• D
    Dear Lord, My prayers is for my family I’ve been through alot please understand what I am going though I pray they dont hold me prisoner much longer im not strong enough to keep going on with there work and get off meds too. You know what I need please pray for me and my grandson. Amen from aka Marcy.

    ~ Therese
  • Please pray for my son to stop drinking alcohol and be cured of his depression and find peace and happiness in his life.his name is Rudy.thank you and god bless

    ~ teresa
  • For healing for my sister and myself and all that are afflicted with the flu this year. Pray for the soul of those who have lost their life to this flu epidemic.

    Pray for me to be a better steward of what God has given me, Money, Time and Devotion to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    ~ Sandra
  • Lord help me to do your will. may your will be my will on earth. Thank you for Mass and for every Blessing you give me. I love you very much.

    ~ Maria
  • Pray that my grown children come back to their Catholic faith.

    ~ Mary Jo
  • Pls pray for her strength to combat her arthritis illness. It made her ptalyzed for a year now, bedridden and made her upset,lonely. Pls make her realize that she has a family. Being her sister, I always every two mos. visit to take care of her, from Indianapolis. Thanks for your attention. Lorette

    ~ Emily
  • that God may send down His healing angels to my chronically ill sister for 35 years with numerous diagnoses though it may take a miracle to completely heal her I know Dear Jesus is capable of this. Her most disturbing and debilitating illnesses are an immune deficiency and connective tissue disease. Her whole body trembles all the time and this has caused her to fall and break bones numerous times. She is so weak, she stays in bed 24 hours a day. This is not living. She says the rosary dail

    ~ Judith
  • For my mother Dolores Otto who passed on January 19 may she receive a blessing in heaven for every struggle she endured on earth.

    ~ Debra
  • For mike f. ‘S son who is now deceased as a result of posttraumatic stress syndrome. May mike and all his family find some peace…
    He also lost another son last year.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my daughter, pray for guidance with financial burden and for a new beginning for herself and daughter.. pray.
    Dear God keep them under your care with your love and blessing.

    ~ M
  • For mike f. ‘S son who is now deceased as a result of posttraumatic stress syndrome. May mike and all his family find some peace…
    He also lost another son last year.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for all you do and provide for each of us. Please always be with us allow us good health, safety, to be free from all harm and violence. Please heal and cure the sick, help their families and caretakers. Please help this world we live in. Please heal the politicians, allow them to make the right and just choices, remove and replace all who cannot work together for the good of all. Please allow world peace for all people. Please keep us all safe. Amen.

    ~ FTO
  • I am having surgery for cancer on Wednesday, January 24th. I ask for prayers that the Lord guides the doctor and staff to do His will. Thank you and God bless you.

    ~ Janice
  • Tomorrow Monday January 22, 2018, I will have a thyroid scan. I am worried of what I may find out. I’m scared. I’m terrified. But this is a good thing, in a way that I will know if I need to proceed my life living. I am requesting for your prayers that whatever is the outcome, may the Lord comfort me and my family and my love ones and the people who love me. And that the Lord will help me, in finances, in strength, and that He will forgive me for all those wrong things.
    Mama Mary, please pray h

    ~ Cookie
  • Please I need a lots of prayers for my son Chris for God to send him the cure, we need a miracle, so this tumors disappear for ever and he can move on with his life he is 29 and he been fighting with this sense he was 24 right now he is going to a really hard time with this disease , please we need a lots of prayers thank you God bless 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    ~ Mari
  • I am disabled and currently in an unhealthy relationship. I have been searching for a nice safe home of my own. Please pray that I may find one soon.

    ~ Tammie
  • Please pray that Curt continues to adjust well to his new job and to be recieved well by his new colleagues and let them see the good in him. Please let him have patience and hope as he adjusts. Please let him get the sleep he needs to have the strength to get through the week. Please let his supervision go well. Thank you for hearing these prayers and for the blessing of the miracle of this job. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • That our Lord God will heal/restore/renew my marriage with my husband who wanted divorce. That the Holy Spirit will soften my husband’s heart and will put back the love for me in his heart. May he realize that our marriage is a covenant with God and that what he is doing right now is wrong. Lord, protect my family from the enemy. Lord, if it is your will, may we remain married and will live happily together forever under your leadership and grace Amen.

    ~ Esperanza
  • My good friend Dennis’s health is failing. He has a disease in his blood. He was a farmer and gave work to myself and others when they were in need of it. There was a time in my life when most had given up on me and I was really down. He and his family helped me build back up my confidence. The work also provided me a means to keep my home, car, etc. I don’t know for sure if a better doctor would be the answer or just a miracle but please help this man. Thank you and Amen

    ~ Jake
  • a prayer that wont get answered a prayer that a woman comes into my life

    ~ greg
  • Please pray for my mom Linda who is struggling mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She had a traumatizing childhood in foster care, and is struggling every day.

    ~ Anonymous
  • God Please help Matt get his mind healthy again and help him get You and the Blessed mother back into his life and realize that his family loves him and life is worth living .

    ~ Lupe
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Brother and sisters, Father Mark, Father Tony and all the other priests that preside at the Sunday Mass online: Continue keeping my health issues in prayers. Pray that my blood pressure will get back to normal….It has been high for a week now. Also pray that my nose bleeds will stop. I do not know if the nosebleeds are from sinus problems or what but I need prayers that the nose bleeds will go away.
    Delores J
    Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • For guidance in my life.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Thank you so very much for the beautiful mass online 1/21/2018 ! The music is also so beautiful.
    God Bless you.
    Please pray for my health, healing, also family salvation; as well as financial blessings.
    Thank you!

    ~ Joan
  • Please pray for me and my family for good intentions.
    Esp with my m.s.
    Ty have a good week and blessed

    ~ Jody
  • Help the Thomas family get through difficulties. Allow Your light to shine down upon us. Help Cindy to quit smoking. She is ready & wants to stop & needs Your intervention, please. Thant’s it for now. Thank You for everything. We love You. Amen.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Please keep my brothers girlfriend in prayer and healing within our family…thank you. Please also pray for healing for me to always try to be a better person and not let evil overtake me, but that i will always respond with love and compassion.

    ~ Lorena
  • Even though we are divorced please pray that the Holy Spirit turn Aprils heart soul mind and life to seek the healing and restoration of our marriage and that I be granted the wisdom to know whether to hang on or to move on. Thanks

    ~ tom
  • Please pray for the intercession of St Jude and for St Dynmpha for my mental and psychological healing. Clifford Conner

    ~ Clifford
  • For my relationship. That Lupe is willing to repair our intimate relationship immediately and for the opportunity to do so today. That he will physically contact me today to repair it and continues to see our relationship as something he wants. I ask these intentions in Jesus name amen

    ~ Kristina
  • I’m asking for prayers for neighbors who are aggressivly harassing me and kitty. They already hurt kitty. I know the Lord is so close. The retaliation is scary. I’m a senior. Please pray for us also. Thank you for TV mass. It helps me.

    ~ Teresa
  • for son, Brian to receive a job offer that uses his talents and abilities, as well as good benefits for his health condition.

    ~ Kathy
  • For Madi that she may leave unhealthy relationships and make solid choices with Jesus. That she may find help and healing now as she is so confused and scared.

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for Carlos who was admitted to the hospital due to a seizure. Thank you.

    ~ Ernesto
  • Lord please help restore and heal my broken relationship with Christopher. Soften his heart and open up your love to him. Protect us from Satan who continually causes us conflict. Protect our relationship from the enemy. Reach into Christopher’s heart to love and forgive me again. I pray that we can start reconciliation, communication and love. Lord I believe you brought us together. Thank you for helping. I trust You with all my heart.

    ~ Tempe
  • Prayers for Ellie for complete recovery, healing and good health following surgery for removal of a brain tumor. For strength for him and the family trusting in God’s healing power and love.

    ~ cecelia

    ~ DEBBIE
  • Please pray for my husband that he will get a job very soon. Amen. Thank you

    ~ Tammy
  • I pray that Matthew will recover in every way possible and pray the Holy Sprit and his guardian angel will be with him now and always Amen.

    ~ Lupe
  • For the repose of the soul of our mother Catherine, and for comfort for those who mourn her loss

    ~ Steve
  • Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter. Pray for financial recovery and love to come into their life..
    My daughter has been treated so horrible by her husband pray for her divorce to reward her with love and freedom from the financial burden he had placed on her.. please keep them both safe.

    ~ M
  • For God to please heal my skin from discoloraction acne and scars, I’m frustrated and upset and cry, i hate wearing makeup i miss my healthy complexion, i look like a freak of nature, God please heal me of this i suffered for so long.

    ~ S
  • I am Praying for healing from pain and financial freedom so I can help pay off my children’s college debt in Jesus name,. Amen

    ~ Christine
  • Please pray for my sister who is in The hospital with undiagnosed symptoms and my best friend who is in the hospital with a bowel obstruction.

    God bless us all!

    ~ Ron
  • Please pray for my niece who has fybromyalgia and suffers everyday with pain, also pray for my grandchildren to protect them and pray they come home soon, pray for my daughter who needs prayers to keep her safe and do whats right by her children and also bring her home, please pray for my sisters, to keep them healthy and safe, and for all those people who were affected by natural disasters

    ~ Frances
  • Safe travels and general anxiety

    ~ Clarissa
  • Can you pray for Khadijah that God will save her soul and that she will have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Amen.

    ~ Jamal
  • Please pray that God will bring good health, love, peace, happiness, prosperity & abundance to my family & myself.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • I am spiritually tired and empty. Tired of constant doubts and confession. So away from the Eucharist and lacks love and trust in God. I am worried my little faith will also go If I continue like this. Please pray that God becomes real in my life. Pray that I may fall in love with him, do a sincere confession and may I have the grace to stay away mortal sins and doubts. May I become the saint God has created me to be so I can give God glory. I am so tired and empty spiritually and mentally.

    ~ Ashly
  • prayers for my niece Sarah under great stress – lord Jesus please send Sarah a buyer for her home – NOW – thank you lord for this answered prayer – your child – diane/nj/usa

    ~ diane m
  • Please pray for me to get into the Air National Guard at Buckley AFB as a fighter pilot. There is only 1 pilot slot for around 500 applicants. It is one of the most competitive Air National Guard bases to get into.

    ~ Byron
  • I ask for prayer that a door would open up for me to achieve better employment, and until that time happens, my work environment becomes more peaceful. Thank you.

    ~ Jeremiah
  • please pray for my son Kevin he has cancer and cant walk

    ~ Barb
  • For a healing and a great life for 2-year-old Katerina who has a large hole in her heart. And a problem with an occasional racing heartbeat. She had a massive heart attack when she was an infant. She is said to need surgery.
    Also for her Mother and Father who have serious health problems of their own. Amen and Amen!

    ~ Katerina
  • For David and Kenny, who have no family due to addictions. May they find peace and comfort, and may they find the ability to gain employment. May they be able to provide for themselves, and to forgive their parents for the terrible situation they have endured. That God will give them strength.

    ~ Jill
  • Our Church might be closed down if the Court decides so this Wednesday because we did not have a permit to be on the grounds. Our Church has struggled since, it began and its a miracle we have made it this far. Please help us pray so that God have complete sovereignty over this court decision. May God’s will be done and may he equip us with his strength, guidance, and love. If this door closes may he open another door for us and our community. May he lead us in the direction he wants us to move.

    ~ Misión Santa María de Guadalupe
  • Please pray for my husband who is struggling to become Catholic. I worry for his soul. We both have so much to work on with our Catholic faith. Pray for us.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear God please pray for my daughter and her child..I pray for God to look down on her and guide her through great financial burden and safety from a horrible marriage. Please help her to make choices in her life, that will grant her security for herself and child.
    Pray for safety and love for both of them.
    Thank you

    ~ Y
  • Even though we are divorced please pray the Holy Spirit move deeply in Aprils heart soul mind and life to seek the healing and restoration of our marriage.

    ~ tom

    ~ tacoma
  • Pray for all the victims of an evil religion member and all my prayers for them. Pray Health, against every evil, legal troubles, possession, obsession, rape, date rape, child molestation, food, job, school, housing, warm clothes etc. , phone, computer, privacy, addiction, faith, religion, beauty, courage, mercy. Pray every time they go back until the evil person becomes good and stops good, world peace and life purpose. Annual 2018 Blessings Our Father.. Hail Mary…

    ~ Mike
  • For my 52 year old son Ben Jr who is homeless and addicted to drugs.
    Thank you

    ~ Benny
  • Lord hear my prayer my son has taken my car, please have him return it, he has stolen all things valuable in my home listening to a woman he is in love with that is a heroin addict. Lord let have his own will for you gave us this gift. In Jesus name AMEN

    ~ Gloria
  • Please pray for my daughter and her child. Dear God my daughter needs your guidance and love while going thru a divorce, please pray for them and help her over come extreme financial dept..
    Please keep them both safe.

    ~ V
  • My daughter, Keshna, and I are both in poor health and we are being buried by constantly accumulating debt. Please pray for relief for us.

    ~ Sara
  • Please pray for God to deliver me from my demons and to protect me from all evil. Thank you

    ~ Brian
  • karri helms as she tries to put on a lot of weight and learns how to sleep better and smokes less. Kelsey as she tries to have a baby. She has 2 heart problems that she deals with on a daily basis.

    ~ Maranda
  • My prayer intention is for my three sons that they stay safe….strong…passionate and compassionate.

    ~ Mary
  • I am asking for prayers for Frank, the father of my unborn baby daughter. I ask that God heal his depression and addiction, show him direction, open his heart, and return him to this family. Remind him of his purpose and lead him down the right path. Show him the way to Jesus and accept His forgiveness. We love him and we need him in our lives.

    ~ Lisa
  • For my Aunt Linda Green who died of Cancer
    And For my Father Seymour Hewitt and dear close friend Thomas Craemer and for my new amazing friend Patrick Cravillion and for me too Seymour Hewitt Jr

    ~ Seymour
  • That my children keep
    Their hearts open to Jesus and hear him and build and or reestablish their relationship with him and live a Christ- centered life. Let Jesus guide me in doing the right things as a parent to lead by example and not push them away but bring them closer to you and to our family. Heal the hurt in my heart but more importantly lead them to you as that would make me happy even if they were not a part of my life.

    ~ Kimberly
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray for happiness and joy in my life especially this year and always so that I can make my children, husband, parents brothers and sisters happy too. Help me lord to achieve all that I need to, so that my life will be fulfilling to me and my loved ones. Help us lord, please provide for us our daily bread by blessing the works of our hands, especially my husband so that we can care for our children and help those in need and live our lives as you have willed . In Jesus name I Pray, Amen

    ~ Eseoghene
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters plus Father Mark Payne, Father Tony and all the other priests of Heart of the Nation online: First of all, thank you for such an awesome Sunday Mass online. Continue praying for my health issues and also pray that no new health issues will enter my body. Pray that my high blood pressure will become normal as its been high for about a week now.
    Delores J
    West Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Please Pray for my Mother Constance D. Taylor who was recently diagnosed last April/May 2017, with a rare Cancer called Neuroendrocrine Tumors and Stage IV Cancer. It is a cancer that is nerve related and that gets into the blood. There are only five cases here in our county where we live. She initially was misdiagnosed and by the time she got a second opinion, it had metastasized to Stage 4 & Spread to the liver. She was only given 6 months to a year and is doing Chenotherapy. 🙁
    Thank You!

    ~ Ms. Rita
  • My mother has been hospitalized since April of last year. She has cerebral anoxia. She has been going through infections now for over three months. We were finally able to move her to a clean place that will give her the care she needs. She is farther from us but her getting better is our priority. Please pray for my mother, Inez Elenez for her to get better and come home. Thank you.

    ~ Robert
  • For the soul of Martha Montero that passed away on the 11th May she now find peace with God and thank God she has no more pain from the cancer that took her from her loved ones Also please say a special prayer for her Children, her Siblings and Parents

    ~ Gilbert
  • Please Pray for the repose Soul of M.G. “Mert” Taylor (My Father) who passed away January 8, 2018.

    Thank You!

    ~ Ms. Rita
  • Prayers for my daughter Erika Valdez
    Who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
    Please LORD guide us through this difficult journey. You are our mighty Savior and we are at your mercy.
    Forgive us for all our sins as you are the LORD of our life..

    ~ Violet

  • For family faith. My 3 daughters, 11 grandchildren. We all need faith and unity..more love for our Lord

    ~ Cathy but
  • That I Beverly go to prison or jail the court have mercy la court long beach court Compton court when I go for warrants.my son gives me $2000 prayer of early release and protection for my granddaughter Sierra prison chinchilla and grandson Antoine in Colorado prison thank you Lord Jesus

    ~ Beverly
  • That Barb continue to heal and be free of cancer..for our children grandchildren family and friends in need including the Clergy and those who heal serve and protect us. Continue to strengthen Tessa and Ava Marie. Amen

    ~ Richie
  • For Manuel Hurtado’s soul who was called to return home by our Father on January 07, 2018

    ~ Leticia
  • i understand when there is a duty to preform, we must do it….tho my heart and Dons longs to be together again. the separation is really getting hard, tho we know God will bring us bring together soon, and us our families will move forward do Gods work. 7 years ago December 23, 2010 Don was deployed and hasnt been sent back yet. Don obeys the father so do i. we have faith God is about to surprise us both. im not sure how we are to pray over this God Bless

    ~ Brenda
  • Asking God to assist us in our Canadian visa express entry pool and for Gods protection over my wife in her pregnancy period.

  • My In-laws, Harry and Mary, both have Dementia & need assistance with their care, they refuse to have caregivers in their home, assisted living or having us help. They are in denial. We work full time & want to do what is best for our parents care, health & safety. Father Mark’s homily seemed to be written for them so I ask for prayers for Harry and Mary to accept what is needed for their care. May God please guide their sons & family in caring for their parents.

    ~ Deb
  • pray for the conversion of my two sons and their families. Paul and his family are Christian,however, they have very negative views on Catholicism. My other son believes in God, but is weak in faith. I have been praying for them for 17 years since re-entering the Catholic church after 37 years of godlisness. It is my regret that I did not raise them in the church. I live in physical pain from severe arthritis and other things and the pain of regret. I pray that our Lord will hear us. Marilyn

    ~ Marilyn
  • Please pray for my son who suffers from OCD, anxiety, severe panic attacks, and some other mental problems. He is always very unhappy, drinks and becomes extremely angry, sometimes to the point of hurting himself. He has poor social skills and cannot be around a lot of people. He is lonely and has not had a girlfriend in over 12 years. He was badly betrayed by two girlfriends and has not gotten over it.
    We lost my beloved father, his dad, just over three years ago, and we still both grieve.

    ~ Roma
  • Dearest son Christian,
    Your 5 year anniversary is coming soon. It seems just like yesterday you we’re hugging me & saying, “I Love You, Mom”. I feel your presence every single day since the good Lord took you back home. I’m trying to move on, but not only the 25 years of memories are there, but the thought of your murder was never solved, just kills me. I know God & you are watching over me & helping me to cope. So long for now, until we meet again. A Hui Hou! Love you to the moon & back, Mom!

    ~ Mary
  • I ask for prayer for my children Kirstin, Kelsey, Nicholas and Karah, that they may answer the call of the Lord in their lives and that our family heal after the violence their father caused in our lives. I ask for prayer in that my two year unemployment status will end soon finding gainful employment. I ask for prayer in passing the state portion of the texas real estate exam. I ask for prayer forgiving the childrens father and i pray the Lord is in his heart. Amen

    ~ Kimberly
  • For a safe and successful surgery for my sister tomorrow and for the surgeon and all those assisting him and helping her and for her speedy recovery. We pray to the Lord.

    ~ N
  • World Peace, health and safety for my friends and family. Peace for my nephew Willie in prison. Peace for my grand children, Love for all. Thank you

    ~ Veronica
  • Please help my son who has a severe addiction problem and has court coming up.. He needs help Lord. and protect and help my daughters and their children and all my grandchildren. and Lord tell Larry I miss him so much.

    ~ Irma
  • Miss Virginia, who is having carpletunnal surgery on both her wrists.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I ask for healing for Veronica Perez from cancer and Blaza Hernandez from cangrene. Thanks Lord for your blessings and mercy!

    ~ Veronica
  • Even though we are divorced please pray that the Holy Spirit will move Aprils heart soul mind and life to seek the healing and restoration of our marriage. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • In serious Debt
    Trapped n debt
    Have wife and child
    Need more jobs and a miracle

    ~ Philip
  • Please pray that Curt gets the sleep he needs to adjust to his new job. This job has been a miracle and such a blessing, and I know the sleep adjustment has been really hard. Please continue to take care of him as you always have and let him know you are by his side giving him peace and letting him get the sleep he needs. Please continue to let the good in him shine through and let him be recieved well by others. Thank you for your mercy and grace. I pray these things in Jesus’s holy name, Amen.

    ~ Mandy
  • please pray for Marianna zuech is so run down from working 16 hours dly and her immune system is run down and she is always sick

    ~ laura
  • Please help me to understand what to do about Rebecca. She has wronged me in so many ways. Please help her to realize how horrible she was to me. I am so confused about who she is and what I am supposed to do. Please make it clear to me if she is thinking of me and regrets things. It would take so much to get past what has happened but it could happen. I have tried to move on but am having no luck. That is making it so hard to figure this out. Please help. Thank you and Amen

    ~ Jake
  • Please pray for triton tough he’s a only a child and his cancer is back for second time please lord heal him completely I no you can

    ~ Anonymous
  • plz… heal my parents, Lord God

    ~ Mike
  • Please keep the Burns, Jones, and Burke family in your prayers. We loss our cousin from cancer.. My cousin mother was transported to the hospital with stroke symptoms before she could make it to the funeral.. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you in advance

    ~ vonieta
  • Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for all you do and provide for each of us. Thank you for my family. Thank you for each day everyday you allow us. Please allow all of us to be healthy and safe. Please allow world peace for everyone. Please keep us safe free from all crime, violence, evil and all harm. Please allow everyone to commute and travel safely, to depart, arrive and return safely always. Thank you. Amen.

    ~ FTO
  • Father God and St Jude, please take care of our enemies. Bind their attacks against my daughter and I in the name of Jesus, I forbid.I restrict the evil presence and ask you St Jude to remove two individuals from our work, please take control as I rest all our cares and concerns upon you. Remove this wickness operationg in this two people who are in authority which is my daughter’s supervisor and the top boss,, remove them, we need our job. Amen

    ~ Rose
  • Please pray for my brother who has a brain tumor. He’s depressed and having a hard time taking care of himself.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Oh mother mary please pray that me and my friends pass with highest score of the exam on the coming Friday. Please pray for my family for their safe and happy life. They have gone through alot and suffered alot for me and to get me till here. Through my marks I want to make my family happy and proud and let others know about your holy help. Thank you for your prayer to your son, Jesus Christ and granting me high scores. Amen.

    ~ Ann
  • Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter.. she needs urgent prayer for a troubled marriage and extreme financial dept. pray for Gods love and guidance to help her through this horrible time.
    Thank you

    ~ Yvonne
  • please pray that my grandsons matthew, miguel, and diego and my son mark and john see this world with patience, love, and respect and understating of other people who have different views then they have. please pray that they control their anger and pray for understanding and patience and love even if the world is upside down. God guide their anger towards good and love. Amen,

    ~ Lupe
  • Please pray for my daughter and granddaughter.. she needs urgent prayer for a troubled marriage and extreme financial dept. pray for Gods love and guidance to help her through this horrible time.
    Thank you

    ~ Yvonne
  • please pray for my son Kevin he has cancer and cant walk

    ~ Barb
  • Please pray for me and my family,healings in many ways are needed,and restoration,thank you

    ~ Roberta
  • Please pray for our difficult situation we are facing going through bancruptcy.I pray we got the right lawyer to help us.Lord I pray we will keep our home.

    ~ brenda
  • Healing prayers for Baby Nicholas.

    ~ Gloria

  • Pray for my sister that she does not have cancer. She will be having tests done. Thank you Lord God for all the blessings you bestow upon us.

    ~ J
  • God, please hear me im not sure how to start this but My sister has chosen to quit her job and move into a drug house with her unemployed boyfriend. We want her back home but I really just want her safe please God keep her heart and eyes open to the truth

    ~ Kirstin
  • Please pray for my 54 year old nephew suffering from ALS who is transitioning his way to the Lord. He is in hospice and slipping away as we speak. Please help him to know that he is loved by many and will be missed immensely. Thank you.

    ~ Joan
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters
    Please pray for my friends, Nelson Lajuni from Sabah, Malaysia. He is going to

    do their final oral presentation (Viva Voce) PHD research on 12nd January

    2018. May God bless him with wisdom, strength and confidence during their

    presentation, and pass the viva voce. May God also blesses the examiners and

    give him good comments. Amen. Thank you very much

    ~ Jaratin
  • Please pray for me and my fellow filipino engineers that we may successfully passed all medical and employment requirements set by KBR Abu Dhabi and the UAE Government thru the assistance of Crystalline International Manpower Services Inc. Amen.

    ~ Mark Lester
  • After 2 months of not working, that I may find a job to keep a roof over my daughters’ heads.

    ~ Natasha
  • Jesus, please forgive my sins and heal me from the abdominal pain which I am afraid of having pancreatic cancer. Please heal me and grant me favorable medical test results. Amen

    ~ Long
  • Please pray for my good friend Rex.
    Please ask our Beloved Lord , Jesus , to smile upon him and heal him completely.
    I thank you with all of my heart, Karen

    ~ karen
  • Health wealth wisdom for the Gutowski family;

    ~ Michael
  • For Gods encouragement & protection. I placed an order on-line, and that I get my delivery. Finances & guidance from Allah God. Trip with God to Holy Sites.

    Thank & God Bless,

    ~ Faith
  • Please pray that I may get a good job soon.It has been 3 months since I lost my job.

    ~ Susy
  • Thank you lord for all the blessings by keeping my family safe knowing we have each other and our belief in in our dear lord that keep us alive…Amen

    ~ Catherine
  • please pray that God will place me in a new job soon… i am fighting off the feelings of despair and frustration… I am eager for my new opportunity

    ~ Anonymous
  • Thank you very much for everything here;
    -That everything I asked for wrong is made a good thing for me;
    – all my dreams come true;
    -To achieve all my goals as urgently as possible and impossible;
    -My happiness, health, peace, achievement, success and fame be the strongest of God’s eternal,
    beneficial, global / international, resounding, powerful and all good and impossible and impossible;
    -All the love and power of God possible and impossible in my life;

    ~ Vanessa
  • I’m a correctional officer my prayer request is for my job to give me one on one to help me pass my Gun Qualifications I keep failing I don’t know what’s wrong but I need prayer for confusion and for them to let me reshoot sooner they said I have to wait 4 weeks but if he talk to my supervisor James he said only he can move it sooner thanks God bless

    ~ Vanity
  • the name of Jesus I command every spirit of sexual perversion working against Layton sand life to go, all mind polluting thought’s of fantasy every arrow of lust that the enemy would shoot against him, I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ and forbid you from tormenting him any more. I speak to every evil spirit and I remind you that he has been bought by the precious Blood of Jesus Christ

    ~ Layton
  • My daughter got entangled in a situation with law enforcement in Colorado. Her daughter was taken by the State of Colorado this past October. I do not believe she is guilty of the charges they are trying to put on her. She was present at a shooting, that was committed by someone else. She was charged with accessory. I want prayer for her, because I believe she is innocent of these charges, and they need to be dropped. The treatment of her by the State of Colorado is terrifying and inhumane

    ~ cynthia
  • Gainful employment and justice for being fired because I resisted and reported being sexually harassed by co workers and prostututed to my Commanding Officer and when I told HR and they said how can it happen anyway and you not call it that. Also one of the many madams at that Command told me, “You have to let the Navy pimp you”.  Exposure of attempts on my life. And Proper investigation and validation.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I break layton sand from every spirit of sexual perversion, in the name of Jesus.I release Layton sand from every spiritual pollution emanating from his past sin of fornication and sexual immorality in the name of Jesus. release Layton from every ancestral pollution, In the name of Jesus. I release Layton from every dream pollution, in the name of Jesus. I command every evil plantation of sexual perversion in his life to come out with all its root,  in the name of Jesus amen

    ~ Layton
  • Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for all you provide for each of us. Please be with us, protect and guide us. Help all with their faith. Please help all with their needs. Please help all with their relationships, employment, words, actions, everyday life and all needed to sustain it. Please allow everyone to be healthy, safe, free from all harm and violence. Please allow world peace for everyone. Help all world leaders to do what is right and just. Thank you. Amen.

    ~ FTO
  • I shall not die but live to a ripe old age, to declare the works of the lord in the land of the living. I shall see my grand children. let every wicked foundation of my family my husbands familybe destroyed.forever amen

    ~ Julie
  • Please Pray for. You Husband and my dad who both have CANCER. Please pray for HELP and RIDES to ALL of the Doctors Appointments. Please pray for HEALING and Help.

    ~ Hannah
  • For myself to be healed of my past history Im 41yrs old Sometimes I feel lost to go foward after my divorced of 6 yrs ago. For my annulment to go thru after I rough draft it. For my two teenage boys Guillermo and William for their future to be blessed. And all of the rest who are in the same situation we ask this in the name of Jesus .
    Thank You

    ~ Zaire
  • please pray for my son Kevin he has cancer and cant walk

    ~ Barb
  • Praying for capital to offer art scholarships to students seeking to learn about art and art history. I currently teach art to local schools who currently dont offer art curriculums in their schools. So many students interested yet due to lack of funding or economic status no access to art instruction or art supplies. I offer many hours and supplies free of charge. Would like to start an art school in the near future.

    ~ Sandra
  • For my mother in law. She manipulates people into spying on us/stalking us & then reporting every minute detail to her. She has contacted people at our church, our work, our neighbors, on & on. She has told any & every lie to get people to serve her. This is very, very destructive. Please pray for our protection & for healing of this situation. For our mother/in law to learn more effective, honest ways of being & having healthier relationships. For her “spies” that they will be healed as well.

    ~ Anonymous
  • pleases pray for Gregg & his family having marital difficulties & sickness

    ~ Joan
  • pleases help Nicholas find employment and start on a new right path of life

    ~ Joan
  • I pray for emotional healing. that God would supply divine relationships and people that would love me. Protection for me and my children.

    ~ Stephanie
  • Please pray for my nephew who has turned against God and abandoned his Catholic faith. He has chosen to engage in sexual perversion and live a homosexual life style.

    ~ Armando
  • Dear Brothers and sisters and Father Mark, Father Tony and all the other priests who preside at the Mass each Sunday at Heart of the Nation online: Continue healing for the swelling in my lower legs and pray for my high blood pressure to be normal again and stay normal. May God Bless each one of you. Pray for my next door neighbors both behind me and in front of me to come to know Jesus Christ. I look forward to each Sunday’s Mass online.

    Delores J
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for our release from the Phoenix property and restoration of our land and my home so that we be good stewards for GOd Amen

    ~ Jolan
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Heavenly & Living Father, I ask that You make haste to answer the intentions of all those in need of Your help here— and all over the world & in heaven. Hear the prayers of Your faithful hide, not, Your face from from us. We ask that You forgive our sins , as we look to You for help & sustenance. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Lord! Amen.

    ~ Cynthia
  • Heavenly Father, Thank You for all You have done, are doing, & will do. I humbly ask You to strengthen my family, friends, enemies, & myself in Your Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Discernment, & Prophecy with Your Most Holy Spirit. Allow us to do Your work together for the good You intend. Help me to get a job & keep us all safe. Help Emily & Gabriel with Your guidance & keep evil away from them & us all. Remove from our home, our hearts, & our minds any thought or feeling You would not approve. IJN.

    ~ Cynthia L. Rogers
  • Healing for my nephew Christian A.

    ~ Mercedes
  • Please pray for my mother’s soul on January 10th as that was her birthday.

    ~ Phyllis
  • Please pray for me to find a way to get into nursing school so I can help others while taking care of my family. Please pray my fiancé, Eric, will find happiness in his life. Prayers and remember my mother Amelia Sandoval and my father Roy Sandoval who have passed.

    ~ Kimberly
  • I pray that God heals me from my cancer of lymphoma and breast cancer completely and not to come back ever. May all complications after chemo and radiation go away and miraculously healed so I can return to work and relieve pain and sufferings of my husband and daughters and all my love ones supporting me through prayers.
    My prayers for help in giving me strength to fill out all our financials and save our home from foreclosure and all people that we seek help can help us save our home.

    ~ Maria
  • That my grandchildren will stay faithful to God’s will for them

    ~ millie
  • Please pray for my sons father (Nathan Lacey) to completely stop drinking. He was sober for 19 months and then started back again and is now detoxing in the hospital. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Lindsay
  • Please pray for our family as we are going through some rough waters at this time. I pray that 2018 is a better year. Lord hear our prayer.

    ~ Larry
  • For health restoration and family.

    ~ M.
  • My family and my sons and my second monogram go ok in jesues name he is and awesome god please pray love watch the show every sunday i can. When i am not in church

    ~ Glory
  • I pray for all those stricken with cancer. May the Lord heal them and their families.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I have prostate cancer. Going in for surgery on Jan 17th. Please keep me in your prayers.

    ~ James
  • 1) my virtues, spiritual life and overall relationship with God;

    2) my studies and my vocation;

    3) my works as a Pro-Lifer, apologetics etc.

    Extra: conversion of my parents, grandma and godchild

    ~ Ivo
  • Please pray for strength for me and my family as I begin Chemo treatment for a rare cancer.

    ~ Othello
  • I am thanking God for letting my family and I see this new year. I also pray that He grants us good health, many more years, success in all our endeavors, and I pray that He abides with us every second of the every single day in our lives. Amen.

    ~ Emmanuella
  • That God would give me financial security.

    ~ David
  • Please pray that my son, Daniel, will be able to manage his bi-polar disease and his post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks and anxiety attacks so he will be able to get back to work.

    ~ Mary
  • Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for all you do and provide for each of us. Please Help all in need. Please heal all suffering. Please allow everyone to be healthy, safe, free from all harm, violence and evil. Please allow everyone to commute and travel safely, to depart, arrive and return safely always. Help all in need. Help us to help each other. Please help all with everyday life and all needed to sustain life. Please allow world peace for everyone. Please help this world and all in it. Amen.

    ~ FTO.
  • For George l who is going thru chemo. May god help him in all ways…and also for his family.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For Gwynn h who is recently deceased may god have welcomed her into heaven . Also please pray for her family especially George h. And Gloria p. Who are battling their own illnesses.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my son who is sick & facing an overwhelming situation this week.

    ~ Collern
  • URGENT Prayer for our DAUGHTER Katey who is FRIENDS with CHLOE who is EXTREMELY OUT of CONTROL and EXTREMELY BAD INFLUENCE on our DAUGHTER Katey. Our DAUGHTER is Very TRUSTING and ENVY. She TRUSTS almost everyone. Please Pray she COMES back Home SOON and Makes NEW FRIENDS. thanks.

    ~ Concerned family
  • Please pray for 2 yr old Cole and his family as he battles cancer.

    ~ Cole
  • Prayer for protection from negativity and people that want to hurt my family and myself.

    ~ Norma
  • I ask Jesus to help chafica find a husband the husband you want for her. heal her. protect her. I ask that Joe comes back to his wife. being for Zachary

    ~ bernadine
  • my husband is having an affair we ate separated Lord restore and renew our marriage. break every demonic chain on joe. help us . Mary undower of knots please break every the between Joe and Leanne. end and break this spirit of lust. heal my son Zachary he is suffering from anxiety and has Friedrich ataxia. help us all follow you. convict Joe’s heart. restore Joe.

    ~ bernadine
  • Dear God in Jesus name please grant both my brother and me good health all of our lives nd the guidance of the Holy Spirit to solve the problems we have with the Solomon family so that his land and my home are returned to me with no penalties. I ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit to make this situation right and preserve the inheritance of our parents.

    ~ Jolan
  • I ask the Lord to bless my brother to guide him to make the right decision to save his property and to restore my home to me help Carol see clear to give me back my portion of the downpayment and to release James land back to him with no penalty for either of us. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to guide us to do the right thing to restore our property so that we may be good stewards of the land for God.

    ~ Jolan
  • Please pray that God will bring good health, love, peace, happiness, prosperity & abundance to my family & myself.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray that God will bring good health, love, peace, happiness, prosperity & abundance to my family & myself.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Asking for prayers for God to send into my life in the soonest time the right and ready man, with the right kind of love to be my partner, my home, my source of strength, courage and security, my family.

    ~ D
  • a prayer that never gets answered a prayer that a woman comes into my life

    ~ greg
  • I want to know God and the power of the resurrection,
    I want to richly appreciate Gods blessings and plans upon my life.
    I need Gods grace to practice the one and only religion, I.e. to take care of the orphans, widows and the sick and the suffering.
    Mother Mary intercede for me and my family Amen.

    ~ Nzubechukwu
  • For my Father, Ishwarbhai Macwan, who got the brain stroke before 5 years and today his situation is like below:
    He can see, but not responding
    He has memory or not we don’t know because he doesn’t respond
    he can’t eat with his mouth
    he has paralysis and totally bed ridden

    I am requesting you to please pray for betterment in health to our Almighty Lord. Pray that he get healed very soon and enjoys the life the Lord has given to him.

    ~ ARPAN
  • I ask that my wife will start being kind and considerate. I ask that she loving and understanding. I ask that she be given a desire to want to be with family, and a desire to enjoy this gift of life that You given us. I ask this through Jesus. Amen

    ~ Ralph
  • During my 1sr scan , doctor told my baby was measuring 1 week behind and told me I had 50/50 chances and asked me to return back next week . If the baby continues at good rate to grow with a healthy heart beat rate next week then the risk for mc will lower a bit .

    I got pregnant after trying for 7 long years and I am already attached loving this baby beyond everyone so this is so important.

    keep my baby in there prayers . Please please pray for my baby’s health , growth and developmen

    ~ Vani
  • Need healing for son with very strong drug addiction. That he will be healed of ever wanting drugs again

    ~ Alice
  • My sister Gina has suffered from a bad self image problem. She calls herself fat and ugly. But, she is thin and beautiful. She says she wants to kill herself. It has been very hard on my whole family.

    ~ Jimmy
  • I’m Subin.please do pray for me to solve my family issues.since 9 yrs v r suffering.My husband is listening to his mother and giving troubles fo me and my kids.And adoring his brothers wife .The condition here is too disgusting.And for me to get a good job and my brother to get an offspring without any treatment.These I submit in the name of Jesus.Amen

    ~ Subin
  • I’m Subin.please do pray for me to solve my family issues.since 9 yrs v r suffering.My husband is listening to his mother and giving troubles fo me and my kids.And adoring his brothers wife .The condition here is too disgusting.And for me to get a good job and my brother to get an offspring without any treatment.These I submit in the name of Jesus.Amen

    ~ Subin
  • I pray for family unity and financial success. I especially pray for my children that the lord will guide them through the next phase in life.

    Help us to be profitable in business

    ~ Lucy
  • Dire financial need and employment

    ~ Anne
  • Pray that I get the career at UCSB and marry my girlfriend Alejandra Valadez. Pray that the enemy releases me from his power grip Avondale PD and evil Militia. I pray this in Jesus Christ eternal name! Psalm 91.

  • Continued healing from pancreatic cancer surgery.

    ~ Michael
  • To protect both my twin grandsons in the army and marines

    ~ Dianna
  • Sisters health. My health

    ~ Jeanne
  • Please pray for my son who is going thru marital difficulity due to his alcoholism. My brother is in hospice with stage 4 lung cancer. My daughter is having problems due to a difficult divorce. Give them peace and Gods love. let us all start to be nicer to others in 2018…Show God’s LOVE.

    ~ Jan
  • Please Jesus help us in our hour of need to save our property and to soften the heart of my brother toward you and God also please soften the heart of Carol and Michael Perona to act in our behalf.

    ~ Jolan
  • Katherine Paone, Jennifer Paone, Elisabeth Paone,
    Bruce Paone, Tiffany Lopes and family

    ~ Anonymous
  • I’m a 49 yr old Mom of 2 incredible teen boys, I’ve been battling cancer for 2+ yrs. We’re becoming weary from the fight.

    ~ Pamela
  • Pray for me to find a new job with the U.S. Federal Government, in Washington DC or in Maryland.

    ~ Guy
  • I am catholic priest, but now i am almost at the point of losing my vocation. I feel like committing suicide. I attempted once by driving and making accident.

    ~ xavier
  • In thanks to St Anthony for hearing my prayers and helping me to become stronger in my Faith in knowing that God is always with me. For those on the pray for the sick list and myself at St Ignatious and all of the sick to be well if that is God’s will. For world peace.

    ~ Helen
  • Please pray that I get the postal job for Wichita I am applying for. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • Please pray for my father, who is 97 years old. He lives with my husband and me and pray for me as I have been a caregiver for 15 years. First my mom, then my mom and dad, now just my dad. I am very tired and have health issues, too.

    ~ Sherie
  • Please pray for the truth to be exposed in regards
    to the evil schemes of Robert McLaren against women
    by humiliating them on the internet so that everyone
    he has lied to to cover up his schemes will know the
    truth. I believe the truth in everything is always
    God’s will so therefore according to the word this
    is a prayer that God shall answer.

    ~ Dee
  • Please say a prayer for my children to keep praying and god will hear them and have faith . there prayers will b answered showing them to stay on the right path .thank you.

    ~ Frances
  • Dear Lord Jesus,
    Pleas send you blessing to my brother and myself and make it possible for the Solomon family to release all hold on his property and release the Phoenix property to us without Paula Spooner. If you feel I am worthy then please release me from the mortgage Don Solomon put on my home. I ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the blessing of Jesus our Lord and God. Thank you for all you have give us and continue to give to us in the temporal life. Amen

    ~ Jolan
  • My health issues I have eplicepy

    ~ Deborah
  • Please pray that I get the City of Wichita custodial job, that I get my car on the road, that I don’t end up in default but I get back into school and that I can get back into shape as part of my National Guard duties. Thanks.

    ~ tom
  • O’ Lord,

    I beg you Lord to help to overcome work related challenges. There is final days of audit from our internal team, help me to answer in right way. Guide me, bless me, walk me thru the audit with your continuous presence. Send your angels to protect me. The last two days are 7 & 8 and the exit meeting to be good on 9th Morning.

    I beg for my mothers health too. Help her recover soon.

    Thank you all for your prayers to our Lord.



    ~ Claret
  • My prayer request is that my son, Elijah’s father, Lamont, would start spending more time with him and would have the desire to be a better father. Also, that our communication and relationship will be blessed and healed.

    Thank you!

    ~ Robbin
  • We pray that we will soon find a buyer for our 3,896 sq. ft. home who won’t loose their loan approval. We have 16 steep stairs from the main floor to our laundry room that my 69 year old husband frequently falls down and breaks bones as a result. He then has to travel by ambulance to a hospital that’s about an hour drive one way for treatment because our local emergency room tells us that they can’t help him. We’d like to a home where the laundry room is on the main floor of the home.

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for my mother Donna Aguon. To gain her strength and get well. She suffers from radiation treatment. Battling a pancreatic cancer over past few years. Recently really affected her.

    Thank you and greatly appreciative of your ministry. God bless your church and its people.

    ~ EARL
  • Please pray that Mark will ask me to marry him this year, that my daughter Angie gets off of drugs and gets on the right path, and for health and prosperity for my family and friends in 2018 and always. Thank you Holy Trinity, and Blessed Mother Mary for accepting my prayers and petitions.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I ask for your prayers that the Lord will intercede and reunite Tony and me in unconditional love. May he banish all of the evil and negativity that’s been keeping us apart and help us to overcome our challenges. Please, may he take away the pain and insecurities in our hearts and replace them with love, joy and understanding. I beg that Tony and I begin to communicate this week and work things out.

    ~ T
  • For myself Tony – Healing and my financials (I want to move back home) something I could excel with in Center City Philadelphia to support myself. Thank you for praying for me.

    ~ Tony
  • Please answer my daily prayers. Please let my son get the job he recently applied for. Please watch over my family and keep them safe and happy. Let us be able to pay off our bills and help others. Thank you God Mary and Jesus for all you have done for myself and my family.

    ~ Lois
  • To all the Brothers and Sisters plus Father Mark , Father Tony and all the other priests that present the Mass at Heart of the Nation online: Happy New Year to all !! Looking forward to another great year of Sunday Mass online with Heart of the Nation !!! Bishop Jerome Letecki did an awesome job with the Sunday Mass on New Years Eve and New Years Day….Continue praying for my health issues and my financial needs. May God Bless !!
    Delores J,
    Henry, TN

    ~ Delores
  • Prayers for reconciliation between my daughters kATHERINE and her sister GERALDINE Prayers for the repose of my son GEORGE JOSEPH YORK’S SOUL. Prayers for Mother Mary to give me a peaceful death. I am 94 years old and know my time in this world may come anytime. Pray for me for a Happy Death in Jesus Christ, AMEN. Prayers for Peace in this world.

    ~ Lourdes
  • That my son will find peace and financial stability.

    ~ Jackie
  • My junior brother Larry Agbo has been on a sick bed for more than two year. My prayer request is about him. May God show him His mercy and heal him from the sick bed

    ~ Gab
  • Please pray for me and the house that I Live in . The roof is in really bad shape
    I’ve been ill , with several heart attacks and had to cut hours on job to only 4-8 hrs a week . Please pray that MIFA will help with this situation . Thanks and God Bless
    Happy New year

    ~ Nicy
  • For January 29, 2018 a miracle DUI court outcome and for all intentions I have for my Son & family business and family

    ~ Teresa
  • Please pray for precious baby Sarah of Hillsboro, Ohio. She was born 3 months premature and is on a vent but is stable but needs prayer to our Lord so she may remain strong and grow without any problems. Her family loves her greatly and she really is a blessing. Thank you in Jesus name.

    ~ Adeleen
  • pray for strength for my financial situation. Pray for a healthy child this year.

    ~ Tameka
  • I ask for blessings for you and your staff. The mass helps me when i cannot get out. Please pray for my family, friends, me and my finances. Thank you

    ~ pat
  • Fr. Mark will you pray for our daughters and grandchildren, they are struggling, they are raising their children by them selves. My husband and I are helping as much as we can, being on a fixed income has it’s limits. My hope is that they both can heal and be @ peace and happy one day to share their lives with someone, they both are good girls, husbands weren’t as serious with their vows, husbands both chose someone younger. I also ask you to pray for our grandson Jacob,
    Mass isn’t attend

    ~ Carolyn
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters plus Father Mark, Father Tony and all the other priests on Sunday Mass and holidays online: Happy New Year to all of you !! I enjoyed Sunday Mass and holidays with all of you throughout the year 2017 and am looking forward to another great year!! Continue keeping my health issues in prayer. I want so badly for good health to return to me. Pray for my famili’s safety and health. May God Bless each of you !!!!!
    Delores J,
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my family that our new business is successful. My husband was laid off over a month ago and we started our own business which is risky when we have three kids to take care off and our youngest is special needs. Thank you so much!

    ~ Angela
  • Thank you for the calendar. Please pray that I find a job rather quickly so that I don’t lose my home. And so I can support my son. Thank you.

    ~ Trisha
  • Lord of all, I humbly ask for Your mercy, strength and love during the new year so that José and I may carry out Your will as we continue to accept his illness with Your blessings. I also pray for the renewal of our daughter’s faith in You. In the holy name of Jesus, His blessed Mother and blessed Saint Joseph we pray.

    ~ Esther
  • Praying for a peaceful 2018
    Praying for my family and friends living and departed.
    Praying for my husband, Eric, who is suffering from chronic pain and depression, may God heal him physically, mentally and emotionally.

    ~ Elizabeth

    ~ Anonymous
  • For Scott Graham, his father Chaz, and Norine….to heal from the FLU
    For 9 month old Logan, to heal from the flu
    For Frank, in hospice to peacefully go to Christ
    For Ann, in the throes of maliscious Parkinsons
    For Doug, to have peace, and Christ’s love
    For Harriet, to help the poorest of the poor
    For Elizabeth, to find peace and sanctuary from outward evil
    For Freedom’s protectors
    Thanks for blessings and grace given to this author

    ~ robert
  • May the gift of faith be given to my dear husband Ralph and sons Mark and Matt and also to non-believing grandchildren. Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

    ~ Mary
  • That I may get over the flu and have successful cancer surgery. And that my son John and his wife Becca may find Union in there religious beliefs and her cancer treatment is successful and she does not get pregnant. Also that son David comes back to God and is civil.

    ~ Elaine
  • Please pray for me I lost my sister this year, it’s only been a few weeks since we put her to rest, feeling pain that I never experienced before please pray for me.Thank you.

    ~ E
  • Please pray for comfort and peace for my dear friend, Ann Ely, who is elderly and has deteriorated health. She is an angel on earth.

    ~ Emily
  • Please pray for my daughters Monica & Erica, that their undiagnosed health issues go away. Please pray that Erica Conrad& Chuck stop drinking alcohol. Please have them find God. Bless Isabella that she stays strong and does not follow in their footsteps. Keep her &Nevaeh from any bad influences. Please Remove the jealousy in Nevaehs heart & the feeling of abandonment she and Monica still have. Bless Chuck & I with our attempts to stop smoking & remove our illness. Bless my son Aaron in heaven

    ~ Janet
  • Help me to be strong since my husbands passing on 11.4.2016 of serious lung issues after many yrs esp the last 3 yrs of struggling to stay alive to be with & take care of me long as he could. He had permanent trachea n 2 bronchial stents & oxygen 24-7 His illness was very hard on us as a couple & esp on him in his life struggles. We loved each other so much & never gave up on our marriage contrary to the Devil trying to separate us. I know Steve is in heaven as I will be-with him & God.

    ~ Linda
  • I praise God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for another year. I pray for both guidance and deliverance in the year 2018. May God Bless me with my own home in 2018 . Also, may God deliver me from mice in the current home I am in-God come to my assistance, Lord make haste to help me-my love! Amen

    ~ Maria
  • Dear Archbishop Jerome Listecki,
    Please prayer for our Catholic Community. Our Beautiful church of St. Mary’s had a fire which will be 2 years in March 2018. The community is being divided. It can be repaired but our bishop wants to rebuild. Some parishioners want a new church others want to save our church which is a historical site. I miss
    the sense of being surrounded by the feeling of God and the peace that comes with it being in our beautiful church, I miss the church bells. Pray for us.

    ~ Kathy
  • Please pray for Becky Kotranza. She has been diagnosed with cancer.
    Please , dearest Lord God, heal her. I beg you ,give her strength, give her comfort and please let her know how loved she is. I thank you with all my heart. In Jesus’ name , Amen.
    I thank all of you for such love and kindness and all of your prayers. I pray our Dearest lord God , Precious Lord Jesus , Bless all of you as well.
    thank you again, Karen

    ~ karen
  • i made a big mistake and reacted to a family members suggestion, before thinking it out, and sadly not first time. i do have ptsd, but thats no excuse to hurt people i love and so supportive of me, does kind things. well sadly this time when i blurted off acted then thought hurt many people in family and close friends , to the point of no one talking and unfriending each other on facebook. i need prayer they forgive me, hearts heal and we all pull back together as friends and families are to

    ~ Brenda
  • For Lawanda Rae Steeley, who passed away December 19th in Santa Cruz California, at the age of 92, may her soul rest and be filled with love, care and joy. And may the Sherard and Harlan families, who she brought so much love, care and joy too- and who loved and cared for her- be supported and find peace in their lose.

    ~ Paul
  • Could you please pray for the Kerr, Marinelli and Bobst families?
    My 19 year old daughter died almost2 years ago and I’m having a hard time trying to go on with life.

    ~ Lisa
  • For the souls of my Son’s who have passed away and my husband may they rest in peac. And the strength I need to deal with the loss

    ~ Deborah
  • Please pray that the Lord would heal the rifts in my family that have been caused by my spiritual pride. I pray that my three sons would return to/grow in Christ.

    On a secondary note, I ask for health and opportunity to work productively to provide for my family.

    ~ Marvin
  • Please pray for my daughter & her two kids. Presently homeless & also in need of a car.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Improved mobility

    ~ Leslie
  • Prayer Request: I’m requesting prayer for my marriage, for my husband Nigel’s to be convicted of his sins and repent and come to know and accept Christ as his lord and personal savior, for him to leave the adulterous relationship he’s in and be reconciled with his wife and kids, please help me pray for restoration of my marriage. Thank you.

    ~ Coleen
  • Please pray for my father’s health to improve. His name is Felipe Cortes. He has been having trouble with his blood pressure being too high and his medicine hasn’t been working. He is going to see a specialist soon. Please pray that they come up with a solution that works for my father. He is a wonderful father, grandfather, friend, and brother. I’m blessed to get to call him dad. Thanks so much. -Marie Henderson

    ~ Marie
  • Please pray that my 83 year old husband Thaddeus uses all the breathing devices that have already been provided for him, that he accepts that driving and smoking days are over, and that he welcomes Jesus our Savior into his heart and mind; also for my psoriasis to heal. I ask everyone to join me in prayer for homelessness, brutality and senseless killing everywhere to end. Remember to thank God our Father for His blessings, for all that is good in in your lives; and for our beloved Sunday Mass

    ~ Paula
  • Please pray for those who we have lost on the tragedy of 2017 and their families who couldn’t go see their families on Christmas Day nor Christmas night and for the holidays as well because it’s hard to go through them without your love ones and friends and let’s pray for those who are homeless and need of prayers and last but not least let’s pray for those who need Jesus back in their lives or in Their lives so they get closer to Our Lord The Heavenly Father Jesus Christ.

    ~ Marissa
  • Shiva hear hubli …I m not well plz pray for me ….i stop everything…. But way this happing to me I don’t no … I am so excited to do god’s work but my health is not good… Today I spoke to room rent for gospel song practice the person is ready to give me That room….. Plz help me … I m ready to do god’s work…eone 10 members r ready do god’s work with me… Thank you

    ~ Shivakumar
  • My eyesight my daughter -in law just found out she has Breast cancer. Pray for her please. Thank you for my Blessings.

    ~ Mary Ann
  • a restoration of Health and weight since early 2015 so that I may care for my husband better, if it is God’s will and for him to be more comfortable.

    ~ Georgia

    ~ Joseph
  • Tony, Shonda and the children to be able to live quite peaceful lives that Tony shall receive the help he need to stop abusing his wife and children physically he has been removed from the home and he’s military nearly 20 yeas to retire now the military is involved

    ~ Gertrude
  • Please pray for my mother. She was recently diagnosed with cancer and it is spreading fast. My brother passed away in October. I need prayers for myself also. I recently lost part of my income and can not pay my bills and am so distraught along with battling Lupus.

    ~ Vanessa
  • I want say a big thanks to lord spiritual for restoring my broken relationship my boyfriend left me for another Girl, i needed him back desperately because i love him so much, as i was browsing through the internet i came across a woman’s comment on how lord spiritual brought back his husband who left for 2 months. i contacted him and he told me what to do, now i am happy again with my lover you can contact him via.. ancientspelltemple12@gmail.com or lord.spiritual@yahoo.com

    ~ angie
  • Please, pray for the repose of the soul of William Arthur “Bill” Moore. A dad of Savannah (12 years old), Ethan (9 years old), and Colette (7 years old). He and his wife Sonja, both Catholics, lost their faith along the way, and didn’t baptize their children. He was a very good and gentle man and I don’t know if he had a chance to see the priest or to ask God for mercy before he died. Thank you for all your prayers for his soul and for his family and for their conversion.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Pray for jay and i get back together. We were blessed to reconcile but his insecurities,fears and negative emotions have brought about his commitment phobia. Change jays heart and let him want me back. Open dialog Please bring us clarity and open the door to the future allowing us another chance at a successful​ start. Please pray Jay wants a relationship with me and only me. Let us let the past go. Please pray Jay has matured and his guilt will influence him to be a better man and more affectio

    ~ Stacee
  • I would like to pray for Wandile and I to be blessed with a financial and Operational business breakthrough (Lwakhi – Career Expo’s and healthcare supplier / Igumbini – Engineering services and Construction) and as we begin building & establishing our family and home, may God grant us the grace of good health, wealth,life,Joy,respect, loyalty,security and safety.May we remain forever equally yoked fully in the spirit of the Lord, may our union be of Glroy,Honour & a source of Joy,Life&salvation

    ~ Phindi
  • I pray for deliverance from poverty, occult powers, ancient alters ancestral alters, witches and wizards, and I pray for long live good health, fruitful womb and children, financial break through, financial open doors, divine connection, promotion in my office in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Amen.

    ~ Egodigwe
  • Please pray for my family in Mexico. They are still dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake that happened in September. Please pray for my niece Ana Lilia Reyes she was diagnosed with cancer.

    Thank you so much

    ~ Tania
  • Pray for carmina de la cruz for God to guide her way to him and keep her safe from any evil spirits in her life. Pray to restore our relationship in God’s time. In Jesus Name

    ~ albert
  • I just want all my family to be healthy and rid of the kidney stones we all have, also for my mom to be healthier herself and not be in so much pain due to her injuries, her financial burdens to fall off her shoulders and onto mine. Most importantly for my mom to not be as stressed an tired as she has been. Thank you, amen.

    ~ Jenny
  • Please pray for me and my husband. Please pray that I will find a work-from-home job so I can be home with my children because I can’t afford daycare. Please pray that my husband will get a job promotion I’ll his job to make more income for our family. We really need a breakthrough Financial breakthrough from the Lord. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ MONICA
  • I am 51 years old and gravely ill and still have two kids to raise and take care of. So if you can please pray for my healing I and my children would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    ~ Teresa
  • pray for me to get close to the lord in the year of 2018 i need spiritual guidance in my life lord help me alone the way in jesus name Amen

  • Hello, I am a student who is trying to finish her degree and graduate. I was supposed to graduate last spring but because of financial problems I decided to forgo the semester. This is my last semester (2018) and the tuition that I have to pay is $13,195.00 which I do not have. Please I beg you please pray for me to have the tuition reduced and to be able to pay so that I can graduate and help my parents. Please. Thank you. Amen

    ~ Tracy
  • Dearest Fathers:?Thank you for listening to my petitions. I lost my brother n mother in 2016 . It grieved me so much . I still need prayers to make me stronger.. I miss them so much..
    Second: I had neck fusion surgery in 2016 . I’m better but my dr. Wants to be careful n continue to take care of myself.. I can’t walk normal yet. My lower back hurts now from old injury I took many years ago! I want to walk good so I can be more normal n help my priests as a Lector n other ministers I used to b

    ~ Lena
  • I would like to find a place to live and no longer be homeless

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my Grandson to be healed of all the evilness that has abided in him, since his Dad walkekd out on the 3 of them, after singing under the tree. He’s deliberately failing school, and has told us how much he hates us. He is SO Mentally ill…I beg your Divine Healing Lord Jesus for our 11 year old, Caleb. God give Megan and Brianna the extra help they need, living with him. Let them not het sick as well, through Your Precious, most HOLY NAME, Jesus! Also please heal me of my many illness. Amen➕

    ~ Juanita
  • Please pray that I can keep my current job that I love. If that is not possible, please pray that I can find quickly a job that I love as much. Thank you!

    ~ Pat
  • Please pray for my mother to have the strength to stand up for herself and say no to those who use her – also for good health and to keep her safe. Please also pray for my nephew to get a job to support himself as well as a means to get to that job. Thank you.

    ~ Sharon
  • For our complete healing from breast cancer, as well as my aunt with stomach cancer and cousin with breast cancer. Thank you!

    ~ emma
  • Pray for Denise Philpott and family

    ~ Cathie
  • Please pray for my mother Dorothy. She’s in danger of losing her home and in a lot of financial debt. Please pray that God grants her the grace to obtain what’s needed to keep a roof over her head even if that means assissted living and to have the humility to accept that she can’t do this alone and needs some assistance. Also pray for her mental and emotional health.

    ~ Jide
  • I pray for my husband to return home to me again. I pray he will follow the right path and come home to be a husband and father again. Please guide him home to be faithful to us and realize he own wrongdoing. Please Father bring him home. Amen

    ~ Michele
  • MY mother, Eloise Porter, has Alzheimer’s and is living in Laurelwood
    Senior Living.

    ~ Pamela
  • Please pray for my neighbor Violet Navarette who has been battling Lympoma, Cancer, Lupus & was given a short time to live. Also, please pray that my family will find peace between my mother and I, help find cure for my Multiple Sclerosis, protect my family & friends always in the world today, & PLEASE KEEP MY DAUGHTER MADISON SAFE AND HELP HER TO SHOW ME MORE RESPECT. PROTECT THE WORLD FROM ALL OF THE TURMOIL GOING ON AROUND THE WORLD….THANK YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST

    ~ Mary
  • I am requesting prayer for my son to renew his faith in Christ. I’d like prayer for healing in my body, Thomasina’s body, Jemmise’s, and all of those who I haven’t mentioned. Heal our family and make all of it whole.

    ~ Tanisha
  • Pray for strength, guidance, and to get closer to God who is my Savior. Pray to remove all bad habits that are not of Him. Pray for finance to get better. I am Catholic and went to a Catholic school and church. Help me to find my way back. I have been told that I have an incurable disease and healing comes from God.

    ~ Tanja
  • I am suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder & Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I feel so lonely, so crazy.

    ~ James
  • I am fighting for custody of my youngest son.

    ~ Amanda
  • I have been falsely charged for a crime, I did not commit..

    ~ Harold
  • My oldest son ate food at someones house that gave him food poison please pray for him his nsme is Michael
    He has a ruptured hernia also ty

    ~ Sharon
  • I need prayer for my son, Daniel please. He is struggling. It almost seems everyone is. My daughter Brittany is having many problems. My uncle HE just found out, he has cancer. I have COPD, but I would rather , you pray for them please. My Uncle Tommy has Mesothelioma. So many people need prayer. Please. Thank you.

    ~ Tammy
  • Please pray for my family, so many losses, a lot of stress. I am disabled, please pray for my healing. Thank you.

    ~ Joan
  • My prayer to be empowered by those who strongly believe in the devil. My son has been missing for a year now. And the last thing I discovered about my son is he sold his soul to the devil to become a famous rapper. ( this has yet to happen and it has taken his mind: mentally, he doesn’t know what to do with the time and has totally forgot who his family is and lost contact with all of us) The devil is a liar and I want my son back….I want the world to pray with me. PLEASE.
    Thank you so much.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My father, Domenic Altomare, who was also a viewer, passed away December 3, 2017

    ~ Joseph
  • I pray to God my mental illness goes away.

    ~ Danny
  • Please pray that God continue to bless and protect us, our families, friends and pets and continue to help those that have suffered through the wildfires, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, any other disaster this year and mass shootings. May God bless those who have lost loved ones, especially children and those that are suffering or struggling in any way. May God alsp bless those in hospices and nursing homes and those that are in the last Christmas season.

    ~ Daniel
  • Please, people of God, I am asking for your faith in prayers for my brother Lucian. He is going through difficult emotional and mental pain and depression. He just had a complete mental breakdown and is now in the hospital. I know that Jesus will completely heal him and give him hope and happiness and blessings. I believe in God and know that he will heal my brother. Thank You.

    ~ Ioan
  • Richard, Heidi, Douglas, Lois, Jeff, and Kathy Grant

    ~ James
  • Mark from is healed from alcoholism, and the abuse his female partner places on him, let him be free and healthy again, we pray he starts speaking to his family once more and finds his warmth and home again, free from the negative circles and friends he has chosen. may he choose his daughters love and friendship over the alcohol abuse, aloofness & ill health. bring him home in health and kindness please. if this can’t be read aloud please if someone could silently pray for us. I miss my father

    ~ casey
  • I have 2 PHYSICAL IMPAIRMENTS, AND 6 PLUS MENTAL IMPAIRMENTS,, please pray for me I had my DISABILITY Hearing on December 22, 2017 , so now i am waiting on the final decision from the Judge ,, I have ASTHMA, CHRONIC BRONCHITIS, ADHD MULTIPLE DISORDERS OF THIS , PTSD, SEVERE DEPRESSION, OCD, GENERAL ANXIETY ISSUES, ,,, i HOPE everything will go my way and i wont have to worry no more having a hard time living day to day life , dont function well on a daily basis,, Thank You so much

    ~ TINA
  • Please keep my son safe. He is deployed overseas.

    ~ Matt
  • I am in dire need of financial help with debt and to be able to get a reliable vehicle. I need the vehicle to be able to not only get back and forth to work on time safely, but to be able to travel far away to my parents’ home to be able to help take care of them. They are elderly and in poor health and I cannot currently tend to them like I need, due to the lack of reliable transportation. I need help ASAP. Can you please pray for me?

    ~ Arlene
  • I need a prayer because I am having a lot of pain in my back and my side

    ~ Judy
  • Please pray that God will bring good health, love, peace, happiness, prosperity & abundance to my family & myself. Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • I want to pray for my two sons to make peace with each other and a special intention.

    ~ jim
  • include Karen Rochester,ny on nation prayer wall and altar for sunday mass
    include phillip buffalo,ny on nation prayer wall and altar for sunday mass
    include romex buffalo,ny on nation prayer wall and altar for sunday mass
    pray for emotional healing of sexual abuse, financial abuse, housing, health, dental, godly friends and godly mate for those on list. pray for financial abundance and a clean safe place to stay for those on list. food, clothing. amen

    ~ karen
  • I would like to pray for world peace, to end hunger and homelessness around the world, and for every man, woman and child to get along in peace and harmony, the way that I think the world was meant to be. Let us all come together to stop the violence, end hunger and homelessness, and to enjoy the fruits of the earth, that our God, has so relentlessly provided!!!!

    ~ CARLA
  • Please pray for me that God will grant me my hearts desire to reconcile in love with Amy. She is the love of my life and I long for reconciliation. I pray that God will shine His light upon me and bless me with this miracle. Though I do not deserve it for I have not been a model servant to God, I seek His miracle so I can share my love for God with others through answered prayer and complete hope and faith in God.

    ~ Tom
  • Peace and love to all!

    Please help me pray for the physical healing and recovery of my brother-in-law Rossini Peter who has a tumor and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. May the healing hands of Jesus be upon him to help him recover. I thank you very much and may the good Lord bless you always!

    ~ Rowena
  • Jesus, help me find good music teacher and help me become a child of God and accept You as my Saviour. Amen!

    ~ Henrik
  • For my sister who is in a severe condition in the hospital, that her condition resolved favorably.

    ~ Mary
  • To make a long story short, I need prayer that God will remove the pain and suffering I’ve been going though after doing a huge favor for a particular person a couple of years ago. Please pray that he will remove those by the month of January at the latest. Also, please pray that 2018 will be a year of happiness, great health, success and prosperity for me and my entire family, and that God will help all of us with situations that are beyond are control.

    ~ Daniel
  • Prayers for my son a Paratrooper in the U.S. Army deployed to Korea!

    ~ David
  • Please pray that my family is healed from estrangement and terrible anger and accusations. It has caused hurt, ill health, troubled marriages, and much discord. Please pray that my children will return to their faith and to our church and toward God in their lives. They are falling way to the influences of the media, social media, peers, and drugs/alcohol/sex. Please pray that they turn toward God.

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray that I may be able to conceive and have a healthy baby.

    ~ Katie
  • My dad (name is M.BARNABAS) suffering lung infection doctor saying both lungs are not working and huge sputum it is very critical condition, Kindly pray for my dad. Sputum come out from the body and lungs should work properly, Please pray for my dad.

    Kindly pray for my DAD

  • Glory be to Jesus Christ!
    Brothers and sisters in Christ! Be blessed, peace and good will be between us!
    And I ask you, brothers and sisters, about prayers in the intentions of new vocations to the priesthood from our country in the coming 2018. That the young guys with full courage and determination, firmness and openness followed the voice of Jesus, who urges them to follow Him and serve the people of Kazakhstan.

    ~ Sergey
  • my request- is God to dissolve my life and stay in kenya and dissolve every stubborn problem affecting my life and to go and start a vibrant and progressive life full of action

    ~ alexander
  • Please pray for me and Samriddhi Gauniyal that we can have a life time relationship…Our situation doesn’t looks like we will ever have a relationship and it is getting more bad….So please pray for me..Amen

    ~ Powell
  • I’m struggling to feel and see God in my life as my teen-aged son quit going to Mass altogether, my husband no longer wants to serve at Mass, our home-bound ministry was yanked out from under us due to no fault of our own, I left a part-time job I considered a ministry to go full-time at what I’d hoped would be a ministry that’s just a job and my daughter is a diva. Yet, I continue to consecrate myself to Mary, asking for her help to get through this very deep valley. God bless your ministry.

    ~ Laurie
  • I wish my sisters,brothers ,me and our pets will be lucky,healthy,safe,prosperous this next year, thank you God, amen.

    ~ Edgardo
  • I pray and ask prayers that our Holy Father,Pope Francis,will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in compliance with the request of Our Lady of Fatima.

    ~ Patricia
  • On May 30, 2017 my whole world was flipped upside down. My children were taken from me and my fiance over hear-say accusations since then, my three daughters have been through some crazy trauma as we have too, they have been moved twice and Gerald and I have been trying so hard to get them home! We have court coming up on January 11, 2018 and I was wondering if we could have you pray for the judge to be in high spirits on the day we go back to court so our babies can come home! Thank you

    ~ Lindsey
  • Viral photo of a 12-year-old praying with Santa for his sick father’s health will melt your heart http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/viral-photo-12-year-old-praying-santa-his-sick-fathers-health-will-melt-your-heart-1652735

    ~ Anonymous
  • Jacob Coker, Jacob Coker’s dad, Jacob Coker’s mom, Jennifer Paone, Katherine Paone, Elisabeth Paone, Bruce Paone

    ~ Anonymous
  • pray we get back to normal and that the people living with with us will leave very soon we cant take anymore of there drama nor them stealing from us we cant pay bills or buy food because of them. they are just making trouble for us and im in the middle with no way out. we need a prayer really bad before we lose what we have. we cant keep living like this wish we had the money

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me that the dental procedure that will be done tomorrow will be good and that I won’t have any gum problems anymore. Also prayers requested for my 94 year old mother who has been sick lately , that if it is time for her to go , that she won’t have anymore pains. Prayers needed for my husband that his prostate gland be free from any unwanted distractive cells. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.

    ~ G.
  • pray for me so that i can overcome multiple trials and burdens that I have been struggling with for several years , i recently started listening to relevant radio and have felt my faith for the catholic religion grow ever so strong, and will start attending a st marry s catholic church close by my home,
    many thanks!

    ~ alejandro



    ~ SONIA
  • May my husband, John “Jack ” Siemann, recover completely from his stroke.

    ~ Donna
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters plus Father Mark Payne and all the other priests at Heart of the Nation:

    Merry Christmas to all !! Its been a pleasure to spend another Christmas Mass with all of you.
    Continue praying for my health issues and praying for my daughter and son in law to have good health and our Boston terrier dog. Happy birthday Jesus !!
    Delores J,
    Henry, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • My honey is over sea and been working, I ask for prayer for her? Her name is Terr.
    That she get back with out any problems , and also with what she did go for, on her products? And that I can go back with her also, and make a lot more money with her next time?
    It is hard she go’s by her self, and better I go with her. And safer if I am with her.
    We are trying to make a life, as we work hard. And hope to have a family to.
    She been crying, as she is not home for Christmas and it is hard.

    ~ M
  • Prayers for my Daughter Tanya Young to make right choices and get clean

    ~ Tanya
  • I have read some of your prayer’s
    for you who have asked for those of your family, I pray for you .
    some of you ask for yourself, I pray for you.
    some ask for others,
    I ask God for you and those who you love above yourself.I pray for you.
    I have a job,a home.am happy.all I pray for ,is to keep on,keeping on for me.
    to you all of you who have such big needs,
    I feel for you.
    you have MY prayers.

    ~ Michael
  • Prayers for my sister, Irene and my brother, Richard. Also, for my children and their families.

    ~ Darlene
  • Prayers for my sister, Irene and my brother, Richard. Also, for my children and their families.

    ~ Darlene
  • To cure Nancy G. of cancer.
    To welcome Bill M., Joan Y. , Holly, and Donald W. into heaven.
    For me to obtain the asking price on my aunt’s house
    For my Brother Donald to obtain the Medicaid exemption so he won’t have to sell the house or have a lien put on it.
    For me to heal and recover from all the losses this year. And to change this fear of more losses into joy.

    ~ Donna
  • Guidance for my autistic son to acclimate into society and my husband to accept the situation

    ~ Angela
  • I need your prayers
    please pray to finish my birthday presentation to Jesus Christ and upload tomorrow
    Pray for my friend maria who is in prison may the lord uplift her spirit and may her family never forget her and be God centered family.
    Help them in there weaknesses.
    Please pray for me and family to love God above all , to live a life full of prayer and fasting , humility,Hardworking
    Please pray for us to bless financially and pay debts and sustain needs.may the lord res

    ~ Krystale
  • Hello ! I Jacqueline montgomery writing for prayer.i am praying God restore my hair .it fell out due to alopecia over a year ago.this is very hard to deal with. Thanks and God Bless

    ~ Jacqueline
  • Please pray a special Christmas prayer for me that Brittany will love me the way that I want to love her. Thank You. Amen.

    ~ Chris
  • Please keep myself and my two sons, Richie and Andrew in your prayers, Our family is going through a rough time right now. Thank You

    ~ Tabitha
  • My prayer is for to find a part-time job. My prayer is for a company who will work with my hours ” which is 25 hours a week. A company that understands a person who is disable and wants to work. Also my prayer is for a financial blessing for at $1,500.00 cause I can get back on my feet. This will be a miserable Christmas for me this year. I want be getting anything for Christmas. Really that’s every Christmas. I’m just praying to get on my feet again. God Bless. I know God will make a way .

    ~ La'Forrest
  • Please pray for my family and friends. Also please pray that I have a speedy recovery and that my pain will eventually go away and I,will be able to sleep comfortable and walk without pain.. Thank you

    ~ Jan
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters plus Father Mark Payne, and all the other priests at Heart of the Nation online: Merry Christmas to all and let us not forget the reason for the season !!!!!!!! Continue praying for my health issues. Pray that better health will be in store for me in the New Year of 2018.
    Pray for my daughter and son in law to come back to Christ…May God Bless each of you !! I have enjoyed Sunday Mass with you online throughout the year of 2017 !!!
    Delores J
    West Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for the Stemple family. Bring us together in faith, love and acceptance of each other. We have some that choose to show hatred, and keep Aunts & Uncles from visiting their nieces and nephews. Help their hearts to show love, and let them know that the gift of forgiveness was given from a grateful heart. Grant unto us your peace, and bless us with the gift of your favor precious Lord. Thank you for the gift of your son, and we praise his holy name on this most sacred of days.

    ~ Cheryl
  • I request prayer for a legal situation. I was arrested for investigation of operating a vehicle under the influence. It is still pending and I have not yet been officially charged. I thank God that all evidence is destroyed and shall not work against me. Every adversary is defeated.

    I have repented and asked Jesus for forgiveness of these sins.

    ~ Henry
  • I need my family healed, the bridges burnt on both sides healed. My sister is dying of cancer, and I can’t even get through to her. My daughter back in my life. God knows why/what to fix. Whenever two or more are gathered in his name, there he is also. I need to be believed, I have osteoporosis, so on, I hope with loads of prayer, help will come for me. Thank you.

    ~ Teresa
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart
    Poor Souls

    ~ Anonymous
  • I pray that God’s will be done in my life and my family’s lives. Particularly my only living child, my son.

    ~ Belinda
  • My mom Lisa and my granny Elizabeth is sick and in need of prayer also my sister is in a bad way and needs prayer, my uncle Marcus recently found out he has cancer he needs prayer thanks to anyone that helps my family is in a bad way and and all ways that would happen to a family I’m struggling to live on my own with my son and keep the bills paid and worrying about my family on top of that but I believe in the power of prayer and god will show me the way. Thanks

    ~ Sarah
  • I would like to add Martin Glinski to the Prayer list. He is home bound and in hospice care.

    ~ Christine
  • Elizabeth Johnson is home bound and I would like to have her name added to the prayer list. Thank you and God Bless.

    ~ Christine
  • Thanksgiving for blessings on my family this year. Prayers for a closer relationship w/God and w/each other among our four grown children and grandchildren! Thank you.

    ~ louise
  • God Bless Edward and Laura Krasnicki a great mom and dad and god bless Maureen Krasnicki

    ~ Robert
  • My son Morgan has been in jail since October 15th 2017 for violating his probation he drank 1/2 beer. He knows he did wrong but now they want to put him in prison for 6 years. We pray that they have mercy on him, he is only 26 and we pray the punishment will fit the crime. The procecutor for the state has verbally said she didn’t like him we pray God will change her heart

    ~ Theresa
  • Please pray for my daughter, Rebecca.
    She is having spousal problems not
    Quite sure what it is but they or I shud
    Say he is wanting a separation until he
    Can figure out what he wants! Needs his space! They have two young girls,
    One 3. & one less than one! ,please pray that they find a solution to their
    Problems, open his eye to what his obligations are, may he see the way of
    Our lord.

    ~ Mike
  • please pray for my sister lori she has to go thru court janury 4th 2018 god knows about this problem all my family needs pryers also my cousin sherri needs pryers she lost her son on christmass 3 year ago this december my cousin shot and killed himself

  • please pray for my sister lori who well be going thru court janury 4th 2018 god knows about this please pray for my family we all could use pryers

  • I have severe depression, no job, no money, feeling suicidal. Please say a prayer for me

    ~ Tim
  • For my sisters Adriana Flores who is battling stage 4 cancers throughout her body. Please loosen her pain

    ~ IDA
  • For Barbara and John and those who passed before them – receive the Grace of the Lord

    ~ Susan
  • We are losing everything again because my husband is not working and our family is try to live on one income I just need prayer to be able to keep everything and our electricity not be turned off and my husband to find a job to help us out.

    ~ Alicia
  • I have a 18 month old that was diagnosed with RSV. He is so sick and miserable. And I have a 3 year old grandson that is also sick with flu-luke symptoms. I ask for healing of both babies. Thank you and God bless you!

    ~ Teresa
  • I have had such a rough life . I moved to Payson AZ from Califonia. I am starting over…
    I have chonic Pain from 4 spine surgeries nerve damage. Also lost husband. Almost 2 years conning up which has been really hard. But me. I met couple months ago a windowed parent of 1 son he’s seems so great. He has helped me a lot to realize I have to move on. I care about this man and his son. His son emails me all the time. But please I can’t get hurt again Don’t let him hurt me sometimes get a gut feel

    ~ Nancy
  • Please pray for my husband, Rick Curry, that he will regain his abilities and stay healthy following suffering a stroke.
    Please God Bless the souls of my mother, Mary DelPrete and my father, Edward DelPrete that they Rest In Peace Amen.

    ~ Laurie
  • Please pray for my husband, Mark. He was recently diagnosed with lymphoma.

    ~ Deborah
  • I played to rest my oldest Son, Bobby on December 3, 2017. He was just 40 years old, and a Light to the World! He was pure love to all he met! He is mourned by his two brothers, 6 great nieces and nephews, a husband, and thousands of others. Please pray for his family and I, his mother, during this time is having a very hard time accepting his passing! Your prayers are welcomed!
    With Love
    Mom Harriett

    ~ Harriett
  • I would like a prayer for me that in the upcoming year I will have better health and wealth, so I may spend it with my grandchildren….. Please keep me strong Lord….Also to keep my faith strong with the recent passing of my mother and brother, as my Faith has been shaken. Thank you

    ~ Jane
  • Please keep me and my three daughters in your prayers. I have really been facing some hardships in life and I want to devote my life to Christ and live for the Lord. I’m so tired physically mentally and emotionally and its taking it’s toll on me. I don’t feel like myself I feel like giving up. I don’t have family and I feel so lonely in everything in life. Giving up is not an option I am trying so hard but I need help I need prayer I need God to intervene now. Please pray for me. Thank you

    ~ Brandi
  • For my son Henry so that he will return to church

    ~ Eileen
  • Please pray for my daughters healing of her addiction!

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my brother who is very sick from the flu and needed to be monitored over night.

    ~ Karen
  • Pray for my mom’s eyes to get better. She suffers from severe chronic dry eyes that causes her to have difficulty seeing.

    ~ Thomas
  • Please Pray for my Family Alvarado For us to get Closer to Our Lord Jesus and Leave the worldly sins behind us.Please pray for me to listen and know when I am being sent a message from HEAVEN.I have been making the wrong choices in my Life …I just want to be happy and have Love in my heart and mind again.But most of All I would like prayer for wisdom.Thank U and Amen

    ~ Leticia
  • For myself and family, we have family members who are having health Issues

    ~ Gracie
  • Please prayer for the health of Larissa,Anna,Alexander.Employment assistance Anna.Pray,give money to our daily bread.

    ~ Larisa
  • May god bless you and grant all your wishes in this upcoming year

    ~ Luz
  • Pleas pray for a Christmas miracle for Joey.
    Thank you and God bless all of you. 🙏

    ~ Sally
  • I am asking for any and every one to please pray for me! I am diabetic on insulin pump and im very ill. I have diabetic ulcers on both feet which is causing me not to be able to walk. The infection in these places is causing alot of sickness and is very painful. Also am having financial issues and no insurance which is stopping me from getting the medical treatment i need nor the supplies i need. I dont know where to turn for help so i give it to God! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    ~ Cristal
  • We my son and I have been praying my Disability appeal would be approved and I would start getting a income,haven’t had income since last July just used last of my savings.Don’t want to lose our home we have back taxes and new taxes we need to pay we have till April 1st and they put our home in foreclosure.I inherited the home last April after mother-in-law passed away .I have taken care of her since she became ill 25yrs ago.My son and I live here I’ve lived here 34yrs my son 30.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    ~ Bonita
  • Please pray for my Wife who if fighting addiction and the powers of Satan, who has her lost.

    ~ robert
  • Please pray for our daughter Krystal and her family so they might find peace and happiness again. Our daughter and husband are at odds again.

    ~ Karen
  • my prayer intention is for my husband and I to connect spiritually and physically and mentally in the new year. align our hearts with God. be strong in our faith and lead our family with integrity. also, would like to pray for nation and fight the stronghold that evil has on many of the hearts of our leaders. may the mentally ill find the help they so desperately need. may children of neglect find care and love. and may abuse from one human to another fade. may reality be concrete.

    ~ HOLLY
  • To find a home and restart my life

    ~ Charleah
  • My name Dwi. Please pray for me without ceasing. I need a lot of prayers and miracles.

    ~ Dwi
  • please pray a Godly man comes into my life —-

    in the California dating scene this is tough to find

    ~ K
  • Please pray for me in the name of our lord Jesus Christ that me and the girl to whom I am going to marry or want to marry both stays together till the death aparts us, pray that we can live understanding each other on our journey, pray that we both live a true Christian couple life and also pray that we live through Jesus Christ till we both meet death, i believe in our lord Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father that they have heard us and soon they will answer our prayer. Thank you.

    ~ Rikseng
  • Please prayer for my sister Colleen.She has been battling stage 4 Breast cancer for a few years.God gave us a miracle and she went into remission but it didn’t last.She is in the hospital now because her liver is completely blocked.Please pray that the blockage will be healed ASAP. I don’t live close but my other sister says she is real yellow,very tired and pretty much out of it.Please prayer for complete healing .All cancer Be Gone And Never be allowed to return.Thank everyone for your prayers

    ~ Patricia
  • Please pray for my father who is 92, has significant medical problems, and new onset dementia. Please pray for my brother Fran, who struggles to care for him.

    ~ Theresa
  • I am asking for prayer for my husband and myself new business that we are trying to get off the ground. Our business will help us a lot financially and we can finally be together as a family.

    ~ Lavonne

    ~ kk
  • I wish to pray for those afflicted with mental health problems.

    ~ Susan
  • My mother is gravely Ill,I am physically Ill,my husband works extremely hard and is beginning to be tired and my daughter of 16 needs us both to help her become an adult and become successful. Please pray for us as we strengthen our hearts,minds,bodies and souls. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ…AMEN

    ~ Katherine
  • Please pray for me a home for my family a better paying job to be able to afford my home

    ~ Charlotte
  • Please pray for my son
    Antonio . He is only 12 and has been praying for years to meet his biological family . He feels alone with only me (his mom) he really wants to meet his sisters and grandfather and family in Italy. I pray his father and wife will change their hearts one day and see how much it hurts Antonio to feel so alone. He is a good boy and always reaches out to help others. He has such a big heart and very caring , he loves everyone. Please pray for us God Bless. And thank you

    ~ Pauline
  • Pray for my family and friends that this New Year 2018 will bring good health. And give them the strength to accomplish anything that stands in their way. May they have the resources to obtain employment which will bring them fulfillment in their lives. Protect them from any health related disease and help them battle with any diseases which they may have already. In your name Amen.

    ~ Juanita
  • Pray for my up coming court dates

    ~ Heather
  • a prayer that never gets answered a prayer that a woman comes into my life . this would be a Christmas miracle but miracles dont happen to me

    ~ greg
  • Blessing to my mother in law Joan who is in heaven. I miss her. Prayer requests for my brother and I who need protection from sociopath mother. She has made what used to be my family believe that I was never abused. Both she and my ex husband abused me and I need a break from all of this. Thanking God who sent Byron who has similar history so he can give true support. Prayers for Byron as well, he struggles with brain injury, and physical aftermath of car accident.

    ~ mary
  • I ask that you pray for me and my husband Martin. we are Having extreme financial difficulties right now. Please pray that we are blessed with a financial blessing from the Lord. amen. Thank you so very much

    ~ Michelle
  • I need u to pray for my nephew Cory John he is in need of a lot of prays right now he is 17 an a good boy just going down the wrong road he needs Christ in his life

    ~ Charlotte
  • Please pray for my friend Judy as she has surgery today to remove cancer from her liver. She has been fighting Stage 4 Breast Cancer for 2 years.

    ~ Shawna
  • That my son will be able to have a doctor finally diagnosis his illness. Also that his state of mind will improve so he is not so depressed because he has no quality of life due to his illness.

    ~ Peg
  • Mi sister is currently pregnant, but in a couple of hours, she will undergo a curettage as both babies didn’t develop correctly and died one 7 weeks ago and the second two weeks ago, this all happen exactly a year after having her first miscarriage. Please pray for her and husband as they are both really stressed out and sad.

    ~ Araceli
  • My husband has “seizures” which affect “His” everyday daily chores. Please pray for “them seizures” to be removed from “His” body and be able to perform “His” daily tasks more independently. Thanks, and my God Bless You!

    ~ Jacqueline
  • Having a hard time finding a job

    ~ Charles
  • I would like to pray for our great nation, that we somehow find a way to forgive, forget and to just move on. So much of the fighting, violence and discord is coming from the past, from the point of no one can change what happened. Start fresh, start anew. We can’t change what HAS happened, but maybe working together, we can keep it from happening again.

    ~ Sue
  • Am requesting this intention for my Grandfather Ocloo Joe who is currently in a hospital on admission. On oxygen can’t eat. I pray God’s healing hands should touch him at this moment.

    ~ Stephen
  • Pray I receive a job and my car payment is made. Need financial help…

    ~ Jojo
  • Thank You , JESUS!💗💗💗

    ~ Karen
  • Healing- Communication- Connections to family- Positive living, thinking- Letting go of past and using it against others-
    Self love, Love for daughters, Showing them- Appreciation.

    This request is for my mom. We are having a difficult time. She just had triple bypass surgery in November. Praying she heals well. As well as letting go of resentment. Praying she will humble herself with her daughters & stop pushing us away with meanness 🙁
    Help us oh Father. We need you & call upon you. Amen

    ~ Liza
  • Please pray that I will be able to visit my mother for the first time in 50 years before she passes away. I have not seen her since I was 6 and now I am 56. She is 74. I have transportation but my disability check is gone after bills with nothing left over. Pray that I can somehow squeeze out the gas money to go to Texas to visit her.

    ~ lisa
  • for my sister in-law Debra , pray her doctors will find a way to stop her intestinal cancer .
    Thank you, God bless Angela

    ~ angela
  • For Betty Purracchio for her cough/cold to leave her body and for her to find her joy again. For Sharon Iacobucci who is in a medially induced coma and needs prayers for her recovery. For David Fox who needs prayers for strength to continue carry the weight of our world on his shoulders. He is a good man who has gone through a lot of turmoil this year and he is in need of spiritual assistance to return to our Lord. For myself, Elizabeth Fox. For my own recovery and spiritual help to walk again.

    ~ Elizabeth
  • My mother has a disease that attacks the internal organs and has been in the hospital 3 times in the last 5 weeks.

    ~ Carmen
  • That God will bles my family during these difficult times. Hedge a protection over our lives and let no hurt harm or danger come upon us and that we would not harm others with our mouths or any thing that is ours. Heal our bodies and deliver us from evil and turn our bad to good. Touch our families and friends both far and near! Pray for the Lord to heal my body, mind and soul. Thankful for God blessing my life thus far! As well as the lives of others!

    ~ Regina
  • Please Pray for my parents. My dad goes through so much in his life and taking Care of my mother. My mom has been going through many medicines and she has seizures and my dad has 10 stints around his heart.. And as for myself i take 3 different high blood pressure medicines.But i want my parents to continue to be healthy and live better and longer. In Gods Name I Pray. Amen

    ~ Anna
  • To have a happy and healthy and, safe new year……. Thanks. Miss Arethesa Pettit…….

    ~ Arethesa
  • That there Roderiguz family be safe and that the daca program is made into law and that Tania continues her healing and strength in the LORD.

    ~ Erica
  • That I may walk again. Continue my strength in the LORD. He’s blessed me to live after being v declared dead and on life support for over 5 weeks. That I may be blessed with a vehicle that’s large enough for a wheelchair and walker to get back and forth to my dr appointment. I’m so blessed and loved by god. At only 45 this time last year God not only saved my life he saved my soul. Right now I can’t run but I’ll run my mouth for God. that peace and love reign over all the world. Love everyone.

    ~ Erica
  • Prayers for self-sufficiency, employment, prayers for the motivation for the both of us to change and become successful, productive citizens and to be a strong family and the best parents to our daughter as we can.

    ~ Alicia
  • Please deliver my daughter Lauren Jenkins from the demon Abraxas, Duarte and their legions, multi-generational satanic practices, and witchcraft spells. Pray for her complete deliverance from the Unnamed. Pray for her complete healing of bipolar disorder and for it never to return. Pray for her release from the Tucker Pavillion in a timely fashion. In His name, Amen.

    ~ debra
  • I would like prayer when it comes to my finances. My husband and I are both disabled and we need to save as much as we can towards a new used car so we can get to doctors appointments ect.

    ~ Kimberly
  • I pray that everyone suffering from cancer be cured

    ~ NANCY
  • Prayer requested for Steven who has a number of problems and issues including addictions to nicotine and caffeine in addition to spiritual issues and mental illness. He suffers from depression and loneliness on a daily basis.

    ~ Joyce
  • Please pray for my husband of 33 yrs He will be 55 on Christmas Day and is suffering stage 4 Kidney failure He was the recipient of a Donor Heart 8 yrs ago which is a gift of a life time no words to describe our gratitude He’s a survivor of apergilus fungal pneumonia from March 2015 which is a miracle in itself This past few months my husband has been struggling with weakness though out his body and major depression due to his health issues He really needs some strong uplifting prayers Thank you

    ~ sha
  • Please pray for Pauline Okraszewski 92, from S8, NY Beloved wife of the late William Okraszewski. Mother to Helene Carol, John, and the late Lois
    She was a loving grandma of Jon,Tara,Victoria, Brandon, Jessica, Amanda. She was a homemaker who volunteered in her community. She was a good friend, loving mother n law. She will be very missed. She will always be in our hearts forever.

    ~ Karen
  • Dear God,
    Thank you for everything you have given me. I hope you hear the cry of my father(lost $1000), which both of my parents made after working overtime (7days/week). I hope you also give me the strength to make it through pharmacy school and make my parents proud. I know I won’t get into the honor society, but I hope one day I recieve an award that can be hung up in the living room. Please also keep all of my family (including my loved ones in heaven) & friends happy, healthy & safe.

    ~ Annie
  • Please pray that my wife, Heidi, will forgive me and come back to me so that we may live the rest of our days together as husband and wife loving God and loving each other.

    ~ Daniel
  • Thanks be to God for His loving mercies, hope, and healings. I humbly ask Abba Father for healing of past traumas/abuses and to be remade so I can be more Christlike. Need complete healing/restoration of my personal being, life, health, finances and repairing of adult children’s relationships. May Jesus Christ reign supreme in my life and lives of my adult children/grandchildren.

    ~ Faith
  • United Nations and keeping peace Kabal Afghanistan and Siri please say a prayer for all of them

    ~ Sheila
  • Please pray that Stephen Nelson will be free from his addiction to Meth and all drugs and alcohol and that he will be able to resist his urges so he can be the man God wants him to be. Please pray that he will be free from the demons of addiction.

    ~ Karla
  • Thanks be to God for His loving mercies, hope, and healings. I humbly ask Abba Father for healing of past traumas/abuses and to be remade so I can be more Christlike. Need complete healing/restoration of my personal being, life, health, finances and repairing of adult children’s relationships. May Jesus Christ reign supreme in my life and lives of my adult children/grandchildren.

    ~ Faith
  • Please pray for my son’s healing. He loves soccer and his biggest dream is to become a soccer player for a big team. During his practice, he injured himself and need to have knee surgery. I pray that my son heals and recovers 100% so that he may continue to pursue one of his biggest dreams in life. Jesus one word from you will heal him completly. God bless.

    ~ Elsa
  • Please pray for me I’ve not been feeling well and I’m getting test done and I have a liver disease! Also someone dear to my heart my son is in a little trouble and need all the prayer he can get so please pray for my family its really been stressful the last 6 or 7 months. It’s really been bad but I pray that all I know to do.

    ~ Karleen
  • My son, John S. LaFontaine, served our great country in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result of his service his pancreas has shut down and he has full-blown Type-1 diabetes. Recently he has developed a diabetic heart condition. Please can you say a prayer for my son to have renewed vigor and health for the New Year. Thank You and may God Bless You All this coming year.

    ~ Charlene
  • Please pray that i will change my life around so i can be healthy n better person

    Also please pray for all my family mom gettung leg cut off n dad gotta have heart surgery

    ~ Tabitha

  • I have severe depression, no job, no money, feeling suicidal. Please say a prayer for me

    ~ Tim
  • Please pray that my son will return to himself and become a member of our family, my husband (his and my daughter’s dad) passed awY in 2008 my son struggled with his death we healed him through. He meets a young lady that’s 4 years older than he is at the time My Son was twenty she was 24. They were engaged it was called off he went back there is now a Grandaughter That I’ve seen 2 times and she’s almost 2. Bless my finances as well

    ~ SHARON
  • I was a single mom not by choice. My husband cheated on me and left me for that woman. I tried my best to raise my 2 children as Christians…..to live it out before them,they were taken to church and they saw many miracles of God growing up. They have both left the faith. My number one prayer request is for them to come back fully and never leave(to the Lord). Please agree with me in prayer. Thanks so very much!


    ~ Anonymous

    ~ SALLIE
  • Prayers please for mental and physical health and continued success. She tries so hard and succeeds but she still has doubts about herself. Prayers for her little boy Channing as well.

    ~ Allyson
  • Prayers please for health and safety.
    Please for the right meds to help clear up dementia. Amen
    Thank you

    ~ Trini
  • Prayers please that he’s kept comfortable and has a peaceful death.
    Thank you

    ~ Benjamin
  • Prayers please for mental healing and please pray he doesn’t get caught up in drugs. He just turned 18 and graduated HS and he deals with terrible depression. I just pray he’s successful and happy. Amen
    Thank you

    ~ Tristan
  • Prayers please for health and ability to regain independence.
    Thank you

    ~ Carolyn
  • Please pray for my son and his wife and son as they move ,let them be safe.let my son be able to find a job and get back home..Amen..

    ~ Marie
  • Dear GOD, Please hear my prayer, I am praying for my family. You know what is going on, and I need your strength and that everything works out with all of us. In the name father, the son, and the holy spirit Amen

    ~ Jean
  • I had a 3D mammogram and they see something in the right breast. I am going on December 26 for further test. Please pray for me. I am a caregiver for my husband who has MS. He needs me.

    ~ Sandra
  • Please help the sale of our home go through smoothly and fruitfully. Please help the home pass the inspection with minimal issues and minimal impact on the agreed upon price of our home. We really want this sale to work out so we can purchase our next home and so the buyer of our house can move into our home and make it her own. Amen.

    ~ Katie

    ~ SALLIE

    ~ SALLIE
  • Please pray for me. In a very dire situation. Need a new place to live immediately and cant afford to move and too old to keep hiding in the woods. Trying to hold on until Christmas for my grandchildren but its getting harfer and harder.

    ~ Lorri

    ~ DAVID
  • Please pray for the salvation of my family. Please pray for my grandson that he would come to know Jesus Christ. I ask you to pray for his self confidence. He is overweight and very depressed.
    He is trying to lose but he is 18 and it is very hard on me. He has been made fun of his whole life because of his weight. He doesn’t even like going out in public because of his weight issue. My heart hurts for him. Thank you so much!

    ~ Joyce
  • Pray for my son Taz Nguyen who is in heaven, may he rest and be free. Amen

    ~ Linda
  • For my son, to be able to walk again and be pain free

    ~ Alice
  • Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. Please kindly pray for my family and me for protection, good health and prosperity. Please pray for my sons for God to order their steps and prosper them. Amen.

    Thank you.

    ~ Ivor
  • Please help me get through this period of time … I am hanging on but feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my family, friends to be healthy and live a long life! To find a steady job close to home and to be able to live comfortable. Not always pay check to paycheck.

    ~ Valerie
  • My husband died in his sleep at 45. I need prayers to help me get thru this Christmas. I miss him so.

    ~ michelle
  • Please pray for me as I have lupus and recently been experiencing worsened health problems which I’m scared about. Thank you

    ~ Jennifer
  • thank you

    ~ mohamed
  • I ask that you give me the strength to get through this hard time I just started working and I got sick so now I have to wait till I’m not sick to go back to work I have a chronic pain and my husband is trying to hold it together I need him to have the strength to get through this he’s been holding it together but it’s hard on him we just had another baby he’s 7weeks old and our 14 yr old and 2 yr old we have a lot going on we need God in our lives more than ever.god bless

    ~ Melissa
  • Please pray for my family. My brother in law committed suicide. We are struggling to find peace. Depression is worsening for my husband and I. Our finances are causing stress on us individually, as a couple, and as a family with our 3 children. Please pray for our health and our family, so we may have peace and comfort…. alleviate stress and sadness. Give us strength to grow as a family and individuals. Help us to love each other and grow that love to care for each other. Thank you.

    ~ Ruth
  • Please pray for my health..total healing

    ~ lorraine
  • My self& my son&husband to find a house with room for my cats and us to be happy and not be bothered by others and that we have money for a car and food.

    ~ Marlene
  • that my diabetes & eye gets better

    ~ steve
  • Financial help the right woman in my life much love… understanding

    ~ Daniel
  • Foster children in need of families

    ~ Kimberly
  • Pray for my revenge.

    ~ sathish
  • I would like a prayer for my daughter to stop being hateful and mean towards me and to plz let me see my grandkids. Also, for my boyfriend to treat me with more respect and to spend more time with me instead of with his ex.

    ~ Gracie
  • Hello,

    My name is Joseph Tremblay and I would like to request an important prayer for December 21, 2017. I will attending a court hearing regarding a case and I would like to ask for prayers my case will be dismissed and the court hearing goes well. Thank you! God bless!

    ~ Joseph
  • Hello. We have a 17 mo old son and my wife is having problems finding a job to help with finances. In turn it is hurting her emotionally for her and putting a damper on our 5 year marriage. I need a prayer to help things to turn in the right direction to relieve the stress. Thank you and God bless!

    ~ Mark
  • Peace for all. May we all know peace.

    ~ Julie
  • Please pray for me to be healed by my Gout which has been worrying me for the last few years. Thank you.

    ~ JOEL
  • PIease pray for me to be rich. I want to win the FreeLotto and Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes on December 22, 2017


    ~ ODETTE
  • Im having Back Surgery Jan.8 at OSF Peoria IL Hospital and would like to have healing prayers. Thank You

    ~ Melissa
  • help me sell my business and person who buys it will be very happy. Help me do well in my business meanwhile, I am suffering inside with worry, stress, anxiety and failure. Please help, I am 67 years and cannot this pressure.
    Please help my son D start working, do well in his career and find the right girl in his life so they can be happy and prosperous together. I am crying for your help and prayers. Sorry to be asking again

    ~ Annette
  • Please prayer for my son Markham he is having a difficult time with drugs ..which he first recieved due to a back injury and now is having a very hard time stopping his medication for pain!!

    ~ Alex
  • please pray for my family and our financial and groceries situation having a hard time cuppoards are empty please can really use help thank you

    ~ kathy
  • I’m struggling with faith. I am being terribly harassed by neighbors. Am in fear. Pray they don’t hurt us
    Its a church

    ~ T
  • I am praying hard God will answer my prayer regarding college. I have worked hard and wold like to get into my first choice- I need his help- I have been deferred I for fall 2018

    ~ Austin
  • LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME – IN MY ANGER I AM A SINNER – lord help me with all my temptations – thank you – your child – diane

    ~ diane
  • Prayer Request:

    A dear family member is all but lost to addiction. Drugs have consumed Donna. Please pray that she be released from addiction. Please God, let your light into her heart which is now so dark. Please help her.

    ~ patty
  • She has so much pain but her doctors can’t find out why.

    ~ Sherrie
  • Please pray for the conversion and healing of Elizabeth W., that she may come to know and love the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother.

    Please pray for the continued conversion of Paul and Alex Ramos, and a cure for Paul’s cancer.

    Please pray for me for a deeper, stronger; Love, Trust, and Faith in the Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother.

    ~ Luis
  • Multiple health issues, diseases, including chronic bladder, kidney, sinus & lung infections, bleeding, pain& kidney cysts. Severe arthritis pain, mostly in the spine & PTSD & anxiety from years of childhood abuses, including sexual from father, neglect & failure to protect from mother. I need prayers for spiritual attacks & a toxic living environment of home, neighbors & Apt.Property employees. I gave my heart to Jesus 58yrs ago at age 7 in 1st Communion. Isolated& suffering deep grief & loss!

    ~ Marilyn
  • Pray to restore relationship with my love Mina and myself Albert for a Christmas Miracle in Jesus Name we pray…
    Thank you

    ~ albert
  • My prayer is that I will be granted our Father’s healing touch and all Cancer will be gone. I pray that he find it in his kind heart to grant me mercy and forgive me of all of my sins. My hope and prayer is that I will get through chemotherapy without any issues and come out stronger and healthier. I pray for strength and guidance. Father please help me. Give me the knowledge I seek and need to get through this journey. In Jesus name I Pray, Amen

    ~ D

    ~ Thomas
  • May you all have God’s Blessings on the day of our Lord’s birthday. Help for all those who are traveling for good weather. A special prayer for my brother who has gone to hospice with lung cancer. Thanks to God for all his blessings !!!!

    ~ Jan
  • Eternal rest for my loved ones with our Lord, and my sisters lungs to heal so she can be without the aid of oxygen tank..Thank you and God Bless!!

    ~ Rainer
  • Dear Together In prayer
    My husband was recently told he might lose his job soon. My heart is breaking for him, he really was proud of his job. We don’t children, we haven not been able to conceive for 14 years. He has always been so kind and loving, he deserves to have a better job, and I just want to see him happy. It breaks my heart to see him this way. I love him dearly and I ask you pray for him.
    In Christ Love, Maria

    ~ Maria
  • If you are going through marital problems and you have issues in giving birth or you have a serious illness email Dr Great at infinitylovespell@gmail.com and you problem will be solved

    ~ Luisa