. May he be truly open to God’s healing love. May the babe of Bethlehem be The Christ that is born again in his heart.
    Mother of Mercy, pray for his conversion and salvation. Please keep him safe in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen’’

    ~ Alfred
  • Please allow us to keep our home and allow our loan modification to go through and they do not foreclose on our house and they take our money we gave them so far

    ~ kathleen
  • Prayers for protection from the spirit of anger, revenge, retaliation that is coming against me through my husband. He is drinking and it makes the problem worse.

    ~ Denise
  • Dear Father I come to you for myself and all of my siblings, you see my grandmother passed away years ago and her wishes were to have her home sold and divide it among her 3 children. With sadness one of her children was my father Manuel and we just found out that my grandmas house was sold and my aunt did not do right by my fathers children. Its not the money its doing right and with respect to my father Manuel. Please God Bless my father’s children with what is due to us. in JESUS NAME AMEN.

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for healing for Geri’s eyes &wisdom for her Drs to provide good treatment
    God bless you !

    ~ Geri
  • for my mental health
    thank you

    Praise be to God!

    ~ Iris
  • Please help me perform my work well.
    Help me retain my clients.
    To always have positive thoughts.
    To win our property case.
    To help the poor man in our neighborhood who lost his property due to greed.

    ~ Nicole
  • Please pray for Richard Biggins from GA who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Please give him the strength to get thru testing and treatments that are available. Please let the family find peace at this time and keep his mom updated on his status.

    ~ Lynn
  • Dear Jesus,

    I pray you will give me the knowledge and understanding to study and do well on my upcoming examinations. I pray for passes in all my courses this semester. Thank you for listening to my prayers.

    ~ Hailey
  • Prayers for Jessica, who is under going multiple tests. Prayers for complete healing and no cancer. Prayers for her family.

    ~ Barbara
  • Praying for God to give success to the works of my hands as I proceed to prepare for the NBC tradefair on saturday.
    I suffered some setback as some goods I am meant to use have not arrived even though overdue.
    In all, I pray for God’s will above the will of Man. I also pray for safe journey as I and those around me move about this period.

    ~ Winny
  • Please pray for the building and payment of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic church in Visalia, CA. Thank you for praying.

    ~ Maricela
  • I pray for peace to come in to my life. I pray for a financial miracle to come into my life, I need a financial break through to overcome my despair. I need insulin for I am diabetic and cannot afford to pay for it. I need for money to come to me, I need a divine miracle to come so that I receive my medication.

    ~ Sharon
  • Please pray for God’s protection & His blessings for Stephen, Marian, Carl, Robert and Florence. Asking this request in the Most Holy Name of Jesus. Thank you for praying & God Bless all of you.

    ~ Marian
  • I am having treatment this week as a followup to thyroid and lymph node removal due to cancer. I am asking for prayers that my cancer will be gone. Please pray for my comfort during my treatment and help with my anxiety, panic disorder and depression.
    Thank you.
    God bless you

    ~ Sue
  • Please pray Jesus love over my life

    ~ Kari
  • My son who is Military needs guidance from the Lord
    to choose the path that the Lord wants him to take.
    Protect his family and have his Faith restored.

    ~ sally
  • Please pray that Curt has a good week at work. He is trying so hard…please let the good in him shine through, and bless him with patience, hope, confidence and competence to do his job well. Thank you for your grace and mercy. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips situation. Please pray Chris receives good news and a favorable outcome with his upcoming court case. Please pray he can schedule an appointment with his lawyers to discuss his upcoming court case. Please pray his lawyers can do a great job to help Chris receive good news and a favorable outcome to his court date. Please pray his employers are understanding, patient, and sympathetic towards Chris so he can take time off to meet with his lawyers. Thank you.

    ~ Meredith
  • I pray for a good appointment & good test results. I pray that my anxiety is taken away.
    I believe in the power of prayer.

    ~ NJ
  • Thank you for the blessed gospel message by Father Brian Walker on this First Sunday of Lent December 1, 2019 and thank you for the blessed readings by Joe Popskinski and the blessed singing from the Gaudete choir. Brothers and sisters, continue keeping me in prayers for my severe lower back, hip and both leg pains from arthritis. The pain gets unbearable at times. I love each one of you !! May God Bless each one !!
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • That I watch what I say, and don’t allow things get me to run mouth say things normally wouldn’t. Been 5 mos doing good slipped out hurt several and praying for hearts 🙏 to mend, n our relationships back to where we were and move fwd ty gbu xxx

    ~ Brenda
  • I have no children yet, so my dog has been like my child. He is not doing very well right now. Please pray for baby boy. God bless you all.

    ~ Mike
  • My Daughter ( Commisioned Deaconess) Mrs. Amanda Mumm that she and her husband , Mr. Willard Mumm will be Blessed with a child in the days ahead ( they recently had a miscarriage in October).
    Please also heal my throat and body from any potential cancer ( primarily that of tongue and throat).
    In Jesus’s name we Pray.

    ~ Meg
  • Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    – I would like to ask for prayers to find a job and to pass a competition of librarian this year. May the Lord help me to be as productive as possible, to have the best methods. I also pray to earn more money and thus know a certain financial stability, or even a new job. May he do a miracle!

    – I would like to pray for the restoration of my marriage, so that my wife and myself let us live in communion with Christ, in fasting and prayer, so that the Holy

    ~ Jean-François
  • I pray for the soul of Annette Bittner who passed away suddenly this week. She leaves behind a family who is devastated by her loss. Please ask God to help all those who love her to find their solace in their faith in Christ Jesus. Amen

    ~ Kimberly
  • I am asking for prayers for my son Leonard who is very sick with pnemonia for the third time. Thank you

    ~ Joanne
  • Dear God, So Scared! Please, Please, Please don’t let the doctors find ANY cancer or amyloid in Carrie. Please let her biopsy be clear of any disease. Please! We’re so scared. We don’t want her to die, or mom or any of us. Mom is Terrified. We all are. Cancer took dad, it almost took mom, and Jackie has it in her brain, Dr.B. too. I have a burning mouth. Bad colon and bladder. Rusty is 14. We Can’t lose him, mom is over 86. It’s just so much to be afraid of. In Jesus’ Name, Please Help us. TY.

    ~ Gail M
  • We pray for a fully favorable decision for Joe’s SS Disability hearing, we pray for enough money to pay our bills (which we do not have) and to heal our finances. We pray for healing of our diseases and pains in Jesus name we ask, Amen!

    ~ Maria
    & For Watching Over
    Deborah W. & Frank W.
    Therese A. , Steve K. , & Anna K., Kathy R.,Terry C. & Momma Sally C.

    ~ FRANK
  • Please pray for me. I lost two family member in the last five years and what family I have left has fell apart. First time in 46 years I’m completely by myself. It’s really got me in a dark place please pray for me. All I want is to be happy again. In the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

    ~ Sara
  • For my wife’s health to be healed. She has congestive heart disease and is bleeding internally. Doctors can’t find the source for the bleeding.

    ~ Robert
  • Please Lord let my programme manager only see the you in me and be loving and supportive towards me. Amen

    ~ Neny
  • Pray for Ilidio & Nardi. They need a Financial Miracle to Pay their Dec. 1, Rent. There Hasn’t been Work for Ilidio In the Last 3 Weeks. Thank you for Your Prayers & Support.

    ~ michael
  • My name is Jesu and I’m from India.i need a job.. please pray for me.

    ~ Jesu
  • Dear Father I ask you PLEASE to BLESS my friend Ms. Paula Shine with JUSTICE and remove ALL Bullies from her place of employment. And PLEASE BLESS my friend with a state preschool position PLEASE. IN JESUS NAME AMEN. PRAISE GOD and THANK YOU GOD.


    ~ Ophelia
  • My prayer intention for my Dad who is dying, my Mom and myself have been taking care of him at home for almost 2 years. I pray for mercy and peace for my Dad that he is not suffering. I pray for my Mom also to bring us both strength and fortitude in the coming days. We have been having financial problems as well. In short we need a miracle. Thank You.

    ~ Stella
  • Please bless all those suffering please remember my family and friends who have passed and those grieving please allow myself to make the right decisions I Pray my life gets more stable. For my mom got my brother

    ~ Erin
  • Please, pray for me. I just found a woman. I’d do anything for SOMEONE who Loved me. I start a job, Tuesday, but don’t know if I’m gonna make it. I have no reason to make it. Pray for me, I keep this job. If I had someone to live for

    ~ Garrett
  • My prayer intention is for my annullment to get started and granted. I hope it is not a lengthy process or any trouble in getting it. I am also praying for a loving partner: someone who will be a good father, husband, and friend. I am praying hard to find this person, and also that he may move towards me since I am not sure I could move out of driving distance of my son’s father since he sees him on the weekends. But if this has to be changed in court I hope it is in my best interest

    ~ Emily
  • My Friend of 30 yrs. GLORIA PRESTON in need of prayers for her Cancer I just found out about today. With only weeks to live I can only ask for a quick and painless death for her and forgiveness of her sins and her Salvation.

    ~ Jim
  • Pray that this year, I accomplish the goals that I always wanted to and the one’s I thought I never could pray that we remain financially stable and prosperous, please pray we have no trouble with affording things we need and keeping a rough over our heads. Please pray that my family are safe from danger and harm, please pray that we all get healthier and remain in good health. Please pray we all having a happy, uplifting and flourishing year. Please we no longer have to struggle in any area.

    ~ Davina
  • My nephew colin Peterson passed away unexpectedly on . July15th 2019 he leaves behinds three year old please pray for our family My nephew was from minnesota

    ~ Lynndale
  • I ask for prayers for a long and happy and healthy relationship with my girlfriend.

    ~ John
  • Pls pls pray for the safe and healthy pregnancy of my daughter henna. Last time she had an etopic pregnancy which did not survive. Pls pls pray she has a normal pregnancy and gets a healthy baby 🙏🙏. Thankyou

    ~ Sony
  • Pray for relief and aid to those in need such as the victims in Chile and the starving students of Venezuela. For homes and living wages for all in risk,the homeless including those in San Francisco and the displaced Puerto Ricans still recovering from Hurricane Maria. For peace and resolution to the protestors and police in Hong Kong. For plumbing and sanitary napkins for all. Pray donations be sent to those in need in N. and S. America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and anywhere anyone is suffering.

    ~ Valerie
  • Please pray fro me as i have a interview on wednesday Wrap me in your loving arms when I feel insecure. Hold me in your steady embrace when I feel nervous. Help me to understand the questions I am asked, And answer in a honest and inspired way. In the interview, I pray you would show me if this is the right job for me.

    ~ liz
  • My name Dwi. Please pray for me without ceasing. I need a lot of prayers and miracles.

    ~ Dwi
  • Please lift up in prayer:

    Daniel Xavier Huidor
    Maricela Huidor-Figueroa
    Lopez-Huidor family
    Huidor-Velasco family
    Huidor-Figueroa family
    Rodriguez-Huidor family
    Huidor-Morin family

    Thank you and may God’s will be done.

    ~ Maricela
  • Infection brain lesion and heart problems please pray Scott B

    ~ Scott
  • Please let the rains stop, our area has had enough moisture. Protect our son. Let me be able to steer our family on the right path for our finances in the new year. Give us good health.

    ~ g
  • Hoping to meet my godly husband soon so I can have a family of my own before it is to late. Hoping he will love, respect,work, romantic, communciate, cares for me.

    ~ Kristine
  • Lord please help me find a way to help provide for my parents. Both my parents cannot work due to sicknesses and i have major anxiety so please help me find a job i can do with my anxiety, open a business or somehow get money to help my parents. They are getting behind on their bills and our cars keep breaking and we cant seem to find ways to keep up. Please bless me with this oh lord.

    ~ Angelica
  • I had a family of racoons living in the walls of my home, one was crippled, did not walk straight, he was young, he would come on my porch and eat, i watched him get stronger and bigger, last nite i heard a fight in the walls, terrible screeching, than a quiet whimpering and i have not seen him since, he usually shows for breakfast and dinner and i have not seen him all day now it is night – i prayed for God to save him and let him be ok, I do not understand why God would allow him to be hurt I

    ~ Donna
  • Please protect us from the rains/storms moving through, let us have no damages or problems. Please also keep our son safe at all times.

    ~ g
  • – [ ] Asking prayers for my friend Steph S her deliverance from drugs, alcohol and smoking and never touches them again her salvation that she becomes saved filled with the Holy Spirit god becomes the center of her life a unbreakable anointing on her life she becomes a light to others new godly minded friends her old friends disappear forever a good job successful career peace that surpasses all understanding good decision making skills break all the curses and demonic strongholds assignments an

    ~ Jim
  • Please pray Gods will over my life. Please pray for me to get the right dental assistant job

    ~ Kari
  • I ask for prayers for my family that they will live long and happy lives and receive help on the farm

    ~ John
  • Please pray for Marcos

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for Chris Phillips. Please pray Chris has peaceful, quiet and stress-free work days. Please pray for his peace of mind, emotional well-being and strength to get thru his work days. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • I humbly request for a prayer for good health for me, husband and my 2 sons. And I most especially ask for prayers for my husband that he may find a good job soon. I also pray that we will be financially blessed so we can take care of our families needs and also be a help to other people. Thank you.

    ~ Lana Grace
  • sanctification

    ~ Anonymous
  • On this Thanksgiving I achingly ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage

    ~ Thomas
  • Addictions. Tobacco and drugs

    ~ David
  • Dear Father God, I want to give you THANKS and PRAISE for ALL our BLESSINGS you have given me and my husband and especially for the gift of HEALING my husband Richard of cancer and BLESSING him to be cancer free. Thank you I love you AMEN. And Thank you for our HEALTH, SAFETY, & PROTECTION ALWAYS. THANK YOU for BLESSING our children, grandchildren, siblings,daughter in laws and nieces and nephews and all family and friends ALWAYS, BLESSING us with a Financial MIRICALE in JESUS NAME AMEN. Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for me for my finances and my health it’s been a roller-coaster all my life and I’ve been struggling all my life to try to do better trust God and everything I do but things just don’t seem to happen the way I wanted to happen in my life, I know you will always have battles to fight, but some battles that never seems to go undone some dreams never come true in the heart of your praying and I’ve been walking with the Lord for almost fifty eight years and it has been a battle with me

    ~ Ora
  • Pray for the Northern soda Moxie to expand across the South besides the Winter Star Country Store in Burnsville, NC.

    ~ Shane
  • Dear Lord Jesus, Thank You for many blessings so far. I’m so scared tho’. The pain, cramping in my stomach is unbearable sometimes, and my aching bladder. Carrie needs a PET SCAN. She has a spot inside, and if she has cancer there or anywhere, I’m gonna lose it. She is my sister. Please help her stop smoking, Kay too & Jeri. Mom needs to be healed too. She is 86, she is working too hard & has too much to bear. Please cure us, please Jesus. Please. Thank You. Amen.

    ~ Gail M
  • Pray for J Giangrosso, Diane Schilleci, Marsha McCabe for successful treatment & surgeries. Pray for GOOD HEALTH IN SPIRIT MIND & BODY for my family ,in laws & friends.

    ~ Vinnie
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter will be returned to me

    ~ Michael
  • That I don’t lose my family and God rescues me from my troubles.

    ~ Matthew
  • Help me sell the tickets and to let go of the things we no longer need or use. Help me get things in order to live a less stressful life so we can focus on getting healthy because that is what truly matters.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Hello, please pray for my husband Teddy Forte that He puts Jesus in the center of his life and that he be guided by the Holy Spirit to have balance of time and priority in his life. He is having a hard time juggling work, study, family, marriage and himself to the point that he is almost falling apart. I am feeling helpless as how to help him as well. Need prayers urgently 🙁

    ~ Tatiana
  • Pray that I remain in good health of a 22 year old, please pray that I can concentrate mentally and emotionally, please pray that I come in contact with healthy situation and healthy people. Please take the fear and sorry from my mind and heart, please pray that the people that are in my life respect, and understand me clearly. Please help me proceed in life, to have immense success in career, in family and my home. Please pray that my family remain stable, healthy and financially stable.

    ~ Davina
  • I need prayer. I am a victim of demonic opression. I have awful nightmares and images when I close my eyes. I can feel and awful presence all around me. I need all the prayers I can get.

    Thank you and Good Grace and Peace be with you!

    ~ Sadie
  • Lord Jesus Christ blessed am I to seek mentorship from you .The messiah who taught many . My Lord guide me to live my life independant . Grand that I may live my own independant life . Its my wish to own my own vehicle , furniture , clothing . Present my prayer petition to God . In your name Jesus Christ . Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Pray for my family Myself, Robert and Hunter Trent , to move into a nice permanent home . Regain a nice life and easy life for my son. Tired of struggling. Thank you

    ~ Traci
  • Please pray for Orlando who is an elderly in the hospital and most likely is in his his last days. For his salvation, his wife and family.

    Thank you

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for our unborn baby. I have a subchorionic hemorrhage that could potentially cause a miscarriage if it grows. I have been having a lot of bleeding and it has been very scary. This will be our third child. In a few weeks my husband also has his cancer follow up. He’s been in remission for almost 2yrs, we pray it never comes back. Please pray that we are able to pull closer to God through all this and trust in him.

    ~ Taylor
  • Please pray please pray son realizes he needs help and he needs to take care of his children. I need to find a job. I have several medical issues. Please help

    ~ Bridget
  • That the Lord according to his will Blesses the Biller Family Friends Joan Colleen TIm Jack John Biller patrica tanzi Renee Harrison My neghbor and classmate Fernado all Ssaints and those yet to accpet the Lord with his Spirit to overcome sorrow with Joy and the Lord sees them through the All trials santifing them through joy faith hope and Love In Jesus name Amen! Please Help!

    ~ Johnny
  • Please pray for me last August I was falsely accused of a crime I plead guilty to because of the offer they gave me of probation and then dismissing the case. I missed an appointment and have been under oppression and now they are wanting to arrest me Friday or Monday. Pray for a miracle of freedom restoration healing and an end to oppression.

    ~ Ryan
  • Dear Lord, please help me with my relationship.
    Bless me and my partner, fill our hearts with love for each other, and make each of us realize the other’s worth. Please touch the heart of my partner,fill it with much love for me.
    Smooth our complicated relationship, and allow us to spend the rest of our lives together. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other’s heart and mind. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.
    I love you. Amen.

    ~ Kat
  • please pray for my sister Elizabeth S Robles who was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3. She will go for further check up on Dec 12. I claim that she will be healed completely in the mighty name our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Thanks! Please pray for me too i was diagnosed with Myloedysplastic Syndrome and had bone marrow transplant last Sept 25. I ask prayers that i will also be healed completely and my blood counts will become normal. Thanks again.

    ~ Evelyn
  • Heavenly Father, I am so disappointed with the outcome of my surgery. My condition seems worse instead of better. I thank you, Lord, for keeping me safe through the surgery and recovery and I come to you again to ask for healing now. Please hear the humble prayers of a sinner. and please improve the attitude and communication of the doctor. I feel so helpless and alone in this. I pray for your mercy and help.

    ~ Patricia
  • Dear Pastor
    I have a request to you please pray for me because my mentally condition is very seriously i am mentall illness is sickness evryday trouble and fear today i feel sucuide thoughts are coming i am 8 years ago trouble i am very unhappy and upset anybody cannot heal me all doctors fail evryday tension, depression, stress, headechepain, fear, mad, and neckpain please please pray for me and save me

    ~ deepak
  • That.m my. Boyfriend asks me to marry him.

    ~ Patti
  • Dear Father

    Please help my son Noel (Studying in First Year Mechanical Engineering ) as his Semester Exam is starting from December 05, 2019 till December 19, 2019. Please give him sharp memory. Help him to focus on his exam and to analyze the questions. Relieve him from anxiety, take away distractions and help him to finish answering all the questions. Grace him with your divine guidance and positive energy. Heavenly Father it is in your hands. Amen

    Yours Faithfully

    ~ Roshini
  • For my daughter to break free from an abusive husband, to heal, and find happiness. For her son to also heal and find happiness, and to succeed at school.

    ~ Fran
  • Please pray Gods will in my life

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for Ida, she is having a mastectomy on Wednesday. I know that God will hold her in his loving hands. Thank you Pat

    ~ Patricia
  • I pray that the woman that is having the affair with my husband who is also his ex wife please realize that the Lord looks down and sees an unfaithful heart I’m praying for both your healing and for my husband’s infidelity I believe that every action has a consequence and I pray that the consequences don’t hurt anyone unintentionally

    ~ L.M.R
  • In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask you to do everything you possibly can to influence Lee H. to hold me, cuddle me, and tell me he loves me.

    ~ Kat
  • For the healing, protection,mercy and spiritual liberation of Yhosvany Oliver Hernandez , Cassey Arguelles, Carmen Teresa Delgado, Mayra Victoria Oliver, Carlos Arguelles, Arya Marie Oliver, Daysi Vanessa Baez

    For the conversion of Liduan Diaz, Barbarita María Herrera, Evaleen Quiñones, Miriam Oliver Hernandez Amén

    ~ Daysi
  • I pray that God will keep me safe from Curtis Tolbert bka ebow and his mother Elaine Tolbert bka pumpkin. I pray that God will stop Ernie Warren from troubling people in Jesus Christ name

    ~ Tammy
  • I pray for Sandy to do great on her test and for Steve to be healed of cancer.


    ~ Anonymous
  • Please protect us from storms heading our way…let us have no damages. Protect our community as well. Please keep our son safe always.

    ~ G
  • Lord Jesus Christ you are the messiah teacher of all who believe in Christianality . My Lord open my mind to new and everlasting positive thoughts . Enrich me with wisdom from the bible . Allow me to attract positive thoughts into my mind . Its my desire to think positive and to live a full life without restriction . Attract to me all spiritiual needs to live a happy life. Through the power God invested in you Jesus Christ transform my life into God image. In your name. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • In faith I return. I pray vigilantly for the restoration of our marriage, but my ex wife is with someone. Please pray the Holy Ghost cause him to move on and our marriage be restored

    ~ Thomas
  • For health improvement and improved quality of life. Thank you.

    ~ Frances
  • Please pray for me to be set free

    ~ Kari
  • Our neighborhood is facing a very powerful foe: Planning & Zoning Commissioners who simply refuse to consider that an adjoining neighborhood of children & families’ safety & protection from : industrial pollutants,dangerous truck traff., truck engine noises running at all hours is more important than commercial industrial interests. Asking that God thru Mary come to our defense & change the zoning of the tract of land adjoining many of our properties to residential so we would be freed from th

    ~ chuck
  • Please pray for me ….i need gods help im very sick mentally and cant go on …please pray for my children and grandaughhter ..im so lost scared and broken … i need gods ….
    Please pray for me for healing x

    ~ Jean
  • Please pray for Gods true will for my whole life in all areas.esp.healing,deliverance,and restoration.Thank You.

    ~ Roberta
  • My sister Janice 24 years undergoes a brain surgery tomorrow to fix her broken skull. Please pray for the success of the surgery and her smooth and speedy recovery

    ~ Flory
  • For Jo-E Brescher, Corey Brescher, Corey’s dad and family, and my immediate family (The Bryant family of Hammond, LA). May God, Mother Mary, and the entire Host of Heavenly Angels and Saints, heal, comfort, guide and bless all of us!!! As well as anyone else who has asked for prayers and whomever has been in my heart and head. And please keep me and Corey sober!!! AMEN! Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus!!!

    ~ Christie
  • Please Pray for a miracle that my Granddaughter will be returned to me

    ~ Michael
  • Pray for Don Schilleci & Diane Schilleci for their spirits mind and bodies and for my family friends and in laws for good health in their spirit minds and bodies. Pray for AB Foster to do good in her school works & extra activities. Pray for JULIE and GREG Foster in spirit mind and body

    ~ Vinnie
  • Need a fast financial miracle
    I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family

    ~ Philip
  • Please pray for protection for me and my family. A group of woman have come into my husband (Dan’s) life and are influencing his behavior. They are all involved in polyamory and sexual perversions. And they all claim to be witches! Since he has been associating with them, I feel they have put a curse upon our lives. Please pray that God will get rid of the access he has to this people and break any curses they my have placed upon us. Thank you for your time and prayers. – Nicole.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray with me for my husband Dan to find God. That his eyes would be opened to the love of Christ and that our lives together would be turned around of the better according to God’s will! That he would also renew his commitment to me and turn away from adultery and sexual sins. I love my husband. I don’t want to lose him, especially in death. I worry that have he not find God’s grace soon he will be lost. I really don’t want that for him. Thank you for your prayers. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Lord, please bless me with suitable employment so that I can take care of myself financially.


    ~ Dashawna
  • can you please pray for my Marriage Armando my husband and me Sandy we been having alot of problems we dont get along that well anymore and he doesn’t believe in God, we have two small kids please pray for guidance and let God manage this situation. Thank you Sandy

    ~ Sandy
  • Please pray for Nicole who is 32 years old. She’s in the ICU with kidney failure and complications from cancer. Lord have mercy. Amen.

    ~ Terri
  • Please pray for my daughter, Sarah, that she passes her nursing test tomorrow. She works with children that have cancer. She has a sweet and kind heart.

    ~ Diane
  • Please pray for out friend Carol in ICU who needs a miracle and for her daughter jonna and grandson Joey they Are so sad and Carol must be feeling afraid- please can she have a miracle of health and live longer- she is young and so many people need her- it is her heart- her left ventricle – Thy will be done not mine and thank u and God bless all who pray for her

    ~ Kristin
  • Please pray for my son Sean who suffers from severe depression and is at a critical turning point. Please pray that he comes out of the darkness that imprisons him and return to the light soon.
    Thank you!

    ~ Kaye
  • Please pray for Nick. May he have good reports when he sees his oncologist. Lord, help him in his battle with lung cancer. Thank you.

    ~ Betty
  • Thank you Father Brian Walker for the blessed Sunday Mass message online on this Sunday November 24, 2019. Thank you for the lady who did the blessed readings and thank you Mother of Perpetual Help Choir for the blessed singing. I look forward to all of you precious people each Sunday online. Brothers and Sisters, continue keeping me in prayers for my severe lower back pain and pain in both my legs caused from arthritis. Pray also for my high blood pressure.
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Successful surgery for Joyce and healing solution for her bowel problem

    ~ Ruth
  • Lord, we do not have enough money to pay our bills, utilities and food. We pray that you provide the amount we need for this request. We pray for a fully favorable decision from Joe’s disability hearing quickly. We pray for our pains to be relieved and diseases and finances be healed in Jesus name we ask…. Amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for a financial blessing in debt and don’t know what to do. Please pray foe me.
    In Jesus name Amen

    ~ Becky
  • Please pray Gods will in my life and to receive holy spirit

    ~ Kari
  • Please help Jim & I to retain our memories.

    Please help Adam to be free.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my work and peace of mind petitions and health petition

    ~ Shannon
  • Please pray for Dave as the traditional cancer treatments failed to work. Pray that he return to good health and that he regains full mobility.

    ~ Dave
  • Please pray for better health for my children, Maribeth and Jim. Also,for a peaceful death for me.

  • If it is God’s will, I ask for a cure. Your prayers are requested. Thank you so much

    ~ Aodhan
  • Please pray for me. I would like my back to get better. I have possible herniated disc and tingling in my back and muscle stiffness following surgery last winter. Please give me the patience to get thru this. It’s been 8-9 months now. I just want to get better. Thank you. Lynn

    ~ Lynn
  • Dear Lord Jesus, Thank You for all Your Blessings. We need You again.. Carrie has a spot on her lungs/ bones inside. We are Terrified it’s cancer. Please, Please don’t let it be. Please don’t take Carrie from us, or Mom. Mom can’t get through this. Please grant us all healing and strength, and forgiveness. We need You.Please Lord, Please Help us. Life is so sad and petrifying. Don’t leave us, Please grant our petitions. I love You! Help! Amen .

    ~ Gail M
  • Please pray for Anthony, and Annie, Kay, Christina, Teresa and family, Ann Pat and family, Sandra , Louise, Eileen Niall and family, Aine , Katie, Aisling, James, joe, Mary, please pray for me and my mum that we can get on better together, please pray for my mothers health to improve, and for her sisters and for Ann’s health to improve please,

    ~ Anthony
  • Please pray for me that my life will change in a dramatic positive way that i can feel God’s love, peace, please also pray that a good Catholic woman will come into my life that truly loves me for who i am, also pray for me for financial success in my life so i can support myself to survive. Thank you! God bless you!

    ~ Christopher
  • Dear Lord,
    Pls do grant my request to get my immigration application be approve and my daughter’s application for petition too, i miss my family so much and hoping to see them one day and be back with there arms again.. thank you much Lord for everyday blessings .. All this i ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ .

    ~ Cecil
  • I have an urgent prayer request. My friend and his wife just had a baby and she i.e. the baby is in ICU in hospital and she has been having respiratory problems. Her name is Gabriella and she is one day old. They believe and follow God. Please pray that the baby comes through and comes through totally healthy and well. Also please pray that the parents are strong in faith and have peace and strength in this most difficult of situations. Thank you so much for your prayers .

    ~ Joshua
  • I pray that are family can earn more money so that we can move into a house and take off a lot of stress and anxiety. I pray that I Finnish school and pass my tests and I pray to be a better mom and lose all of my sever anxiety my worries about being a lone at home with the kids getting depressed I pray that Jon is more happy and our family is more together I pray that my son will change and be more respectful and not a bad child I pray that he will get a long with his sisters, Amen.

    ~ Salena
  • Please pray for my marraige. Please pray that I can forgive his infidelity and be able to move past this. Please pray that I can be enough for him and be the best wife and mother I can be. Please pray that he will be satisfied with me and our children. That he can stay because he loves us and not because he felt guilty because I am pregnant. That he will be the husband and father we need.

    ~ Aly
  • Arthur is in pain.

    ~ James
  • Dear God,
    I pray for my Fther who is 94 years old in failing Health and frail In body,, sharp mind, and a faithful ever lasting spirit.
    My Mother age 88 years old is becoming physically exhausted taking care of him, thankfully her mind, body and spirit are all healthy guided by you and her faith.
    My parents have been married 68 years and they made a promise to one another, never ever to put each other in a nursing home.
    I ask you God to watch over them iand grant them ever lasting peace

    ~ Sheela
  • Please pray that Olga, my mom, eye gets better, that her overall health improves, that she finds happiness in what she does in life, and that she may live to see the grandchildren I want to give her.

    ~ Olga & Jay
  • I ASK PRAYERS FOR PATIENCE MY FAMILY IS TURMOIL.i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO.MY HUSBAND IS NOT VERY NICE HE DOESNT GO TO CHURCH OR PRAY.HE SPEND ALL ARE INCOME 401K SAVINGS ETC ON DRUGS AND GAMBLING,i DONT UNDERSTAND HE NEVER SAID HE IS SORRY WHEN I BRING IT UP HE YELL AT ME.i pray averyday say all prayers rosary,sacretheart of jesus.I feel hopeless I feel like leaving him,I am raised strick catholic.My husband had affairs.Is that ok to get permission for separation from the pope.He wont go to counsel

    ~ Gloria
  • Lord Jesus Christ you are the truth and light of the world. I dont seek help from fortune tellers . Neither do I believe in spell casters. My Lord Jesus Christ all I need is the wisdom of God to guide me through life . Attract positive thoughts into my life , transform me into a top bussines man . Develop my technical knowledge together with sales technique . Allow me to start over at age 43 Yrs. Present my prayer petitition to God . I believe in God as the truth . Reveal my future Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for my friends who are facing serious charges and false accusations.  They are about to go to jail for a crime they didn’t commit.   At this point, they’re really up against the wall and only God’s grace can deliver them.  It’s an impossibly dark situation.  Please pray for mercy & compassion for these young men who have genuinely repented of their past sins, since finding Christ in recent years.  Please ask for God’s greater mercy, power and love to be shown to my friends.  Their fa

    ~ Crystal
  • I need an urgent prayer my mom is going through a divorce. The judge granted my mom to move back to her home. However, the only bad part is her ex-husband still stays at the home he hit my mom recently she got a order of protection today since the police didn’t nothing but her attorney said he can be out the home tomorrow or Monday please pray that it will be tomorrow because he plotted to us gas lighting to kill us please pray for justice for us!

    ~ vanity
  • Jesus Christ my saviour , you resurected from the dead . You Jesus Christ became victorious over sin. My Lord I seek forgivenes for my sins together with the strengh not to sin again. Transform my mindset in order to become very succesfull. Guide me to a better independant live . Allow me to live a better spiritual life . Bring happines into my life. Open up new and everlasting oppertunities to shine . Present my prayer petition to God , almighty . I desire knowledge, wisdom , health . Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Praying and asking for guidance and discernment for this year during the holidays and next year.

    ~ Andrew
  • i pray dear God for my father rajinder to melt towards animals and allow them to come my home.i pray that he drops his abusive behaviour and lust towards young girls and women.i pray for good friends that can care for me when i am sick and also in happiness that i can invite home in jesus name amen

    ~ meenal
  • Please pray that our move goes well and we have the strength to get through everything. I know all things are possible through prayer, and I am feeling both blessed and overwhelmed. Please pray that everything falls in to place and there are no issues. Thank you for hearing these prayers. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Please pray for healing for health issues for my wife and I.

    ~ Alex
  • Please pray for me and my daughter destiny a Perez huttoe please pray for her protection over witchcraft and evil. Also pray that my daughter gets married to a wealthy boy that loves and protects her and can buy her a house please pray that she has a white wedding and doesn’t get involved with sexual immorality please pray over our finances and schooling thank you

    ~ Norma
  • Dear Father I ask you PLEASE to Touch and BLESS Judge Suzanne Banks & my attorney Mr. Matthew R. to come to the same agreement to BLESS me with my settlement offer that I asked for. PLEASE GOD especially BLESS Mr. Matthew to
    & convince the Judge to what I am asking for and maybe more I deserve this Lord and I need it to live on. PLEASE and that everyone is coming together in
    Agreement in JESUS NAME AMEN. I love you and Thank you and BLESS you, PLEASE BLESS my attorney. Court 12/19/2010 Ophie

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for my sound health. For last 1 month my entire body is aching, feel weak and drowsy, and depressed. Also, I have been detected with Herpes Simplex Virus1. Hence,
    please pray for my complete recovery and peace. Thank you and God bless.

    ~ Ajay

  • Please Lord, heal Goldwater the cat. Please let his pain subside and his trachea heal & his face trauma heal. Please let him adjust well to being home, take to his feeding tube well, and get some much-needed rest. Please let the doctors and nurses who are treating him – and me eventually – treat him with wisdom. I am begging you: just one more miracle for him. I am so grateful we found him, so grateful for an amazing vet hospital, and look forward to him laying in my bed next to me once healed.

    ~ Bryanna
  • Please pray for Chris. Please pray he has a stress-free day at work today. Please pray for his good news and a favorable outcome for his upcoming court date. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Lord, I ask in the name of Jesus that you have from the House Judiciary Committee to the Senate to have a change heart and look into the evidential procedures. thank you for these diplomats and Veterans who stand for our democracy, constitution, Biblical Principles and for yhe country. the America people needs God’s word for our nation— I Timothy 2:1-2 – that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. I ask these things in Jesus name, Amen

    ~ Tory
  • Brothers & Sisters in the LORD, please help to pray for Nomthee J Makoa to find a tenant to rent in her new house, it’s been a year since she is looking… People enquire, some pay the Deposit to show interest & cancel twice it happened, some view the house & promise to come back, but never. The house is new & was never occupied by anyone. I also pray for a safe delivery of the baby as she does not want to have C – Section nor Epidural Injection but she wants a Natural delivery.

    ~ Rebecca
  • Child abuse victim ARABELLA PARKER. 3 year old fighting for her life. Please pray for a miracle.

    ~ Jessikah
  • My brother is the most devoted person I know and right now he is faced with serious health issues. He is the finest person I know and he needs help other than medical care…he needs prayers for his recovery

    ~ Antoinette
  • I ask for prayer for my general health and above all eliminate anxiety

    I ask for a prayer to pay off all mini-credit debts before interest goes up and I don’t have the money to pay

    ~ maria dolores
  • Please pray for the health, wellbeing of Patricia Stelma and her safe, procedures now and successful surgery Tuesday Nov.26th with out any complications with full recovery

    ~ George
  • Please pray for my family and me as we struggle financially without means to pay our bills. I am losing my ability to stay positive and feel helpless. Please pray to the Lord to help us meet our obligations and help us find work for all in the family.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I lost a friendship about 2 Saturdays ago, and it really hurts; I really miss my friend and she no longer speaks to me even though I reached out and apologized and I would like to make amends to work things out. I need God’s help to learn from this loss, I need God to heal my broken heart, and to help me be a far better, wiser and greater woman (and not bitter). Also for my friend to forgive me and heal as well. And for God to heal our relationship, In Jesus name amen.

    ~ anonymous
  • I ask for prayers for a fulfilling and healthy relationship and a love with God always to remain faithful to Him

    ~ John
  • Please dear God sever any and all negativity in all of our lives. Help all of us to get in the protection of the dome with only God’s light and love in it. Let us to always see God’s truth and to see past the obstacles and illusions of the negativity. Please protect and guide Alisha in court today. Please let her be victorious in court today and over the battle with the negativity and live a great and loving life through God’s grace. Amen.

    ~ Cheryle
  • Please pray for the healing of my mother Nelinda. Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Jesus Christ our Lord present my prayer petitition to God almigthy. God open all blockages for financial development in order to migrate to another country for the sake of personal development. Its my desire to own a bussines and deliver a service . Attract bussines people into my life and create abundance . Open financial resources to me , allow me to develop into a bussines leader . Grand that I may rise above all expatations. Take me were the money is. Provide health .Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Lord Jesus Christ present my prayer petition to God almighty . Attract a career oppertunity into my life in order for me to earn a living . Allow me to deliver a service to people . God creator of life attract positive energies into my life .Grand that I may start and manage my own bussines . Attract the financial resources together with bussines people into my life . Open creative ideas to multiply money for the bennefit of my material life . Terminate all poverty , humiliation and guide.

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for me that I (Keith Gerard Lopez) will be successful in getting the job for which I went for an interview on 20th Nov 2019. I have a 2nd interview with them on 3rd Dec 2019. I am among the 5 who have been shortlisted for this job offer. Please pray that I will get this job offer. I have graduated several months ago and I have yet to get a job. This job offer is what I want as my career. Please pray for me to be successful in getting this particular job. Thank You. God bless.

    ~ Keith
  • Please pray for me to get a nice job

    ~ Amilu
  • Praying for God divine mercy and blessings upon my wedding coming up next week Saturday and asking for a fulfilled and fruitful marriage union between me and my wife.

    ~ Terhemen
  • I pray for my grandson, Benjamin, that he be blessed with grace and confidence as he tries out for Basketball team, and that, he make the team, or that God cushion his fall. Thanks,

    ~ Mary
  • Dear Father I ask you PLEASE to BLESS my friend Tera you see Lord she is being Fired and it was not her fault and her co-teacher lied on her writting a false statement. It makes me sad and angry. And its the holidays Lord and she is a new grandma to. PLEASE BLESS her with a much better job and with better benefits. I THANK YOU and LOVE You in JESUS NAME AMEN …………………………..


    ~ Ophelia
  • For God to help me obtain a promotion at work. To trust his will and guidance and accept the outcome with humility.

    ~ Joseph
  • Am Smitha from Bangalore, India. My husband is Joice and it’s been one year and 2 months after our marriage. My husband is a drunkard and does not have any job. 2 months back he had been to one deaddiction center, but only for one month he was able to maintain that. He started drinking again, am finding very difficult to live with him. Please pray for him to get a job and to get rid of his drinking habit. Holy Spirit to touch him.

    ~ Smitha
  • My friend Ally is battling lupus. She is a junior in college and is struggling doing some normal everyday activities. Asking for prayers that she will be able to do everyday activities and return to school after break. I pray that the doctors can help her keep her Lupus under control.

    ~ Hope
  • Please pray for my son that he will not lose his job. He is struggling a little bit and needs help. But please please please pray that our Lord helps to save his job and help him change his ways for the better…thank you and I pray for you all as well in Jesus’ name. God bless and I know he will be saved Amen 🙏♥️ lovingly in Jesus’ name Arlene G.

    ~ Arlene
  • For my Dear friend Carol King, who has been battling Leukemia for years. She has been in remission for the pass 11 years , due to an experimental drug, but now the drug no longer works and the Doctors have given her 6-12 months.
    I’m also requesting prayers for Lester and Denise Johnson who are having medical problems and also Joe and Alesa Job. My final request if for my grandson, Lcpl. Ryan Brousseau U.S.M.C. and of course all of our Troops.

    ~ gerard
  • For the repose of the soul of John T Kennerly who passed away this past May. He was a good, kind, and giving man who didn’t have much but shared all that he had with all that he could. He had a difficult life but always had a smile on his face. I miss him.

    ~ anonymous
  • I believe in the marriage covenant so I ask you pray the man my ex wife is “with” leave the situation so that our marriage is restored.

    ~ Thomas
  • I have some prayer requests.

    1. For my emotional difficulties, including needing healing, being easily hurt, and the empty places.
    2. I know a child who was raised to be mean, and he needs a lot of help.
    3. For guidance.
    4. For M. and S. who are in great pain.


    ~ James
  • We pray for a fully favorable decision by Social Security ALJ today. We pray that we can come up with the money to pay the bills we have and to provide the $1000 that we need in Jesus name we ask, amen!

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for Chris and Meredith. Please pray our driver’s licenses are found soon and returned to us safely soon. Please pray we receive good news about this situation. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Meredith
  • Please pray for me, I know that I can be too emotional, but please pray that my relationship didn’t ended because I was too emotional because I care too much, please pray that Rob is okay and that we’re are okay. Please pray that he let me know that he’s alright and everything’s okay, please pray for my family and I. That we remain financially stable with prosperity and abundance. Please allow my relationship with Rob to be healed and grow and flourish. Pray for my friendship with John.

    ~ Davina
  • I think I have a chance to be hired at the post office. Please pray that I am hired. It would make a huge difference in my life. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for healing my cerebral palsy

    ~ Daniela
  • For me and my family

    ~ Shanna
  • Please pray for my daughter and grandchild..pray for healing physically and emotionally.. she is in poor health and needs prayer to heal and needs prayer to guide her and her child to a better life.
    She has been abused and left.
    Please pray for her and her child to be rewarded with love and financial security.
    Thank you

    ~ Y
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together soon

    ~ Michael
  • My fiancee has suddenly left me. Please, pray for us in what we are going through now and that we can be reunited if it is God’s will.

    Thanks in advance.

    ~ Toby
  • I pray that J and D will be able to get over this difficult time in their marriage. I pray they will have a very good therapist, and this person will help them see how much they love one another. I pray they will rekindle and renew their marriage, and they will be in a very happy and loving relationship.

    ~ S
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Mary, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • Please pray for me that God places His healing hands on me and heals my body and whatever might separate me from Him

    ~ john bosco
  • I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family

    ~ Philip
  • I pray for healing of my illness, to be cancer free. I pray for my children’s health, happiness and safety

    ~ Holly
  • For my children’s and family’s good health and safety. May our hopes and dreams become a reality if they are God’s will.

    ~ Virginia
  • I believe in miracles. Please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave.

    ~ Thomas
  • (1) I been suffering from diabetes and High blood pressure since 2002, when I was first diagnosed.
    My prayer request is asking the Almighty God to heal me, according to His will.

    (2) I am under selective persecution at my job, I am asking Almighty God to intervene on my behalf.

    (3)I am also praying for employment as a Chemistry Instructor at Lone Star Community College System or at Houston Community College System.

    (4) For the release of the imprisoned Leaders of Southern Cameroons

    ~ George
  • Getting a new job with a decent salary

    ~ K
  • Thank you Father Brian Walker for this blessed Sunday Mass gospel message online on this Sunday, November 17, 2019 and thank you Deanna Tritz for the blessed readings and many thanks to the great singing from the Mother of Perpetual Help choir. I love each of you so much !! Brothers and sisters, continue to pray for my severe lower back pain, hip pain and both legs pain in front and back of my legs caused from arthritis….
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • My Lord, please help my husband to find a job and a little flat to stay.It will be a great help for us to get rid from the present situation. Give your pardon for our sins. Thanks my God.

    ~ Vino
  • Please pray for my husband. He was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers disease

    ~ LeeAnne
  • I ask for prayers that my tie will heal and my head hair will grow thick and full and strong.

    ~ John
  • We pray for a fully favorable decision at Joe’s SS Hearing 11/19/19. We pray for our diseases and pains to be healed as well as our fiances be healed that we have enough money to pay our bills in Jesus name we ask amen!

    ~ Maria
  • My teenaged son has been diagnosed with cancer. I’m reeling and not coping very well. Please pray for him to be cured of this and have a normal happy successful life. And to be disease free. Please pray that he beats this for good. Please pray that he is healed completely.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Jenn having chemo/radiation for breast cancer, has to have hernia surgery soon too, playful healing of her body! Another Jenny whose arm is numb after heart surgery, has twins! Janes broken wrists and stroke, Tori and Matt 4 yr kids with brain cancer DIPG cure!!! Kari possible lung transplant, has lupus and scalderma, healing!!!! Thank u God bless u

    ~ Anne

    ~ BENNY
  • Please bring my wife back Mother Mary.

    ~ Luke
  • Please pray for my brother Jeff Igoe who is schizophrenic and bipolar. Pray for his safety and his dogs Lola and Ziggy as well. He’s homeless and needs medication. He’s delusional and paranoid and cannot get along with people especially women. Please pray that somehow our lord Jesus can reach into Jeff’s heart and soul and help him. In Jesus name Amen!🙏🙏🙏

    ~ Nancy
  • That Cassandra will continue to heal from her life-threatening kidney disease by the grace of God and our heavenly father Jesus Christ.

    ~ Cassandra
  • Please pray for the health of Genevieve and Georgine, numerous issues. Please pray that Georgine’s doctor visit this Friday goes well. Also pray the issues with the new glasses gets fixed. Thank you God Bless You

    ~ Georgine
  • For my granddaughter in I C U at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati.

    ~ Margaret
  • Please pray for healing for all our family, friends, neighbors and pets. God Bless All. Thank You.

    ~ tony
  • Please pray for Dale. He is fighting a brain tumor and was scheduled for surgery but his health is declining quickly and surgery may not be an option now. Please pray that he doesn’t suffer and the Lord takes him quickly. Thank you,his wife Patty

    ~ Dale
  • Dear Lord, Thank You for getting us through another week alive. I’m sorry for my anger and sins…especially when I cry and get mad at You because I never get better. Please, Please forgive me. I’m just So Afraid of all my cramping, my bladder and now stuffed nostril, breathing trouble. I don’t understand it and I’m scared. Please help me, Jesus. Please., please cure mom, Rusty, Carrie, Bg, Jackie, all the animals and innocent everywhere. I BEG of YOU. PLEASE? Thank You, Lord. I love You. Amen.

    ~ Gail M
  • Lord Jesus Christ messiah my faith in you is enought to save me from my sins . You say the word and it will be done . Cleanse my thoughts , attract positive thoughts into my mind . Teach to me the word of God . Share the wisdom with me . Set me free from all the negativity . Prepare me for the greater purpose of life . Attract only positive results into my life . Take ownership of my thoughts , actions and let the results compliment God will . Create an oppertunity for me to migrate . Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Dear God,
    I would like to request the approval of my immigration application and my daughter’s petition
    Pls help me oh Lord and pls grant my request .. so help me God

    ~ Cecilia
  • I had a stroke 9 years ago at the age of 40 and have recovered remarkably well Thank you God. However this has been a financial hardship for my husband and I as I am not able to work a job that gives a sustainable income. I am limited in hours and stroke residuals causes me to miss time for doctor appointments or I just don’t feel up to going in also. We need prayers for financial stability that I can collect some disability pay Please God, Mary, Jesus and all the Saints. Amen

    ~ Sharon
  • I pray that J and D are able to rekindle their relationship. I pray they will be able to work their problems out and they will be in a very loving and happy relationship always

    ~ S
  • Pray for my parish Sacred Heart to gain a permanent deacon, more members and visitors.

    ~ Shane
  • LORD you know I am hard of hearing. Please allow me to hear the words of the priest today at mass and all days.

    ~ Jim
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together soon

    ~ Michael
  • Almighty Lord! I beg you Lord that there is no hurdle to renew my visa in Oman. Enlighten the minds of the Officers in immigration office. Also intentions of my mother, father, and all my family members. Lord have mercy on me.

    ~ Claret
  • I ask for prayers for my toe to heal and my hair to grow back thick and strong and my sicknesses to be cured

    ~ John
  • This year, about 6 staff have been laid off in my place of work, and they have not been replaced. I do not think they will be. Their duties have now fallen to 3 of us who still have to do our regular duties. It’s really stressful, and everyone is overwhelmed. I’m praying for the strength to carry all these extra load. It’s really not easy for any of us.

    ~ Winny
  • I’d like to pray for my Father who is in depression since 3 months. He has lost 10 kgs in 2 months and doesnt eat or talk. And sometimes evens talks of going to Heaven. He is otherwise a Jolly and happy person. I specially want to pray for my Brother who is in the USA n was told in august he would get his citzenship but still not got. I pray that the Lord may grant Him his visa as he has taken a new job too. I also want to pray for myself that i may find the right husband as im 35 yr n unmarried

    ~ elaine
  • Lord God Heavenly Father you know my heart and my intentions. I need spiritual direction vacationally, mental and emotional healing for depression. I also ask for prayer for my wayward prodigal son Joshua, and my friend Robert, to find their way to Jesus for healing, forgiveness and mercy. My mother Nancy, friends Mary, Roberta and Annie. So many need prayer for hope healing consolation mercy grace and forgiveness. Thank you Jesus you alone know our hearts.

    ~ Deborah

    Please pray for myself my husband our two kids proctect our peace and our faith our marraige ,My sons check up appointment is Monday please lord give us strength and courage I pray this appointment goes wonderfully well for good health for my baby..I do ask for strong protection against the demons and evil spirits who cause our neighbors to do and say evil to us stop them from

    ~ Mgt
  • Lord Jesus Christ messiah present my prayer petition to God my father who art in heaven . Jesus Christ bring positive changes in my life . I resquest the following my Lord .
    1.Career oppertunity
    3.Live in my own house
    4.Move away from my parents
    7.Knowledge to manage my life
    8.Financial skill to invest money
    9.Marriage ,happiness
    My future is in your hands my Lord .To you I surrender in order to enter the Kingdom of God . Grand that I may recieve . Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Jesus Christ I call you by your name , messiah present my prayer petition to God , my heavenly father . Its my desire to be healed from Anaemia , nosua , fatigue , bleeding . You say the word and it shall be done by the authority God gave you . Jesus Christ you are my healer . I seek forgiveness from you my Lord. I confess my sins to you Jesus Christ . Teach me the word of God . In your name Jesus Christ I ask for all of this . Grand that I may recieve and obtain the mercy of God . Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Lord Jesus Christ my saviour through you I need to reach for the Heavenly father . Grand that I may recieve what I need . My request is I need a career and a car to drive around with . Through you Jesus Christ present my prayer petition to God . Let God will be done unto me for the greater benefit of my soul . Attract only God mercy together with his gracy closer to me.In your name I ask for all of this God . Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • I’m in need of a prayer request i been crying all day i had an interview yesterday they told me they will call me if i didn’t get selected well i got a email today saying they moved forward every job interview I’m going too they are saying no i went to school for four years to better myself because i suffer depression my daughter has autism im a single mom God knows I’m trying i have bills that i need to take of i feel so down I’ve come so far i feel like giving no doors are opening for me .

    ~ vanity
  • Please pray for Holy Spirit intervention and intercession for deliverance from pain, anxiety, fear; nutrition without weight gain, healing all areas, wisdom, clarity, peace, favor with projects due, my Dad’s visit, Housing, Management, Doctors, car repairs, bills, budgeting, therapy, relationships, provision. I feel anxious and scared. I want to give praise for my protein level coming up to normal a month and half after the hospital and less roaches.

    ~ Tammy
  • Dear Father Please BLESS my friends with new jobs that they really need with full benefits for them and their families.
    1. Tera
    2. Irma
    3. Doris
    4. Evee
    Thank you and BLESS you in Jesus Name AMEN……………………………………..


    ~ Ophelia
  • I am requesting prayers for breakthrough from ancestors and marine spirits. Success in my Norwegian citizenship Application, drivers licence,jobs and marriage. These spirits have affected me negatively in causing lots of accidents, divorces, no job, disappointments, failure and Court cases. The Norwegain police has taken my divers licence and Passport and are threatening to take me to Court soon. I want God to deliver me from these attacks so I can enjoy a prosperous life.
    Thanks for prayers

    ~ Paul
  • My teenaged son has been diagnosed with cancer. I’m reeling and not coping very well. Please pray for him to be cured of this and have a normal happy successful life. Please pray that he is healed completely.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray for the conversion and return of my family members to the church.

    ~ Michael
  • Pray that God heals the relationship with Rob and I, please pray that he shows Rob, the beautiful future we can have together, show him the love I have for him and that I can give him, please pray that God shows him the love and excitement that he feels with me. Please demonstrate our chemistry to him, please Jesus pray that the love grows within our relationship, that it flourishes and blossoms into a bond that’s unbreakable. Please reignite our love, our interest and passion for each other.

    ~ Davina
  • I return in pain to ask you pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for the healing of my degenerative brain disease and that my brother and beautiful sister in law get pregnant and have a healthy baby.

    ~ Michele
  • With your hands JESUS guide me to be a true Christian inside and outside Christian presence. With your hands guiding my hands may I extent them to help all I meet. May your thoughts JESUS guide my thoughts and Your dying on the cross for our sins guide my actions. May my hands, thoughts and actions brig myself and at least one other closer to you JESUS today.

    ~ Jim
  • Please pray for the healing of my degenerative brain disease ataxia.

    ~ Michele
  • Please pray for Kellie Warner…thank you

    ~ Mary
  • Pray GOD gives Filiberto a Teradruple portion of Blessings.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Heavenly Father, praise be to You. Please perform a miracle and heal my cousin Ana from her cancer. I ask this through Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, all the angels, and saints. Amen!

    ~ Martha
  • May God allow me to think.

    ~ Sathish
  • Abba Father,

    Please bless me with a job soon. I desperately need it. I humbly ask for it in the name of Jesus. Through the intercession of mother Mary and all the angels and saints.


    ~ Maclee
  • God please help me(Kathleen Z.) get rid of Tweak bit account & purchase & get my money account credit back to my credit card(Target).
    Please pray that my(Kathleen) leg & hip & knee get better soon, have no pain no more.

    Please pray that my mom(Beatrice Z.) pray that both of her legs get better soon.
    pray that her both feet are swollen, pray that her feet get better soon.

    ~ Kathleen
  • Dear Jesus, I come to you and Thank you and Love you, that you will continue to work and speak to my attorney Mr, Matthew and I need you Jesus to PLEASE Force Mr. Matthew to release my settlement into a lump sum. I have been fighting and being patient with him and begging and crying to him and you. I need this settlement from you my Jesus because I have no income at all and I need it to live on and it would be a Blessing to spend Christmas with our 4 beautiful grandchildren. Thank you. AMEN Ofe

    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for our 18 year old son, Scott. He has decided to drop his college courses because he didn’t attend the classes, fell behind in the assignments, etc. He really was choosing his video gaming over everything else. Please pray for his parents as they bring him back home. Pray for their wisdom and courage to have tough love. Pray for Scott’s humility in accepting professional help in recovering from this addiction and replacing it with a purpose and goals in life.

    ~ Carolyn
  • For my son to return to the Church

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dearest Jesus, please keep Abbey safe and in your protective light.

    ~ karen
  • Please God, Blessed Mother and St Jude, thank You for always helping us. Please let things get better at my son’s job, please don’t let him quit.’Amen

    ~ Anonymous
  • Praying for the strength, patience & knowledge to be able to get the things I need to do for my family and keep us a float. Please watch over and protect my son always.

    ~ G
  • Please pray for me as I reach a new stage in my life. Pray that I pass my classes and that I find someone who loves me and whom I can love, who is strong in faith and can guide me along the right path. Amen.

    ~ Mikayla
  • I am asking for prayer for an breakthrough in each area of my life.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers.

    ~ Michelle
  • 1. Father kindly grant my family a hard working lady to take care of my aged mother and the house
    2. for new job for Vero, Eric, Aisha and all seeking for a new job and deliver us from lost of job and unemplyment. grant succuss to the work of our hands
    3. for the gift of marriage partner and marriage for Vero, Feli, yaa and joseph
    4. for protection for all in the family and good health

    ~ stella
  • Pray for my family. My husband is young. He has Sjogrens, ILD, and Hodgkins Lymphoma. His spleen is dying. He works hard to make sure we are taken care of. We have 2 young children. They both have severe anaphylactic allergies to peanut and tree nuts. My daughter experiences severe itching all the time and pains. It is hard to see them all suffering. Please let everyone be healthy.

    Pray for us.

    ~ Lori
  • Bless my family to be reunited in the Catholic church. Bless all children to be free from abuse and persecution. May all the missing return home safe. Bless Arnold through his work problem. May there be peace in his heart and faith in you God. Bless Michael to be set free for drug addiction. Thank you God for another bday for my daughter Gabby. Bless Violet and all the sick to have healing. In JESUS name we pray. Amen!

    ~ Gene
  • Today marks the 24th anniversary of the death of my father Patrick McTaggart. He was from Toomebridge in County Antrim, Northern Ireland and lived in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. He died from lung cancer on Tuesday 14th November 1995 when I was ten years old. Pray that he continues to enjoy the peace and comfort of heaven, and that after 24 long years, I may be able to cope with life better, as to be honest, his passing scarred the rest of my life. Thank you, from his son John King.

    ~ John
  • That the Lord according to his will blesses the Biller Family Friends all saints and those who call upon he name of the Lord with his Spirt to heal there sin and create them to be at peace with all he will in Love and faith in Jesus name Amen!

    ~ Johnny
  • It’s in God’s hands. Please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for my continuing healing.
    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Leopoldo Haro Barnett.
    Please pray for the repose of the soul of Ignacio Garmendia Iraztorza.
    Please pray for a successful surgery for Luca Giori.

    ~ Carmen H.
  • Please, God, let me be with my great niece, Valentina Mia, for a long time when I return to CT. Please make her and my niece, Sarah, love the dress I bought for Valentina. Please, please make this dress be the dress she wears to church on Christmas. Please give me plenty of time with Valentina during the Christmas season as well.

    Please make Sarah re-friend me on Facebook. Please make her return my calls and texts promptly. Make her come to the realization that she is being cruel and unjust. .

    ~ Leah
  • Dear Father,
    Please remember my special prayer intentions for my dad, Servando Franco, who went to be with the Lord our Savior on Oct. 22, 2019. He was 87 years old and finally lost the battle with Alzheimer’s Disease and heart failure. He was my friend, my rock and my ace in the hole. I will always love him and keep him close to my heart. Please send prayers to my family at this time of need.
    God Bless you all….

    David M. Franco Sr.

    ~ Servando
  • for better health for my wife and my self and that I will collect my VA DISABILITY also to win my mesothelioma case very soon so we can pay our tax on our property so we do not get put out of our home we are both in our 80’s also prayers for the world. when we collect from one of these we will be sending our pledge again.

  • Heavenly Father, please watch over my beautiful grandson and help him deal with his emotional troubles. Give him strength and wisdom to get through these difficult years. Help him to see the good in his life and to know your love and the love of his family.

    ~ Patricia
  • My Lord,we are in a very difficult financial situation. Please help us to get rid of this situation. My husband is in searching a job and My God please help us to get rid of this bad period.

    ~ Vino
  • Prayer for daughter she ceribal palsy she is almost 5 yrs old. She is so close on walking on her own, you can walk with her holding one hand. We need her to take steps on her own asking for prayers on her behave.

    Thank You

    ~ Richard
  • Please pray for my son Noel and for his blessed healthy childhood and for his hapiness and all of his needs and for me and Snježana that we are the best parents in the world ever and for my family( Snježana, Dominik, Lucija, Goran, Stipan, Vesna, Nino, Mićo) and me and our protection from evil and for all needs and for financial buisness and job blessings and faitfulness to God and to each other
    And that God forgive us our sins and that would mercifull upon us poor sinners
    And for our sanctity

    ~ Hrvoje
  • Please pray for my whole body to be healed from diabetes, severe kidney failure, heart and brain issues, anemia.
    Thanks so much

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray for my son who is struggling with a decision. Please help guide him and take care that he will be in the right place for him. It’s not a huge thing, but is very important to him.

    ~ Karen
  • I have just applied for employment in a courier driving job. Please pray that I am hired. I need the job badly. Thank you.

    ~ Thomas
  • Kindly lift up in prayer the entire Catholic Church:

    All souls in Purgatory
    All Catholics and Orthodox
    All priests and clergy

    Kindly pray for more holy priests and clergy.

    Kindly pray for more holy marriages and families.

    Please pray for more conversions and reconversions to the Catholic Faith.

    Thank you

    ~ Maricela
  • Please pray for renewed love, compassion, understanding, passion, loyalty, and commitment for C and S in their relationship. Please pray for financial independence for both C and S so they can both pursue their callings and bring positive change and impact to the world. Please pray for healing in the families of C and S and their growth and acceptance and love between the two families.

    ~ S
  • For the healing of my mother Nelinda

    ~ Maria
  • For my son to return to the Church

    ~ Anonymous
  • In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord let us pray that that God our heavenly father will provide in our needs according to his devine will for the bennefit of out mind , body and soul. God we embrace your love together with your mercy for the good of our soul . Jesus Christ cast away all negativity in our minds in order for us to serve God in all his glory . Mary mother of Jesus Christ pray on our behalf that we may recieve all that is benneficial for our minds , body and soul .Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for my husband, Jeff, who is having surgery today at 3:30. Thank you.

    ~ Carri
  • A prayer for my mother Josefina who is in the hospital tonight with a light case of Pneumonia. She will be 100 years old Dec 21 GOD willing.
    Thank you Lord.
    From Pico Rivera California

    ~ Lupe
  • Please pray for physical healing for me, my heart, my ears.

    ~ Melonie
  • Thank you for all the service men and women thru the life of our country. Their sacrifices gave us all we have..Please protect my family and friends as they go through their lives and troubles. Hold them in your hands and guide them. Help my leg get better. All blessings to our Lord and God and thanks for all his blessings.

    ~ Jan
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together soon

    ~ Michael
  • That my great uncle Jerry Werline recovers from massive heart attack that he had on 10.Nov.2019.

    ~ Joe
  • Praying for a good ultrasound of my daughter today. Praying she is healing of her hydrops and hygroma. Praying I have good amniotic fluid. Praying for positivity today.

    ~ Brittany
  • Lord Jesus Christ pray for me to recieve God healing power . Grand that I may be healed from Anaemia. Create new and everlasting healthy red blood cells in order for me to live a life full of energy to serve the master of life God . I surrender my life to you Jesus Christ our Lord . Here I am God .I give myself to you . Take control. Let your will be done for the creator benefit of my mind , body and soul . In your holy name Jesus Christ and God I call upon you for healing. I am recieving you

    ~ Johan
  • Lord Jesus Christ pray on my behalf to God our Father in order for me to recieve His grace together with His mercy . Prepare me for a greater purpose in life to willingly serve the master God . If it is God will provide a career oppertunity to compliment my skills together with my talents . God you choose who I should work for , my future is in your hands . Take control of my destiny . Bless every word in my cv . Let your will be done. Attract oppertunities to me. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • God my father in heaven forgive my sins as I forgive those you have sin against me. My God provide me with a healthy mind , body and soul in order to serve you . Provide me with a chance to ad value to FAW trucks using all my skills together with my talents if it is your will. Promote me to parts control manger . Its my desire to become an industrial leader , build an empire and leave a legacy behind in honour of your Holy name. Terminate my unemployment. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Lord Jesus Christ I surrender my mind , body and soul to you . My saviour I am in your custody provide me with health of mind , body and spirit. Let me serve the heavenly father in hounor . God creator of all that is good and pure provide for me in my need . Attract abundance into my life so that I may live my life in comfort. God attract people of good will closer to me and grand that I may earn enough money to live my life independantly. I love you God .Jesus Christ I welcome you in my life .

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for my adult daughter who is struggling with eating disorder (for fifteen years).

    ~ Anne
  • Please pray for healing and protection for Elizabeth A., Anastasia, Elizabeth W., and Christine S. and to remove all obstacles to doing God’s will. Also for a good Christian husband for Christine.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my boyfriend, Benjamin, that he will come back to the Catholic church and find his faith again.

    ~ Mackenzie
  • I need more jobs to feed and shelter my family
    Pray my brother heals

    ~ Philip
  • My daughter Samantha seems to be struggling with her baby boys,husband,teaching job,I’m not sure what to pray,but she needs help,thank you

    ~ Lauea
  • My ex-wife filed a false allegation against me and she is not letting me see or speak with my sons. I haven’t seen them for more than 8 weeks. Please pray that my innocence would be made clear, that I would be reunited with my sons soon, and that the courts will rule in my favor in the upcoming months.

    ~ Travis
  • I ask for prayers that I may find purity in my life and a balance of happiness and success in my relationship and friendships

    ~ John
  • Healing for antoinieta from pink eye, other ailments healing for Brian Joseph yeye myself all at home I pray my husband Carlos calls me immediately loves me comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray he gets out of the affair with Marcela forever and never goes back to her again I pray he realizes she put him in jail 3times and I Anne bailed him out I pray Carlos calls me immediately and comes back home to live with me Anne forever I pray lines of communication are open between us

    ~ Anne
  • My brother has a wife and 3 kids in a trailer in the bad part of town. Please pray they get a house somewhere safe. He has 3 little girls and I worry about his families safety.

    ~ Thomas
  • Praying for God’s favor at my ultrasound tomorrow. Praying for healing of my daughter in utero of her hydrops and hygroma. Praying for my baby girl’s survival.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please restore hope and strength. She just seems lost and unable to handle the stress the family is going thru. I have 4 grandchildren who he was homeschooling but now seems to have lost interest. She had a near death experience and since then she I just living in fear. It is paralyzing her. I pray she comes back to Jesus. We are the verge of homeless and my son-in-law can only find part time work right now. Jesus I love you with all my heart and I am so thankful for all your blessings.

    ~ Marie
  • God I have been struggling for the past 10 years since my 18th birthday with chronic digestive disease and bleeding. Please help my body and mind to heal. Please help my body recover so I can participate in the world and help others. Amen.

    ~ Alissa
  • Please for for restoration of our marriage. For a job and my debts to be paid for me. For me to get back into school. For my health restored. For protection from all wicked spirits and lifting of depression from me.

    ~ Thomas
  • 1. That my neighbor, Jay Holman, will finally get the money in his two court cases. He has an appointment with his lawyer tomorrow afternoon at 1 o’clock. He said it was good news.

    2. For my brother, John Fagan. He’s the executor to my father’s estate. He has to sell my parents’ house and pay my father’s debts. Please pray that he’ll get a good price so that he can pay off my father’s debts.

    3. For the peace of the souls of my uncle, Jim Potocnak, and my parents, Eugene and Elizabeth Fagan.

    ~ Nan
  • we are rquesting prayer for brenda mcclanahan and larry doyle we are older people who work at kdmk in mt sterrling ky i am requesting a prayer of protection from bad people who work there and are in charge and please pray for us both a job that is physically easy ,,that we can do

    ~ brenda and larry
  • O Lord God we lift up to you these petitions in your grace may you grant:
    1. World peace – end to wars and in the Middle East;
    2. Healing the sick: our military people suffering from PTSD; victims of drugs and addictions;
    3. For people to be inclusive & tolerant of others who aren’t like oneself;
    4. For souls in purgatory; my parents, Conrado & Eleanor Dela Cruz; for Evangeline D. Cordero, Ventura & Fermina San Pedro;
    5. For John-Paul to be career-successful yet mindful of the Lord’s love.

    ~ Delia
  • Thank you Father Justin Lopina for the blessed Sunday Mass on this Sunday, November 10, 2019 and thank you for the blessed readings from Gina Vogt and thank you for the blessed singing from Dennis Horbinski and the St, Elizabeth Ann Seton choir..,,May God Bless you all !! Brothers and sisters, continue praying for my severe lower back, hip and leg (s) pain caused from osteoarthritis.
    Pray for safety for my daughter, son in law and our dog.
    Delores J
    Henry, Tennesse

    ~ Delores

    ~ Joseph

    ~ Mandie
  • For my little daughter Riley who is 7 months old. She had a brain injury at birth due to lack of oxygen from the cord around her neck. Prayers for her brain to heal . So that she may develop normally and walk and talk. I pray that she is restored to perfect health.

    ~ Emily
  • My 21 yr old daughter hit a deer a few wks ago and now our car is @ ‘Lanny Wolf Bodyshop’ here in our twn of Junction city Ks. They r wanting $3,300 2 repair it so I’m asking that ur prayer team stand in agreeent w/me for God 2 brng forth the finances I’m believing in Him 4. Thank you!

    ~ Lynn
  • I pray for wisdom to guide me in getting the things I NEED FOR THE HOUSE. ALSO, I PRAY FOR WISDOM TO HELP ME TO COMPLETE THIS TAKE HOME TEST. Help me Lord. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for my father as he interviews tomorrow for a job. Please pray for Gods guidance during the interview and for him to show the interviewer he is a qualified and good candidate. I pray for this interview to lead to the next interview and for a job to come out of this.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Lord, we are stressing out that we do not have enough money to pay our bills. We raise all our financial problems, diseases and pains to you for help. We pray for a fully favorable decision at Joe’s social security disability hearing in Jesus name we ask Amen

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for Bobbi Hixson who is having surgery on Tuesday that the cyst is not cancer. Please pray for joe Kelsch that he finds a job so he can support his family. Please pray for Chris Kelsch so God leads someone to him to spend the rest of his life with. Please pray for Doris Kelsch so she finds a way to become debt free and she doesn’t have to worry anymore where the money will come from. Thank you

    ~ Doris
  • Please dear Lord pay special care to my sister Linda. She has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is terminal. If not a miracle of full recovery, I prayer that her remaining days in this life are not faced with great pain and misery. I pray that her children and grandchildren grow in faith and strength of you Lord and know that she will continue to live in eternity with the Lord. Please help strengthen Linda’s faith in everlasting life. In Jesus Christ name, Amen

    ~ David
  • For my husband, he will be going through a difficult heart test on Tuesday morning. We are not young. He is 74 and just lost his only sister his baby sister from ovarian cancer and it’s hitting him very hard. Please pray for him. Thank you

    ~ Jeannette
  • That God may heal my body, soul, and mind and that of my children Emilio and Carmen, especially now as we face our new life in Nevada and I battle Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis. I ask that You also continue to guide my babies as they venture into new schools. Bless The Banks family and HELP of So.Nv. for all their help and charity. Finally, for my mom, Teresa Hagedorn, that her soul may now rejoice in God’s warm and loving embrace. In Jesus name. Amen

    ~ A
  • My granddaughter along with my 4 great-grand children moved to Mexico with her husband. Hér husband is an illegal imigrent who was deported from the USA. Life there is very hard. Since she moved to Mexico she is struggling with the day to day life alone but also just fitting in with her in-laws. I pray for their well being along with, the cartel is strong there, but her marriage and their financial situation. Thank you and God Bless you.

    ~ Susanne
  • I am desiring a wife, my wife divorced me for another man in 2013 and I have been alone ever since. I was born in a big family and married in a big family of 31 years. Now I find myself alone with no friends or family to spend time with. It hurts especially when I don’t know what I done to deserve this kind of mistreatment. I’m doing really good based on all the losses, setbacks and disappointments I endured over the past 13 years. I just want to know what it’s like to be truly loved by a human.

    ~ Victor
  • Special intentions for

    Arnold Boudreaux
    Dorothy Boudreaux
    Ola snd louis Richard

    ~ Dena
  • I am having surgery on Tuesday, Nov 12th 2019 on my injured knee. I have a 4 year old grandchild whom I have sole managing conservership of. I am a 55 year old woman with the responsibility of this child. I pray GOD protects me and heal me with his holy healing hands so I can complete the blessing he has blessed me with this child. AMEN

    ~ Grace
  • Heavenly Father, Now that you’ve guided me safely through my surgery, I still need your help, as I feel no more relief than before. I was hoping for improvement of my condition and I feel exactly the same. Please, Lord, don’t let me have gone through all of this for nothing. Please help me to improve and be rid of this condition once and for all. I need your healing. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

    ~ Patricia
  • I pray that my wife will find peace and comfort in her illnesses. I pray for our family and all of our intentions. I pray all of God’s children who are need of prayers.

    ~ Joseph
  • Please pray for my family and me; please give me strength and patience at work; please help me keep this job; please help me keep this job; please pray for Dave, Ken, Alexis, Jake, Nancy, Ed, Gerry, Leslie, Kathy, Kevin, Jim, Julie, Roy and Mary Ellen; please help me with newer issues; please pray for Donald Trump and his team;

    ~ cnb
  • For her continued healing and thankfulness for her blessings

    ~ Beth
  • Please keep me and my brother in your prayers. Our mom passed away in August and they are doing everything in their power to throw us out of the house even though we were told by the lawyer that we have a year. My brother and I are so depressed over this. We don’t have the money or a house to go to, and we do not want to move in the winter. They all have over a million dollar homes and they have no heart. Also, they have spread so many lies about us that are not true.

    ~ MARIA
  • Dear God Father Almighty,
    May You reward all those people who I happen to meet then and recently, and who I bestow
    my sincere intention for all of them to receive Your especial love, help, graces and blessings, especially my sincere intention for them to ……………………………………….. and that if they receive
    from You my sincere intention for them, may they donate just 5% to charities that help children born with cleft palate whose parents cannot afford. Amen. Granma M

    ~ Grandma
  • For our daughter Maggie’s mental health

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my Husband Gene Seamster
    My parents Howard and Mary Ruff

    ~ Monica
  • Please help my family with any health issues.my son are in need of a good paying job to take care of family

    ~ Joan
  • God, please bless my daughters and their families. Keep them safe from harm. Please give me strength to bear my pain if the be Your will. Help my anxiety ease. Thank you for so many blessings.

    ~ Carol
  • That my 2 test results what they found turns out to be nothing serious I need to take care of these 2 small children please let me be able to do this Amen

    ~ Grace
  • 1. Lord grant my family wellness in every area of life.
    2. Help me lord to know you more
    3. The church of Christ on earth will not surfer Shame.
    4. Divine Visa to relocate my family to United state by 2020.
    5. Peace and love to reign all over the world.

    ~ Kingsley
  • Mechanic fraud case
    Hit and run case
    Slip and fall case
    Dog attack case
    Hertz rental case
    Beverage plastic pieces & contamination case.
    Statefarm claim
    Progressive claim
    My son’s hate towards me and temperament with me and possibly his newlywed wife.
    My oldest daughter’s end to lesbian life
    Social Security
    Owning my own home

    ~ Desery
  • Dear Lord, Thank You for my Blessings this past week. My bladder is still Terrible and my overall health. Now, my left nostril is swollen and I’m having trouble breathing. Please help me. Please cure all of us, especially mom. No pedes, bad neighbors, sickness, disease, death, worry, drugs or violence, loud noise or criminal activity. No more hate or fear. Please don’t leave us Lord, no matter what, hold our hands and know us. Thank You. Amen

    ~ Gail M
  • Heavenly Father, Almighty God,
    I humble myself before your Presence.
    What a joy it is to come to you.
    I thank you and I praise your infinite Majesty,
    Omnipotence and Perfections.
    Please forgive me of all my sins.
    Lord I come to you in my nothingness.
    I want to worship you and adore you,
    to love you with all my heart,
    with all my mind,
    with all my soul
    and with all my strength.
    I want to burn with desire for you like an angel.
    I need you my Lord,
    I am nothing without you.
    I ask you to

    ~ Otis Jr
  • I am a 59 year old, single man, disability support pensioner, living in Sydney, Australia, daily communicant since 1983, diagnosed schizophrenic in 1984, diabetic since 2007, requiring regular, daily medication and frequent interaction with health professionals, currently residing in supported accommodation because of an acquired brain injury, seeking prayer for the healing of these illnesses and of this injury, and for the long-term security of my tenure in my current supported accommodation.

    ~ Gerard
  • Plz pray that my sons car keys are found at the corn maze where he was tonight. It’s very expensive to get a new st. Plz pray they are found.
    Plz pray for each of their grades to get better in school as well and pray they both become better students
    Plz pray for our son and daughter in law; for him/them to attend mass more often and for a better relationship w/each of them. Especially for me and my dil.
    Plz pray for little jack to get better and be cancer free. Thanks you

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for my deceased husband Mike who died two years ago today from glioblastoma grade 4 brain tumor. He suffered and did not deserve to have such a terrible disease. I truly believe he went straight to heaven but please pray for his soul and those of our deceased family members. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me. I’ve been stressed by many betrayals, fears, and anguish over things that hurt my offspring, myself, and others. Anyway, there’s been a recent theft of a pkg fr Amazon taken from my apartment porch. I am separated fr my long time marriage, and theft has been one of the many harsh difficulties that I have faced as a single senior with fibromyalgia. I seek prayer because crime has caused me to have a very difficult time loving people anymore.

    ~ Joy
  • Please Lord, end this turmoil and ongoing torment towards me. I place this pressure in your hands O Lord.
    Please bring that special person into my life, O Lord.

    ~ Kevin
  • Financial blessing.

    ~ MariaP
  • Successful surgery and healing for Ann P. Conversion of family. Repose of the soul of Wendy Evert

    ~ Rena
  • Pray for healing of my mom Lorraine Chavez’s hearing,vision,excellent health,memory and finances. She takes care of great grand child grand children and they depend on her. Lorraine is also in debt which, please Pray GOD Blesses her financially so she is never in debt and Pray everything she owns (house,car,appliances, ext.) last 100 times longer than their supposed to so she won’t have to replace or repair anything she owns for a long time.

    ~ Phil
  • Lord Jesus Christ I remain faithfull during my trial. I carry my cross everyday , sadly today I have fainted 7 times on my way to the grocery store. I struggle with fatigue , nosua , anaemia . My Lord I surrender my tired 43 year old body to you. In your name heal me in order for me to willining serve you . Grand that I may live a healthy life . Let me recieve your strengh . Heal me Jesus Christ . God giver of life provide for me abundantly in my needs . I need you God. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray that God removes the spiritual afflictions affecting my life. Please pray for me that I dont become sorrowful.

    ~ Celestine
  • Please God help my parents settle into the nursing home. Please guide me to do the right things and say the right things to make all this work. I can’t take care of them and the stress is destroying my marriage, my relationship with my kids and my job. Please guide my sister to do the right things and say the right things to make this ask l all work and please let her words not hurt me anymore

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Father, I like to ask you to PLEASE release my Godaughter Deysi settlement. She is not working right now and she can use it for her children and family. And Please I Pray for her healing as well I THANK YOU and LOVE You in JESUS NAME AMEN.


    ~ Ophelia
  • Please pray for Pat Cabler, who is having heart surgery later this month, that her surgery will be a success and that she will be able to return to work shortly thereafter.

    ~ Jacqueline
  • Daily prayers for my pregnancy. Praying for healing of my daughter in utero that she can heal from complications from genetic defect. Praying for the increased amniotic fluid and for increased fetal movement. Praying to not lose fluid.

    ~ Brittany
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together soon

    ~ Michael
  • Thank the Lord for another year in this Earth. So many blessings. Praying He shows favor on my pregnancy and my daughter heals. Praying my amniotic fluid heals she survives.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please pray I can get out of debt. Please pray I get a good check-up with no cavities. Please pray for cure and/or improvement of my numerous dental problems.

    Make Sarah refriend me on Facebook. Make her be courteous and prompt about returning my phone calls and texts. Amen.

    ~ Leah
  • Please pray for my sisters husband. He had open heart surgery today, and they are rushing him back to the OR with a bleeding problem . God give strength to the surgeon to save his life.

    ~ Tony
  • Lord Jesus Christ I adore you for your power and glory. My God you created me with love and you provide abundantly . Provide in my every need , every day in every way. Defeat all my allies bring justice . All the lies bring an end to the godipers . Grand that I my earn an income , provide me with a car in order to work and relocate me to a new location. Bring peace together with financial stability . Provide me with financancial wealth in order to grow rich. I welcome you Jesus Christ.Amen

    ~ Johan
  • I miss her deeply. Please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Thomas
  • Please pray for Stashie to get better
    Need him to get better from a recent diagnosis

    ~ BONNIE
  • Lord I ask you to lift me up. I pray that I am not losing amniotic fluid. I pray that I do not lose this baby despite the doctors beliefs. I pray to keep feeling her movements. I pray the ultrasound on Monday shows her healing.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please dear lord help my husband at his work site that they get more work to do since its slow at the moment that they get many contracts. Please dear lord also that every job he does the people stay happy and satisfied that they see him with mercyful eyes. That my son does good and school and listens and behaves and dont say things that should not he say. That me and my brother get closer and respect each other. That my sisters in laws love me and text me to see how we are doing and no grudge Amen.

    ~ Sol
  • Please pray that God heals my life and my troubles, that he is able to bless me with an apartment that will remain avalible until I am stable. Please pray that I receive a job that I can do efficently, please that I can find one quickly. Please pray that we remain financially stable and in a safe and comfortable! Please pray that I am blessed with people in my life and that enter my life who understand me and care about me, and want to understand and listen to me, pray he sends love into my life

    ~ Davina
  • My Granddaughter was taken away from me due to lies that were told, Please Pray that the truth will come out and the Lord our God bring us back together soon

    ~ Michael
  • Praying for more fetal movements and blessings at the ultrasound on Monday. Lord please take this fear from me.

    ~ Brittany
  • According to God and The Lords will prayer for protection from all spirit warfare and remove sources and expose them to all. Prayer against this now. Prayer isiha 54:17 against all and protection for me. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • Please God pray for me to receive the holy spirit and to give me strength to fast and pray. Please pray Gods will over my life. I want what God wants and I want Jesus to guard and protect my heart and my children elijah michael and abigail grace propheter.

    ~ Kari
  • Singing praises to the Lord. Praying for him to protect me and bless me today with my driving lesson. Praying for fetal movement of my daughter amen!

    ~ Brittany
  • Lord Jesus Christ saviour of all nations , my Lord and shephard pray that I may recieve the mercy of our God in my life. God creator of life you provide for me in abundance in every way , in every need , every day of my life. I accept your love together with your blessing with gratitude. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Please pray for Gods will in my life. I want God to have total control over his plans and purpose in my life.

    ~ Kari
  • God please pray for my daughter abigail to have strength and wise.

    ~ Kari
  • Praising the Lord for these fetal movements. I pray for so many more! I pray for continual healing of my daughter in utero and praying she makes it to term despite the odds the doctors have given!

    ~ Brittany
  • Please pray for my friend Julie Andreas who has passed away living in sin and not knowing the lord and is in purgatory. please pray that God would save and deliver her soul from purgatory and bing deliver her to heaven.

    ~ jason
  • That should forgive me my sins and grant me favour and success in my recent interview with globacom.

    ~ Ali Moses
  • my prayer intention is that 12 year old Wendy Senegeto returns home to her mother, Ally Myers, and her brother, Jesse. Thank you.

    ~ Marianne
  • Bless you for this, My prayer request is,

    • For more people to be brought to The Lord

    • For everyone to be blessed to fulfill their calling and purpose for The Lord in time and history.

    • For your ministry to be blessed to continue its work for The Body of Christ.

    • For spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing for The Body of Christ and I throughout for generations to come and until the end of time.

    • For The Wife I have been praying for.

    • To be financially blessed 7 times fold

  • Please pray that my boyfriend is honest that he really loves me and that all his plans will all come true. Pray that he’s really is the guy in those pictures he’s been sending me. Pray he and his son will have safe trip coming here and he’ll be here soon. I wish we’ll get married and have kids immediately. I wish we will have a successful happy family life together. And his plans for business will be successful. Pray that our family is united, God forgive our sins, heal our sickness. Amen.

    ~ Maridena
  • Jesus Christ my Lord at this moment I surrender my elderly mother Aletta Coetzee to you . At her age 83 she struggle with blood pressure , recover from hip replacement and she faint alot. Jesus Christ I surrender the women who gave birth to me , to you at this moment . A women who sacreficed her life to rise me in order to serve you God. In your name Jesus Christ take custody of my elderly mother Aletta Coetzee. She is in your hands. She is weak. Mary pray for her to Jesus Christ. Amen.

    ~ Johan
  • Continual praises to the Lord! Praying for his favor in this pregnancy. Praying for the sweet fetal movements and healing of my daughter’s ailments. Praying for positivity at ultrasound Monday!

    ~ Brittany
  • Hello,
    I have a prayer request. My girlfriend would love to visit my family and I for Christmas this year. She lives in the Philippines and as with any other individual from another country, to enter the U.S., that person needs to obtain a tourist visa from the U.S. Embassy in order to be allowed to visit. Her interview is in November. My prayer request is that you would pray and thank God for her safe round trip to the Embassy and her tourist visa application being accepted and granted. Thanks

    ~ Joshua
  • My wife Kristen is facing discharge from the Air Force. Serving her country has been a life long dream. Please pray that she’s able to continue serving. Thank you.

    ~ Robert
  • Praising the Lord on this glorious day. Praying he shows favor at my ultrasound on Monday. Praying for lots of fetal movement and amniotic fluid protecting my girl. Praying she’s healed of her ailments.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please pray for the release of my friend’s son from the evil clutches of a woman and that he return to his parents home for treatment and healing and also get married and settled with the most suitable Catholic girl already in mind as planned for his betterment and good future. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus.

    ~ Gladys
  • Sending prayers for my self and my family as we just lost our loving Emilia Moreno . (Mother ,Grandmother, Great Grandmother sister , friend , cousin) 😥

    ~ Jennifer
  • For my boyfriend, Benjamin, that he will come back to the Catholic church and faith.

    ~ Mackenzie
  • I still believe. Please pray the Holy Spirit work deeply in my ex wife April’s heart mind soul and life to seek the restoration of our marriage and causes the new guy Richard to leave

    ~ Tom
  • Praising the Lord in my pregnancy. Leaving everything to him in the healing of my baby girl. Praying for increased amniotic fluid and fetal movement. Praying she heals of hydrops and hygroma.

    ~ Brittany
  • Lord please help me find a way to help provide for my parents. Both my parents cannot work due to sicknesses and i have major anxiety so please help me find a job i can do with my anxiety, open a business or somehow get money to help my parents. They are getting behind on their bills and our cars keep breaking and we cant seem to find ways to keep up. Please bless me with this oh lord.

    ~ Angelica
  • My Prayer intention is for my Father, Joseph. I pray that he will be healed from Prostate Cancer. Dear Lord, Please place your healing hands upon him. Rid him of all his symptoms and cure him. Let all of his tests come back good. Please give us good news. Surround him with your love and the white light of the Holy Spirit. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

    ~ Kelle
  • Please pray for my children to be less stressful and have more faith in God. Especially, please pray for God blessings on my son, he told me that he is very stressful in college and has a bad mindset for learning now. Please pray for my son able to overcome stress and able to finish college. Please pray for him that he can find strength and happy with God blessings! Thank you!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Even youths may faint and grow weary, and young men stumble and fall. Jesus please keep us from growing weary in well doing. Everyone’s strength fails, but if you renew mine, I will be like the eagles. Please grant me fortitude, endurance and strength in my weakness. A just man falls 7 times, but he rises up again. Raise us up on eagles wings. In Jesus Christ name I pray amen.

    ~ Robin
  • I’m getting an MRI done Wednesday; brain, neck, spine. Can you lift up some healing prayers for me? Thank you!

    ~ Lesley
  • Praying for God’s favor. Praying my daughter survives. Praying for fetal movement. Praying the ultrasound on Monday goes well

    ~ Brittany
  • I am Jensy and i am depressed. After much effort, i had gotten this job with a lawyer but i realised that it wasn’t for me. I hated every minute of it. My father lost his job so he doesn’t have money anymore and is counting on me to take care of the family. He obviously can’t pay for my expenses anymore. I am going down to this thinktank ORF begging for a job or atleast an internship that will develop into a job. Please please please pray that i get it. I don’t know what i am going to do otherwise

    ~ Jensy
  • Please pray for me that I will pass the Pharmacology exam on Wednesday, tomorrow, 12:30pm. This is a very crucial exam that will determine who will remain in the Nursing program. Thank you!

    ~ Gwendolyn
  • For a teenage girl with serious emotional problems and the people who are enabling her. Also for her parents, doctor and therapist.
    She started on antidepressants several weeks ago and a lot of “stuff” is bubbling to the surface.
    Her parents are literally sick with fear.
    Home life is dreary and sad and scary.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that my dentist appointment goes well tomorrow and the closing on our house goes smoothly. I am grateful for the prayers right now…I know they are helping. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Lord God heavenly father provide me with a motor vehicle in order for me to move around and seize oppertunities to earn money. God provide oppertunities to find a career and a bussines oppertunity to earn money. God provide me with exelent health in order to work , study and honour you. God provide accomodation in order for me to live my life. God provide me with investment oppertunities to multiply money . God I surrender my life. Jesus Christ in your name I ask for all of this. Amen

    ~ Johan
  • My husband Steve is experiencing health issues

    ~ Suzanne
  • My only child, my 18 yo son has just been given a preliminary test report strongly suggesting destructive cancer in his rib. I’m beyond scared. Trying to be strong for him, but I’m terrified. Please pray for full healing , quick answers and the right surgeons and treatment path to bring a complete cure. Please ask God to spare my child.

    ~ Leslie
  • My Marriage restoration journey started 3 days ago when my Wife of 22 years changed me for a man 10 years younger. I am 57 and she is 55. I went through the desert and during my journey I found Priest Aziba. God used him to heal my broken heart and took my pains away with his Powerful Love spell. I trust the Lord and I know that He is going to restore my marriage. We need to have faith. Faith is the assurance of things we hope for and the conviction of things not seen. Men and women please do n

    ~ Philip
  • Lord please help me find a way to help provide for my parents. Both my parents cannot work due to sicknesses and i have major anxiety so please help me find a job i can do with my anxiety, open a business or somehow get money to help my parents. They are getting behind on their bills and our cars keep breaking and we cant seem to find ways to keep up. Please bless me with this oh lord.

    ~ Angelica
  • I need prayer because my soul is broken. I have given so much of myself that I can no longer give anymore. I am unappreciated, unloved, and abandoned. I need God’s love.

    ~ Nichole
  • Please please pray for my Mother who is on life support until she no longer needs blood pressure medication-they are trying to wean her off and the dosage is slowly coming down but she has been on a ventilator for a week and the longer she is on the worse her chances of ever getting off. Please pray that she can sustain her own blood pressure so that they will FINALLY take her breathing tube out and she can come home! Begging for your prayers for my wonderful loving, kind, gentle, generous Mom!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Continual daily prayers for my daughter in utero. Praying the Lord increases my amniotic fluid. Praying he heals her hydrops and hygroma. Praying for my daughter to have good heart function.

    ~ Brittany
  • Looking to the Lord for Healing. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby good girl. May she be healed and pregnancy go to term. Praying to feel her movements.

    ~ Brittany
  • Praying my fetus survives despite the odds science has given her. Lord please place favor one this child in utero. Praying her to live. Praying she heals of her hydrops and hygroma. Please Lord I want my baby girl.

    ~ Brittany
  • Praying I am not losing amniotic fluid. Praying all my fluid stays in to protect baby. Please Lord protect my baby.

    ~ Brittany
  • Please Lord I selfishly pray for my health to be better and my diagnosis not to be grim. I pray this mostly for my husband’s sake as well as my own. Please help me to be strong and believe you are holding my hand along this difficult time. I pray also for my family and friends who constantly bring me their best and pray for my wellness. May they be blessed tenfold for their love and help.
    Please also know my gratefulness for all you do for me every day. I love you Lord.

    ~ Becky
  • Pray that Jose Riollano is out of our lives ASAP.

    ~ Shane
  • my son has cancer please heal him and bring all my children and grandchildren back to faith.

    ~ Margaret
  • Please pray that Curt and I are approved for our mortgage soon. Please let decisions be made in our favor. I know this is asking a tremendous amount, and we will not take this blessing for granted. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • Please pray for God to set me free.

    ~ Kari
  • Please pray for the souls of my beloved daughter, Andrea (4 years), my brother Bill (2 years) and my brother Harry (this summer) who all passed away suddenly. I love them and miss them so very, very much. Thank you.

    ~ Connie
  • I have been unemployed for one year and I desperately need a new job. I am rapidly running out of money and will not be able to make my mortgage payments much longer. I do not qualify for unemployment at this time. Would you please pray for me that I will get a new job very soon and also receive the money I need to pay my mortgage and other debts? Thank you and God Bless you.

    ~ Frances
  • Thar God will show me the way out of the situation I have gotten myself into.

    ~ Michael
  • Thank you, Lord Jesus, for keeping me safe during my surgery and helping me to come home to recover. Please help me to recover quickly and easily with no further complications so I can stay alone and be able to take care of myself. I know only you can heal me Lord and I ask for your mercy and healing on a sinner like me. Please bless my daughter for being so helpful to me during this time. Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you.

    ~ Patricia
  • Prayer for my daughter and her family that they find the home they want and settle
    Prayer that my 7 grand children remain covered in The blood of Jesus, and find their way

    Prayer for my husband and his siblings that they can come together for the good of their mother and ensure she is taken care of properly

    Prayer to stop all the gun violence & violence against children all over the world

    Prayer for my continued good health, getting the job I want
    making the money I deserve
    Thank Jesus

    ~ Monica
  • Please pray god watches over my family and I, please pray he blesses us with abundance, of love, money and peace, please pray that we found an apartment that’s affordable, is clean, safe and in a good location also comfortable. All of my problems consist of money, so pray that God blesses me with prosperity and a good job to handle all of the things in my life. Pray he continues to bless me with good health mentally, emotion and physically. Please pray my mother is blessed with good health.

    ~ Davina