September 26, 2017: To Share the Lord’s Gifts

Lord Jesus, Please grant me hope in times of hardship, Faith in Your promises, life-giving and true, Belief in Your love unfailing, And desire to share these gifts coming from You. Amen.

September 25, 2017: Heavenly Treasure

Heavenly Father, The effects of my words or deeds or prayers May be invisible to me, And yet I believe that goodness will come If, in faith, I let You work through me. Please show me where I can be of help, Even in a small way. Help me to reach the potential You intend In all I do and pray today. Amen.

September 24, 2017: For the Vulnerable

Heavenly Father, For all who are suffering, I pray For spiritual comfort anew. For those who feel helpless, I pray For the wisdom to turn to You. Amen.

September 23, 2017: Lord, Who Loved Me First

You have already shown the way To those who hunger and thirst. Please fill my heart and soul with Your love, Lord, who suffered because You loved first. Amen.

September 22, 2017: Lord, Color My Life with Your Love

Lord Jesus, The colors around me tell where drought has left the ground parched or nurturing rains have watered the earth. When I am dispirited, please remind me that You want me to grow in Your love. The sky can be overcast and grey, or a cloudless azure. When concerns cast a shadow over my mood, please help me not to overlook the blessings of Your love that no one can take from me. Leaves changing from green to autumn color can be spectacular and yet presage the coming winter. Lord Jesus, help me to shine where I can, and never let Your love lie dormant within me. Amen.

September 21, 2017: Loving Lord Jesus

Loving Lord Jesus, When I look ahead, may I seek to follow where You lead, whether among people who may ask something of me, a quiet place where I might pray, or acceptance of the comfort You offer because You have known the spectrum of human emotions and focused on love that all people need. Amen.

September 20, 2017: Love Is the Reason

That love will be the reason And give all I do its meaning, I pray as one who longs for You, Source of my hope and healing. Amen.

September 19, 2017: Father, Son, and Spirit

Heavenly Father, In the work of creation, You have set us As stewards of what You have made. May I use Your gifts for good purpose, Seeking beyond whatever will wither or fade. Lord Jesus, In the ministry which You began on Earth, You gave us the Good News to share. May I continue in faith to be A messenger telling of hope beyond compare. Holy Spirit, In every way that You inspire and guide us, You lead us to serve You and discern. May I never cease to believe in Your presence with me and for me at every turn. Amen.

September 18, 2017: Prayer for Direction

Loving God, With sunrise a glorious light, For each new day You make, May I see on today’s horizon The direction I should take. Amen.

September 17, 2017: Prayer for Healing

Lord, who healed through Your words and touch, In faith I fervently ask: For healing of the sick and injured, according to Your will, And spiritual strength among those who suffer still; For emotional healing of heartrending needs Among those who long for quietude and peace; For spiritual healing through forgiveness received And the hope that comes to all who believe; For healing of people after ravages of any kind, And Your mercy for the afflicted in body, soul, or mind. Amen.

September 16, 2017: Prayer to Take Measure

Lord, please help me to take measure In ways that You will bless. If things haven’t gone just as I planned, Help me see Your answer to, “What’s next?” For Your plan is eternal, Beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. Now that I have come this far, Please be my guide on the road before me. Amen.

September 15, 2017: Marian Prayer of Hope

Blessed Virgin Mary, Please join with me in hope-filled prayer That my bearing on this day Will proclaim God’s goodness and care. Handmaiden of the Lord, Close to your Son and our Savior, Please pray for me to serve well, Helped by His love, mercy, and favor. Mary, Queen of Heaven, Please ask Jesus to help me see The way that I should follow, Grateful that the Lord has chosen me. Amen.

September 14, 2017: Lord, You Are My Help

Lord Jesus, You are my help, For anyone who comes to You Will not be turned away. Longing for Your gentleness, I turn to You today. Lord Jesus, You are my help, For You came to teach and heal, Hope given in Your Word. In Your compassion now I pray With hope, for I am heard. Lord Jesus, You are my help, For giving Yourself upon the Cross Has opened heaven’s doors. May I be blessed in joining My suffering with Yours. Amen.

September 13, 2017: To Serve Faithfully

Lord, may Your grace enable me to be Steadfast in the desire to serve You, Seeking holy purpose, not just in prayer, But even in the small tasks that I do. Amen.

September 12, 2017: Marian Prayer for Encouragement

Blessed Virgin Mary, When I am discouraged or afraid, Longing for encouragement, Please hold me close within your heart, Wellspring of comfort through your faith. Amen.

September 11, 2017: Prayer for Grace Today

Lord Jesus, I come to You in prayer and ask for the grace That I need on this day, in this time and place: To pray with confidence that You hold me dearly, Through good times and days when I grow weary; To welcome You thankfully and with praise, Knowing that You will seek me if I go astray; To be open to blessings and Your gifts, Trusting in You, whose love and compassion uplift. Amen.

September 10, 2017: Prayer in Gratitude for Grandparents

Gracious God, Thank You for the love I feel Even through photographs and reminiscences. Thank You for the love that touches me When I remember words that seem ever wiser. Thank You for the ways my grandparents have loved me, Perhaps as only a grandparent can. Thank You for the love You have shown In the gift of grandparents and their time with me. Amen.

September 09, 2017: Prayer to Our Merciful God

Almighty God and Father, May I be open to forgiveness, Received and given as You will. May I live faithfully with joy And holy purpose to fulfill. Amen.

September 08, 2017: Marian Prayer for Openness to God’s Plan

Blessed Virgin Mary, please pray with me. May I be open to the favors God holds out to me–blessings that I need to keep going, to change direction, or to live more fully in each moment. May I look with awe on all that God does for me. May I serve Him with alacrity, faith, and gratitude, never ceasing to believe that nothing is impossible for God. Amen.

September 07, 2017: Caring and Creative God

Heavenly Father, Creator of all, May Your concern through all I face Renew my hope in the love You write on hearts and then retrace. Amen.

September 06, 2017: Lord, Ahead of Me

Lord, I know that You are already Countless steps ahead of me, Yet I long to interact with You In all that I pray and do. Lord, through Your Holy Spirit, Help me to see Your will, to hear it. Through Your grace, help me do my best, And count on You for the rest. Amen.

September 05, 2017: Prayer in Humility

Lord Jesus, You came into the world for all people, yet You care individually for me. I pray for peace among the nations and ask for Your blessings in my need. You came that Your Word would reach afar, yet humble offerings, you treasure. May what I do give homage to You, Who love me beyond all measure. Amen.

September 04, 2017: Prayer for All Who Labor

Lord Jesus, How often, as a child, did You marvel At the things that Joseph made? Please bless all who work with skillful hands, Building the Kingdom through their trades. You grew up in the love and care of Mary, Who became our Mother, too. Please bless the unsung work of parents In bringing children close to You. You told a parable of workers waiting In the vineyard to labor. Please bless all now searching for new work; Through employment, grant them favor. To each person is granted a vocation, Holy purpose to fulfill. Please bless workers devoted in every field With strength to do the Father’s will. Amen.

September 03, 2017: Love, Faith, and Hope

Heavenly Father, Whose love knows no bounds, Please help me to be more loving Today than yesterday. Lord Jesus, Whose compassion knows no barriers, Please help me to face each obstacle With ever greater faith. Holy Spirit, Whose presence knows no borders, Please help me in my need To hope in heaven here on Earth. Amen. Alleluia.

September 02, 2017: Prayer for Help in Need

Lord, I come to You in grateful prayer, Filled with faith and hope and need. Please help me in all I do today To seek You, who by example lead. Amen.

September 01, 2017: Rooted in the Lord

Through parables, Lord, You made known What fields and orchards repeat. May I allow seeds of faith and forgiveness To take root ever more deeply in me. Amen.

August 31, 2017: For Schoolchildren

May the children dear to me Pursue their lessons enthusiastically. While from home they are away, Lord, please watch over them in study and play. Through all the subjects they are taught, May goodness be in heart and thought. I hope that as they strive and grow, Kindness to others, they will show. Most of all, Lord, this I pray: That they will follow in Your loving way. Amen.

August 30, 2017: To Spread Hope

Lord, through the blessings I receive, help me to give to others the hope of one day sharing eternal life with You and Mary, our Blessed Mother. Amen.

August 29, 2017: Never Abandoned

Lord, when pain of body, mind, or spirit leave me feeling abandoned from Your care, please hold me close and let me feel Your love beyond compare. Amen.

August 28, 2017: Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus, our Good Shepherd, In Your love, please bless the priests Given to Your flock to guide; And the deacons ordained to serve, Bringing care and justice to abide. Bless, too, the men and women Consecrated to serve You Through prayer and apostolic works, Grace-filled purpose given to pursue. Loved by Mary and Joseph, Please answer, Lord, my prayer That families will nurture life Through faith in Your everlasting care. Among those who follow You, Please favor with strength and grace Laypeople called to single life, A way of holiness they embrace. Amen.