• According to Gods will prayer for in The Lords protection, blessing, healing to be in/on certain people in their mind, body, spirit, soul and daily life. In Jesus Name I ask.

    ~ Prayer
  • Please pray for Joey. Thank you and God bless all of you.

    ~ Sally
  • Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for my Catholic boyfriend Matthew. He has been missing for two days. he was on his way to my house and texted and said he had been pulled over and I haven’t seen or heard from him since. A random text came 12 hours later to a friend saying he was in jail and his mom had his phone and to let me know. But a lawyer friend did a search and he’s not in any Jail in Florida or Georgia. I’m worried drugs are involved. Very scared.

    ~ Mary Jo
  • I have severe depression, no job, running out of money, no future. I’m at the end of my rope, feeling suicidal. God is my last hope. Please, please pray for me
    Thank you

    ~ Tim
  • For Gloria, who is in ICU on a breathing machine and kidney dialysis. That she experience the healing power of prayer and that her family feels the comfort of Jesus’ love.

    ~ Kevin
  • Prayer for my daughter 17 yrs old. To stop taking drugs, alcohol, smoking all kind of, sexual activities and be in contact with family and to return home, may God touch her heart for a change and to walk in words of the lord and may Holy Spirit be with her in the name of Jesus Christ Amen🙏🏾.
    In faith every situation is possible 🙏🏾🙏🏾
    Please be with me in prayers Amen.

    ~ Samba
  • Please pray that am able to urgently sell the 4 truck mounted gensets that I have for a good price, as the local municipality has posted notice that they will tow it away & sell it, they have given me only 8 days to shift it from the place it is right now.

    ~ D
  • I thank God for my life. I ask God heal my sickness that is the piles that has worried me for several years.
    I also ask God to help me to get a better job so that I can worship Him well and also cater for my family Amen.

    ~ Philip
  • Please pray that I can find a new job soon. I got fired from my job on May 3. I know God forgives me for my mistakes but I’m feeling regretful. I need help financially also so please pray to God that I can get a new job soon. Thank you

    ~ Trisha
  • Pray for me to overcome my nudity and lusting addiction once and for all. Pray for me to only have eyes for my wife and cleanse and renew my mind so I don’t even have the desire to look at other women. Pray for the Lord to take me over to re-train my brain and fight Satan.

    ~ Anon
  • Please pray for my son Carlos Gabriel (Gaby) surgery on May 30th where he will undergo removal of bladder for cancer. Please pray that his surgery is a success that he has no complications during or after the surgery and for a rapid recovery and a life free of cancer to so he can meet his new son to be born and guide his young daughter in the path to Jesus Christ.

    ~ Roxana
  • Please pray for my baby, she is 11.5months old and from March 23 2017, she has been frequently falling sick , twice she had Urinary infection and her fever goes up to 102 deg , due to this she has lost weight very badly and doesn’t eat properly, again today she has got high fever, this is worrying us a lot as a family, please keep my baby in your prayers , for her to b healed and get good health and have good immunity and not to be falling sick often. please pray for my baby in a special way.

    ~ Anne
  • Please pray for me I have upcoming clinical exam in first week of June. I am seeking God’s favor, miracles, peace, guard and victory over my clinical exam. I have failed this clinical exam twice and this is my very last chance to pass the clinical exam.

    ~ Nkechi
  • For those whom I have promised to pray and for those who have no one to pray for them! Amen…

    ~ Deidre

    ~ K.K.
  • I am Catholic and my girlfriend belongs to baptist Protestant group. Earlier in our relationship she told me that she would convert but now due to her family’s pressure she doesn’t want to convert instead she wants me to convert. Pray that she and her family changes their mind, because I don’t want to leave my Catholic denomination.

    ~ Bernard
  • Dear Lord, pls. heal my husband totally from his tumor. Pls. heal me and my son from any disease, sickness and may we all stay healthy. I’m praying for my parents to let them live longer and healthy. My grandmother to ease her pains and heartaches. Pls. keep my siblings out from dangers and sickness. I’m praying for world peace also.

    ~ Mindy
  • I’m asking everyone to please join me in prayer. I’m very sick and suffering from a genetic disease. I have putsular psoriasis on my face and psoriasis on my body along side with psoriatic arthritis. I have 6 beautiful children who depend on me along side my husband of 15 years.this condition is deteriorating me quickly. Please pray that God restore my health for my family. They need me.

    ~ Erica
  • That our eldest son will find a suitable job for his skill level and that our youngest son will find a fulltime job in place of his two partime positions.
    Also, the return of our adult sons & daughters to the Church, and healing & peace in family.

    ~ Carol
  • Please pray for my daughter Meghan. She has been very ill and getting worse. Please pray she becomes healthy, happy and whole. Thank you for your time and prayer.

    ~ Ellen
  • Pray for my son skilor he has been sick. Pray for a quick recovery.

    ~ Shewell
  • Please pray for my son rudy that he stops drinking alcohol.thank you and god bless

    ~ Teresa
  • Please pray for our Lord to lay His hands on our brother Mauricio Lozano body & heal him from his current struggles with his heart, kidneys, breathing & anything else that needs to be mended in him so he may live his older days with health & prosperity, if it is His will. In Jesus Holy Name We Pray, AMEN!
    Sincerely, Lozano Family

    ~ Marina
  • Help me to get relief from a diagnosis of Schizoaffective disorder. Help me to get freedom from the high cost of pills that supposedly help me but am not sure. Thank you Lord for all of your blessings otherwise.

    ~ Brian
  • Intercessory prayer, that God in His mercy will hear our prayers, surrendering all, and that His will be done in all our lives, heal the chronic illnesses, save our children from the dreadful addictions /drugs that they come in contact with daily, bless and heal the sick, the elderly, those in hospitals, and nursing homes, our children, the aborted angels, those who are tired, and homeless, the hungry, for the poor souls in purgatory, and all the caregivers, and mothers and fathers.

    ~ Sandra
  • Dear Brothers and sisters and all priests of Heart of The Nation online: continue praying for my health issues and that I will be restored to good health soon. Continue praying for my daughter Monika’s female organs to continue healing. May God Bless each of you. You mean so much to me.

    Delores J

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for healing for my daughter who is battling addiction and serious health issues. Tomorrow morning, Monday, May 22nd will determine if she will go to rehab and get the medical help she needs. Her name is Nicole and she is 37 years old. Thank you and God bless!

    ~ Gloria
  • A sincere prayer of Thanksgiving to our Father Who art all Good, Jesus our greatest Brother, and the Holy Spirit Light,Love,&Truth for all our gifts and prayers answered!!!
    & Jesus our Savior.

    ~ Rick Cz
  • Please pray for my father’s health and upcoming surgery.

    ~ Joan
  • That Jesus will secure for us the means for us to readily respond to the Lord’s purpose for me and my family, Amen.

    ~ Rick Cz
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • That my youngest son, Steven be reunited with his two sons, Steven and Noah. That he may be granted custody of his two young sons and receive their baptism in the Catholic faith.
    That my oldest son, Harold, Jr. be granted his full time employment with a major utility company and that he may be granted safe travels and his guardian angel watch over his work daily.

    ~ Barbara
  • A prayer for my wife who is diagnosed with chronic lung disease. I need all the prayers from family,friends and those who see my prayer that Our Lord in Heaven will heal her from this disease. Oh a Lord, I pray to Thee in your name that you will heal my wife.

    ~ Greg
  • JoAnn has been diagnosed with cancer 8 years ago. She is now terminal with weeks to months to live. We thank God for the time we had, but wish to include her in our prayers in Heart of the Nation. Thank you very much

    ~ JoAnn
  • Please pray that I find a permanent job this week and someone will loan or gift me $2000 so that I could stay in my apartment without being evicted and having to know be into transitional housing which will limit my cooking and eating special circumstances.

    Also, that my friends Linda Woods, Brian and Linda Trott, Melissa Radwick and Dan and Tamie Farinacci will receive the needs to ease the stress and find a decent place to live and breathe easier.

    God Bless to you all.

    ~ Elisa
  • Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Pray that grandson, Nicolas Andre, will be able to stay out of jail and stay off of drugs & alcohol & not be depressed. Pray granddaughter Carly Rae not be depressed & have anxiety. Pray nephew Clint will stay in Rehab and stay clean of all drugs. And finally, pray husband Louis fills annulment papers so we can be married in eyes of God & receive commandments of Catholic church. In Christ Jesus Name, Amen

    ~ Charlotte
  • prayers to sell or rent our property very soon so we don’t lose our house. prayers for my children and their lives, for my husband

    ~ mari
  • I ask for prayers for mercy and compassion, for my immediate and extended families, friends and our surrounding neighborhoods. I also ask for prayers for all those in my immediate and extended families who are living with illness every day, and for everyone, throughout the world who lives with illness. Thank you.

    ~ Susan
  • Father god i come to you this morning for prayers to bless me with another vehicle. I got in a wreck friday and someone hit me i just need to get this devil off me and to continue to keep getting my blessings i also would like a prayer to send my kids father home asap from jail. Gid also let our family be at peace and keep all negative and ungrateful people away from us who dont me any good to us . amen thanks lord

    ~ Shantel
  • loving God and wonderful Jesus i pray that you will reach down and help all these people that are asking for your blessings, to be answered, and i thank you for answering my prayers to find and keep the peace that you so much want for all of us, in Christ name, Amen

    ~ donald
  • Son-in-law: job
    Son: better job
    Older son: he recently left his wife of 21 years due to her many affairs, and problem drinking. She needs healing of rape in teen years and other trauma in her life. I pray for restoration but that may not be the answer after so much has happened. Their 3 rd child is not my sons, but conceived in one of the affairs. He forgave that time and has raised her as his own, but the infidelities have continued. Healing for all of them please. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Patricia
  • Timothy R. White eternal peace
    5-21-76 to 5-10-17

    ~ Margaret
  • Please pray for peace through out the world. If you have time pray for my pain to go away and my shoulder to get better and stop hurting. Amen

    ~ SYLVIA
  • Dear Mama Mary,

    Thank you for continuing to intercede to Our Father, the Lord and Giver of Life, for the recovery of Donald and Teresita. We continue to pray that this recovery be swift and complete in the name of Jesus, your son.


    ~ Hans
  • God pray for Laylon Klein, because he is talking out of his mind & not taking his medicine, and don’t want to see the dr’s & now he wants to live on the streets. & he has a mental problem.

    ~ KATHY
  • Please pray that I will find a good job sooner than later. Thank you.

    ~ Tina
  • I have a degenerative disc in my back and can barely walk
    Also am returning to my Catholic faith and am confused about how to do it
    I can’t get to mass cause I don’t drive and closest church is 8 miles I need guidance on how to return and a way to do Rcia classes

    ~ Dora
  • Hello, my name is Sharnice Cyprien and I  Am In Need Of Receiving A Release Of An Overflow Of Blessings And Miracles. I Am In So Much Pain. It Hurts So Much my legs and feet hurt all the time. My head hurts a lot and I Feel So Horrorible.  I Feel So Heavy And Weighed Down Like I Am Carrying Sacks Of Really Heavy Bricks. It Is Difficlut To Move Or Get Out Of Bed. Its like satan refuses to let me go. I want and need the devil out of my life to leave and let me go. I Need Relief and my freedom.

    ~ Sharnice
  • I am going to the emergency room soon to see why I’ve been getting bad pain in my knee that is now spreading. I have a baby girl. Please pray it will be nothing bad.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I hope that you won’t get mad for asking again to pray for my mom. She is suffering from many illness and sickness from head to toes. Also, lately she has been in much more pain than before. Please if you can and want to pray for my mom (Camelia). In Jesus Christ Name we together believe in miracles in faith we pray. Thank you.

    ~ John
  • Please pray for Dick who is the hospital maybe near death. He is atheist. Please pray for his conversion. In Jesus Holy Name!

    ~ Jim
  • Father Mark,
    Every Sunday I watch the Heart of Our Nation – My Sunday Mass.
    It is a blessing and helps me to know I am not alone. I am a new convert to Catholicism.

    I am a Security Professional with Allied Universal Security and work with Special Police Officers.
    Also, I am a Nurse with AL Nursing and will like to have more hours to work.
    Respect is all we owe each other and I forgive those who have not yet learned this valuable lesson.

    Yours in Prayer,

    ~ Judith
  • Almighty Father, bless me to be a good dad, husband, brother, son and friend. Almighty, my family is going through very difficult times financially and morally. I have got a lot of debts to pay. I ask for forgiveness from all those that I have wronged. Please help me to forgive all those that have wronged me. Bless us with a financial breakthrough. My family has been without a steady income for one and a half years. Almighty Father, bless me with a job, an opportunity or an idea.

  • Please give my husband a good job overseas in a Christian country. Let my husband, child and me have a peaceful and loving life without any interference from my in-laws. Let me be able to bring up my child and any future children in a catholic way. Let my child get admission in a good catholic school next year. Please restore love and peace in our marriage. Let him or me never break any of your commandments, Lord. Drive all evil away from my family.

    ~ Rani
  • Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria

    ~ TINA
  • Please pray for our Lord to lay His hands on our brother Mauricio’s body & heal him from the current struggles with his heart, kidneys, breathing & anything else that needs to be mended in him so he may live his older days with health & prosperity, if it is your will. In Jesus Holy Name We Pray, AMEN! Sincerely, Lozano Family

    ~ Marina
  • Dr Berry will be able to help Tom today. Cure for his alcoholism

    ~ Elaine
  • Please pray for the conversion of Timothy Lobo and for our Lord to help him stop drinking and help him with his depression and to change his heart to stop his angry abusive behaviour. May God have Mercy on him.

    ~ rosetta
  • For peace and religious unity in the world. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community. For the Pope and all Catholics. For our family and near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. That we may go to Heaven when we die. For success in work and studies. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the good health of her son and parents. For the souls of our dear departed. Thanksgiving for favours received.

    ~ Lloyd
  • Please pray for consolation in my loneliness and loss and that my physician will help bring me relief from my pain.

    ~ Mary
  • Pls. pray for my healing

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for healing and fast recovery of Romuel Rabaca from stroke.

    ~ Ruel
  • Please pray for me.. My life is spiraling downwards quickly .. I run a very small business and struggling to keep it open, Im out of options for my future.. I wanted this to work so badly .. This is the one thing that I wanted so badly to suceed at.. I pray that (anyone thankfully not many)that I owe money to.. to please give me time to pay them.. I’m so tired of failure.. I so tired of being scared.. I’m so tired of worrying.. I’m just tired.. ever so tired .. I pray for god to help me..

    ~ Gary
  • Also please pray for my friend Traci, her dad is old and has issues and she has issues with her dad. Her dad is a victim of a financial crime by a lady in early 30’s that has taken him for all his money, lots of money. Also pray for her ministry please and her energy and our friendship and for her to find a husband. I feel like I have asked to much of her lately since she helps me. I don’t want to lose her as a friend and someone who helps me. Please continuously pray for a good friendship betwe

    ~ Amanda
  • Furthermore please pray for my study journalism in general that all will be well with good results for every part. And I also have other important assignments for grades coming up. And a thesis to write. Please also pray that I may have better relationships with people around me. Still working through some past trauma’s, so for total healing too. +New good friends wanted. And I also still need better finances. I need more energy to get out of bed in the morning and start with study and focus mor

    ~ Amanda
  • I am since a few weeks in a relationship with a Christian man. Please pray for Gods will. Please also continuously pray for my study journalism, that it may be successful . I have applied today for an internship at a Christian broadcaster at a radio program internship place. Im going on a job interview for this internship on 26-05-2017, next week. I won’t be the only student aiming for it. Please pray for me that I will end up in the best place God wants me to be. Furthermore please pray for my

    ~ Amanda
  • Please pray for those who make sure that I was never married or had children and then they send people periodically in my life to insult me and medically harm me. Pray that they have to forgive me for whatever it is that causes them to do these things to me and pray that the Lord God in heaven raises up decent police officers who will make sure that they are held criminally responsible for all their little illegal activities done to me and my family. Pray that God makes it plain to them.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For Erick Hurley who has been missing since March 2017. For the missing boy in Pasenda. For my mother Sharon’s soul. For my goddaughter. For my vocation discernment. For Michael L, for Mattea. For Bill. For Liz and Glenna.

    ~ Michael
  • Please pray for my son Jack. He want on a errand and didn’t return home. He has been gone for seven days and took nothing with him only car. He has health problems and his medicine was left. Oh Jesus in the name of our heavenly Father keep my son safe and bring him home to us. Mom your daughter Amber brother mike and all your family love and miss you. We are praying and looking for you.Thank you Jesus in the name of our father Amen

    ~ Mary
  • Dear Lord, We implore you to lay your hands on our brothers body Mauricio that is currently hospitalized for the past six days, to heal his heart, kidneys & everything else that needs to be mended so he may live his older days with health & prosperity. In Jesus Holy Name We Pray, AMEN! Lozano Family

    ~ Marina
  • Pray that the demonic power in Maria manifest itself and is clearly discerned and seen by all and for the protection of her coworkers. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my Godson, Chip, who was in a major car accident last night and shattered his ankle. He is in surgery and will need prayers for healing. His wife and their 2 young children also sustained minor injuries. Please pray for healing and in thanksgiving that they all survived.
    Thanks and blessings!

    ~ Anonymous
  • I have been getting pain in my knee and now it radiates down my shin. I will be seeing a doctor soon. I am a new mother and I don’t want anything bad to happen. I want to be here healthy for my baby. Please pray that it will be nothing bad and everything will be okay

    ~ Anonymous
  • new relationship to work out .

    ~ r
  • I pray that I can be able to get pregnant again and deliver another child alive and healthy. In Jesus name . Amen

    ~ Lydia
  • Dear God I pray for a mighty blessing in my life, for you are the husband of the widows and father of the fatherless. help me. may I receive my consignment which is held up by the custom officials at the Honkong Intl Airport as they are are asking for the penalty fees which I am unable to pay them. May they release it soon Lord. Also Jesus please give me the money from our ancestral property which is being delayed in court. I need it to pay our debts. thank you Jesus

    ~ Rena
  • “Dear Lord, We implore you to lay your hands on our brothers body Mauricio that is currently hospitalized for the past five days, to heal his heart, kidneys & everything else that needs to be mended so he may live his older days with health & prosperity. In Jesus Holy Name We Pray, AMEN!” Lozano Family

    ~ Marina
  • That the Lord will protect the President from evil attacks and hatred from all those who are out to discredit him. May the Holy Spirit Protect and guide him, make him successful and help him to be open to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. May Michael the Archangel defend him and may God Rebuke Satan and his attacks on the President and those in Government. Forgive this Nation O Lord. We ask this Father in Jesus name your Son and Our Lord Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I have a very huge amount of financial debts, that I am struggling for many years to repay. At times, I feel miserable and left alone (even suicidal thoughts went through my head). Please pray to the Lord, that he may have mercy on me, and through His blessings help me to come out of this stressful issue. Thank you!

    ~ Mykola
  • Please pray for the speedy recovery of Sr. Esther.

    ~ brigt
  • Please pray for my husband and I to be good parents to our 9 month old baby girl. She wakes up multiple times a night, sometimes right when you put her in her crib. I’m worried I or he will fall asleep while holding her at night. We are hesitant on doing sleep training because we don’t want her to have to cry it out all night. We feel stuck and don’t know what to do. Please pray for us to do what’s best for her now and always.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my brother who has a brain tumor. He is afraid to get treatment but there may be no other option.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Prayers for cleansing for Barry Abraham and Angela and our mother’s to be cleansed from the witches Strong hold/spell. For it to be broken and destroyed and never to take ahold or reattach ever again. That she, this witch be driven out of our lives for good with her family following behind her. May God hear our cry! INJNIP Amen

    ~ Angela
  • Please lift up in prayer, Allison Gabrielle Sanchez, for the healing of her heart, mind and spirit, to be delivered from depression and to find faith and hope in living life.

    ~ Adrienne
  • Pl are pray for and my fiancée Fredrick we are hitting some hard time since he is moving to another state and I’m staying behind so my daughter can finish her senior year. I have fear in my heart of losing him since we won’t see each other as much. I ask that you protect us, that you may remove any fear, hurt, or pain from my heart and keep us in your prayers.

    ~ Emelia
  • Please pray for my wife’s salvation. I pray that the Lord will take control of our marriage and Return Ashley to her vows. I pray for communication between us and that Ashley will turn to Jesus during this time and be separated in mind, body and spirit from the man she is living with. I love my wife and pray that she comes home with the kids. I also pray for the salvation of Dan, Brian, Diane, Klaus, Nicole and Tristan.

    ~ DJ
  • Please kindly uphold my husband Chandran in prayer for a job opening for Project control and scheduling in Shell Petroleum Company. May he find favours in the eyes of interviewers and get the job by god’s grace.

    ~ Rachel
  • I have many health problems right now and would like prayers that they are all resolved

    ~ Shannon
  • Dearest Jesus thank You for all answered prayers! You are our Divine Healer! Please heal Chris & family who have a hereditary disease which is fatal & some members have already passed. Please help Mama Poston,s house sell because she is in nursing home & running out of money. Please Heal Marilyn of IBS, spine &joint pain. In Your Holy Name Amen Jim

    ~ Jim
  • Pray for my brother titing for his 2nd death anniversary. I missed and loved him so much.

    ~ marie
  • Dear Brothers and sisters and all priests at Heart of the nation online: Please continue to pray for good health to return to me. Keep my daughter Monika and son-in-law Jamie in prayers for good health. I wish all the mother’s a very blessed Mother’s Day !! I love all of you at the Heart of the Nation online. You mean so very much to me and I look forward to each Sunday Mass with you as I am unable to attend Mass at my home church.

    May God Bless each of you,
    Delores J, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • My daughter, Carol is going thru a divorce. Please give her peace and strength. May she feel God’s love.

    ~ Jan
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • please pray for all my family Members I have lost over the year’s my Mother and father pass back in 1963 my grandmother who took care of us who we lost in 1999 not a day goes without me thinking about her name and all the other also my uncle who played a great part in are life’s and a great aunt we will never forget you know when they say it take a village that’s so true very much looking back on my life I see it everyday more and more also please send me information on how I can help without

    ~ Judy
  • Please pray for my family for our sanctification, healing from our physical ailments and for protection from attacks from the evil one as we are a missionary family working to evangelize! My wife Emily needs healing from Thyroid hashimotos and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. We are also praying for another child. I (Nick) need healing of my gut health and spine. My son Noah for protection. Thank you and God bless.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I have been going through torture, horrifically bad luck and severe suffering for 8 years. I just want it to stop and have all my prayers answered and have a normal, happy life without this torture. Please pray for me.

    ~ Chantal
  • Please pray for me , I need healing from Breast Cancer that has spread to my bones . The pain is unbearable that I have lost hope .

    Thank you .

    ~ Marie Lise
  • To continues to give us strength thru our financial struggles, and to give my husband strength to fight thru his chronic illness. Bless those who assist my husband the doctors and health providers.

    ~ Janet
  • Please pray that my sister Cindy get through the loss of her husband which is the most terrible time in her life and that she not lose her faith in God.

    ~ Patricia
  • In honor of Cooper Anderson. We love you so very much. We pray that Cooper is safe and will be found and reunited with his family. Dear God, please let us see his sweet loving face again to tell Cooper we love him so very much.
    We love you baby boy,
    Momma, Papa, Gpa and Gma

    ~ Loise
  • Please pray for the health of my husband eusebio Herrera Jr who has been sick and unable to function for the past 6 months. He is giving up and pray that he still has enough fight in him to survive

    ~ Jean
  • For Cooper Anderson to come home to his parents Loise and Paul.

    ~ Michelle
  • For financial Blessings and Peace for my sister Janet and I.

    ~ David
  • Please pray for Ann she is my sister n law,she is going through some dangerous heart problems as we speak,they are deciding whether to put in a pacemaker or not her heart isn’t beating right, I ask that everyone please pray far her she means the world to me,this is one of my wife’s sister’s,Thank you all for your prayers

    ~ Ann Marie
  • I want to submit a Mother’s Day pray intention for the following wonderful women in my life that have passed:
    Catherine Rooney, Mary Angus Rooney, Donna Zimmerman, Lillian Cox, Alice Sanders, Louise Guerra

    Also for the wonderful women still here:
    Tracy Osterhoudt, Patricia Wooden, Nora Soler, Cathy Zimmerman

    ~ Lynn
  • I pray that my voice surgery and my surgery for my neck mass will be successful. Please keep me in your prayers at Mass each day.

    ~ Ron
  • My health and good life for all my family, specially my children.


    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that our Heavenly Father will grant me a complete healing. I am very sick and scared. Our Heavenly Father has been very good to me throughout my life, but right now, I feel like I need more prayers. Thank you and may God bless you. I will keep all who pray for me, in my daily prayers.

    ~ Rit
  • Please pray for my niece who has spent the first days of her life in the NICU fighting. She has multiple health issues and she needs all the help she can get. Thank you.

    ~ A
  • Please pray for me I’m afraid and anxiously I can’t stay awake to pray heal me Lord please cirhoses,lung disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, low platelets all that’s keeping me from functioning and worshipping God,please heal me!!

    ~ Sharon
  • I have a little niece who has been missing since yesterday and the police have not find her ever since then. Please pray that she may be found. Thank you.

    ~ REINE
  • please pray for a financial miracle in my finances at the earliest possible

    ~ umesh
  • My home has been on the market for sale for over 6 months and I need it to sell for financial reasons. Please pray that the right homebuyer will buy my home who will love it, and please pray that it sells quickly.

    ~ Steph

    ~ Joseph
  • mental illness to get better depression , anxiety

    ~ rebecca
  • Imelda thanking God for success and good health….she is praying for God’s divine intervention in her new job for promotion and also for a better job, she is praying for a good Catholic husband that can take good care of her preferably from Igboland…she is praying for her brother Kenneth for a good green card and that I wud be able to travel to Canada for further studies….i ask all these in Jesus name Amen

    ~ Imelda
  • Lord Jesus, please restore my health and that of my son. Forgive me in any way I might have sinned against God and mannkind.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please would you pray for my girlfriend Aida and myself Fritz that our relationship and love for each other goes according to god’s plan and is a huge testimonial
    Please would you pray for my business and finances that they prosper

    Thank you

    God bless

    ~ Fritz
  • lorrens anemia

    ~ Anonymous
  • emotional and subconscious – selfhate, self worth, self rejection, self centeredness , selfishness. possessiveness . obsessive please pray

    ~ r
  • digestive system, stomach liver bowel

    ~ r
  • deliverence from depressive psycosis fear terror, abuse feeling a victim . healing cure

    ~ r
  • Since April 14th I’ve been very ill with this mysterious sickness. Don’t know if it’s allergies or something with my GI system. But I get reaction of hard to swallow and breathing. It has also cause me great Anxiety. Please I beg you with all the tears in my body to be healed and delivered from this illness. Amen

    ~ Aaron
  • Please pray for the conversion and healing of Elizabeth Wu, that she may come to know and love the Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Mother. For the reestablishment of our friendship. Please pray for me, for a stronger, deeper; Love, Trust, and Faith in the Blessed Trinity and the Holy Mother.

    ~ Luis
  • Please pray that my husband, my or my child be never be part of an evil gentile ceremony that is going to take place in his gentile parent’s house. Please remove all influences of my gentile parents over my husband and child in Jesus name. May God forbid, let the evil ceremony never take place and let the Glory of God the Almighty be revealed.

    ~ Rani
  • Please pray for the good Christians who have become so perfect and holy that they forget about mercy and forgiveness. They tend to move themselves on to taking over Jesus’s job of being the judge. So many fall into this category; even Pope Francis addressed this trend. God Bless Pope Francis and may God keep on working in his teachings. Such a good kind, forgiving, and merciful Pope.

    ~ Camielle
  • I feel so depressed and I feel I am so young for that. I have a really hard time sleeping and some days when I am over loaded with work I feel like I want to die. I think I have anxiety too. I feel I want to be treated like before at work with more freedom feel like I hate my boss sometimes, and I know that is not right, so I really need prayer for that too. And for my depression to go away and to forgive big time too. I feel so awful, and like I have no purpose and so lonely.. I live by myself

    ~ Marcela
  • Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, please have mercy on me and my family, sinners. Never allow us to be separated from You but to do justly, be merciful, and walk humbly with You always.

    ~ Douglas
  • Lord Jesus please establish peace in my family this Mothers day and in my sisters

    ~ Mike
  • Please pray for my sister and her fiance. Their baby is having a hard time sleeping at night and they accidentally fall asleep while holding him sometimes cause they’re so tired. Please pray that they will get sleep and that they will be safe when they have to be awake with the baby at night. My husband and I are in the same situation. Please pray for us.

    ~ Anonymous
  • My 5,year old grandson is having his eye operated on this Friday.His eye turns way on and the family is very concerned about children teasing him.It would be very hard for him so we would appreciate all your prayers.God bless all of you who pray for others.Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray to God for resolving my marital troubles.. I feel suffocated and helpless. Spiritually, emotionally and mentally, my marriage is destroying me… All I want is to be out of it.. I am not getting divorced only to obey God’s word.. But I doubt whether God wants me to continue this unhealthy marriage relationship. I am unable to pray at all.Please help me out God and make me take the right decision. I feel I will go to hell if I continue to live with my husband.

    ~ Rani
  • My 9 month old daughter has been waking up around 10 times a night partly because she’s teething. I hold her and help her get back to sleep but I struggle to stay awake. Please pray that things get better for her to get the sleep she needs and my husband and I could get the sleep we need to be healthy for her. I find myself dozing off while holding her out of pure exhaustion and it is dangerous.

    ~ Anonymous
  • I would like to pray for this new job transition I am going through. The anxiety I feel everyday becomes overwhelming sometimes. I hope and pray that if this is not the job for me that I will find something better. Also I would like to pray for my brother who is in rehab, in that he comes to know there is help.

    Sincerely, Chris

    ~ Chris
  • Please pray for my wife and I, we are going thru marriage pain, heartache. I am regretful of all the pain I have caused her and hope she forgives me and we can continue with our marriage in a positive light. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my boyfriend Jesus for him God opens a door tomorrow, and he will get approved his visa work tomorrow he is having his interview. Please Lord make a way for him to have this opportunity to come back to the US
    Thank Jesus.

    ~ Montse
  • Please pray today that Steve’s mother ceases her negative words & actions/interference against me to Steve. She is about to arrive for a visit, and I dread it.  Prior to her visit, things with Steve (my running his business and our personal relationship) are going so well. Pls pray for me and my relationship with Steve (business and personal) – that it keeps moving forward without disruption or delay and doesn’t fall victim to unkind interference from ANYONE.

    ~ Sherry
  • Went to Episcopal Cursillo retreat. Gays attended and mocked the Eucharist in a skit and dressed as drag queen. At mass, the Bishop called God “she”. He is married to a woman with kids so I didnt expect it. My church doesn’t have gays where I attend so I didn’t expect anyone to mock or profane the Eucharist at the retreat. I was nice and showed love and respect to the gays and so was everyone else so I don’t know why they mocked everything. I’m in severe pain. I love my church.

    ~ Linda
  • Father I thank you for all the blessings you have given my family and I. I come to you and beg for forgiveness and mercy. I ask Father that you please grant me healing of all Cancer,Cancer cells,Tumors & Cysts . My Test results are not good. I pray that you will grant me healing and my CT Scan will come back Negative with No Cancer,Cells,Tumors,Cysts. Father please find it in your kind heart to guide me, protect me and give me strength. I pray in Jesus name ,Amen

    ~ D
  • I ask God to bless the relationship of and marriage me john and Miranda in a might way and that God would bring miranda into my life as my wife now and that she would clean her self up of the drugs and sex life style and the men in her life now that she has had relationship with in the past and the miranda would only want 1 man her life me ( john ) her husband in jesus name i ask this amen !

    ~ JOHN
  • Please pray for my husband, Marv, who will be starting cancer treatment. It will be a long road but with Jesus by his side and at times carrying him I know he has a chance to go into remission. Please pray that a cure for this terrible disease be found.

    ~ Nancy
  • Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for me & my husband, that we will be healed of all our pains and infirmities- for normal blood pressure, blood sugar , cholesterol levels and low psa level for him. Also for our Caribbean cruise from Oct. 22 to 29, 2017 to be a good, safe, happy trip & may we meet new good friends during our vacation. May Juan be able to bring us to the port without problems and pick us up promptly. May Jen & her family enjoy their happy Florida vacation with relatives coming with them.

    ~ Gloria
  • Please pray for my sister Mary Mason. Married in the Catholic Church over 30 years ago; & her spouse is seeing another woman & wants a divorce. He has not repented and is living with his girlfriend. The divorce is being heard before Judge Julie Gomric on 5/10/17. Pray that the judge is fair & merciful to my sister, as her spouse is not willing to pay spousal support of any kind.
    Mary contracted Hepatitis C through a blood transfusion. She is in the care of a specialist; but all treatments h

    ~ Candice
  • Please pray that Rhonda will start seeing clearly through evil deception she has been living in for the past few months. Pray for reconciliation with her husband and family.

    ~ daniel
  • I ask for prayers of healing for all my family especially self and father. I also ask that my 2 relatives are helped and safe.

    ~ Marv
  • Please pray for my family; we are struggling with a desperate financial situation. Please affirm our faith in you Lord. Please bless us with financial aid and assistance, a financial miracle; please help us find a way out of this financial difficulty. We need your healing mercy and support.

    ~ Camille
  • Please pray in Jesus name with the intercession of Our Lady that I will overcome this addiction. God bless you one & all. Amen.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray especially for my brother Paul, his daughter Lindy, and his son Andrew. WONDERFUL people but they are not with The Lord right now. Please pray miracles that my brother leads his family to Christ! So much potential and they are all successful. Please pray a miraculous intervention for them. I love my family so much. Also for my uncle Don and a few of my cousins and their children who need Christ. God Bless!

    ~ Joan
  • Please pray for my healing from much loss, of 3 close friends, my dad, financial hardship,
    and disability. I am hopeful. God Heals. Please pray for salvation of all family members,
    & for friends Lynn, and Annette, particular hardships they are going through. God Bless!

    ~ Joan
  • Thank you for the wonderful Mass online and the Wonderful music! I love watching
    this online mass. I am homebound/ and use a wheelchair. Please pray I am healed.
    I exercise and eat healthy and I believe God Heals! I also love to sing, and if
    I could find a niche in church singing that would be lovely. God Bless you all!
    God Is Good!

    ~ Joan
  • Please pray for me and John. We love eachother but we fornicated for almost a year and now im trying to obey God but its very difficult because He is all the time tempting me to fornicate and I love him dearly. Its like and addiction and he doesnt want to get married soon. Thank you.

    ~ Brenda
  • My dear friends, Sherry and Sandy Kinear are both very ill. Sherry has many days where she is in pain. Sandy, her husband has stage 2 melanoma. Please Lord Jesus, through the intersection of Your Holy Mother, give them hope and strength. Thank You for Your Love.

    ~ Maryjo
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters and all priests of Heart of The Nation Sunday Mass online: Please continue keeping me in prayers that my blood pressure will continue staying normal and my lower legs will be healed from Lymph edema and swelling caused by it. Continue praying for the healing of my daughter Monika’s female organs. I love each one of you at Heart of the Nation online. May God Bless each of you.

    Delores J, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Dear Lord, please keep me close & hold me tighter when it seems that I’m losing my grip on You .
    Thank you.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray for Daniel’s health. Thank you!

    ~ Sylvia
  • Please keep in your prayers for conversion Robert Degrace, Leslie Degrace, Terri Ball- Degrace, Patty Degrace, Sarah Degrace, Anne Degrace, Barbara Obel, Lee Benavidez, Leanne Benavidez, Christopher Benavidez, Jorge Diaz. Also please keep in your prayers Father Paul Griesgraber and also my little daughter Emily Degrace-Benavidez and for my healing of Ulcerative colitis and Post Traumatic stress disorder. Thank you

    ~ Aurora
  • For my mother Margaret Martini who is home bound and hard for her to get around. She need 24 hour home care now. I pray the Office of the Ages call and are able to help us out with home care for her. I know my dad and our Lovein Lord Jesus Christ is watching over her. Lord are God please keep her safe. Amen
    Thank you

    ~ Diana
  • Lord I pray for Amirah, a little girl fighting for her life; in a battle with cancer. Lord please ease the suffering of this beautiful young lady; remove her pain Lord and let her family begin to heal.
    Lord I pray when I, Michelle, see Dr. Les Brown on July 10, 2017 he gives me the news I need, giving my family security and protection
    Lord I also pray for my family; that people, with interest in hurting my family as it relates to my husband & our children have all their plans ruined/undone

    ~ Michelle
  • Please pray for my friend Kristi as she begin her chemo for Breast Cancer and for my friend Andrea that she continue to fight her stage 4 cancer battle and that she with God’s help win the fight and become cancer free. Please also pray for my father as he has dementia and it’s becoming more severe daily. I also ask God for the strength to continue to fight my non-curable disease of CRPS/RSD and that I too may feel what it’s like to no longer have this pain and have my quality of life back. AMEN!

    ~ Deborah
  • Cure for MS OR the strength to continue living for over 54 yrs with this disease

    ~ Terri
  • had polyps removed from my esophagus and soon a mass n my right ear. praying to be benign and no hearing loss. ty for prayers and God Bless All

    ~ Brenda
  • Dear Jesus, help me understad more about my vocation to play the accordion. Amen!

    ~ Hank
  • I have lost feeling in my leg for six months. I am a wife and mother of three. I ask for prayers that God may heal me.

    ~ Fran

    ~ K.K.
  • My country South Sudan,that the people love each other regardless to anything ,the war should stop .
    My late father ,my brothers and aunty .
    prayer for aging sick mother,for my childern ;thier family and childern.
    parayer for me for good health and job,strenghern to contouine supporting my grand childern and other childern under my guide.
    Prayer for me that i can manager finacail to support those who look onto me as thier Way to a brighter tomorrow.

    ~ amal
  • Father Lord in heaven I commit myself to thee I am thy humble servant sinful in all aspect please forgive me in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen, I commit my humble rquest to thee please Father my property at 25 Assembly of God road itiam edem akai, for i have put it up for sales, please Father sell that property for meand I have no job please Father give me one, let whatever my hands touch please let it be blessed in Jesus Christ Amen and let my business prosper, let no evil see thy son,

    ~ George
  • Please pray that God delivers me from this pit I’m in by lifting me out with His mighty hand and setting me firmly on His path. May I always walk the path He laid out for me. Please also pray that God frees me from and protects me from my pit pusher/ jailer forever.

    ~ Jocelyn
  • I am continuing asking for prayer in my desperate situation. I have been feeling hopeless and depressed. I have no motivation to make any change and I have no idea how to go about doing so. I am totally financially destitute. My health is suffering, my animals are very sick, I am losing everything. I have no job and no idea where to turn. I am alone and no help. My house is falling in. Yes, my life is in shambles. I have complete faith in prayer and in the Lord. But I am depressed and need help.

    ~ ERIN
  • Salvation for Crystal Jepsen

    ~ Steve
  • My grandson (Austin) is nursing student & he needs to make A,s on his finals Monday May 8th. Dearest Jesus please grant this request. I love You so much & thank You for all answered prayers! Jim

    ~ Jim
  • Please pray for my husband Dennis- pre. cancer condition on Vocal Cords. They want to do radiation. Thank you Jesus, Mother Mary and ST. Joseph.

    ~ Anonymous
  • St Jude, St Anthony Infant Child, Our Lady please don’t let my enemies laugh or triumph over me. I pray that I close this chapter of my life very soon. I pray that the Infant Child be my j,a,da,eval and therapist. I pray that my mother see that I obtain total freedom from the program. I pray for guidance in what I say and how I say it. Thank You Jesus for all the gift and graces you give me.

    ~ Martha
  • Please pray for my husband Frank, who is so confused and brainwashed from his bad upbringing that he cannot tell value from garbage. Pray that he comes to his senses and realizes the severity of his actions and the fruitlessness of his endeavors before it is too late to salvage our marriage. Pray that he learns that the evil people that he values are actually the devil disguised as “friends”, and that he develops a sense of right and wrong, a sense of loyalty toward his wife.

    ~ Rose
  • My dad’s best friend was just diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for him, his kids, and grandchildren.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Hi,

    I am Neena. My husband Suresh Raymond, is in poland. He is trying for job permit and good job. Please pray for him, so that he can got job permit and a good job so that he can took me and my kid with him as soon as possible. Also pray for me and my kid can go beside him before this November..

    Also thanks for jesus for curing my son from dengue. Also i want my kid to becom a priest. So please pray for that grace..


    ~ Neena
  • Lord i cover my friend Kurt who have just got stroke in your Precious Blood.i do give your Josef who is going for holidays with his friends to go well and come back home safely.go with them, Lord what are your plans with me, i see the dark time ahead of me.bring light if you will.bring peace in my family, my land where am born and where i stay right now and the whole world.

    ~ Maria
  • Please pray in Jesus name that my addiction be dissolved into nothingness. Please pray that my cancer will never return & that my OCD, anxiety, & despair will disappear in Jesus name. Please pray that God blesses me with enough money to share & spare so that I’ll be able to support my elderly mother, who, like I, am low income. Thank you. God bless you. Amen.

    ~ Marie
  • Please pray for my father lester he suffer a stroke and have heart problem he is paralyze on the left side and my mother gwendolyn she have diabetes and pain

    ~ Sheriffer
  • My mom Lillie Marquez, My sister Sandra Valdez thru her neck surgery. my Son Mark k Stinson to find love and happiness, find god in his heart. also to find someone to share his life with and have children and move closer to family. My husband Stix to find peace, not stress out so bad and peace with his family. For me to get better and not so anxiety and nervous. for my disability to go thru. Peace in the world. Love of God in everyone to pray and fill their hearts with his love.

    ~ Diane
  • Please pray for my husband, Marvin, who has cancer. He will be starting treatment. Please let this treatment be a success and let the cancer cells be killed and he will go into remission. He has suffered so much this past year with other medical issues. Please ask Jesus to lay his healing hand on him and get him well. I pray in the name of my lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    ~ Nancy
  • Please help my children and grandchildren the grace to fight their demons. Prayer for their return to the church and my return to health as God wills.

    ~ Sue
  • I pray that I can attend the St Jude luncheon. I pray that nobody will put obstacles in my way. I pray for my enemies that they not laugh or triumph over me. I pray for the Infant Child be my j,a, da and eval and therapist. I pray for peace and that nobody take away my peace or my mother’s peace.

    ~ Martha
  • My name is Jacob. I’m currently at Carolinas’ medical center in charlotte in the psychiatric ward. i would appreciate prayers

    ~ Jacob
  • My mother Eloise Bell Davis:for mother’s day,may she rest in peace,we miss you.

    ~ Rayfield
  • Please pray that I’m well and healthy mentally and physically.

    ~ REINE
  • Hello, Myself Manoj Monachan. I am in love with a girl. I told about her to my parents. The problem is, she is not able to tell about our relationship to her parents. I request you to please pray for her to overcome her fear, so, that her parents can agree. And we can get married.

    ~ Manoj
  • I had a friend and he was my dearest and best friend. There was great love and understanding between us. We were there for each other. I loved him greatly and still love him. He means a lot to me. But in January we had a small misunderstanding and since then he has stopped talking to me. I tried many times to set things right between us but he is adamant. He ignores all my messages and it has greatly affected me. He is the only friend I have. I miss him greatly. I am emotionally disturbed.

    ~ Hepzibah
  • As days are nearing for my i.e. Savia and Jowetts marriage which is on the 12 th of May i request you all to lift us up in prayer as we move forward to fullfilling gods plan in our lives by being united as one. Our relationship was confirmed by anointed people as a plan of God. Please pray for all the wedding preparations to go smoothly and for the wedding day to go smoothly. Please pray to cast out all the satanic, negative and evil forces that are trying to distrub.

    ~ Savia
  • Please pray for my daughter who has a math exam coming up and she is struggling with it.

    ~ Kerry
  • Please pray for my sister Charissa, she just found a lump on her left side breast, two months ago she had a mammogram and what she told me that sometimes the mammogram causes to have a lump (cancer). Thank you in advance and thank God for answering our prayers in advance for healing my sister.

    ~ jon
  • Please pray for me and my family. Pray we get our blazer fixed. Pray God gives me a job. Pray we get along with our landlord and are never homeless again. Pray also for jody to recover. Pray we are protected from evil as my family has been attacked alot. Pray God heals my mom and pray my elder brothers get born again. Pray God helps us.

    ~ james
    * For restoration of all lost blessingsgrace;
    *For my good health and renewal of spiritual/physical strength
    * I will secure a good job far better that where I have been for the past 14 years.
    * That God will send me my own wife miraculously as I can see that all my efforts since when I started to look out for one has been in vain.
    * That the light of God will shine upon my family as it has always been so that we may be free from all sort of spiritual setbacks, backward

    ~ Olusegun
  • Peace of Jesus Christ with you

    I need Urgent Prayers for my brother Elie, who suffers metastatic osteosarcoma.

    Thank you in Advance

    ~ Tony
  • My name is Patricia Fernandes. Please pray for me as I am suffering from Anxiety disorder and depression. I am currently undergoing treatment for it from a psychiatrist/counsellor. But there has been no improvement. Infact now its become worse. Please pray for me that I may be healed completely from this sickness. Also pray for my psychiatrist/counsellor. Also pray that my family may understand and support me and that I may be successful in all the jobs that I undertake.

    ~ Patricia
  • We humbly pray and ask our Lord to heal and restore Gene Chavez health and to Bless us on our 35th anniversary of our marriage May 1st.

    We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen

    ~ Refugio
  • Please pray for my three sons’ conversions and return to the Church and their healing from addictions to alcohol and drugs. Please pray for my siblings’ return to the faith and the Church. Please pray for the healing of my sister from lymphoma. Please pray that I receive desperately needed financial help.
    Jesus, Mary, Joseph I love you! Save souls!
    Thank you!

    ~ Paula
  • If you can keep Edith Jensen in prayer she’s very weak she lives near the phone company in Casey Iowa she don’t have a lot of self-control and are mine if you can keep her in prayer for anxiety so she could be free from anxiety me and my sister we pray every night by her bed and read the Bible

    ~ Ted
  • Healing of mouth and teeth

    ~ Kathleen
  • please pray for my son D start working, finding the right job, so he can be happy, help him find the right girl in his life, have prosperous life.
    Help me with my business do well, please
    Help my husband be cancer free and they don’t find any cancer in him.
    I am suffering from migraines, worry, failure in my life, please help with these requests, please help me. Thank you

    ~ ann
  • Tk You Jesus for all answered prayers Please heal Yvonnehealpain Tory Marcus Sean Patkidneys Alex Lesa Kim Alic Kris Joyce Jill Cecelia Janice All souls Elaine Jeff Dave (Charlie betty Carole Austin Mike Marilynheart &anxiety)Carmen Alice Cook Minor Narsh Basler Guth Boxdorfer Poston Shaffner Lawrence Seyer Hart McCart Volkerding Thomas Lingle Pleimann McLemore Fms Marilyn IBS Joint & back issues Jim weight issues USA Pres Trump Homeless evil of ISIS Amen

    ~ Marilyn
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters plus all priests at Heart of the Nation online: Please continue keeping my health issues lifted up in prayers. You know what they are and I just ask for a healing of my health issues. Continue praying that my daughter Monika’s female organs will heal. Pray for me and my family’s safety during all this stormy weather we are having. May God Bless each of you !!

    Delores J. Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • Thank you Lord for your Grace~ it is bringing my husband back to you and our marriage and it has comforted and strengthened me in supporting him in his recovery. Please help us to nurture our marriage covenant so that we may glorify you Heavenly Father. We ask this through your Son, Jesus. +Amen

    ~ Anna
  • I pray for the immediate salvation of my family & baptism of the Holy Spirit & fire! I ask for the marriages in my family to be completely restored. I ask for Nancy’s family to be healed & restored. I ask for strength, wisdom, and patience as I begin to move out of my home for the past 22 years. I ask for all of the diseases and wounds of the hearts to be healed. I ask for my covenant husband to have successful hip surgery. I ask for complete restoration & unity in our family. Restore us!

    ~ Susan
  • For my wife Regina that she may gain strength from God as she deals with my increasing
    disability and difficulties. That she may know How much I love her and appreciate her each and every day!
    Bob R

    ~ Roberr
  • Please pray for us to keep my home for my family, to continue to guide my children and grandchild and keep them safe

    ~ Pauline
  • My 19 year old son, Kentucky Jackson was struck by a train on 2/3/17 in Mobile, Alabama.He currently is total care unable to walk talk or do anything for himself. He suffered severe brain damage and is in need of healing.

    ~ Kimberly
  • A family of raccoons is living in the walls of my house. I have been working with a trapper, but so far, they have evaded the humane traps he has set out. The trapper said the time is quickly coming when he will have to try different measures that are “not so pretty”. He said he might also have to cut open my walls. I’ve been told my insurance won’t cover this, but I am going to check further tomorrow to verify. Please pray that the raccoons leave on their own or get trapped in the humane traps

    ~ Erin
  • Please pray for me and the problems I am having at my work. There is a woman there that is being malicious. I’m concerned she is trying to get me to quit or get fired. I am divorced and live with my retired mom. Im in my 50’s, getting minimum wage and need this job. Please pray for protection and permanent relief from her.
    Thank you

    ~ Anonymous
  • Under very bad stress, please pray that my husband and I will to be good parents to our baby and handle what we are going through

    ~ Anonymous
  • My name is Richard me and my wife love each other a lot but due to some misunderstandings created in between us my wife has filed for a divorce we are trying to get back together and save our marriage but one obstacle or the other is keeping us apart and I need your prayers

    ~ Richard
  • a lost cause prayer a prayer that a lady comes into my life

    ~ greg
  • Please pray for Aubrey. He has a rare cancer of the kidneys that has spread and he has been given one year to live

    ~ Mathew
  • Prayer

    Lord, I confess I’ve made mistakes. I have accumulated too much debt, and now I can not imagine overcoming it without your help.

    Please Lord, I beg of you to intercede on my behalf. Provide me with the financial means to be able to breathe again.

    Please forgive my sins, Lord. Walk with me and help me to make the right decisions throughout my life.

    ~ Priscilla
  • 1. For my parents’ good health, Long life with Happiness, peace and love.and financial breakthrough.
    2. For my family against spiritual attacks, evial convenants, generational&ancestral spirits. Also my brothers and sister may be married and being employed.
    3. For Anna my sister who will start her national exams on Tuesday May 2,2017, that she may pass
    4. For my sister Mary who is a mental I’ll.
    5. For myself in paying house rent and college fee in May and also financial breakthrough.

    ~ Joseph
  • Please pray for my partner RKY to fall in love with me again. We have a beautiful family who does not deserve to go through this pain.

    ~ Sarah
  • Please pray for my family who is in great trouble of sins and no one is there to guide and protect us from that sin please help to come out of this sins to trust is our LORD JESUS to full surrender ourselves to our Lord GOD to have very strong faith in him to live our lives in his way truer love to love our family members relatives all the elders with respect please pray especially for me for my studies for health seek from LORD our God to help me to study vsry hard to with give good intelligen

    ~ Lavina
  • Please pray for my finances. I am struggling to make ends meet. I really need a miracle.

    ~ Rashad
  • a bucks winning streaks to become champs for once….

    ~ Mike
  • Please pray for someone in a very dangerous, critical situation right now. Please pray for protection, wisdom, healing and everything else needed for them and family.
    God, please Bless you.

    ~ Anonymous

    ~ LAURA
  • Cordial Greetings From The Catholic Parish Of Nzara, Catholic Diocese Of Tombura Yambio.

    Please add to your daily prayers the Believer’s Needs FROM the Universal Church at Nzara.

    Nzara Youth Preach Peace In Market, Hospital
    – See more at: http://www.gurtong.net/ECM/Editorial/tabid/124/ctl/ArticleView/mid/519/articleId/14819/Nzara-Youth-Preach-Peace-In-Market-Hospital.aspx


  • 1. Thanksgiving for answered prayers.
    2. For the special intentions of:
    a. Flores family in the Philippines
    b. Bill Reed, Sr and family
    c. Bill Reed, Jr.
    d. Christina Reed
    3. For the fullness of health and recovery from cancer:
    a. Elena Derije
    b. Emilia Sanford

    ~ Jun
  • I have been unsuccessful in landing suitable employment, despite interviewing consistently (and being advanced by search firms for very good positions). This situation has gone on for far too long, and I am now no longer able to survive financially — I need an immediate miracle. Please, please, please pray for an IMMEDIATE resolution — I cannot survive otherwise. Thank you.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me, I don’t have any money left in my bank account, I don’t have money to pay bills, food or to pay for my trains. I can’t get any loans, I owe friends money. I am in so much debts. I’m trusting God to help me get out this situation. I know it’s on His own time but I am so stressed. I need a miracle. I feel alone, depressed, and at the moment abandoned by God. Thanks. EE

    ~ Elaine
  • Please pray for my mom who is suffering from depression

    ~ Kerry
  • I’m praying that sidney will call me to buy my house

    ~ Kathleen
  • asking God for help in getting my probation transfer from Florida to Pennsylvania be approved this week. I miss my family and want to go home.I also asked for discernment to see what God’s plan is for me. I am lost in this world and dont know what my purpose is anymore.

    ~ Christopher
  • Please pray for the conversion & urgent needs of Mr. Joseph

    ~ BRIGIT
  • That your blessing stays with me always and brings me strength thank you

    ~ Julissa
  • I pray for the The Kids, The Fanbase, The Fandom, The Watchers and the Fans to Ditch SpongeBob SquarePants for the PBS Kids Series “Cyberchase”.

    ~ Don
  • I ask for prayers for my brother-in-law, David. He just found out that he has cancer and it is spread to his spine. Please ask God to heal David from this disease and also for a spiritual healing. He is really scared about this and the whole family is worried about him. Thank you and God Bless this ministry.

    ~ Deborah
  • After 20 yrs of marriage, my husband wants a divorce. He does not want counseling, just wants out.
    Pray that if it’s God’s will, please give me and my daughters strength to get through it. If it’s the Devil’s will, break the hold he has on my husband. I don’t want this, please open his heart. I love him and my heart is breaking.

    ~ Jennifer
  • That my husband get a good paying geologist job in Calgary this year and until then, that he has a successful painting season and get lots of jobs.

    ~ Fran
  • That the anullment process the Church is requiring for me and Josaphine will go smoothly and make it possible for us to share our lives together as a Catholic couple.

    For my Uncle Edwin Lee at his passing may his eternal soul have rest may God bring comfort to those in grief.

    For my physical healing of heart and respiratory problems.

    ~ Roy
  • Tom will get better; we will be able to get to Mass this weekend; Pam Spencer will beat cancer

    ~ Elaine
  • Dear God. Please heal me from the heating and inflammation in my knees, legs and feet. The doctors have no solution. I have been bed ridden for almost two years. All I have left is prayer and your healing graces. Thank you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    ~ Armando
  • Pray that my meeting goes great tomorrow and is very successful. Pray my heart and liver are healed and this cough goes away and Denise and Brian are healthy and safe Pray that I discover that I love work again and I am respected at work. Pray I get some big new clients. Pray that Brian finds a great new girl and he recovers from the heartbreak.

    ~ Terry
  • Please pray for the healing of my husband (Melvin) that he can be released from the pain of past hurts, of present anger & tension and of future fears. I also asked for prayers to renew my husband spiritually and emotionally and restore the deep love that was between us. Give him strength, hope, confidence and develop the deep faith and trust in the Lord. Let God’s love set him free for peace, for joy, for grace and to fill his heart with love. thank you

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Heavenly Father,
    I pray that you heal and protect my grandmother, Claudia Tito, from any medical issues she may be experiencing. She has suffered a lot over her life time and she is what keeps our family together. She has been very ill and weak and she needs you more than ever. She has always prayed for us to you because she loves you and believes in you. She wants to be allowed into heaven and listens to you. So please heal her and protect her and her husband, my grandfather, as well.

    ~ Geovanny
  • Please pray for the healing of my Godma Shirley that her cancer will not relapse and that she will be fully healed by God

    ~ Anonymous

    ~ RESMI
  • A former student of mine, now 32, was recently diagnosed with stage 1 pancreatic cancer. Please pray that this is cured and that he has the strength to go through treatment. He is a wonderful young man who has stayed in touch with and helped me through the years after fifth grade.

    ~ Phyllis
  • Thank you so much for your beautiful mass & music! Please pray for my health, healing, for the losses I am dealing with, my family as we lost dad a few months ago. For all of my family & their salvation. Thank you!

    ~ Joan
  • Please pray for my son rudy that he stops drinking alcohol.please pray that he gets a job in computers soon .thank you and god bless

    ~ Teresa
  • Please pray for me and my dear friend. We were discerning marriage together, but have been torn apart due to sin. I feel very lonely and sad without him. Pray that he may recover from drinking and that I may be consoled in the Lord. Help us to become both more virtuous people and to have trust in God.

    ~ J
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters and all priests of Heart of The Nation online: Please comtinue keeping me in prayers for the swelling in my lower legs due to Lymph edema in my lower legs. The doctor has put me on oxygen at night now for breathing problems from asthma. Pray for good health to return to me. Please pray also for my son-in-law Jamie to get over his respiratory infection and cough soon and pay that my daughter Monika’s female organs heal. God Bless you all !!!
    Delores J, Tennessee

    ~ Delores
  • Ask me to have a feeling that I am hard sick

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me ,
    I am having nerve biopsy surgery and ureter stone removal
    I m very nervous .

    ~ dorothie
  • please pray for the sale or lease of our property so we don’t lose our house. thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Anonymous
  • That Jesus &Mary will lift my grandson’s addiction to substances bless all of my family with their assistance.

    ~ Angela
  • I have applied for national visa to Germany on 9th of April and till now I have not gotten any approval from the embassy on my visa. My classes start on May 2nd and I’m extremely worried. Please pray my visa comes on time so that I may leave soon to Germany and attend my class on time. God bless.

    ~ vanessa

  • Please pray for my daughter Amanda. She may have cancer. Drs have been giving her the runaround since Dec. So we’re taking her to Madison Wisconsin where a Dr is concerned and is going to do what the Drs here in Rockford Illinois won’t do. She needs a biopsy to find out if she has lymphoma. She goes back May 4th for labs and a CT-Scan. Then we will find out when and if a biopsy will be done. Please pray for my Daughter.

    ~ Charlene

  • St Jude, St Anthony, Infant Child, Mother Mary please intercede that God will grant that the Infant Child be my j,a,da,eval and therapist. I pray that my enemies will not laugh or triumph over me. I pray that Jesus be the writer of my report. I pray that I can prove ndgs without having a jtl, taking the stand or changing rooms. I pray for guidance in what I say and how I say it. I pray for the health, peace and financial stability for all of us. Thank YOU Jesus for all the blessings and gifts.

    ~ Martha
  • I need prayer to be released from psychic attack from a witches coven. And for a financial miracle

    ~ John
  • That your blessing stays with me always and bring strength and health thank you

    ~ Julissa
  • Hi, could you please remember my family (both my children , sibling and myself) in prayer. Since my mom got critically ill, it seems we are all estranged, I would like us all to start healing and become a family once again thank you

    ~ Anonymous
  • Furthermore please pray for my friend Traci, her dad is old and has issues and she has issues with her dad. Her dad is a victim of a financial crime by a lady in early 30’s that has taken him for all his money, lots of money. ALso pray for her ministry please and her energy and our friendship. I want a better relaationship with her and I dont want to lose her as a friend and someone who helps me.

    ~ Amanda
  • Most of all good husband wanted. I am dating since a short time with a Christian man. Please pray for Gods wil. Please also continuously pray for my study master journalism, that it may be successful . I now have to finish a research paper about Syria before 12th of May 2017. And I also have other important assignments assignments for grades coming up. Please also pray that I may have better relationships with people around me. Still working through some past trauma’s, so for total healing too.

    ~ Amanda
  • I will hear within a few days who will become my supervisor for my thesis project. Please pray that it will become the teacher of my own first preffered choice, that my study accepts this to. Furthermore, I am looking and applying for a internship place, and I aim to do this at a Christian broadcaster television station, because I wish to become a Tv presentor one day. Pray for the best possible scenarios and that I will end up in the best possible place for me to be(come) a journalist.

    ~ Amanda
  • Please pray for our son Eric. He’s a disabled veteran and is dealing with deep depression.
    Thank you and may God bless you

    ~ Yvonne
  • Please pray for my Daughter Amanda. She may have Lymphoma. We’ve been getting the run around since Dec. We are now taking her to a Dr in Madison Wisconsin. She goes back May 4th for labs, a CT-Scan and see the Dr. He will tell us if and when she will have a biopsy. Everything else has been ruled out. I pray to God that my daughter doesn’t have cancer.

    ~ Charlene
  • “Please pray for local pro-life warrior Francis Haislmaier. 21 years-old, Francis was diagnosed earlier this week with acute lymphoma leukemia. He is at Fairfax Hospital receiving treatment. There is a tumor pressing on his heart and lungs.”YJP

    ~ JP
  • Please help me in prayer! I am under attack, even my life is being threatened. I am a woman of God and I know that this attack is from the devil.
    Thank you

    ~ Shandye
  • Hello fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, As I too was about to leave an intention, it overwhelmed me how many people are struggling and how I desperately want to reach out to all. But of course some matters are private and some prefer to remain anonymous and who am I?, but a simple servant, who reads the prayer wall from time to time, nevertheless, I will be checking who leaves an email in the midst of your intention, Incase you need to talk. I am here. -to whomever it may concern

    ~ Patty
  • That your blessing brings me strength healing health thank you

    ~ Julissa
  • My husband and I have an extreme amount of stress right now. Please pray that we can handle it well and be the parents we need to be for our little one.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for me to be married by the end of 2017. If that requires a miracle, then please ask God to bring about that miracle. Please pray for God to reveal to me what specifically I am to do. Thank you.

    ~ Jeremy
  • Please pray that Juana Migdalia Armenteros-Merrero AKA Migdalia Armenteros be truly healed of leukemia & the FLT3 mutation, it never return and she be healed of all disease. Pray that her skin, eyes, lungs and liver be healed. Pray that she get only good news from her doctors. Pray that she have healthy, normal CD4 counts, neutrophils, white blood cells, hemoglobin, platelets, potassium levels, phosphate levels, liver enzyme levels and magnesium levels.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for God to heal my body. Thank you

    ~ Sara
  • for Kevin and I to grow closer to the Lord and in turn closer to each other. For our hearts to be softened towards each other, and for us to both be more forgiving and patient. For us to have a more Christ-like love for one another. For healing and restoration in our relationship, and for mental health healing for myself.

    ~ Callie
  • heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows , I come with a broken heart, Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can. please bless those who hate me, don’t let their hatred on I made them proud.

    ~ nn
  • Lord knows that we all need help.lesli Bernelis has taken out loans for65,000$ give for children’s shelter lord help her pay her debts

    ~ patsy
  • Hi thank you for your precious prayers. I’m having a bit of a breakdown at the moment I’m all over the place! Can you prayer for me. Thank you.

    ~ Jonathan
  • miraclous healing 4- jerry jackey

    ~ sherri
  • For cure from stomach problems and generalized better health. Also for cure of depression.

    ~ Suzie
  • Father please help my husband and I . Our marriage of over 20 years is not good. Please grant my husband the healing that needs to be a better person,husband and father. Guide him on the right path. Help us both to find our way back to each other and make our marriage strong once again. Please father help me during this time. I feel lost , alone right now and need your unconditional love ,strength and support. I Jesus name I pray ,Amen

    ~ Anonymous

    ~ jane
  • St Jude, St Anthony, Infant Child, Our Lady please intercede that my enemies will not laugh or triumph over me. I pray that the Infant Child be my j,a,da, eval and therapist. I pray that I will get restored without having a jtl, taking the stand or changing rooms. I pray for guidance in what I say and how I respond. I pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten the team that is suppose to work with me. I pray for the health of Alma, Dorothy and my mother. I pray for peace, good health and financial

    ~ Martha
  • PLease pray for my friend Ashley Lamb. Thank you. This is very important her father committed suicide in front of the police and she was only 16 and now has 3 kids, one of them has been molested. And the others are in her hands, I just want her to be happy and confident.

    ~ Christopher
  • Prayers for a full recovery for my dad Nick. He had a heart attack. He’s the caregiver for my mom who has early onset alizheimers. He’s very important and loved and want him to be able to fully heal.

    ~ Becca
  • Lord you know I am reaching the end of my patience about not working full-time for the last 6+ months. I am studying to improve my skills but I am very frustrated. Please make a way where there is no way. In Jesus name amen. Thank you.

    ~ Larry
  • Please pray for my mother, Jean Bryant, who is in a nursing home and all alone because Dad died in January. Please pray that she senses the presence and peace of our Lord.

    ~ Jennifer
  • Please pray for my dear bf P.C.C.. That the lord would deliver him from the childhood wounds that prevent him from being a true man of God, from porn, lust, lies, infidelities, or any possible dealings with same sex as a result of these bad activities. That the Lord would amplify the good that is in him. St Michael defend him.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray dear intercessors that God will give me a husband who doesnt cheat or lie and that I will still be able to have a baby of my own at my advanced age of 48. Ive never been married and have had painful relationship failures. Please Lord deliver and heal me now from all curses and childhood wounds.

    ~ Anonymous
  • heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows , I come with a broken heart, Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can. please bless those who hate me, don’t let their hatred on I made them proud. i always try to be strong

    ~ nn
  • Lord Jesus, truly you are the son of the living God , may your resurrection shared to my mother Dioscora who is mentally sick for 30 years, Lord I trust in you and believed your healing power in Jesus name . Amen.

    ~ Rodel
  • Dear God our Father I ask you in Jesus name to please keep all Melvyn” s heart tests that he has to undergo tomorrow morning normal and please don’t allow there to be any blockages or abnormalities of the heart or arteries
    Thank you Heavenly Father in Jesus name .for hearing my prayers.Amen.

    ~ Maria
  • Dear forgiving father in heaven, l humbly ask for your infinite grace, guidence and forgiveness to help me overcome my temper and blaming of others for my shortcomings.

    ~ peter
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures
    Lukewarm of heart

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters and all priests at Heart of the Nation online: Have a blessed Easter everyone !! He is risen !! Alleluia !! Alleluia !! Paray for me as I am going to have to be on oxygen at night time starting Monday April 17th as my breathing has not been too good lately because of asthma and allergies. Continue praying for my daughter Monika’s healing of her female problems.
    May God Bless all of you !! I enjoy your Sunday Mass online so much each Sunday.

    Delores J, TN

    ~ Delores
  • Please pray for my husband Daryl, who is active duty with the US Navy and is currently out at sea. May our Lord watch over him; protecting him from harm’s way and to bring back him home to his family. May his spirits be high and keep him close to his faith
    We miss and love him dearly. Also, prayers of thanks for the many blessings we have received.
    Lisa M.

    ~ Lisa
  • Happy Easter & thank you! Please pray for myself and my family.
    Much loss, my dad died, mom is 89 though she does well, pray for her
    after losing my dad of many years (married), pray for my healing,
    and all of my family’s salvation. God Bless everyone! Jesus Lives.

    ~ Joan
  • Brothers and sisters, I ask for you to unite with me in prayer for the mental health of my cousin Jose. Lord you know him more than anyone in this world, you know exacly what he has been through. I ask that you help him and heal him. Mother Mary, hold him and let him feel your motherly love so he can recover. Amen

    ~ Marlene
  • Please pray for world peace. Here in the middle east especially, give them a heart willing to be open to another and filled with love and compassion. Please help us all to show mercy and guide our actions as your own. Please help mum with her needs that she will honour your will with the grace she has always lived, especially during her illness now.

    ~ Dorothy
  • For our son, Eric, a disabled veteran, with chronic pain and depression and for his marriage and wife and son. Praying for physical and mental healing and a happy marriage.

    ~ Yvonne
  • Dear Friends,
    For Brent, please pray for healing of throat pain and throat bleeding. Please pray for healing of eye floaters. Please pray for healing of fungal and candida systemic infection. Please pray for abundant blessings for our family. Please pray for financial blessings to pay off all debts. Thank you.

    ~ Brent
  • Please pray I’ll keep my daughter safe always. She wakes up a lot during the night and I find it extremely difficult to stay awake with her. Pray that my husband will not fall asleep while holding her either.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear
    Lord please pray for me to get my job.
    And help my boss with his business.
    Please god help me to forgive all people who do wrong to me.
    I love you lord please help me l want to be happy.

    Thank You

    ~ Ann
  • Please pray that my wife retires very soon and we are financially stable and physically healthy enough that we can afford our medical insurance and bills, other expected, unexpected bills, share time with family and friends and perhaps enjoy some short trips enjoying the beauty of God’s world at a slower pace. Please pray that until my wife retires she gets good reviews and raises and income tax returns. Please pray that our health conditions do not get worse. Please pray that we travel safely

    ~ Daniel
  • pray for us, keep us on the path of family life. amen

    ~ angela
  • good Friday for noel emory family

    ~ linda
  • Please pray for Stephen to find the desire to reconcile our relationship and help guide us to forgiveness and happiness together as we look to spend our lives together. Please help Stephen find the strength to fully engage in treatment for his depression/mental health struggles. In Jesus’ name, Amen

    ~ Amanda
  • Dear Jesus, I come before you again to ask and to thank you for all the things you’ve done for me knowingly and unknowingly. Please Jesus, You know my present situation. I might have made mistakes, but please forgive me bless me again with a good paying job. I would love to work and live in Germany. Please guide and lead me. Help me receive me EU long term permit as soon as possible. Cover me always and my family with your precious blood. Bless my dad and mom, may their souls rest in peace, AMen

    ~ Chizoba
  • Teresa Ngoc Thanh Doan & Family

    Paul Steve Pham & Family

    always happy, great health, safe, love, successful in life

    ~ steve
  • please pray for my marriage its in dee p trouble ( Ronnie & cathy fox )

    ~ cathy
  • That my family members find their way back to the church and that God gives them the strength to quit drugs and alcohol. May we all find peace.

    ~ Suzanne
  • For my brother Brian, that his struggles with alcoholism & issues from childhood move him to seek answers in more places than just a single AA meet (in place of church)- use the Church & scripture, or a pro counselor. Seek forgiveness for the his lifelong sin of hatred & envy of his dying sister (me). I’ve forgiven him, but the Lord said “Resolve your hatred of your (sibling) before you come to me, or your pleas will fall on deaf ears.” If unresolved, he’ll be bound by this sin eternally.

    ~ Anne
  • unable to find an important papers for a reimbursement of expenses. Asking almighty God thru Mary & St. Anthony to ALWAYS speedily help,assist,guide me to find,locate,every,any & all such important items. 2)Asking for truly infinite vast oceans of ever increasing growth in organizing effectiveness and efficiencies. 3) Asking that any time anything is ever lost,misplaced,stolen,misappropriated that God thru Mary & St. Anthony safeguard & protect & get all such items,valuables returned speedily

    ~ chuck
  • Please pray for peace in the world.

    ~ Michael
  • I am desperately in need of prayers to find a job. I was laid off a year ago and have not been able to get a job ad I believe my age is a drawback

    ~ Geraldine
  • Please pray for my little 13 year old rescue cat that is very ill. That God’s Spirit Wisdom will guide the care decisions I make for her and the strength to know when she has lived her time here on earth.

    ~ Kathy
  • Totally wrecked, dismayed,despondent,depressed & exploding with anger,rage at God on the death of my loving,faith filled wife,sally[65 yrs old after a 7 yr battle with cancer] pleading for your strong community prayers: For infinite vast oceans of ever increas. more deep,intensive, thorough,all pervasive,permt. growth in healing: emotional,psychol,spiritual,biological, memories,inner healing etc. & this same growth in my openness,cooperation, yielding & submission to God’s perf. will,ways,plans

    ~ chuck
  • Asking for any relationship that ensues with anyone to be forever more and more deeply, thoroughly, radically, all pervasively, permanently: rooted,nurtured,nourished and flourishing in: 1)mutual holy sacred loving respect,reverence,dignity,honor; 2) to forever grow stronger in a mutual life giving, enhancing, enriching, enlivening qualities and character and aspects; 3) Else simply forever more radically transform such relationships to pristinely perfectly mutually life giving fraternal quali

    ~ chuck haddad
  • Prayers for Fred and Lenora Vaquilar My loving Parents, Granddaughter Aaliyah Monet and my cat Tiger Cox all are smiling down on us. Prayers for All . God Bless All.

    ~ Magdalena
  • Asking that FM and I be drawn ever closer into an ever deepening mutually life giving, loving relationship that is forever more deeply rooted, nurtured, nourished, and flourishes in mutual holy sacred loving respect,reverence,dignity and honor.

    ~ chuck haddad
  • Please pray for me and my husband , for continuous blessings of good health and healing for all of our health issues. For my mother who is 93 yrs. old who has not been feeling good lately , that she will not suffer too much pain and just live in peace and happiness for the rest of her life. Thank you O Lord for all of the blessings that we have received and blessings yet to come. May there be peace and unity on earth at all times.

    ~ G.C.
  • That my living family members find peace in the Lord and in their life. That God gives them the grace to help them live without depending on drugs. And, prayers for the beloved deceased members of my family that they have found peace with the Lord. Also, prayers of thanks for so many blessings received in my life.

    ~ Suzanne
  • hi friends my doughter riger and help james,1;27ht hand damage soon pray

    ~ polumuri
  • Please pray for Collars on the Corner – a ministry of presence and prayer.

    ~ Kevin
  • Please pray for Geraldine. She is going through a difficult time and struggling with mental illness.

    ~ Mathew
  • Please please pray for my internal peace. HAving grudge against my husband…am abusing my baby n beating her. Please pray for me to forgive my husband and be in peave with him and his family. I dont want my baby to take my abuse and be a bad grown up kid. Please ask jesus help to forgive everyone i hate and to have internal peace. Please ask his guidance for me.

    ~ Gracy
  • Healing of wounds & painful bone on bone hip to be able to be mobile.

    ~ Joanne
  • Prayer intention for Roman Andrada to have spiritual strength while suffering prostate ca.

    ~ Marco Antonio
  • Please pray for me. I have a job interview tomorrow. Please pray for a calm spirit for me. For the interview to go well and I be offered the job without a pay cut.

    ~ Cyndi
  • Please pray for my father Darlan. Satan has taken control of him totally. He is against priests and religious people. He does not pray. He is very stubborn angry and has hatred. He gets angry and acts stubborn if things are not done his way. He skips meals and drinks heavy in anger. He has suicidal tendencies. He walks out of the house when angry. Please pray for his good health, peace of mind and love and fear of god. Please pray that he may be freed for the bondage of evil

    ~ Savia
  • Please pray God heals and strengthens us emotionally, spiritually, financially and mentally now and going forward. Please pray we find favor in court, nothing was done with ill will in mind.

    ~ Matt
  • Please pray God heals and strengthens us emotionally, spiritually, financially and mentally now and going forward. Please pray we find favor in court, nothing was done with ill will in mind.

    ~ Matt
  • Please pray God heals and strengthens us emotionally, spiritually, financially and mentally now and going forward. Please pray we find favor in court, nothing was done with ill will in mind. Please pray I stay off drugs and alcohol, get a job and make friends and get back into church and church music.

    ~ Matt
  • Heavenly Mother please instill in my son’s heart the desire to fall madly in love with your son Jesus. I entrust my husband’s reposed soul to you.

    ~ Mary
  • Hi
    I am looking for a job change. I applied for few jobs and keep searching for new ones. Please pray that God may direct me to the right job and show favor.

    ~ remigius
  • My name is janani my husband name is sai Ravindra Maku marriage aiye 1year avutundi Tanaki em aindo Telidu sudden ga change aipoyaru naku distance GA velipoyaru drink smoke bad habits ani vachindi nanu Vadhu anukuntunaru please help me please prayer for me

    ~ Janani sai Ravindra
  • For many special intentions including healing, rent not going up or being able to find a new Better place, spiritual needs.
    For intentions also of family and benefactors.
    Esp for salvation.

    ~ Anonymous
  • To pray for my memaws health and my mom’s well beings

    ~ Gabriel
  • Please pray for me to get a job, its been 1.4 years now.

    thank you


    ~ jon
  • Relief from pain. Conversion of my son and sister back to the Faith. Peace in the MIddle East and for the martyrs in Egypt.

    ~ Suzie
  • Please pray for my daughter Amanda and her four children. They are all baptised in the catholic church and attend mass regularly. Please pray for Gods wisdom and knowledge to enter into her household. They are currently living with the father of the children, who at the time they met, was taking a break from witnessing. He has disclosed that he is a Jehovah’s witness and is asserting his authority as head of the household and will be taking their children to the hall, God’s will be done Amen

    ~ JonnieSue
  • For peace and religious unity in the world. To enlighten and guide all the leaders of our world, nation and community. For the Pope and all Catholics. For our family and near and dear ones. For our spiritual and temporal wants. For good health and long life. That we may go to Heaven when we die. For success in work and studies. For a happy married life for my daughter and for the good health of her son and parents. For the souls of our dear departed. Thanksgiving for favours received.

    ~ Lloyd
  • Lord Jesus protect us and deliver us from evil and the wicked

    ~ Mike

  • Please pray for Bill Logan as he is being treated at OHSU for a blood disorder. Pray for guidance and wisdom for his doctors. Pray for angels to watch over him and protect him.

    ~ Linda
  • Please pray for Sarah & 3 children that they remain strong & positive during this time of uncertainty in their lives. Thank you God bless

    ~ Jean
  • Lord help my son Moses to get permanent job where he is practicing and to pass his exam.Bless me with more money i can continue to help the needy and finish my project.

    ~ Maria
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Please pray for me. I am 76 years old. I have been diagnosed with tongue cancer. Cancer has spread to almost half the tongue and in the neck area. Doctor has prescribed 2 months of chemotherapy and thereafter if the cancer reduces, do surgery of the tongue and radiotherapy. I have full faith that the Lord will heal me completely. Please pray for me during this period. That I may be strong and come out victorious from this.
    In Jesus Name.

  • Please pray for my husband and I. We are going through a very stressful time. Pray that we will be great parents to our 8 month old daughter, and we will find peace, patience, happiness, and love for now and for always

    ~ Anonymous
  • Please pray for my son rudy that he stops drinking beer and alcohol.thank you god bless

    ~ Teresa
  • Please Father bless love and protect my Andrea. Keep her safe please bring her home to me safe and healthy always. Please grant her love peace health prosperity security and happiness always. Please Heavenly Father heal her in body mind and soul. Me too. Thank you always Father.

    ~ Michelle
  • Please pray for a friend who just lost her best friend out of nowhere. He died suddenly possibly because of chemicals he was using at his job. The doctors haven’t figured it out, even after many tests. Please pray for his soul and his parents who are in their 90s, and the rest of his friends and family.

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Brothers and sisters and priests of Heart of the Nation online: Please continue praying for good health to return to me. Pray that the swelling will go down in my lower legs due to Lymph edema. Pray that my blood pressure will still remain to stay normal. Continue praying for my daughter Monika’s female problems will stay normal and good health will return to her. May God Bless each of you.

    Delores J,

    ~ Delores
  • God’s mercy
    All God’s creatures

    ~ Anonymous
  • Dear Lord,
    Please help me to secure a new job that will still allow me to care for the family both with child care & finances.
    Help me to be a good mother and wife.
    Thank you for being there in some form in all of our trials.
    Thank you Mother Mary for being with me my entire life thru good and bad times. I know it was you that allowed the single red rose-beautiful to bloom in the garden. With love forever for you.
    Thank you Heart of the Nation for the online mass. You are so appreciated!

    ~ Angela
  • Please pray for my husband Donald Montgomery he is recovering from a stroke.

    ~ Anny
  • Please pray for my wife for her terminal illness.
    Thank you for all the prayers.

    ~ Merlita
  • I would like to pray for speedy recoveries to Joyce Kelly (my aunt) and Steve Gilbreath who have both had strokes about a month or so ago. Our medical advancements have afforded them both the ability to walk and talk so quickly after their strokes. I was not afforded that luxury after mine 27 years ago. Enough about me, I love these two people and I hope God will grant them a full and speedy recovery.

    ~ James
  • Pray for healing on injury to my right knee. Fell and received 21 stitches. Immune system is suppressed so I need prayers to fight infection. Thank you for your prayers.

    ~ Beatrice
  • Please pray for deceased Bernard and Jane Boesen. They are my parents. They are both with the Lord our God.

    ~ Jim
  • I pray for Mark J. Deutsch to rest in peace and love with the Lord. I pray for my good health and happiness.
    I also pray for the health and well being of Carol Chamberland, Judy Ernhardt, Cathy Gowin, and all my family and friends.
    If this be your will.

    ~ Rosemary
  • Please God-I want to come home to be with my family. Please make me well. Cure me. Please Jesus and Virgin Mary ?. Please pray for me. Please help me.

    ~ Mary
  • If you could please pray for troubles in my marriage I would greatly appreciate it. We both need a lot of healing both for things that happened before we met, as well as wounds we cause each other. I hope I can ask help, love, mercy and reconciliation, a listening spirit, humility, understanding, guidance and direction, please! It would be so helpful to have more fellowship and not be so isolated due to living in another country part of the time and different language. Thanks so much! M

    ~ Anonymous
  • I am asking for the body of Christ to please pray for this man whom I do not know personally but when I wake up in the middle of the night on the weekends I listen to his radio show. His name is Tom Bigbee. He is going through a difficult medical treatment. I pray to our Lord that Tom will know that the prayers of the righteous availeth much and he will be healed. Thank you Heart of the Nation family for your prayers.

    ~ Anonymous
  • For my son Matthew, he has a drug addiction. Please let him hit rock bottom.

    ~ Mary
  • Please pray for Gareth’s safe return from Austria. May he have a safe flight home. And please also pray that our relationship may be blessed and our love grow, and, if it be God’s will, that we may be joined together in holy matrimony. Thank you.

    ~ Mel
  • Pray to the lord, Jesus to allow my daughter Carmen to find a good, loving, Christian husband, for she to have beautiful ,healty, kids
    Thanks to the lord!

    ~ conrado
  • Please pray for my daughter, Kassandra Robinson who is seeking employment with not much success. She graduated from College two years ago with a bachelor degree in business management and business marketing. I do ask that you keep her in prayers that she would find a job soon. Thank you.

    ~ Pamela
  • I have been out of work and have been submitting resumes with not much success. I am asking for your prayers in helping me to find a job. Thanking you in anticipation.

    ~ Kassandra
  • I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and am worried about giving birth due to other health issues that I have been dealing with since before becoming pregnant. My husband and I have a 5 year old daughter who is very excited about having a little sister. This baby is a blessing from GOD and I am praying that HE will give me the strength to be able to deliver a healthy beautiful baby!

    I am asking for all the prayers me and my family can get.

    Thank you all and GOD BLESS YOU!

    ~ Kristen
  • Please pray please for our family. We all need the Holy Spirit to strengthen and deepen relationship with Christ.
    Also, I pray for this year and next year’s Confirmation class. May my husband Gordon and I teach with an even greater enthusiasm so that the Holy Spirit will light the students souls on fire too!!! Also let us pray for my father Bud Johnson and Vicky Johnson. These are my biological parent. They live 3,000 miles away from our family. Then if you would pray for my husbands parents.

    ~ Jennifer
  • ST Jude, St Anthony, Mother Mary and Infant Child please help me with this challenge. Please close this chapter of my life. I pray to get restored without having a jtl, taking the stand or changing rooms. I pray that my enemies will not laugh or triumph over me.

    ~ Martha
  • health/healing of Deborah Godfrey, Grace, & Teresa
    repose of the soul of JoAnn M. Jackson (+)
    for Christopher Wiseman & his intentions
    priests of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

    ~ Christopher
  • Please pray my dad sells his lake house quickly and that he is able to find peace joy and happiness again after losing his wife of 20 years

    ~ Laura
  • Please pray for my wife Ashley. She is very mixed up in her thinking. I pray she will return to her vows and our marriage. I pray for her conversion and that God will touch her heart as only he can do. I pray for direction for myself that I will grow with God and follow his direction in helping her return to God and our marriage. I pray that we would be separated from Unholy friends and influences. I pray that she will turn to God with all her needs and desires.

    ~ Duane
  • I am in need of an overflow of blessings and miracles. I would like prayer God sets me free from all my obstacles and strongholds because they are holding me back from what I want to do, who I want to become and where I want to go. I constantly have knots in my stomach which cause me so much pain. I can never or it is extremely difficult to finish anything I start. I can not seem to get my life in order and it is out of control. This entire situation has gotten out of control. I want to be free

    ~ Sharnice
  • Please pray that John will be free from his drug addiction. he is a heroin and ice addict

    ~ Mathew
  • Please pray for the conversion of my wife and her return to her vows. I pray that the unholy friends and people in her life will be unable to influence her and they will abandon her. I pray that God will touch her heart as only he can do to bring her to him. I thank God for the blessings he has given us and for being with us in our marriage. I thank and give all the glory to God for the strength to get through this and remaking our marriage in his immage. Lord God defend this marriage.

    ~ DJ
  • Please pray for Stephen as he seeks treatment and struggles with his depression. Please pray that he finds the inner strength to persevere. Please pray for us, Stephen and Amanda, to find the strength and love to support each other and help our relationship strengthen through these trying times.

    ~ Amanda
  • please ask god to help us ( to all venezuelans to be free sooner than later from the communist dictatorship

    ~ ricardo
  • Thanksgiving for one successful escrow and for assistance with the next escrow so that we can have a successful move to our new house.

    ~ Celine
  • Please pray our son Zachary is filled with the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit works through our son. Zachary is going through a difficult time and is attending college far from home. Please pray Zachary is able to resolve all his difficulties with perseverance and strength. Pray he stays strong and is surrounded by friends who are strong and make strong choices too. Please pray for Zachary. Forever grateful for your prayers

    ~ Mary
  • Pray for
    1.all the departed souls in purgatory.
    2.the conversion of sinners.
    3.priests, religious and all missionaries.
    4.our close family, relatives and friends.
    5.God’s perfect will in our lives.
    6.the dying, sick, unemployed, childless and depressed.
    7.our OFS fraternity and Charismatic prayer group.
    8.us that we are filled with Holy Spirit and produce fruits.
    9.us to have saintly children with priestly and marital vocations.
    10.us that we become intercessors.

    ~ Paul
  • Unity in our nation, prosperity to all. Sick, lonely and homeless learn praise lord as he welcomes and makes good to all. Seek him with all your mercy and see for yourselves the love he embraces with great blessings for all man kind. Praise his love always!

    ~ Nelly
  • Please pray for my son, Brian. Pray that he recovers right away from this breakup. Pray he finds himself and finds someone who loves him. Pray that my heart is healed and my liver is healed. Pray that Denise and Brian are healthy

    ~ Terry
  • I need help getting my tax done I old the IRS lots of money please pray for me that I become debt free

    ~ Belinda
  • Please pray for the conversion and salvation of Ronald Allan so that he may beat his personal demon of gambling and for the healing and unification of his family. May he return to Gods grace

    ~ mathew
  • Please pray for all the abused, abandoned and suffering animals. Pray that people recognize the suffering and step in and help.

    ~ Barbara
  • pray for wes lauchman. He’s lost. So many lies&cheating. Pray he finds&learns to love himself and what he has instead of always feeling the need to seek attention elsewhere. Pray he realizes the hurt&pain he’s inflicted on some that were there for him through the toughest times when no one else was. Pray he comes to terms with what he’s done&asks forgiveness. Pray he truly accepts our Lord into his life&sees the one person he doubted&treated awful and realizes she was to ever happen to him. Amen

    ~ Allof
  • Please pray for all the abused, abandoned and suffering animals. Pray that people recognize the suffering and step in and help.

    ~ Barbara
  • that almighty God thru mary forever more increasingly fully & permanently build, ignite & forever fuel and fully maintain a divine fiery blast furnace of whole hearted, single minded committment and conviction to living the absolute fullness of our Franciscan rule, vocation & life including and especially tithing of our time talents and treasures into the very depths of the minds, hearts,souls,attitudes of ALL pres. & fut. members of our entire region – especially those fraternities in the east.

    ~ chuck
  • Lawyer refuses to do necessary research to find my deceased wife’s original will document. Asking for strong prayers that he committ himself to finding the original will-which he should never have kept in the first place! Also asking for almighty God thru Mary to help me to fully and precisely prepare for our up and coming Regional Gathering in 2 weeks. Especially asking that almighty God thru Mary to forever: build, ignite and fuel a divine fiery blast furnace in the very depths of the heart

    ~ chuck
  • For my Heath to continue to improve . For my husband health to continue also. For TJ our son to attend masses every Sunday..
    For TJ to find a catholic young woman like him. Amen.
    For our finances to improve.
    For the reposed souls of my mom n brother that recently
    Passed away . For my depression
    To get better because I cry a lot and miss them so much.
    For Strength n guidance for me n my husband daily.. amen..

    ~ Lena
  • Please pray for a friend that has had some medical procedures done and is awaiting results. Please God here these prayers that all will be good for her and her family. I ask this in Jesus’s name amen

    ~ Kelly
  • Please intercede for me Lord, as I am under horrible financial pressures. They are destroying me.

    ~ David